just look how happy they were as kids




For anyone not familiar with how modern country sounds, these girls are calling out ACTUAL songs like making blatant references to ACTUAL lyrics from other songs on the radio.


One of the reasons I stopped listening to country was, when I was a kid, the radio was full of songs by women and songs that talked about women like they were actual people.

Now so many of the songs dont give women a personality, just describe things about them like their legs, their lips, how they look in your truck. Its just SO much objectification.

My sister just showed me this and its ADSFHASDFKLLKFH she even said she heard it on the radio im so happy

“I aint your tan legged juliet” IM SCREECHING


Today the Department of Awesome Parenting salutes UK mother Sarah Ivermee who creates custom decorations for children’s hearing aids to help them feel more confident about wearing them. Ivermee’s son Freddie was only a few months old he was diagnosed with profound deafness in one ear and hearing loss in the other. In 2014, at the age of 3, he received cochlear implants to help him hear. Freddie has always been happy to wear his hearing devices, but Ivermee quickly learned from other families that many kids don’t want to wear their devices because some of them have been teased by peers and others just think they look ugly. When a friend explained how hard it was for her daughter to wear hearing aids Ivermee suggested using fingernail stickers to decorate them. The stickers were such a hit that Ivermee was inspired to start a company devoted to creating decorative kits for hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Ivermee’s company is called Lugs (a slang term for ear lobes/ears) and they create decorative kits in a wide assortment of styles comprised of stickers, adhesive vinyls, pvc character charms, and even color-coordinated tubing. Current offerings include a variety of superheroes, cartoon, video game and movie characters, and all sorts of decorative patterns including Star Wars, Frozen, Angry Birds, Batman, Minecraft, butterflies, bows, Hello Kitty, Toy Story, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to name a few. And they’re always adding more.

“Knowing children are not just happy to wear their hearing aids and cochlears but that they are proud to show them off makes it all worth while,” Ivermee told The Mighty. “We just hope we can help as many children and adults as we can and have fun and creative devices that they are proud of.”

Visit the Lugs website to learn more about Sarah Ivermee’s awesome decorative kits for both hearing aids and cochlear implants.

[via Bored Panda and The Mighty]


“First Meeting”

100% linked to AU story, just some separated plots that are not necessary to be added in comic. That’s how I imagined them meeting for the first time, at Core, at least in my headcanon. If Sans did run the show as comedian, then there’s no mistake some kids would definitively watch it, especially Alphys. Cute, huh? XDD

So, LOOK AT THEM! How happy and innocent they were back then! Now, in the current situation, they’re nothing but some “gRUSTY married couple” loool.

Also, meet one of Gaster’s followers here, in the very last pages. Possibly Alphys’s teacher and Sans’s mentor as well. First time I tried designing him in my style, but pretty sure some things might change or need little improvement overtime but I am still happy with the result~ 

Enjoy and hopefully everything is readable~

Years from now..
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Kid:</b> Mom my teacher told me about this band..um One Direction I think? Did you know about them?<p/><b>You:</b> *look up from the carrot your're cutting and give your son a gentle smile as memories comes back* Yes I used to be a fan<p/><b>Kid:</b> Who was the first to leave?<p/><b>You:</b> *Feel a pang in your chest* Zayn<p/><b>Kid:</b> Where were you when he left?<p/><b></b> And thats when it hits you, you were in your room..crying, torn, confused, broken and helpless. You couldn't do anything to stop him from leaving. You could just be happy for him<p/><b>You:</b> *A tear slide down your cheek* in my room..<p/></p><p/></p>


At least they could had been kept in life imprisonment in jail. Or they could had both died from the effects of the experimentation. WHY DID 12 HAVE TO BE SHOT????? I’m so darn stupid. I stupidly hoped for some glimmer of happiness in the ending. STUPID!!!! RIP.

Maybe I’m just ridiculous and sappy but

it makes me cry with happiness that kids today have a show like Steven Universe.

I always had a hard time making friends and learning what was appropriate and normal and right growing up and it’s crazy to realize how much of my worldview was shaped by what I saw on television.

It was a way for me to learn and observe what healthy friendships and relationships were supposed to look like when real life seemed to show me nothing but rejection.

And it often taught me and other kids the wrong things–false lessons many of us still haven’t unlearned about beauty, femininity and masculinity, what really does and doesn’t matter…

But I’m just so grateful for the examples of healthy, honest love and understanding presented in Steven Universe, and for the sense of responsibility the showrunners have for their young audience. I can’t wait to see how this generation of kids will be shaped by this show.



She holds onto his waist, tightly, as she smiles at something her parents said, though she wasn’t in the mood to socialize, they had gotten into a huge argument, before they got here, though, they hid it well. She knew, she knew they were falling apart, slowly, and it was the worst timing really, three years were coming up, and it was frustrating because she didn’t know how to fix it- how to make him happy, all she knows is that she still loves him. She chuckles lightly, though, her smile is tense, and fake, her parents couldn’t tell the difference, her sister sits on the other side of her, as she looks back at Stiles. Awkward family meets ups, they were the worst. Especially, when she was feeling so shitty, as of now. “I don’t know babe, kids?” She asks, referring to the question, she just asked, her stomach is in knots though, as she finally looks over at him, brown eyes slightly softening, though the room was tense, and awkward. Her mother just had to bring up children, almost like she was hellbent on them having some, it drove Malia crazy, but she tilts her head at Stiles, anyways, chuckling lightly, but her eyes are practically screaming. Lie.

the one thing that bothers me about that genghis khan video is, like…how did he change his home situation so easily?  were the kids okay with it?  was there divorce involved?  is one of the villain lady’s goals to get visitation rights?  how did we get to this happy ending?  or is it metaphorical somehow and I’m just looking too far into it?

Soryu reuniting with MC and his son after she leaves him while pregnant. 

