just looking for new blogs

looking for guild wars 2 blogs~

hi there! i’m ellie~ basically, i’m just looking for some new gw2 blogs to follow and maybe make some friends on the way? if you post and/or reblog original gw2 content, i would love to follow you~ please feel free to reblog this post and/or reply so i can check you out! 

thank you! ♥♥♥


the dream pack; fancasts

diego barrueco
paul craddock
satoshi toda
adonis barro
vladimir averyanov

i’m looking for some new blogs to follow. not that i unfollowed anyone, but my dash is pretty dead and i want more to distract me from my life. like (or reblog, i suppose), if you like:

  • captain america (and company)
  • steve/bucky
  • marvel comics 
  • star wars
  • the americans
  • the west wing
  • college football/basketball
  • chris evans/sebastian stan/anthony mackie
  • 27 year olds who are not cool but try desperately to be anyways
Following Spree!

I just unfollowed about 300 inactive blogs, so I’m looking for some new ones to follow!

Here are the things I always need more of on my dash:

- Supernatural
- Hannibal
- Once Upon a Time
- The Walking Dead
- Star Wars
- Marvel

Like/reblog (the reblogging helps spread the word ya know!)  and I’ll check your blog out and follow if I like what I see! (Or I’ll just be lazy and follow every blog that likes/reblogs this post).

Anonymous said:Hey, I was curious if you could do a quick sketch of Gamzee? You Can make him look however you want! :) have a good day!

Here comes a friendly(?) clown

the opening line of sonnet 59 (’If there be nothing new, but that which is hath been before’) references Ecclesiastes 1.9: “The thing that hath been is that which shall be; and that which hath been done is that which shall be done; and there is no new thing under the sun.”

and just look what john’s blog post about moving in with sherlock ends with

Fic Updates Week Ending 2/11/17

Good Morning Lovely Everlarkers!  Hope this week finds you all well and reveling in some Everlark Love this Valentines Day.  Can we all say a big thank you to the lovely ladies running the @loveinpanem blog?  Because…well, they’re just amazing!  Go check them out!  

In other news, the blog is getting a new look!  Caryn aka @papofglencoe has been busy behind the scenes tweaking and tabbing away.  I have absolutely no words for how much I love her and that Caryn Flair!  I hope you’ll reach out with a little love for her today too.

Let’s get down to business and check out this weeks updates now, shall we?

Where We Can Be Safe  Chapters 4-6  by @geekymoviemom

Everything But Money  Chapter 6  by @mtk4fun

Sirens Call  Chapter 12 by ThornFromARose

Dr. Hot Buns, M.D.  Chapter 2  by @littleevilisa (from last week)

Reverse  Chapter 5  by @herainab

The Firebird  Chapter 24 (last chapter) by @thegirlfromoverthepond

Capitol Life  Chapter 5  by @javistg

Quicksilver  Chapter 4  by @finnicko-loves-anniec

Behind Blue Eyes  Chapter 15  by @maxwellandlovelace

No Baggage  Chapter 2  by @lvfics  - still can’t get the tag to work

Out of Bounds  Chapter 14  by lizzyvb

Fated to Love  Final Chapter  by @jlalafics

Epiphany  Chapter 16 by @sfcbruce

Star Crossed Lovers  Chapter 15  by CPfanfic

There are Still Much Worse Games to Play  Chapter 68  by panskiss123

Wanted  Chapter 2 by @peetaspikelets

As always, just reach out to us if anything has been overlooked, we’ll be sure to get it reblogged and added next week.

That’s it my darlings!  I hope each and everyone of you has an amazing week and that we all find something to make our heart smile this Valentines Day.  In the meantime, how about some grimy dirt-covered Peeta to get the ole’ heart pumping, huh?  Thought so…

Happy Peeta Sunday!  Still the best damn day of the week!

Love ya!  Mean it!

Your Everlarkficupdate Team

You know this pic is totally when Peeta told Katniss that he didn’t care if she “saw him” and she stomped away all embarrassed and shit!

Looking for new blogs to follow

I just unfollowed over 200 blogs, and my dash is seriously dead. Like/reblog if you post
•cute/kawaii things
•cute food (especially baked goods and desserts!!!)
•anime/manga/video games
•j-fashion and/or cosplay
•memes :^)
•pastel pink/purple/blue aesthetics
•cute animals!
•pretty much if we have similar blogs c: