just love the both of them

  • Me as Griffin explains the stolen century: huh, this is kinda weird and different, I don’t know about thi-
  • Griffin: Lup was assigned male at birth
  • Me: 10/10 best arc, best podcast
I felt so grateful, so happy for that gentle smile that I averted my face and wept. I was completely shattered and smothered by that one gentle smile.

Dazai Osamu, No Longer Human pg. 166

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CE 👏 CI 👏 LOS 👏 (idk the other fandom's except FNaF but I don't have any FNaF ships and it makes me sad because I wanna suggest more than just Cecilos 24/7 but it's also beautiful and nobody should stop suggesting Cecilos for anything ever)

1. They have to buy sticky notes in BULK. They always leave little notes for each other with them

2. Cecil’s closet is atrocious, and Carlos know that. But he doesn’t say anything because Cecil loves them and he’d rather not lose his supply of fuzzy sweaters.

3. Cecil gets sick a lot. And at first it used to scare Carlos half to death- but now it’s just a fact of life. He does what he can to help though!

4. They’re both autistic. (Don’t fight it. Just let it happen.) And they both have weighted blankets. Cecil doesn’t like fidget toys much, but he likes the chewable ones (I forgot the name sorry. But Carlos likes the ones he can play with.

5. Every time they see each other, it’s like they’ve gone another 1/10 years without seeing each other, come at each other, kiss and a tight hug. Every time. Because they really don’t know if the other even made it home safe until they see for themselves.

6. Carlos and sleep don’t belong in the same sentence. Cecil has to force him to go to bed often or he has to wait up with Carlos. 

7. The amount of times their conversations start with ‘Don’t get too worried, but-’ should be concerning. 

8. Cecil isn’t allowed in the lab. And the station is a ‘Carlos free zone’ because they cannot be in a professional environment together. It always ends in a sickening amount of pet names. And Carlos’ antics.

9. Cecil had to learn that sometimes Carlos doesn’t want to be comforted. He just wants to feel shitty and pity himself for a while. And Carlos had to learn that Cecil does want to be comforted. He wants someone to hold him and tell him it’ll be okay.

10. Carlos isn’t the only one who loves having his hair played with, lemme tell ya.

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um i have a request!!!! some good ass stozier fluff????? i feel like richie and stan would be going to different colleges in different states because they both got into their dream schools on full ride scholarships and couldn’t say no??? but they miss eachother so MUCH!!!! so maybe them like facetiming, calling, just listening to sad music and missing eachother and then stan shows up in richies dorm one night as a total surprise and RICHIE SOBS AND STAN IS LIKE AHHH MY BABY!!!! this is so ,, GAY

ah I love u this turned out lowkey sad but like,, very gay sooo

• as much as stan and richie didn’t like it, they had to separate when it came time to leave for college.

• they had both been accepted at their dream schools and there was no way they were going to pass it up. stan was going to nyu and richie was going to csu

• they promised to call every day and visit when they could but it became difficult once work picked up at school

• they still facetimed when they could and sometimes stan would write richie letters and send them in green envelopes with a bird sticker on the outside

• they made it work no matter how lonely it got at times.

• they each made playlists for each other to listen to when they were too busy to talk

• (they consisted of mainly sad songs and they made both of them cry sloppy tears)

• but one day stan couldn’t take it anymore and he decided to go visit his boy.

• he got the next ticket to colorado and was on the way before anyone could stop him

• so the whole time he had planning this out with bev, who was also going to csu with richie. they decided the element of surprise was the best way to go so she just made sure richie was in his dorm when stan got there

• stan finally got to campus and was standing at richie’s door

• he knocked and heard richie from inside, the sound of his voice already made him choke up a little bit. he was really there in colorado and was seconds away from seeing the love of his life

• “bev i told you that you don’t have to knock, just come in”

• stan opened the door and saw richie sitting at his desk, he turned around in his swivel chair and his jaw dropped open when he saw his boy standing in the door frame

• stan dropped his luggage and richie basically fell out of his seat and they ran toward each other. stan gripped richie like it was the last time he’d see him

• they’re both MESSES

• like rich is sobbing into stan’s shoulder and stan is sobbing into richie’s hair

• but they’re finally together and they can feel what it’s like to be in each other’s embrace again

