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Hey! I hope you don't mind me bothering you but I absolutely love your work; thank you for sharing it with us online. Close Every Door is amazing, I keep going back to read it again and again. I've recently joined the Supernatural side of tumblr and I'm looking for more people to follow (right now I follow 4 people, paha). Would you be able to recommend a few? Thanks!

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Thank you so much sweetheart!  You will NEVER bother me by sending me an ask!  I love getting them!  And your sweet words about Close Every Door just made my whole day!  

OMG…people to follow…ok…  Fair warning, I’m going to forget a LOT of folks here…and for that, I apologize in advance!  Below are literally just a fraction of my faves that I will follow to the ends of the earth!  Both because the bloggers themselves are amazing people, and because their writing is amazing!

@lipstickandwhiskey @winchesterprincessbride @kittenofdoomage @ilostmyshoe-79 @littlegreenplasticsoldier @iwantthedean @nothin-after-79 @impala-dreamer @chaos-and-the-calm67 @bkwrm523 @torn-and-frayed @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @not-moose-one-shots @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @blacktithe7 @oriona75 @manawhaat @nichelle-my-belle @frenchybell @faegal04 @bringmesomepie56 @percywinchester27 @scorpiongirl1 @dancingalone21 @winchester-smut @jpadjackles @winchestersnco @sdavid09 @mrswhozeewhatsis @sis-tafics @waywardlullabies @d-s-winchester

Like I said…I KNOW I’m leaving a lot of folks off, and this is just a fraction of my follow-forever people, but this is a good start for you!

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Top 5 Things You Love About Jackson

  1. his immense love and respect for his parents
  2. the fact he doesn’t treat men and women any differently from eachother 
  3. how he’s a firm supporter of the LGBTQ community and a feminist and tries to break taboos within the South-Korean society and isn’t ashamed to show affection towards both men and women on and off camera
  4. how he’s just so kind and sweet and loving to his fans, how he wants them to feel loved and hugs them and gives them a lot of attention so they could feel important too. How he cares for them and is concerned about their health and well being.
  5. Just the fact his heart is the size of twice this planet and is made from solid gold. I don’t think there’s a more pure person with so much love in his heart than Jackson. 

Damn i could go on forever it seems lol NO SURPRISE HERE

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you hate him because he's white lol. if he was a black dude you wouldnt hate him. (to be clear i am not calling it racism, because it's not) but you love jimmy olsen so much and he doesn't do shit, he just gets in the way. the same way mon el does. they both try to be heroes. but you so balantlyy hate mon el and love james. neither of them is abusive or toxic or manipulative. they also both had the 'in love with kara' storyline but you only hate on one. the most stupid reasons ever.

theyre both love interests yeah youre right. but ha theyre not the same at all !! and lmao, they literally wrote off james’ story line with kara and replaced it with his “white fuck boy gets better bc of pretty girl” arc. if it werent for them really cutting james screentime and tearing his relationship with kara down, i wouldnt mind mon el. its literally the fact that he brought the racism out of the cw and put into the show that i hate about it. and hes the root so hes the one i hate. and stop using that argument of if he was a black dude because he isnt and if he were, racism wouldnt play a card as to why they just suddenly, 2 episodes in, replace james with him. but hes not so thats not a valid argument. hes a white boy they used to replace james in a healthy interracial couple but if you dont see the problem with that then idk what to tell you.

˙ ˖✶ introduction. ❜

˙ ˖✶ hello loves! i cannot express how excited i am for this roleplay, i’m such a ho for period type rps ;; my name is kale, and i’m the lil mun for both dear princess pyo-song ahreum and duchess yang aeri! i hope we can all have fun writing together, and i would love to plot with you all on both muses~

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Liv and Aaron are alike in so many ways, but i think her and Robert share a lot of similarities too. they both just want love, but don’t always think that they deserve happiness. (altho i’d like to think that Aaron is changing that for the both of them) they both put up walls built with sarcasm and indifference to protect themselves. they’ve both been burned in the past by parental figures that should love and protect them first and foremost. they both like winding people up (especially each other). they both lash out when someone talks badly about the people that they love. they’re both blonde. they’re both willing to do anything and everything for aaron flippin dingle.

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I SHIP KAIBARA W/ MIHAI; i've seen v. little of their interactions but they seem so cute??? together??????? i read what i see on my daSH B/C I LOVE MIHAI AND KAIBARA BOTH SO SEEING THEM TOGETHER IS JUST........A+++++++ their dynamic is So Precious i am rejuvenated, my crops are flourishing

Who do you ship my muse with and why?



