just love to screw people over

I get really emotional when I think about all the damn stereotypes Magnus Bane is out here breaking tho. 

Like men shouldn’t wear makeup or be fashionable? Nah, fuck gender stereotypes! Magnus rocks that eyeliner, that eyeshadow, and that sexy ass goatee, and he’s the best dressed character on the show. 

Or men shouldn’t cry or be nurturing and soft? Nope, Magnus cries when he’s hurting and has openly talked about his struggles with depression that nearly led him to take his own life in the past. And he’s adopted a bunch of downworlders that he’s nurtured and cared for throughout his long lifetime. 

Or how about that old, outdated argument that claims men can’t be abused by women? Screw that, Camille Belcourt was an emotionally abusive woman who broke Magnus with her manipulation and mind games, and it took him centuries to finally overcome the hold she had on him.

Or that stereotype about bisexuality being “just a phase” for indecisive and promiscuous people. Hell to the no, son! Magnus Bane is over 300 years old and he has not changed his mind about his sexual identity. He’s openly attracted to all genders but the thing he wants most in the world is to be with someone he can share his love with for life. Because he’s a “one soul at a time kinda guy.”

And let’s not forget how Asian men are often desexualized or made into meek, submissive characters in media. But, no sir, not Magnus freakin Bane! He’s out here dancing and practicing magical tai chi shirtless, showing off his beautiful bod and being the most attractive and desirable man alive. He’s also extremely intimidating and commands respect and attention whenever he enters a room; he’s truly the definition of Alpha Male™.

This goes without saying but we are truly blessed to have a bisexual Asian character like Magnus Bane. He is so so so important, and don’t you ever forget it. 


Aries: Think you’re gonna break my heart. Think you’re funny, think you’re smart. Yeah, you may be good looking, but you’re not a piece of art. - “Power and Control”

Taurus:  Yeah, I wish I’d been a, wish I’d been a teen, teen idle. Wish I’d been a prom queen fighting for the title. Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible, feeling super, super suicidal. - “Teen Idle”

Gemini:  I guess you could say that my life’s a mess, but I’m still looking pretty in this dress. I’m the image of deception. - “Homewrecker”

Cancer:  Lies, don’t wanna know, don’t wanna know, oh. I can’t let you go, can’t let you go, oh. I just want it to be perfect, to believe it’s all been worth the fight. - “Lies”

Leo: Living life like I’m in a play, In the lime light I want to stay. I know I’ve got a big ego. I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though. - “Primadonna”

Virgo:  I never sang for love. I never had a heart to mend because before the start began, I always saw the end. Yeah, I wait for you to open up, to give yourself to me, but nothing’s ever gonna give, I’ll never set you free. - “Starring Role”

Libra:  I’ll chew you up and I’ll spit you out ‘cause that’s what young love is all about. So pull me closer, and kiss me hard. I’m gonna pop your bubblegum heart. - “Bubblegum Bitch”

Scorpio:  Born with a void, hard to destroy with love or hope. Built with a heart, broken from the start, and now I die slow. - “Valley of the Dolls”

Sagittarius:  When you’re around me, I’m radioactive. My blood is burning, radioactive. I’m turning radioactive. My blood is radioactive. My heart is nuclear, love is all that I fear. - “Radioactive”

Capricorn: And now I see, I see it for the first time, there is no crime in being kind. Not everyone is out to screw you over. Maybe, oh just maybe they just wanna get to know you. - “Fear and Loathing”

Aquarius: All my life I’ve felt it deep inside of me. All this time was fighting for what I believe. All my life I’ve tried to hide what history has given me. - “Sex Yeah”

Pisces:  All I really want is to be wonderful. People in this town they, they can be so cruel. I live my life inside a dream, only waking when I sleep. If I could sell my sorry soul, I would have it all. - “The State of Dreaming”

The Engineer and his Bestfriend

-Hunk is a brilliant engineer

-Lance knows this, it’s why he spends hours just just watching Hunk work, keeping him company and telling him that it’s time to go to bed whenever it’s late

-Lately Hunk has been getting ready for the final battle with the Galra, taking inspiration from the trap they created intended for Allura and Coran

-It is a machine that will get its intended target into a never ending black hole, no time loops, no time jumps, just nothing

-And it seems like the machine works because they have experimented on inanimate objects and have tried everything possible to bring them back and once it becomes impossible they know that they can then build one on a bigger scale

-Hunk’s machine works and it will save the day but

-Something goes wrong with the machine, it was something that kept cropping up in the beta testing, it’s a certain screw that just never really wants to work

-And see the only people who know where the screw is and how to fix it are Lance and hunk

-And once you fix it, it’s game over, there no coming back from it

-Lance and hunk both know this

-Before Hunk can even go apologize or go fix it

-Lance is already on his way to the machine

-But just before he gets there, he stops and through the intercom tells Hunk “You are the best damn engineer and friend in this world, watch me make your machine work buddy”

-And hunk is just sobbing repeating “I love you Lance and please don’t do this, I can’t do this without you, I can’t do this without my best friend”

-And now the rest are starting to catch on to what Lance is really doing but by that point it’s too late the galra are gone

- Lance is gone

-And because Hunk is such a good fucking engineer there’s no way to ever get him back

-But you see it’s because Hunk is such a good engineer that he doesn’t give up

-He works non-stop for almost a year trying to get Lance back

-Pidge spends more time on the computer becoming more withdrawn, more obsessive in finding his family, including Lance

-Shiro takes it hard, he feels as if he’s let down his team for not being able to keep them all in one piece, he goes back to being very tense and stiff around the others

-Allura spends days, even weeks trying to find Lance, pinpoint where in all the universe he could be, she won’t say it but she misses his bad pick up lines

-And Coran is just hurt and upset that the young man who would get so homesick and yet try his best and be there for others would give up his chance to see his family and that is what pains him the most

-And Keith just starts spending even more time training, withdrawing from others, trying to act as if though he doesn’t miss Lance, trying to move on, failing to move on

-Hunk just well he needs to get Lance back because what is life without your best friend?

-Who just sits for hours on end just to watch you work and tinker

-A friend who has been there for so long they know what tool you need with a look

-A friend who knows that food isn’t the only important thing to but goddamn we need to find small things that bring us happiness

-A friend who makes you go to sleep when it’s late and you’ve been on a creating binge (the others don’t know but that’s okay the person who needs to know, does)

-A friend who just wants you to succeed

-A friend who loves you for who you are and ask for nothing in return

- A friend who would die for them, for him…..

-What is life without your best friend?

-Hunk already knows and he never wants to live through that again

-Because you see it’s because Hunk is such a good fucking engineer that he does get Lance back

The Secret To Shinhwa’s Longevity? The Answer is Their Leader, Eric Mun.

Eric Mun, one of the best leaders, if not the best, sets an example of what true leadership is. What has he done for Shinhwa that the group stayed intact, becoming the longest-running idol group in Kpop, with no disbandment & no member change?

Let’s start from the very beginning. After winning a street dance championship in the US, Eric was selected by Lee Soo Man in March 1997 & he debuted as the leader of the 6-member-group Shinhwa on 24 March 1998

In 2003, Shinhwa’s 5-year-contract with SM came to an end. At that time, many 1st generation groups faced disbandment, like H.O.T, Secks Skies, S.E.S. So it was expected that Shinhwa would disband too. Following the group’s contract expiration, SM wanted to disband the group & offered solo contracts to only some members. But Shinhwa’s aim was that the 6 of them would stay together as a group and could not be separated. So, Shinhwa refused the solo contract offers with SM, which was undoubtedly a shock in the industry. So far no artist had ever dared to offend the big boss of the Korean entertainment industry, and they were the first.

So, what did Eric do to avoid disbandment and keep the members together after the contract expired? 

Eric, the leader who chose to keep his group together over money. His first priority was his group. 

He was offered solo contracts that were FOUR times more than the other members. “Honestly, others would think about those offers for a month, but Eric rejected them immediately, just to let the members be together.”

Truthfully, how many people do you know that can make such sacrifice, whether in real life or in idol world?!!!! .. Eric could’ve said, ‘screw Shinhwa’ and then accept SM’s offer to double his contract 4 times on the condition that they disband Shinhwa and he go solo.. But Eric’s genuine love & loyalty for his group couldn’t be replaced by money or securing a place in SM. He turned down the offers IMMEDIATELY & & took Shinhwa to another company, which was even a great risk as they were leaving the big boss of kpop entertainment to start again in another much smaller company. The result didn’t matter to him as long as remained with the members. 
imagine that Eric accepted those tempting solo offers, then we wouldn’t have Shinhwa anymore. The fact that the six of them are able to stay together now, Eric contributed A LOT to it.

and to Eric, his choice wasn’t a sacrifice .. it was the best decision he has made in his life.

After Eric chose Shinhwa over money & suggested moving to another agency, then came the next problem. Leader Eric had to fight for the rights to “Shinhwa’s” name.

After Shinhwa left SM among much controversy & refused to extend their solo contracts, then came a huge problem. The members needed to continue using the same name “Shinhwa”. But since SM still owned the rights to Shinhwa’s name, so Eric had to put himself through a crash course in legalities to resolve Shinhwa’s contract issues. Eric was the one who negotiated with the management and no one will ever know how much hardship he had to endure during the negotiations. Eric went to court against SM to retain the rights for Shinhwa’s name. He even studied law to find a way for Shinhwa to continue being active under the same name. (Bear in mind that he was only 24 years old back then!!) .. He paid a HUGE sum of his OWN money to buy the name’s rights.. Eric really went through hell during that period until in the end, Shinhwa won & left SM with the rights to their name.

Can you imagine that a young man in his early 20s, gave up on massively tempting solo offers and chose to go through hell & fight for his team just to remain with his band mates & keep the group intact?!!! .. who else can do such thing?!! .. what a true leadership & loyalty! 

