just look how great their love is

Hey my girlfriend makes me feel so safe and warm and at peace and just….happy
Like since moving to the other side of the world at 10 my life just turned upside down so much and I developed all this anxiety and depression bullshit and I just haven’t felt at home and safe and like I belong or wanted to be alive since age 10 and it’s fucked me so much but
For the first time I feel
Like I am truly content and happy and grateful to be here and alive
Like it’s not like I’m cured and never feel anxious or depressed or suicidal anymore but
All that does temporarily melt away when I’m with her and it makes every day life so much more bearable
It just feels so fucking amazing to feel happy, and to feel happy to be alive, and like I have something worth being alive for
And it’s weird and all feels fake and like it’ll stop being real any moment because I’m not used to actually feeling good but
I think my life is finally good
I just feel ok for once

I’m just thinking of how great bi Shang would be? Imagine Shang slowly falling in love with Ping throughout the course of the movie, just thinking of how handsome and good-looking he is and how brave. An amazing person.

But then he finds out that Ping was never Ping at all, she’s Mulan and a woman and hey, she just saved China! But there’s nothing different. Nothing has changed. Mulan is still the same person he fell in love with.

This whole exchange is so important!
  • Buster: Meena! Last chance kid, you wanna join these guys out there today?
  • Meena: I-I would but I just get so scared.
  • Buster: Sure you do! You know how to get over it though, right?
  • Meena: Uhh no?
  • Buster: You just start singing! Do what you love and then you'll be great because you wont be scared anymore because you'll actually be doing it! Right?!
  • Meena: Uhhhh....
  • Buster: Look, do you love to sing? I mean *really* love it?
  • Meena: Of course I do!
  • Buster: Then you face this head on, Meena. Because like my dad always said, 'dont let fear stop you from doing the thing you love!'
  • Meena: (nervous laugh) Okay I'll do it!
  • Buster: Great!!
Fake Married tropes I will never get bored of
  • a character looking at the ring on their finger wishing it was real
  • other characters talking to one half of the couple, allowing them to truthfully gush about how great they think the other half of the couple is because they’re just being a good spouse, right?!
  • someone commenting about how in love they seem to be
  • holding hands!
  • pushing each other up against a wall to make out and avoid detection
  • bed sharing!
  • accidental spooning!
  • getting carried away with the illusion and taking things further than they know they should!
  • being all awkward and cute about morning erections
  • seamlessly working around each other as they get ready in the bathroom, eat breakfast, head out for the day, etc
  • bickering like an old married couple
  • coming home to the other person and it just feeling right
  • quiet moments in the dark where they think the other is asleep and whispering something like ‘what if this wasn’t fake?’ but oops they were awake!
  • the angst of the mission/cruise/wedding being over soon and having to go back to real life
  • making the most of those precious last few days, hours, minutes of their fake relationship
  • missing each other when it’s over!!
  • one coming to the other’s place because of some made up excuse
  • falling asleep together because nothing feels as right as being together feels
  • realising they belong together 4 evr
  • their first ~real~ kiss which feels better than all the pretend ones because it’s legit
Finally got to watch the season 9 premier


So this is just my personal opinion. None of these girls are bad at what they do by any means. They’re all incredibly talented, I’m just going off how I feel about them. I’m not really sure where to start, so I’m just going to run through what I think of them each.

Peppermint - she’s a lot of fun, and her personality makes me want to love her. I hope she steps her game up though, because so far she’s been very middle of the pack both in the promo and the challenge. I wanna see her at her fullest, otherwise I’m afraid she’s gonna fade into the background.

Eureka - not a fan. Her Gaga look was great, but the home town one was a mess. I get that it was meant to be camp, but she just smeared makeup on. If you’re gonna go ugly, at least have an okay face to start, then mess it up. It also seemed pretty lazy honestly. I don’t like her humor at all, or how she’s conducting herself with the other queens. The bitterness towards Trinity isn’t entertaining either.

Trinity - just segueing from Eureka to her, she’s also near the bottom of my list. She’s not very smart, and I really haven’t liked any of her looks. They just haven’t wowed me, and I’m not that interested in her.

Charlie Hydes - so I like Charlie so far. I’ve heard she’s done some questionable stuff, but based on what I’ve seen for the show she’s been a pretty good competitor. The pilgrim look seemed like a missed opportunity, and the Gaga was good but it didn’t quite reach the mark a few of the others did.

Kimora Blacc - she’s gonna be in something see through to show off her breast plate in every episode. I’m not into it. Something about her just irritates me.

Nina Bonina Brown - what a nice surprise. I was so into her promo look, but worried the judges would tear into her. Everything she’s done so far has been such a knockout. She’s also genuinely fun and sweet. That padding is everything. I love her.

