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hey! can you rec some nice blogs to follow?? they can be harries or louies i just want nice people on my dash! thanks ❤

hi, darling!!! these are some of the lovely amazing people in my life and i hope you’ll love them just as much:

louies: @imactuallyharry @chillouie @acetheticlouis @actionlou @funsizelouis @rainbowankles @louis2k15 @louislyrics @rainbolwt @tommoftaoki @louispinkshorts @yatb @gigglelou @loverlouis @goldheartlouis @notheartbroken2k17 @windysalads @wellingtontat @warmfringe @viplarry @viplourry @princesslouis @worththewhiletweet @oliveyu @olivemel @this-old-town @peachylouies @starlightlarrie @queerlies

harries: @styles2017 @babygateisending @organicstunts (she has a shady anon, do yourself a favor and follow) @theholythighs @thelovejandles @pokinghes @just-end-it @harry-es @4nipnops @prettyhrry @hsrold @babeharrie @harrysdimplesarethedeathofme @harryslawyer @haztomlins @april7th @hapril7th @merrieharrie @softlarry

there’s many more people but i couldn’t remember their urls and i feel very guilty but i love them all and i’m sure you’ll love them too, darling!

(also i just realized now that i know more louies than harries :( rec me more pure harries)

The Truth Problem

So, we INTPs are all about getting to the facts of the matter. Unfortunately, you can be dedicated to facts without being dedicated to truth.

I’ve noticed that while we enjoy acquiring facts, we are less enthusiastic about being truthful. In fact, we aren’t often bothered by fudging it a little when it comes to being honest. We are obsessed with accuracy but not with morality. We want the facts, we just don’t necessarily want to apply them to real life.

Which is problematic, because it can lead to us being sneaky, underhanded, and even outright lying. I’ve noticed that I have a problem with being totally honest to the people nearest to me, and it’s such a subtle problem that I really have to watch it.

And I think that we are so used to being considered a truthful, straightforward, and correct personality type because we love facts that we forget that loving facts is not the same as loving truth.

We need to work at both.

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Nessian + 19 and 27 😉

19. Who loves to call the other one cute names?

Cassian definitely. Nesta acts as she hates it but even after hundred years, when Cassian calls her Sweetheart, she melts.

But imagine them having lunch and Nesta goes “Do you want more potatoes, honey”. And they both froze, Cassian with his fork halfway to his mouth. Nesta is close to panic attack/mental breakdown because she expects that Cassian will tease her to death but he just continues to eat and pretends nothing happened (he is dying and screaming inside)

27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower?

Cassian is a singing diva. He sings ALL the time. But singing in a shower is his favourite. He says his shower is perfectly built for singing I will always love you, his fav song. Sometimes Nesta goes with him just so he’d shut up. He doesn’t complain.

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Mikenana for the ship ask!

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i have to thank the fandom for this, as i think their relationship is largely fandom created. and i fucking love it.

i guess i kind of see them both as quiet individuals, where they’re able to read the air between them and float through life that way. but i always think they bring out a lively side of themselves–they’re each other’s alcohol of choice–able to loosen up around others when they’re together. it might make them dependent on each other, but it’s not that they aren’t strong without each other. they’re just better versions of themselves when they’re together. 

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I'd love it if you made "20) things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear", some fluff if it's possible :D Thank you for doing these lovely ficlets <3

aww you’re welcome, thanks for reading, glad you’re enjoying them! <3

Whenever you and Mrs Hudson are together, I swear you both forget the normal decibel level of human speech.

I’m just out of the shower, and I hear your voices travelling up from downstairs. Someone must have left a door open or two. You’re laughing- always a lovely thing to hear- and so is Mrs Hudson. 

“Hudders, no, not-”

“Stop being ridiculous, young man. You’ve not had lunch.”

“Didn’t realise cake was lunch.”

I’m smiling, just about to call down to ask if Mrs H has any milk in, when you start speaking again:

“Mmm, lovely.”

“Thank you, dear.”

“John’s favourite, this.”

“I know.”

“Mrs Hudson. …Would you-”

“Of course, what did you think I was practicing it for, you clot? Great British Bake Off?”