It’s also Eric who negotiated -alone- with other companies till he chose the best offer for his group. Then Shinhwa moved to Good Entertainment. But unfortunately, not so many people were pleased with that decision & so they tried their best to bring Shinhwa down, asking them to disband like what other groups did back then.

In 2004, a journalist once wrote an article heavily criticizing Shinhwa & blatantly used personal attacks on the Shinhwa members implying that they are failed musicians who try too hard with solo activities. He proceeded to slam Shinhwa with ruthless criticism, leading to a big media frenzy. It was then that Eric stepped up once again as the leader to speak out. He made a powerful reply to the reporter & published it on the Internet, asking for a more meaningful review. That reply of Eric went viral & found its way to the official school books in Korea, marking him as the 1st & only artist to have such feat. He ended the letter with: “It’s not so easy to see Shinhwa. If there’s anything, you can look for me.” & this line became very famous.

Here’s an excerpt of his lengthy letter..

WOW! such powerful reply! Eric might be 4D & act like a cute kid, but when someone or something threatens Shinhwa, he turns into a totally different person. totally dependable & trustworthy leader.

When Eric was at the peak of his success, being the nation’s flower boy after starring in the very popular drama “Firebird” in 2004, & dominating almost all CFs and he was dubbed the “CF King” .. Many thought that he would leave Shinhwa & there were many articles released that urged him to go solo & pursue his successful career as an actor & rapper away from Shinhwa.

“I remember a conversation I had with Eric over drinks back when we were filming Firebird (Phoenix). I said ’“It’s a good idea to go into acting. Anyway, you can only be an idol for a few years, just make acting your lifelong career”. Eric turned serious and replied “NO! I’ll be with Shinhwa for more than 10 years, for a lifetime. Please wait and see!”
- Firebird Director San Ray’s twitter (2012.03)

Eric strictly clarified to everyone what his top priority is, which is the group Shinhwa. Eric: “Shinhwa is everything. Without Shinhwa there won’t be the present me, and I would not meet precious friends and members who love me.”
                 Eric: “Shinhwa is our root and it has to be our core.”

This man’s loyalty & devotion to his group is simply unbelievable!

2008 - The group hiatus due to military service. Eric is always the leader who knew how to keep his word.

In 2008, Shinhwa held their last concert before the 4-year hiatus due to the army enlistment. In that concert, they promised the fans that Shinhwa will come back after all members finish their military service. “Shinhwa will come back, please wait for us”

But .. during those 4 years of military service hiatus, Shinhwa was on the verge of disbandment. So the dependable leader Eric stepped up again to keep their promise to the fans & keep the group together.

and that’s how Shinhwa came back to us again, thanks to Leader Eric who lived up to his position as the best leader & the big brother to his group members and brought them together again. Couldn’t be more grateful to this AWESOME man! he’s truly a man of his words! .. Thanks to him, we have Shinhwa today!

Eric: “Shinhwa must go on forever. Even if there is no company that wants us, we might just form our own company and carry on.”

In 2007, some members left Good Ent. (the company Shinhwa moved into after SM) & many people thought Shinhwa were going to disband. But the loyal leader Eric stepped up again and assured that Shinhwa will go on forever even if there’s no company that wants them, Leader Eric came up with the idea of forming their own company! He’s truly the leader that thinks ahead & seeks for what’s best for his group! to this extend he’s so loyal & dedicated to Shinhwa!

Eric’s efforts to gain the full rights to Shinhwa’s name.

But .. to establish Shinhwa’s company, there was a serious issue needed to be resolved. Shinhwa didn’t have the full rights to their name yet, since SM handed over the full rights of “Shinhwa’s” name to Jun Media Ent. in 2005.
So before establishing “Shinhwa Company”, leader Eric went through a very tough time & had loooong negotiations with Jun Media to use Shinhwa’s trademark. And finally, after reaching an agreement, Eric’s dream came true & Shinhwa Company was established in 2011, marking Shinhwa as the first & only idol group to establish their own agency with their own name & personally run it. 

But due to many legal issues concerning Jun Media, Shinhwa filed a lawsuit and leader Eric went to court against Jun Media in 2012. He went through hell again with many trials & appeals & temporarily changing the company name to “ShinCom Ent.”. Until finally In 2015, Shinhwa won and gained the full rights to their name after 12 years. 
This man, Eric, used to show up in varieties, all smiling & laughing, acting 4D & as 3 yrs old kid, while he had such huge burden over his shoulders, fighting for years for Shinhwa to continue with their name. He makes me speechless!

The members expressed their gratitude & thanks to Eric as he was the one who struggled the most during the the whole process.
Such a dependable Leader! 

The leader that always thinks of Shinhwa as family.

Eric has always been the dependable big brother to all the members. “I always think of the members as my real brothers”. And as a real brother, Eric is always there for the members when anyone of them faces troubles & does his best to help the members out.

Eric, to help Minwoo out, gathered the members & suggested that everyone of them contributes a sum of money so that they help Minwoo overcome his financial trouble as loyal brothers. 
This man continuously sets examples of how true friendship should be.

When Eric earned a large sum of money in CFs, he split up his pay and supported other members who had financial difficulties. When he was dominating CFs, he called the members to his house and gave them bonus money. He’s also filmed CFs originally meant for himself but he got the company to include the rest of the Shinhwa members.

Shinhwa’s appearance for China gag concert in 2015 was originally meant to have Eric as the only guest, but he refused & told the production team that if it wasn’t a SHINHWA segment, he wouldn’t attend. So, Shinhwa as OT6 was casted instead.

One of the things that make other groups disband is when the members care more about their solo work than the group itself.
Then comes leader Eric, who leads by example. For his solo activities, he always thinks of “us” before “me”! his group always comes first.

To Eric, Shinhwa always comes as a top priority even before his solo work. When he does a solo activity, he does it because he knows it will benefit the group itself, not doing solo to shine away from the group. He does his solo work to promote Shinhwa.

  Even when he gets a solo activity, he never decides on it by himself… Eric will first get the agreement of the members if there is something he wants to do for himself. If there is a solo activity that he wishes to do, he would first gather the opinions of the members & seek the agreements of all the members first!!. 
Seriously who ever does something like this?!!!! .. such an attitude of his sets an example of what made it possible for Shinhwa to promote separately and together. 
Eric: “Rather than my solo activities, Shinhwa’s activities are more important.”


another secret to longevity? it’s the leader’s genuine care and support to the other members’ solo activities. Eric always sets an example for others to follow. 

Dongwan: “Eric always thinks about every member, and seeing how he helps make us take care of each other.“

Eric has always been a truly supportive & selfless Leader. Not being selfish & focusing only on his solo activities, but he always helps his members in their solo careers, showing ultimate support & encouragement to them & happily agrees to feature in their albums, and always expresses how proud he is as his members are doing great in their solos. While staying at home, he keeps on monitoring their performances & giving them very useful feedback & advises.

Eric: “Aside from our group activities, I’m really happy to see the members do well in their solo careers. If I can offer my help in any way, I’d like to help them continuously.”

  & what does he gain in return for his massive help & as feat. fees in his members’ albums?! .. Pizza or sunglasses :D

Eric, the leader who leads from behind & puts the members in front. He doesn’t like to stand out and always stays away from the limelight, happily giving it to the members. 

and there is always that noticeable thing about Leader Eric. He has always been supporting Shinhwa from the back since debut. Never been bossy. He always stays away from the limelight, happily giving it to the members. You’ll find him standing quietly in the interviews. So humble & quiet to the extend that many people are still not aware that Eric is the leader of Shinhwa. This is because he is a man with few words and doesn’t stand on the front of the group. His true features of taking care of his people shone brightly as him working behind the scenes. But when Shinhwa encounter a problem, he takes the front line, protecting the group & the members.

and after all of this, it’s expected that Eric will be thinking highly of himself as one of best leaders, if not the best ..
but ..this man is so humble to an extend you can’t believe! 

Another thing about Eric is that he never thinks highly of himself!! he’s one of the most humble people you can ever meet!!. Like he’s one of the best leaders, if not the best, the loyal, selfless & dependable leader that has been keeping Shinhwa for such a long time in the industry & still, he doesn’t think that he does something extraordinary!! 

Seriously, how can he even be this humble?!!.. Eric, you’ve been setting standards of how ideal leadership is! 

Whenever someone praises or says something nice about him, he’ll do some funny stuff to cut that person off & move to another subject. Like what he did in Shinhwa’s latest concert when Dongwan thanked him for his great efforts in getting the full rights to Shinhwa’s name back. Eric kept on kissing Dongwan to cut him off.

Or when someone praises his outer looks, & it’s known that Eric is one of the most handsome Korean celebs (he was dubbed Korea’s handsome representative) but he never brags about his handsomeness for even once, and when others tell him that he’s handsome, he’s gets so shy & flustered & tries to change topics. 

and even though he’s the mighty Eric, with more than 20 years in the industry, regardless of his fame, he remains the humble Eric who still bows 90 degrees to even the hoobaes & the fans. Forever humble as Day 1. Eric really sets an example that no matter how famous you are, you should always be humble & down to earth with everyone.

The leader that always thinks of Shinhwa before himself !

& he also doesn’t think he’s doing something extraordinary!!! 

and even during his solo activities, he seizes every chance to promote Shinhwa & the other members’ solo events. 

Then there is this amazingly meaningful quote of Eric, that makes me feel so lucky for being a Shinhwa Changjo ..

“It’s impossible for Shinhwa to disband now even if we wanted to. Shinhwa doesn’t just belong to us, it also belongs to the fans and people who love us.”

To any group, before disbanding, think deeply of this quote. Your group doesn’t just belong to you, it also belongs to your fans & people who love you!

