just love to screw people over

Who said you only get one love? Why do you only get one person, one chance at real happiness? Screw that. You will get over them. You will move on. You will fall in love again. You will find someone who makes you just as happy as they did, maybe even happier, maybe in a little bit of a different way. But your heart will feel like a balloon someone accidentally let go of, and your hands will shake the first time they kiss you, and you’ll cry the first time they say they love you, and it won’t matter how many other first kisses you’ve had, or how many other people you loved, or how many people you’ll love after them, because you’ll love them, at that moment, and that’s what’s important.
—  EMJ // A Million Ones

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Tiger Lily's making an appearance in 6x17 and she's also appearantky someone else Hook has screwed over in the past. I don't know, it just seems the the writers are doubling down on Hook this half-season.

Well, of course they are! He’s about to marry his True Love and in order for them both to get there they are going to have them go through some of the toughest obstacles they have ever faced!

I’m so confused what storyline people actually want for Hook? Do they just want him to be heroic all the time and forget that he did truly evil things in his past? That sounds like a yawn to me, not to mention that would put him on the backburner of the plot. I don’t want him just to be trotted out to say romantic things to Emma and show up at the end of the aisle.

I was actually hoping they would have Hook be Robert’s killer and they did it in the best way I could have imagined … a way that he was going to die anyway but Hook is still the one responsible and he had no idea it was him.

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Omg! That article about rob stringer and then the pic of Louis with him! Maybe he is a good guy? And his British? We've been demonizing Sony for so long but maybe again we need to Trust harry. So much of the plan we can't see

Let’s be clear nobody in a position of power in the entertainment industry (or most industries TBH) are “good” people. And they will all screw you over if it helps their bottom line or to achieve their goals. Don’t be naive and think everyone is lovely and sweet and out there helping others, the only people anyone is interested in helping is themselves.

That said, some people are better than others. I don’t know where Rob Stringer falls on that spectrum, and TBH I don’t really care. I’ll wait and judge his actions just like I always do, and then come to a conclusion. I do trust Harry, I trust them all.

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i love the fact that you made ivypool the deputy in your loststar au!! i had always thought that if i could choose any cat in thunderclan to be deputy rn i would choose ivypool or whitewing (my underappreciated child) but i am 100% here for eventual ivystar (assuming she doesn't die as deputy) after the shit she's been through and whitewing bein like HECK yeah that's MY daughter

hell yeah!!! i love the thought of firestar being like this nice understanding leader that people could come too easily if they needed help, but then suddenly Thunderclan has the most intimidating battle scarred leader/deputy and everyones just sorta,,, scared to fuck with them

Like, Loststar is still kind and understanding, but after being screwed over as an apprentice she knows that she has to put her clanmates before anything else, including helping other clans

and then you have Ivypool who’s hardened by the Dark Forest training and she can be very nice, but she isn’t as sympathetic as past Thunderclan leadership

so i like the idea of Thunderclan going from this peace-keeping clan to an intimidating powerhouse that nobody even THINKS of messing with

People who are worried about the possibility of Emma trying to rebound with the bartender, aren’t shit stirring, they’re worried because the writers love to screw with captain swan and treat Killian’s character like shit. Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but we’ll see on Sunday. Let’s just not insult each other over differing theories till then.


It’s a regular thing for me to paint my sneakers so I thought I would share the process with you Lovely People (〃・ω・〃)ノ~☆ It’s very easy and you can paint your shoes too!

Descriptions in captions

☆ You need: sneakers, water, white acrylic or art gesso, pencil, acrylic paints, brushes, varnish,

☆ Paint doesn’t wear off - I’ve washed my sneakers using a hard brush and the design stayed untouched

☆ Acrylics are quite forgiving so when you screw something out, just paint over it and start again  ୧ʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨

((I really love how supportive Milford is.  Not just as an uncle, but as a mayor.  Sure, he’s a push-over, but at least he genuinely cares for the people of LazyTown.  I especially love how much he just wants Stephanie to be happy despite how little he knows about being a parental figure.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a flawed person as we saw in Sportafake, and other episodes where he’s a massive screw-up.  I feel like he’s got a lot of balance to him.))

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!