“Oh. That’s-that’s good, thank you. Just right actually, he doesn’t like a lot of fuss but… it is his birthday, after all.” 

There’s the sound of Mrs Hudson humming, the kettle being put on to boil, and you’re silent. And I haven’t stopped smiling. You ridiculous, romantic, wonderful man.

I won’t let on I know anything- although you’ll probably deduce that I know, and I’ll have to reassure you that it’s all fine. More than fine.

You’re a treasure.

Doing johnlock (& now hoopkins too <3) prompts from this lovely list even though I’ve got loads of other prompts to fill lmao sorry but these are so lovely for more inspiration <3

Numbers filled (johnlock): 6; 31; 12; 11; 60; 8; 51; 34; 54; 60x2; 3; 14; 42; 60x3; 22; 10; 16; 20

Numbers filled (hoopkins): 14; 25; 41; 9; 8; 12

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66. “How could I ever forget about you?”

Ashley’s funeral had been brutal. Robert hadn’t even known the vicar particularly well, but as Laurel gave her eulogy, he had felt his heart clench and his eyes water.

He couldn’t imagine how it would feel to lose the love of your life the way Laurel just had, with him not even remembering who you were. It was Robert’s worst nightmare, to ever think that Aaron would forget him.

Robert shifted slightly as Aaron got into bed beside him, tugging his sleeves down over his hands. It had taken a lot out of the both of them, Ashley’s funeral, and they’d tried their best to make up for Liv not being able to be there.

“Alright?” he asked quietly, watching as Aaron settled himself under the covers, tugging them up around his chest. 

“Today was awful,” Aaron admitted, lying on his side so he could look at Robert properly, his blue eyes bright as he scanned Robert’s face. Robert could see the beginnings of tears in Aaron’s eyes, the furrow of his brow making his heart ache.

Aaron had known too much sadness in his life, Robert decided. 

“I can’t even imagine how Laurel feels,” Robert agreed, reaching out and tangling their fingers together, admiring the way their wedding rings looked against each other. “Losing Ashley the way she did.”

“How could he forget her?” Aaron asked, biting down on the side of his lip. “I mean, I know why he did, I’m not stupid, but how could he just forget how much he loved her?”

Robert shook his head. “I don’t know how she’s coping.”

“I wouldn’t, if you ever forgot about me.” Aaron admitted, blinking back furious tears. 

Robert pressed a tender kiss to the inside of Aaron’s wrist, tugging him closer. “How could I ever forget about you?” he said quietly, hoping his eyes portrayed all the love he never felt like he had the words for. “You’re my soulmate, remember?”

@ the beautiful ppl in this AU’s discord

I dont know what to think and I don’t know how to compare that with such young minds I could find both love and despair. And even in their youth oh how they’ve seen the world. They joke and laugh but they’ve seen the world. They know its blessings and the horrors that it holds. We’re all miles away with screens and keys to keep us close just look at this youth and their individual souls. I don’t know what to think I don’t know what to compute but I wan’t them to grow, to be cherished, to be known. I want them to fight when the sky is crashing down but I want them to break so they can let the damage out and regrow again like a phoenix once down. I’ve seen them cry and I’ve heard their smiles, I’ve heard them sing and it’s still not enough. They say generations after mine could be considered a lost cause and sometimes it’s scary–sometimes it feels like a lost cause. But it’s youth like them that can give me hope. That acceptance and love will continue to grow. This youth knows suffering but they know love as well and their pain could take over, trust me it could. But they manage to push through like the wonder that they are. They are the stars and the sun and a galaxy of awe. And yet there’s still people who wonder what I saw–well this is what I see and they can believe me or not. I saw a world unfurl and a wonder to be caught.

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Am I the only one who feels like the eight generals don't get enough panel time? I mean at least generals like Hinahoho and Drakon who've arguably been around as long as Jafar has, yet they just don't feel as important? This could just be me ,but I feel like they don't get enough attention . They feel more like background character: /

To be fair, they are secondary characters (and in a series with a huge roster), so it is to be expected that they won’t be given much attention.

That said, I do agree that both as a group and as individuals I would love to see more of them. Sinbad no Bouken has delivered quite a bit on that front, especially with Mystras, though this too is to be expected as the Eight Generals are an integral part of Sinbad’s story.