Alexis Michelle - she’s gorgeous. My only issue is she’s saying she’s a broadway queen, but I don’t see her going big enough. I want to see her cut loose, and be flashy but I haven’t seen that yet.

Sasha Velour - Sasha is going to be so much fun to watch. She’s weird, and creative, and knows how to pull attention. I also think she’s gonna cause a fight at some point, which I’m excited for.

Aja - another beautiful queen, who’s clearly having a lot of fun. I think the time factor hurt her on this episode, because that first look and her makeup were a bit sloppy. I still think she’ll turn it out though.

Farrah Moan - Farrah is beautiful, and so far has gone really big with all her looks which I love. I’m surprised by how nice she seems. I actually really love her, even more than I thought I would.

Jaymes Mansfield - I’m just not digging her at all. She’s missed every mark for me.

Valentina - another really beautiful queen who’s got a lot of skill. My issue is her persona. She seems pretty pretentious, and that beat nick costume in the confessional is obnoxious. I like her style, but the way she raises her hand, and forces everyone to stop and listen to her just reminds me of how annoying Serena Chacha was.

Shea Coulee - she’s still my favorite to win. I thought the hotdog was camp glamorous, and I liked that she did something different with the Gaga look. She wasn’t top 3 this week for sure, but I’m excited to see more. I love seeing nerds on the show.


Hi Rosie! I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond I tried downloading 24805429 things to answer you when I could have just screenshotted your reply!

Any whoooo, I completely loved your introduction, dying over lin looking hot is the fastest way to catch my attention. You definitely made my night better. I hope you had a great day love!


This scene

Yeah that one.

Victor’s hands are shaking

And I mean shaking

Because Yurio made fun of his happiness and his lover.

Look at that face

Levelheaded cool, calm, collected (and slightly eccentric) Victor is pissed. Trying not to show it, but he is pissed.

Ya’ll wanted possessive/jealous Victor

You got it, just in a more wonderful healthy way than Victor crawling all over Yuri and this is so great excuse me while I go cry

Yuuri Katsuki is a sucker for PDA

Okay so I see a characterisation I totally disagree with incredibly often, and that’s the fact that Yuuri, being stereotypically Japanese, is uncomfortable with PDA. And whilst I agree that this headcanon is kind of cute and allows for some great extra!Viktor content, I think it’s fundamentally wrong. 

Yes this is the official art that triggered this in my mind. Just look how comfortable Yuuri is here, whilst essentially being cuddled by Viktor out in the open. 

Look at him literally launching himself into Viktor’s arms. 

That one time Yuuri declared his love for Viktor on television

He literally initiated this on international television 

And let us not forget this kiss which he had no problem with 

Again, yanking Viktor in by the tie literally because he felt possessive 

Literally smiling at Viktor as he does this 

You can even see people react to the PDA in this scene 

There is no way you could call Yuuri passive in this moment 

Let us not forget Yuuri literally grinding on Viktor 

And, sober, straddling Viktor in public 

Honestly, there is no real canon evidence in my mind to suggest Yuuri is uncomfortable with displays of affection. He either lets Viktor do it whilst making no effort to stop him (even if he is shown to look slightly embarrassed), or is the one initiating PDA. I think it could even be argued that Yuuri does it more than Viktor. 

If this is Yuuri now, just imagine what he could be like a year or two on. Even as far as actually kissing in public, I don’t think I could call OOC. I feel like it’s the act itself Yuuri might be shy about, rather than if people are watching or not. In fact, I believe possessiveness is entirely in his personality. 

tl;dr Yuuri Katsuki is grossly affectionate in public and should probably learn some decency 

Underrated* but extremely good shots of Yuuri from episode one:

Looking at episode one again, it just is so clear how depressed this sweet boy is in it. Precious Yuuri. Even his eyes just… look sad? 

This is his portrait from the JSF website! It’s a nice shot, but he looks kind of worried in it. I hope he has it replaced with a happier looking one at some point. Sheesh Yuuri, babe. 

I just love the art in this scene? The shadowing is fantastic. Great animation wow!!

Precious and in need of so, so many hugs.

WHY have they not released a high quality version of this poster?? I WANT IT ON MY WALL.

Gorgeous boy. The amount of emotion in this skate is just… wow.



He just looks like he needs life breathed back into him?? He’s trying, he really is. And you KNOW he can do it, but he is… so tired. 

Takeshi: Yuuri you are an adorable ass man, even I can’t deny that shit. 

Sweetest smile.

Working out, looking cute, contemplating things.

I like how Yuuri’s eyes are almost this russet red brown instead of a straight brown. It’s a neat detail. 