First of all, thaaaank you so much! 🤗 ❤️️❤️️ (and thank you to all of the other sweet sweet people and anons that have sent me messages over the last few days. i love you and appreciate all of you and feel free to send me anything any time.)

1) I love how laid back I am.
2) I like my nose.
3) I like my unibrow, even though I keep dipping between ‘I’m not supposed to have a unibrow’ and ‘Screw you, I’m not waxing shit just because you think I should’, I really do like my unibrow. (Especially now that unibrow cc is going around)
4) I like that I keep surprising myself. I’ve had to work myself through some real problems and I surprised myself by what I can actually do.
5) I like my big heart. I’m so full of emotions, it’s stupid, but without them and without me caring, I wouldn’t be who I am!

Friend: I don’t think you’re *really* a narcissist. You’re not entirely incapable of ever feeling love or guilt. You’re not evil. You might have done some mean things, but I just think you’ve had to focus on yourself and become uncaring towards other people because you’ve been through a lot and you’re afraid of being hurt again, and sometimes that really screws you over and makes you upset.
Me: that. Right there. That is literally what being a narcissist is. That is exactly it. You have just described the definition of narcissistic personality disorder.

Alternate Titles for Over the Garden Wall episodes
  • The Old Grist Mill: Candy Screws Everyone Over but Then Fixes It
  • Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee: Pumpkin People Confirmed for Skeleton War
  • Songs of the Dark Lantern: He's the Highwayman
  • Mad Love: Uncie Endicott Needs to Chill ft. Kleptomanical Horse
  • Lullaby in Frogland: WTF That Frog Has a Voice That Sounds Like Pure Gold and Chocolate
  • The Ringing of the Bell: Cute Demon Girl Crushes on Gnome and the Greatest Red Herring Ever
  • Babes in the Woods: Teapot Cinnamon Roll Takes a Road Trip to Heaven
  • Into the Unknown: HOLY SHIT WHAT
  • The Unknown: I'm not Crying Shut Up

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ruining got7? got7 wouldnt even BE got7 without bambam or any of the other members those boys love each other, their family saying one should be gone is just rude not only to that member, but THEIR FAMILY you can't be fans of only SOME of the boys, and just LOATHE the rest i'm not saying you have love and obsess over them all but - you can't say one should be gone. if ones gone, they're all gone. and then theres nothing, and you screwed yourself royally i just dont get these so called "fans"

ugh theyre all such grey hearted people. They always say 7 or nothing, and even though it’s a catchy saying, they actually mean it.
Do they want bam to leave? It’s like theyre asking him to leave his family, and that’s so cruel

Steven Universe viewership ratings?

Apparently Steven Universe is getting less than a million viewers for the newer episodes’ premieres. And for comparison, I just read on the Alvin and the Chipmunks wiki that one of their recent episodes for ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks got 1.64 million viewers on its premiere.

As much as I love Alvin and the Chipmunks, and I’m happy its new series is a success, what’s going with Steven Universe? Do people not like it anymore or is CN screwing it over? Both??? Something else?

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Hi! Sorry to hear that tumblr kinda screwed you over :( screwed me too because it lost my last request to you. Could I have Makoto crushing hard on his best friend (besides haru duh) so iwatobi keep trying to set them up? Thanks - love you <3

guys. guys/. guys. i went off topic (also here to not promise a regular posting schedule BUT LOOK I’M WRITING AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!)

“Staring at people while they’re eating is a little strange, Makoto…”

Nagisa’s voice snapped Makoto out of his trance-like state, grounding his thoughts.  He hadn’t even realised just how long he’d been staring at you, but everyone sat about him had nearly finished their lunches; he wasn’t even aware that lunch time had started more than a few minutes ago.

“Hey, Makoto, you ok?”

Now it was you, calling out to him… He wished you’d call out to him more.

Yeah, ‘cause that’s not creepy, Makoto.

“He’s probably just tired from studying, right, Haruka?” Rei chimed in, and Makoto’s attention was fully drawn away from the object of his affections. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted his phone light up with a message, but before he could check it, Haruka responded, moving his thoughts away from the screen.

“Mm… Probably.” Although his words were nonchalant, Haru’s gaze was suspicious. This wasn’t the first time that Makoto had been ‘out of it’ recently, and it only ever seemed to happen when a certain person was around - you.

