just look how that hair don't fit her

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Hi I wanted to start working on a Garnet Cosplay (Steven Universe) but I'm not really sure how to go about it and this will be my first time actually making a costume. Any suggestions? I can do the hairstyle with my own hair and I have an idea for her gauntlets by using some hulk gloves and painting it. I just don't know how to make her actual costume. Thanks for the help!

Garnet’s outfit is a body suit and for the most part, it’s form fitting. You can learn how to make a body suit through these tutorials, although I find this site is a great resource. If you prefer to work with an existing sewing pattern, McCall’s has one for body suits. You could also purchase an existing body suit and modify it to look more like the character. 

You’ve probably noticed that her body suit has multiple colours on it. This is best done though a technique called colour blocking, where you sew in another colour of fabric. There are some tutorials here to help you out. Fabric paint is also an option but you’ll want to paint it while the garment is being worn, otherwise the paint won’t stretch to let you wear it OR you can get in but the paint will crack. Airbrushing and spray fabric paints are good options because they look a little nicer than the puffy regular fabric paint. Applique is also an option, but you’ll definitely want to match the stretch of your bodysuit with your applique fabrics. 

Garnet also has these funky shoulders. I would build them out of a foam and wrap them in the fabric.

Hope this helps!

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Hi! Sorry if you've already answered something like this, but why do you say Astrid is girly? I don't think she's a tomboy but I don't really see how she's girly... Thanks for your time!

How she dresses, for one.  She decorates her form fitting clothing and skirt with skulls and spikes.  That’s not masculine, that’s just feminine danger.  How she acts.  Do you see the way she moves?  It’s all in the hips with that girl, I swear.  How she wears her hair.  How she plays with her bangs and tilts her head and lowers her lashes.   Hell, it looks like she’s wearing eye make up in half the shots.

Sure, we can chalk all this up to the designers, but let’s be real. That’s Astrid.  She’s beautiful and she knows it and she likes being beautiful–and in no way does she think that’s an excuse for people to underestimate her.  Nor does she think it’s a reason to be any less kickass.

Yeah, she still fights and gets dirty and loves to train.  She’s a girly ball buster.

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12 yr old me: what?? no, no i don't have a crush on my softball teammate. how preposterous lol, cause obviously i'm Straight. it's just that i think she's really cool. and i love her boyish hair, but only in the jealous way, cuz i'm a tomboy and i want hair like that. also i love how her uniform fits on her. and how she talks. and the way she looks so confident when she's playing. oh and also i had a dream once where she kissed me.. but i'm still straight lol. totally just wanna be friends :)

shinkane drabble.


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Amy Pond is so worshipped in the Doctor Who fandom because she's pretty much every fangirls dream. She's "sassy" and pretty and desired by many men. She can sort of fight for herself, but at the end of the day it's either Rory or The Doctor coming to her rescue. It's what women have been raised on since childhood, fairy tale princess rhetoric. And while I don't dislike Amy, I've always found it ashame that Martha is so over looked. Martha is brilliant and I really looked up to her

I’ve always thought that as well. Amy had beautiful long hair and porcelain skin, she was tall and slender and overall a model (of course she was a model in the series for a bit too lmao) and she just really fits the mold of the ‘beautiful badass woman’ trope that people really worship and I’ve always felt uncomfortable about it when I’ve looked at it in comparison to how Martha was treated
Amy was all OVER the doctor when she was first introduced, she literally planted a huge goddamn kiss on him (whilst engaged I might add) but Martha is desperate?
No I think Martha just wasn’t the ideal white companion and so her flaws radiate brighter to some people

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"dude do you have any idea how uncomfortable that would be" Ok, what would you have her wear that doesn't affect her movements while still fitting the character? Shorts and a t-shirt? Doesn't fit. Armor? Doesn't fit her character as a speedster. I look at Tracer and everything about her says she goes fast. From the hair swept up to the outfit that allows for maximum movement, everything fits her character just right. I don't know what you expect her to wear lmao

1) Trousers that don’t cause a massive wedgie.

2) Did you miss the part where I said the main problem was how the outfit is treated, with the player invited to stare at her ass?