Now.. With every anniversary we celebrate with Shinhwa, the group that debuted in 1998 & still going strong with no disbandment & no member change, let’s forever remember that the main reason behind this is Eric, the best leader we could ever ask for. The leader who knew how to keep his group intact & overcome all troubles they’ve been through since debut. That troubles that could’ve easily made any other group disband.
Eric always puts Shinhwa as a top priority over anything else .. To him, the group always comes first. He really lives for Shinhwa!

“Eric is really like an otaku. If he gets addicted to something he’ll bury himself at home but after we left our first agency, as the leader of Shinhwa, he became the otaku of Shinhwa. Even now, he worries a lot for Shinhwa and is also in charge of dealing with external matters. He is a leader I’m thankful to and can trust.” - Dongwan

Thank you leader Eric for all of what you’ve done & still doing to Shinhwa. Thank you for keeping them as forever six .. thank you for always protecting us, Shinhwa Changjo .. Thank you for always protecting Orange .. Thank you for always protecting Shinhwa Company .. Thank you for always choosing Shinhwa over anything else no matter what the temptation is .. Everyone of us appreciates your great efforts & dedication for Shinhwa. Plz continue on leading Shinhwa for more anniversaries & more success. 2gether 4ever, walking on the same road. Never apart, friends till the end. ♥♥

#HappyEricDay ♥♥  Happiest birthday to our awesome leader Eric ♥♥

taako falling in love with kravitz must’ve been weird for him too, like. he’s obviously attracted to him and develops a crush on him within a minute, but the actual falling in love part woulda’ been hard for him to process. he’s not someone who’s really used to…expressing genuine affection to people because of his trauma, except for people that he’s had time to personally bond with and come to trust and care about (hurley, ren and angus, most notably)

and he can’t have that kind of bond with merle or magnus - he spends too much time with them for them to know anything too personal about him, it’d be too uncomfortable and humiliating for him to have that kind of knowledge floating around people he has to make eye contact with everyday. that’s why he’s emotionally withdrawn from the other horny boys, and emotionally drawn to people he doesn’t see too often/doesn’t have to explicitly plan to see them again, but still has enough time to bond with and trust and care for 

(you can tell he really likes people when he meets up with them despite not having to, i.e. ren and angus, and later kravitz in a romantic condition, whereas he only hangs out with merle and magnus for work stuffs, and has shown to dislike their continued presence outside of jobs)

he didn’t have much of that bonding time in tck with kravitz because, well the world was ending, but he did have time to realize that kravitz was utterly adorable, and he got time to learn more about him on their date; he got to see kravitz’s gentle, caring and patient side, the side that cared about taako’s life and safety and would even make a deal with the goddess of death in order to keep him alive. and god, who wouldn’t fall in love with that?

and obviously this is all you need to shut down any argument about how taako only went on the date with kravitz to manipulate him into saving their lives; if that was all he wanted, taako never would’ve told kravitz straight to his face that he liked him. he never would’ve fought desperately with his umbrastaff to keep it from shooting kravitz. he never would’ve giddily agreed to meeting up with kravitz again, and he never would’ve felt his heart explode when he thought he heard his voice.

it’ll take taako a while to realize just how deeply in love he is, and it’ll take him even longer to be okay with that; a lot of people he trusted before ended up screwing him over when he let his guard down around them. but it’s okay, because kravitz is patient with him and assures him everyday that he can take as long as he wants with accepting and expressing his feelings. they know they love each other and that’s all they really need to know


Canadian Boys l Shawn Mendes Imagine.

prompt: Shawn & (y/n) managed to go from ‘dream couple’ to a messy relationship in front of the cameras, and Shawn doesn’t seem to accept that his ex has decided to move on with the one and only, Justin Bieber.

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Shawn could feel his cheeks heating up as Ellen started a game of Who’d You Rather.

“Rihanna or Sophia Bush?” Ellen asked and pictures of both women appeared on the screen behind him.

“Sophia Bush, no doubt.” he said confidently.

“Hmm, looks like you had your mind already done,” she teased him. “Okay, Sophia Bush or Kendall Jenner?”

“Sophia Bush.” he answered with a hint of laughter on his voice.

“Wow, you’re very sure of yourself.” Ellen said and he shrugged. “Sophia Bush or Margot Robbie?”

“Oh, no! You can’t do that!” he said making the audience laugh. “Ugh, Margot Robbie.” he answered and the audience ooh-ed.

“Margot Robbie or Camila Cabello?” Ellen asked and Shawn shook his head.

“Camila is a friend, so…” he started but the host interrupted him.

“She sure is,” Ellen said, earning laughs from the audience. “So, Camila or…”

“You didn’t let me finish!” Shawn complained laughing.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s my show,” Ellen joked. “Camila Cabello or (y/n) (y/l/n)?”

Shawn felt his cheeks heating up profusely. “They both are very good friends…”

“Oh, is there something you aren’t telling me, Shawn?” Ellen asked.

“No! Of course no.”

“Then answer the question.” Ellen said smiling and looking to the screen where there was Camila and you.

Shawn bit the inside of his cheek. “(y/n), she’s amazing.” he answered and everyone seemed happy with his answer.

“Then I guess we have a winner!” Ellen announced as another picture of you filled the large screen. “Shawn Mendes everybody!”

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Lmao at the anon who said that Pisces and Libra are gullible because they basically lose themselves to impress someone. I didn't know that sacrifice and love was about impressing someone. I don't think that love and losing yourself to impress someone are synonymous. Pisces is a sign that basically merges with others, but I can't really speak about the archetype of Libra and their relationships because I personally don't know. Sacrifice is not gullible. Just my opinion.

Wow… This is like… a very important opinion. I think it’s because people generally tend to think that Libra and Pisces are weak for “losing themselves” because usually, people are seen to be strong when they “keep themselves.”

Like honestly… If Libras and Pisces are considered gullible and weak at that point, I wonder why people complain about being screwed over by them then. It’s almost like people will accuse these two signs for being easily fooled yet they will complain about being fooled by them.

It’s quite weird. Like Libra and Pisces are both associated with Venus… Neptune is a higher octave of Venus. They’re honestly pretty smart because not only can they manipulate, they can also slap a pretty label on it and call it “charm.” Of course, people with Libra and Pisces influence will do this naturally and unintentionally, but like… to manipulate and then make the other party let their guard down? Who would be the gullible person then? 🤔

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I understand what the last comic is going for but I find it very sad that people will always choose who they rub their genitals on over family. You can find lots of different people to love, you can't replace a parent.

I get what you’re saying and ideally, there doesn’t have to be a choice and differences can be resolved (like in this strip), but it’s not always as simple as that. One of the hardest lessons to learn sometimes is just how flawed your parents can be. Usually it’s all just fine and like any good relationship, you love them despite all the times they screwed up and continue to screw up. You have healthy boundaries and respect each other and work through the troubles. But sometimes, there’s a hard realization that a parent is an outright toxic person who actively tries to ruin your happiness. Sometimes, for your own sake, you have to dramatically distance yourself, even to the point of dropping all contact.

In fact, someone submitted their story of just this happening right after you. I’ll paste it here so the name isn’t attached.

… this latest comic really hits home. My own mother acted much the same way, and it even got physical at one point (such that I had to intervene to stop her physically harming my wife, which resulted in my punching my own mother in the face… yeah…).

She tried to make me choose… and I had to make it clear to her that there WAS no choice - I would side with my wife and walk out of my mothers life if she made it come to that.

As bad as that all sounds… thank you. Thank you for illustrating this. It is something people need to know happens.

More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 9

Idea explained here

All the chapters here


JUNE 2019 (19 and 21 years old)

 Friend. Kitchen. Book. Basketball. Biology. Food. Elias. Carrots. Vodka. Block. Flowers. Game. Ice cream. Tea. History. Purple. Question. Valentine. Risk. Swan. Turkey. Back. Love.

Insecurity. Wish. Not enough. Fear. Insecurity. Insecurity. Insecurity. Fear. Not enough. Not enough. Not enough. Not enough. Not enough.






JULY 2019 (19 and 21 years old)

 “You can’t keep being like this, Sana”

“Like what, Elias?”

“Like this” he said pointing at her

Sana was sitting on her unmade bed, still in her pj’s, a bunch of tissues she had tried to hide without success and a book she wasn’t even reading next to her.

“I don’t know what you mean”

“Sana…” he walked over to her and sat on the edge of the bed “It’s been almost two months and you’ve barely left the house. You’re always here, crying, and don’t try to convince me that you’re not crying because I know you. You only go out to go to university, and now you don’t even have classes anymore so you stay the whole day here. I’ve let you deal with it all this time because I knew you needed it but it’s enough Sana. You can’t keep doing this.”

“I’m not doing anything Elias”

“Exactly, you’re doing nothing and that has to stop”

She just shook her head and looked away.

“Look Sana…I don’t want to be that guy but…you broke up with him. You’re the one that broke his heart. You should see the guy. He’s like you or even worse. He doesn’t leave his house, he doesn’t want us to go there, he doesn’t answer our calls. He’s devastated because he doesn’t know what he did wrong, he doesn’t know why you stopped loving him…but seeing you now…I think you still love him and I don’t know why you told him otherwise”

Sana could feel the tears coming to her eyes like every time she thought about Yousef. She closed her eyes trying to hold them back but that wasn’t good choice since every time she closed her eyes her mind would go back to that afternoon, the afternoon she broke Yousef’s heart and hers at the same time. She’d see his face, his red eyes, his messy hair, tears rolling down his face.

“Sana…” Elias whispered placing a hand on her arm

“Go” she said still with her eyes closed

“Sana, please”

“Go” she repeated

He sighed and stood up. As he reached the door he stopped for a moment and looked at her.

“I won’t tell you what you have to do, it’s your choice. But if you’re miserable and he’s miserable then maybe whatever reason you had to break up with him is really not good enough”


‘Not good enough’…just like her

AUGUST 2019 (19 and 21 years old)

 “Have you seen him since…you know?”

