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“People forgive Bellamy and Clarke but not Octagon because they are their fav and they are biaseddd” wow sorry Betty if I love characters who, despite their struggles and mistakes, try to do better and still have compassion and actually KNOW they screwed up and acknowledge it. *shrugs*

I get really emotional when I think about all the damn stereotypes Magnus Bane is out here breaking tho. 

Like men shouldn’t wear makeup or be fashionable? Nah, fuck gender stereotypes! Magnus rocks that eyeliner, that eyeshadow, and that sexy ass goatee, and he’s the best dressed character on the show. 

Or men shouldn’t cry or be nurturing and soft? Nope, Magnus cries when he’s hurting and has openly talked about his struggles with depression that nearly led him to take his own life in the past. And he’s adopted a bunch of downworlders that he’s nurtured and cared for throughout his long lifetime. 

Or how about that old, outdated argument that claims men can’t be abused by women? Screw that, Camille Belcourt was an emotionally abusive woman who broke Magnus with her manipulation and mind games, and it took him centuries to finally overcome the hold she had on him.

Or that stereotype about bisexuality being “just a phase” for indecisive and promiscuous people. Hell to the no, son! Magnus Bane is over 300 years old and he has not changed his mind about his sexual identity. He’s openly attracted to all genders but the thing he wants most in the world is to be with someone he can share his love with for life. Because he’s a “one soul at a time kinda guy.”

And let’s not forget how Asian men are often desexualized or made into meek, submissive characters in media. But, no sir, not Magnus freakin Bane! He’s out here dancing and practicing magical tai chi shirtless, showing off his beautiful bod and being the most attractive and desirable man alive. He’s also extremely intimidating and commands respect and attention whenever he enters a room; he’s truly the definition of Alpha Male™.

This goes without saying but we are truly blessed to have a bisexual Asian character like Magnus Bane. He is so so so important, and don’t you ever forget it. 

Two Gay Weddings

on the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

“Nice decorations.”


“I like the, um- what’s that thing you call hanging from the walls again?”

Draco laughed. “Garland, Potter. I must have told you that a million times.”

“Sorry.” Harry chuckled uncomfortably and adjusted his tie. “I guess I’m just nervous. I’ve never been in a wedding party before.”

“You don’t say. I never would have guessed.” Draco glanced at Harry out of the corner of his eye and smirked when he saw Harry’s stricken expression. “You’ll be fine, Potter.”

“No I won’t be. Ginny should’ve never picked me to be her best man.”

“And Luna should’ve never picked me to be hers.” Draco sighed. “Lord knows all I’ll do is take the attention away from her with my amazing good looks.”

Harry snorted. “Yeah, right.”

“Well, my turn to walk down the aisle.” Draco left his place beside Harry to take the arm of Luna’s maid of honor, Freya Butler, a magizoologist who Luna worked with.

“Good luck,” Harry said, still looking like a frightened little lamb.

“Thanks. And, Potter, I promise you that you’ll be the best best man Ginny could’ve hoped for,” Draco said before disappearing through the doors leading to the sanctuary.

“Did I walk alright?” Potter asked Draco as soon as the two of them sat down at their table for the reception.

“You glided like an angel, I assure you. It hardly matters anyway since everybody was too busy being awed by my perfectly styled hair to notice the way you walked down the aisle.”

Harry laughed. “Oh, of course. And what about during my speech? Will all eyes be on you during that as well?”
“Obviously not all eyes, Potter. Probably about half.”

Harry quirked a smile and took a sip of champagne. “How come you’re not nervous at all?” he asked Draco.

“Years of practice.” Draco smiled at Harry, but the words came out weary.

“More or less years than it takes to make your hair look like that?” Harry teased, raising his eyes pointedly to Draco’s hair.

Draco laughed. “Actually about the same number of years.”


“Fuck. I don’t think I can do this,” Harry murmured as Hermione was finishing up her speech.

“What do you mean?” Draco asked.

“My speech is next. It’s not as good as Hermione’s. It’s not really good at all. Fuck, I’m going to ruin this wedding.”

Draco put a hand on Harry’s knee. “Don’t say that. You’re not going to ruin anything. You’re going to be great, just like you always are. And if you don’t like your speech, then screw it. Just speak from your heart. Luna and Ginny will love it, no matter what you say.”

People began clapping around them, but the two men just stared into each other’s eyes.

“Okay,” Harry said at last, and he stood up.

The wedding guests went quiet again and looked expectantly at Harry. He took a deep breath.

“I’m glad that’s over,” Harry said to Draco once all the speeches were over. “Do you think I did okay?”

Draco rolled his eyes and smiled. “Everyone was crying by the end of your speech, Potter. So yes, I think you did okay.”

“Oh. I didn’t know if the crying was good or bad.”

Draco smiled for a second more before his expression turned pensive. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, anything.”

“You’re a Gryffindor. You’re like the most Gryffindor-y Gryffindor I’ve ever met, but you were still scared of messing up today. Why?”

Harry frowned. “I’m not immune to nerves, you know.”

“I know, I know, but it just seemed off.” A beat of silence, then Draco added, “Whatever. I guess it’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing,” Harry said. Draco raised his eyebrows. “I was nervous because I kept thinking that this was going to be my first and only time being in a wedding. And I had to do everything perfectly because I won’t ever do it again.”
“What about your own wedding?”

Harry sighed. “I’m Harry Potter. Everyone I meet is going to have expectations for me. They’ll think I’m a savior or a misunderstood lost soul or some shit like that. I don’t want that.”

“Well aren’t we two peas in a pod? I’m the infamous Draco Malfoy, former Death Eater. Everyone I meet expects me to be a brooding and mysterious Dark Arts master, but all I really am is a-”

“Self-absorbed git. Yeah, I know.”

Draco smiled and finished the last of the champagne. “We should probably just marry each other, eh?”

“Nice decorations.”


“What do you call those things on the wall again?”

“Honestly, Potter, this is the last time I’m reminding you. Garland.”


“What is it?”

“No not you, me. I’m Malfoy now too. You keep forgetting.”
Draco blushed, smiled, and looked down at his and Harry’s wedding bands on their fingers.

“Sorry, Mr. Malfoy. I guess it hasn’t sunk in yet.”

“What do you mean it hasn’t sunk in yet? We’ve been married for at least three hours.”

“Hey, I’m not as bad as you are, Mr. ‘What are those things on the wall?’”

“There it is again, you using the wrong last name. What has gotten into you?”
“Nothing has gotten into me, and if you don’t stop bugging me, you’re not getting into me tonight either.”

“If you can’t remember my last name then I’m not sure I want to.”

“I do know your last name. It’s Malfoy. Malfoy. Malfoy. Malfoy. Malfoy. Malfoy. Malfoy. Malfoy,” Draco went on and on until Harry laughed and eventually had to kiss Draco to shut him up.


