just look how colton looks at holland's lips and then back up at her eyes

What They Call You... Stiles

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Reader x Stiles Stilinski

A/N: As requested, here’s the nickname that Stiles gives the reader. And remember, requests are open. Also, if you want to be tagged then lemme know

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You had known Scott and Stiles for a long time since you had been at the same school since fifth grade. You weren’t friends or anything, but you had classes with them and if you missed class then you could talk to them and look over their notes. As mentioned, nothing close.

It wasn’t until high school that you became part of their ‘crowd.’ You were in the bleachers, reading, when the lacrosse team came out and started practicing. That was nothing new, but there was something new on the team. You felt a shiver run down your spine, making you look straight at Scott McCall. Putting your book away, you watched in silence as each player went against Jackson.

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// Babygirl - Theo Raeken //

Relationship: Theo Raeken x Reader.

Request: N/A.

Warnings: mkay I think we’ve established that I’m bad at writing both smut and the warnings lmao.

Dirty talk, ass grabbing, fingering, Dom!Theo, kinda public? Idk.

Rating: 18+ NSFW

Word count: 1,702

Part 2

A growl escaped your lips as your stare burned into him from across the room. The pack had needed a place to talk about the most recent supernatural phenomenon threatening beacon hills, the Dread Doctors, so you simply offered your house for the pack to meet in. However you were unaware that due to a new member as of that afternoon, ‘the pack’ now included Theo Raeken.

He had been in your 4th grade class along with you lifelong friend Stiles and Scott, your alpha as of a few months ago. The second Theo arrived back in beacon hills; he had the rest of the pack around his little finger, believing every word he said; not you and Stiles.  You were smarter than that and knew in your heart something was wrong with this kid and Stiles agreed.

“I talked to my dad,” Stiles had said “He said that if he truly isn’t who he says he is, give him some time and he’ll slip up. We just need to wait.” So, wait you did.

One thing to go on the record about Theo Raeken was that he seemed to find a sense of content in pushing your buttons, and pushing them he did. Whether it was something he said or his actions, he found a way to irritate you and being fairly new to your transition regardless of how confident you were in being able to control the change at this point; there was only so much you could take.

Once the pack had arrived and you had been filled in with the new pack addition the topic of interest quickly changed to the Dread Doctors. For the duration of the time that you all sat there trying to think of what the pack could do Theo had seemed to spend the entirety of the time finding ways to drive you crazy. You all took a break once stiles came up with the idea of ordering pizza, and once it arrived you jumped at the opportunity to sit across the room, as far away from Theo as possible.

Starting to seem like he was never going to stop, you glared at Theo, resulting in a wink that caused you to growl, furthermore irritated by the loss of control.

“Something wrong, Princess?” Theo asked, sounding innocent enough with a smirk planted on his lips. You growled again, this time lower yet louder and much more menacing. Your now florescent yellow eyes burned into him as you felt fangs starting to grow and claws replacing your short, maintained nails. Dozens of eyes now on you as multiple misheard voices tried to ask you if you were ok or telling you to calm down but right now all you cared about was charging across the room and ripping Theo’s vocal chords out with your teeth. You hadn’t even heard Scott take Liam’s place next to you.

“Y/N, come help me in the kitchen. I-I need to, um; I’m going to go fill everyone’s glasses.” Scott spoke, thinking of anything he could to convince you to get out of this room and avoid any kind of confrontation.

“Do it yourself.” You snapped, not even glancing at him.

Scott sighed, kneeling down, balancing his weight on the tip of his toes resting a hand on your knee. “Y/N. Look at me.” He demanded. You broke your glare away from Theo.

“I do love a girl that can take commands, nice and… submissive” Theo chuckled; you could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

“It’s not worth it.” Scott said his voice now softer.

You simply nod and stand up, completely transitioning back to your normal self. Scott was right it wasn’t worth getting angry over. He wasn’t worth getting angry over, and there was no way you were going to give him the reaction he wanted.  “Drinks?” You ask around the room as Scott helps you collect up glass (and in Stiles case, since he had a habit of dropping and smashing them, he got a plastic) cups, until you landed at Theo. He held out his mug and instead you walked right past him, into the kitchen with Scott.