“Mm, speak of the devil, we’ve got a study period next, Haru, Makoto. I think I have to get a textbook from my locker, but I’ll see you two there!”

Packing away the remainders of your lunch, you flung your bag over your shoulder, waving towards the still-sitting group. Makoto felt almost immobilised, a feeble wave his only recognition of your departure. His brain was desperately trying to figure out exactly when you had begun to enchant him so, exactly when his heart had begun racing when in your presence… You’d just been a friend to him for the longest time, and yet, here he was, staring and fantasising; wishing you were his.


Now it was Haruka, eyes narrowed in concern as he gazed inquisitively at his friend. Makoto knew that he wasn’t behaving normally - being around you was becoming troublesome…

“Ah… I’m fine, Haru. Shall we go?”

“You haven’t eaten much.” Looking down, Makoto took in the sight of his abandoned lunch - he was quite a slow eater as it was, but he may as well have not eaten, going by the state of his bento.

“It’s fine, I can eat some more in the study period!” Reassuring a concerned Haruka, he chuckled, hurriedly stowing away his remaining lunch in his bag. “____ will be waiting for us, though, so we should probably make a move…” He wasn’t sure that he’d be able to get through the study period with you sat next to him, but any time spent with you was precious to him - even if it was spent looking over a psychology textbook.

Speaking of his psychology textbook…

“Hey, Haru, have you seen my textbook? I thought I had it in my bag…” Rummaging through his bag, Makoto began to worry - the last thing he needed was to end up borrowing your textbook; that would mean getting closer to you, having to lean over you to see the words, having to-

“Oh, it’s here, Makoto!” Rei, perhaps a little too conveniently, handed over the textbook, which, for whatever reason – Makoto didn’t care to think of it at that moment in time – had been in Rei’s own pile of textbooks.

“Thank you, Rei!” Shoving the book into his bag, he turned to leave. “See you two later!”

Makoto had turned his back before he could see the mischievous glint in Nagisa’s eyes, the quick murmur to Rei, and the latter’s swift disagreement – which was ignored, as usual –  Haruka, however, caught every movement, and couldn’t help but wonder what Nagisa had planned.

You weren’t sure why Haruka had suddenly left to participate in ‘pool maintenance’ in the middle of the study period, but the lack of his presence had left Makoto in quite a state, for whatever reason.

“Are you sure you understand that, Makoto?” Looking down at the diagram beneath you frowned. Makoto didn’t usually struggle when it came to biopsychology, but, this time, he wasn’t doing so great. “You’ve confused the hippocampus and the amygdala. They’re pretty different things, I thought-”

“A-ah! Sorry, ____… Just distracted, is all!” Before you could correct his mistake, he reached for the sheet, frantically tearing it away from underneath you. Eyeing him, you gently prodded his abdomen.

“Hey… You doing ok? You seem a little distracted.” His eyes were darting about, hands clutching onto the side of his seat. Maybe it was just the stress, getting the best of him? He’d never been like this, before, though… You’d already talked with him about the future, universities, jobs - he wasn’t still concerned about Haruka, right? Placing a hand on his shoulder – and choosing to ignore his startled jump – you decided to ask.“Is this about-”

“____!! ____!!” Nagisa, flushed and panting from exertion, ran into the empty classroom, interrupting your sentence and drawing you away from a rather grateful Makoto. Despite his obvious fatigue, presumably from running, Nagisa was grinning, eyes sparkling as he plopped down onto the seat opposite you. Taking a moment to catch his breath, Nagisa held out a single hand, gesturing for you to wait. “Makoto told me to deliver these to you, ____! Never would’ve guessed he’d be here, too…”

You noticed Makoto freeze up besides you, and your curiosity was piqued.

“Deliver what?”
“Deliver what?!”

Makoto’s voice echoed your own, but he seemed to be more panicked than anything, large frame leaning over the desk in an attempt to see what Nagisa was pulling from his bag.


Raising an eyebrow at the oddly synchronous speech of you and Makoto, Nagisa placed the box on the table, and opened it. You were touched, at first, that Makoto – or at least, you thought it was him, but you didn’t really have a clue – would go to such lengths to convince Nagisa to collect and deliver these, but odd, vibrantly iced letters caught your attention. They looked as though they were supposed to make up a sentence, but the majority of the words necessary were missing, rendering the efforts null.

