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That premier was 100% good Stuff ✔✔🖏✔ 🖏 ✔ 🖏 ✔. Poor Jack though- still IMA READY FOR MORE NEXT WEEK!

I know this is an nct blog but bear with me for a sec

Not to be bitter but why is eunhyuk aka lee hyukjae of super junior not counted among SM’s best rappers? Eunhyuk was SM’s original rapper along with Shindong (unless someone in DBSK rapped, in which case i apologize for not knowing) and yet i still see yall say that SM doesnt have good rappers? Yeah maybe he’s not a hip hop artist or whatever but you cant deny that he has talent? And yall are overlooking it???

Like have none of yall seen “Dear. TWO”? Hyuckjae poured his fucking heart out, talking about his difficulties as an idol with key lyrics such as “I, listening to words like ‘Don’t become trash, become a lie’ am also fake” and “The one who’s changed is you guys, what more do you want from me?”

I know this is late as he’s currently serving military duty, but it needs to be said. I’ll link “Dear. TWO” when i get off mobile.

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Do you stop loving ryeowook? Please don't stop loving him because he is too precious ~~~ TT

no ofc not anon!!!! 

if its about what i post these days i just don’t have the time to make my own stuff right now and looking at my dash there is no wook at all, so its hard to reblog him when theres no current content :^(

while he’s away in the army im just starting to reblog more of my interests/what makes me happy. that doesnt mean i dont love him still!!!!!

and even if i drift away from sj in general i’m always here for the wook :^)


hyukjae collecting all toys to put on donghae’s lap and he making a heart from them (▰˘◡˘▰)
[D-559] waiting for my ☾[D-561] waiting for my ☼   

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Happy Valentines Jinnie~ Does Namjoon have a special surprise for you 💕💕💕

SJ: Y-yeah I definitely came home to a special surprise aha….  ❤ ❤ ❤