• they wish they could stay like this for the rest of time


my ranking of how interested I am in various potential conversations about the B*rchie kiss.
  1. betty and jughead. I love emotional scenes with angst. I love my heart being stomped on.
  2. betty and veronica. I want it to be spiky. I don’t want Veronica to brush it off. but also I want them to move on with their lives and friendship.
  3. jughead and veronica. I LIED, THIS IS THE ONE I’M MOST INTERESTED IN. Both of their previous one on one conversations have been them relating to each other and how similar they are. Well, they in the same boat now and IDK today I’m just obsessed with this happening.
  4. jughead and archie. I can’t envision the bros talking about it. It’s not what bros do. So I’d be interested if it happens.
  5. hiram and archie. maybe this is how he ends up in a headlock?
  6. betty and kevin. kevin was there during the whole “betty pining for archie” era, so he may have valuable insight into wtf is going on.
  7. alice and betty. do you think alice ships bughead or b*rchie?
  8. hermione and veronica. hermione giving advice to veronica is a real hit or miss thing.
  9. fp and fred. I wonder if they were ever in a love triangle back in the day?

145. mayor mccoy and sheriff keller? maybe one of them heard about it and            they mention it during pillowtalk? i’m running out of ideas here.

146. hot dog and vegas. what are their thoughts on the situation? what about             an entire episode from the dogs perspective?

 146. betty and archie. I’m 1000% behind the whole ‘never talk about it again’             thing. better yet, crossover with the Potterverse and put the memories of             the kiss in a Pensieve. Then kill the Pensieve with fire. Problem solved!

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Um, can I just ask a tiny question... Is the part where Ikesen Nobunaga calls for a war council because of MC's silent treatment for 3 days a part of the main route or is it just an extra story? If it's the latter, I want to see what happened! Ahaha! I love your content btw~ 💕

Hello, Precious! The scene you’re talking about is from here:

You get this story as a prize for double-dipping Nobunaga’s route. It is a hefty 230+ page story, all in Nobunaga’s POV, for free!

For reference, Nobunaga’s last event epilogue was 150 pages, and Kennyo’s cheapie birthday story was 250 pages and both cost 300 coins ($3.00 USD) each.

The story starts out with Nobunaga’ phasers set to adorkable:

When Nobunaga reveals that he’s dragged them all there because his MC has stopped speaking to him, all of the warlords look at him, stunned. 

Nobunaga mistakes this as them feeling as devastated as he does. Masamune laughs his ass off. Nobunaga wonders to himself if not seeing his MC smile will be fatal, and Ieyasu flat out asks if he can leave, to which Nobunaga responds “leaving is forbidden.” 

I can’t! They’re all standing there plainly looking back at their liege lord like ‘did this dude really just call us in here for this’ with no fear! 

Even Angel Mitsu is looking at Nobunaga like:

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Love is in the Air Chapter 5

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary:Jared is a Flight Attendant, one of the best in the country. Y/N is one of the hottest Hollywood stars. Both intensely attracted to each other, but prejudices get in the way. Can Jared get past his idea of how Y/N should be? Can Y/N show Jared that she’s not the normal actress, but one who is shy and down to Earth, giving them a chance at love?  

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“I’d like nothing more,” you found yourself agreeing, wanting to the chance to know this intriguing man. Wanting to show him that you weren’t just a clueless actress like he seemed to think. The thought of spending more time with him made your step a little lighter, your mood a little brighter.

“Great!” He exclaimed, clapping his hands together, just as the barista asked for his order. Your mouth watering, you shocked Jared by ordering one of the huge cinnamon rolls that made the whole place smell divine.

“You really should try one,” you told him, and he quickly ordered another. Leaving him to pick up the items, you made your way to the far side of the shop, picking a seat away from the window and door. Hoping that you would have a little bit of freedom before you were noticed by fans. Like you usually were. Jared wasn’t far behind you, a tray containing your coffee and cinnamon rolls. And plenty of napkins.

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God just thinking about all the kadena content we’re gonna get in season 2 makes me want to scream. We’re gonna see them fall in love even more, we’re gonna get “i love u’s” we’re gonna see them fight and make up, we’re gonna see so much development from the both of them and i never been this happy about a show coming back. Freeform is doing everything right and honestly they are doing this for us - the fans. because for the first time american show writers give a shit abt their lgbt audience and are listening to us. I love this song.

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I’m crying because. Be ause they both would be so terrified at first.

