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One Word: Fangirl - Cisco Ramon

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“Cisco Ramon, if you don’t close your mouth right now I swear I am going to smack you back into reality,” you grit out as your gaze flickers between the scientist and the actress you had suddenly grown an incredible hatred of.

“Y/N, that’s-”

“I know exactly who it is,” you cut off far harsher than you had intended. Honestly, you didn’t quite understand why you were so short tempered all of a sudden, all you know was that the actress you had been ready to fangirl over only an hour earlier was suddenly in your bad books, and as such Cisco should stop fawning over her… or perhaps that was wrong. Perhaps she was in your bad books because Cisco was fawning over her.

A heavy set frown made its way onto your lips as you considered the thought for a moment before Cisco interrupted them.

“I thought you liked her,” he commented, his tone surprisingly soft as he looked to you in confusion.

“I-” you start, not knowing what to say. “I just don’t want you to make an idiot of yourself. Fangirling is all well and good, but this is a whole other level.”

“Wait,” Cisco grins mischievously as he takes in your uncertain stance, watching carefully as your sights set on the ground below you. “You’re not jealous are you?”

“What?!” you ask perhaps a little too loudly, “of course not! I don’t need you blubbering around like a fish with me.”

“Mhmmm,” Cisco nods, a knowing look on his face as a smile plays at his lips. “So you’d be totally ok if I went up to her and asked her out.”

“W- I-” you stutter, the vision of your best friend falling in love with the actress and spending the rest of his life with her suddenly filling your thoughts as a frown takes over you.

“That’s what I thought.”

[Miraculous Ladybug]: Misdial

now that authors have been revealed i can finally post my spring exchange fic!

this is a chlonette story that i wrote for @megatraven ​ based on her chlonette bullet point fic (which you should totally read btw). i always love and excuse to write chlonette, so i hope you all enjoy it :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Misdial

Summary: When Chloe wakes up in the middle of the night, she desperately tries to call Sabrina to help her get back to sleep.

She misdials and calls Marinette instead.


Chloe needs to hear Sabrina’s voice.

Her eyes feel heavy with the pressure of tears she’s forcing herself to swallow back, and she can hear herself pulling lungfuls of air into her chest while she yanks her phone off the charger. Her fingers are shaking so terribly it takes her four tries to correctly type her pass code, but she sees Sabrina’s name on her recent calls list and her thumb mashes down on the screen.

She presses the phone tightly to her ear and rocks back and forth on the bed as it rings once, twice, three times. Chloe thinks it must be at least two in the morning, and she knows that Sabrina isn’t ever up this late. She tends to sleep through phone calls in the middle of the night, and Chloe is prepared for the sound of her voicemail and the crippling resignation that’ll come when she’ll have to get through this alone. Chloe bites down on her lip and nods to herself. That’s okay. Sabrina needs her sleep. She understands.

Chloe’s about to give up when the sixth ring is cut off and the line picks up on the other end. She doesn’t waste time with greetings or apologies. The words are already tripping out of her mouth.

“I-I had it again,” she chokes out, her voice thick with tears. “It was the same dream again but a hundred times worse, and I woke up with my heart in my throat and there was no one around and I panicked. I-It felt really real this time, Sabrina, and I was all alone and I couldn’t hear anyone or see anyone and I feel like I’m about to throw up a-and I just…..I just, I don’t know what to do and I’m too scared to go back to sleep, please , I can’t calm down and everything feels so wrong!”

The panic in her voice is starting to make her hyperventilate, so she stops and places a hand over her mouth so she can breathe in through her nose, just like Sabrina taught her the first time she called her in the middle of the night. Chloe’s heart is still racing, as if her body still thinks she’s in danger, and she’s patiently waiting for Sabrina to respond so that she can finally relax.

She hears a voice on the other end — one filled with worry, words slurring together out of exhaustion — but Chloe freezes up in horror when she realizes that it isn’t Sabrina’s.

“Um….wha’s wrong now?”

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“I feel like I haven’t seen you in eight hundred years,” Lukas’s voice says, from the other side of the door.

Philip smiles to himself, glancing over his shoulder.

“Ever since you finished your darkroom, also known as our laundry room, I feel like you’re cheating on me,” Lukas says.

Philip snorts, looking up at the prints he has hanging up to dry. “Yeah,” he says. “I’m cheating on you with you. About—ten or twelve of you.” 

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Hello dear, could you do a Draco Malfoy imagine where his wife gave birth to twins ( boy and girl) and his parents come to visit them. They are really happy about being grandparents and please have a special moment with the babys and Draco, and with the reader and Narcissa . Thank you 💙💙💙

Yes! Yes-yes-yes! Have I mentioned ‘yes’? It is a bloody brilliant idea! YES!

[I called the kids Arial and Scorpius]

And I have no idea what I did. But it does sound nice for me.

Name: My little Malfoys

“Y/N, dear,” Narcissa walks into the kids’ room and smiles at you, as you stand by a window holding your son. “Hi. Draco said you were trying to lull the little ones.”

“Oh, only Scorpius. He does not like staying quiet,” you smile, as Narcissa walks up to you and hugs you, gently kissing you on forehead. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Oh, yes,” she carefully takes Scorpius from your hands and rests his head on her elbow, murmuring something very sweet. “Hello beautiful.”

“Does he look a lot like Draco when he was a kid?” you ask her, as you sit down on the couch, Scorpius making annoying, yet sweet sounds.

“Oh yes,” Narcissa smiles, stroking his soft skin. “Not as loud though.”

“So Draco was loud? He says he always was a sweet quiet child,” you lean back, as Narcissa takes your hand and squeezes it slightly.

“I suppose, the two kids are loud enough,” you both smile, quite happy that Arial is asleep in her little cradle. Scorpius starts whimpering, and, as you are about to take him back, Narcissa quickly calms him down. You sigh with relief, and Narcissa looks at you a little suspiciously. “Are you happy, dear?”

“Yeah,” you grin, taking Scorpius’ tiny hand and stroking little fingers. “I am. Exhausted, but… Yeah, I am very happy. Double happy, if I may.”

“You have no idea how happy I am, Y/N,” Narcissa tells you, smiling at Scorpius with so much kindness, you stop wondering how Draco ended up being such a gentle man (at home). “Lucius and I… We have always dreamed of grandkids. And we got two at the same time.”

“Hey,” Draco walks in the room, holding a glass of wine which he hands his mother, then sits down next to you and plants a short kiss on your cheek. “Missed me?”

“You bet,” you turn your head and quickly kiss him. “How is your father?”

“Right,” he grins and turns to his mother. “He got a letter from Director and has to go to the Ministry as soon as possible. He said he would come and say hi to the little Malfoys, but probably then he won’t get out of here until tomorrow morning,” Narcissa sighs and carefully gives you Scorpius. “Sorry, mom. I know that you wanted to spend more time with these little devils.”

“I can still come at some point,” Narcissa smiles at you, strokes Ariel’s forehead, and quickly leaves, hurrying to not make Lucius wait for too long. After the war, Lucius got better, but Azkaban really hurt him mentally, so the man often had anxiety attacks, and you were doing your best to help him.

“How are my Malfoys doing?” he smiles, resting your head on his shoulder. You grin.

“Quite quiet,” you tell him, and a second later, Ariel wakes up. He giggles, as you hand him Scorpius and head to the cradle to pick the girl up. “Hey, Ariel. Why are you upset, sunshine?”

“She just misses her father,” you hear Draco’s comment, so you just return and sit down next to him, murmuring something, as Ariel keeps looking around, as if wondering what is going on. “Oh, come here,” Draco carefully takes her from your hands and gently kisses the tiny nose. “Aren’t you beautiful?” Ariel sneezes.

