just love their faces


I was trying to draw Kagome but it wasn’t going well so I just went with this ‘meep’ expression. I like to think she’s thinking about all the stuff she has to catch up on once she gets back home.

Also I went with her original straight bangs because I prefer it more.


Maki-san, you’re a musician, right? Music doesn’t go back. It only goes forward. Similarly, if a heart is moved, it goes forward. When you like someone, you can leave the past behind. 

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This is a really random thought I had but like just imagine the face Bruno is making in ur icon is the face he makes before he dicks someone, he just can't help it whenever he's gettin some he just makes THE CREEPIEST faces like yeah thats it bye

so headcanon is better than the work of all the hc blogs combined. i whole-heartedly support this

like he’s having a romantic night with someone and they wanna face him while they fuck so he dims the lights he buries his face in their neck and holds them close while he thrusts into them

and they think he’s being sweet and romantic but he’s jUST TRYNA HIDE HIS FACE


I love Lee. He’s Lee. I also got lucky today and caught a tweet that reminded me of something–forests. The irony is not wasted on me. Neither are those with incredibly strange imaginations. He likes the woods like Mark Ruffalo. He just happened to play the King of the Woodland Realm. I love that face. Who doesn’t love that face or his heart. Irresistible.