Bruce is scared he’ll be like his father. It’s a sickness, he thinks. A sickness in the Banner blood. He’ll be like his father, and his father’s father before him. Somehow, someway, he’ll find that terrible chasm in his heart when he becomes a father and run himself further into ruin than he ever has before. And the Hulk adds a whole other layer to it, a entirely different danger. Being a parent can be frustrating. Being a parent can be hard. Stress and frustration and all those hard feelings being a parent must dredge up would seem impossible to bare with the thought of an Incident looming constantly over him. And would he even think he DESERVED this at first? This family, this warmth, this little guy or gal to hold in his arms and impart wisdom to and to give lil smooches and rock in his arms late into the night when he can’t sleep, so afraid he’ll wake up and find it was all a dream? How long would it take for him to think he deserved THOR, let alone a baby?

And Thor, who acts so confident, so sure he’ll be an amazing father, secretly just as afraid as Bruce. He looks at his brother, his sister, himself—each molded into something by their father. Molded into knights and monsters. Used, and manipulated, and hurt. He wonders if he will fail this child; if he will, years from now, find himself looking at them from across some terrible battle field, or stare them down as they tell him they hate him. Or perhaps they’ll inherit their uncles love of stabbing him in the back. Or perhaps he’ll be cruel, and, gods forbid, DESERVE their hatred. Become cold in his age, calculating. His father could not have always been the way he was, he thinks. He must have once been a warmer man. But the weight of a kings duties weighs heavy on even a God’s shoulders. Will he be worthy to hold this child?

But each of them would decide…for each other, they could try. They want that, together. They want to hold a baby and bake birthday cakes and put bandaids on scraped knees and finger paint until their clothes are ruined and cover the walls in the amazing artwork.

Thor wants to teach their toddler how to sword fight with sticks while Bruce laughs—because of course Thor will be beaten, as their child valiantly climbs on him and wacks him with said stick—and Bruce wants to gently teach a child that curiosity and knowledge are stronger than any weapon, read them all the books of far off space travel and magical lands and see them alight with that starry eyed excitement.

Thor wants to tell them stories about the stars. Bruce wants to show them how to make a volcano. Thor wants to have them ride of his shoulders as he gallops around the yard, and Bruce wants to sneak up behind them and tickle them and hear them laugh and be surrounded by that big blooming warmth.

They’d be so scared. But they would be the very best. They’d work so hard to be the opposite of what they had; they’d make each other into the parent they want to be, learning from each other. Thor learning from Bruce to be empathetic and careful with a little kids feelings; Bruce learning to be spontaneous and fun, not so scared to play.

Hey I’m crying why’d y ou do this to me they’d be such good parents iommmhkuggj

Ive been thinking about my ‘type" a lot and I think I’m just super attracted to women who are visibly not straight. Like Ive always loved butch women so much and women who I’m attracted to that are more feminine still have a gay way about them like omg I only have 2 exes but both had very fun bold aesthetics like my first gf wore lots of interesting prints with like overalls and just had a very bright fashion sense and the girl I dated after that has such a cute alternative look, she could really rock a choker and a bold lip (👀 hi lex if ur reading this I’m gay). I know I’m kind of rambling but man I LOVE LESBIANS AND BI WOMEN and I love that there are so many different ways women could present to signify that they aren’t straight, and its funny because I cant even put into words the wide variety of gay aesthetics…Its such a beautiful thing honestly we invented fashion ladies…

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Where do you get inspiration for the clothes you draw? I love them!

Admittedly Sorrel’s wardrobe is just mine. Quinn sort of dresses like a cross between an old professor and a Depressed Bisexual (of which he is both). Statice is a mix of just really cool things I’ve seen on really cool people that I wish I was as confident as. Daphne is human sunshine and so is her wardrobe. Arthur dresses like your garden variety skateboarder

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One thing I love about MikaYuu is that they don't follow the "Taller-seme-shorter-uke" thing. I mean, Mika is just 3cm taller than Yuu so they're basically the same. They are both cute little dorks in need of love and also the ones that can give each other the love they need. Just. I love them. They are perfect.

Probably because Owari no Seraph is not a yaoi

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One of my favourite parts about the ship NakaNaka is that the character 'Naka' means 'in' or 'inside'. I love it being called NakaNaka because Chuuya and Atsushi are both from different groups, but have their own center together (another meaning of 'Naka').



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Ok so if snape is both, do you ship jily or snily?