Aries: Think you’re gonna break my heart. Think you’re funny, think you’re smart. Yeah, you may be good looking, but you’re not a piece of art. - “Power and Control”

Taurus:  Yeah, I wish I’d been a, wish I’d been a teen, teen idle. Wish I’d been a prom queen fighting for the title. Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible, feeling super, super suicidal. - “Teen Idle”

Gemini:  I guess you could say that my life’s a mess, but I’m still looking pretty in this dress. I’m the image of deception. - “Homewrecker”

Cancer:  Lies, don’t wanna know, don’t wanna know, oh. I can’t let you go, can’t let you go, oh. I just want it to be perfect, to believe it’s all been worth the fight. - “Lies”

Leo: Living life like I’m in a play, In the lime light I want to stay. I know I’ve got a big ego. I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though. - “Primadonna”

Virgo:  I never sang for love. I never had a heart to mend because before the start began, I always saw the end. Yeah, I wait for you to open up, to give yourself to me, but nothing’s ever gonna give, I’ll never set you free. - “Starring Role”

Libra:  I’ll chew you up and I’ll spit you out ‘cause that’s what young love is all about. So pull me closer, and kiss me hard. I’m gonna pop your bubblegum heart. - “Bubblegum Bitch”

Scorpio:  Born with a void, hard to destroy with love or hope. Built with a heart, broken from the start, and now I die slow. - “Valley of the Dolls”

Sagittarius:  When you’re around me, I’m radioactive. My blood is burning, radioactive. I’m turning radioactive. My blood is radioactive. My heart is nuclear, love is all that I fear. - “Radioactive”

Capricorn: And now I see, I see it for the first time, there is no crime in being kind. Not everyone is out to screw you over. Maybe, oh just maybe they just wanna get to know you. - “Fear and Loathing”

Aquarius: All my life I’ve felt it deep inside of me. All this time was fighting for what I believe. All my life I’ve tried to hide what history has given me. - “Sex Yeah”

Pisces:  All I really want is to be wonderful. People in this town they, they can be so cruel. I live my life inside a dream, only waking when I sleep. If I could sell my sorry soul, I would have it all. - “The State of Dreaming”

The Secret To Shinhwa’s Longevity? The Answer is Their Leader, Eric Mun.

Eric Mun, one of the best leaders, if not the best, sets an example of what true leadership is. What has he done for Shinhwa that the group stayed intact, becoming the longest-running idol group in Kpop, with no disbandment & no member change?

Let’s start from the very beginning. After winning a street dance championship in the US, Eric was selected by Lee Soo Man in March 1997 & he debuted as the leader of the 6-member-group Shinhwa on 24 March 1998

In 2003, Shinhwa’s 5-year-contract with SM came to an end. At that time, many 1st generation groups faced disbandment, like H.O.T, Secks Skies, S.E.S. So it was expected that Shinhwa would disband too. Following the group’s contract expiration, SM wanted to disband the group & offered solo contracts to only some members. But Shinhwa’s aim was that the 6 of them would stay together as a group and could not be separated. So, Shinhwa refused the solo contract offers with SM, which was undoubtedly a shock in the industry. So far no artist had ever dared to offend the big boss of the Korean entertainment industry, and they were the first.

So, what did Eric do to avoid disbandment and keep the members together after the contract expired? 

Eric, the leader who chose to keep his group together over money. His first priority was his group. 

He was offered solo contracts that were FOUR times more than the other members. “Honestly, others would think about those offers for a month, but Eric rejected them immediately, just to let the members be together.”

Truthfully, how many people do you know that can make such sacrifice, whether in real life or in idol world?!!!! .. Eric could’ve said, ‘screw Shinhwa’ and then accept SM’s offer to double his contract 4 times on the condition that they disband Shinhwa and he go solo.. But Eric’s genuine love & loyalty for his group couldn’t be replaced by money or securing a place in SM. He turned down the offers IMMEDIATELY & & took Shinhwa to another company, which was even a great risk as they were leaving the big boss of kpop entertainment to start again in another much smaller company. The result didn’t matter to him as long as remained with the members. 
imagine that Eric accepted those tempting solo offers, then we wouldn’t have Shinhwa anymore. The fact that the six of them are able to stay together now, Eric contributed A LOT to it.

and to Eric, his choice wasn’t a sacrifice .. it was the best decision he has made in his life.

After Eric chose Shinhwa over money & suggested moving to another agency, then came the next problem. Leader Eric had to fight for the rights to “Shinhwa’s” name.

After Shinhwa left SM among much controversy & refused to extend their solo contracts, then came a huge problem. The members needed to continue using the same name “Shinhwa”. But since SM still owned the rights to Shinhwa’s name, so Eric had to put himself through a crash course in legalities to resolve Shinhwa’s contract issues. Eric was the one who negotiated with the management and no one will ever know how much hardship he had to endure during the negotiations. Eric went to court against SM to retain the rights for Shinhwa’s name. He even studied law to find a way for Shinhwa to continue being active under the same name. (Bear in mind that he was only 24 years old back then!!) .. He paid a HUGE sum of his OWN money to buy the name’s rights.. Eric really went through hell during that period until in the end, Shinhwa won & left SM with the rights to their name.

Can you imagine that a young man in his early 20s, gave up on massively tempting solo offers and chose to go through hell & fight for his team just to remain with his band mates & keep the group intact?!!! .. who else can do such thing?!! .. what a true leadership & loyalty! 

It’s also Eric who negotiated -alone- with other companies till he chose the best offer for his group. Then Shinhwa moved to Good Entertainment. But unfortunately, not so many people were pleased with that decision & so they tried their best to bring Shinhwa down, asking them to disband like what other groups did back then.

In 2004, a journalist once wrote an article heavily criticizing Shinhwa & blatantly used personal attacks on the Shinhwa members implying that they are failed musicians who try too hard with solo activities. He proceeded to slam Shinhwa with ruthless criticism, leading to a big media frenzy. It was then that Eric stepped up once again as the leader to speak out. He made a powerful reply to the reporter & published it on the Internet, asking for a more meaningful review. That reply of Eric went viral & found its way to the official school books in Korea, marking him as the 1st & only artist to have such feat. He ended the letter with: “It’s not so easy to see Shinhwa. If there’s anything, you can look for me.” & this line became very famous.

Here’s an excerpt of his lengthy letter..

WOW! such powerful reply! Eric might be 4D & act like a cute kid, but when someone or something threatens Shinhwa, he turns into a totally different person. totally dependable & trustworthy leader.

When Eric was at the peak of his success, being the nation’s flower boy after starring in the very popular drama “Firebird” in 2004, & dominating almost all CFs and he was dubbed the “CF King” .. Many thought that he would leave Shinhwa & there were many articles released that urged him to go solo & pursue his successful career as an actor & rapper away from Shinhwa.

