just made it up real quick lol

i need Maggie at the DEO with Alex and just being like lol why is everyone afraid of you you’re a total softie and someone (possibly that agent who made himself scarce real fucking quick when Alex was threatening Winn with her pinkie finger, backing him up against a wall) to just casually pass them by and go no she’s not.

and then for Maggie to go on her own face journey

Hitman - Steve Rogers x Reader x Platonic!Sam Wilson

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Words: 1217
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Platonic!Sam Wilson
Warnings: slight angst at the end, swearing
Requested by anon
Hi! Can you do one where the reader is an ex-hydra agent but nobody know and she is friends with Sam so they go running together and that’s where she meets Steve and from there it can to where ever.
Authors Note: SO, I sorta made it so Sam knew.. but it just fit better with the story. Other than that, it fits the request. You are also housemates with Sam lol :) I had my first day of school today and I’m already ready for it to be over, ugh. I told someone I was writing for my blog and they laughed and me and I just “Yeah, for a blog that has 3100 followers.” And they shut up real quick LOL

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Part Two Three

Masterlist. Request List.

“Where do you want to get breakfast after we run?”

You looked over at your best friend, “Oh no, don’t get me thinking about food before we go on a run.”

“Just trying to plan ahead.” Sam smiled as the two of you walked to your running spot. And without even realizing it, you zoned out to remember the dream you had the night prior.

“We need you to kill someone.” The head HYDRA agents instructed you.

“Who now?”  You asked, starting to get annoyed with all the hits you had to take out.

“Sam Wilson.” The man told you and turned a photo around the man you had to take out.

You nodded- just like you always did. You had to do everything HYDRA asked, who knew what they would do if you didn’t listen? “What did he do?”

“He’s dangerous,” Another agent spoke, “He has access to special military tools that could be critical to our organization.”

You nodded, getting ready to head out on your mission. You figured out where he would be at the exact time they wanted him gone, and you headed to the address. You were confused when the address landed you at a cemetery, and why there was only one person there.

You slowly walked up behind him, trying to figure out if it was the man you were instructed to take out. It was.

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