Maybe my 8,000 Victor posters will have the answer…

When ur banquet crush is doing ur program and looking sexy AF

Yuuri’s pants legit look like they’re about to fall down here. I’m laughing. But I mean, there’s a naked Russian in the hot spring so I doubt he notices anything like that. 

*again: all shots of Yuuri are underrated because it’s not possible to appreciate him enough.


I have never seen anyone fanboy harder over anything than Hoechlin being presented with “THE jacket” to match my Stiles cosplay. (Literally matching Sterek jackets from the same line, if you look closely ;D) He thanked me too many times, sent messages through other people to thank me for letting me wear it to recreate those moments from Wolf’s Bane and said how much he loved “that Sterek scene”(!!! XD) He was so happy about the whole thing he kept cracking and smiling! Just such a great guy.

Can’t wait to see him later in the year. Doing all the Sterek cosplay with my cospartner Nem at HowlerCon, including something with Tyler. :D

What a dork. <3

How yoi plays with sports story scheme

I was wondering recently why Yuri on Ice seemed to be so different and fresh to me and why so many people get so emotionally engaged with it. There is definitely a nice animation and great characters and representation and such a beautiful love story but I felt like there was something in the narration layer that I couldn’t name until I compared yoi storyline to the most common schemes.

When you look at most of the pop cultural stories, especially those where main plot focuses on sport, you’ll see that there is that one scheme they all follow - you have a hero who has talent but lacks something (like a good mentor or hard work or confidence), he finds a motivation to win (it may be anything from parent’s death to wish to impress a girl) and he finds a dedicated coach, he trains, he loses, he learns something about himself, he wins, he gets an award. This is the basic way of constructing such stories and it’s catchy because we all want to believe that we are able to fight our weaknesses and win by ourselves. You may modify this scheme to a large extent but the main core will always be a single hero who needs to grow in order to win and actually I think that this scheme is present in Yuri on Ice but in Yurio’s not Yuuri’s story. Yurio has talent, lacks hard work and needs to learn something about himself, his skate-off with Yuuri gives him a motivation to win, he trains hard, he loses, he grows, he wins. This doesn’t make his story or his character less interesting but I wanted to give you an example of what am I talking about so I could compare it to Yuuri’s story.

So now, where is Yuuri’s plot different you could say. Well, in a way you could find all those elements in Yuuri’s story too but his development is where it all turns to be innovative. You see in the basic scheme the hero needs to learn to win by himself while Yuuri has got to that point a long time ago. He had all of that: his motivation, his hard work, most of his abilities, his own strength before he met Victor. He was fighting by himself for five years before and even if his anxiety makes him look like a weak loser it is obvious he is already beyond that “learning about myself” phase. Even this confidence Victor helps him to find he already had just hidden. Yuuri knows his emotions and some of his strengths and most of the weak points himself and either he wins or loses those minor competitions it doesn’t change him too deeply. But what Victor gives him is the belief that he doesn’t have to fight by himself anymore. Not in a “you can learn from other people” or “teamwork is important” kind of way (’cause they are still used in most of the stories) but in acknowledging that you may become better if you let someone close to you (this lesson applies to Victor to btw but he is not the main hero so I’ll skip this part). 

I won’t say this reverses the scheme completely as this is still some kind of personal development that helps to win (though the fact that Yuuri does not finally win is interesting by itself) but it definitely changes the subtext of the whole story.  We like stories about heroes fighting by themselves because we often struggle with our problems alone and we need to believe me can do it. But Yuri on Ice gives us the idea that thought you are strong enough to fight maybe you don’t have to fight alone at all. I guess this is why it has such a great emotional impact because in a world that tells you all the time that it’s only for you to win the story of someone who still needed help even if he already was strong and beautiful is really hopeful, positive and in a way more realistic then the basic “hero can only win by himself” scheme. 

There is also the whole layer of how Victor doesn’t fit to the standard portrayal of a mentor figure but I think this is quite easy to spot and maybe let’s not make this longer than it has to be but the last quick reflection I had is that the most common way of portraying romantic relationships in the sports stories is either when the hero needs to sacrifice his relationship in order to focus (which is the trope I personally hate) or when he wins the attention of his love interest by winning the final competition (so the love is somehow a reward then). What is great in Yuuri and Victor’s relationship is how Yuuri doesn’t have to win to prove his worth to Victor. Almost from the beginning, Victor knows Yuuri’s flaws and he falls for him anyway. So Yuuri is not only given support that helps him to become better but also he doesn’t need to earn that support. Which I think again is quite moving because everyone dreams of this kind of relationship. We are all scared that we are not good enough to let someone help us in the first place and this is where yoi tells us it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m sure there are much more tropes that are reversed in yoi and there is the whole narration layer that is also quite original but as storytelling is what I have the most experience with I decided to focus on this aspect only. And I may be wrong I just like to find and discuss narration schemes so please argue if you disagree but I love the fact that even when yoi takes those basic narration schemes it uses it to send a very positive message across and for me it could be a reason why there is such an enthusiastic fandom around it - because this anime exchanges the story of fighting alone for a story about growing in a relationship though it does not change a sports story for a cheaply romantic one.

Does anybody else remember a time, long long ago, when you could just enjoy things?

You could watch a movie and just appreciate it instead of over analyzing every single scene to make sure there’s nothing remotely offensive about it.

You could have a favorite character and just like them and appreciate how great they were written and portrayed, without being told you’re terrible because they’re a villain. Even though they’re FICTIONAL and most likely were deliberately written to be likable. (Even if they were written as an evil character, I still think you have a right to like them, but maybe that’s just me)

You could love and be a fan of the actors without having to go full on FBI agent, looking into their backgrounds to make sure they are 100% perfect and had never made a mistake ever.

You could post about said actor without some busybody little fandom cop, slithering into your inbox to tell you(all too happily) that your fave is “problematic” (god, I fucking hate that word), and you’re disgusting if you still like them.

I’m in my 30’s so I remember those good ole days and it’s kind of sad to know, that most of you will never truly know how great that was. That’s a time long since forgotten. Bummer.

Happy Birthday to my Bob @zukura <333333333 I hope you have a good year next year and even tho this year was shit knowing you made it a little more bearable <3 I honestly have a lowkey crush on you but you know that but just wanted to put that out there. You’re honestly just so great and funny and just aaa a a a a a s c  r  e   mmmm not to mention you pretty af like wtf how do you get your makeup to look so good, I’m so jealous! But honestly, I love you and am so happy to have known you! Have a great birthday bob <33333333333Also aged up yurio w/ long hair is my life

it sucks that people are already shitting on new Gorillaz just based off this one song, which, by the way, is just the album launcher (and conveniently released for the inauguration), not their true comeback song. it’s like a Welcome To the World Of Plastic Beach kinda thing.

people think that it’s all about “oh fuck Trump!!” but Hallelujah Money isn’t just about him. it’s all about how money controls power and how money wins politics (i need to look into the lyrics more, but that’s what i got from it). i personally like it, and honestly it’s gonna take a few listens to love it, but it’s a good damn song. and most of their songs are related to political and problematic things.

also, people are failing to realize that Gorillaz have always been experimental and collaborative. people who know this band inside out have heard a great handful of songs that dont even feature 2D’s (Damon’s) voice, or barely feature him at all (like White Flag and November Has Come, among others)

enjoy the fact that they are rising from a 6 year death, and surviving the threat that there might have never been a phase 4. it’s great to have them back


That’s not necessarily about heritage or where I’m from, it’s more about just commemorating my past life in a way, if that makes any sense. I spent 21 years in Sweden, and then as soon as YouTube hit it off, I just left, and I never came back. It’s 21 years of my life, and I have obviously a lot of great memories. I always look back on how my life could be so different.

The best thing about YOI?

Every time the good luck charms engagement rings are onscreen, the creators of the show decided to make them sparkle so brightly that one HAS TO look at them no matter what. Like, it’s not enough that they kissed in front of the entire world, and Victor is so openly affectionate, and that Yuuri is literally skating about their love, the rings freakin blind everyone (including us, the IRL audience) to serve as a reminder for everything.

And that’s just great because it’s a symbolic representation of how one should not have to hide their love, but instead, be allowed to be proud of it and celebrate it.

Don't Call Me Binary

Tonks: /Sometimes it doesn’t matter how I change my hair, or my eyes, or my face… sometimes everything just feels wrong/

Tonks: /Like being caught inside the wrong body/ 

Tonks: /It took years for me to figure out why this happened, and what I needed to do on those days to fix it/ 

Tonks: /gender is about as existent as Voldys nose/ 


Remus: Hey Tonks have you-… wow

Tonks: is this weird?… 

Remus: Quite the opposite actually… you look great 

((OOC: when you get tired of peoples ignorance whilst also loving the idea of a gender fluid Tonks)) 

The Reveal We All Needed...

Before you start reading I just want to say… this is EXACTLY what it looks like… and probably what none of you are expecting XD So Enjoy, and remember, all blame goes to @marinette-buginette and @mr-hawkmoth who both gave me the idea for drunk shenanigans… 

And before you ask, I regret nothing.

Gabriel Agreste was a great many things. The leader of a fashion empire that he had built up from the dust. A powerful, influential figure within the city of Paris. Once, a loving husband. Occasionally a stern father. Recently, a man obsessed with gaining the power held by the Miraculous, the villain known as Hawkmoth.

But for the moment he was completely and utterly shit-faced.

“Aide-y Dream! We need to have a talk!”

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