On Ja’far, it is true that others have been around even longer than he has, but his importance has less to do with his tenure than with the bond of trust he shares (shared?) with Sinbad, not to mention that he is super popular. So again, I find it normal that he would get more screentime, both from a story and commercial standpoints.

Pls… I love Vernon Roche.
I love how frank he is and how brutally honest he can be. He doesn’t cut corners or sugarcoat anything, but he doesn’t care at all how that makes others look at him. He’s a man with a purpose and nothing on earth can get between him and a goal or some lofty dream. The guy doesn’t just sit and hope things happen – he goes out there and makes them happen. He’s far from perfect and stumbles with his mistakes sometimes, and yeah, he attracts a whole lot of trouble both for himself and, tragically, even for those he cares about. The wrongs that happen to him, he uses as fuel to propel him further, and it’s tragic, almost, seeing a hardened man sink even further down some dark pit. That said, however, he isn’t a tragic character, and he isn’t someone you would ever feel sorry for or mourn for. Roche is too cutting. Too in your face. Too unapologetic. The guy says and does things everyone else avoids out of fear due to matters of respect or expectation, and in a series full of liars and cheats, this somehow makes his nasty personality oddly refreshing. Yet, he doesn’t limit himself to sharp words. He’s persistent, he fights, and he fights hard, and…………. pls… Raise your hand if you, too, love Vernon Roche.

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Favourite moment/element for each character, for each season.

I just had way too many choices to make, particularly for the characters who have been around for all 5 seasons! Also, some of these are obviously going to overlap a little with my top 5 moments series.

Harold Finch: (do you even know how much I angsted over having to just pick one scene per season?!)

  1. Just to start off on a light note, I’ll go with my fav comedic moment for Harold, which would definitely be him being high as fuck and immediately wanting to hack into The Pentagon (Identity Crisis, 1x18).
  2. “Did you know?” – Harold Finch (God Mode, 2x22). I just loved all of his flashbacks. They were extraordinarily well done and watching him lose both Grace and Nathan was heart wrenching.
  3. “Kill them all” – Harold Finch (Beta, 3x21). 
  4. His scene with TM at the end in YHWH (4x22) of course! 
  5. The rules speech hands down (The Day The World Went Away, 5x10). 


  1. When she blew Corwin’s brains out and was all “so nice to finally meet you, Harold. You can call me Root.” (Firewall, 1x23). I instantly fell in love. 
  2. Her bad code speech of course! (The Contingency, 2x01)
  3. “The universe is infinite and chaotic and cold…” – Root (Root Path, 3x17)
  4. Her shootout with Martine in Prophets (4x05) would have to take the cake.
  5. “We might as well be a symphony” – Root (The Day The World Went Away, 5x10).

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It wasn’t a huge wedding. You two didn’t have the money to afford anything huge but neither of you cared about that. You loved each other so much and you just wanted to spend the rest of your life together.

“[Y/N] Curtis? I always liked the sound of that and now it’s official” you laughed as you and Darry danced together.

“Yes it is” Darry smiled kissing you lovingly. The gang cheered, every single one of them were happy for you two. You both deserved to be happy together.



They are looking like two best friends who are both in the closet or one of them is and they have crush on each other but they are afraid to tell it to other one so they are still very close but there is this little pain in their hearts.

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I'm pretty sure the Nick Fury we're getting in Legends Assemble is the black one. But they have made mention of another Nick Fury in Coles Coleson's progression missions. I'm certain this is Nick Fury Sr., aka the white Nick Fury who happens to be Nick Fury Jr.'s (aka the black Nick Fury's) father. If Sr. comes along at any point, it won't be for a long while. As a note, I'd love him and more originals to show up. No sense in barring them imo. They're just as much a part of Marvel history.

I don’t think we need to bar them, but if we’re only getting one Nick Fury, I’d prefer Nick Fury Jr, because a) there’s hardly any POC in this white- dominated game, and b) he’s the Nick Fury we all know and love from both Avengers Academy and the MCU. If they’d like to bring back both Nicks then I’m all for it.