(In my old head canons he has a daughter, but since Voltage decided to make him a legit kid, I’ll use ‘em) 

You need more than just love to be a mafia wife.

Soryu’s choice in career was difficult for you to accept. However much you believed you could have a future with him, you found yourself corrected and corrected again.
He came home with injuries and blood on his hands, the grim look on his face striking fear and tremors into your hands as you cleaned him up.
You were happy that he came home to you, relieved that he was alive, but you didn’t dare think about how many times he could safely return in the future.
He told you not to worry, that he will be fine, but the more frequently he tried to reassure you with those words, the more empty they became. As you poured more of yourself into fostering your relationship with Soryu, the days started to drag back on your sanity.
Interest in things started to ebb. You applied for more shifts at your job, begging Eisuke to let you work, begging your coworkers to give you something to do to actively occupy your mind. Only when you were busy you could stop imagining, stop thinking of possibilities, stop fretting, stop torturing yourself with disgust and terror at Soryu’s organization. There seemed to be nothing left of you but work and housework, and it was for the better. It kept your mind from wandering. Just a bit.
Your boyfriend noticed it all, but he never had the words to help you. He was confused as you were, worried as you were, and his personality of little talk could only give comfort in his actions. He tried to spend time with you, cherishing moments of leisure spent together in the suite. His warm embrace, his low voice, the firm scent of his skin, the dark eyes, everything about him was a fraction of peace for the pieces your mind fell apart into. He tried, but he found no success in saving you from yourself.
The hours of agonizing waiting drew your thoughts away from food completely. You sat there, feeling the hands of the clock tick away your energy, feeling the loneliness and fear of the worst wrestle in your stomach. Or perhaps it was your stomach needing food, lashing out at you, haunting your mind with more terror as you left the hunger unanswered. You just waited, like a statue, an empty carving of a woman, hollowed by your own demons and desperately praying for your boyfriend to return safely to you. The moment he walks through the door is when you suddenly regain all ability to move, suddenly animated, suddenly alive.
He kisses you, caresses you, draws you close to him as every sense recovers momentarily from the numbness. You needed him.
But even as you lay in the bed under him, the man you love moving inside you, his lips raining steady kisses to your skin, you found no pleasure. It seemed too much like plain reassurance, like a form of reaffirming your reality rather than that blissful intimacy you once knew. No matter how he ravished you with his affections, your body hardly responded, stiff and awkwardly continuing in a familiar repetition of senseless intercourse. You just weren’t feeling it. Ever.
But you didn’t want him to stop.
The physical contact was nice. It kept you rooted in reality, kept you awake, kept you thinking of him.
You fell victim to your own mind, thoughts shattering in the way of your gloomy pessimism and fretfulness. Sometimes you would forget things, like leaving behind that extra ingredient you swore to buy, finding a pack of tiny pills on the counter that still contained the ones you thought you ate, running the washing machine when the only thing in there was a sock you forgot to remove from the last use.
You were done.
Done with yourself, done with the world.
There was one way you could think of to silence the horror of your mind, but you couldn’t do it before Soryu.
You packed up and left, trying to let him believe you would live on- away from him and safe. This was the one thing you could focus on in a while, packing all of your belongings into one suitcase and choosing a time where he wasn’t home.
You went straight to the water’s edge, knowing it wasn’t likely for you to be found here before you succeed.
Half a bottle of wine and strong pills later, you open your eyes in the hospital.
“She’s finally awake. Gosh.”
Ota’s annoyed voice sounded by your ear.
“She’s such a handful. Eisuke just had to send ME after her when HE thinks she’s looking off. And leave me with a puking mess.”
A handful.
Absolutely useless.
Luke gazed down at you calmly, with a gaze that subdued all the sinister and negative thoughts in your mind. He ordered you to rest, and informed you that he would speak to you when you woke again.
He spoke to you about your condition, your pregnancy, and your future. All three things came as a shock, a stunning sort of feeling that you didn’t know you still had the capability to experience.
You cried.
You haven’t cried for a long time, being so numb and lacking in emotion.
But you sobbed in Luke’s arms, begging him to help you, for once believing that you weren’t alone, suddenly desiring life more than ever as your hands clutch the photograph of your ultrasound. You begged him to keep it a secret from Soryu, pleading with the doctor that it would be safer for the child without the father’s background still looming over you. Luke didn’t like the idea, but was simply too frazzled by a sobbing, blubbering woman grabbing on to him for dear life, and complied.
He gave you a business card, and shipped you off to London along with a sum of money. As you tried to refuse the graciousness, Luke smiled sheepishly and stuck his phone in his pocket. You could have sworn you saw Eisuke’s name on the screen before it disappeared between folds of fabric.
“Consider it a gift from the baby’s two new godfathers.”
You cried again, and left him in a mess as you hugged him, thanking him and Eisuke for their support, weeping your endless gratefulness into his shoulder.


“Why did you let her leave?”
Soryu growled, masking his anguish and utter loss behind his fur as he grabbed his friend by the collar. Luke met his eyes with the same indifferent look he always seemed to bear.
“She’s killing her self by staying.” Luke shoved Soryu back off of him, and the man let go as a rush of weakness flooded him. “I sent her to the most qualified woman I know. That is my judgement as a doctor, and it is not your certification to judge whether she will recover at your side.”
The dark fire died in Soryu’s eyes, succumbing to the crushing defeat as he sank into the couch. He lost her. He pushed her to the brink of death and lost her to the fears he couldn’t quench.
“I know where she is staying.” Luke admitted. “She doesn’t want you to go seek her, but I can at least tell you that she is alive. “
“You think that’s a good thing?” Soryu snarled, glaring at the blond man. “I want her to be well, I want to protect her.” His voice cracked. “I’m supposed to. And now I have to depend on you to tell me she’s alive?”
“Or Luke could tell you nothing at all.” Eisuke cut in. “Soryu, there wasn’t anything you were doing for her. Luke sending her away is better. Give her time to recover, and you can bring her home when she’s ready.”
Soryu fell silent, his voice snuffed out in his throat as your disappearance settled into his chest as a permanent hollow.
“I can go find her when she’s better.” He muttered to himself in a weakly convincing tone.
“Yes, you can.” Eisuke put a hand on his friend’s shoulder, and gripped tightly.

