just love the both of them


Ritsuka Tachibana & Nina Drango - my two queens 

I needed to do it, since this one was already a thing~

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No one seems to give a shit about Jason anymore. Rob gets all the attention. He's a nice guy but I don't like it. I'll be the last person ever to stand (if I have to) saying that Jason was and still is and 10/10 will always be waaaaaayyyyy better than Rob. Why couldnt it have been Les Claypool or Pepper Keenan?

You’re entitled to your opinions anon and I get it. I miss Jason’s back up vocals and the energy he brought on stage BUT I will defend rob with my whole being. You may not like him but you can’t deny that he is very talented and has brought a lot to the Metallica family. Don’t forget, just because Jason left the band doesn’t mean he isn’t loved anymore. People followed him when he did Voivod, when he did Newsted (His album) And even when he was doing his country stuff as well; He will always be apart of Metallica and people will always give a shit about him.

Nikola Tesla is the greatest b/c he loved pigeons and science and wanted to provide people with electricity at low cost but he was also lowkey trying to build a death beam. 

  • Lexi: *over the comms* Everyone has to stop eating junk. For now on, only vegetables and protein!
  • Vetra: *over the secret comms* I have fifteen cases of Blast-Os in my room. We can hold out longer than she can.

I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

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Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤


i love these two so much

please dont be mean to my gremlin daughter she does not deserve this hate