“I remember a conversation I had with Eric over drinks back when we were filming Firebird (Phoenix). I said ’“It’s a good idea to go into acting. Anyway, you can only be an idol for a few years, just make acting your lifelong career”. Eric turned serious and replied “NO! I’ll be with Shinhwa for more than 10 years, for a lifetime. Please wait and see!”
- Firebird Director San Ray’s twitter (2012.03)

Eric strictly clarified to everyone what his top priority is, which is the group Shinhwa. Eric: “Shinhwa is everything. Without Shinhwa there won’t be the present me, and I would not meet precious friends and members who love me.”
                 Eric: “Shinhwa is our root and it has to be our core.”

This man’s loyalty & devotion to his group is simply unbelievable!

2008 - The group hiatus due to military service. Eric is always the leader who knew how to keep his word.

In 2008, Shinhwa held their last concert before the 4-year hiatus due to the army enlistment. In that concert, they promised the fans that Shinhwa will come back after all members finish their military service. “Shinhwa will come back, please wait for us”

But .. during those 4 years of military service hiatus, Shinhwa was on the verge of disbandment. So the dependable leader Eric stepped up again to keep their promise to the fans & keep the group together.

and that’s how Shinhwa came back to us again, thanks to Leader Eric who lived up to his position as the best leader & the big brother to his group members and brought them together again. Couldn’t be more grateful to this AWESOME man! he’s truly a man of his words! .. Thanks to him, we have Shinhwa today!

Eric: “Shinhwa must go on forever. Even if there is no company that wants us, we might just form our own company and carry on.”

In 2007, some members left Good Ent. (the company Shinhwa moved into after SM) & many people thought Shinhwa were going to disband. But the loyal leader Eric stepped up again and assured that Shinhwa will go on forever even if there’s no company that wants them, Leader Eric came up with the idea of forming their own company! He’s truly the leader that thinks ahead & seeks for what’s best for his group! to this extend he’s so loyal & dedicated to Shinhwa!

Eric’s efforts to gain the full rights to Shinhwa’s name.

But .. to establish Shinhwa’s company, there was a serious issue needed to be resolved. Shinhwa didn’t have the full rights to their name yet, since SM handed over the full rights of “Shinhwa’s” name to Jun Media Ent. in 2005.
So before establishing “Shinhwa Company”, leader Eric went through a very tough time & had loooong negotiations with Jun Media to use Shinhwa’s trademark. And finally, after reaching an agreement, Eric’s dream came true & Shinhwa Company was established in 2011, marking Shinhwa as the first & only idol group to establish their own agency with their own name & personally run it. 

But due to many legal issues concerning Jun Media, Shinhwa filed a lawsuit and leader Eric went to court against Jun Media in 2012. He went through hell again with many trials & appeals & temporarily changing the company name to “ShinCom Ent.”. Until finally In 2015, Shinhwa won and gained the full rights to their name after 12 years. 
This man, Eric, used to show up in varieties, all smiling & laughing, acting 4D & as 3 yrs old kid, while he had such huge burden over his shoulders, fighting for years for Shinhwa to continue with their name. He makes me speechless!

The members expressed their gratitude & thanks to Eric as he was the one who struggled the most during the the whole process.
Such a dependable Leader! 

The leader that always thinks of Shinhwa as family.

Eric has always been the dependable big brother to all the members. “I always think of the members as my real brothers”. And as a real brother, Eric is always there for the members when anyone of them faces troubles & does his best to help the members out.

Eric, to help Minwoo out, gathered the members & suggested that everyone of them contributes a sum of money so that they help Minwoo overcome his financial trouble as loyal brothers. 
This man continuously sets examples of how true friendship should be.

When Eric earned a large sum of money in CFs, he split up his pay and supported other members who had financial difficulties. When he was dominating CFs, he called the members to his house and gave them bonus money. He’s also filmed CFs originally meant for himself but he got the company to include the rest of the Shinhwa members.

Shinhwa’s appearance for China gag concert in 2015 was originally meant to have Eric as the only guest, but he refused & told the production team that if it wasn’t a SHINHWA segment, he wouldn’t attend. So, Shinhwa as OT6 was casted instead.

One of the things that make other groups disband is when the members care more about their solo work than the group itself.
Then comes leader Eric, who leads by example. For his solo activities, he always thinks of “us” before “me”! his group always comes first.

To Eric, Shinhwa always comes as a top priority even before his solo work. When he does a solo activity, he does it because he knows it will benefit the group itself, not doing solo to shine away from the group. He does his solo work to promote Shinhwa.

  Even when he gets a solo activity, he never decides on it by himself… Eric will first get the agreement of the members if there is something he wants to do for himself. If there is a solo activity that he wishes to do, he would first gather the opinions of the members & seek the agreements of all the members first!!. 
Seriously who ever does something like this?!!!! .. such an attitude of his sets an example of what made it possible for Shinhwa to promote separately and together. 
Eric: “Rather than my solo activities, Shinhwa’s activities are more important.”


another secret to longevity? it’s the leader’s genuine care and support to the other members’ solo activities. Eric always sets an example for others to follow. 

Dongwan: “Eric always thinks about every member, and seeing how he helps make us take care of each other.“

Eric has always been a truly supportive & selfless Leader. Not being selfish & focusing only on his solo activities, but he always helps his members in their solo careers, showing ultimate support & encouragement to them & happily agrees to feature in their albums, and always expresses how proud he is as his members are doing great in their solos. While staying at home, he keeps on monitoring their performances & giving them very useful feedback & advises.

Eric: “Aside from our group activities, I’m really happy to see the members do well in their solo careers. If I can offer my help in any way, I’d like to help them continuously.”

  & what does he gain in return for his massive help & as feat. fees in his members’ albums?! .. Pizza or sunglasses :D

Eric, the leader who leads from behind & puts the members in front. He doesn’t like to stand out and always stays away from the limelight, happily giving it to the members. 

and there is always that noticeable thing about Leader Eric. He has always been supporting Shinhwa from the back since debut. Never been bossy. He always stays away from the limelight, happily giving it to the members. You’ll find him standing quietly in the interviews. So humble & quiet to the extend that many people are still not aware that Eric is the leader of Shinhwa. This is because he is a man with few words and doesn’t stand on the front of the group. His true features of taking care of his people shone brightly as him working behind the scenes. But when Shinhwa encounter a problem, he takes the front line, protecting the group & the members.

and after all of this, it’s expected that Eric will be thinking highly of himself as one of best leaders, if not the best ..
but ..this man is so humble to an extend you can’t believe! 

Another thing about Eric is that he never thinks highly of himself!! he’s one of the most humble people you can ever meet!!. Like he’s one of the best leaders, if not the best, the loyal, selfless & dependable leader that has been keeping Shinhwa for such a long time in the industry & still, he doesn’t think that he does something extraordinary!! 

Seriously, how can he even be this humble?!!.. Eric, you’ve been setting standards of how ideal leadership is! 

Whenever someone praises or says something nice about him, he’ll do some funny stuff to cut that person off & move to another subject. Like what he did in Shinhwa’s latest concert when Dongwan thanked him for his great efforts in getting the full rights to Shinhwa’s name back. Eric kept on kissing Dongwan to cut him off.

Or when someone praises his outer looks, & it’s known that Eric is one of the most handsome Korean celebs (he was dubbed Korea’s handsome representative) but he never brags about his handsomeness for even once, and when others tell him that he’s handsome, he’s gets so shy & flustered & tries to change topics. 

and even though he’s the mighty Eric, with more than 20 years in the industry, regardless of his fame, he remains the humble Eric who still bows 90 degrees to even the hoobaes & the fans. Forever humble as Day 1. Eric really sets an example that no matter how famous you are, you should always be humble & down to earth with everyone.

The leader that always thinks of Shinhwa before himself !

& he also doesn’t think he’s doing something extraordinary!!! 

and even during his solo activities, he seizes every chance to promote Shinhwa & the other members’ solo events. 

Then there is this amazingly meaningful quote of Eric, that makes me feel so lucky for being a Shinhwa Changjo ..

“It’s impossible for Shinhwa to disband now even if we wanted to. Shinhwa doesn’t just belong to us, it also belongs to the fans and people who love us.”

To any group, before disbanding, think deeply of this quote. Your group doesn’t just belong to you, it also belongs to your fans & people who love you!

Now.. With every anniversary we celebrate with Shinhwa, the group that debuted in 1998 & still going strong with no disbandment & no member change, let’s forever remember that the main reason behind this is Eric, the best leader we could ever ask for. The leader who knew how to keep his group intact & overcome all troubles they’ve been through since debut. That troubles that could’ve easily made any other group disband.
Eric always puts Shinhwa as a top priority over anything else .. To him, the group always comes first. He really lives for Shinhwa!

“Eric is really like an otaku. If he gets addicted to something he’ll bury himself at home but after we left our first agency, as the leader of Shinhwa, he became the otaku of Shinhwa. Even now, he worries a lot for Shinhwa and is also in charge of dealing with external matters. He is a leader I’m thankful to and can trust.” - Dongwan

Thank you leader Eric for all of what you’ve done & still doing to Shinhwa. Thank you for keeping them as forever six .. thank you for always protecting us, Shinhwa Changjo .. Thank you for always protecting Orange .. Thank you for always protecting Shinhwa Company .. Thank you for always choosing Shinhwa over anything else no matter what the temptation is .. Everyone of us appreciates your great efforts & dedication for Shinhwa. Plz continue on leading Shinhwa for more anniversaries & more success. 2gether 4ever, walking on the same road. Never apart, friends till the end. ♥♥

#HappyEricDay ♥♥  Happiest birthday to our awesome leader Eric ♥♥

The Engineer and his Bestfriend

-Hunk is a brilliant engineer

-Lance knows this, it’s why he spends hours just just watching Hunk work, keeping him company and telling him that it’s time to go to bed whenever it’s late

-Lately Hunk has been getting ready for the final battle with the Galra, taking inspiration from the trap they created intended for Allura and Coran

-It is a machine that will get its intended target into a never ending black hole, no time loops, no time jumps, just nothing

-And it seems like the machine works because they have experimented on inanimate objects and have tried everything possible to bring them back and once it becomes impossible they know that they can then build one on a bigger scale

-Hunk’s machine works and it will save the day but

-Something goes wrong with the machine, it was something that kept cropping up in the beta testing, it’s a certain screw that just never really wants to work

-And see the only people who know where the screw is and how to fix it are Lance and hunk

-And once you fix it, it’s game over, there no coming back from it

-Lance and hunk both know this

-Before Hunk can even go apologize or go fix it

-Lance is already on his way to the machine

-But just before he gets there, he stops and through the intercom tells Hunk “You are the best damn engineer and friend in this world, watch me make your machine work buddy”

-And hunk is just sobbing repeating “I love you Lance and please don’t do this, I can’t do this without you, I can’t do this without my best friend”

-And now the rest are starting to catch on to what Lance is really doing but by that point it’s too late the galra are gone

- Lance is gone

-And because Hunk is such a good fucking engineer there’s no way to ever get him back

-But you see it’s because Hunk is such a good engineer that he doesn’t give up

-He works non-stop for almost a year trying to get Lance back

-Pidge spends more time on the computer becoming more withdrawn, more obsessive in finding his family, including Lance

-Shiro takes it hard, he feels as if he’s let down his team for not being able to keep them all in one piece, he goes back to being very tense and stiff around the others

-Allura spends days, even weeks trying to find Lance, pinpoint where in all the universe he could be, she won’t say it but she misses his bad pick up lines

-And Coran is just hurt and upset that the young man who would get so homesick and yet try his best and be there for others would give up his chance to see his family and that is what pains him the most

-And Keith just starts spending even more time training, withdrawing from others, trying to act as if though he doesn’t miss Lance, trying to move on, failing to move on

-Hunk just well he needs to get Lance back because what is life without your best friend?

-Who just sits for hours on end just to watch you work and tinker

-A friend who has been there for so long they know what tool you need with a look

-A friend who knows that food isn’t the only important thing to but goddamn we need to find small things that bring us happiness

-A friend who makes you go to sleep when it’s late and you’ve been on a creating binge (the others don’t know but that’s okay the person who needs to know, does)

-A friend who just wants you to succeed

-A friend who loves you for who you are and ask for nothing in return

- A friend who would die for them, for him…..

-What is life without your best friend?

-Hunk already knows and he never wants to live through that again

-Because you see it’s because Hunk is such a good fucking engineer that he does get Lance back

heartbreaker / heartbroken starters

as requested by anon. Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !


  • “I’m not the boyfriend/girlfriend/dating type.”
  • “Did you think that you could ‘fix’ me or something?”
  • “Sweetheart…you look just a little too naive to be with me.”
  • “I sleep with other people. This is what I do.”
  • “You’ll be back.”
  • “Love is just something they try to sell you on TV.”
  • “I’ll do anything…just give me another chance.”
  • “Hey there. *wink*”
  • “I didn’t want you to find out. I was going to fix this.”
  • “Please. I know I screwed everything up, but don’t go..”
  • “We were on a break!”
  • “I didn’t lie. There were just…some things I didn’t mention.”
  • “It’s over.”
  • “You were the first person I ever really loved.” / “I still love you.”
  • “Don’t go falling for me.”
  • “You knew exactly who I was when this started. I don’t see why you’re so surprised.”
  • “Of course I had to go and fuck everything up!”
  • “Don’t act like you’re so innocent! I’m not the only one who messed up.”
  • “I can’t be the kind of guy/girl/person you’re looking for.”
  • “What we did was fun, but…let’s not turn this into something else.”


