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I’m really very sure that the whole armour exchange scene with Liam and Jaal was added as a flimsy way for Bioware to be like “LOOK YOU FILTHY ANIMALS WE RENDERED THE ALIEN NAKED JUST LIKE YOU WANTED” because I’ve been thinking about it for days and I can’t think of a single logical reason they actually needed to be naked for that scene

Not complaining, don’t get me wrong, my brain completely shut down

What I’m saying is Bioware just gets us


So right across from the theatre Hamilton is at, there is the Church of Scientology. I noticed there were some guys handing out fliers, and I was curious what was on them. So, my younger sister and I crossed the street to get one. The guy who gave us the flier was creepy as heck and was asking us where we were from and how old we were. I felt uncomfortable so I just thanked him for the flier and started walking away. The guy persisted though and said, “Thank you? I don’t know what that means. How old are you guys?” My sister stops in the middle of the sidewalk to talk to him. I was like NOPE, and I grabbed her and we left.

It wasn’t a crazy experience or anything but the place (and the guy we talked to and the fliers we were handed) gave me some weird vibes. I feel like there must be some shady stuff going on in there. 

Have any of you guys had an experience with the Church of Scientology? LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE STORYTIME VIDEOS XXOXOOXOX

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Wtf did disney do to make us fall in love with a couple that is barely seen. Even when they become human again we only see them for a brief second.

Oh, you know Disney; it always has its magic touch…

But no, I think the real reason why the musicians have received so many positive reactions is because Disney gave us a reason to look.

Take the prologue. If we weren’t looking at the prince we were looking at the Madame.  She stands out by a ton, with her wig and her dress and her place above the dancers like the full-blown opera diva she is.  And if we weren’t looking, we were listening, and by heaven, she’s the best singer in the entire production.  Plus if you know the lyrics to the Aria, she’s setting the prince up to be initially hate-able to the audience.  She owns the prologue, no competition there.

And then, because he’s in her vicinity, we notice Cadenza.  Even while the prince is dancing, the camera cuts away for little snippets of Cadenza’s expressions during the festivities, and he’s feeling every second of her performance and he’s so in love with her voice and her.  And then we notice the harpsichord and I don’t know if you had this thought, but I remember thinking “Huh…that’s actually really good playing.”  In fact, if people just listen to the audio, Cadenza’s a lot more prominent than one would initially think (because in the movie, the prologue gives us so much to look at that we hardly focus on the music.  In fact, Cadenza’s got an amazing part in the OST “Castle Under Attack”–at around 3:28).

Another reason why they’re so noticeable is because–and this is a film trick that can be used in the best of ways–aside from the prince (but he’s so covered in makeup anyway), they’re the only ones whose faces are shown.  

Even I have trouble remembering that the other servants were present for the entire dance because we were only shown their backs.  If we did see their fronts, their faces were hidden in shadow.  The only reactions we got to the prince’s transformation were Cadenza’s and Garderobe’s.  And they weren’t so much terrified as they were in awe, but they helped put us in that moment.  

The same thing happens at the end of the movie, when Garderobe’s singing the finale.  They are literally the last faces we see.  She sings the last E-flat, Cadenza’s hands go up to play the final note, and then the screen cuts to black.  In a way, it started and ended with them, plus they represent and pay homage to what made this movie such a blast back in 1991: music.  And above all, that’s what makes them so important.

I will never understand why Padme denied Anakins “We can rule the Galaxy together!”,like…
a)Hella hot guy(no pun intended)
b)With a sexy looking scar
c)Blue eyes
d)Amazing smile
f)Is willing to give you a motherufucking galaxy
g)Did I mention he is gorgeous? I think hella hot covers it, but again…
Is there any reason to say no? And no, the dark side is not reason, because it is known that bad guys are 10% hotter than good guys (this doesn’t apply for Obi-Wan tho, he is gorgeous anyway).
And also, til death do us apart? Together trough good and bad? Do space couples do vows or is it just our lameass Earth thingy?