“No. He doesn’t come to my house anymore”

“So you don’t know how he’s doing?”

Sana shook her head and shrugged. She had just started her second year of university. In some other time she would’ve been excited about it but right now all she wanted to do was go home and lay on her bed. It didn’t help that Marit insisted on asking her about Yousef.

“I think you should talk to him”

“What? Why would I do that?”

“Because you clearly love him and it’s killing you not being with him”

“I told you. I don’t love him anymore. That’s why I broke up with him”

“Sana, I saw you after you broke up with him, you were depressed the rest of the school year. You haven’t been answering my calls during the whole summer. And now, almost three months after your breakup you’re still miserable. If you didn’t love him, you wouldn’t be like this. I know that’s not why you broke up with him and actually I have a pretty good idea why you did what you did but I’m not going to force you into telling me. But…you really need to talk to someone. I don’t care if it’s your friends, your brother, your parents, Yousef or a random person you meet on the street. You need to talk to someone or you will explode. So please, try to think about someone who makes you feel comfortable enough to talk. Please.”


Someone who makes you feel comfortable enough to talk’

There was someone who once made her feel like she could tell him anything. A person she knew wouldn’t judge her. A person that now was living his own life and didn’t care about her.

But maybe…maybe she could try…maybe it’d feel good to tell someone the truth…maybe…

As she got to her house she grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and she let all her thoughts out.

SEPTEMBER 2019 (19 and 22 years old)

 ‘Happy birthday, Yousef’ ‘Have a great day, Yousef’ ‘I hope you’re well, Yousef’

How? How was he supposed to have a happy birthday? How was he supposed to have a great day? How was he supposed to be well?

People kept commenting on his facebook page, sending him texts, calling him, to wish him a happy birthday. But how was he supposed to enjoy that day when the one person he wanted by his side wasn’t there?

It had been four months. A normal person would’ve been over it already. A normal person would’ve forgotten her already. A normal person wouldn’t still be thinking about her every single day.

Yousef was not a normal person.

Yousef was an idiot in love

Yousef was a stupid boy that had done something to lose the girl he loved.

It was too good to be true anyway. He should’ve seen it coming. He should’ve known that a girl like Sana wouldn’t love him forever. He wasn’t good enough for her and she would realize that eventually. He just hoped it wouldn’t have been that soon.

He had agreed to meet the boys that afternoon. They had spent a week insisting on him going out of his house for his birthday. Elias had practically threatened him with coming to his house and force him to leave. He knew they were worried, he knew they were trying to make him feel better. But the truth was that there was nothing that would make him feel better. Well, there was something, but it wasn’t a something, it was a someone and her name was Sana.

Thinking about her in his way to meet the guys he somehow ended in some other place, a place that didn’t actually had to do with neither Sana nor the guys. It had to do with another person that had been in Yousef’s life for so long. A person he had completely forgotten for a year. A person that was now living a happy life without him, just like everyone else. A person he was starting to miss. A person he suddenly needed.

A person who had apparently written a letter to him.

Yousef didn’t know what he was expecting when he entered the book store but he definitely wasn’t expecting to find a letter from his pen pal. He took his phone out to text the boys that he was running late and then he sat on the floor, hiding behind the shelves and read the letter.


I feel kind of stupid writing this. You probably will never read it. But I need to talk to someone and you’re the only person that came to my mind. I know that I have lots of people to talk to, I do, but for some reason this just felt right.

Remember that guy I told you about? I love him. I didn’t think it was possible to love someone this much. I love him.

And I screwed it up.

We were dating, he was amazing, he is amazing. He’s the best person I know. He respects me. He understands me. And for some reason, he loves me.

But I let my insecurity ruin us.

You remember when I told you I was bullied in middle school? And how I got over that? One would think that nothing like that would ever happen again. That nothing would ever make me feel like I’m not good enough again. But it did. It happened, and in the most stupid way ever.

I started hearing these rumors about me and him. How I was super lucky to have him. How he would get tired of me. And the worst part was that I agreed. I agreed with every single one of them. He’s better than me. I’m not good enough for him. He was going to get tired of me and break up with me.

So what did I do? I broke up with him before he could break up with me.

I know I’m supposed to feel good about it. I’m supposed to feel relieved. But I don’t. I feel awful. I broke his heart. I broke my heart. And what did I get out of it? Nothing. Only pain and suffering.

But what can I do now? It’s not like those thoughts have disappeared. I still believe that I did the right thing but then…why does it hurt so bad?

I’m sorry. I don’t think you’ll ever read this but if you do I’m sure that hearing me complaining about my love life is the last thing you want to do.

I’m leaving this on  21st  August 2019. I’ll come back on the first of September and then on the first of October and I’ll keep coming until I get an answer or I get tired of waiting. Whatever happens first. But please, if you do read this and don’t want to answer, don’t feel pressured about it. I completely understand it.


The fact that he and his anonymous girl had fallen in love with another person and broke up with them at the same time was bitterly funny. If he didn’t know better he would think again that his pen pal was, in fact, Sana.

But he knew that she wasn’t. Ha had been there before. He had spent months thinking that she was his girl only to be crushed when he found out she wasn’t.

Besides, Sana hadn’t broken up with him because she had doubts about them, she had broken up with him because she didn’t love him.

Yousef flinched, remembering those words still hurt like the very first day.

As he got out of the store, letter in hand, ready to go meet his friends his phone beeped. He rolled his eyes before even reading the text, he knew that it’d be some fake facebook friend pretending that they remembered that today was his birthday and that the fact that facebook notified them didn’t have anything to do with it.

Sana Bakkoush: Happy birthday Yousef

He didn’t know a text wishing him a happy birthday could hurt so much. He leaned against the façade of the book store and closed his eyes allowing his mind to go back exactly a year.


In the afternoon he went to Sana’s house. He had spent the morning with his family and he was meeting the boys at night but the afternoon was for Sana. They hadn’t really decided what they were going to do or where they were going to go that day but it didn’t really matter, all he wanted to do was seeing her.

He knocked on the door and a pair of arms around his neck greeted him

“Happy birthday!!!” Sana yelled excited as she hugged him

“Thank you so much!” he said happily hugging her back

“Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? We can go get some ice cream, or we can stay here if you want, we can go take a walk, oh! We can go to the place we went in our first date, or we can…” she was so excited she didn’t notice Yousef raising his eyebrows for a few seconds “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You just seem very excited” he chuckled

“Well I am Yousef!” Sana exclaimed resting her hands on his chest “It’s our first birthday together”

“I thought I was the softie of this relationship” he said with a huge grin on his face

“I can be soft once a year” Sana shrugged

“I love you so much” he said wrapping his arms around her waist

“And I love you” she answered smiling “Promise me we will be together for the rest of our birthdays”

Yousef was taken aback by her petition. Sana didn’t like to talk about her feelings, she never allowed her to look vulnerable or soft, she always had these walls around her no one could see through. But lately, as they spent more time together she would just let him in more and more often.

“I promise” he said kissing her forehead “I promise”


One birthday, her birthday, that’s how long his promise had last. With blurry eyes he typed probably the most painful text he had ever sent.


Yousef Acar: Thanks.

OCTOBER 2019 (19 and 22 years old)


Surprised to see me writing back? What can I say? I guess we’re both really unlucky.

My girlfriend and I broke up too. But I don’t really want to talk about it. I’m not over it yet and I don’t think I’ll ever be over it if I’m being honest…

About you and your ex…

First of all thank you for trusting me, I’m glad that you still comfortable with me to tell me things about your life.


You love this boy and he loves you and you’re choosing not to be with him because you think you’re not good enough? Have you met you? Girl, you’re awesome, I’ve told you this so many times, you’re great, you never ever should let anyone make you feel like you’re not enough because you are, you’re more than enough. I know you’re scared, I know you thought that he was going to break up with you and you know what? Maybe he was, maybe if you hadn’t broken up with him he would’ve broken up with you in a few months. But isn’t it worth the risk? Isn’t a chance to be together worth the risk?

You love him and he loves you and that’s more than I have with my girlfriend…my ex-girlfriend. Don’t throw it away because you’re insecure.

I get it, believe me, I get it and I’m not telling you that you should go back with him right now. I don’t think you should try to get back with him until you overcome your insecurities and that’s something you have to do on your own. But don’t give up on him yet. I know how that feels like and believe me, it’s not nice.

I really hope that everything goes well to you and remember, you’re enough.”


NOVEMBER 2019 (19 and 22 years old)

 “How do you manage to make me feel better about myself every single time? You don’t even know me and you have a way to make me feel worthy, to make me feel loved, liked, cared for.

I’m really sorry to hear about you and your ex, I know you don’t want to talk about it but if you ever change your mind just know that I’m here.

About what you said…I’m really trying to make progress here. I’m trying to understand that I’m enough, that I’m loveable, that I’m likeable. I’m trying to convince myself that I’m worthy of people’s love, of his love. It’s just really difficult, you know? I see all these girls in the street and then I see me. And he could be with any girl he’d want and for some reason he chose me.

I haven’t seen him since we broke up, I haven’t talked to him. I know that he doesn’t have another girlfriend yet (I kind of expected him to) and I know that he’s not going through a good time, just like me. I want him back. I love him. But I’m not ready yet. And now I’m scared that by the time I’m ready, but the time I’ve overcome my insecurity, he won’t be there anymore, he will be over me, he will have forgotten me.

Sometimes I hate my mind and the way it works, you know?”


DECEMBER 2019 (20 and 22 years old)

 “I make you feel better because I tell you the truth, that you’re awesome.

I get that you’re not ready yet. I’m just glad that you’re trying to overcome your fears, that’s something really good. Not only because of a guy, but because you shouldn’t feel bad, you shouldn’t be afraid to love and be loved. So even if you don’t end up together with that guy do it for you, try to understand that you’re a great girl and you’re not less than anyone.