Well its possible that if Snape was a better person at school, Lily could potentially fall for him, but the Lily we know from the canon was never in love with Severus. So a relationship between them would be extremely one sided, and she would be trapped in a unhappy arrangement.

now, James and Lily are canonically in love, something we learn not just through people who knew them, but through them being literal soulmates (patronus-matching) so for me its pretty obvious what paring is the most believable one

 That’s just from a canon perspective. From a non canon perspective? still Jily. I just can’t see Lily and Snape together as anything other than friends, where one is unhappy in love. But hey, creative freedom! make, like, follow and think  whatever you want! :)

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I probably said this before when you posted your art last time (I vividly remember sending you asks about how great you draw narumitsu) but?? The love that emanates from your drawings?? Just that little detail that both Phoenix and Miles look at each other and they smile (Miles smiling genuinely at Phoenix is a blessing to me) at each other but the laughter is also visible in their eyes... such a good thing... Again I am reminded of what love is and it's how you draw narumitsu which is amazing

I love how some people are like ‘Tyrell isn’t good for Elliot cause he is a psychopath/murderer/shot him’ whilst ignoring the facts that a. Elliot isn’t exactly mentally healthy, b. He did shoot Tyrell in cold blood, he was just lucky that it didn’t work and c. Tyrell has HPD probably, so why excuse Elliot’s actions cause of his disorders and not Elliot’s?

I don’t think anybody here that ships these two think that either of them are healthy individuals, but the ones that don’t ship them (and post stuff about it) seem to forget that Elliot is also Mr Robot, who has done some really shady things at the very best (and as acknowledged in canon is rather self-involved).

Note that I love both of them equally, I am just saying.

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Archeryl - secret relationship

Okay I’m not going to lie Archeryl gives me so many feels so thank you for this

  • They definitely didn’t expect to fall for each other
  • It had started that day at Sweetwater, they suppose, though neither of them truly knew it
  • Ever since Archie saved her from drowning, Cheryl felt a connection to Archie, an inexplicable sense of trust
  • Of course, Archie was so in love with Veronica that neither of them even considered it an option
  • And then darker times came, Archie and Veronica fell apart, and the two of them just sort of… found each other
  • You could say it was a connection born out of mutual grief, that they were both just looking for a bit of comfort in their otherwise shattered lives
  • They started to lean in to each other, not too much, but enough to feel something had begun
  • And then one day, sitting on the bleachers after a particularly strong show of vulnerability, Cheryl placed a single cherry-red manicured palm on Archie’s chest and kissed him, staining his pale lips red
  • She remembers pulling away and looking at him with wide eyes, thinking to herself that the smear of lipstick across his mouth somehow perfectly mimicked the bleeding of her heart
  • When he kissed her back, it was like the whole world was ablaze
  • All of their emotional support gave way to physical, the two of them having secret rendezvous at every moment they could - in the back of Archie’s truck, behind the bleachers after practices, in the alleyway behind Pop’s
  • Neither of them were really certain what any of it meant, but they were both too reliant on whatever it was to clarify
  • Until one day, Archie ran his fingers through Cheryl’s hair and kissed her lips and told her he loved her
  • In response Cheryl interlocked her fingers with his and told Archie she loved him back
  • After that there were no more questions about what they meant to each other
  • Cheryl cried as she told Archie about how she missed Jason, how she worried she was responsible for her father, how she felt unloved by her mother
  • Archie held her as he recounted the shooting of his father, as he remembered the feeling of being buried alive, as he growled at the thought of Nick St. Clair hurting anyone ever again
  • The two of them grew into one, a support system of intense need and love, the ultimate reprieve from their otherwise darkened lives
  • They mutually agree to keep their relationship to themselves, to avoid any further conflict or gossip
  • What they had was perfect the way it was, they didn’t need anyone else interferring
  • For now, they had each other, and that was enough

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ok but we all know I’m highschool there is unnecessary drama, so like. Pining. Lots of it. Shane thinks since he’s seen Ryan in the halls before, with his friends, loud and sunny and oh so, so, popular, Shane just knows that Ryan would never look in his direction? And it’s vice versa? Ryan loving how dedicated Shane gets in their shared history class when the teacher is Wrong about something??? Just give me highschool Shyan au with the necessary amount of pining,,,

Ohhh god, so much teenage angst. Both of them starring at each other when the other isn’t looking. Both of them thinking they just aren’t meant to be. Ryan getting a gf/bf and Shane’s heart breaking. Ryan wishing it were Shane holding his hand. D,: