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Appreciation Post

Last one and half year has been very rough for me, I went through a lot of life changing experiences, that at times left me scattered and broken. But Reylo and Reylo fan fics played a major role in making my life a little less unbearable. And I wanted to thank all the fic writers for this.

For the sake of keeping this post short let me just mention few people who made my days a little brighter.

@kylorenvevo (because you are the best fic writer I know, we are so blessed to have you in Reylo) and @dustoftheancients because your world building is phenomenal.

@gwendy85 you are my favorite because you broke my heart to millions of pieces with your story and I still can’t help but love you.

@perrydowning for writing “he knows” that got me through some very rough times.

@i-live-in-the-moon because you were my escape when I had no where to go.

@reylorobyn2011 because you replaced my need for escape.

Thank you ladies. 😘

Light Stalking


Jon, 5:46 AM: she’s back

Jon, 5:46 AM: i mean, it’s only been two days that she missed but still

Jon, 5:46 AM: maybe i should wave

Jon, 5:46 AM: no, that’s stupid

Sam, 5:46 AM: do you know what time it is? some of us don’t have to get up before the sun to run with our dogs

Jon, 5:47 AM: did i not tell you i got moved to a later shift? bc i have that night class now, Mormont said i could stop working so early

Sam, 5:47 AM: if you got moved to a later shift then why are you still going to the park before 6 am?

Sam, 5:47 AM: wait

Sam, 5:47 AM: seven hells

Sam, 5:47 AM: you pathetic git

Jon, 5:47 AM: if i don’t come this early, i won’t see her


Sam, 5:48 AM: Gilly says “grow a pair and talk to her or leave the poor girl alone before you scare her”

Jon, 5:48 AM: i’m not stalking her! i just like seeing her. i’m not scaring her

Sam, 5:49 AM: a big, well-muscled, dark, male stranger with a dog the size of a wolf staring at her is going to scare her sooner or later. even if she doesn’t find you intimidating, she probably WILL find Ghost intimidating

Jon, 5:50 AM: you think i’m well muscled, do you

Sam, 5:50 AM: stop avoiding the point

Jon, 5:50 AM: her dog’s as big as Ghost, she’s not going to find him scary

Jon, 5:50 AM: in fact, Lady is the one that growled at Ghost a couple of days ago for getting too close

Jon, 5:50 AM: so if anything, i should be scared of Lady

Sam, 5:51 AM: so you have talked to her before

Jon, 5:51 AM: no, why?

Sam, 5:51 AM: then how do you know her dog’s name is Lady?

Jon, 5:52 AM: i overheard her calling for her when Lady jumped in the stream about two miles in on the trail

Sam, 5:52 AM: …

Sam, 5:52 AM: so you follow her on her run with her dog now, too

Sam, 5:52 AM: JON

Sam, 5:52 AM: AGAIN


Jon, 5:54 AM: you are being dramatic

Sam, 5:54 AM: no, i am not. you’ve been ass over tit for this girl for weeks now, but you’ve never said a word to her

Sam, 5:54 AM: given how much you talk about her (which is all the time), i can only imagine how much you STARE at her while you are FOLLOWING her along the trails close enough to LISTEN to her every word

Sam, 5:54 AM: she’s a woman alone on a hiking path with a big man and his big dog following her for weeks and NEVER SAYING A WORD

Jon, 5:59 AM: when you put it that way, it does sound bad

Sam, 6:00 AM: it is BAD so talk to her and fix it

Jon, 6:04 AM: gods

Jon, 6:04 AM:  i’ve been stalking her

Jon, 6:04 AM: i didn’t mean to. i just…

Jon, 6:04 AM: seeing her smile in the morning made the rest of my day brighter. i just liked starting my day with her smile

Sam, 6:05 AM: then talk to her! tell her that!