“You ok now, Y/N? Have you calmed down?” He asked, looking genuinely concerned.

“Yeah, it was stupid. I let him get to me.” You nod before telling him to go back to the pack and that you’d bring the drinks in yourself. Scott smiled sweetly at you and walked back to the living room. You walked to the refrigerator, pulling out the different bottled drinks and pouring them in, boiling the kettle making a coffee for yourself and Stiles.

“Another coffee would be nice, Baby girl” You recognised the voice, and it certainly wasn’t Scott.

“Theo, could you stop with the fucking nicknames.” You snarled.

“Struck a nerve, have I?” He chuckled, shooting you another wink. You turned back to the kettle with a sigh, only to feel his body press against your back. “Or are you just mad now that you realise how much you like it? How much you like me being around, as close as I am now. You think I don’t see the way you look at me, baby girl?”

“Don’t kid yourself, asshole.” You snapped, though you couldn’t really deny it. It didn’t take much to realise that he was good looking, and as much as his attitude annoyed you there was something about it that attracted you to him, though you would never admit it.

“It’s cute that you still think you can lie to me, Y/N” He laughs shaking his head, his hot breath on your neck sending a shiver through your body. He smiled as you move your head to the side trying to avoid any means of eye contact with him, his lips moving to just below your ear, his voice a whisper. “But you should know something about me baby girl.” His hand sliding up your bare thigh and under the skirt you now regret wearing, feeling yourself getting wetter. “I don’t appreciate being lied to.”

His lips attached at a sweet spot underneath your ear and you struggle to stifle a moan.

“T-Theo…” You whisper. “We can’t-” You cut your own voice off with another moan, this a little louder than the last, as Theo sucked harshly on your neck. His hands gripped onto your hips as he spun you around to face him and lifted you so you sat on the counter, Theo stood in-between your separated legs.

“Baby girl, if you want me to stop just say the word. If not, you’re going to have to quieten down.” He was right, you had completely forgotten about the rest of the pack who were in the next room. “You’ve been teasing me all day in… this.” He referenced your skirt; you bit your lip and looked down. Never had you been this turned on.

“Don’t like a little noise Raeken?” You ask teasing him a little.

He chuckled, shaking his head at her. “Oh, baby girl, you really don’t understand. I could make you scream.” His words made you blush slightly, maybe because you weren’t used to dirty talk or maybe because you knew it was true.

His lips roughly attached to your neck, moving up toward your jaw, as his hand reaching inside your underwear. “You’re so wet princess.” He muttered before his finger traced figure eights over your clit. You buried your head in Theo’s neck, breathing heavily in an attempt to stop any audible moans. “No,” Theo protested, his hand moving from your underwear. You pulled your head back confused. “I want you to look at me ok?”

He bowed his head again, and instead of on your neck his lips unexpectedly met yours. His hand slipped back under your pleated skirt and into your underwear and instead going back to your clit, it slipped to your entrance and pushed two fingers inside of you his other hand on your jaw as you kissed. You opened your mouth, both shocked and aroused, which was enough for him to slip his tongue in your mouth, gaining dominance straight away. His lips were softer than expected. One of your hands gripped to the work top the other in Theo’s hair, tugging on it. He moaned slightly, his lips curling to a smile as his fingers worked at your core, pumping in and out quickly when all of a sudden his fingers curled inside of you. His fingers continued to work on your core as you feel yourself getting close.

“T-Theo, I’m going to- I’m gonna-”

“Come for me, baby girl” His breath tickling your ear, biting down on your neck again. It only took a few seconds for you to release, your climax hitting and releasing on Theo’s hand, breathing uneven and a satisfied smile on your face.

“Happy, baby girl?” A smile on his face as he watched you gain your breath back, licking his fingers clean.

You nod, “Very.” You confirmed between breaths.

His lips met yours again, this time much more… passionate. His hands moved to your back, pulling you off of the counter top. You wrapped your own around his neck, your body curving, pressing against him. Theo’s hands shift and rest at your ass, a smile at his lips. After a few minutes he pulled away, pecking you on the lips once more and winking at you, grabbing your ass before he moved to the counter where the drinks sat.

He grabbed one of the glasses you had forgotten about and handed it to you, taking one in each hand himself, puzzling you. As if on cue Lydia popped her head around the door.

“What’s taking you guys so long? I’m thirsty.” She pouted.

“Y/N here takes the piss. What kind of girl can’t make a decent coffee?” He glanced round at you, shooting you a wink that Lydia couldn’t see.

“Shut up asshole.” You rolled your eyes, ignoring the smile pulling at your lips.

Perfect (Stiles x Reader)


Different inflection when you say my name
Kiss me, but your kiss don’t taste the same
Is it real or am I going out of my mind?
Curious ‘bout the company that you keep
‘Cause I hear you talking 'bout her in your sleep
And now you’ve got me talking 'bout her in mine

Ooh, and I bet, she has it all
Bet she’s beautiful like you, like you
And I bet she’s got that touch
Makes you fall in love, like you, like you

I can taste her lipstick and see her laying across your chest
I can feel the distance every time you remember her fingertips
Maybe I should be more like her
Maybe I should be more like her
I can taste her lipstick, it’s like I’m kissing her, too
Ay she’s perfect
Ay she’s perfect

                                   ♡                   ♡                      ♡

 I am laying down next to Stiles whom is asleep while I am trying to focus on the book in my hands.“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you,” I read out loud, and smile a little. I stare at the boy next to me, and repeat the quote again, adding at the end, “I really love you.” That’s when I hear it , “Lydia,”Stiles mumbled and I felt my heart broke in million pieces right there.
“Lydia,” he repeated again.

I decided to ignore what just happened, maybe I was overreacting. “Yeah, i am overreacting,”I tell myself, “You are overreacting about what?,” Stiles says with a sleepy voice, “Ehh, about something i just read.” I answer rapidly. He looks at me with some doubt, but I am fast enough to change the topic. “Do you feel better?,” He nods and places his hand on my cheek ; “Thanks, thanks for staying with me.” I grin, and peck his lips.
“Well, it’s kinda late,” He says looking at his watch. “Yeah, I should head back home. Mom must be freaking out.” “Well, I am sorry for her but I won’t let you go at this hour. We already know how dangerous Beacon Hills is.” “Yeah, but you only had to say that you wanted me to stay,” I tell him. “I know how much you love stating the obvious.” Stiles says staring directly into my eyes. I laugh a little, he kisses me. Every time our lips touched, it felt as if time stopped.
“We should sleep,almost 2 in the morning,” I say and he nods and makes me cuddle up with him.
I didn’t realise until that moment how tired I really was, I had been so focused in the book. I closed my eyes, and muttered “Goodnight.” “Goodnight,” Stiles replied back.

I woke up to the sound of Stile’s alarm, I get up being careful enough to wake him up that’s when it happens again. “Ly-dia, Lydia…Don’t leave me,” He mumbles and this time I couldn’t let it pass.
“Stiles, wake up,” I shake him softly. He yawns a little, sits downs in the bed, and open his eyes then gives me that cheeky smile of his. “Good morning,” He says and tries to kiss me, but I stop him.
“Did you any interesting dream?,” I mention. He stares at me a bit confused but answers “Well, I did have a dream. Why?”
“You were sleep talking,” I try to choose my worlds wisely. “But…” I begin to say; he stops me mid sentence, “But what?.” “You mentioned Lydia’s name both times. You begged for her to not leave you…” My voice kinda breaks a little at the end. He sighs, noticing what is going on.
“In some way… I always knew it, I knew it. It’s not your fall at all. Blame it all on me, I was silly enough to fall for you. Everybody could see it, they used to say it was obvious. Still, I decided to cover the world with one finger,” I say, it was notorious how much each world was destroying me inside. “Every time you look at her, it’s with admiration with love. You love her, not me.”
“Y/N, let me…” Stiles begins to say ; “Stiles, there’s nothing to explain. I always knew. Lydia, she’s perfect. She’s beautiful, smart, almost every guy is after her. She, is some way, has the world at her feet. That’s the way it is, but I can’t hate her either. She’s my best friend, and I love her for being her too. I’m between the wall and the sword. Trapped,” I said almost in tears. “Let me talk!,” He said already exasperated.