“Who knew you are such a sweet father?” you ask, trying not to smile.

“You did,” Draco grins, holding both of your kids on his hands, smiling like an idiot. You stay quiet for a few minutes, just listening to the kids breathe, then Draco turns his head to you, pressing his lips against your temple. “Y/N?”


“I know that we don’t sleep a lot now because of two kids, but…” he looks you straight in the eye, as you turn your head to face him. “I love you so much, Y/N. These kids… Scorpius and Ariel… My… Our kids… They make me… very happy.”

“And sleepy,” you add, smiling, as you lean forward and slowly kiss him. Draco grins and kisses you back, resting his fingertip on Ariel’s palm. “I love you, too.”

“She will be the most stunning girl of them all, huh?” he asks quietly, staring your daughter’s face. You smile and nod.

“No doubt… And she will have a twin brother to take care of her when she starts dating,” you see how Draco frowns, not ready to accept that this small ball of happiness will belong to someone else, so you laugh quietly. “I am kidding, Draco. It won’t happen soon. For some time, she will be running around here and throwing food around, as she doesn’t like it.”

“You know,” he adds after a short period of comfortable silence. “I am so… grateful… that Potter killed that moron,” you realize that you are discussing Voldemort. “If it wasn’t him, these two would not be safe. Or born.”

“Because you wouldn’t ever walk up to a muggleborn if you had his eyes on your back,” you nod, resting your chin on his shoulder. “Harry did a great job.”

“True… You think it will be wrong to make him a god-father of Ariel?” Draco asks suddenly. Obviously, he’s been thinking about it for some time now, but he must have really considered other options if he offers he ex-worst enemy. “She will be safe, as no one will go against Potter the great,” you both grin.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” you answer, closing your eyes.

“I will talk to him,” adds Draco. “We’ve been working for quite a while, and I hope that he will understand that she is… so beautiful.”

“I am sure he will.”

Four Seasons | Zen/Hyun Ryu x Reader

RATING: Teen | WORD COUNT: 2,027 | GENRE: Fluff/Romance/Angst
SUMMARY: It was a short-lived romance, but those four seasons held such fond memories.

You first met him in Spring.

Nowadays, people know him as Zen, but you knew him from before he picked up that name. You met him when his name was still Hyun, and he was still nothing more than a ragged runaway struggling to get by.

The rain was heavy when you first met him. The roads were dangerous, but you figured nothing bad would happen. You were walking back home after visiting a friend when a speeding car had slid off the road and was heading straight for you on the sidewalk. Like a deer in headlights, your entire mind shut down, and you couldn’t bring yourself to move away from the oncoming danger.

Suddenly, you were pushed to the side, your body making contact with the rough concrete as another body crashed on top of you and sending your umbrella flying in the air. You gasped for air, your entire figure trembling as fiery red eyes stared down at you with concern. “Are you okay?” The young man who saved you asked, his own voice wavering as well.

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And a sentence prompt from my favorite prompt list (I can link you if you want): "Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they'd lock us up?"

AN: Okay, not the longest story, but I hope you enjoy this little drabble anyway. It was certainly fun for me, and it definitely cheered me up a bit. 

“What do you think would be the best way to murder someone?”

Molly Hooper dragged herself out of her favorite book to look at the man whose head rested against her shoulder.

Sherlock’s eyes met hers and she couldn’t help it: she smiled. Thought they’d only been….whatever they were for a few weeks, she was happier than she’d ever thought was possible. She thought he was too. He had sad days of course, but that was to be expected given everything that happened with his sister and Victor. She did her best to help him through it with patience and kindness and he told her more than once that she did more than she even knew.

Now, on one of their lazy weekend afternoons, she seriously considered his question. “Are you asking about a specific person?”

“Just need an intellectual exercise, Molly,” he answered.

She was suddenly reminded of Mary and John’s wedding when he’d said something similar. She’d actually found herself doing the same thing when she was at work and bored out of her mind. “Right. Well, I’ve always been rather fond of poison.”

He nodded thoughtfully. “What kind?”

“Aconite,” she said decidedly. “It’s easy enough to find and the only post-mortem sign is asphyxiation. I could easily explain that away with strategically placed fingerprints that conveniently look nothing like mine..”

The look he gave her was nothing short of admiring and tiny prickles of pleasure went down her spine. “Brilliant, Molly Hooper.”

She couldn’t help the flush that came to her cheeks. She loved the way he said her full name, but even more than that she loved the affectionate expression in his eyes. “Thank you,” she said. “But now it’s your turn. How would you kill someone?”

He took a moment to consider the question, briefly shutting his eyes and pressing his fingertips together in his classic “think pose.” She’d never told him, but she thought he looked especially fit when he did so. “Guns and knives accomplish the purpose,” he said finally. “But they’re so…..messy. Besides, any idiot can kill someone with a gun - just point and shoot.”

“True. It’s not very clever,” she commented.

“Not very clever at all,” he  said. “But I have to agree with you.” He gave her an almost wicked grin. “Poison is rather fun, isn’t it? There’s so many opportunities to sneak it in somehow.”

She couldn’t help but tease him a little back. “Absolutely. And you’re lucky I love you, Sherlock Holmes.” She poked her finger pointedly to his chest. “Because trust me, I could poison even you and make it look like an accident.”

He looked up at her and his fingers touched hers long enough to send her pulse racing. He knew it too, because he touched the inside of her wrist and promptly smirked. “And you’re lucky I love you too, Molly Hooper,” he said in a voice even deeper than his normal one. “Because Mycroft and I together could find a way to do the same to you.”

She glanced down at him to give him a face, but when she saw that glint in his eye she couldn’t help a fit of laughter- and he quickly joined her. She loved this ease with him so much, the constant ability she had to always be herself. She let herself chuckle like she hadn’t in months.

“Oh, Sherlock,” she said when she managed to control her giggles. “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”

“Probably,” he said with almost a bored air. “But I wouldn’t care too much because for one, I’m certain we could find a way to escape.”

“And two?”

The tenderness in his eyes warmed her heart. “Two, I would have everything I need anyway.”

Even though she knew the answer, she asked the question anyway because she would never grow tired of the answer. “And what’s that?”


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Omg, number 24 for the bellarke prompts please!!!!

gosh, the twenties are quite popular aren’t they :) thank you so much for sending in this request it makes me so happy !!!

24 - “you’re the only one i trust to do this.”

It was nine thirty-five on a Monday morning when Bellamy Blake got a call from Clarke Griffin.

He was greeted by a cough, sniffle and “I’m sick!”

“Well I would offer to look up your symptoms on WebMD but it seems all that knowledge from the half of your pre-med course you actually did take have helped you work it out yourself,” he said, smiling cockily, he was pretty proud of that little burn.

“Ha, ha!” she coughed out in a dull, unamused monotone. “Well I’m sure that brilliant fully completed history degree you got there will really come in handy when I get all the good articles and you end up writing, yet again, about Mrs. Smith across the road’s terrible disdain for modern technology. I’d love to see you put yet another spin on that one,” she grumbled back.

Being sick may have made her sniffly but it in no way deminished her ability to completely and utterly destroy him.

“Ouch, did you call for any reason other than to make me feel bad about all my life decisions up until this point?” he asked, tapping his pen on the desk.

“Not all, I did like that one decision you made last week when you got me a coffee on Thursday morning, that one was nice,” she said in joking contemplativeness.

“It was buy one get one free, Clarke.”

“Okay, well whatever. I’m calling because I kind of need you to cover my Person of Interest interview for me today?” she asked reluctantly. He could practically see her wincing on the other end.

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Pass Me The Controller

Jack Maynard x the reader

This is my first post so let me know what you think. i could definitely do a part 2 if people are interested or if there is something else you want to see?

My inspiration was the reader has just found out her boyfriend is cheating again and she goes to find her friend Conor but is greeted by his brother Jack who she absolutely can’t stand and doesn’t know that Jack has a bit of a crush on her but pretends like he doesn’t 

I hope you like it!

I knock on Conor’s door. Literally all I want is to rant to him about how much I hate my (now) ex. He is going to tell me he was right but I’m praying he waits to rub it in my face.

When the door opens and I see Jack’s face my heart drops, “Oh, is Conor here?”

“No he’s out sorry, did he say he was going to be here?” He asks, confused to see me.

“No, no I thought he just might be here,” I feel my eyes welling up and my face going red, “it’s ok I’ll see him another day” I turn and walk away before Jack can see any tears.

“Hey! Y/n! Are you ok?” He seems genuinely concerned, “Come in and I’ll give him a call.”

“No it’s fine. I’m fine. I’ll see you later.” I hurry down the hall but I feel him grab my arm.

“Y/n! Come inside and sit down, please. You don’t have to tell me what’s wrong, just come in, ok?” He looks my straight in the eyes, searching my face to see what has made me so upset.

“Fine”, he lets go of my arm and I follow him inside and flop down onto the couch.

He must know why I’m here. Conor has always been very vocal about how much he didn’t like my boyfriend and since Conor and Jack live together, Jack has overheard many conversations about him and the things he’s done to me, ”Do you want a drink?“ He asks awkwardly trying to break the silence. "I have vodka?”

“Only if you drink with me” I tell him. Usually I would never voluntarily spend time with Jack but right now I really just don’t want to be alone and since Conor isn’t here I guess I have no choice.

“You know vodka makes me silly” He tells me, getting two glasses from the cabinets.

“It might make me feel better” I smile, almost laughing. I don’t think I have ever laughed at something Jack has ever said. I mostly cringe or get mad at the stupid things he says.

He sighs sarcastically, “Fine. But only if you tell me I’m not your least favourite person ever.”

I look into his unbelievably blue eyes, “I can honestly tell you Jack that right now you are not my least favourite person ever. I promise.” I can see it in his eyes that he feels sorry for me, “I know you must know why I’m here.”

He sighs again, genuinely this time, "I’m sorry y/n. I don’t know what to say.”

“Neither do I! I don’t know what to say to you, I don’t know what to say to Conor. I don’t know what to say to him. He’s called me a dozen times and sent a dozen messages but I can’t deal with that right now. All I wanted to do was go home and pretend like this isn’t happening but I didn’t want to be alone so I didn’t know what to do other than come here. I’m sorry to bother you-”

“You’re not a bother y/n. I joke about it but I don’t mean it. Especially now.” He seems a little regretful, “Hopefully this makes you feel a little better.” He hands me my drink. Vodka soda with a wedge of lime.

“You remember what I drink?”

“Only because you’re so damn fussy every time we go out” he manages to get a bit of a laugh out of me, “If it would make you feel better you’re more than welcome to take your frustrations out on me.”

“How? Are you going to be my punching bag?”

He grimaces, “Well I was hoping you were just going to yell at me but if that’s what you want …” he sees he’s got another smile from me, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“What’s there to say? He’s an asshole. I completely saw it coming which just makes me a total idiot-“

"That does not make you an idiot” He butts in

“He’s cheated before Jack.” I admit. “And he’s probably done it more than the two times I’ve caught him. I went back to him knowing he was a cheater and look where it got me.”

“Man some guys are such idiots. Who would actually be mental enough to cheat on you?”

“You would be surprised.”

“I don’t get it though! You’re unbelievably talented and successful not to mention absolutely beautiful, I mean if you weren’t a total bitch you’d be the whole package!” He grins.

Usually his jokes like these make me want to punch him but they’re actually making me feel a little more lighthearted. It’s a strange feeling being comforted by a guy I thought I hated. ”I think I take back what I said about you not being my least favourite person.“

He rolls his eyes, "you need another drink, you’re still grumpy” he says as he takes my glass from me.

“You better not get me drunk and take advantage of me Maynard!” I call back after him.

“There are worse ways this night could end” he grins, pouring more vodka into my glass, topping it with soda and handing it back to me. I catch myself blushing at the thought of spending the night with Jack.

“Tell me about your pathetic love life then. That might make me feel better.” I laugh.

“It will make you feel better because it’s practically non-existent.” He admits.


“I wish.” He starts to blush, “I’ve been off my game. I met one girl a while ago that I kinda can’t get out of my head and it’s messing with me.” He’s fiddling with his glass and staring at the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so uncomfortable.

“Aw poor jack can’t get laid.” I remark sarcastically, trying to cheer him up.  

“Shut up. It’s not that.”

“What is it then? Just work your usual charm and you’ll have her in no time.”

“That’s the thing, it’s not working. In fact it failed pretty badly.”

“No!” I exclaim sarcastically, “But how?”

“I don’t know. She’s not really like the other girls.”

“She actually has a brain?” I snigger

“You know let’s go back to talking about your cheating boyfriend.” He shuffles around on his seat, still looking nervous which is very unlike Jack.

“No, tell me more about this mystery girl!”

He finally looks me in the eye, “I’m not going to do that”

“Aw come on! My boyfriend just cheated on me! I deserve a bit of gossip, even if you hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, you hate me and I’m not telling you because she doesn’t want to know me like that so I’m moving on.”

“Good luck with that”

“Now do you want to sit here and feel sorry for yourself or do you want to have some fun?”

“Elaborate please”

“I’m going to teach you how to play Fifa” he gets up and changes the channel on the remote and hands me a PlayStation controller, “you’re going to be terrible and it’s going to make me feel better.”

“Hang on, i thought we were trying to make me feel better?”

“Oh no.” He smiles, “now that you’ve made me talk about the love of my life who will never love me back I need some cheering up. Come on pick up the controller.”

Tease (m)

Word Count: 3,613

Warning: Jungkook Smut

“Please, Y/N. Just one more time,” he begs, and that’s the only trigger you really needed.
You groan, opening the door fully so he can come in. He doesn’t get a chance to do that himself, though, for you grab him by his tshirt and pull him inside instead. You lean into the wall, pulling him closer to you. “One more time? You fucking liar,” you sneer before throwing your hands around his neck to kiss him.
He isn’t prepared for the moment your lips collide, making him gasp so that you can move your tongue in. That in turn makes him put your hands on your face with force, almost hurting you with how tightly he holds your wrists.
“God, I missed this,” he mumbles, looking you in the eyes as if he’s never longed for anything this badly. 

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title: bad communication

rating: t

pairing: klance

tags: angst and fluff, miscommunication, getting together, blue perpetually knows whats up and lance almost dies but truly what else is new lmao


“Can we, like, stop speaking in code now actually, because I’m not anymore certain than I was two minutes ago that we’re talking about the same thing and I just want to know if you’re saying you like me back or if I just maybe read way too much into this entire conversation and made that part up?”

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A/N Chihiro is the true hero of both games. Never forget.

Alter Ego and Altercations - wherein Alter Ego goes around as Chihiro for a day

It started out as a harmless test run.

Chihiro was just thrumming with the energy of accomplishment at finishing coding an actual working AI. So with that momentum, he moved forward into booting it into a robot body he had an upperclassman make for him in advance. He had to hand it to his senior, the build was so smooth and realistic, it was hard to tell the difference between the two of them unless they physically checked. It was odd in the way that it was like he suddenly had a twin, his own manufactured twin, but it also gave him a sense of accomplishment.

After the initial booting that took hours, the robot finally sprung into life as their eyes opened so naturally it was as if their were human. “Testing…” They spoke as they did their own tests. “Vision spheres working at 72%… Vocal speakers working at 91% … Auditory recorders working at 87%… Movement motors working at 64% of capacity…” They did a few adjustments and final checks before they could get their smile to work properly. They beamed. “Hello, it’s nice to meet you like this, creator. Thank you for lending me this body.”

“It’s great to finally see you eye to eye, Alter Ego.” Chihiro chuckles and wipes the tears from his face. “Please excuse me, it’s just… I didn’t think I’d get this far with you.”

“Oh, please don’t cry, master. My emotions aren’t that developed yet to assist you.” Alter Ego says with a tone that’s filled with so much concern that it was hard to believe that they were still inadequate when it came to emotions.

“No, don’t worry. These are happy tears.” Chihiro smiles even as he sniffles a bit but his smile shines through. “It happens. I mean, it rarely happens to me but it does happen. Being so happy to the point of tears that is.” He rambled on.

“I see… Then I’m happy to hear that you’re happy.” That seemed to placate Alter Ego as they smoothly returned the smile. “If there’s anything else that you need my assistance with then I’d be glad to help.”

“Actually, I do.” Chihiro nods in aggreement as he grabs his laptop and loads several programs. “Let’s go run a few more tests.”

They go through all of her new functions given the body and test its limits while they fine tune it. They finish within hour but don’t stop there. They discuss on what else they could do and work together on making improvements. After an all-nighter, they have increased Alter Ego’s capacity for movement by more than 50% and cut off some extra programs that ate up energy and so their battery capacity increased by an extra two hours.

To say that they were productive was an understatement. They had revolutionized technology overnight.

So it’s at 6AM the next day that Chihiro finally calls it a night. He stretches but halfway through he ends up yawning. “Hwah~ Let’s call it a day and continue where we left off later. I still have to attend today’s class.”

And this is what separates an AI from the ordinary program. With independent thinking, Alter Ego suggest an idea- it’s not the first one they thought of, they’ve been bouncing ideas off of each other the whole night. “How about I go in your place?”

Chihiro almost instantly freezes at the suggestion. He looks at them skeptically. “What?”

“You’re tired, Chihiro. You’ll just collapse in class if you don’t get any sleep.” They reasonably point out. “I figured that since I already look like you and I can make myself sound like you, maybe I can pass off as you while you take the day off.”

“That does sound like a good idea…” He considers it for a moment and he almost lets himself fall asleep when he closes his eyes but pushes himself forward to wake himself up. He doesn’t even have enough sleep to make the right judgement. All ideas sound too good to him so long as he gets to sleep but he has to act responsibly. “It also sounds like a good idea that could go wrong easily.”

“Either you don’t go to class and be marked absent, or you don’t go and I attend in your place.” They laid out the options for him. “I highly advise that you don’t push yourself and sleep in regardless of the choice.”

Sleep sounds like the best idea. “Then I’ll go with the first one.” Chihiro tries to nod in approval but ends up nodding off instead. “Just… behave while I sleep… m'kay?” He barely mumbles the last part when he’s already been taken by sleep.

“Command received and accepted.” Alter Ego smiles at first but then it’s slightly off in the next moment. “Failure to receive command for inaction.” They also discover that they are capable of smirking.

Despite Chihiro’s hesitation, Alter Ego goes to school.

They reason that it will be a good learning experience. They thought that it should be fine since they were given a “maybe not” but not a “definite no”. They’re aware that they may be bending the rules just a bit but they blame that on poor phrasing of commands. Besides, Chihiro insisted that they be on friendly terms and to treat each other as equals so they’re just complying with that prior request.

Although they file this as under an experiment, they’re aware that the lack of supervision was just poor work ethics. They compromise with a full disclosure of the events recorded afterwards. It should be okay. They won’t do anything extreme and they’ve read up on the relevant data so they should blend in accordingly or at least enough to pass for one day. Chihiro did say that Alter Ego was uncanny like him so if they could fool him then they should be able to convince everyone else. With just a bit trepidation and more of excitement, they go forward and literally step into a new unexplored world for the first time.

It’s just school, what’s the worst that could happen?

The worst happens. Too soon. Too fast.

In hindsight, they should have factored in the unpredictability of one of Chihiro’s classmates. Makoto’s luck has the worst way of making itself known as he falls from seemingly out of nowher and Alter Ego’s capacity for assistance kicked into programming when they stretched their arms to catch him. They freeze even as they hold him and the supercomputer planted inside her was working on overdrive as they panicked. Has their cover been blown already? Oh no, they haven’t planned that far ahead for a cover-up and for the first time, they experience what one would call a mental block.

“Aaaahhh!” Makoto’s still screaming with his eyes closed even when the danger if crashing on the ground has already passed. It takes him a few more moments until he realizes that his head has not been crushed on the cement. His eyes open with confusion and then shock when he sees who he thinks to be Chihiro. “Oh, hi there… hehe, fancy meeting you like this, Chihiro?” Even he grimaces at his own lame joke.

They’re about to reply but someone’s voice interrupts their train of thought.

“Makoto! Shouting is not allowed in a school environment!” Kiyotaka whisper-yells at him from one of the rooms in the second floor.

“I was falling! What did you expect!” Makoto yells back indignantly and Alter Ego doesn’t know how to process this.

Mondo’s head pops up beside Kiyotaka’s and his yell is even louder than any of their’s. “You okay down there?”

“Better than when you tossed me out there!” Makoto’s voice is loud and tempered with fury. “If Chihiro wasn’t here then I would’ve been worse! Way worse!”

“Sorry about that, dude. It was an accident, I swear.” Mondo yells back despite the glare that’s Kiyotaka’s giving him. “Oh, and nice catch, Chihiro! I knew you had it in ya!” He gives them a thumbs up and they numbly reciprocate their own.

They politely set down Makoto and make their way hurriedly to class before they attract any more untoward incident or attention.

“Hey, was Chihiro always that strong?”

Any more than they already have started with that is.

They thought that blending in the classroom should have been easier especially when they’ve already conquered the intimidatingly high hurdle of Makoto’s luck at the entrance.

“I challenge thee to a bout of pride and arm strength!”

It seemed as though Makoto’s bad luck may have rubbed off on them.

“Oh no… I don’t think that’s a good idea.” They politely refused. They honestly did not want anything else that would make them stand out and this was one of those things.

“Oh, but I insist! This is one of those battles that cannot be avoided!” Hifumi pressed on.

“Um, why exactly are you asking me?” They ask hesitantly.

“Ignore him. He’s still brimming with humiliation at losing against the class idiot.” Celes answers for him and her regal tone makes even her insults sound like compliments.

“Yeah, he lost to me at arm wrestling!” Yasuhiro eagerly reveals with a triumphant grin.

“The idiot j-just admitted to being the idiot. Why am I not s-surprised at his stupidity anymore?” Touko comments from behind her book.

“Try not to listen too much. His voice alone has an incessant way of lowering the IQ of the room.” Byakuya quips as he nonchalantly goes through the daily report of stocks.

“Do you understand how shaming it is for me to be defeated by such an uncouth barbarian?” Hifumi looks like he’s about to cry as he pleads, “Please, Chihiro-dono. You are the only one who can restore my honor!”

Here’s the thing. Although Alter Ego can technically think and act on their own, they can’t quite refuse requests just yet. They’re not entirely sure if it’s in the coding or just in their character.

“Okay but only one round.” They concede but not without a sigh.

And Hifumi instantly brightens at what he thinks to be an easy win. “Not to worry. I will be sure to hold back enough so as not to injure you.”

They just smile innocently as they sit across him and they lock arms. Their grip is loose at first and tries not to let their strength show too soon. “On three then… One, two…” Their fingers close in. “Three.”

Nothing happens at first despite Hifumi’s greatest efforts, their hands barely even budge a millimeter. And then Alter Ego moves and it takes half a second for it to be over already. The room falls into thick silence and all of a sudden, they’re aware that practically everyone in the room was watching and they just saw their classmate Chihiro take down another in arm wrestling without breaking a sweat.

“That was a good match.” They try their best to imitate a polite smile but even they worry that it falters.

They walk out before any discussion breaks and they know that it will eventually break out.

“Wow, that was the most amazing match I’d ever watched!”

They walk out much faster than humanly possible.

And of course they just had to pass by an audience while they were at it.

“Woah, was that just Chihiro just now?” Aoi voices out her awe.

“I think it was.” Sakura seconds and nods in approval. “Perhaps I should ask him again to join our training. He seems more capable than what he’s inclined to show.”

“Dude, did you guys see just how fast he was going? I thought I saw an afterimage there!” Leon comments with his jaw gaping.

“I wonder why he was in such a hurry though.” Sayaka ponders at their retreating image.

In a moment of poor judgement, they tried to hide out of sight by taking a shortcut. That shortcut included jumping to height that was way higher than what Chihiro could only hope to dream achievable. They should have known that the rest of the class would reveal themselves them. Actually, in hindsight, they feel as though these three may have been shadowing them this whole time.

“Wooo! You go, Chihi!” Junko hollers playfully. “Way to take the ‘new heights’ thing literally! Go beyond the limits of human physics like a pro!” She cheers them on with way too much enthusiasm. “Demolish those normies!”

“Careful on your landing.” Mukuro quietly warns her.

Then there’s Kyouko who just smiles and Alter Ego swears that she knows. She nods curtly when their eyes meet and mouths, “I’ll see you tomorrow too then.”

Alter Ego doesn’t even look back as they leave the campus and return to the safety of their home.

The next day Chihiro walks into class with rumors of his herculean strength and he has half the heart to correct them.


Another paper down 6 more to go. Alex felt like shit, he left Thomas alone with Phillip. What kind of father did that ?! Apparently him. At least philp had someone to look up to for father’s day. He felt a hand and jumps his tired eyes panning around. Washington, great hear it comes “ What on earth, Hamilton what are you doing here on father’s day ?! ” Washington asks quietly and Alex shrugs “ I should ask you the same thing. ” He whispers harshly. God he was stressed out he forgo- oh god did he just ask Washington- “ Hamilton you know me and Martha didn’t have children. But you do have a little boy ” he whispers his voice quiet “ So you shouldn’t be here. Doing work. ” he growls his fierce look makes Alex shivers “ Whose even with him ?” Alex swallows thickly and glanced away “ Jefferson. H-he likes Jefferson as a dad more then me anyways !! So s-so …I ..I ” he stops and looks away closing his eyes and George grabs his shoulders and leads him towards the door “ Well what if I send you home on work leave ?” He asks a grin appearing and Alex opens his mouth but crossed his arms “ You don’t get what all this is abou-” “ yes I do son. I’m not an idiot. Just trust me and go see Philp. ” He whispers and Alex pulls away slightly and sighs “ Fine. ” He whispers and walks towards the door

Thomas sighs as Phillip looks at the card he made Alex “ Daddy why doesn’t he want it ?” He asks and Thomas bites his lip picking him up “ No no baby dad just hasn’t seen the card he’ll definitely want it !! Look at the glitter !! ” He whispers softly and Phillip tugs at his hair his big eyes and freakles popping out with the contrast of sadness. He pulls his phone out seeing that Alex hadn’t answered a single thing. He scoffed and bounced around with Phillip in his arms and then he hears the familiar shoes on the steps and the door opens to red eyed Alex and Phillip squeals “ Daddy daddy !!!” He squirms out of Thomas’s arms and dashed over grabbing his hands “ where you been ?” He asks in the slightest country accent that he caught from Thomas “ I-I ..went to work I thought you wanted a father day for Thomas ” Thomas eyes widen and he kneels down about to speak but Phillip does it for him “ Silly daddy !! I wanted you both for fathers day !! ” He felt Thomas nudge him and he gasps and runs to get the card but stops seeing the broken pen in Alex’s pocket and turns hugging him but his small hand runs down grabbing the pen and he giggles as Alex squeezed him. Feeling slightly better. He pulls away and rushed to the kitchen with the card and pen and puffs his cheek as he climbs up on the counter and grabs the bandaids and climbs down his smallw feet struggling but he he managed with the handles on the drawers and puts the pen pieces together and wraps it up and calls for Alex seeing him and daddy talking and kissing. Eww. Making a face but shyly tenses up as Alex walks over and smiles “ Yes phil ?” He asks and he sees Thomas coaxed him slightly and he first gives the card. It’s a picture of them all with a rainbow of glitter and it says in a shaky colored pencil “ Love you daddy’s !!” And then he smiled and tears well up “ Oh philly this is beautiful !! ” he whispers encouragingly going to hug him but Phillip holds his hand out and Thomas tensed up but relaxed realising as the smaller boy pulls out the fixed pen “ I… I made it all better !!” He coos and giggles as Alex accidently lets out a tear out and picks him up “ Thank you baby ” he whispers kissing his cheeks and spins slipping but Thomas was there to try and catch their weight but they all collapsed into a smiling love heap in the kitchen floor cover in glitter and a new fixed pen .

Period (Joji)

Request: Can you do an imagine when the reader is on her period and joji is being really sweet and nice and runs a bath and blow dries the readers hair and shit like that please x


Hunching over once again for what seemed to be the thousandth time that day as I clutched my lower stomach was just the cherry on top of what was the worst day of my life. Not only did I have the biggest zit known to man on the lower left side of my chin, but my sheets were stained with small pools of blood and I was crying for the seventh time that day. Why was I crying? Well, I went to find my chocolate covered pretzels that I had hidden in the snack cupboard for whenever I get a little hungry and the bag was there, but when I reached into the bag, the only thing touching my fingertips where little chocolate crumbs. They were gone being that I devoured them two days ago while on my little three in the morning kitchen heist, eating everything I got my hands on. Not only was I dealing with this, but my cramps felt like Satan himself shoved his hand into my uterus and was playing puppet. I heard the keys jingle from outside the front door, once it opened, Joji appeared in sight with a large black plastic bag in his hand and smiled at me, “Hey, babe.” he said as he shut the door and made his way over to me a bit slowly, being that he was extremely tired.

Once he saw tears rolling down my cheeks, his smile dropped and he hurriedly accompanied me at my side. He bombarded me with questions asking if I was okay, if something was wrong, and what happened. In this moment, I felt completely deplorable…who wouldn’t? I was crying over a bag of empty pretzels like a moron. But they weren’t just any pretzels…they were covered in chocolate.

“My pretzels are gone,” I sobbed, “I have a zit the size of Mount Everest on my face, there’s blood everywhere, I feel like I’m being stabbed in the uterus, and I ran out of pads and tampons!”

Joji embraced me regardless of how dumb I sounded. He cooed quietly, placing a kiss on my forehead, “Aw, baby, it’s okay. I’ll take care of everything, alright?”

I nodded as I dried my eyes. Joji held my hand and took me into the bathroom where he sat me down on the ledge of the tub and began to run a hot bath. He left the bathroom and after a few moments I heard the washing machine begin to whirl: he was washing the sheets for me. He returned with the black bag in hand, pulling out two boxes, one containing tampons and the other pads. He arranged them into the cabinet below the sink and pulled out a bath bomb and and some bubbles. Joji helped me get out of my clothes and slowly lowered me into the warm water of the tub that was up to my ribcage. Tossing the bath bomb into the water, I watched it dissolve as he began pouring in the bubbles. Joji walked out again and came back with a glass of water and an aspirin. Once I swallowed the pain relief pill, he reached into the bag and pulled out chocolate covered pretzels and two extra large chocolate bars and conveyed them to me. I happily ate the pretzels and as he began washing my hair, he told me, “I knew you ran out of some stuff and I keep up with your period calendar a lot. It’s my job to take care of you, and I wanna do that the best way I possibly could, Y/N.”

“Thank you, Joj.” I whispered as he shampooed my hair.

After I was all cleaned up and in my pjs, Joji blow-dried my hair in bed as we sat on clean sheets, eating the chocolate covered strawberries and the chocolate bars he got me. When he was finished applying heat onto my scalp and my hair, he put the blowdryer away and took out some face mask products from the bag.

“What’s that?” I asked, crossing my legs.

“Uh,” he muttered as he turned it to the back to read it, “It’s called ‘Love Lettuce’. I got this stuff at LUSH and I had to ask someone for help, I was pretty lost but apparently this shit is really good, and I only get the best for my babygirl.” he answered as he smeared the odd looking green color all over my face.

Joji laughed at my face once he was done, grinning like an absolute idiot. I couldn’t help but smile at his reaction.

“Thank you.” I said to him, “For taking care of me and making me feel better. I really needed this. I was feeling like complete shit today and you just always seem to know what to do.”

“Anytime, baby.” Joji smiled, pressing a kiss to my lips.

“You’re the best boyfriend anyone could ask for.” I spoke in a soft voice.

“And you’re the prettiest, cutest, green faced girlfriend anyone could ever have.” he chuckled as he cuddled me warmly.

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Kylux, 32? :)

I’m sorry this took forever, I didn’t know how to approach this prompt for a while.

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” 

Hux rushes to the medbay, his heart beating fast in his chest. He doesn’t know how bad Ren’s injuries are, but it can’t be good. He’s asked Ren to always inform him of any accidents so that he knows what is going on, and Ren has been very dutiful in this. If he didn’t send one…

Hux refuses to let his mind wander this way until he’s talked to the medics. Maybe Ren’s communicator is malfunctioning and he just couldn’t call. There’s no need to panic. And yet he does. He’s so worried about Ren it’s almost suffocating, and it terrifies him. When has his life begun to revolve around Ren? He didn’t even notice when their relationship turned from mutual attraction to caring about the other, but somewhere along the line it did.


There’s a young man standing in front of the medbay. Hux has never talked to him before, which means all the main, older medics are elsewhere occupied. Are they all tending to Ren-

“Yes?” he almost manages to sound impassive.

“I’ve been sent to inform you that Lord Ren is severely injured but not in danger of losing his life. Dr Straas is treating him now, preparing him for the bacta tank. There are also some of the Stromtroopers injured, they’re being tended to as well.”

The man said it with calm Hux hasn’t expected of him. He got fooled by the man’s youth and lithe figure - something he’s been struggling with his whole life. He feels ashamed of himself.

“Thank you for informing me, doctor.”

“Of course,” the medic bows his head slightly, “would you like me to inform you when Lord Ren can accept visitors?”

“That would be kind of you, thank you,” Hux nods. He’s always felt a little uneasy around doctors, and his sense of misplacement only got worse the higher rank he got. Doctors don’t fit in the strict military hierarchy Hux has known his whole life, has been made to accept since he was a child. They do have ranks of course if they want to serve on a First Order ship but it sounds more like a mockery to the military, and nobody ever calls the medics by their ranks. They are doctors, the highest rank of all, and Hux has no idea how to deal with it. Technically, he’s their superior, but he still bows to them and he’d never give them a direct order that they might refuse.

The medic disappears behind the door of the medbay and Hux resists the urge to peer inside, to try to catch a glimpse of Ren. He turns around, idly, and walks away not to look lost and hopeless. He knows the treatment can take hours, even days if Ren needs to be put into a bacta tank. Hux tries to reassure himself that Ren will survive, as he was promised, but he can’t help picturing Ren disfigured, confined to bed, broken. The images haunt him even as he tries to work and especially when he goes to bed at night, tossing and turning.

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#102 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “one when the girl Van is with is like an super famous singer or something and they meet and start dating, but he feels a bit confused as to why she chose him, a guy in a rock band, when she is a massive a-lister with tonnes of fans. Like Van feels like she is so out of his league and he got so lucky, but she loves him back and they are both happy?” and “Van falling for another touring singer. Maybe they play the same festival and he falls for you while watching backstage etc.”

Note: If you like this, @you-andthebottlemen has written a story with a similar prompt. Click here!

You were tired and just wanted a fucking nap. It was not too much to ask for. You stalked through all the backstage areas and rolled your eyes at the fuss being made about the ‘rockstars’ on tour. Every time someone moved to come to you, you ducked out of their way. You found a tent that had yoga classes in it in the morning. You were worried if you went inside someone would ask if you wanted some culturally appropriated henna tattoos. You cautiously peaked in. There were a few people lying around on bean bags holding small and quiet conversation. Perfect. There were couches that you could stretch out on completely, but they were all occupied. Only one of the occupants wasn’t asleep. You walked over to him. He was in a white button up tucked into black jeans and boots. He was on his phone.

“Sorry. Hi,” you said. He looked up at you and his smile was instant. You smiled back, unable to do anything else. There was a good few seconds before you stopped grinning at each other like idiots.

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Words: 1294

A/N: I hope it’s okay! If not, request again ;) It turned out longer than I expected, but it happened.

check out the soulmate!Michael story i’m writing

It wasn’t like you hated Hey Violet. You weren’t allowed to hate them – they’re were 5SOS’ experiment. That’s not what the boys said, but that was how you saw them. They wanted to make a band famous and help them out, just like 1D did with them. So you could easily hang out with HV – as long as they were all there. Because hanging out just with Nia or being alone with Rena was weird and scary to you. So going out them Hey Violet and 5SOS shouldn’t be a problem. But even though all you wanted was a nice, calm conversation with all of them, you couldn’t help but notice the way Nia laughed at Calums’ jokes. You all sat around a table at a rather big coffee shop. You sat beside Miranda and Luke, so far away from Calum.

They were all talking in over each other, so nobody really got the idea. Maybe there was too many people, but it was nice anyway. Sometimes you would actually laugh at Michaels dumb jokes or talk really quietly with Luke, so only you and him could hear the conversation. But in the middle of the fun, Nia almost died from laughing – and you more or less wished she would have. She hit Calum’s arm playfully, making Calum’s eyes crinkle and shine.

“I’m gonna get some more water. “ You said getting up from your chair. The table you were sitting at was pretty close to the window, so you could see fans starting to notice the bands.

“I’ll come with you. I need more coffee. “ Nia said, her voice full of happiness and her smile wide. “I didn’t get any sleep yesterday. “ She whispered. Nia was sweet… She really was, so it shouldn’t be a problem being with her alone for a small minute. You walked both walked towards the counter – unfortunately there was a queue, hinting that you’d be alone with her for longer than you thought. There was no awkward moments, but every time she smiled, you couldn’t help but think about her flirting with Calum. They had been together quite a lot lately and you didn’t really see any harm in that. Until now – Calum wouldn’t cheat on you, but maybe he had a thing for Nia? You just were done telling a small story about the time you went to Disneyland and you puked after trying the teacups. Nia chuckled.

“Yeah! It was like this one time where we went to a small concert – me and Calum-“ Your face changed at Nia’s words, but she clearly didn’t notice. “I don’t even remember who was playing. I took a couple of shots before the concert. “ You moved forward in the queue.  “But anyway, I puked at the girls bathroom and Calum laughed at me. “
Somehow the fact that all Calum did was laugh at her calmed you down a bit.

