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Go! I’ll be right behind you.

i need Maggie at the DEO with Alex and just being like lol why is everyone afraid of you you’re a total softie and someone (possibly that agent who made himself scarce real fucking quick when Alex was threatening Winn with her pinkie finger, backing him up against a wall) to just casually pass them by and go no she’s not.

and then for Maggie to go on her own face journey

Logged in - Part 1

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Summary: Dean x Reader: Sam tells Dean and the reader about a new online community for hunters and they both scoff at him, but secretly use it and end up drawn to each other.

Word Count: 4803

Triggers: None really

Y/N = Your name  

Note: Wanted to try out a different format of writing. Let me know what you think!

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

“You found it where?” The question came out as more of a barked laugh as Dean threw his brother a quizzical look that mirrored yours over his raised beer bottle. You were enjoying a post hunt celebratory beer when Sammy let it slip where he’d found the last bit of day-saving info that got you your monster.

“I told you, I was talking to this hunter from Arizona online and…” Sam started parroting his earlier words over Dean’s laugh as you both looked at the younger hunter with a mix of shock and amusement. 

“Yeah, yeah… But a  forum? There’s really a hunter’s forum online? What’s next, tinder for demons?” You asked, your words only making Dean laugh harder as the younger hunter threw you both one of his trademarked bitchy glares.

“It’s not a forum, it’s more like an information sharing channel where you can chat with other hunters,” Sam said, standing up for the service that had saved your lives, not matter how silly it sounded to you.

“So it’s a chat then? Like… Lol, brb, just need to gank this monster real quick,” You threw the words back at Sam with a shit-eating grin, earning you another wink and a laugh from the older hunter that made your heart jump in your chest. Yeah, you really liked making Dean Winchester laugh, even if poor Sammy got the bad end of the deal. Still, you did find the whole idea of a hunter’s chat kind of silly. What happened to the days where you had to rely on wit and phone calls to survive a hunt? Maybe you were just being overly sentimental, but you doubted all the info you could get online was as reliable as some good ol’ fashioned research.

“No (Y/N), it’s just a place to share info with other hunter who might have hunted the same thing before. A place to get tips and tricks and…” Sam started, the big guy clearly not knowing when to give up. Hell, by now you were just pulling his leg as you smiled into your beer bottle. Sure, the site had saved your asses, but hell… Sam was your best friend, he was like a brother to you. And what sister didn’t enjoy annoying her brother? Sure, the service, from what Sam had told you before the ribbing started, seemed reliable and like an alternative way of finding info and getting to know other hunters, but that didn’t mean you had to completely buy into the idea. Especially not when you could annoy your techie best friend for a while. 

“So… Demon pinterest? Big baddie reddit? Ooooh! I know, I know! Hunter’s wikipedia!” You said, grinning at the frustrated younger Winchester as he rolled his eyes at you.

“(Y/N)…” Sam sighed your name over Dean’s barked laughs as you softened your smile into something sweeter.  

“Yeah, yeah Sammy. Sorry, I know it saved us. Thanks,” You said, raising your bottle to touch the neck of it against his and stopping your teasing of the other hunter before he rolled his eyes so hard at you that they got stuck in the back of his head. “But that doesn’t mean I have to completely buy into it,” You added, still not fully sure about the service Sammy had been raving about before the teasing started.

“Yeah, you never know who’s on the other side, could be some kid thinking it’s all just roleplaying. Y’could end up with bad info,” Dean agreed with you, taking on a big brotherly tone, as if he was admonishing his kid brother about internet safety and stranger danger, though Sam clearly could take care of himself. “Books seem safer, you can rely on ‘em. And when they fail you, Bobby’s just a phone call away,”

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The second chapter of my fic Heart Issues of the Non-Medical Sort is up on my AO3 for all of those who’ve been patiently waiting for a continuation.

About the fic: short, light-hearted, angst-free, hopefully funny, warm and full of pining.


Malfoy put the cup to his mouth and inhaled deeply before taking a sip. When the mug tipped and the taste of coffee finally filled his mouth he moaned. Loudly. Unashamedly. Completely scandalously if Harry had any say in it.

Abruptly, it felt as if all his senses centred only in the parts of his body that were pressing against the warmth beside him. There was nothing else about his environment he could feel except the gentle press of thighs, the soft jab of an elbow against his upper arm, the uncomfortable tingling under his skin.

Malfoy stopped sipping his coffee and froze as if he too had just realised how intimately close they were. Harry was sure he was staring directly at Malfoy’s wet lips and this was about to become really, really weird real quick if he didn’t do something right away.