“… What?”

The grin was wiped off Nagisa’s face as he whipped the box around to face him, exclaiming in despair at something. “Nooo… I forgot to get the other boxes…” His hands dragged down his face as he fell to the table, crushing the doughnuts in the process. You didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, and by the looks of Makoto, nor did he. Casting a sideways glance at each other before moving to console the distraught – and doughnut covered – Nagisa, you didn’t even notice Haruka slip into the room, until he spoke up.

“Check your phone, ____.”

“No, that was meant for later, Haru!” Nagisa’s voice, slightly muffled, protested, and he drew his face from the desk, covered in powdered sugar and jam.  You glanced at your phone, noticing a new message from Makoto. As if the last few minutes hadn’t been enough, now this?

‘Did you agree? I hope you agreed. Makoto’s been a mess around you for a while now and it’s not very pleasant. Nagisa told me to write this as if I were Makoto, but I don’t know how he’d do this… Please agree. It’ll make him very happy, and that would also make us happy.’

The message, obviously not from Makoto, was cryptic at best, and your brain was scrambling to put the pieces together.

“What’s going on, here?” Makoto, who had been reading the message over your shoulder, had gone awfully quiet, sinking back into his chair with a white face and a meek smile. “Makoto, do you know what’s going on?” He looked towards Haruka briefly, only to swallow nervously as the latter narrowed his eyes at him.

“N-not… Particularly?” The colour was returning to his face at an alarming pace, and his eyes were avoiding yours, finding his own hands rather fascinating, all of a sudden.

“That’s not quite true, is it, Makoto?”

“Oh for the love of-” At this point, you weren’t even surprised that Rei was here. Whatever the hell was going on, the three of them – perhaps even four, although Makoto looked as though he were on the verge of fainting – were in on it together.

“Rei!! I thought you wouldn’t come!” Nagisa,

Rei glared sharply at Nagisa, taking in the state of his face and tutting discreetly. Ignoring Nagisa’s animated gestures towards the pair of you, he shoved a finger towards the open psychology textbook in front of Makoto.

“… Check his textbook, page 73.”

At this point, you were convinced that Rei had somehow formed an origami lockbox just from the paper inside the textbook, and you’d have to strip-search Makoto to find the key, and who knows, maybe there’d be more doughnuts inside- Where on earth did strip-searching Makoto come into the picture?

“W-wait! ____, I think that we should-”

“Makoto.” You took ahold of his outstretched hand as he reached to grab the textbook, and noticed how he was trembling. “Either you tell me what’s going on, or I open that textbook.” His eyes widened, his own large hand tightening around your own for a brief moment before letting go.

“I don’t know what’s going on… Just open the textbook, put us both out of our misery.” His shoulders slumped, a pained tone to his words crafting doubt in your mind - what was wrong with him? Had he been hiding something from you? Letting the pages flit down to the cover of the book, you landed dead on page 73, and were greeted by a stuck-in note.

’____, by this point, I am almost certain both Nagisa and Haruka have failed in their tasks. If they have not, then please do not tell them I wrote that. On behalf of everyone here, and Makoto himself, will you please… Please, enter a relationship with him beyond friendship? I believe he has strong romantic feelings for you, and it would definitely be mutually beneficial-’

The writing went on for quite some time, but you needed no more.


He didn’t even look like he was present in that moment - eyes of a scared child looked back at your own, and you realised quite how much this meant to him. Were you truly so dense as to not notice feelings of this magnitude? Even though the confession had not come directly from him – hell, he hadn’t even had any part in these plans, from the looks of things – the reality of his feelings was quite evident.

“I-I’d understand if you didn’t want to, um, to d-date me. It’s fine. We’re good friends, and we could definitely… Stay that way?”

“Oh Makoto…” You couldn’t help but smile, bringing a hand up to his face. “You’re some sort of angel, I swear…” The look on his face could only be described as grateful; he looked as though he could have kissed you right then. “I’m surprised I didn’t notice the signs earlier, to be honest, it all seems terribly clear now.”