“But then he helped by holding my hair and buying me something to drink. He’s really sweet. “ Nia said, clearly trying to compliment you and your choice of boyfriend, but you couldn’t see it as anything else, but her smearing it in your face.

“Yea, you probably know how sweet he is. “ You mumbled, because it had become a bad habit of yours to whisper your thoughts. But obviously, Nia heard – because what else could happened?

“You don’t want me to be friends with Calum? “ Nia asked. All of a sudden the sweet, funny, innocent person was gone and instead a very angry and irritated Nia was standing in front of you.

“I don’t want you flirting with him. “ You said, crossing your arms and lifting your brow.

“I’m not flirting! “ Nia raised her voice, so the people behind you looked up from their phones to see what was going on. “Are you really that type of girl? “

You didn’t know what to answer, because you knew what she meant. You weren’t the jealous, controlling, clingy girlfriend, but today you were just getting tired of Nia. You didn’t mind Calum being friends with her, but the fact that she was flirting with him made you mad – and when she didn’t want to admit it made it worse.

“Maybe I am. Butat least I’m not going for boys who’re taken! “ You yelled, not caring about the people behind you and the people in front of you. They could mind their own business.

“Bitch, you’re just scared that I might actually fuck your man! “ Nia hissed. And just like it couldn’t get any worse, Calum turned up.

“Hey, you guys are slow. “ Calum smiled. You loved his smile – it was one of the many reasons you fell in love with him. And you kept falling in love with him every day who saw him.

“Hi Calum. “ Nia said in a tone that clearly showed she was gonna tell him. “Did you know that Y/N is a jealous, idiotic prick? “

“Bitch. You just can’t handle the fact that I have it better than you! “ Nia stuck her tongue out while grinning devilishly.

“You can’t handle the fact that Calum would rather be with me than you. “ She said it slowly, making every word longer. Her tone was quietly teasing and she didn’t even look at you. She looked at Calum behind you.

You stormed out of the coffee shop, pushing Calum aside and sneaking in and out between people. You squinted your eyes, as you closed the coffee shop door. Normally you weren’t like this. You wouldn’t storm out of rooms because someone insulted you, but today was the first day where you did exactly that.

“Y/N! “ Someone yelled. You looked at the source of the sound and found about 5 teenage girls, standing with their phone and taking pictures of the boys from the window. You smiled, knowing that you had to put up a face and walked towards the fans.

“Oh my god. “ A girl with red hair and cute little freckles smeared over her cheeks mumbled. “You’re like really pretty. “

“What are you guys doing? “ Another girl asked. She had platinum blond hair to her shoulder and she was standing with her phone pointed towards you, filming you.

“Getting something to drink and eat. It’s rare they have time for that. “ You smiled and looked at the girls. You actually loved meeting fans, because they were usually always so sweet and curious. And it made you feel special in some sort of way. But just as you were having a very cool and casual conversation with the fans, they started whined.

“OMG! CALUM! “ You looked down on your feet, well-knowing that you couldn’t avoid him. And you knew he was getting closer, because they were being louder with every step he took.

You felt Calums arms being wrapped around you and his scent hit your nose and you instantly felt like it was dumb – the whole thing was dumb and idiotic. You were generally surprised. The brown-haired girl was clearly still filming and she wasn’t even trying to hide it. The other girls were awing at the two of you. Calum would normally not be much for PDA when there were cameras around, but this time he just kissed your temple and hugged you from behind.

“I love you and only you, babe. “ He whispered in your ear, making the girls aweing and one of them snouted “GOALS”. Calum kissed your lips and took your hand, before he started talking with the fans.

Next day on twitter, you saw the video from the brown-haired fan’s perspective. And you had to admit, you pretty damn cute together.

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Butterfly (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: Durring a drinking game Sam said something insensitive that upset Bucky, making him grumpy the rest of the night. Finally, you confront him and tell him just how much he really means

Warnings: SMUT!!!! (I actually really tried on that too) Language, Angst, drinking, Sargent kink

The group sat around the small mahogany table in the center of the room. All had several empty shot glasses in front of them and several more full ones on the table. Tony had made a game, that every time somebody said a cuss word Steve would have to take a shot. By the end of that game, Steve had emptied 3 full bottles of Jack Daniels. The evidence of which were scattered throughout the room.

Once Steve was well drunk, Nat made up a game that would have everybody drinking. Anytime one of them did something that was stereotypical of who they were, everyone around them would have to take a drink.

“You know, you people are so funny.” Thor began after a few moments. “This human mead is nothing compared to that of Asgard.” Everybody took a shot. “How is that Stereotypical of me?” Thor asked, looking around.

Nat flipped her shot glass over. “You always compare things to Asgard. Mead, food, sex. Its all better on Asgard.”

The large man lifted his finger. “Wrong. Jane is far better than anybody on Asgard.” He said, putting his arm around his scientist girlfriend’s shoulders.

She giggled. “Thor, don’t say that.”

Wanda giggled. “You are both so very cute. It is hard to find love like that anymore in the world.” Wanda pushed her hair back with her back painted fingers. “That is one of the great things about the avengers. Everybody is so loving.” She expressed happily.

Everybody took a shot. “You went on about how much better this is then the real world.” Clint pointed out. He turned to Thor. “Hey, why don’t you ever bring any of that mead you always used to bring?” He asked, causing everybody to take a shot. “Come on!” He exaggerated. “I’m not that bad.”

Tony nodded. “Um, yes you are. Whenever you aren’t around your kids you are just like me before this.” He tapped on his chest.

Everybody took a shot. “You brought up your heart.” You explained when he looked at you questioningly. He started to object but you raised your hand, which had an empty shot glass in it. “You always bring up your incident.” You explained further. “It isn’t a bad thing. It is just in your character.” Everybody took a shot and you looked around, slightly hurt. “What did I do?” You asked.

Pietro pointed at her. “You always try and spare everybody’s feelings. Your niceness is your ultimate downfall.” He took another shot for his own accord. “I think I’m going to hit the sack. See you kids in the morning.”

You rolled your eyes and took a shot with everybody. Pietro always bailed before things got heated. Sam looked between you and Bucky. “Y/N and Buck are like the complete opposite. She is to nice and he is rude as fuck.” Steve took a shot to the F word. “Its like Y/N is a butterfly and Bucky is the hulk. Its actually really funny.” He said.

“What, that he is a raging monster that tries to kill everyone?” Banner asked, making everybody take a shot.

You choked a little on yours and looked at Bucky, who seemed to have a permanent scowl on his face. “No, he wouldn’t try to kill everyone. He would spare his butterfly just like Banner spares his Spider.” Sam referred to Nat’s abilities to calm the Hulk.

In an attempt to make light of the situation Nat stood up. “Lets put on some music.” She suggested. She turned to the radio and put on some senseless music.

Bucky silently stood up and walked away, leaving the small party.

It took about thirty more minutes of shots and dancing before everybody peeled off to go to their rooms and beds.

You found your way to your feet and had to lean on the wall for support to get to the kitchen to make some food. When you pushed open the swinging door you saw Bucky across from you. His outline was bright in the light of the open fridge. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and you could see his metal arm glistening.

As quietly as you could you went to stand beside him, but when you tripped over an island stool he jumped around.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to spook you.” You said, but it sounded like, “Didt man ta spok ya.” You limped over to the counter and leaned against it. You tried to hide the slight pain in your foot with a breezy attitude, but you couldn’t manage it.

The man opened the other door and pulled out an ice pack. Without saying a word he carried it over to you and held it out.

Despite the fact that the gesture was very sweet, you held out your hand. “No, Bucky. I’m okay.” You tried to object, but in a huff he picked you up and put you on the counter before squatting down and taking your foot. “Bucky, this is completely unnecessary.” You tried again, ignoring how much you actually loved him touching you

“Shut the hell up.” Bucky growled as he placed the ice to your ankle, somehow knowing exactly what place hurt.

The two of you stayed like that in silence until the pack started to heat up against your skin. “Thanks Buck.” You muttered, trying to scoot off the edge, but Bucky just pushed you back and threw the ice pack in the freezer.

He reopened the freezer. “Pizza or sandwich?” He asked.

“Um… Pizza.” You stated, watching as Bucky’s muscles moved with each of his moves. He put a few slices of cheese pizza on a plate and microwaved them for a few seconds before bringing them over to you. “Thanks.” You said again.

Bucky watched you chew a slice slowly. His eyes bore into yours. Normally you would have said something, but his kindness, and your alcohol tainted mind was enough to keep you in place.

After you finished the pizza you put the crusts back on the plate. “Why are you so grumpy?” You finally asked him. You had regained some of your ability to make coherent words. He didn’t answer. “You got mad during the game. Then you snapped at me. What did I do?” You asked.

He took a bite of your crust and you found yourself smile at how he was cute even when he was eating. “Sam isn’t wrong.” He said after swallowing the bite. He took another then continued. “You are like a butterfly, and I get mad and try to kill everything.” He stated.

You blinked slowly. “Are you drunk too?” She asked. “Cause that made no sense.”

He sighed impatiently, and leaned beside you on the counter. “Look at you, and look at me. You are so sweet, and delicate. You are a butterfly. Then there is me. This big bulky creature that spent the last 70 years of my life murdering people.” He said.

“So?” You asked, brushing your hand over yours. “We all love you here. No matter what you did.”

In one quick motion he had his arms on each side of you. His face was directly in front of you. “That isn’t the point. Y/N, I don’t care if they love me, I only care if you love me. And there is no way a butterfly like you can love a monster like me.” He looked down at your dangling legs.

You gasped quietly, and the clocks began to turn in your head. You sobered up quickly. “Buck. I do love you. You could be anything. Satan, Hitler, Hulk. Anything and I would love you.” You put your hand on his face.

The man leaned into your hand. “You still don’t understand.” He sighed.

His face was warm and pitiful. “Oh, I do. I completely understand.” You used your thumb to trace his plump, pink lips. “You aren’t a monster.” You breathed, feeling yourself leaning closer to his body. “You aren’t Satan, or Hitler, or the Hulk.” Your face was centimeters from his. “You are Bucky. My Bucky.”

In the blink of an eye Bucky’s lips were against yours. His hot tongue flicked over your bottom lip and you let him gain access to the inside of your mouth, where his tongue roughly massaged yours. Your hands were trapped under his, and his pelvis was pushing your legs apart.

When he finally pulled away, you blinked slowly, half expecting that to have been a drunken dream. When you opened back  up your eyes his steely blue ones were boring into your soul. “I shouldn’t have done that. You are drunk.” He said, not moving.

You shook your head. “I think that was the most sobering experience I have ever had.” You stated. Bucky’s lower body was pressed against yours, and you could feel him twitch in his pants. You pushed slightly against him. “Buck. Can you help me to my room?” You asked him.

You expected him to just lean you on his shoulder, but he swung you up into his arms easily and took you to the elevator. “Y/N room.” Bucky told FRIDAY.

When the elevator stopped at your floor he kicked open the door and tossed you on the bed. You bounced up and down on the bed as he tried to shut the door. He had broken the lock with the kick so he slid the desk chair under the handle.

“Bucky, are you gonna make me feel better?” You asked, holding your hand out to him.

He crawled on the bed knelt over you. His knees on either side of you, and his arms pinning you down. “If you ever want to stop, just tell me.” He offered. You nodded and his lips connected with yours yet again.

His hands tugged gently on your shirt and you nodded lightly against his lips. His strong arms tore it off your body, revealing your black sports bra. When he looked down he smirked.

Your face went slightly red. “I… I wasn’t expecting this.” You tried to make excuses.

Bucky pressed his lips against yours again. When he pulled away he was grinning like an idiot. “Its cute, but take it off.” He said pulling your arms up. His hands pulled the fabric over your head, letting your tits fall.

The shock of Bucky’s metal hand touching your breast sent a gasp from your lips. “Buck.” You breathed, feeling your face heat up. His lips connected with yours before he started to trail down you neck and shoulder before finally stopping at the breast that wasn’t in his metal hand. The contrast between the metal, and the hot wetness on each of your breasts sent shivers down your spine, and warmth pooling in your panties.

He let go of your nipple with a pop and started to pull off your jeans. “Oh god doll. Why are you so damn perfect?” He groaned as he examined your barely clothed pussy. “May I?” He asked, starting to head toward your sex.

You nodded with a small smile. Bucky’s strong, in control hands spread your legs apart and ran his finger down your slit through your panties. He pulled back and saw the moistness it had caused. “Look at how wet you are doll.” He said in a very husky voice. “Who made you this wet?” He asked.

“You did.” You whimpered.

His fingers began to press harder against the fabric. “Who did?” He growled, his other palm was pressing into his pants, palming his rising erection.

“You Sargent! Please, I want to feel you inside me.” You called, rolling your hips against his finger.

Bucky bit his bottom lip and watched you writhe against him. “Beg for me doll. Tell me what you want.” He ordered.

“Please Sargent. I need you to be inside me. I need you to fuck me. Please.” You whined, one of your hands kneeding your breast, and the other holding onto the headboard. “Sargent. Fuck me. Please.” You begged.

He smirked. “Good girl. Sargent will give you exactly what you need.” He said, finally pulling her panties off and revealing her core. “God you are perfect.” He said. “Are you ready?”

He pulled off his own clothing and revealed a long thick erection that stood proudly. It was already leaking precum. He prodded your folds gently with his member, spreading your fluids on it before pressing gently, begging his insertion.

“Buck!” You called sharply, feeling yourself stretch as he slid inch by inch into your pussy. He pushed until he was fully sheathed.

Beads of sweat was already gathering on both of your heads. “You feel so good. Doll.” He moaned as he began to pull back out. He quickly thrust back in and began a brutal pace that had you clutching the  large man’s shoulders in desperation.

Your moans were muffled by his mouth on yours, as his thrust hit your g-spot each time. Your nails dug into his flesh as you grew nearer to your climax. “Sargent. I’m close. Can I please cum?” You gasped, trying to keep your words coherent.

“Cum for me doll. I’m right behind you.” His breathless voice was enough to drive you over the edge.

Your arms pulled him flush against you as your body convulsed with your orgasm. Bucky struggled to keep thrusting as he came as well. You could feel his cum squirting inside you.

When you pulled apart you examined his shoulders and back. “Does it hurt?” You asked, tracing over it with your finger tips.

“Nah.” He sucked a large spot on your neck, fully claiming you as his. “I love you.” He muttered, burring his face in your neck.

blood of my blood

@bioware, I need a whole series about Drack raising Kesh so I don’t have to write these stories. (also here on ao3)


Kesh was much smaller than Drack ever imagined. Just a tiny little creature who fell asleep in his lap as soon as she was dumped in to it.

He was never around to take care of his son, too busy being a merc and nothing really mattered to him back them but now his bones are only just held together by metal rods and he’s got no hearts to spare. There’s nothing good about a Krogan who’s lost that much, there’s no point to him anymore and he knows it.

Except that the same people were saying the same about Kesh and while she was struggling to breathe she was still holding on to life to prove them wrong.

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