just looking through these caps makes me emotional

octoberflight  asked:

Hiya! I'd just like to ask your opinion on something - you and a sizeable portion of the Sherlock/Johnlock fandom have been going on and on about jealous!John in the Sherlock/Jeanine scene. Personally, I can't see anything other than a pleasant sort of wtf-bewilderment (and I'm LOOKING for the jealousy). Would you please maybe describe how jealous!John is achieved in that scene? (Expressions, cinematography etc?) Thank you! P.S. Love your metas and links, appreciate you crazily <3

First of all, thank you. Next bit should not be taken as a personal… anything, certainly not annoyance, I am very, very flattered I get these questions. But I get a lot of questions like “I don’t see that”, so I am just putting this down as background info on me. 

*pours wine* Ooooookay. I’ll give it a look again. Now. This is all just my take. But.

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