TalesFromRetail: I don't need your phone number, buddy.

Customer service specialist at an electronics store here.

Last night I was closing the front lanes, and had this exchange occur during one of my first credit card transactions. Fellow wasn’t a rewards member, so I had already asked him if he was and he had declined my offer to look him up using his phone number. This is mildly important, as that is the only point in the transaction where a phone number would have been necessary and we were well past that.

I’ll be M, the customer will be C.

M: Does your card have a chip?

C: No.

M: Go ahead and swipe.

C: swipe

M: waits for him to enter his PIN

C: Credit?

M: Hit ‘Cancel,’ please.

For some reason, our keypad screen just says WAIT FOR CASHIER and not, IDK, “please present card to cashier” or something else that would indicate I need the last four digits of the card number for security reasons. So I have to verbalize what I need at this point. There’s enough of a delay that most customers have their card stashed in their wallet by the time the POS screen prompts me for this information.

M: May I have the last four digits of your card number, please?

C: 1234.

M: … I’m sorry, that didn’t work. May I see the last four digits of your card number, please?

It’s worth mentioning that he has not taken his card back out of his wallet.

C: It’s 1234.

M: … it’s still not working. Are you sure you’re giving me the last four digits of the card you swiped?

C: Oh. takes out his card, still doesn’t show or hand it to me It’s 4321.

M: Thank you.

C: You asked for my phone number.

M: I … okay.

IDK what planet he lives on that the last four digits of a telephone number would be necessary during a credit card transaction, but my brain-to-mouth filter caught what I would have said if I weren’t wearing my name tag, so, you know. Go me.

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STOP !!!

jimin does NOT deserve to leave bts jimin does NOT deserve death threats jimin does NOT need negativity jimin does NOT need to be hated on for living his life and doing what he loves jimin is a HUMAN BEING and has feelings and insecurities just like the rest of us. anti’s are the reason we are looked at as a bad fandom. so please, if you see anything negative about jimin or the boys in general, just report the account and don’t respond. show the boys unconditional love and be the ARMYs you’re supposed to be. use the hashtag #weloveyoujimin on twitter to drown the negative tweets being sent to chim. thank you.

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I used to absolutely hate Bobby bc I liked Rap Monster and I'd seen that mess of Bobby dissing RM so I was like NOPE and didn't properly look into what had been said and I hated ikon for so so long bc of it but now they're one of my fav groups

LOL that’s funny. I love hearing stories like these because our reasons for not liking these people are so damn petty. We could have started enjoying these artists SOOO much sooner if we just put all the nonsense aside.


Well, if you must know, I escaped BL/i as a Drac. So that’s what I look like under the mask.

As you all should know, when Killjoys are taken from the Zones, they’re most likely gonna be turned into Draculoids. A Drac is basically a genetically modified Runner. We’re taught to kill our friends, the process is extreme and they change our faces to look like this, bleach our skin and burn our hair. So our friends can’t recognize us.

For some reason I woke up, snapped out of it, y’know? My brain just let go of what S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W had done to me.

We were out on a mission when it happened, it felt as if I had finally caught my breath, I could think again. 

My eyes were locked on a Runner, my raygun aimed right at their think box.

I think they knew what happened, their face changed from fear, to confusion. As soon as I realised what was happening, I ran.

I ran as far as I could. The sun set and rose again before I stopped, nobody had followed me.

That’s when they found me. The Killjoys that started it all.I had only ever seen them on posters before. 

The car was coming straight for me. Honestly, I didn’t care. I had dusted so many Killjoys, they could have been my friends and I wouldn’t ever find out. The one with red hair was driving, ‘Party Poison’, my mind told me. He was grinning wide and had a sharp look in his eyes. His grin wavered as he realised I wasn’t doing anything. I was just stood there, unarmed, as I had lost my raygun while I was running.

The graffitied vehicle jolted, the Killjoy was breaking. He was stopping the car.

It halted merely inches away from me, and I saw that he wasn’t alone. The rest of his group accompanied him, all equally confused. Party Poison got out.

“Um…Hello?” He carefully stepped closer to me, his hand hovering over his weapon, a dirty yellow raygun.

“Hi?” I replied. Party Poison and the rest of his friends all gasped in unison. Their eyes wide, and their mouths hanging, shocked at what had happened.

A Draculoid had spoken.

And that’s how I met them. You didn’t ask for my life story, but you got it anyway.

Stay shiny, kids.

P.S. I have a large collection of masks, so when Party uses my main one, I have others.


Jesus this was long I’m sorry. Credit to owner for the background.

Thank you @mcrdeviantclub for the question!

So they’ve already put up the Christmas lights at the local shopping center right and one part of the display are these big festive phrases hung between the buildings; y’know standard stuff like “Believe” and “Wish”-- and for whatever reason, “Ding dong”. But the thing is if you stand on one side of the road half of it is blocked from view so it just looks like someone decided to write “DONG” in massive fuck-off glowing letters and hang it in the middle of the high street and tbh it’s the closest thing to a Christmas miracle I’ve ever seen

episode 10 implies that Viktor must have been looking for an excuse to see Yuri again for months before the viral video showed up, meaning that it wasn’t just a spur of the moment decision like we thought but something he had mullet over for about 4 months by then

episode 10 implies that the reason Viktor is so clingy towards Yuri is that he had waited months to see him again and when Yuri took time off of skating he was sad about not having had the chance to do so until now

episode 10 implies that part of why Yurio was so pissed off that Viktor left is because he knew Viktor was leaving his career to see his crush

episode 10 implies that Yurio didn’t like Yuri at first cause he assumed that Yuuri had played with Viktor’s feelings that night

episode 10 implies that Yakov probably felt the same way and that it wasn’t until the Cup in Russia that he realized Yuri was a good person and good for Viktor

episode 10 implies that Viktor was sad, and not just shocked, that Yuri didn’t remember their first official meeting

episode 10 implies that when Viktor kissed Yuri back in China he had already spend between 10 - 11 months wanting to do so

episode 10 implies that when Viktor asked Yuri if he wanted him to be his boyfriend, he asked seriously even if it sounded casual

episode 10 implies that Viktor sees their rings as engagement rings and would gladly marry Yuri in a heartbeat 

episode 10 implies that Viktor’s motivations were both, about finding fulfillment in his professional life again, as well as his personal one

episode 10 implies that they have been mutual pinning through out the whole anime but instead of rushing into things, got to know each other first, put their effort into both their personal and professional relationship, and that they have both grown stronger for it

thank you YOI staff, than you

I was just thinking about how gross I look in this pic but then I remembered the only reason I thought I looked weird was because I was taught by society that if I don’t fit Eurocentric beauty standards, I’m ugly. Indigenous features are hard to get used to. So I’m just gonna leave this picture here and try not get all insecure and delete it by tomorrow. MeXICANX pride exudes through me as it should through you all as well.

this is one of my absolute favorite kisses because it just seems so…real? so spontaneous? 

when kisses happen on screen, we often see some sort of buildup, whether it’s a declaration, or people slowly leaning in, or people running toward each other, etc. or kisses usually have some sort of purpose, characters will kiss for the first time; they will kiss when they reunite, when they’ve been apart for whatever reason; they’ll kiss when they greet each other; they’ll kiss when they say goodbye to each other; their kiss will be the introduction of a scene; their kiss will be the ending of a scene. and those kisses can be absolutely wonderful, skam is actually full of them, but the fact that we’re mostly used to those kinds of kisses makes this one seem all the more special and unique

because this kiss is kind of just a….“just because” kiss? i kiss you just because you’re here, i kiss you just because i look at your face and i’m drawn to your lips, i kiss you just because i can, i kiss you just because i’ve wanted to kiss you every hour of everyday for so long and i wasn’t able to, but now i am, so i will. just because why not. just because we can. just because we want to. just because

this kiss almost looks improvised, but we know it’s not, it’s 100% planned - the way it happens, the moment it happens, the angle. and that’s one of the show’s biggest strength, the fact that it manages to make scripted authenticity seem so unscripted. and it’s just a little kiss, it’s just a little thing, but the sum of all these little things, of all these genuine-looking moments we see in skam is exactly what makes the characters and their stories feel so real

Humans are Weird

So, I just thought of my own humans-are-the-weird-ones thing. What if humans were the only race to develop clothing and other things that are used simply to change our appearance. The other races don’t use clothing for protection from their home environments, and use vehicles for exploring non-native environments. Armor exists, but in a non-ornamental way, and generally doesn’t do much to change appearance, or is at least non-individualized. Makeup and nail polish are unknown, though tattoos and piercings are known to be used by some cultures for ranking and identification purposes and are not used ornamentally by any race other than humans. Hairstyles are not unknown, but are all generally for practical (keep it out of the way! I need insulation! I need shade!) reasons.

At first, aliens just think that there are a lot more humans than there really are, that humans that look alike with small differences are just family members, and that humans just naturally tend to be known solely by their family name. (Like, Alien “Ralph” meets Human “Bella Tailor” one day, sees her the next day in a different outfit, and thinks that he/she is meeting a relative of the human he/she met earlier, and that their family name is “BellaTailor.”)

Humans, at first, just thought that aliens were terrible at matching faces and names… and that they were apparently all nudists, but hey, who cares? Different cultures and races and all that, you know.

“Hello, BellaTailor. My name is Ralph. I believe I met your relative the other day. How is she doing?”

“I do not have a sister, Ralph. You must be mistaken.”

“That cannot be! She looks just like you, only more… pink, I believe is the correct color-word… and has your name! You must be relatives! It would be too much of a coincidence for you to not be related!”

“Where… exactly… did you meet my ‘sister’?” 

“Oh! We were on the same shuttle together. I must admit I am surprised; I thought that there was only one human on the ship’s roster.”

“Ralph, I am the human you met there. Remember how we talked about how uncomfortable those one-race-fits-all shuttle seats are?”

“But… no… you are different colors and patterns! This is a terrible joke. I wouldn’t suggest trying it on anyone else.”

“Dude, all I did was change my clothes. It’s not like I’m a whole ‘nother person, despite what commercials and such would have you believe.”


“Right… nudist… um… let me just… show you?”

Bella precedes to take off her top (not like they’ll care, they’re nudist anyway, right? eep, here goes nothing, really hope this is okay). Ralph thinks she means that they’re a race that sheds their skin, though he’s put out and puzzled over how no one mentioned that fact to anyone. After all, shedded skins can really clutter up an area, especially at the rate she seems to shed, though it could explain a few things. Bella, frustrated, puts her top back on, takes Ralph to her quarters, and shows him her clothing (which was still mostly packed due to limited storage space). Ralph finally sort-of understands, but the idea is totally trippy and weird to him.

“What did you think I brought so much luggage for?” 

“Well, I didn’t really want to pry, and your planet is… a bit… cluttered…”

*sigh* “Dude, I can’t… I just… urgh! WHY ME?!?!?!”

After many misunderstandings the aliens are brought to understand that humans can change their appearance in many ways, practically at-will. 

Then the whole issue of “camouflage” comes up. By this point, humans have developed advanced camouflage that automatically mimics the wearer’s surroundings. The other races react in various ways. Some are rather neutral about this discovery. Others are afraid. But many desire to obtain the art and secrets of “camouflage” for themselves. The earth and humans are now at the center of a conflict that borders on war - Intergalactic war. Because we’re the only race to have actually thought of camouflage. Thankfully, the other races begin to catch on before full-blown war is unleashed, but it is a very close thing.

@howtotrainyournana @crossroadsdimension Look! I came up with one! :D YAY for tired-brain-creativity! WHOOO (don’t really feel tired now, but I should be, and I know I will be when I have to wake up in four hours. :/ why does the coffee only seem to work when you actually want/need to sleep?)


Spotted at co-worker Kim Bryant’s house: a super classy reference bookcase, complete with dictionary podium. It’s just the kind of thing I imagine putting in my library room, if I could ever afford to have a library room. (Kim and her husband, Chris Willey, keep it in the hallway.)

This thing isn’t just for show: Chris says, “Every few days to look up a word I’ve seen somewhere (in a book or article) or one I’m thinking of but of which I’ve forgotten the meaning. … I highlight anything I look up.”

Is it better than using the Internet? “Yes! If for no other reason than it doesn’t have annoying ads all over it.” I can’t argue with that.


P.S. In case you’re wondering, the highlighted word in this photo is “demiurgic.”

Spock pretends to not understand human courting methods, and Bones won’t stop buying him flowers. When Spock decides to return the favor in his own troll way, he gifts Bones a beautiful, freshly-picked bundle of….asparagus. His reasoning in the totally-not-romantic-love-letter attached to it is that asparagus is “more useful” than something that just sits there and looks pretty, but of course Bones puts it in a fancy crystal vase on his desk and openly cherishes its “beauty” just to piss off Spock. They were made for each other that way.


Just a thought, that could probably be the reason why Steve jumps to the conclusion “Pregnant?!” like he’s been expecting it. And boy he looks really upset for Tony..

Episode 3 vs episode 7

Okay so I’m pretty sure it’s undeniable that they used similar looking shots for the “almost kiss” in episode 3 and the real kiss in episode 7. But here’s just a handy post with the images for comparison. Enjoy! :)

The initial look:

Victor’s eye:

Yuuri’s eye:

The main shot, shiny lips included:

I think the most fascinating thing to note is that every single shot (except the first which only has Victor) is mirrored. @suzuranao suggest that a reason could be the idea of Victor trying to get Yuuri to give something (ep 3) in compared to the opposite of Victor giving Yuuri something (ep 7). Another idea could be the idea of Eros (ep 3) to something closer to Agape (ep 7). Undoubtedly the situations are reversed though and it’s very interesting to see that so clearly in the film direction too!

And of course, bonus shot because we all love it and can’t ever have enough:

You can't call yourself a fan if you:

1. Attack members of the group you stan (why would you ever)
2. Say another member is getting undeserved love/attention (almost every idol I’ve seen deserves love and attention)
3. Call members ugly (they probably aren’t)
4. Calling another group’s members ugly (how dare you)
5. Blame a successful member for the misfortune of the other member or members. (They have no control over how they’re being promoted or how their albums sell)
6. Hate a member (probably for no good reason)
7. Attack other groups or provoking other fandoms (mind your own business)
8. Hate other groups (also for no good reason)
9. Hate girl groups (why would you ever. They are great)
10. Hate a member of a girl group for just looking in “oppa’s ” direction (so tired of seeing this)
11. Use girl groups for only shipping purposes (don’t get me started)
12. Over sexualizing under aged member of any gender (they are tiny babies. Leave them alone)
13. Blaming/insulting a member for doing something they were told to do or had no control over ( It’s probably not their fault)

I probably missed somethings add if you like but as always please be polite.



people have adopted this as the movement tag. PLEASE, i BEG every one of you, show your support by using it and telling Bioware it’s not fucking okay to promise us gay alien squadmate romances and then just cut it away at their leisure. not only does it look bad on them as a company, it also strips representation from a certain part of the LGBT+ fanbase.

be polite and reasonable, don’t harrass.