Sam, 6:05 AM:  gilly says that was right romantic

Jon 6:06 AM: i can’t talk to her

Jon, 6:06 AM: that would probably make her so uncomfortable at this point

Jon, 6:06 AM: bc i have apparently been stalking her like a creepy idiot

Sam, 6:06 AM: what no

Sam, 6:06 AM: tell her what you just told me, it’ll be fine

Jon, 6:07 AM: i already left the park

Jon, 6:07 AM: i’m not going back

Sam, 6:08 AM: GO BACK

Sam, 6:08 AM: you like this girl. i haven’t seen you this gone since ygritte and YOU HAVEN’T EVEN TALKED TO HER YET

Sam, 6:08 AM: don’t throw this away, it’s worth giving it a shot

Jon, 6:09 AM: i’m not going to be that guy that follows her around and then forces her to talk to me

Jon, 6:09 AM: i didn’t even realize how i was acting or how it must have looked to her

Jon, 6:09 AM: i’m not that guy. i won’t be that guy

Sam, 6:10 AM: you are not that guy. you said you kept coming back for her smiles. if she was smiling, then she can’t have found you scary

Sam, 6:10 AM: you’re not a guy like Theon who wouldn’t notice when a girl was scared, Jon

Jon, 6:11 AM: leave it, Sam. it’s done

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I’ve had these lists in progress for ages, I am going to post them before they gather even more dust, because I really need to clear out my recs file! And, oh, man, I continue to love how there are just some really great fic writers in this fandom. *__*

Wide Open by stereobone, thor/loki, nsfw, pre-movies, 7.1k
   “Do you think dreams can tell the future?”
The trials of Loki Odinsson: a saga by netla, some thor/loki implied, humor, 2.2k
   Heed now the words of Loki Odinsson, aged five hundred years and three quarters of a decade. Thor, if you have dedicated yourself to overcoming your difficulties with the written script and chosen my private parchments as your practice, put this down now or I will cut your hands off in the night and feed them to the fish! I shall know, Thor!
untitled by karuvapatta, thor/loki, ~1k
   Prompt: Shoulder rubs, here you go!
Simple by karuvapatta, thor/loki, nsfw, 1k
   In retrospect, he shouldn’t have looked.


Two’s Company by Mikkeneko, steve/loki, sick!steve, 1.5k
   This was a chapter of his life that Steve thought he’d left behind, along with creaky humidifiers, sitting on the bleachers while the other kids played football, and ‘cure-alls’ purchased from the down-alley markets that never seemed to do much.
The Dread of Touching by zauberer_sirin, bruce/natasha, 1k
   Bruce is frightened, but not for himself.
Leaving Impressions by Kay (sincere), thor/sif, 1.1k
   The gods of the Norsemen will soon leave them, and a new god has already arrived to take their place. Sif is both relieved and concerned – and on behalf of both the Norsemen, and Thor.
just for practice by didoxidate, thor/sif, NSFW, 2.6k
   Thor has no issue with status; he has no desire to bed her just to have conquered the Lady Sif.
Music of the Spheres by Saucery, heimdall/loki, intersex!loki, 2k
   A young Loki takes to visiting Heimdall.
untitled by pro-antagonist [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki/natasha + thor/loki, NSFW, ~1k
   When Thor penetrates his brother from behind, Loki’s forward thrusts into Natasha become abruptly unfocused.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Stark by thejammys, thor/loki + tony/loki + thor & tony, NSFW, intersex!loki, 8.9k
   Tony thinks Loki wants to fuck Thor and uses his birthday as an excuse to get the three of them into bed together.
i’m the road that drives away (then follows you back home) by thinkatory, jane/gamora + ensembles, 6.5k
   But once opened, some doors aren’t so easy to close, for plenty of reasons.
Patience by tristesses, loki/natasha, NSFW, pegging, dom/sub, intersex!loki, toys, 1.5k
   When Loki’s this desperate, Natasha doesn’t even need to ask nicely.
Fisticuffs by pro-antagonist [ mobile ver. ], loki/natasha, 3.5k
   As it turned out, locking Natasha up in a pair of handcuffs in no way prevented her from putting Loki in a rear naked chokehold.
Like Vines, We Intertwine by Lise, steve/loki/natasha, NSFW, double penetration, pegging, 4.2k
   Cruelty and kindness; Loki needs both. Steve can be one but not the other. Natasha’s flexible.

Eager by curds-and-wheyface [ mobile ver. ], hiddlesworth, NSFW, 3.2k
   “So eager,” Chris chided, clucking his tongue.
untitled by amberfox17 [ mobile ver. ], hiddlesworth, NSFW, ~1k
   “I don’t know how you do it,” Tom groans, throwing himself down on the bed - or, well, strictly speaking, walking to the bed and then just faceplanting into it, making the springs creak.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Dat Genji who just goes “MERIII KURISUMASU” tho

Made my day 1000% brighter

anonymous asked:

Would you happen to know, in your opinion, the best Korrasami fics?