  • “I thought…maybe you were the one.”
  • “I never want to see you again.”
  • “Don’t worry about my heart…I can handle myself.”
  • “You promised me.”
  • “I can’t believe I never meant anything to you.”
  • “I was such an idiot…” / “I was so pathetic…”
  • “You keep saying love isn’t real…how would you know when you never gave it a real chance?”
  • “I can’t tell who you were trying to hurt: me or you.”
  • “Can we go back to the way things were?”
  • “You said you’d changed.”
  • “The sad thing is…I know I’ll come back to you.” / “Not this time.”
  • “I can’t believe I ever fell in love with you.”
  • “Why did I ever get tangled up with a girl/guy/person like you?”
  • “Come on..it can’t end like this.” / “After all we’ve been through…”
  • “Wow…and I actually thought we’d get married..what a joke.”
  • “I used to be okay. And then I met you.”
  • “Why did you have to put up so many walls?”
  • “I don’t think my heart can take this.”
  • “Just let me go.”
  • “Do you love me?” / “Did you ever love me?”

You know, there is one thing about Severus Snape I think people sometimes forget or just miss entirely: he was absolutely lonely. Like, one of the loneliest characters in the whole series.

  • First of all, he had no safe space. He was abused at home and then he left to a boarding school, where he thought he could finally be accepted and valued, but then he was abused there too. 
  • And he was put in a house he used to dream about, just to learn that he had to find a way to mingle with some people who 1) were from rich and powerful families and 2) were pureblood and despised those who weren’t… while he, well, was neither.
  • He had a total of one friend who loved him for who he was, without second malicious interests or power struggles. And 1) he lost this friend mostly due to his own doing and 2) she ended up being murdered due to an information he provided.
  • Now struggling with unbearable guilt over what happened, he then decides to become a spy and this one decision perpetually screwed any chances he had to ever form a meaningful relationship ever again.

The last point is what really made me write this post. I’ve seen people talk about how everything would have been different to Severus if only he got over Lily. Like if he still became a double agent, but had let go of his feelings for Lily, thus being happier and less of an asshole to his students and just a nicer, probably healthier person overall.

And that makes no sense, not only because the reason he couldn’t get over what happened to Lily was that she had such a unique and fundamental role in his life (as one of the few chances he had of knowing love) that the guilt and grief he felt was too great; but also because his role as a double agent prevented him from forming new connections with other people.

He had to constantly stand in an ambiguous position with both enemies and allies. He had to play enemy to his allies and ally to his enemies, so he couldn’t truly connect with any of them, not fully. He had no chance, not if he was to play his vital role at winning the war. He had no chance of a “normal life”, of making new friends, finding new lovers. The sacrifices he had to make in order to somehow make up for what he saw as his mistakes with Lily were part of what prevented him from ever forgiving himself and starting over.

Dumbledore was basically all he had, maybe the only person who knew where he really stood, who he really was and what were his true motives. And then he had to look him in the eyes and kill him.

This is a really lonely character.

taako falling in love with kravitz must’ve been weird for him too, like. he’s obviously attracted to him and develops a crush on him within a minute, but the actual falling in love part woulda’ been hard for him to process. he’s not someone who’s really used to…expressing genuine affection to people because of his trauma, except for people that he’s had time to personally bond with and come to trust and care about (hurley, ren and angus, most notably)

and he can’t have that kind of bond with merle or magnus - he spends too much time with them for them to know anything too personal about him, it’d be too uncomfortable and humiliating for him to have that kind of knowledge floating around people he has to make eye contact with everyday. that’s why he’s emotionally withdrawn from the other horny boys, and emotionally drawn to people he doesn’t see too often/doesn’t have to explicitly plan to see them again, but still has enough time to bond with and trust and care for 

(you can tell he really likes people when he meets up with them despite not having to, i.e. ren and angus, and later kravitz in a romantic condition, whereas he only hangs out with merle and magnus for work stuffs, and has shown to dislike their continued presence outside of jobs)

he didn’t have much of that bonding time in tck with kravitz because, well the world was ending, but he did have time to realize that kravitz was utterly adorable, and he got time to learn more about him on their date; he got to see kravitz’s gentle, caring and patient side, the side that cared about taako’s life and safety and would even make a deal with the goddess of death in order to keep him alive. and god, who wouldn’t fall in love with that?

and obviously this is all you need to shut down any argument about how taako only went on the date with kravitz to manipulate him into saving their lives; if that was all he wanted, taako never would’ve told kravitz straight to his face that he liked him. he never would’ve fought desperately with his umbrastaff to keep it from shooting kravitz. he never would’ve giddily agreed to meeting up with kravitz again, and he never would’ve felt his heart explode when he thought he heard his voice.

it’ll take taako a while to realize just how deeply in love he is, and it’ll take him even longer to be okay with that; a lot of people he trusted before ended up screwing him over when he let his guard down around them. but it’s okay, because kravitz is patient with him and assures him everyday that he can take as long as he wants with accepting and expressing his feelings. they know they love each other and that’s all they really need to know


Canadian Boys l Shawn Mendes Imagine.

prompt: Shawn & (y/n) managed to go from ‘dream couple’ to a messy relationship in front of the cameras, and Shawn doesn’t seem to accept that his ex has decided to move on with the one and only, Justin Bieber.

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Shawn could feel his cheeks heating up as Ellen started a game of Who’d You Rather.

“Rihanna or Sophia Bush?” Ellen asked and pictures of both women appeared on the screen behind him.

“Sophia Bush, no doubt.” he said confidently.

“Hmm, looks like you had your mind already done,” she teased him. “Okay, Sophia Bush or Kendall Jenner?”

“Sophia Bush.” he answered with a hint of laughter on his voice.

“Wow, you’re very sure of yourself.” Ellen said and he shrugged. “Sophia Bush or Margot Robbie?”

“Oh, no! You can’t do that!” he said making the audience laugh. “Ugh, Margot Robbie.” he answered and the audience ooh-ed.

“Margot Robbie or Camila Cabello?” Ellen asked and Shawn shook his head.

“Camila is a friend, so…” he started but the host interrupted him.

“She sure is,” Ellen said, earning laughs from the audience. “So, Camila or…”

“You didn’t let me finish!” Shawn complained laughing.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s my show,” Ellen joked. “Camila Cabello or (y/n) (y/l/n)?”

Shawn felt his cheeks heating up profusely. “They both are very good friends…”

“Oh, is there something you aren’t telling me, Shawn?” Ellen asked.

“No! Of course no.”

“Then answer the question.” Ellen said smiling and looking to the screen where there was Camila and you.

Shawn bit the inside of his cheek. “(y/n), she’s amazing.” he answered and everyone seemed happy with his answer.

“Then I guess we have a winner!” Ellen announced as another picture of you filled the large screen. “Shawn Mendes everybody!”

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Small Bump.

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Summary: Negan and Y/N are together, and she finds out she’s pregnant.

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Tags: swearing, pregnancy, fluff?

Note: I haven’t written TWD imagines in so long. I will mention that Negan has his other wives while being with Y/N, but along the way he doesn’t want them. I also tend to get a bit off topic and I wanna get straight to the point, but it’s because I want this imagine to be long enough and add more plot/conflict to the request. Enjoy! 

- MK

Out of all of Negan’s wives Y/N was his favourite, the only one of them that had true loyalty and real love towards a man with such a brutal side of him, but also a man with sweet talk and affection. One that really cared and saw some humanity in him.