Heartbreak and crippling depression was nothing when you had the guidance of Luke’s talented friend. And there was Ryusei to take care of. You could finally focus enough to push the fearful thoughts out of your mind, to overcome your anxiety as the environment around you was safer, simpler, and you could take care of your newborn son. He was born to you in the most beautiful London winter, and you felt a long overdue sense of peace as you held him in your arms and gazed past the foggy glass at the drifting flakes. With the help from Luke’s old friend, Ms Ziegler, you were steadily recovering. Things started to regain their vividness, happier, worthy of your emotion. Especially Ryusei. He was quiet and peaceful as a baby, rarely crying, always giving everyone a happy little smile when he was held. He was the joy of your life, that positive aspect you retained from your time with Soryu as the passing months washed away your anxiety.


“She what?”
Soryu roared.
“I don’t know where she is anymore.” Luke said quietly.
“You said you’d keep an eye out for her!” Soryu shouted his disbelief in the penthouse suite, pain twisting his words as they tore out of his lungs.
“Angela told me this morning that she left. Sorry, Soryu.”
“Where is she going?”
“I don’t know. Angela wasn’t even told.”


You had left a letter of love and thanks to your doctor before disappearing again with your son. You knew her connection to the people you didn’t want to contact in Japan, knew that she was keeping them updated about you, and you just weren’t ready to think about them again. You were not going to subject yourself that the environment that kindled your depression in the first place, not going to risk your son’s life with his father’s career.
You put together the remaining money from Luke’s gift, and flew to your cousin in southern Japan.


“She might be headed back here?”
Baba tried to sooth things over, but the calming voice wavered with his own uncertainty and worry at Soryu’s reaction.
Ota glared at his friend, knowing full well that the possibility was slim.
She wasn’t going to come back.


“Look, Ryusei, we’re home.”
You smile at your son in your arms. Your cousin pulled your small suitcase behind you, patting your shoulder.
“This place hasn’t been occupied for a while because the location isn’t that convenient. You staying here is at least giving it some purpose.”
“I’ll pay you rent when I find a job.” You promised. She only smiles and ruffles your hair.
“I’m in no rush for money. Do what you can, and I might just forget the rest, okay?” She winked and hugged you, giving you a familiar sense of family and hospitality that you missed so dearly.


She left London.
But she won’t come home to me.
She went somewhere without me because she can’t stand to be with me anymore.
She’d rather suffer on her own.

Soryu missed you.
He missed the sweet voice greeting him as he came through the doors, missed sharing his happiness with the cheery attitude, missed that supportive and energetic woman who kept him in check.
He was the one who killed that woman, who ground her cheerfulness away to brittle depression and fear.
It was his fault.
In the sheer helplessness, he tried to give himself hope, tried to convince himself that he had the power to fix things.
That perhaps, his effort could lead you home.


Ryusei was a wonderful child.
Mild tempered, polite, thoughtful, and appreciative of everything he had. It was never easy being a single mother, working at a restaurant, squeezing every paycheque to pay for food and necessities, managing to scrape a bit extra for rent as you didn’t like to abuse your cousin’s generosity.
There was still nothing better than spending time with your son. He always drew, sketching pictures of plants and the strays that loved to surround him. He was tall for his age, with dark hair and the same ink coloured eyes as his father. They rippled with a calm tranquility though, unlike the steely fierceness Soyru always had. You were pleased about it. Maybe your son had a chance to live a normal life after all. The eyes shone the brightest when he spoke of what he wanted to do, to adopt all the animals, to become a veterinarian, to be the best in the world, to be recognized for intelligence and skill.
You didn’t have the heart to tell him you couldn’t afford that sort of education for him. You would do anything you could to give him that opportunity, to let your son live up to what he can be.
Sometimes you couldn’t help but think that it would be easier to hand Ryusei to his father. Soryu was wealthy, easily able to give him the best upbringing, letting him have the background and support to pursue his dreams.
But you didn’t know how. You didn’t want to get Ryusei involved with all the crime that may set him on a different path. There were no guarantees of what could happen, and you couldn’t bear to leave your son so vulnerable.


It took Soryu a few years to fully detach himself from the Ice Dragons. He appointed another leader, oversaw the organization for a while, and withdrew his presence completely. He had other plans now, better plans, something that might give him a sliver more of a chance at reuniting with you.
He looked out across the busy room now at Inui. The new floor manager, the once obedient and nervous young fellow had grown into a confident and capable man, holding a clipboard and running through the restaurant doing his checks. The scents of soy sauce and meat filled the air, accompanied by that wholesome scent of freshly steamed buns.
People change for the better.
He can too.

“Hey boss.”
Inui passed Soryu a dish of shrimp dumplings fresh from the kitchen.
“How is it looking out there?”
“Lunch is rush is over. Cleanup is running pretty smoothly!” The man planted his hands on his hips proudly. “The new procedures actually streamlines the job.”
Soryu ate.
Inui grinned at his praise.
“How does the dumpling skin taste?” He asked.
“What do you mean?” Soryu looked down at his food.
“Just try it and answer me.”
“It’s chewy, but it doesn’t stick to my teeth.” Soryu paused and took another bite. “Very smooth too. But the lack of stickiness is very striking.”
“We’re trying a new non-stick recipe in the kitchen.” Inui handed Soryu some files. “It should make the skins smoother and more chewable so it doesn’t stick to the teeth and turn gummy.”
He flipped through the documents, reading the ingredient list and cost analysis.
“Good job.” Soryu nodded.