So, he fake sneezed.

Hitman - Steve Rogers x Reader x Platonic!Sam Wilson

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Words: 1217
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Platonic!Sam Wilson
Warnings: slight angst at the end, swearing
Requested by anon
Hi! Can you do one where the reader is an ex-hydra agent but nobody know and she is friends with Sam so they go running together and that’s where she meets Steve and from there it can to where ever.
Authors Note: SO, I sorta made it so Sam knew.. but it just fit better with the story. Other than that, it fits the request. You are also housemates with Sam lol :) I had my first day of school today and I’m already ready for it to be over, ugh. I told someone I was writing for my blog and they laughed and me and I just “Yeah, for a blog that has 3100 followers.” And they shut up real quick LOL

I might have made a new blog for reblogging imagines- check it out at @john-the-panda (yes.)

Part Two Three

Masterlist. Request List.

“Where do you want to get breakfast after we run?”

You looked over at your best friend, “Oh no, don’t get me thinking about food before we go on a run.”

“Just trying to plan ahead.” Sam smiled as the two of you walked to your running spot. And without even realizing it, you zoned out to remember the dream you had the night prior.

“We need you to kill someone.” The head HYDRA agents instructed you.

“Who now?”  You asked, starting to get annoyed with all the hits you had to take out.

“Sam Wilson.” The man told you and turned a photo around the man you had to take out.

You nodded- just like you always did. You had to do everything HYDRA asked, who knew what they would do if you didn’t listen? “What did he do?”

“He’s dangerous,” Another agent spoke, “He has access to special military tools that could be critical to our organization.”

You nodded, getting ready to head out on your mission. You figured out where he would be at the exact time they wanted him gone, and you headed to the address. You were confused when the address landed you at a cemetery, and why there was only one person there.

You slowly walked up behind him, trying to figure out if it was the man you were instructed to take out. It was.

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How do I get a sugardaddy on tinder?

Last month, I got a question from a SB who matched with a 48 year old guy on tinder and suspected that he was a SD.  He sent her a message asking what she was looking for and I hooked her up with a sample message to send him that was tailored to find out, right quick, whether he was the “real deal”.  

Your question is similar, but is based on a slightly different approach.  In other words, you want to set up your profile so that a potential SD can spot you as a “kindred spirit”.  I think I can help you!  But, first, a quick story:

A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded tinder just to check it out.  The whole looking at pictures and swiping left or right is kinda fun. Lol.  I set up my profile and made it clear that I was looking for a sugar baby so that there would be absolutely no confusion.  So, I saw a vanilla girl, not in my wheelhouse, I didn’t read her profile; swiped left.  Saw another vanilla girl, ooooh, cute, definitely in my wheelhouse, read her vanilla profile and swiped right.  On it went for awhile.  Swipe left, swipe left, swipe right, etc.  Then I saw this one cute girl, in my wheelhouse, read her profile, and in it, she had some blah blah blah stuff and then she wrote the following:  “I’m being straight up, I’m on here to find a sugar daddy”.  I swiped UP! I gave her a super like, or whatever you call it!  I was very excited!  lol! In retrospect, I think the “up swipe” was a mistake, lol, but, ignore that; I’m trying to make a simple point:

The way to get a sugar daddy on tinder is to say that you are looking for a sugar daddy!  Straight up!  I know, it’s genius, right?  I, a SD, saw that, and immediately responded favorably!  So, I know that approach works!  lol!

I recommend that you set up a fake Facebook page with a fake name and load a couple of good pictures. Now, I know that you may be seen by vanilla boys, and possibly someone that you know, but unfortunately that is a risk even of SA!  A vanilla friend of yours can check out SA for shits and giggles and if you’re on there, he’s going to find out that you’re a SB.  That risk comes with the territory.  If you want, you can blur your pictures a bit, or crop out enough of your face that you can’t be identified and be prepared to send additional pics if you get a match.  

And, as you go through the pics, swipe left on all guys (even the super cute ones) that don’t strike you as being a SD.  It will help to do your settings so that you limit yourself to older guys, i.e., those most likely to be SDs who are looking for someone like you.  If you see a pic of a guy who has a profile that communicates the SD vibe, swipe right! If you”match”, all of the “hard work” is out of the way!  Go straight to the allowance talk and see what happens!

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After I broke up with my ex he just made me cringe so bad he said something like "Did nothing we do together mean anything?" so I had to give him a goddamn lecture on why people break up it was horrible cause it took so long for him to understand then he just went on to death threaten me lol

This went from 1 to 100 real quick….