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“You are my friend and I cherish you, but you shouldn’t have taken my apples before”

I wonder.. is this payback? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Though Sonata would never ever be this petty, right? Right~??
Nonetheless, she loves Hye Mi dearly! ♥♥

Hye Mi : @fatedchosenone
Sonata : mine

when you remember that korra, the protagonist of a popular children’s show, is a bisexual woc who struggles with emotional trauma/ptsd, and isn’t ever shown to have completely “overcome” said trauma, but instead learns to cope with it and lives a fulfilled, happy life with her girlfriend.

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when you realize that katara went from catching a fish in a bubble to imprisoning herself and a firebending prodigy when she was literally 0.049028342930 seconds away from getting her face blown off

when you realize that katara after being a master for only a few months brought back the worlds last hope from the DEAD

when you realize that katara travelled across the fucking globe to find herself a master who turned out to be a sexist poophead but proved him WRONG and learned how to fight and became a FUCKING MASTER HERSELF

when you realize that katara fought for womens right to learn combat in waterbending and changed the policies and laws and rules in the noRTH SO GIRLS COULD FIGHT!!!!!!

when you realize that katara taught herself how to catch a fish in a bubble bc there was no one in her tribe to teach her bc they all got wiped out

when you realize that katara had to teach herself basic waterbending while the other gaang members had INSTRUCTORS

when you realize that katara went from holding up water for two seconds to pull up an entire fucking ocean to destroy a fucking factory

when you realize that katara only after been kept in a bloodbending hold and watched hama performing it on her and her family literally bloodbent THE BITCH from killing her BROTHER AND BEST FRIEND

when you realize that katara literally sucks out the water from plants and trees and the air to use it tO PROBABLY KILL SOMEONE WHEN 6 MONTHS AGO SHE WAS TRYING TO CATCH A FISH WITH A BUBBLE

when you realize that katara called her brother and master out on their sexism and they ended up recognizing women for their strength and ended up teaching women combat too, like do u even think about that

when you realize that katara went from learning how to bend a makeshift umbrella for herself to sTOP THE RAIN FROM FALLING ALTOGETHER

when you realize that katara was seconds away from killing the man who killed her mother but didnt bc she is so much better than that and so much better than what a killer could ever be ( much better than anyone could ever be tbh )

when you realize that katara was only eight years old when her mother was burned alive in her own home and her father left them to fight in the war and after that she had to stop being a kid, stop having fun to take care of her brother, her elderly grandmother AND HERSELF while she was still a kid

when you realize that katara literally puts everyones safety and happiness before her own no matter who it is

when you realize that katara can kill you and youre ok with it ( you probably even want her to kill u lbr )


 O L D E R   N O C T I S   A P P R E C I A T I O N

Quote from the official Final Fantasy XV guide by; Yusuke Naora.


HP Challenge Day 5 - Favorite DA Member: Neville Longbottom

“”The odd thing is, Harry,’ [Dumbledore] said softly, ‘that [the prophecy] may not have meant you at all. Sybil’s prophecy could have applied to two wizard boys, born at the end of July that year, both of whom had parents in the Order of the Phoenix, both sets of parents having narrowly escaped Voldemort three times. One, of course was you. The other was Neville Longbottom.“”

One of my favorite things about the mileven reunion is that everyone in the room shuts up and stands back because they all just know how much this means to the both of them. Like the world is literally about to end and yet they give mike and el their moment because they know how important it is for them.



there’s a lot of misconceptions about asexual people and quick reminder that we’re in a spectrum. some of us are sex-repulsed, some of us are sex-positive, some of us love orgasms but only solo, some of us only want a relationship that isn’t sexual, some of us are cool with getting our partners off but don’t necessarily need it for us, some of us would be down with sex

here’s a nice explanation on what is sex-positive, sex-neutral, and sex-repulsed in regards to being asexual

on top of it: asexual ≠ aromantic. someone who is asexual does not mean no romantic or sensual feelings! also it doesnt mean you can’t look at someone and find them aesthetically pleasing. what defines asexuality is not their labido either, but it’s “a lack of sexual attraction for someone” 

Just a reminder that breaking up with someone who is toxic to your life is not a two person decision. It isn’t up to them whether you break up with them or not, don’t buy into the whole “you can’t do this to us” bullcrap. Yes, you can. 

I just... I just wanna talk about Matt Holt for a second.

This kid has been to hell and back. On his first mission into space ever he, along with his father and captain, gets abducted and basically tortured by a homicidal alien race. This boy has never left earth. Up until this point he didn’t even know that there was life outside of earth! So, he’s gotta come to terms with all that, and also with the fact that he is now a prisoner who will probably spend the rest of his now very short life at the mercy of these killers.

Then, he gets separated from his father and Shiro. Shiro saves his life and then he’s gone. His father is sent away and this kid is alone. Like really, truly alone. And from what we learn about him, he seems like a pretty independent, self-assured individual. But he’s got two parents, he’s got a little sister whom he’s really close to, I’m sure he had some close friends too. I don’t think Matt Holt has ever really been alone in his life. But then, suddenly, he is. 

But this kid, man. This kid makes it. He is resilient. Through a series of events, he is freed from his captors. And what does he do? He doesn’t run away, he doesn’t try to go back to earth. He doesn’t break down and let his experience overtake him. He joins a resistance group and fights. Not only does he fight, but he becomes a ranking officer! Like, he doesn’t know any of these aliens from a hole in the wall and they don’t know him. He owes them nothing. But somehow, he feels a duty to stand with them against the ones who took him away from everything he ever knew and everything he ever loved. 

So, he fought and he resisted and made some dangerous enemies. So dangerous, in fact, that it would seem he had to fake his own death and go off-grid so that he wouldn’t be found. Now, this kid is on an unknown planet scouring through transmissions that he can’t really understand hoping to find even hints of clues to defeat the enemy. He is alone once again, in every sense of the word.

This kid should be hard as stone at this point. But when the audience finally gets their first look at him. He’s happy. He’s cheerful. He praises his sister, he flirts with Allura, and he even makes a food pun!

You have a kid who’s been to hell and back. A kid who’s got literal scars from his demons. A kid who, out of all the characters, except maybe Shiro, has had the most traumatic experiences. And yet, he’s still so… bright. He still smiles, and laughs and jokes and appreciates things like how smart his sister is or how pretty a girl is. And I think that’s just pretty fucking amazing.