They grew close, the more they did, the less attention he gave to his other wives. It was like they never existed. It was like he didn’t care if they left.

Y/N looked at her lover bent with the tasks of whatever community he was gonna visit next and saw him through the entrance of the factory. She could hear him telling how he sent his second-in-command, Simon, out to a community called Alexandria only to find that the man they were having a search party for, Daryl, wasn’t there after all.

Instead, Negan balled his hand into a fist, before sticking Lucille inches away from his face and closes his eyes shut. Too shut. Y/N carefully makes her way down the rusty stairs and sprints toward him.

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anonymous asked:

Lmao at the anon who said that Pisces and Libra are gullible because they basically lose themselves to impress someone. I didn't know that sacrifice and love was about impressing someone. I don't think that love and losing yourself to impress someone are synonymous. Pisces is a sign that basically merges with others, but I can't really speak about the archetype of Libra and their relationships because I personally don't know. Sacrifice is not gullible. Just my opinion.

Wow… This is like… a very important opinion. I think it’s because people generally tend to think that Libra and Pisces are weak for “losing themselves” because usually, people are seen to be strong when they “keep themselves.”

Like honestly… If Libras and Pisces are considered gullible and weak at that point, I wonder why people complain about being screwed over by them then. It’s almost like people will accuse these two signs for being easily fooled yet they will complain about being fooled by them.

It’s quite weird. Like Libra and Pisces are both associated with Venus… Neptune is a higher octave of Venus. They’re honestly pretty smart because not only can they manipulate, they can also slap a pretty label on it and call it “charm.” Of course, people with Libra and Pisces influence will do this naturally and unintentionally, but like… to manipulate and then make the other party let their guard down? Who would be the gullible person then? 🤔

SHINee as spies


  • has multiple personas that he uses when working
  • people always fall into his charms bc he’s so sweet and could get any kind of information from anyone 
  • hates working w/ other people bc he’d just end up sassing them and leaving them to fend for themselves anyway, he works solo and solo only, doesn’t want anyone bothering him 
  • doesn’t like seducing people as a part of his job, but he’ll totally do it and tbh………so many people have fallen in love w/ him without even knowing who he is and what he does
  • hella skilled and particular at his job, and doesn’t speak much to his coworkers or the company he works for unless they’re talking mad $$$


  • the clumsiest spy you’ll ever see
  • always has to, just HAS to forget something at a crime scene or someone else’s place 
  • loves chatting up people as he waits for his target(s) and has more than once said too much……….gosh he hates ‘taking care’ of people when he’s the one who screwed up lmao
  • lives a very luxurious lifestyle and doesn’t bother hiding his money or saving it, life’s too short (like him)
  • has so many nightmares from all the things he’s witnessed so far due to this job, he probably has a personal therapist that comes over to his mansion every week


  • Jonghyun’s partner in crime, they’ve had many assignments together 
  • is quick and agile on his feet and feels so much thrill from chasing after his ‘prey’, as he likes to call it
  • super perceptive and can always tell when he’s surrounded or in trouble, his flirting makes for a great distraction  
  • disappears after an assignment for like a week for some “highly needed vacation time” but somehow never gets fired for some reason
  • comes up w/ stupid nicknames over the speakers in his ears, esp when he’s working w/ jjong 


  • everyone who’s been lucky enough to work w/ him is envious of his stature 
  • like he’s literally this beautiful man wearing expensive ass suits who could probably be the CEO of a company……yet he’s working as a spy
  • his favorite thing is seducing people to get the information he wants
  • keeps up w/ way too many people at once and has totally forgotten their names 
  • owns like 3 private islands 


  • doesn’t work for any agency, he’s more like a freelancer who has a badass reputation 
  • But it’s mostly bc he can’t handle playing by anyone’s rules and would end up rebelling anyway lmao
  • is very peculiar on his jobs, like his customers have to provide him w/ certain foods and certain clothes
  • he’s like “if you add in a bonus, I could steal their car for you too :’)”
  • seems kinda childish and no one really knows what he’s done to make everyone deadly afraid of him……..but hey he’s handsome and uses that to his advantage 

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So my post about The Arcana’s prices has gotten an amazing response! And I keep seeing comments and tags about how people just can’t afford the game, and so they’re either pirating it or watching it on youtube or endlessly spinning the wheel.

And that just depresses the shit out of me because this means that Nix Hydra isn’t just screwing over fans with their prices, they’re leaving SO MUCH MONEY ON THE TABLE. Like, The Arcana has such a huge and dedicated fanbase! All of this gorgeous fanart is free publicity. They should be embracing this fan culture they have. And I’m sure that if they lowered prices to levels people could actually afford, their fans would love to buy the game!

I also went digging back into the Kickstarter comments because I remembered that, once upon a time, the devs said that the entire route would be $2.99 per character.

What the hell happened?! How did we go from $1.99 per route to $10 per chapter? I’ve been seeing so many people saying that they would totally pay even $10 per route. Why would you throw all those customers away?

a lil ramble at 2am about Plagg and Adrien~

Tons of people have been having Plagg screw over Adrien with Ladybug’s identity and teasing him over it, but what if he’s really heartbroken about it?? I mean, despite his wealth, Adrien doesn’t have much - he has a shitty dad and missing mother, a few friends he’s managed to make after years of being socially awkward and only having Chloe, and now his superhero partner who repeatedly rejects him.

Plagg could easily turn Adrien’s life around for the better by revealing Ladybug’s identity. If all goes well and both superheroes end up revealing to each other, our poor cinnamon roll’s emotional troubles with his love life will be made way easier. Plus, he finally has someone he can comfortably talk about his other (many) issues in his life - now that he doesn’t have to worry about a shy Marinette or revealing too much personal info to Ladybug.

((not to mention Plagg being rewarded a truckload of cheese, and getting his chosen to stop gushing about his stupid crush in front of him thank god))

But no, Plagg can’t afford risking Chat’s (or Ladybug’s) identity to Hawkmoth, even if it means he has to see Adrien suffer the consequences.

the signs as people i’ve met part II

- crybaby cry
- sexually very frustrated till the grave
- you talk constantly so ppl won’t notice when you actually say something important
- your music taste is surprising, not at all what people would expect of you
- you have a wicked way of convincing people to do the dumbest shit

- less deep and more ordinary than you set yourself out to be
- you can’t stop getting more pets in the house
- you cheat at board games 
- your house has one of the best yards ever, everybody loves it there
- chill on the outside, on fire on the inside

- lmao (laughing my anxiety off)
- god forbid you admit you’re wrong
- you express your emotions in a thousand different ways but none of them are really working out for you
- you can actually do math and taxes
- you have an incomprehensible amount of sneakers

- k-pop fan (don’t fight it)
- you definitely should pick up your damn phone more often
- you’re a fast walker
- your friends feel like they know your family just by the funny stories you tell them, even if they’ve never met each other
- you like to have dinner and dessert at the same time on the same plate