“Yeah, that’s why we-”

“Please be quiet, Nagisa.” He immediately shut up as you reprimanded him, although continued to giggle softly. “Either way- It’s a lot to take in all at once, but hey,” taking one of Makoto’s hands in your own, you grinned. “everything’s worth a try once, and I could see this working out.”

“I could see us working out.”

Breaking The Rules - Crowley x Reader

Requested by @iheartthelochnessmonster

Request: Ahhhhh! I just discovered your blog and I’m in love! So I’d like to request a fic where crowley is at a one of those charity auctions where you bid for dates with people (for some reason) and the reader is put on bid and Crowley ends up getting in a bidding war with someone he hates over her and isn’t really paying attention to who she is but when he wins he’s like, “oh shit you’re friends with the winchesters and I’m screwed” and it ends with smut and fluff please u vu????

“$10,000!” Somebody exclaimed shooting their hand in the air.

“Going once…going twice…and…sold to the man in blue for $10,000!” The announcer yelled.

Crowley was seated towards the back of the room and watched with amusement as people bid unreasonably high amounts of money for a night with a girl. A date, as most people would call it. Crowley came to this auction solely for entertainment. He enjoyed people flaunting money they didn’t have for one night. What was so great about a night with a girl?

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Dean Winchester Sentence Starters

“I’ve got to believe I can chose what I do with my unimportant little life.”
“You always have a choice You can either roll over and die or keep fighting, no matter what.”
“Screw destiny right in the face.”
“Just cause your blood doesn’t mean you’re family. You got to earn that.” 
“We know a lot about the little things. Just enough to make us dangerous.”
“Sometimes you gotta do what’s best for you, even if it is gonna hurt the ones you love.” 
“God save us from half the people that think they’re doing God’s work.”
“Just cause you love someone doesn’t mean you should stick around and screw up their life.”
“I do my best to be brave.” 

Just no.

I go to the #sasuke tag, I see this:

I’ve seen some people call that “eye sex”. I beg your pardon, what does “eye sex” even consist of? Why is it an indication of love, again?
Moreover, please remember the so-called “eye sex” between them happened just a couple of chapters before this:

and this:

and this:

Yes, he screwed her over more than twice, but somehow she has nothing to do with his sins. His phrase indicates he doesn’t really think he must compensate her, although he did apologize to her… because she happened to wake up from his brutal genjutsu and get where he was before he or Naruto died. Sasuke was prepared to die, yet he didn’t even ask Naruto to send Sakura his apologies if he did perish that day. He was going to die without even saying he was sorry to her.

Furthemore, puh-lease, do not give me the “he-was-consumed-by-hatred” bullshit. He was consumed by hatred, but he still showed love for Itachi; he was consumed by hatred, but he still apologized to Karin right before walking into the battlefield; he was consumed by hatred, but he was still kind of polite to the Taka members, whilst he was an ass to Sakura until the very end.  

Ok but, one rival crew getting very very lucky and getting on of their little rats up into the FAHC penthouse to trash Gavin’s shit, becuase days before Gavin fucked up everything, their bank accounts, sent inflammatory emails to their allies, leaked their more illicit dealings to people they might have owed who definitely didn’t need to see it, just generally screw them the hell over, so yeah they go up, eye for an eye right? wrong. 

Gavin catches the guy sneaking out of the apartment and Gavin lets the guy go because he’s more focused on “what the hell happened to my shit.” and Gavin’s rage is a thing to behold. like, there’s two ways to get Gavin angry, one is to mess with the crew, two is to mess with his computer.

cut to a day or so later, the crews ambushed in the penthouse, they’re all tied up, the leader is standing there making threat and the modem murderer is standing behind him with a group of the other lackies, looking nervous as fuck. and wouldn’t you know it, Gavin spots him, doesn’t know exactly if he’s the one who did the dirty, smeggy, deed but it’s a matter of time.

MM (modem murderer) notices Gavin glaring at him. MM looks away awkwardly, because that boy can glare when that boy wants to glare and oh buddy was he glaring right now. But leader guy is like “and it was all thanks to MM over here, come on MM, come up and tell them what you did.” and MM is like “ha….h..a…, you really don’t have to do this.” but Leader Guy is like “Get up here gdi.”