Again, I really hope that everything works out for you.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting another letter when I went to the book store today, I guess this means that we’re back at being pen pals?”


“Thank you for the cake mamma” Sana said smiling

“Wait…is my daughter smiling?” her mom asked widening her eyes “Is my daughter actually smiling?”

“Ha ha”

It was Sana’s birthday, and as always she stayed at home with her parents and her brothers. Her mom had made her favorite dish and now they were all eating cake. It was nice to spend some time with her family. For the past few months she had been isolating herself in her room, only going out for strictly necessary things. She knew that her parents were worried about her. They hadn’t asked her why she had broken up with Yousef, all they knew was that they weren’t together and that it had been her decision.

The past weeks had been a little bit different. She had forced herself to go out of her room for more than just her classes. She had forced herself to talk to her friends about what had happened, she had told the girls and she had told Marit. She hadn’t told the truth to Elias, though, she knew that the moment she told him he would tell Yousef and that’s something Sana wasn’t ready to. Yes, she was making progress, Vilde had convinced her to look at herself in the mirror everyday and say “I’m enough, I’m more than enough” and as silly as it sounds it really was helping her, but she wasn’t ready to get into a relationship yet. She wasn’t ready to ask Yousef if he still loved her. Because, what if he didn’t? What if he had already forgotten her? That was what Sana was most afraid of. The thought that once she got over her insecurity, Yousef wouldn’t love her anymore. Sometimes she would find herself thinking: why bother? Why trying to get better if he probably doesn’t love you anymore? Then the words from her pen pal would come to her mind, ‘do it for yourself, don’t do it for a guy’.

“Seriously Sana, are you feeling a little bit better?” her mom voice made her snap out of her thoughts

“Yes, mamma. I’m feeling better” she said as the doorbell rang

“Then you can go open the door” Elias chuckled

Sana rolled her eyes at him but still stood up, this boys was so lazy.


You know when people say “my heart stopped beating” and we all know that it’s just a way of talking? Well the second Sana opened the door her heart stopped beating for real.

“Yousef?” she whispered

“Hi” he said looking at everywhere but her

“Uh…Elias…he’s…” Sana stuttered, she was definitely not expecting this that day

“I’m here to see you” this time, Yousef look straight at her eyes


“May I come in?”

Sana nodded and stepped aside to let him in.

“Happy birthday”

Thank you”

Sana tried to look at him but she couldn’t hold his gaze more than a few seconds before looking at the floor. None of them were saying anything creating an awkward silence between them. Finally Yousef took a step towards her and revealed the reason of his visit

“I’m here to give you this” he said offering her a little box

“What?” she asked frowning

“It’s a gift, for your birthday”

“Yousef no, I can’t…I don’t…”

“I bought it before…you know…I’ve had it with me for a long time and I can’t give it back. It’s…it’s from Turkey. I asked my family to send it to me for you”


“Please, take it…please” he almost begged

She took the box from him and opened it with trembling hands.

“It’s a Nazar amulet. Tradition says that it protects you from the evil eye, from people’s jealousy. I…I thought you’d like it”

“Protect me from people’s jealousy? Who would be jealous of me?” she almost laughed

“Everyone would be jealous of you Sana, you’re amazing” he said cursing himself right after for being so pathetic

Sana stared at him blinking several times, trying to process his words

“It’s okay if you don’t like it, you can give it to a friend or…I don’t know”

“No, no. I love it Yousef, I do. It’s beautiful” she said closing the box with the blue amulet “Thank you so much”

She took a step closer to him to hug him but he took the step back

“Please don’t” he whispered embarrassed “I…I can’t…”

“I understand” Sana said also taking a step backwards “I’m sorry”

“I better go”

“You can stay if you want, we have carrot cake” she said biting her lip

“I…I should really go”

Sana nodded and he nodded back at her. He turned around and walked to the door but as he was about to open it he shook his head. Before she could realize what was happening, he walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her, accepting the hug she was going to give him earlier. It was as if Sana’s body moved by itself. As soon as she felt Yousef’s arms around her, her own arms held onto his neck almost mechanically, as if they knew it was the right thing. If a few minutes before her heart had stopped beating now it was about to get out her chest. She could also feel his beating faster on his chest. She closed her eyes and inhaled his scent, god she had missed it so much. He hugged her tighter and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“I still love you”

Sana stiffened, moment Yousef took to end the hug.

“I just thought you should know” he said with sad eyes before finally leaving the house.


JANUARY 2020 (20 and 22 years old)

 “Yeah, I guess that this means that we’re back at being pen pals.

I wanted to thank you. Thank you for your advice. Believe it or not I’m getting better, or at least I think I’m getting better. I followed your advice of “doing it for me”. I’ve talked to my friends, I’ve told them the truth. I still haven’t told my ex but I will, once I’m ready I will and if he doesn’t love me by then…well, then I guess I’ll have to live with it. But I want to try. What we had…it was so special and I want it back.

So yeah, as I’ve started to tell myself everyday: I’m enough, I’m more than enough.

Hey I have a wild idea…Would you like to meet?

I’ve thought about it a lot, about how we never got to meet each other. At first it was because we were afraid and then because we had too many feelings. Maybe now that we both know that we’re just friends we should meet. I’d really like to have you in my life, like really have you and not only via letters.

But it’s your call. I’ll completely understand if you don’t want to”


FEBRUARY 2020 (20 and 22 years old)

 “Don’t hate me for this but I don’t think it’s a good idea to meet you right now. Like I told you I’m still not over my ex and I don’t know, it’d feel weird meeting you. I know that we don’t have feelings for each other anymore but still, it wouldn’t feel right.

I promise that we will meet soon but I just…I need more time.

I hope this is okay with you?

Also I’m really happy to hear that you’re feeling better. The whole “I’m enough” mantra is great, I should start to use it too.”


“I’m telling you Elias I’m not going to that party”

“Yousef, man, come on, everyone will be there”

“Exactly, Sana will be there” Yousef said sitting on his bed.

Elias had spent the whole week trying to convince him to go to Chris’ party for Valentine’s Day. So far, he hadn’t succeed

“You don’t know for sure that my sister is going to be there”

“What are you talking about, Elias? Chris is Sana’s friend, of course she’s going to be there”

“Okay, first of all, Chris is not only Sana’s friend anymore. She’s our friend and Mutta’s girlfriend. Second of all you two really need to learn to be in the same room.”

“I can’t face her” Yousef said shaking his head “Not after the last time”

“The last time?”

“On her birthday…I’m sure she told you I went to your house?”

“She said you gave her a gift, yeah”

“Well…I told her I love her. I told her I still love her and she froze, she didn’t say anything, she just stared at me and I ran away before she could tell me off”

“You’re stupid” Elias said as he sat down next to him

“Wow, thanks”

“No…I mean…that day, after seeing you? Sana came back to the living room smiling, she actually spent the rest of the night smiling. Do you know how long had it been since she had smiled?”

“Don’t Elias, don’t get my hopes up”

“I’m not. Look I’m not saying that everything will be fixed between you two. All I’m saying is that after that conversation she was smiling and that lately she’s been happier, at least she’s being going out of her room. Maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with that but maybe it does.” He said shrugging

“I don’t know…”

“Just come to the party and try to talk to her, see how it goes. At least you have to learn to be civil around each other”



‘Try to talk to her, see how it goes’ It was easier to say it than to do it. Why did Elias always manage to convince him to do whatever he wanted to?

He had been in the party for almost 1 hour and up until now he had done a pretty crappy job in trying to talk to Sana, basically because he had been avoiding her. She had been clearly surprised when she saw him. Surprised wasn’t the term Yousef would use to express how he had felt when he saw Sana. More like amazed, in love, shocked by her beauty. She was wearing a light pink hijab he remembered buying it with her, the sun illuminated her face making her look like a true angel. Yousef could swear that he had never met a prettier girl than Sana. And that didn’t help when he was trying to talk to her without seeming stupid.

When Sana sat on the bench, their bench, the bench where they had talked for the past two years in these kind of parties, he took it as a sign, it was now or never.


“Can I join you?”

Sana looked up surprised but nodded. He sat by her leaving a painfully big gap between them

“Nice party…” Yousef said as a way to break the ice

“Yeah…” Sana agreed “It’s such a sunny day considering it’s February”

“Really?” Yousef said chuckling

“What?” she asked confused

“This is what we do now? Talk about the weather?”

This time it was Sana the one who laughed

“We’re kind of ridiculous, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, kind of”

The laughs faded and silence invaded them.

“So, we should talk about what? Our friends?” Sana asked

Yousef looked at her a shrugged, a playful smile on his face

“Hmm okay” Sana said “Who do you want to talk about? The ones making out or the ones dancing?”

“Yeah, I don’t think that what Noora is doing can be called dancing” Yousef said frowning

“Well, not everyone can be pros like you”

“Oh, so you think I’m a pro, huh?” he asked raising his eyebrows

“Yes, but shh, it’s a secret” she said bringing a finger to her mouth

Yousef laughed loudly at her gesture but his amusement was interrupted by Sana’s phone ringing. He didn’t want to be nosy but he couldn’t help but look at the screen. The name “Frans” made him frown but before he could ask her who that was she had already stood up and was walking away from him to start a conversation with that Frans guy, who apparently was really funny from the way she was laughing.

MARCH 2020 (20 and 22 years old)

 “Of course I understand. Don’t worry about it at all. I get what you mean, I really do and like I said I understand. We can meet whenever you are ready, if you’re ever ready.

I’m just glad we reconnect, I missed our letters and you’ve really helped me these past few months. I’m feeling a lot better with myself

How are things with you?”


He had to do something. After his talk with Sana on Valentine’s Day he had realized that things were far from over between the two of them, or at least, that’s what he wanted to think. Sana had seemed really comfortable around him, for a few seconds it felt like they were still together. He had to hold onto that hope. He couldn’t just give up.

