just looking at this makes me grin like an idiot


#baek-ah is the captain of the hae-soo & wang so ship

That awkward and wonderful moment when one of my aunts, who has no idea whatsoever about any of my fics or the recurring jokes in them, buys me a stuffed dinosaur as a joke for my birthday present (I just like dinosaurs, ok)… And it’s almost exactly like Mr Spikes out of Life is what we make of it. The only difference between this little dino and the original Mr Spikes is that this one is more turquoise, where Mr Spikes is like a bright, light green, but everything else actually matches.

I don’t think she was expecting me to lose the plot and grin/cackle like an idiot going ‘omg it’s Mr Spikes’ when I opened it, but apparently the look on my face was priceless. :D

I know I'm not alone!

I know I can’t be the only one who is looking forward to the next few weeks of Vex getting giggly, blushing SO RED, whenever she makes eye contact with Percy and him just softly grinning smugly but all red in the face as well whenever he looks at her <3

And everyone else is confused except for VAX who also cant help be grin like an idiot because his sister is happy :3


I have so many things I want/HAVE to draw but I’m so gotdam slow….and my list just keeps growing!!!

*Emma is flicking through photos when she finds this picture* 

Emma: Regina! 

Regina: Yes? 

Emma: What is this? 

Regina: Oh it was when I went undercover. I was just testing my badass look. What do you think? 

Emma: Do you still have the jacket? 

Regina: Why? 

Emma: I’d like to see you make that face at me wearing that jacket and nothing else. I mean seriously hot damn Regina! I think I might be melting!

Regina *laughs*: You’re an idiot….but I love you and I think I have that jacket upstairs. I’ll wear it….so long as you wear yours.

Emma *grins*: I’ll meet you upstairs