MM does, and if the glaring was awkward before it’s downright spooky now haha, and Gavin’s little jaw drops “it was YOU!” and MM flinches, and Gavin shoots up. Jaws drop. the ropes are on the floor, a switchblade is in his hands, where the fuck did he get that- “YOU BROKE MY BLOODY COMPUTER!” He screeches, while literally everyone else is still stuck on “why is gavin fucking not tied to this bullshit chair like the rest of us what.” and MM now knows he’s made a big fucking mistake.

and Gavin, with a primal, english screech, charges after him. and MM, that poor motherfucker, screams, turns heel and bolts. It’s one of those cliche cartoon chases around the penthouse. MM is fucking screaming in fear, apologies tumbling from his mouth while Gavin tears ass after him. “RUNNING WONT HELP YOU MATE, IT’LL ONLY MAKE YOU DIE SLOWER.” and MM is abjectly terrified, sobbing like a baby that poor motherfucker. Leader Guy does not know what the actual fuck is happening right now, when did he lose control of this situation this hard what the fuck. One bodyguard tries to body check Gavin and gets body fucked, nah he gets the gun he did have taken and shoved in his mouth, BLAM, byebye now, Gavin continues the chase having paused for maybe ten seconds to dispatch fuckboi guard #1, and systematically kills five outta six guards with the switchblade before anyone knows what the fuck is happening, MM is in tears, he just wants to go home, he regrets so much.

Leader Guy is still baffled. Fuckboi guards 1-6, how did that scrawny piece of shit kill you, so quickly too you’re like five times his size and eight times his weight what on earth- when MM rushes back into the living room and trips. on what? air probably. Gavin comes in, MM accepts his fate with a shit load of tears and whimpering but Gavin looks up real slow like a serial killer in every movie ever like “you ordered him to do this didn’t you.” it’s not a question, Leader Guy doesn’t know he’s being spoken to for a second, but now the “fuck yeah you bitch.,” doesn’t come to his mouth so quick, uh, Gavin looks absolute batshit, the one remaining guard is backing away like he’s the fucking antichrist ‘come on you fucking pussies, what the fuck do i pay you for’ and Leader Guy is reassessing his situation looking at all the bodyguard corpses at his feet here, um…

“Yeah it was him! it was all him!” MM rats his boss out to save his skin. Under Gavin’s ire, it’s a smart move MM. Good on ya. Gavin turns his full death-seeking attention on Leader Guy, who’s cursing MM’s bitch ass with every utility god what has he done, why does he actually look so deranged jesus christ, i am dripping in sweat now what the fuck- “um-“

Gavin actually leaps on Leader guy and just kills him, quick and bloody and screams of pain and terror yadda yadda yadda, and MM thinks he’s safe when Gavin stalks over and snaps his neck.

the one remaining henchman books it and Gav lets him go, free adverts and all that, the crew is less surprised and less shocked. They’ve seen this before. RIP in pieces Leader Guy’s 1-4 and now this one, #5. Thank god this crazy fucking limey bitch is on their side seriously what, Gav, we love you, you know that right.

and a week later, the new rival crew is there, the crew is back in their favorite hostages chairs, the ropes are back, Gavin’s tied down like karada like damn you could rope an entire warehouse of shit togther with the sheer amount of rope on Gav, but the new computer sitting pretty on Gav’s desk ain’t touched. not once. no one goes anywhere near it. and Gavin’s grinning like a shithead throughout the entire session. Even when Ryan has to hack him out of the rope and chair with a machete. Because the one guard wasn’t as dumb as he thought.

don’t touch his shit, it’s really not hard.

Honestly the whole idea that aromantics are “banging without commitment” or “just using people for sex” is so toxic. Not just because it’s amazingly arophobic, but also because painting romance as the “admission price” for sex creates a sense of entitlement in romantic pairings. People love to switch out communication for expectations because it’s easier. But relationships are not supposed to be easy! And trying to make them so will only screw you over in the long run.
Not everyone who wants you romantically is going to want to have sex with you.
Not everyone who wants you sexually is going to want to date you.

And that’s fine! They are not obligated to conform to your wishes, and you’re not obligated to conform to theirs. That’s why you always need to talk things out with your partner beforehand. Assume nothing, discuss all. End of story.