That’s why he was waiting outside Sana’s university right now. He wanted to surprise her. He would ask her if she wanted to have a coffee with him, just as friends, and maybe, just maybe, they could talk about them.

He saw her as soon as she got out of the building. She looked beautiful, as always. She hadn’t seen him yet so he started to make his way towards her but stopped as he saw that someone, a guy, approached her.

Sana greeted the boy with a smile and kiss on the cheek. Okay, so far nothing too strange, Sana greeted her friends like that. There’s nothing to worry about. Well, maybe he should be worried about the guy taking a little box out of his pocket and showing whatever was inside to her. Maybe he should be worried about Sana covering her mouth with her hands in shock and smiling widely at him. Maybe he should be worried about Sana nodding excited just before the guy slid a ring on her finger. Maybe he should be worried about the fact that he had been holding his breath for the past minute. Maybe he should be worried about his hands closing into fists ready to hit someone. Maybe he should be worried about the fact that he had just lost the love of his life in front of his eyes.

APRIL 2020 (20 and 22 years old)

 Do you still want to meet? Please say you do.

I want to see you. Everything is over between my ex and me and now more than ever I want to see you.

I’ll wait for your answer on the 1st of May. But what about meeting on the 2nd of May, Saturday in the book store where we leave the letters.

I’ll understand if you don’t want to meet but I really hope you do.”


MAY 2020 (20 and 22 years old)

“Yeah, of course I want to meet. But are you sure?

I’m glad you changed your mind but I don’t want to meet you if you’re not sure about it.

I’ll be there tomorrow, though. Just think about it”


She looked at the clock, 4pm, she still had two more hours before her meeting with her pen pal.

Her meeting with her pen pal. She still couldn’t believe it. After years of letters she was finally going to meet him. How would he be? Would he be like she had imagined? Not that she had actually imagined him that much. Would they still be friends after meeting each other? She was getting more and more exciting.

She was about to play some music on her phone when it rang. She smiled when she saw that it was Marit, she was kind of waiting for that call.



“God Marit stop yelling!” Sana said pulling the phone away from her ear

“Sana you can’t believe what just happened!!!!!!!!!”

“I think I may…”


“Just tell me already!” Sana laughed

“He proposed Sana!! He asked me to marry him!”

“I knooooooooow!!!” Sana said excited “I’m so happy for you two Marit!!”

“Wait what? You knew?”

“Well…he may…or may have not called me to tell me about it a few months ago”

“Oh my god I can’t believe you knew and you didn’t tell me”

“Are you kidding? He made me promise I wouldn’t tell, besides it’d ruin the surprise”

“Okay…fine…I’ll forgive you” Marit said “Oh Sana you have to see the ring, it’s gorgeous!!”

“Yeah…that I know too”


“He may or may have not showed me the ring when he bought it. He’s had it for a long time, he was just waiting till your birthday to ask you. I even tried it on and yes it was so beautiful!”

“But when? How?” Marit asked confused

“Oh remember that day you were sick and couldn’t come to university? He was waiting for me when the classes ended and he showed it to me. He asked me if I wanted to try it on because well your hands and mine are more or less the same. I have to say that it fitted really good”

“You two snakes keeping the secret for me”

Sana couldn’t help but laugh. She was so happy for her friend. When she met Marit she was the kind of girl that hooked up with a different boy every weekend. And there wasn’t anything bad about that. But ever since she had met Frans she had changed. She was so in love with him and well, now they were engaged and Sana couldn’t be happier for them.

“I’m sorry!” Sana said

“It’s fine. Ah, I can’t believe that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him. It’s just so nice to know that he’s the one, you know? Like why bother with any other guy when you know who’s the one for you? And Frans is the one for me”

“Yeah…he really is” Sana said “Listen I have to go now but I’ll see you tomorrow okay? I promise I’ll act surprise when I see the ring”

“Ha ha…okay fine! I’ll see you tomorrow Sana!”


She hanged up the phone and sigh, all these months keeping the secret and it was finally out. She felt so happy for them but there was no denying that a part of her was kind of jealous. It all seemed so easy for them.

With that thought in mind Sana went to her wardrobe ready to pick up the outfit she was going to wear to her meeting with her letter boy.


Well this is it!!

No, there’s nothing missing ,this is the end of the chapter


Next chapter will be the last one!!

Thank you so much to all of you for reading it and I really really hope you’ve liked it♥

Aslo special thanks to @stressedoutteenager for helping me with Yousef’s gift and for her moral support, I really needed it!

the signs as people i’ve met part II

- crybaby cry
- sexually very frustrated till the grave
- you talk constantly so ppl won’t notice when you actually say something important
- your music taste is surprising, not at all what people would expect of you
- you have a wicked way of convincing people to do the dumbest shit

- less deep and more ordinary than you set yourself out to be
- you can’t stop getting more pets in the house
- you cheat at board games 
- your house has one of the best yards ever, everybody loves it there
- chill on the outside, on fire on the inside

- lmao (laughing my anxiety off)
- god forbid you admit you’re wrong
- you express your emotions in a thousand different ways but none of them are really working out for you
- you can actually do math and taxes
- you have an incomprehensible amount of sneakers

- k-pop fan (don’t fight it)
- you definitely should pick up your damn phone more often
- you’re a fast walker
- your friends feel like they know your family just by the funny stories you tell them, even if they’ve never met each other
- you like to have dinner and dessert at the same time on the same plate

- sometimes you feel inevitably lonely and dependable
- you collect whatever you are passionate about or whatever makes your room look good
- you daydream about being taken certain places
- you always take pics of yourself hugging your cat
- you go overboard on emojis

- big time stalker yet all your crushes suck
- you have a hard time looking people in the eye and prefer to stare intensely when they’re looking away
- you have strong goth tendencies
- you can’t stand having ppl mad at you, even when u screw up big time
- you will remain to be as entertained watching the same movie for the 17th time as you were in the 1st

- you make it seem like your biggest achievement is nothing so ppl can hover over you
- you love fruit, you bring them everywhere
- your cellphone password is 0000
- you push people to talk more just to see how far they can go, often regretting what you get
- you feel the need to make friends everywhere you go

- you say you’re not gonna study for a test but let’s be honest u can study for hours and always try really hard
- you do many other things when you’re driving such as cursing people on the streets and other fellow drivers behind their backs
- you get very mad when people ignore you
- you mean what you say and say what you mean
- everybody comes to you for advice. no wonder

- you accumulate loads and loads of shit bc you think you’ll need it / miss it later
- you will scream at strangers if necessary
- you crave the aux cord. a carefully made playlist also works
- you do things unintendedly and then pretend as if it was part of the plan all along
- you feel really, really sad before you fall asleep

- you are able to scare people off, for better or worst
- you’re quick to acknowledge when you’re wrong and apologize
- you’re sassy AF, especially when drunk
- your mind runs in all caps
- you genuinely do watch the 8 minute youtube video your friend just sent you

- legit like when people throw shade at you, it makes you feel important somehow
- a lover of soft things
- wherever there’s weed there you are
- you can never get enough of bath bombs
- you enjoy a good outdoor hike

- you can go so quick from loving all your clothes to madly hating them in a second, back and forth
- reality for you is what you make of it
- you need to be told and told again
- you are more avaliable on text than irl
- all you need out of life is a hot shower and willpower


I guess I gotta get this out of the way, so happy birthday, asshole. I hope you’ve finished rotting and settled into some comfortable void of existence. I hope you figured it all out by now, sorted out all that manic god-complex shit or whatever. I’m glad you’re not around to see the world like it is. I’m sure you would’ve been pleased with the steady crumbling of humanity. I’m glad you died when you did. Not really with the events leading up to it, but since you died then, you couldn’t go on to reign terror on all of the central United States. If you weren’t so bright, I’m sure you would’ve bottomed out and landed somewhere dark and dirty and dead after awhile, driving slowburn, aching terror into everyone around you.

I guess this analysis of you isn’t fair; I never knew you. No one did. We like to think we did. You’re kind of a legend around here; an iconic being frozen youthful and damned in the snapshot of America. I’m sure you would’ve gloated in all the attention you’re still getting, nearly twenty years after the dust settled.

I’m grappling with two polarizing views of you. I’m clutching them both and trying to be okay with it. On one hand, you were a cold-blooded bastard son, a murderer more profound on several levels. You were a ruthless, psychotic being with empty eyes and a soul ripped to shreds. You were worthy of nothing less than eternal damnation.

On the other, I know you were a child, a teenager, a son. A friend, student, a warm supporter. People loved you, you had people you loved. You were a person. I hate knowing that. It’s so easy to just screw our eyes shut tight and chant over and over again that you were a monster, that you couldn’t be worth any affection, that you couldn’t possibly process it or show that to anyone else.Go to hell, go to hell, go to hell. We don’t let each other humanize you, as if you weren’t a human at all.

I still don’t know which perspective is right. I still don’t know which one I want to believe more.

You killed people, but you killed yourself the same way. There’s a very fine line between your mental illness and your actions and how far it can justify it all. All of us are still trying to figure you out. We won’t ever fully understand you.

I don’t know how the idea of something so unimaginable and hellish could reside in a human heart, capable of charity and honesty and love and tenderness. It shouldn’t seem possible.

In the end, Eric, I’m curious. You left the world with so much mystery in shards of glass and bullet holes. I wonder if you’ve grown at all after being dead. I wonder if by now you could’ve peeled off that toxic, malicious persona and healed. It’s been eighteen years since you last laid your eyes on us, but we haven’t stopped staring into you. I hope by rotting you learned your goddamned lesson.

I don’t think dead guys get birthday wishes. So I wish, on your behalf, that your soul somewhere has matured and understood the impact you’ve made on the world. In the end, I guess you got what you wanted. No one will ever forget you.

6k of you? Seriously?!