  Here are some of my all time favorites and the amazing, talented authors who write them :) 

 These are just some of the amazing stories that have made my days brighter and celebrate this wonderful couple!!! I hope you enjoy them. If you want more Fic recs please don’t hesitate to ask I’ll be more than happy to do so. This was great to do Thank you for this really :) I hope you have a wonderful day/evening <3<3<3<3<3<3 

thIS GUY,,,, THIS SWEET LITTLE MAN RIGHT HERE!!! He’s the kindest, most patient person I’ve met in months. He took time with each person in line, making sure to say hi and ask their name and signed their stuff with such care,,, and he had the patience to write out “The best looking paladin” on my flag.

I was shaking so badly in the line and I thought I might pass out or something, my dad looked over at me and asked “you nervous?” to which I replied, “palms are sweaty, mom’s spaghetti”. But!! As soon as I got up there and started saying hi and shook his hand it was like talking to an old friend? Like,,, how??? He’s just so approachable???? AND!! I was about the same height as him and that just made my day ten times brighter. I swear I could gush about these six minutes of low-key awkwardness forever, but that would be a bit much.

I actually started tearing up as I left the booth bc I was so shook™ at everything that had happened, if it weren’t for the picture I swear I would’ve thought that it was fake. That right there??? In the picture??????? the most genuine smile I’ve dished out for a picture in my life!! Hhhhhheck,,,,,, this was a good weekend

napping-neurotic  asked:

*-tap dances in-* I haven't come to bug you in a while, and I'm still lurking in the shadows and gently rooting for you in all that you do. You are hella. And you look damn nice today. I hope you get to pet a cute animal today, and eat all the good foods. *-hugs and tap dances away-*

Oh hello there~ thanks for dropping by and saying such nice things, it means a lot! ^-^

*hugs* i hope you have an awesome day!

ahhh, thank you seán and ethan for making my day today 💜 im not sad or anything but they made my day a lil brighter. Just reblogging my stuff for them and them seeing it is such a big deal to me. It really shows how much they appreciate the community’s work. Of course, Mark as well. Just talking about today in general so thank you @therealjacksepticeye and @crankgameplays for making me smile wider today. I love you both so much


170625. This. warms my heart (And I just realized that their IG username format is similar with the group name and their initials…) Seungho is just such an incredibly charismatic leader, whose care and guidance extended to Madtown during their trainee days (and even when they were preparing for OMGT, I remember heojun saying seungho was giving advice on how to refine their choreography with better gestures and all). Seungho is like, the dad of them all lmao (I kind of laugh and cry at the same time, all these memories) It’s just nice to see them keeping up with each other’s activities and staying connected. That’s a nice little touch, Daewon, this just made my day brighter ☀️💖.

A Special Package

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1493

Summary: The reader is feeling a tiny bit better, but Spencer Reid’s words never left Jensen.

Warnings: crying, mentions of cheating

Part 44 in The Future Series.  Read Part 19 here,Part 20 here, Part 21 here, Part 22 here,Part 23 here,Part 24 here,Part 25 here,Part 26 here,Part 27 here, Part 28 here, Part 29 here, Part 30 here,Part 31 here,Part 32 here,Part 33 here, Part 34 here, Part 35 here, Part 36 here, Part 37 here, Part 38 here, Part 39 here, Part 40 here, Part 41 here, Part 42 here, and Part 43 here.

See, I promised everything would be okay!! ;) Enjoy!

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Hi! Just a friendly reminder that you're an amazing person and deserve all the best in this world. You're very special and if you ever feel sad, remember you got a friend in me. You're a star, keep shining with your smile. You're a piece of universe, believe in yourself. You're love, give that love back to the world. Pass it to all the people that make you happy. Keep spreading the love and positivity♡

Aww thank you so much for sending it back! That’s so sweet, I’m so glad I got to meet you and chat with you on Tumblr. You’ve made my days brighter, and you’re just such a nice person. When I got this post, I knew I wanted to send it to you. Have a nice day!!

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Lmao you're not even close to problematic you're the coolest, sweetest and awesomest person ever??? Your stories give me life (and I'm sure that's true to alot of people here) and I just love everything you do boo

Awww thanks sweetie! Whoever you are, you just made my day a little brighter! 💟💟💟💟

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thank you so much.❤❤ You just made my day a little bit brighter. If you don't mind, im gonna send what you said to my girlfriend. Rock on!♥

I’m glad that I made you a little bit happier ❤ you can talk to me whenever you want, anon! And of course I don’t mind if you share this with your GF ❤