just look the way she acts around her

a beautiful headcanon I have that I daydream about on the regular is lena luthor having yet another terrible day because of something family related and inviting kara out so she can try to forget about it with the help of her kind, adorable, beautiful friend but she’s so focused on trying to play it off as her being totally fine that she has way too many drinks and kara ends up having to take her home (funnily enough kara roughly kept up with her on drinks but still looks and acts as perfectly as always…)

anyway, lena’s stumbling around her own house with kara basically shielding her from herself by waddling along behind her until lena abruptly stops, turns around, and inexplicably starts crying into kara’s arms, babbling about whatever awful thing her mother or lex has done, and kara is almost instantly whispering consolations into her hair, all the soft promises she usually makes while she holds her friend tight. and once lena is done crying but still pretty drunk, she pulls apart from kara and finally notices, now that she’s holding onto her, how fucking ripped her friend is. like buff af. and she absentmindedly squeezes at kara’s biceps a couple of times in awe while kara is blushing ridiculously hard.


Waltzing (s1/s3)

I know this has probably been done many times before, but honestly, I just couldn’t resist. Just look at the difference in the way they act towards each other. In first season. Carmilla is trying to impress Laura, because she’s already head over heels for her. And Laura is trying not to show just how big her crush on Carmilla actually is. They’re both skirting around each other, testing the waters. Then there’s third season. They think one or both of them might die tomorrow. And all they have for each other is love. They just want to be close to each other.


Benny x Reader

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“Benny this is stupid, I doubt she’s actually a werewolf.” Ethan sighed as he was slowly pushed away from his desk so Benny could finish googling it.


“Look she’s acting weird.” Benny mumbled while he typed furiously.


“Yes well so are you, following her around on full moons and putting silver everywhere, which by the way, I’ve seen her touch.” He waited for Benny to look away but he just shrugged.

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headcanon where abby bandages kane’s hand after he burned it crawling through the maintenance shaft to save her in 1.11

Anna classes herself as ‘’Straight?’’

Anna is so beyond straight i dunno maybe she’s sexually confused like in the movie when she said ‘’ just because you’re making me very sexually confused.’’ and fyi she improvised the insults to Kommissar.
But i think she is genuinely confused because the comments she makes about girls like the one comment she said ‘’ im a boob man’’ katy perry boobs! and when she comments about her and Brittany and the shower scene she was like ‘’ I’ve got it memorized.’’ meaning she has Brittany’s body memorized.
I also think that because Anna has a boyfriend she can’t truly be who she wants to be yes, she said she’s said she’s ‘’Straight.’’ but i just think she’s confused, I genuinely feel that she has feelings or something for Brittany? i mean the way she acts around her is so not straight like when they are in interviews together Anna cant help but look at Brittany’s lips whenever she’s talking and i think the same goes for Brittany im not just saying this because i ship Sendrick but i genuinely do feel as if these something more between them then just ‘’ friends’’ you know? something neither of them has the courage to say.

here’s some evidence to make your mind up.


look at how Anna’s looking at Brittany’s lips like she’s thinking about how Brittany’s lips would taste on hers.

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Just look how Anna’s about to whip Brittany and Anna’s got her tongue out her eyes are on Brittany’s arse and her little coy cheeky smile to Anna, she’s loving every second of it.

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just look at how as Brittany’s leaning in as if she’s about to kiss Anna, Brittany’s eyes glance down to Anna’s lips as if to say this situation is making me want to kiss you but i cant because its not in the script.

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Just look at how Brittany’s looking over at Anna and laughing to herself and Anna catches Brittany looking and Brittany shyly looks away, [defo reading the tent scene]

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This is the most precious thing i mean its like Brittany and Anna are serenading eachother i mean what? like they Bump hips and as Brittany looks away Anna’s eyes are still fixated on Brittany like i fucking love you so much dear god.

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Just look how Anna deliberately says ‘’ A Blue Bird was getting me Dressed.’’ and looks in Brittany’s direction to see her reaction and it looks like Brittany’s blushing or imagining Dressing Anna. ‘’ You’re so Weird.’’ 

and after that the interviewer was saying what about you Brittany? and she said to Anna you’re so weird then after that its like Brittany was so flustered she stuttered and said i dont sing anymore… and the interviewer said do you have nodes? and Brittany said yeah i have Nodes like in the movie. and Anna interjected and said ‘’You’re weird!’’ Brittany said i dunno what to say to this… you’re making this weird!

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In all of the excitement Brittany checks on Anna to see if she’s smiling and happy its so clear that Brittany adores the Bones off Anna its obvious i mean just look at the way Brittany checks on Anna and when she does she gets so happy its like it makes her even more happier. 

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The almost Kiss thing probably gets to me like even before they lean in and show how close they were and that they could of kissed, like Brittany’s face she’s so up for it she wanted to kiss Anna and Anna’s face was like is this really happening?!.

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Anna tried so hard not to Look down while looking into Brittany’s eyes while singing as they were both half naked but she couldn’t resist anymore so she took hold of her urges. 

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Just look at how Brittany goes into Kiss Anna and Anna’s obviously liking it so much the general overall cuteness of these two. 

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It looks like Anna’s saying something on the lines of ‘’Bhloe?’’ in the conversation with Brittany and clapping her hands together and Brittany laughing. WHY have i never seen this before?!

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Look at this how Brittany’s face though as she’s about to turn around to face Anna it looks like she bites her lip its just so not Chloe this is a total Brittany moment. 

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Just look how close Brittany pulls Anna in so close that her hands lands right below Brittany’s vagina? like Brittany you’re being so obvious right now and look how close they are.

Anna could of moved her hands like to a different direction to where they first landed but she chose not to, these two kill me with their utterly gayness towards eachother.

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We Should Go; if this isn’t a sign i dont know what is because Brittany and Anna are reunited and coincidentally Titanium starts playing and Brittany and Anna getting all awkward, if that’s not a sign then i dunno what is. 

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What straight person would say to their friend who they have just seen naked in a movie ‘’ Ive got it memorized’’ as in she’s got Brittany’s body memorized.

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Anna’s not so subtly side eye fucking Brittany and Brittany catches her and her face she’s loving every second of it her cheeky smirk to Anna as she looks away.

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This so isn’t a Chloe and Moment this a Brittany just looking adoringly at Anna moment she adores Anna so much that little smile on her face and Anna feels her looking so she’s getting nervous.

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There you have it! these the evidence but there is so much more with these two they have such a bond such a connection its obvious these some underlying feelings between them like seriously how can you just sit there and tell me these two are straight and are ‘’ Just friends’’ and don’t share some feelings towards one another, you can literally tell that there’s something more between them then just friends the interviews together for a start.

Imagine Request - Acting Strangely

can u do an imagine where y/n listens when justin calls her clingy and she gets sad and starts to acc different around him??? btw sorry for my bad english

Walking inside of the house, gratefully greeted by the warmth of the house after being pushed over by the late January chill on your way home, you kicked off your shoes. You looked forward to spending the rest of the day with Justin, cuddling whilst watching movies.

Yeah, everthing’s going good, it’s just,” You heard Justin’s melodic voice followed by a sigh. “She can be really clingy, you know? It’s alright when I’m feeling it, but when I’m not, it’s kinda annoying.” He muttered, making you frown.

There’s no one he could be talking about other than you which made you deflate. Your only option was to walk in and act as though you hadn’t heard anything.

No, Za, I can’t just tell her. That’ll hurt her and I don’t wanna be the one that does that to her.” Little did he know, he was too late.

You made sure to make noise as you walked into the living room, making Justin jumped. You refrained from rolling your eyes. “I gotta go, I’ll call you later.” He ended the call and stood up. “Hi, baby.” He smiled widely, engulfing you in his arms.

“Hey.” You smiled simply. “I, uh, I’ve got some work to do, so I’ll be upstairs, okay?” You smiled up at him but avoided complete eye contact, patting his chest you headed upstairs. Justin frowned deeply.

That Night

“[Y/N].” Justin mumbled, leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses down your neck, making you moan. “You’re so hot.” His hand ran up and down your thigh from under the covers.

Before you get too into the moment, Justin’s words rang through your ears. “Justin.” You groaned, shoving him off you lightly.

“Come on, babygirl. I bet I can make you cum nice and hard, just like you like.” He smirked as he talked dirty to you in your ear in attempt to get you in the mood, but you were too distracted and self conscious.

“Justin, no.” You spat lightly, making him go quiet. He stopped for a moment, before sighing deeply and rolling over, not saying another word. You didn’t feel guilty though; this was his doing.

The Next Day

You sat quietly on the couch as you ate your cereal next to Justin, neither of you had spoken since last night when you snapped at him.

Justin leaned over and placed his unfinished cereal on the table in front of you both. “Alright,” He spoke up, his voice like music to your ears as you realised you’d somehow missed it over the short amount of time he hadn’t spoke. “What’s going on?”

“What are you talking about?” You played dumb in attempt to get him to move on.

“Don’t play dumb with me, [Y/N]. Something’s wrong, you’re not telling me something and I wanna know.” He gazed at you as he leaned back comfortably.

“What makes you think there’s something wrong?” You avoided eye contact as you stared at your cereal bowl.

“We’ve hardly spoken in the last 24 hours, you keep pushing me away whenever I as so much initiate sex, and I just feel like I’m missing you, even though you’re right here.” He sent you a worried look that matched his concerned tone.

“You should’ve thought about that before you called me clingy.” You muttered, not really thinking about what you were saying.

He paused. “Shit.” He whispered, his head falling to his hands. “You heard that?” He cringed.

“Mhm.” You nodded. “Thanks, by the way.” You spoke sarcastically.

“[Y/N], I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said it, or I should’ve spoke to you about it.” His hand landed on your thigh. “I’m realising how much I actually like your affection. I need it, I crave it.”

“Yeah.” You sighed, looking down at your fingers.

“Please, baby. I like when you touch me constantly, I like when you kiss my neck to distract me when I’m working, I like when you try and turn me on in awkward places by running your hand up and down my thigh. It’s all things I take advantage of, but they’re things I realise I love you for.” He almost pleaded, looking at you for forgiveness.

“Fine, but call me clingy again and I won’t talk to you for a month.” You pointed your finger at him warningly.

“Damn, I could never.” He chuckled, pulling you close.

“Now come here, I wanna smother you with kisses.”

“Never thought I’d end up between your legs.”

Beth breathed a laugh.“Daryl.”

He snorted, feeling a surge of confidence he’d never knew was in him. Maybe it was just her.

“S'true.” He added, a smirk tugging at his lips.

“But I think I’m turned the wrong way for what you’re thinking.”

Daryl blushed and stayed quiet, fearing that anything else coming out of his mouth, would end up being sexual. He shouldn’t be acting like that, not around her. That was dangerous territory. But he couldn’t help it, he felt different around her. And to make matters even worse, she liked to encourage it.

“….heavier than ya look.”

“Really, Daryl.” She snickered.“Thanks a lot.”

He smirked.“Welcome.”

Rey is a Skywalker I will fight you:

  • Luke’s lightsaber (IT CALLED TO HER)
  • “you see the same eyes in different people” LUKE’S EYES REY HAS LUKE’S EYES
  • she gets the Skywalker Theme when she is standing alone or doing Dramatic things
  • she gets the Skywalker Family Theme when she meets/hangs with the Skywalker family
  • literally it’s just there playing in the background it’s not even subtle
  • Han and Leia would not act that way around just anyone
  • Leia is Force sensitive she knows family when she meets them
  • Obi-Wan starts her on her journey to become a Jedi just like Luke and he trained Anakin
  • Obi-Wan is pivotal in the Skywalker Jedi legacy
  • space buns
  • droids are drawn to her
  • spent lots of time on a planet full of SAND
  • that is not the way you look at someone you’ve never met that’s how you would look at your father who left you on a desert planet and you thought abandoned you forever but was actually just doing it to save your life
  • seriously i could make this case with just SAND AND SPACE BUNS the rest is just like a giant sign

if Rey is not a Skywalker after all that I’m going to have some very real questions about things

Over the last 2 years this is something that bothered me!

Everybody knows how many times Jen said this about Josh:

I just never could understand why Jen could act with all the other actors but never with Josh. Everybody always complimented Jen on how fast she can go from joking around to being in character but why couldn’t she separate herself from her character when Josh was in scenes with her?

I started realizing small little things like:



I suspected for a long time now that maybe the reason why she cant get into character is because she can’t separate the way she has to act in love and the way she is in love. There is a lot of example’s like the way she looks at him etc but this just showed me that there is no difference between how Jen acts as Katniss and how she is towards Josh.

I never really had anything to compare it to but today I came across this golden article and it really confirmed it to me:


This showed me that people that are involved with each other have a hard time acting toward each other and that is the only explanation that makes sense to me why she and Josh can’t act towards each other. If your involved with somebody you can’t just switch on and off your feelings. That’s why it made her cry to see her baby in pain etc.

EXO Reaction when they like someone that already has a boyfriend

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Doesn’t matter you have someone, his friends will always joke around, enough for you to notice his feelings*


*The kind of boy who tells no one about his feelings and just watches in silence hoping he’ll get a chance one day*


*Depressed all the time* “I can’t stop thinking of her… why? She belongs to someone else and yet I want her so much… I need her”


*Acts adorable whenever you are close. Maybe that way you’ll think he is better for you*


*Looks flawless everyday to catch your attention* “Even if is just a little bit… I like when she looks at  me”


*Decides to fight for the girl he loves, like a man*


*The boy who always watches you pass by but looks uninterested* “One day she’ll realize he ain’t enough for her. And I’ll be there”


*Determine to be better than him in everything* “I’ll win her hear in a fair match. You guys wait and see”


*Judging him with friends every time he passes by* “She’ll chose me one day… right?”


*Suffering alone* “I’m fine hyung… yes I heard they are dating now. No.. it’s okay. I’m okay, I have something to do… call you later” *Breaking inside*


*He is the best friend that is always with you and tries to make you happy* “Even if it’s just by this, I want to make her happy”


*Hides all the time and watches her* “She might be with someone… but just watching her is enough for me..”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Listen….there is literally no way you can convince me that Ed does not feel something towards Oswald. You just can’t. You can see it in the way he acts around him, talks to him, and in his facial expressions. Sure, he might feel things for Isabella, but that doesn’t mean his feelings for Oswald just suddenly disappeared. Of course Ed is gonna be entranced by Isabella, she looks exactly like Kristen, and she spoke to him in a riddle! There is still something off about her, though. I mean she just happens to show up at the exact time Oswald is gonna confess his feelings, looks exactly like Kristen and gives Ed a riddle? Come on, that’s extremely suspicious.

Promos can be deceiving, and even interviews can be deceiving. They can’t give away their whole master plan, then the show would be no fun. There has to drama, there has to be conflict; it can’t always be smooth sailing. (See what I did there?) I’m not ready to abandon all hope just yet.

geniusbee  asked:

“Because I love you!” Rey/Jess B))

 smmmmMMMM now that’s what i’m talkin ‘bout  B))

“because I love you!” she yells it, and half the docking bay turns to look.  jess’s face burns.  she knows she’s blushing, but she refuses to look away.  rey is staring at her with surprise, as if the word “love” had never entered her mind.  jess feels sick.  

“I’m sorry,” she mutters.  “just–just pretend I didn’t say that.”  she turns to leave.  rey grabs her arm.

“wait, don’t–”

jess pulls away.

“you know, you’re really bad at acting like it!”

jess stills.  she turns around, surprised.

“come on.”  rey nods her head to the side.  she leads the way into the millennium falcon, which is quiet and empty, waiting.  rey turns the corner so they won’t be seen, then takes jess’s hands in her own.

“I know you’re worried about me,” she says.  “but you can’t keep me from doing this.  I’ve dreamt about it since I was a child.“

jess shakes her head.  “this isn’t something I can just deal with, rey.  this isn’t like how I worry when you go on a mission, or when you fly into battle.”

“what’s the difference?” rey asks.  jess looks up at her.  rey’s words sound like a challenge, but jess can tell she didn’t mean it that way.  her face is open and sincere.  jess bites her lip.

“when I was little,” she says, “I walked in on my grandmother crying over a picture.  she told me that the picture was of a friend of hers.  a jedi, who was killed in order 66.  it was hard to be sad for someone I’d never met, but I saw my grandmother’s face–the shadow still in her eyes after all those years.  we cried together almost the whole afternoon.”

rey squeezes jess’s hands.

“I know the jedi purge was a long time ago,” jess says.  “but it’s still dangerous.  I don’t want to have to cry over a picture of you.”

rey takes a step forward.  she leans in and kisses jess softly, then wraps her arms around jess’s waist.  jess relaxes into her.

“I’ll be careful,” rey says.  “for you.  I promise.”  she kisses jess on the top of her head.  

jess squeezes rey tight.  she gives a long sigh and tries not to worry. 

[sappy lines meme]

Riddles (Nate Maloley)

Hey can you make an imagine where Nate likes y/n , but he doesn’t want to admit it so he sleeps with other girls and jswazz knows so he starts acting as if he really like y/n just to get Nate to finally ask her out and then y/n and Nate end up dating.  Sorry for being so specific.
Swazz’s POV:
I watch as yet another girl comes out of Nate’s room, doing the walk of shame all the way to the door. Y/N rolls her eyes. She normally just acts annoyed, but I can tell that it hurts seeing Nate with a different girl every other night.

A few minutes later, Nate comes in. Y/N just stays silent. After a few torturous moments of watching them both steal glances at each other, I get an idea. I shift a little more towards Y/N and put an arm around her. She looks at me strangely but doesn’t say anything.

And the most satisfying part? Nate was staring right at us with a death glare.
Y/N’s POV:
Swazz has his arm around me. Why? I let it sit there until for a while as we watch cartoons. As soon as the episode ends, I get up and make an excuse about wanting food.

What was Swazz trying to do? I mean, I knew he didn’t like me. He had something going with one of the baristas at the cafe he went to everyday, even though he didn’t drink coffee. And Nate, good God if looks could kill, we’d both be in hell.

I’d never seen him so angry. But I seriously doubted that it had anything to do with me. I mean, I really liked Nate, I have ever since he kissed me a few weeks ago. I tried to force myself to stop when the next morning he told me it was just a mistake, and he was drunk, that the kiss meant nothing. But I couldn’t just stop. He made me feel things I haven’t since middle school. And it didn’t help that I had to constantly be around him. I mean we lived together with a few of the other guys, and he always conveniently seemed to be somewhere near me. It just made me like him more.

So I was stuck, in the friend zone, at least until I found someone else to be with. I grabbed some crackers so it wouldn’t look like I did nothing while I was in here, then headed back to the living room, only to find both Swazz and Nate gone.
Nate’s POV:

“What the hell was that?”I say, trying not to be loud enough that she can hear me.

“Look, man, I just don’t know anymore. Lately, I’ve been, you know, feeling some type of way for Y/N. I think I might go for it.”

“You might what?” No. No, no way, nope. He could not go for Y/N. She was mine. She didn’t know it yet, but she was. I’d liked her for a while, then one night at a party I kissed her, and I knew from that moment that I couldn’t let her go. Before we hooked up though, we fell asleep, and the next morning I panicked.

“I might ask her out, man. What do you think?”

“NO,”I say, realizing a second too late I seemed too eager.

“Why not?”he said, narrowing his eyes at me.

What can I come up with on short notice. “I just, um, I heard her saying something about not being over her ex.”

“Oh, really? Because I heard that she was completely open to starting something. You know what? I’mma go for it. Thanks man,”he says patting my shoulder and heading towards the door. I grab him by the back of his shirt and stop him. “Aye, watch gear, this stuff’s expensive.”

I stare him in the eye, “You can’t ask Y/N out.”

“Why not, huh? Could it possibly be because you want to make a move? And you’ve just been too coward to do it?”

Damn it, he knew. Of course he wasn’t actually into Y/N. He was trying to start something with the girl who worked at the cafe down the street.

“Okay,”I admit, “I like her. Have for a while now.”

“Then why the hell have you had a long line of girls walking out of your room lately?”

“I don’t know, that’s just how I deal with stuff. Sex is always the answer.”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s not get deep into that,”he says, shaking his head as if to erase the last part of our conversation like an etch-a-sketch, “You do know she has feelings too, right?”

“Yeah, not for me. She looked pretty comfortable next to you earlier,” just thinking about it’s making me angry again.

“Please, she was tense the whole time. You know why? Cause she’d rather it be you, dumbass. Look, I saw what happened between you guys at that party a while ago. And I also heard what you told her the ext day. That was cruel, man.”

“I know! I fucked up, I get it!” I yell in frustration. “I just hope she’s willing to forgive me.”

“Guess it’s time you go find out.”He pushes me towards the door and I head back down the stairs to find Y/N not there. Tez sees me looking around and immediately knows, then points to the porch. I head out and there she is, sitting in one of the big chairs we have out there.

“Hey, I was looking for you,”I say, smiling, even though I’m nervous as hell. I lean against the railing

“Hey,” she says, not bothering to look up from her phone.

“Look, uh, we need to talk,”I say, trying not to stutter.

“About what?” She still hasn’t looked at me.


That got her attention. “What do you mean ‘us’? You made it clear that there was no us.”

“That was a mistake, I didn’t mean it,” I said. I knew that would come back to bite me in the ass.

“What are trying to say, Nate?”

I sigh. “I wanna be with you, Y/N.”

“Like you were with what’s her name last night?”

I wince. Even I didn’t know her name. “No. I want to like, take you out and stuff, call you my girlfriend.”

She just looks at me, and I can’t read her expression. I haven’t felt this nervous since I asked Sydney to the dance in 7th grade.

“And you didn’t want this 2 weeks ago?”

“No, I did.”

She just squints her eyes and tilts her head in confusion. “What? That makes no sense. Could you explain?”

“Right, um…Well, I don’t really know how to explain it. I just, I liked you, and so I kissed you, because it felt right. and then I kind of panicked, and um… I haven’t really figured out the rest.”

“Okay then, let’s figure it out.“ I’m taken by surprise when she scoots over and pats the seat next to her. But, of course I wouldn’t pass up any chance to get close to her.

“So, you kissed me…because you like me?”

“Yeah, I really like you,” I say, moving even closer to her than I was already.

“But.. that morning when we woke up, you said it was nothing,” she said, and I could see the same hurt I saw in her eyes the first time I told her that. I nodded. “Do you not want to be in a relationship?”

“No, I do.”

“Then why’d you sleep with all those girls?”she asked.

I knew what I was about to say was horrible, but I couldn’t lie to her again. “To take my mind off of you.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “So you wanted to forget about me? Because the thought of being with me scares you.”

The way she said it, I knew it wasn’t a question. “I guess so.”

“Because of a past relationship?”I shake my head. “Or maybe you’re just scared I won’t want the same thing?”I tensed. “Ah, there it is. You were scared of getting rejected?”

Well, when she said it like that I just sounded weak.

“You, the almighty Skate Maloley? You know, on the outside, you seem all tough with the tats and muscles and the rapping and smoking, but on the inside you’re just a fluffy teddy bear.”She hugged me, and I’d never felt more happy in my life. She solved me like a goddamn riddle. How?

“Aye, keep it down. I have a reputation to upkeep,” I pulled her fully onto my lap. “You know, you never relieved my fear.”

“Hmm?”she says, already wrapped up in my arms.

“Do you like me too?”

She nodded eagerly. “Mhmm. Very much.”

I smiled, and pulled away a little just so I could kiss her. As our lips touched, I knew I could do this for the rest of our lives, that I would do this for the rest of our lives. It was even better than the first time.

It slowly got deeper and deeper. I pulled away to whisper in her ear, “Unless you want me to take you on this porch, I suggest we head inside.”

She agreed and we headed inside to see Swazz, Tez, and sammy sitting on the couch in the same position I left them in. I kept Y/N close to me as I guided her quickly up the stairs.

“Finally,” Swazz called out and I rolled my eyes.

“Does this mean I can have your bedroom, Y/N?” Sam called out.

“Shut up!”she called out, and I laughed at her. God, I was so happy she was mine.


Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! I lied, I had one more full imagine left to do, which was this one. Now I really only have song and list prompt requests to do, and I have a few ideas of my own I want to work on. Plus, I just came up with it while I was writing this, but the whole thing with Swazz being into the barista I thought would be a cool idea. I might do it after I’m finished with the prompts, message me or something if you want it too!

To the requester: I hope you liked it, I’m sorry it took so long. I didn’t include your name because I didn’t know if you wanted it anonymous or not.


Realization - Chanyeol fanfic

1218 words 



Summary: Chanyeol hasn’t been acting the way he did when it all began. But he hasn’t realized it himself.

“You’re an idiot!” She pulled his ears out and stood on her toes, looking at his face. “I’m not!” He pouted and closed his mouth while blowing air into his cheeks. 

She ignored him and kept observing his face. His eyes wondered around her face too, and they just stood there for a while, staring at each other. One while pouting, another while pressing lips into a thin line.





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She took a deep breath and leaned back on the door.  Karen ducked into the shop with no clue where she was but it was the only way to get away from the men who’d been following her. Closing her eyes for a moment, she released her breath before pushing up from the door. The lighting was bright but as she looked around, it seemed like a safe enough place, now to act natural.  

Karen walked up to the counter and smiled at the woman.  “So—” Just as she was about to start talking, Karen reached down and noticed that the cut on her arm was bleeding and she was becoming very dizzy. “I might— maybe—”and she fell to the floor.

It Doesn't Have to Be Pretend - CS AU Ficlet

Or AKA what happens when you’re supposed to be writing something else and you can’t get into that, but force yourself to write anyway.


Her arms draped around his neck took him entirely by surprise.

“To what do I owe this treat, Swan?” He turned his head to the side, hoping he could get a look at her face, but she had her lips buried in his neck, her hair falling down over his shoulder.

“Please act normal, Jones. Please.”

“There’s nothing normal about you draping yourself over me, love. And you know it. Not that I mind, but an explanation would be nice.”

The lights of the club were dim, but he could still just make out the surprised looks of their friends when they caught sight of Emma as she made her way around him, and seated herself in his lap, never taking her arms from around his neck.

“See that douchebag looking guy in the beanie over there? NO, don’t look. But look.” She was speaking quietly, directly into the shell of his ear, and combined with feeling her settled in his lap, it was taking everything in him not to pull her in close and whisper in her ear all the things he’s wanted to tell her for years.

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“Trim, you have permission to act on your own judgement.”

“Yes, Master."My quick whisper was answered with a robotic voice. The mercury had already taken up form as a maid behind me once again, but I decided to give her freedom of action just in case something were to happen.

After doing so, she immediately looked around the room, and spoke with a blank expression.

"I didn’t know they stacked shit that high.”

With the way she puffed her chest out as she said it, I couldn’t help but instinctively punch her. No doubt it was something Flat had taught her, making her watch some B rate movies or something. Luckily, no one else seemed to have heard her, but it seemed like Flat was going to have to die.


Addiction (2/?)

Next chapter of the NozoEliMaki love triangle, as requested!

Warning: DOES include Eli cheating. Just a heads up. 

It had been three days since her encounter with Maki and Eli could barely bring herself to look her in the eye. Nozomi either. She was acting strangely withdrawn around her girlfriend. It was obvious Nozomi noticed. The concerned looks she kept shooting her told her that much.

“Honoka-chan wanted me to ask you if you want to go over to her house tonight to watch a movie.” Nozomi mentioned as she made her way out of the kitchen, a tray in her hand. She sat down to pour it and glanced over at Eli. She sighed at the spaced out look on the blonde’s face. Lately she felt like Eli wasn’t listening to her at all. Worse than that, she didn’t know why Eli was pulling away from her. “Elichi.”

Eli was drawn from her thoughts by a hand gently covering her own. She glanced toward Nozomi in surprise. “Oh. Nozomi.” She shook her head in an effort to clear it. “I’m sorry, were you saying something?”

“Honoka-chan wants us to go over tonight to watch a movie. Everyone will be there.” Nozomi repeated, unable to keep the worried look from her face. She felt like she’d done something wrong but she wasn’t sure what it could be. “She wanted to know if we’d go.”

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anonymous asked:

The small 15 year old grunt put her fists up in a 'threatening' way. This was essentially how she greeted people. She would act way tougher than she actually was. But you gotta do what you gotta do with your are only 5'3. "Hey, who are you?" - ask-a-grunt

“Hm?” He turn around and looks down at the small grunt. “Oh, uhh, most peeps just call me Intern,” He gave her a somewhat awkward double fist bump. “Wuss Poppin’?”

[[Reysma. Spoons.]]


The room is almost completely dark, save for one small light sitting next to the bed. It illuminates Phasma’s back. The woman still has the black undergarments on that she wears underneath her armor. Despite her stillness, Rey can see that she isn’t asleep. Her body is held completely still, not so much as twitching upon Rey’s entrance. Someone less observant may have bought the act.

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