So, you guys did it! Today I reached 6k, three days before my one year on Tumblr. You guys are fucking incredible. I DO NOT deserve you at all.

So, to celebrate one year on tumblr AND more than 6k of you following, you crazy loons… I’m going to do 30 days of Jensen and Dean Drabbles/Blurbs/One Shots.

So here are them rules…

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Ok so i basically wasted like about 2 hrs drawing shit for some of my absolute fave fics. Totally recommend these stories! 

[ ↡ A link to their blogs and the story is down below ↡ // please tell me if you’d like me to take off the link to your story and I will gladly do so]

@inktae : Blue Orchids {jjk} ↠  

so like everyone HAS to read this fic at least one time because it’s such a beautiful story. Mari is an amazing writer and I say to read all she’s written! SHE HAS OFFICIALLY MASTERED WRITING ANGST + FLUFF AND ITS EXQUISITE!! 

@seokvie : Human Error {jjk} ↠  

BITCHHH THIS FIC IS SO FUCKING GOOD!!! I read Human Error and I was overwhelmed by feels aka crying at 2 in the morning, wiping snot off my face :’) (also If y'all like smut, this gal will screw you over with her smuts ;) ) 

@pantaemonium : Pretty Bird {myg} ↠

fuck me up this story :’). My gosh this story is so amazing if you love Min Yoongi + angst. Got me cryin’ a river and shit T^T. Please read it and her other works; they’re 👌🏻

@jungblue : The Purge {jhs}  ↠

 my babe got a freaking talented writer to write an awesome story based off The Purge. Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE her works. This fic is totally worth your time! Go support her!!!

INFJ Confession #3045

It’s so important to set boundaries for types like us who naturally want to give our souls up to the people we love. Without boundaries, even the most well meaning friend or partner will take you for granted at some point in the relationship. I just got screwed over again because I didn’t do this from the beginning. I’m learning that you don’t owe anyone anything, and that some pieces of yourself belong to no one else but you. It’s not selfishness, it’s self worth.

Teenage Dream (Hongbin smut)

Originally posted by at-taekwoons-mercy

Genre: smut / fluff

Length: 4.4k

Pairing: Lee Hongbin + you 

Summary: You and Hongbin are secretly dating and you have him over at your house to help ‘tutor’ him. When your parents leave however, things get heated.

Hiii sorry it took me about 2 ½ weeks to update !!! I thought it’d take me less than a week but it took A LOT longer. It takes me so long to write I’m sorry. The next one will be up by the 13th hopefully <3

I’m sorry if there is any typos or parts that don’t make sense since I didn’t proof read, but please let me know if there’s any problems and I’ll edit it.


“…And so you divide the original amount over the new amount which will give you the answer to part a-”

You glance up to see if Hongbin is paying attention to you explanation. You weren’t surprised when you saw he wasn’t, but it was still infuriating. Sighing when you saw he still hadn’t even picked up his pen, you began to scold him. You were stopped by the sight of him staring at you dreamily as he rested his head in his hands. You must admit you loved the attention from him, but not when you were trying to tutor him for your maths exam; and certainly not when your parents were around.

You had informed your parents that your teacher requested that you tutor Hongbin to help him since he was falling behind in maths. This however, was untrue. The reason why Hongbin came round once a week (and sometimes more), was in fact because he was your secret boyfriend and you wanted to spend more time with him. However, your parents were quite strict on you and if you went out they always demanded to know where you were going. It was almost impossible to go out to see Hongbin as they only time you were really aloud to go out was to the library to study. Since you kept your relationship a secret from your friends from school too (aside from a selected few people), it’s not like you could do couple things at school either. Ultimately you were stuck with these ‘tutoring sessions’, where you would both silently flirt with each other and exchange loving glances. Your father had made it clear he didn’t want you to have a boyfriend until you had graduated in case it effected your career and your mother agreed to a certain extent; so they made it their mission to check up on you two regularly to witness that the only thing you were doing was indeed studying. To be honest, you really did want to help Hongbin with his maths exam, but it was hard to when the only thing he did was stare at you all the time.

“Hongbin what are you doing?” You hissed at him through your teeth, “You’re supposed to be listening to me and taking notes!”

“But babeee,” he whined.

You gave him a stern look, which slightly wavered when you saw the look he was giving you. “Don’t call me babe when my parents are here, they might hear you. Besides you should be working.”

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Bates Motel sentence starters
  • “I’m pretty sure the last time we spoke, you told me to ‘drop dead, bitch.’ Sorry I took it personally.”
  • “You don’t get it, do you? She’s ruined you.”
  • “She’s not a bad person, she’s just not perfect!”
  • “I’m just saying that there are different ways to produce an economy.”
  • “This is all a little peculiar.”
  • “Can I give you some advice? You gotta cut that shit out.”
  • “You had every right to defend yourself.”
  • “I didn’t defend myself! I killed the crap out of him!”
  • “You don’t just walk away from your parents.”
  • “Once you get past the blood and guts of it all, it’s really quite beautiful work.”
  • “Are you trying to say that you have something on me? Is that it?”
  • “I’m pretty used to things not turning out the way I expect and making the best of it.”
  • “I want someone to know the truth about me in this world, and I’d like that to be you, if you’re okay with that.”
  • “You’re the person that I’m closest to in this world.”
  • “You’re a dick!”
  • “There are ax murderers and whores stuffed under every rug.”
  • “Life’s a cesspool you claw and scratch and fight to swim out of, but you never get to the top!”
  • “You do errands for your mom. Well, aren’t you a dying breed?”
  • “He’s a lame-ass poser. Thinks he’s a character out of Scarface.”
  • “Such a pretty little kid. Such a trusting girl, and I couldn’t protect her.”
  • “Oh yeah. You’re that guy with the God complex.”
  • “You think you know what life is, that it’s something you just stay on top of with your soft words and your nice summer jacket?”
  • “You sit there in your little playhouses with your cocktails, and you judge the rest of us.”
  • “How can you ask me to live with this?”
  • “I will die if you leave.”
  • “Don’t you ever get tired of being so stoic?”
  • “God, you’re contrary.”
  • “Trust me, you can only do that for so long before you start sounding like Scrooge McDuck.”
  • “You know that’s the only memory I have of her where she sounded happy?”
  • “Once you start touching somebody’s body, the rest of it just kind of melts away.”
  • “It’s so funny how people leave their things. There’s such an energy in it, like the person’s still present somehow in the animation.”
  • “I’m not sure I’d refer to it using the term ‘magical.’”
  • “People who have had crappy upbringings can sense it in other people.”
  • “I see a kindness and a sensitivity in your face, and also hurt.”
  • “If someone’s always looking at you like you’ve done something wrong, talking to you like you’ve done something wrong, treating you like you’ve done something wrong, I mean, you start to believe that you’ve done something wrong!”
  • “Chaos seems to swirl around you, and I’m not sure why.”
  • “I’m not lying. I’m not revealing the whole truth.”
  • “She the one who won’t talk to me. She’s the one being irrational.”
  • “We were so close, her and me. We were all we had.”
  • “She was my whole world, my whole life.”
  • “I mean, I loved her. You can’t help who you love.”
  • “Parents do not have needs.”
  • “We all whitewash our parents’ sins, because on some level, because we have to.”
  • “I miss how close we used to be.”
  • “How dare you come into my house and say such an ugly thing to me.”
  • “Screw off, shit head!”
  • “Why do crazy people keep gravitating towards me?”
  • “Sometimes you hear and see things that aren’t there.”
  • “I came here to start over. We are starting over!”
  • “I’m just trying to help you, kiddo.”
  • “We have to be together. We’re supposed to be together.”
  • “Do you feel bad after?”
  • “It wasn’t anything more than what it looked like.”
  • “I love you more than my own life.”
  • “I don’t ever want to live in a world without you.”
What's wrong with PLL Masterlist--- this will be long

includes spoilers from tonight’s episode 5/9

1. okay so for starters let’s just talk about the ships.
so we’re really going to pretend like it’s okay for spoby to only date because yvonne died, emison to only date because allison was impregnated against her will with emily’s eggs (dafuq even is that i swear i thought that was a joke theory people made up), and ezria is really going to get married when his “dead” fiancé literally just returned after having been kidnapped for two years. okay can we just think about that for a second. these poor side characters. i know there’s a lot of hate on paige and yvonne and probably nicole too but do they really deserve all of this? do even the main characters even deserve all of this? i mean kidnapped for 2 years. that is intense

2. okay im kind of sort of all for charlotte and lucas having been friends because connections but not really because allison was a b-tch and she would call lucas hermie… can’t we assume charlotte knew about that… and yet she was still obsessed with allison???? why? idk maybe that’s just me.

3. i was probably one of the biggest contenders for the aria being evil plot line because let’s be real she’s got nothing else going for her. (sorry ezra) but you’re trying to tell me that she’s going to just turn evil???????? just cuz she doesn’t want to be on the “losing team?” and now poor hanna has to face the consequences. hasn’t aria already done enough to hanna?
— to be clear i’m talking about when ali came back and hanna went through this like intense hard time because ali was the worst to hanna like caused hanna psychological issues and aria knew about this and everybody knew about this but instead of talking to her about why she was drinking and acting out, aria got mad at her when her mom’s fiancé was super ultra inappropriate with hanna.—
anyways back to the point, if arias going to be evil, why can’t she have been evil from the start? it makes no sense for her to turn on her friends now when they’re supposed to be loyal best friends.

4. oh and what bs was that? sydneys on the A team because it’s nice being on the winning team my butthole. sydney wasn’t on the losing team! sydney wasn’t even on a team??? like A wasn’t going after her, the girls weren’t going after her, she’s the one who brought herself into the game. don’t give me this bs. also just why are all of these irrelevant people coming back… and onto my next point

5. Pastor Ted??? really? you HAD to go there? i don’t even understand what happened in that entire scene. he’s charlottes dad? i don’t even know. i mean i love ted but he’s not supposed to be involved. again with unnecessary involvement of irrelevant characters.

6. oh yeah and i just have to throw this out there- ezria is f-cked up! like i can’t begin to describe it. first of all- student teacher relationships are gross, but even if u get passed that- the stalking? like sorry guys, season 4 happened and ezra was like super dangerous and now aria just acts like it didn’t happen. not only did he stalk the girls and purposely hook up with aria when she’s underage, but then when spencer found out, he snuck into her reports and inappropriately handled the situation by telling aria? he’s a teacher! if he finds that out tell her parents!!! whatever ezra is scum and people need to face it.

7. onto another character that i don’t understand why people like… Allison dilaurentis!!! ok, emison shippers, hold on. hear me out. if it helps, i hate all of emily’s other love interests too- except maya because maya was sent from heaven above. but you mean to tell me that allison dilaurentis would “help” hanna marin puke, constantly tell her to watch her weight or stop eating or whatever, lead emily on like a puppet, threaten aria and her family, bully lucas, bully mona, bully jenna, bully everybody in the school… and people think she has redeeming qualities? ok and that’s not it. bc i know what you’re thinking- “oh but her character developed soooo much!” don’t even give me that. her character didn’t develop. her character went from being the worst to magically being good. except even now that she’s good, she’s never once apologized to anybody. in fact she’s still a b-tch to paige. she never even mentions that she gave hanna an eating disorder. oh and then in this season when she says addison is worse than her just bc addison looks at her phone while talking to teacher? please tell me nobody believed that crap. i mean seriously please tell me that, because allison was 100x worse.
also ik some people will disagree that she led emily on but i mean what else would i call it’s she clearly knew emily loved her and then “just for practice.” even if it wasn’t just for practice, saying that screwed emily up and we know it. and now allison claims territory over emily like a dog anytime paige is near. when paige is gone, allison couldn’t care less what emily does

8. so many plot holes i don’t have time for that

9. sorry but again, they REALLY went with the storyline of allison being impregnated with emily’s eggs. no. N.O.

10. mona deserves better. mona deserves better. mona deserves better. MONA DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER SAY IT WITH ME PLEASE!

11. but where are the actually relevant characters… melissa, wren, jason, idk there’s definitely way more but i’m done rn

I mean we all know there’s so much more but this was really just inspired by tonight’s episode specifically because my mind was blown by all of it and that they really went there over and hover again. sorry if people love ezria or emison and i offended u. i don’t exactly have something against the ships it’s just that when u really think about it, it’s pretty messed up. but sorry this is long, i guess i had a lot more on my mind than i thought.



When Gavin first met Michael, he was intrigued.  Of course he was.  Who wouldn’t be?  That reputation, and all– Mogar, the famous embodiment of rage himself, somehow coaxed into loyalty to Ramsey and the Fakes.  The tirades, the hair-trigger bomb-dropping reflexes (both literal and figurative)– there they all were, capped in auburn curls and slouching against the wall on the day Gavin finally showed up in Geoff’s living room.

Who wouldn’t be interested in that?  

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anonymous asked:

Scenario please! Ravali has always made it a habit to braid his future s/o's hair (they are Hylian). One day, he adds his feathers to the braids and they are unaware that wearing them means the two are dating. Cue to them being confused when the other Rito in the village start congratulating them and asking how they got together. Revali is smug as ever but is also nervous because this is his way of confessing. I love your writing, it's amazing. And thank you for making it easy to read on mobile!

This is adorable, I love it!!

And it’s no problem at all! I hate when people get screwed over just because they’re on mobile. And thank you so much for the compliment aaaaaaaa–

This is super long and I’m not sorry because I love Revali so much??? I was honestly slayed when I saw him if I’m being honest.

The wind seemed to tear into the village in the light of the coming afternoon, turning simple errands into an annoying chore for the Rito.

Honestly, Revali could care less. Everything he needed to do was already done.

Well… Except for one thing.

But he couldn’t do that right now, because they still weren’t here, and they’re gonna be late.

Besides, the time wasn’t right yet.

Revali huffed, pacing around his little circular house as he fixed minor things that seemed to bother him, and deciding that his bed looked a bit wrong, he went to fix it.

He felt his throat go dry when he saw the perfect bouquet of blue feathers-his own feathers-lying there as if someone placed them under the blanket.

The time was right.

Revali swore under his breath in panic and hid the feathers right by the bed, feeling that they would be here soon, and he doesn’t know if they know about his people’s traditions or not.

The non-obscure ones anyway. None of the Rito talk about it.

 Turning, he made his way out of the village to wait for them, the wind decidedly unsupportive of his trek down, blowing straight at his face.

The bridge to the stable was as far as he needed to go to find them, and he immediately stalked over.

“There you are. You’re late.”

They turned to him with a jump, surprised by his sudden appearance.

“Revali? Jeez, you scared the hell out of me-wait. L-late?” they tilted their head, “What do you mean? We didn’t state a time for me to be over, did we?”

“Just come on. Look at you, your hair is an absolute mess. Why do you always come here with your hair all messy? Ugh, I have to braid it again, don’t I? Of course I do. You can’t resist the best, can’t you?” Revali snatches hold of their hand and tugs them to his side, leading them to the village, “Honestly, you could at least try to make it easy.”

They’re chuckling slightly, knowing the routine by now. They’ve admitted before that its their favorite thing to do with him, just relax while he braids their hair, acting all annoyed, but his attention to detail gave him away. He loves it just as much.

Once the two are in his little house, he sits them on the bed and straightens out their hair, expertly freeing the knots painlessly as he brushes through their hair. Their locks fall to his strokes perfectly, as if they knew what he was doing and knew exactly where to go.

Revali watches as their shoulders relax as they go along, comforted by his touch as he separates the locks of their smooth hair into three parts, and he lets his mind slip away into the normal routine, making small, grumbling remarks on the way.

It’s a good while before he nears the end of the session, and his heart is racing as he reaches for the last feathers he had, examining his work all the while. The feathers are incorporated expertly into the braid, noticeable and honestly quite intimidating. They clearly didn’t feel him adding something extra, as there was no question from them.

The last feathers were tied in with the end of the braid, and he makes sure that they’ll never fall out.

“There. Perfect as always.” Revali smirks as they finally move, stretching.

“Thanks, Revali..” they turn to him and smile, making his heart jump.

“Yeah. Sure. Now, everyone has to see how good I am at braiding. Come on.” he grins, and tugs them outside.

The winds have stopped, he noted, which was good, and now the Rito were all out and about.

It’s when they pass a group of little girls does the terrifying part start.

They’re staring at his crush’s hair, looking amazed, then the giggling begins. One of the girls gets up and runs over to them, tugging politely at his crush’s sleeve.

“C-congratulations, both of you! I’m glad it worked out.” the girl says, smiling, and they look confused.


Revali smirks again, but feels himself shudder at the feeling of being caught.

“Thank you, little one.”

The Rito girl giggles and goes back to her circle of friends, letting the two continue on.

“I wonder what that was all about..” he hears his, well, technically lover, mumble to no one in particular.

Revali doesn’t make a comment, and the both of them pass a couple of his friends.

“Whoa, what? No way! Revali, nice job!!”

Revali turns back to them and grins.

“Why thank you. I am the best, after all.”

“What-Revali, what is going on?” their voice is laced with confusion, “Am I missing something, here?”

“Not at all, but if I had to say something, you’re missing me.”

At their stumped look, he chuckles and says nothing more, but his heart is racing.

Just get up to the landing, he thinks,Get up to the landing, and you’ll say it there.

As they go on, they hear multiple “aww”s and “how cute”s, and another set of congratulations. He is beyond terrified by the time the two nears the landing, and his “lover” is just as confused.

Just as they’re about to make it onto the landing, they are met with a female Rito, the bard’s wife, Revali notes, and gives her grin in greeting.

“Oh!” she notices the feathers immediately and smiles, “Congratulations you two! If I might ask, how did you get together?”

“Wait, what? Together?” time seems to have frozen as Revali sees his crush look at him in questioning, and he sighs.

“Look-one moment please, ma’am-I have to talk to you.” he says, dragging them onto the landing, sighing once he reaches the top, “When I was braiding your hair, I put in some of my feathers in it, and, well, it kinda means you and I are dating in Rito culture.”

They blink at him, surprised by the stream of words that spilled out of him, and everything clicks together in their mind.

“So, you basically claimed me as yours?”

“Well, the best can’t have anything less than the best!” he grins, although there’s a nervous twitch that accompanies it.

Its then that the blush crosses their face, and he knows without words that he’s won.

“W-well, I’m flattered you think so. I suppose… no, I know I’ve got the best Rito as my partner.”

Revali felt as if his mind had detached from his body, as if this was just a dream, a silly one, for sure, but from the look of their eyes on his and their hands intertwining with his own, he knows with joy it isn’t.

The sound of an accordion snaps him right out of the scene, and the couple’s heads turn to the bard and his wife, who is giggling, and Revali flushes once he recognizes the song being played.

As soon as she’s supposed to, the bard’s wife begins singing her part, smiling at the flustered Rito-and-Hylian couple.

By the time they’re done, they’ve gathered the entire village in a crowd, and Revali’s back to his old smug act, with his s/o laughing along with it.

Who said you only get one love? Why do you only get one person, one chance at real happiness? Screw that. You will get over them. You will move on. You will fall in love again. You will find someone who makes you just as happy as they did, maybe even happier, maybe in a little bit of a different way. But your heart will feel like a balloon someone accidentally let go of, and your hands will shake the first time they kiss you, and you’ll cry the first time they say they love you, and it won’t matter how many other first kisses you’ve had, or how many other people you loved, or how many people you’ll love after them, because you’ll love them, at that moment, and that’s what’s important.
—  EMJ // A Million Ones