Days flew by with Ryusei at your side. Laughing days, saddening days, days of joy, and days of worrying over his feverish state. You were fully recovered, able to enjoy your life as it was.

You were walking to pick up your son from class one day when you say him sitting on the school steps, cradling a black puppy in his arms.
“Ryusei, where did you find it?”
“I don’t know, mom.” He looked up at you with those soft dark eyes. “It seemed hungry and sad and it came to me.”
It didn’t have a collar, and it buried its face into Ryusei’s shirt, letting the boy pet the matted fur.
Small animals really loved his father too, you recalled achingly. The similarities were starting to show through more as Ryusei began to express himself more through language and action. A natural leader, quiet steadfastness, the ability to sympathize with and care for small animals, the intelligence and calculation behind a calm personality.
“Let’s get it to a shelter.” You say gently as your son hops to his feet. The two of you head for the closest animal charity home, and some voices come around the corner.

“I don’t think this kind of place would be ideal to open another dim sum joint of yours.”
Eisuke looked around, arms crossed, eyes scanning skeptically around the area of plain houses, cafes, and convenience stores. It wasn’t a big city like Tokyo.
“The neighbourhood doesn’t have to be rich necessarily.” Soryu replied. “Our surveys say this is the most high demand location.”
He looked up and down the street, taking in the crowds and blinking vehicle lights. Amidst the people, he could almost swear he saw a familiar face dip into his vision and vanish again.
“__________.” He breathed out.
It was a name Eisuke hasn’t heard in a while. He looked at his friend in shock.
Soryu stared off into the distance, all thoughts lost, walking down the street in a trance like desperation as he looked for the glimpse he had and lost in the sea of people.

“Here we are, Ryusei.”
You smile and he trots up to the doorway of the animal charity house.
“Hey, no, wait!”
The puppy, as if recognizing the place, squirms out of his arms. The boy, caught off guard, loses his grip and the black pup dashes away in search of more refuge.

“Small animals love you, Soryu.”
Eisuke chuckled.
Soryu frowned down at the puppy at his feet, tail curled between its legs and whimpering sadly.
“Wait! Come back!”
A boy’s voice called after the puppy, and Soryu saw a young child tear down the street, hurrying towards him.

“Sorry, Mister!” Ryusei extended his arms to the puppy, wiggling small fingers, coaxing it with a gentle and adoring voice.

It’s been a while since Soryu has heard a voice like that, tender and affectionate, promising never to hurt, singing to a broken soul to heal and protect them. Just like you.
“Where’s your mother, boy?”

“Oh!” Ryes looked behind him, suddenly nervous at losing you when running. A breath of relief escaped him as he saw you catch up.

“Ryusei, you can’t just run off like that! You’re going to bump into people and hurt them and get lost!” You scold through hurried gasps of air as you grab onto your son. His young face was so bright, glowing up at you, a relief to see.

Soryu was speechless.

You raise your head at Eisuke’s voice sounding over you, and something seeps into you, freezing you from the spine down to your limbs. Your gaze drifts from him to the man beside him, the face you dreamed of so many times, the figure you never thought you’d see again in your lifetime. He was as stunt as you were, staring at you with open disbelief. Everything coursed through his mind, how he missed you, how he just wanted to hold on to you in the desperate fear of losing you again. He needed something to root him to the ground as the world around him whirled out of his control and left him to sink into a spiral of hope and hopelessness.
Every instinct told you to flee, and you grab Ryusei’s hand.
“Come on.” You say quietly, unable to retract your gaze from Soryu’s face. “We have to go.”
“The puppy!”
“We have to GO.”

You’ve dreamed of seeing him, longed to reunite, but you couldn’t handle a meeting like this. The fear of his reaction, the memories of your depression, the horrid images of blood and violence, everything you left behind seven years ago caught up to you in the same instant, and you almost screamed.
The silence dragged on in the streets, and Soryu shattered the unmoving scene as he gave in to his need and grabbed your arm.
His voice came out in a hoarse whisper.

You struggled, crying out in protest, begging him to let you go, wrenching your arm in his grasp. He stammered his own pleas, begging for you to listen, for you not to run away from him, for you to give him a chance. Voices flew between the two of you, missing their target of ears, lost in a simultaneous bout of expression for all the repressed emotions.

“Let go of my mom!”

Eisuke watched with amusement as the small boy punched Soryu in the stomach with all his strength. The child barrelled into Soryu, shoving him away from you, twisting on Soryu’s arm, trying to force him to release you. He did. Not because of the boy, but from the numbing chill at the terrified look in your eyes.

“Who are you?”
Ryusei yelled up at him, clinging to Soryu’s arm with all his strength, glaring daggers.
You shake your head at your son, rambling something about telling him to stop, that you had to leave, that he needed to let go and come to you. Words fell jumbled from your lips, frazzled in thought as you noticed, for the first time, the intense fire in the steel of your son’s eyes.

Soryu tried to reach for you, and Ryusei clung on, screaming.
“Don’t hurt my mom!”
Eisuke noticed the staring crowds, and turned to his friend .
Soryu let his extended arm fall to his side, staring at you with endless longing. Ryusei let him go and scurried to your side, standing in front of you protectively.
Eisuke was as composed and relaxed as ever as he raised an eyebrow at you.
“_________, care to join us for a coffee?”
“No! She doesn’t want to!” Ryusei snapped at Eisuke. “Why are you such a bully?”
You lay a hand on Ryusei’s shoulder to calm him, and he falls silent, grabbing your fingertips in search of some reassurance. You squeeze his hand.
“We have time for a coffee.” You manage to say.