As for the lack of interactions, that is because I am not only #The Worst™ but I also hold the title for the world’s slowEST ROLEPLAYER. EVER.

hey! i was tagged by @goataricrossing in a little info thing so here we go :D

Height: 5'7 so fairly tall imo

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor but I’m also very close to Hufflepuff

Favorite Color: Electric Blue

Favorite Animal: I really really like otters

Average Hours of Sleep: Like… 5-7 depending on how bad my insomnia gets :’)

Favorite Fictional Character: ohhh my god. oh my god i would fucking take a bullet for juzo sakakura. mercury black and rosayla from my candy love are both close seconds tho, but i love juzo so much,,,

Number of Blankets I sleep with: 2, but ones really heavy and fluffy. it’s also something i would take a bullet for.

Favorite Singers/Bands: BAD SUNS!!! I love them so much and I’ve been following them since their debut and they just released a new album and they deserve more recognition tbh! Also Casey Lee Williams is an amazing singer and ALSO deserves more recognition!

Dream Trip: I’d love to go to Russia or London someday!

Dream Job: zoologist, or anything to do with animals really!

When this blog was created:  like may 2013? i was around in 2012 tho jesus

Current Follower count: 1,044! I have around 2,000 if you want to count my side blogs tho!

Why I created this blog: I saw a lot of people making animal crossing blogs and i wanted to make one too, but now it’s kinda evolved into a nintendo blog :3c

now i have to tag 10 people i’d like to get to know better SO

@aseasoninseason @glamoore-gamer @windy-scribbles @mirrorcoat @psmd @symphonysoldierr @becschi @thomasservo @mehsprit @mexipika

if i tagged you in this you’re either a friend, somebody i’d like to get to know better or my sister lmao

Me: man, Lito is so dramatic how did he get this way?

Lito’s Mom: throws a party with a dozen place settings and wine glasses for guests that aren’t coming and meticulously arranges the tabloids of her son having sex with another man for both of them to see as soon as they walk in just to prove a point about how much she loves and supports him

Me: oh


Call the po-lice and the fireman.

Tbh I have no excuse for this. I just want Keith and Shiro to sing like idiots in their disney alien shirts wearing glasses. Fight me. (ง •̀_•́)ง Redbubble

merry christmas from nina and benny!!!

(((alternatively, if youre not celebrating, heres benny using a seasonal plant to get kisses from his favourite lady)))

okay yes your otp is great but is your otp a canon interracial relationship between two queer men without a large age gap that has excellent communication skills and equal love and respect on both sides

On Why Viktor Was Absolutely Smitten at the Banquet

So I was rewatching YOI (as you do c;) and noticed this scene:

Seem familiar? 

Viktor had a very similar first proper interaction with both Yuris, and both of them had said startlingly similar things. With how much Kubo-sensei loves parallels, I don’t think this is any coincidence either. 

Viktor being completely enthralled by Yuri made me squeal and make inhuman noises 5AM in the morning, but I never really quite understood what exactly it was about what Yuuri had said that touched him so deeply.. until now.

What Yuri had asked of Viktor was a skating routine – Viktor just had to choreograph it, and hand it over to Yuri. Granted, he’d have to teach him, but it’s simply a passing of skills and his skating expertise to someone else. What Yuuri had asked of Viktor was for him to be his coach. A coach doesn’t just teach. 

Yuuri had essentially said that he wanted Viktor’s time and commitment– that he wanted Viktor himself, by his side [as i type this I realise that Viktor taking Yuuri’s words to mean that he’s asking for him to stay by his side, would explain why Yuuri performing his routine ‘Stay Close To Me’ would’ve been seen by Viktor as a reference and reiteration of his request at the banquet!] 

Yuri asked for a routine. Yuuri asked for Viktor.

GOD this anime is so beautiful and well thought out that it does THINGS TO MY HEART. . 

No but really think about this with me: John and Mycroft just looking at Sherlock’s back, this single man who both of them love so much in such different ways, hearing him for the first time saying “I love you” and both thinking “Well obviously he doesn’t mean me; it’s got to be for him”

Very interesting moment in the post-race conference

Got to watch the entire post-race press conference and somethig caught my attention massively. After Lewis was being bitter as usual and nagging about mechanics and reliability, by the end of the PC, Seb said he wanted to make a comment and went on about how Nico is a deserved champion and how great he’d been all year and how reliability is part of all this and sometimes it goes your way and sometimes it doesn’t and that it’s Nico’s day and you can’t take it away from him. Nico then turned and thanked him in German and Seb gave a strong and reassuring smile. I can’t describe how much I love this. Seb directly and at his own will without being asked about it chose to take to Nico’s defence and point it out himself. Comes to show a bit what he thinks of what’s been said about Nico by media and by Lewis. Also perhaps part of it was because he himself was over and over pulled down by people claiming he was an undeserving champion as well and it was all down to his car. He knows how it feels like to not be given your deserved credit. Seb obviously and directly chose to stand by Nico and Nico recognised it and thanked him for it and I absolutely loved it.

This was so long but idk it resonated with me so much and I’m so proud of both of my champions.