- sometimes you feel inevitably lonely and dependable
- you collect whatever you are passionate about or whatever makes your room look good
- you daydream about being taken certain places
- you always take pics of yourself hugging your cat
- you go overboard on emojis

- big time stalker yet all your crushes suck
- you have a hard time looking people in the eye and prefer to stare intensely when they’re looking away
- you have strong goth tendencies
- you can’t stand having ppl mad at you, even when u screw up big time
- you will remain to be as entertained watching the same movie for the 17th time as you were in the 1st

- you make it seem like your biggest achievement is nothing so ppl can hover over you
- you love fruit, you bring them everywhere
- your cellphone password is 0000
- you push people to talk more just to see how far they can go, often regretting what you get
- you feel the need to make friends everywhere you go

- you say you’re not gonna study for a test but let’s be honest u can study for hours and always try really hard
- you do many other things when you’re driving such as cursing people on the streets and other fellow drivers behind their backs
- you get very mad when people ignore you
- you mean what you say and say what you mean
- everybody comes to you for advice. no wonder

- you accumulate loads and loads of shit bc you think you’ll need it / miss it later
- you will scream at strangers if necessary
- you crave the aux cord. a carefully made playlist also works
- you do things unintendedly and then pretend as if it was part of the plan all along
- you feel really, really sad before you fall asleep

- you are able to scare people off, for better or worst
- you’re quick to acknowledge when you’re wrong and apologize
- you’re sassy AF, especially when drunk
- your mind runs in all caps
- you genuinely do watch the 8 minute youtube video your friend just sent you

- legit like when people throw shade at you, it makes you feel important somehow
- a lover of soft things
- wherever there’s weed there you are
- you can never get enough of bath bombs
- you enjoy a good outdoor hike

- you can go so quick from loving all your clothes to madly hating them in a second, back and forth
- reality for you is what you make of it
- you need to be told and told again
- you are more avaliable on text than irl
- all you need out of life is a hot shower and willpower

Hey. Ok, so. Fellow Tim fans. It is time for all of us to chill out about the RHatO annual, okay?

first of all, brotherhood is not a zero sum game. Dick can have positive relationships with both Jason and Tim.

Yes, I know Lobdell is the one who took that part out of Tim’s origin, so yeah, keeping your skepticals on is totally reasonable, but it’s not like Tim is the only one Lobdell has written badly. I can only assume that at somepoint between when he finished writing his last new 52 comic and when he started writing for rebirth he had some crazy personal epiphany (or gained a telepathic connection to @lysical) because he wrote Jason badly in the new 52 and he’s clearly turned that around. He wrote that out of Tim’s origins way back in 2011, likely with pressure from DC editorial (everyone had to change a lot of stuff for the new 52) Y’all have a right to criticize it, but we have to wait another month for Tim to return anyway, so maybe reserve judgement until then? We don’t know what’s changing there.

secondly, it’s not like that particular scene in Tim’s origin made a lot of sense timeline-wise anyway. It’s the reason Dick has to be 12 when Bruce took him in because if Dick was 8 Tim would be, like, less than a year old in that scene. It would make much more sense if Tim saw Dick perform in some other venue after his parents died.

a few other points

  1. it’s not like only one person can be at the circus at a time
  2. as much as I like to joke about it, it doesn’t look like Jason was there on the same night as Tim and Bruce (he’d probably have mentioned the death part)
  3. Tim can have a positive relationship with Dick even without that scene, and there are parts of Tim’s origin you should be more worried about
  4. what we should care about is the fact that the annual was having none of the adoption-erasure nonsense, which was a breath of fresh air, and actually opens the way a bit more for Dick to have sibling relationships with all his siblings.
  5. I’ve seen a lot of people say Jason now has Tim’s “Origins” which isn’t… true? there’s a difference between what was clearly a formative moment for Tim and just… a thing that happened in Jason’s past that he obviously  rarely thought about until he brought it up.

DC seems to favor characters in a wheel, when one is up, another is down. Tim had 20 years of good press, often coming at the cost of victim-blaming Jason. As much as I miss having Tim around and written well, and as much as I whine about the new52, Jason has been continuously screwed over by DC, and I for one, am happy to see him getting the positive portrayal he deserves.

I’m not saying you can’t be unhappy/upset. I’m not. It made me do a :/ too, just, maybe let Jason fans have this one?

TL;DR The RHatO annual was good, it doesn’t matter as much as you think it does, and we need to stop bothering people like Lys about it.

Two Ghosts

Pairing: Tom Holland + Gender Neutral!Reader

Summary: Tom realizes that he isn’t whole anymore without you. Based on Two Ghosts by Harry Styles, my second fav off the album. Part two to Meet Me in the Hallway.

Notes: I really like writing angst? Wow. Hopefully this doesn’t suck, I wrote it at like one a.m.!

Tom couldn’t remember the last time he’d messed up something so bad to the point where he felt hopeless—like, he couldn’t fix it. But this, he knew, he royally fucked up. He leaned against the outside of the building, trying to catch his breath. the air was cold and thinning, so he found himself taking quicker and shorter breaths. He muttered under his breath—not that it made a difference. No one was out there with him. No one would hear his distraught pleas to be let back in. No one would know that he had just gotten locked out of his home. His head knocked against the wall of the apartment complex as he realized he’d never be able to go back home; he’d never be able to go back to you and let it be the same way.

Tom spent the night, wandering around the city. He couldn’t go back to the house—that girl was probably still there. Harrison would probably do him the favor of kicking her out when he got home. He’d wait for Harrison’s call before he would get a cab back to the apartment they shared. He kept his hands in his pockets, walking down the sidewalk and taking in the vacant night. It was Friday night, but the streets never looked so dead. Most businesses were closed, their lights off, making the city look deserted. He walked by a small bar, it would be closing in the next two and a half hours, according to the sign on the door and the time on Tom’s phone.

He walked in, smiling slightly at the guard after his ID was approved. He cringed at the electric dance music playing and the amount of people tiredly slinging themselves at each other on the dance floor. He felt himself sweating at the mere thought of making his way onto the dance floor, so he settled for trying to catch a seat at the bar. The bar was seemingly empty; an older gentleman trying to pick up on the bartender and a smaller figure settled on opposite corners the only bodies that occupied it. He walked up to the bar, not ordering anything, just simply observing everyone around him.

He thought of all the people there with each other—were they genuinely happy? Together? He’d wondered how many of these people had screwed up, losing the love of their lives just to settle for someone at a bar to fill the cold, empty place of the bed in their house, when their home decided to close their doors on them for good. That’s what had happened to him. He’d locked himself out of his home, though. He’d given a spare key to someone else, not knowing that the locks had been changed.

“Looking rough.” Tom looked up, looking at the smaller figure that had occupied the side of the bar that was closest to the restroom. “Someone run over your dog?” Tom didn’t answer, just looked at them. Their eyes looked familiar—they reminded him of you. He’d wonder if there would come a day when he wouldn’t find you in everyone he saw.

“No. But, nothing you won’t be able to fix.” The person stood up, throwing a fifty on the bar to cover their tab as they stood up, walking over to Tom. He turned in his stool, parting his legs so they could stand in front of him.

“There’s a handicapped, single stall bathroom in the back. Employee’s only. But, I’m here enough.” He shrugged, standing up so he was towering over the stranger in front of him.

“Lead the way.”

Tastes so sweet, looks so real
Sounds like something that I used to feel
But I can’t touch what I see

Within minutes, a stranger’s lips were staining the base of Tom’s neck. He’d close his eyes, trying to envision it were you, then they’d speak and he’d be reminded that he was in a dirty bar bathroom that held no locks with a person he hadn’t even bothered to remember their name. He tried to feel your hands against him, but these were cold and fast; they felt like they were ripping against his skin. He tried to think of your hair surrounding him, but when he breathed in he smelt cigarettes instead of coconut.

He heard the small pet names fall past a pair of lips that didn’t feel soft to him, the names were familiar but the sound was foreign. He knew what he was used to, but he also knew he’d ruined it for himself. He couldn’t feel anything; his mind was too focused on what you’d think of this. This is what got you in trouble, dickhead. He shut his eyes, feeling the tears well up in his eyes while he felt hands blindly unbuttoning his jeans.

“A-are you crying, dude? What the fuck?” He rushed out an apology, buttoning his jeans back up and pushing the other person off him, pulling open the door and rushing out, not bothering to look up at the other lost people in the bar still desperately looking for replacements. He went to his house and saw the girl from earlier still waiting there. He kicked her out himself, not bothering to hear her out as he walked past her and locked himself in his bedroom.

The fridge light washes this room white
Moon dances over your good side
This was all we used to need
Tongue-tied like we’ve never known

“You’re ridiculous. I’m gonna need food before you even think of getting me in the shower.” You laughed lightly, wrapping the sheet around your naked chest as you bent down and searched for your clothes. Tom groaned, running a hand through his hair before leaning down himself, picking up a pair of sweats and deciding to just keep himself commando—the faster he fed you, the faster you’d come upstairs; figuratively and literally.

“Fine, but can it be like, cereal or something? I really, really don’t want to go out right now.” You rolled your eyes, accepting the shirt of his he was holding out for you. You shrugged it on, pulling on the only piece of clothing of yours that you could find—a pair of underwear. Tom lifted a remote, pointing it randomly in the room and then you heard soft music playing. He’d turned on the radio.

“Yes,” you breathed out dramatically, accepting his outstretched hand while you followed him into the kitchen. “What kind do you have?” Tom opened his mouth to answer you, but then a familiar song came on.

“Fuck, I love this song,” he sighed out, opening the fridge and swaying lightly, pulling the milk out. He stood back up straight, placing the milk on the counter but leaving the fridge door open as he hummed along to the Ed Sheeran song, the newest single off his latest album—Perfect. You smiled fondly at him, shaking your head as he gestured for your hand. “You’re not gonna dance with me?” You shook your head, causing him to laugh. “Wrong answer, baby.”

“Tom,” you groaned, but letting him grab your hand and pull you closer to him. His arm wrapped around your waist while the other hand stayed intertwined with yours. You wrapped your other arm around his neck, matching his sway as you leaned your head against his chest. You were in love with him. You knew it. He was in love with you. He didn’t want to be. But, you both know it isn’t anything except sex. You both know. You knew. You knew.

We’re not who we used to be
We’re not who we used to be
We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me 

Tom frowned again when he got your voicemail.

Hey there! Can’t come to the phone right now, either I’m busy or you pissed me off. Have fun figuring it out! *Beep*

“I almost hung up before the tone,” he started, tilting back the rest of the whiskey that was in his glass. He cringed at the taste, coughing lightly. He was never into hard liquor. “I’m so sorry I hurt you. I’m s-so sorry that I didn’t realize I loved you earlier. Fuck, this isn’t fair.” He shook his head, realizing how bad that sounded. “It isn’t fair to you, I meant. I-I wish I could go back. I should’ve stayed the whole day. I should’ve stayed another night. I should’ve stayed with you. It was where I wanted to be.” He laid back in his bed, groaning. He didn’t know why he was leaving the message. He only called to hear your voice, even if it meant you telling him to fuck off. At least it’d be you. “I’m sorry that I miss you. I’m sorry I ruined this. Us. We were so good.” He whispered the last part, chuckling to himself. “Please delete this. It’s stupid—goodnight. I love you. I know I shouldn’t say that, but I didn’t say it once and it ruined me. Better late than never.” He hung up, putting his phone down and closing his eyes. He was almost asleep until his phone sounded next to him. A text from you.

You: We’re not who we used to be. I can’t just be on empty anymore. Our ghosts will always live together, and I hope they have a better place together than you and I do.

Youdid*. Goodnight.

Teenage Dream (Hongbin smut)

Originally posted by at-taekwoons-mercy

Genre: smut / fluff

Length: 4.4k

Pairing: Lee Hongbin + you 

Summary: You and Hongbin are secretly dating and you have him over at your house to help ‘tutor’ him. When your parents leave however, things get heated.

Hiii sorry it took me about 2 ½ weeks to update !!! I thought it’d take me less than a week but it took A LOT longer. It takes me so long to write I’m sorry. The next one will be up by the 13th hopefully <3

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“…And so you divide the original amount over the new amount which will give you the answer to part a-”

You glance up to see if Hongbin is paying attention to you explanation. You weren’t surprised when you saw he wasn’t, but it was still infuriating. Sighing when you saw he still hadn’t even picked up his pen, you began to scold him. You were stopped by the sight of him staring at you dreamily as he rested his head in his hands. You must admit you loved the attention from him, but not when you were trying to tutor him for your maths exam; and certainly not when your parents were around.

You had informed your parents that your teacher requested that you tutor Hongbin to help him since he was falling behind in maths. This however, was untrue. The reason why Hongbin came round once a week (and sometimes more), was in fact because he was your secret boyfriend and you wanted to spend more time with him. However, your parents were quite strict on you and if you went out they always demanded to know where you were going. It was almost impossible to go out to see Hongbin as they only time you were really aloud to go out was to the library to study. Since you kept your relationship a secret from your friends from school too (aside from a selected few people), it’s not like you could do couple things at school either. Ultimately you were stuck with these ‘tutoring sessions’, where you would both silently flirt with each other and exchange loving glances. Your father had made it clear he didn’t want you to have a boyfriend until you had graduated in case it effected your career and your mother agreed to a certain extent; so they made it their mission to check up on you two regularly to witness that the only thing you were doing was indeed studying. To be honest, you really did want to help Hongbin with his maths exam, but it was hard to when the only thing he did was stare at you all the time.

“Hongbin what are you doing?” You hissed at him through your teeth, “You’re supposed to be listening to me and taking notes!”

“But babeee,” he whined.

You gave him a stern look, which slightly wavered when you saw the look he was giving you. “Don’t call me babe when my parents are here, they might hear you. Besides you should be working.”

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