The puppy had been brought with them to the cafe. Now it stomped over Eisuke’s shoes to curl up by Soryu’s legs.
Eisuke studied the face of the boy. He looked familiar, a faint glimpse of Eisuke’s own childhood friend on the young face.
“How old are you, boy?”
Ryusei pressed his lips together and said nothing.
Eisuke was not used to being ignored, and glared at the child. The child glared back.
“Ryusei is six.” You answered in his place.

Soryu sat there, his gaze fixed on you, picking up every detail about your face. The look of age ghosted across your face, a tired and strained look that tried to erode away the beauty he saw. But you were as beautiful as ever, perfectly genuine and loving as you held your son’s hand, perfect despite the seven years that escaped him.
Seven years.
He had lost you for seven years, letting you slip through his fingers, losing what he once held so dear.
And now you were here, sitting in a coffeeshop, looking back at him with an expression of unreadable mixture of feelings, reigniting the love he tried keep build for so long.
Here you were.

“You seem well, Soryu.”
You flinch at his curt answer, the shortness of the word.

Soryu bit back the pleas that shook his voice, not wanting to scare you again. He draws in a deep breath, and you anticipate him to speak. He just exhaled with a dropping sigh. An awkward silence ensued, you ducking your head to avoid eye contact.

“Seriously, you two, get to it.” Eisuke folded his arms over his chest annoyedly, glancing at his watch. “_________, are you going to explain why you’ve kept Soryu’s kid away from him for all these years?”
Soryu jolted in his seat as his attention finally went to the child sitting beside you.
His son?”
He could see the dark hair, the intense eyes under the bangs, churning with fire that sat beneath self control and patience. He did look a little like him.
But Soryu couldn’t believe.
You left him, you hated him, you went to seek a better life somewhere else, with someone else, certainly.
He looked to you with a questioning gaze.
“H-How do you think-“
Eisuke’s chuckle cuts you off.
“You’re as easy to read as ever.”
You chew your lip and turn to your son. He pats your hand gently, all the violence from him having retracted inside a decently behaved boy as he observed your attitude change towards the two strange men. He was a surprisingly mature child.

Soryu called for you, the sound of your name so quiet, floating on a thread of possibility.
“Is it true?”

You couldn’t look at him, not like this. Not after you and promised yourself you could be fine on your own, not after you tried to bury the unsettled feelings in your heart. You did love him. The circumstances took you away from him, forcing you to leave him and save yourself first.
You felt the tears roll down your cheeks before you could control them, slipping off your lashes and trailing in a trickle over your skin. A rare tremor shook your shoulders, shaking loose the pent up feelings and anguish inside you as you cried.
Soryu pressed against the table, leaning closer to you, trying to comfort you but losing his voice as the reality pressed onto him.
How could you do this to him?
How could you hide away whatever last chance he had at a family?
How could you be so cold to leave him hanging on broken shards of his heart, to leave his affections unanswered for seven years?

“I’m sorry…” You coughed out, wiping your eyes with the back of your hands, finding more teardrops the more you tried to rub them out. “I needed to leave, I couldn’t live like that- I- I was selfish…” You’ve built yourself up so well over these years, raising Ryusei on your own, depending on no one but yourself, hardening the delicate young woman into a strong mother. In front of Soryu however, you were just you. Ryusei clung to you, rubbing your arm, sadly whispering at your side.
“Don’t cry, mom.”
He shot Soryu the dirtiest look he had.
“Go away.” Ryusei spat out. “Go away. Both of you.”
Soryu looked at his son sternly and answered.
He reached out and took your hand in his. You gave it a yank, but he held tightly.
“Did Luke know about Ryusei?”
“Everyone knew but me?”
“Yes…” You couldn’t hear anything but coldness in his voice, scaring you to the core. He couldn’t forgive you. He wouldn’t. Not after everything you’ve done.
“How could you, ___________?”
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… There was nothing else I could have done! I didn’t want to leave, Soryu.”
“You still did.”
“Leaving broke my heart.” You peer at him through the blur of tears. “But it kept me alive. It was for the better.”
“The better?” He sounded skeptical, frustrated.
“What could you have done? With a depressed girlfriend, an illegal career… what could you have done to promise your own child a safe life?”
He had no answer, pinned to his seat with guilt and uselessness. You finally caught his gaze, meeting the tormented grey irises that swam with prayers.
“Now… Now, ____________, can you come back?”
Your heart trembles at the plea in his voice, not quite young enough to flutter but not quiet hard enough to not long for him.
“Soryu is running a dim sum business now, if you’re wondering.” Eisuke said. “He thought he wanted to be the average person with a restaurant since you hated his job so much. Well, that was after he got over the stage of trying to murder Luke.”
You couldn’t help but chuckle, making a slight hick through your crying. The laughed sparked something in the air, making Soryu’s tensed form relax a little.
“Can you come back, __________?” He asked again.
“Come home.” He looked down at the table where he was still gripping onto your hand. “I’ve missed you.”


Thanks for the read!
Hope you liked!

This took me 5 forevers to write ugh

I think the best thing I’ve seen since I started playing pokémon go is the age range and how it’s building this huge community. You’ve got people our age who grew up with the show and games, kids who are just getting into the franchise, even my 45 year old dad is playing. My boyfriend and I were walking around our campus hitting up pokéstops and a little kid who couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9 ran up to us and asked us if we had seen any cool pokémon, so we pointed out a stop where we had seen a seel and he took off to catch it, and his mom was following behind and gave us that heckled mom look and said “this is crazy!” but she was smiling and I could tell how happy she was just to be outside with her kid doing something fun and I just really love how this game is bringing so many people together.

what I also really love about this band is that they were “supposed” to be okay.

they both come from super nice families (as far as we know), both had friends while growing up, both were expected to be happy.

sometimes you just don’t need a reason to not to be okay. it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’ve been through. if you struggle with yourself there’s not much you can do.

and yet, look how far they’ve come. I am so proud of them. and I hope that some day the whole world will know their stories because there are many kids out there feeling guilty just because they are expected to be okay.

you’re not alone.

