just loook


Look! It’s the Mugiwaras being badass! but what do I spy?

I spy Frobin!

No wait! It’s ZoRobin

Wait! it’s ZoLu

NO wait! LuNa it is!

No! It’s SaNa!

But most importantly it’s Brook going to try looking under Namis skirt to see her panties!

here it is!!! i worked months on this thing so i Hope you enjoy! its a long comic so u can see the rest under the cut. (also im sorry if the audio doesnt work,,)

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no offence but where is the iliad/helen of troy episode of Doctor Who we all deserve???

I just noticed something...

Anyone remember the episode “Parturition” where Janeway finds out the Doctor has been eavesdropping all this time?

Janeway: Tell me, just how often do you eavesdrop? 

Doctor: I am simply trying to monitor issues involving the health of the crew, Captain. When activated, the Emergency Medical Program establishes comm. links with all key areas of the ship, and I have, on occasion. I am a Doctor, not a voyeur. I am programmed to be discreet. 

And then Janeway looks at Chakotay…

And Chakotay looks at Janeway…



야!해줄래? more like appreciation to mingyu’s face

mihawk, doffy, shanks, marco having a crush on a younger girl

Mihawk : I don’t think Mihawk will act very differently. Maybe he will try to looks a little bit less old but he won’t change too much. And he doesn’t really care about the age gap. He is just loooking for the perfect women.

Dofamingo : dofamingo likes younger girl. It makes him feel a little bit less old and he likes the beauty of the young ladies. He will show off a lot, showing to everyone how he can have a beautiful young lady next to him. 

Shanks: Shanks finds it a little bit more problematic because he is the older of the list. He is at an age where guys prefers to fing a beautiful and caring wife, have a house,children (when you are not a pirate). So having a crush on a girl who could be his daughter will be very hard for him, but at the end of the day he doesn’t really care much and just wants to enjoy his life. 

Marco: It’s a good thing for Marco ! Being the phoenix he is, he doesn’t age like the other. It’s really less fast for him, so he always fear that he will die after all of his friends, or his S/O will get very old (looking like a 80yo) and he still looks like 40 yo. But crushing on a younger girl will be difficult because he is very mature (he has live a lot of things) so the S/O needs to be very mature too. He doesn’t want to always remind the fact that she is way younger. 


this should be obvious:


what are they gonna think when the real eps get announced?

they’re all gonna be pissed

all these tomkie and starco shippers are being tricked into false hope and nobody is even talking about the fact that this guy admitted to faking these titles. https://urlofthingscom.tumblr.com/post/159355915208/regarding-the-fake-schedule

a director CALLED HIM OUT ON IT: https://twitter.com/Giancarlo_Volpe/status/850736943893667840

I’d be so angry if i was being promised episodes like this, and were then told they were fakes the hard way.

Because this is just so frustrating to me.

and it’s spread so far, and keeps spreading despite being fake and no one is talking about the fact that he admitted that they were fake.

His confession post is being completely ignored.

I need something, or anything from the real s3 episode list, so this fake list can be shut down more and more by the fandom.


Clone Magazine -  (Sestra edition)