Every time I watch the music video for ‘The Kids From Yesterday’ my heart literally shatters into millions of pieces

I mean, look at how happy they all are

A happy group huddle

Happy woodland nymph Gerard with his bff Frank

Happy Gerard again because he’s on stage with his friends in front of an amazing and supporting crowd

I bet Ray loved his glorious hair being played with by his bud

Gerard being a show off, Ray just jammin’, Frank interacting with the fans and Mikey looking like a fuckin’ badass I jusT CAN’T DEAL WITH MCR LOOK AT HOW GOOD THEY WERE TOGETHER *dies*

Mika’s smile

Even if we only have spoilers right now and there’s so much angst going on, I have to admit that already, one of my favorite parts about this chapter is Mika’s smile. 

I mean…just look at it. 

It’s innocent and hesitant and exasperated and happy and relieved, all at the same time! I never thought that Kagami-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei would give us this smile at this point of the story, yet here it is for all of us fans to enjoy. Seeing his best friend again and being reminded of old times (in the previous panel, Yuu states, “This is just like how when we were kids, isn’t it?”), even if it’s a momentary thing, is enough to bring this unguarded smile to Mika’s face. 

Until this chapter (despite the mikayuu in chapter 36, Mika was pretty much serious the entire time), we’ve seen nothing but Mika’s intense cynicism towards humans and vampires, as well as his single-minded devotion to save Yuu. While this is all well and good for plot and character development, it kills me that the bright innocence he had as a child was forcibly taken from him. Despite the tragedy and sorrow that Mika went through, he can still smile like this. XD 

That underneath all the stoicism and bitterness he harbors inside of himself, the little boy that Yuuichirou had befriended is still there. A lot has changed between them, but some things never change. More than that, I’m glad that Mika can get a brief respite from all the fighting and self-hatred and just genuinely enjoy the company of his best friend. ^^

As the readers, we’ve certainly come a long way from this other smile, yes? XD



So let me explain this.

Sakura was feeling down since she feels like she’s inferior to Sasuke and Naruto.

The next day, she showed up looking sad.

SASUKE NOTICED that very well.

They were a about to settle things for their chuunin exam matters when some konoha kids who made a surrounding through genjutsu appeared, causing a commotion. Sasuke, of course, the bright one - noticed it right away. HE, HOWEVER, ASSUMED THAT SAKURA NOTICED IT EVEN BEFORE AND COMPLIMENTED HER SKILLS AND STUFF.

Seeing Sakura smile again, HE SMILED AND..


In just one chapter, Sasuke noticed Sakura’s feelings, comforted her by indirect means and made her happy.


Surprise! Part Two - Liam Dunbar

Title: Surprise! Part Two

Prompt: Liam and the reader are best friends and Liams birthday is coming up and the reader and the rest of the pack has been avoiding Liam to help plan a surprise party for Liam.

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Requested: No, I wrote it in honor of Dylan’s 17th birthday.

Warnings: FluFFFFF

Word Count: 2513 ITS LONG.

Authors Note: This kid of sucked…. Im not happy with it…. Let me know if you liked it? REQUEST PLEASE.  YOU CAN REQUEST ANYONE NOT JUST LIAM (:

Part One

After school you decided to avoid the whole pack and just walk home today, wanting to avoid any questioning looks or even worse, questions. You made it home and threw your backpack on the floor and let out a big sigh. Neither one of your parents were home, which you silently thanked god for. You looked down at your clothes, just now realizing how full of grass they were. ‘Huh, that’s probably why everyone was giving me strange looks.’ You thought to yourself. After you got some food you curled up and settled down in your bed, watching some Family Guy to help forget about the day. Eventually you couldn’t ignore your thoughts anymore. You thought about how close Liam and you were to actually kissing, which made you think. Does this mean Liam actually liked you or was it a caught up in the moment thing? What would this have done to your guys’ friendship? What if everything that happens actually ruins our friendship? “Fuck!” you yelled feeling cold liquid spill all over you, breaking you out of your trance. Grabbing a towel from your laundry basket, you quickly cleaned up the mess and plopped back down on your bed, letting out a loud sigh. You decided it might be a good idea to check your phone since you haven’t since lunch time.

           3 texts and 1 missed call from Lydia. 5 texts and 2 missed calls from Kira. 1 text and 1 missed call from Malia. 8 texts and 7 missed calls from Scott. 12 texts and 10 missed calls from Stiles. You let out a small giggle knowing how bad Stiles was probably over reacting since that’s just what he tends to do all time, it’s not a bad trait to have, but it sure could get annoying. Replying to Stiles first would probably be the best decision, so he would stop freaking out and he’d probably be with everyone so he could share the message. The girls knew you needed your space so you figured that’s why they didn’t try to get ahold of you so much. Another laugh escaped your mouth as you thought of how the girls were probably repeatedly telling Scott and Stiles you just needed space and to ask about it tomorrow, but guys being guys didn’t listen to a word they said and blew your phone up anyways. After shooting Stiles a text informing him that you were indeed okay, you noticed you had 3 texts from Liam. Just seeing his name made your heart flutter and stomach erupt with butterflies.

           Are you still gonna come to the hangout tomorrow? Received at 1:15 pm

           Y/N? Are you okay? Received at 3:15 pm

           I’m sorry… Received at 3:19 pm

           The last text made you feel guilty. Guilty for running off so quickly, guilty for ignoring him the rest of the day, and guilty for running off after school. All the mixed emotions were taking over you and you really had to give yourself some time to think. You were in complete disbelief that Liam would even think that you would miss his birthday just because of some little incident. This is not how wanted the day before his birthday to go, the whole pack basically ignoring him throughout the week was bad enough.

           Why are you sorry silly? Of course I’m still coming to the hangout, I wouldn’t miss your birthday for the world! I’m fine, I just needed a little thinking time. But hey your birthdays tomorrow & you should be excited, not upset! I’ll see you tomorrow birthday boy (: Sent 8:37 pm

           Once the text was sent you decided it’d be a good idea to take a shower and then head off to bed, tomorrow was going to be a good day. You had one goal for tomorrow and that was to make sure Liam has the best birthday he could ever dream of.

           “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM!” you shouted as soon as he got off the bus with Mason. After a lot of convincing you forced the pack to wait right by the buses and wait for Liam to arrive. You ran towards your blue eyed best friend and gave him a big hug, almost knocking him over. You tightly wrapped your arms around his neck and were a little surprised when he picked up off the ground a tiny bit, most likely to help himself not fall backwards. You felt his chest vibrate and his adorable chuckle leave his mouth. You could smell his happiness and surprise. “Thanks Y/N.” He said, wrapping arms tightly around your waist, hugging you back. He let you down and you quickly placed a kiss on his cheek and walked back over to the pack. Liam smiled and touched his cheek lightly. Your lips were so soft and all he wanted was to know how they would feel against his.

           “Happy Birthday Liam!” The rest of the back greeted once he and Mason made it up to them. “Thanks guys.” He smiled, his smile being contagious and making everyone else do the same. The bell rang making Liam groan. “Let’s get the day over with and then tonight we’ll have a lot of fun, I promise.” You said, placing you hand on Liam’s shoulder.

           “So Stiles will be dropping you off at my house correct?” Liam nodded, “And then we’ll walk down the street to Scotts house together?” you asked, confirming the plans for tonight as you walked down to lunch. “Yep, I’m excited, tonight’s going to be fun!” he smiled, adding to your happiness. “It sure will. Oh and you better dress nice tonight or I will kill you. We didn’t make dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant for nothing.” You said. The pack and you came up with a lie to tell Liam so that he would dress nicely for surprise party. You knew that if you told him it was just a casual hangout with the pack he would just dress normal and you wanted him to look extra fancy for his party. “I don’t understand why you guys did that. A normal hangout with everybody would’ve been just fine.” He groaned making you stop. You put your hands on his shoulder and looked him straight in the eyes.

           “Liam. We did it because we want you to have an extra great birthday. We love you and we just wanted to do something special for you, okay?” you said with a serious face, kind of intimidating Liam. He ended up hugging you, which surprised you but you hugged back immediately. “You’re the best Y/N.” you heard him say, making your heart skip a beat, you knew your goal was being achieved.

           It was now 7:15 and you knew Stiles should be dropping off Liam any minute now. Actually they were running a little late, but it was no surprise to you since Stiles had a history of being late for things. You were already in your dress for the night and you had your makeup and hair done, the only thing missing were your shoes. In the middle of looking for them you heard the doorbell ring, and you smiled to yourself knowing it was almost time for your best friends surprise party. You ran to the door and saw Stiles pulling out of your driveway through the window. Taking a deep breath you smiled and opened the door seeing Liam there dressed in some black jeans, a nice dress shirt, topped with a nice overcoat. “Hello there handsome!” you greeted, noticing how fancy he looked as you opened the door to let him in. “Come on in. I just have to find my shoes and we can go.” You smiled leaving him standing in the doorway as you ran back to your room, returning to the search for your shoes.

(here’s what your outfit looked like, if you don’t like it then you can invision your own(:)

           “Are these the shoes you’re looking for?” Liam entered your room, holding up a pair of combat boots. “Yes! Where were they? I’ve been looking everywhere for them. Thank you!” You said grabbing them out of his hands and going to your bed to put them on. “They were under the coffee table by the door, I figured those were the ones you were looking for since I know you had wearing heels.” He laughed, leaning on the doorframe. You laughed and nodded in response. There was nothing but silence as you put on your shoes, which you found a bit strange but ended up shrugging it off. You reached for your mini purse (idk what their called oops) which held your phone, Chap Stick, lip-gloss, and some money. “Okay you ready?” you asked standing up and noticing Liam staring at you. “What?” you asked him, giggling slightly. “You look freaking beautiful.” He said breathlessly.

           You felt you cheeks warm up and looked at the ground out of habit. “Well thank you.” You blushed accepting his compliment, you walked over to your mirror and applied some lip-gloss. “Okay birthday boy, let’s go.” You said grabbing his hand and pulling him out of your house. The walk to Scott’s house was quiet which you didn’t mind, until you remembered you never let go of Liam’s hand. Maybe you were making things awkward. But you knew that was a false though when you tried to snake your fingers out of Liam’s only to have him squeeze your hand tighter, keeping you from letting go. You smiled at the gesture, the butterflies came flying around in both of your stomachs as you walked down the street. “So this must be a really fancy restaurant then?” Liam asked, attempting to make conversation as you neared Scotts house. “What?” you say at first then remembered that was the cover up for the party. “Oh! Yeah, real fancy. That’s why my dress is so fancy, duh.” You laughed nervously hoping he wouldn’t notice anything suspicious.

           You were walking up Scotts drive way when you forgot to check if everything was ready. “Hold on, let me check my phone really quick.” You stopped, making Liam stop as well. You had a text from Scott warning you that they weren’t ready yet. “Fuck.” You whispered not expecting Liam to hear it, forgetting about his super hearing. “What? What’s wrong?” he asked worried. “Oh, nothing I just got a strange pain in my arm.” You said coming up with something to keep Liam distracted. You quickly asked Scott how much more time he needed and he quickly replied telling you he needed 5 more minutes. “Are you okay?” he asked examining your arm. “Yeah I’m good.” You stated, smiling at him and trying to ignore the emotions you were feeling. You couldn’t help but think of how sweet it was that Liam cared so much about you, and why only just now you were beginning to see it.

           You two were almost at the front door when you saw Stiles through the window furiously waving his arms back and forth and shaking his head. You rolled your eyes at him and quietly sighed. “Liam.” You said simply, turning him so his back was facing Scott’s house. You put your arms around his neck, causing him to give you a confused look. “I, uh forgot to ask you how your day was.” You stalled, carefully watching Stiles freak out at someone in the house through the window. You tried to hold back your laughter. “It was amazing! So many people knew it was my birthday and said happy birthday to me, which was kind of weird but it made me feel good. Maybe more knew because I’m friend with upperclassmen? I don’t know, but it was cool.” He smiled, remembering past events from the day. “Aw good! That makes me happy that you had a good day.” You said genuinely. “Well thank you for asking.” He smiled, “Don’t you think we should get in there now? They’re probably waiting for us.” He pointed out, starting to turn around. “Wait, Liam!” you shouted, grabbing him by the cheeks and putting your lips on to his.

           It didn’t take long at all for Liam to respond, he put his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. The kiss felt like it was way overdue but it felt right. Your lips moved perfectly in sync, you felt a little bad that it was just a way to distract him but as your hands softly grabbed his hair you knew that this had to happen. It surprised you a bit when you felt his hands wonder down to your ass and squeeze. You opened your eyes and saw Stiles giving you a thumbs up through the window. Unsure of whether or not he was doing it because you and Liam were kissing or because they were finally ready you gave him one back. He nodded and gestured you to come on. You held up a finger telling him to give you a minute. You close your eyes again and let yourself enjoy the kiss. After all this time of hopelessly crushing on your best friend, you finally got to kiss him. He pulled away and looked at you, smiling ear to ear.

           “This is the best birthday ever.” He commented making you laugh. You grabbed his hand and walked to Scott’s door before you opened it you looked at him. “Before we go in here, can I have another kiss?” you asked shyly, but since you enjoyed the previous one you couldn’t help but ask. “Absolutely.” He smiled grabbed your cheeks and pressing his lips to yours, it was short, sweet, and full of passion. “Let’s do this.” You smiled, opening the door. “Surprise!” everyone yelled, the lights came on and everyone jumped out from a hiding place, while the pack stood a little in front of the door, blowing party favors. (idk what they’re called ): sorry) “Oh my god!” Liam shouted holding his free hand over his heart. “You guys scared the shit out of me!”

           “Surprise!” you said shortly after everyone. You closed the door behind you and pulled Liam to the pack. “Happy birthday dude!” Scott greeted handed him a red solo cup. “Thanks guys. I would’ve never expected all this. You guys are amazing.” He said a smile never leaving his face. “In all honesty it was Y/N’s idea. So you really should be thanking her.” Lydia confessed, smiling at you two and walking away to join the party, along with the rest of the pack, leaving you and Liam alone again. You were looking at the ground, blushing like mad. “So this was all your idea huh?” he asked, a smirk on his face. “Shut up and enjoy your party.” You laughed trying to make the embarrassment go away. “Y/N.” he said making you look up at him, “I freaking love you.” He said before placing his lips onto yours once again, and defiantly not for the last time tonight.

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disney marathon with luke hed be over at your house and it was just a v lazy day so you were both in the couch, sprawled across each other going through your old dvds trying to find something to watch and the lion king would come across and hed be all excited bc he loves that movie so you play it and when simba asks mufasa if theyre friends youd catch him tearing up a bit as well as you and youd both look at each other and laugh at how lame you both are and when mufasa dies youre both a mess and he puts his hand on your face and says “shut up stop” and youd laugh and grab his hand and thered be lots of gummy bears and lollypops that hed often catch a glimpse of you sucking on one and hed have to remind himself that you were actually watching a kids movie and hed be all happy and giggly while singing hakuna matata and reciting the whole dialogue and youd glance up at his squishy face and just admire all his beauty and youd get the most intense feeling in the pit of your stomach bc you love him so much so youd leave multiple kisses on his cheek (hed giggle a lot and give you one in return of course) before resting your head on his shoulder. the night would go on like this and honestly it couldnt be any better RIP

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Can you do some more Tratie please!?!? P.s you're awesome :)

  • Katie grows pumpkins every year for her, Travis, and Connor to carve. 
  • Travis and Connor take it upon themselves to teach groups of kids how to swap costumes efficiently so they can trick or treat for twice as much candy 
  • Katie learns just how seriously the boys take “trick or treat” when she’s suddenly standing look out as they egg and toilet paper the house of a rude man that wouldn’t give them candy because they were “too old” 
  • Travis and Katie like to go for walks on Sundays after the farmer’s market and they see who can step on the crunchiest leaf (it gets pretty heated with pushing, shoving and racing towards a perfect looking leaf– they get lots of looks from strangers that they could not care less about) 
  • the boys take costumes very seriously so Katie always ends up having to join them for a trio costume– she doesn’t actually hate it as much as she pretends to except for the year they make her dress up as Bo Peep (she really hated how puffy the dress was and her sheep kept running off to prank people) 

Back Story (not really long)

When Roxanne, Tyriq, and I were kids we each bought two bracelets like this. When they died, I never got to see their bodies, so I never really got a chance to collect theirs. Every time I see these bracelets, it reminds me of them. How when we were kids we used to play all the time, without worrying about how we looked, or how someone would see our cuts, or how someone would ask us questions, or how someone would even talk to us. Just having fun, being kids. But now look at us. Roxanne is dead, so is Tyriq. Both to suicide. And I’m left, with suicidal thoughts. I just hope wherever they are, they look at the bracelets and remember as well. And I hope they’re happy, because they deserve it. They really do.