-“Y/N, I won’t sugarcoat things for you. It’s true, I did have feelings for Lydia. I was crazy for her, all that is true. But do you know what else is true?.” I stay quiet waiting for him to say that he still was crazy in love for Lydia. “I met you, in the most unexpectedly way and I fell for you. I fell so hard, out there we can find so many girls that are ¨perfect’, but they are not you. I don’t want Lydia, I don’t ask for any of those ´perfect girl´. I only want my imperfectly perfect Y/N. Y/N, I love you. My heart belongs only to you,” Stiles tells me, tears were rolling down my face. Tears of joy, by the way he said I knew he meant it. “Lydia, is my friend. She’ll always be my friend, and I love my friends. But the way I love her, and the way I love you, it’s very different. Like I said, the only one to break my heart are you.” I lay my head in his chest, and he puts his arms around my body.
Stiles cups my face and kisses my forehead, then wipes the tears of my face. “I love you, Y/N.”
“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure,” He quotes the book I was reading. “My heart is with you, you are my treasure.”

This is so tragic.
So, so so tragic.

I haven’t seen the movie or the tv series, but i figured i could do it because it was just the actors. But because I didn’t know anyone from the cast I brought it up on google, seriously i typed in “teen wolf cast” and just chose the names from there. The only person I know Is Holland Roden, because… c’mon its Holland Roden… I mean right?

I just hope you like this, I didn’t really have a plan for this i just went in for the kill. I’m really, really worried about posting this one. 


It was the middle of summer and you were at a cast party, more than one cast really - The Maze Runner cast and Teen Wolf Cast. All the actresses and actors were very close friends and you happened to be very close friends with Holland Roden so she decided to drag you along to this thing, “it is a great way to improve your social skills” were her words to you, 

You had a simple black bikini on keeping your distance from everyone. You Did know a few of them, but not enough to have a goddamn party with them. Your eyes wandered to the famous Dylan O’brian, you admired his toned chest and charming eyes - they always looked like they were up to mischief. That was one of the things that pulled you towards him, that and his bright personality. He was always up for making people feel welcomed and making sure they had a good time. 

You sipped your coke and put your feet up on one of the white, plastic chairs. Your eyes were stuck on Dylan, you prayed to the high heavens and to whoever else was up there that nobody caught you. 

                                                        * * *

“Just go talk to her” Thomas pushed, his eyes wandering to (y/n) and a wide grin crossed his face. “She sure wants to talk to you” he laughed, Dylan turned to look at her and her eyes seemed to snap out of their trance as they made eye contact. He could see her blush from where he was standing and he had to hold back a laugh.

“What would I say?” 

“What you would to any human being, start of with a hello.. flash that charming smile and give her the puppy eyes” He mocked him by widening his eyes slightly and over doing a smile, Dylan laughed and punched him in his shoulder.

“shut up” 

“Well go, shoo, go talk to her!” 

                                                       * * * 

You were startled out of your day dream by the guy you’ve been staring at for about 2 hours. 

“Hey” You said cooly, sipping your coke to try and make your mouth do something other than drool. 

“Hey” He replied smoothly, moving your feet off the chair to sit next to you. This made you sit up properly, your eyes wondering back to the pool and a few people playing marco-polo.

“Enjoying the party?”

“Do you want the truth, or what Holland would want me to say?” you grinned, okay good - this was going good. Nothing embarrassing happening yet. 

“Can I hear both?”

“Holland would want me to say: Yes, its delightful! totally rad! yes I’m enjoying myself.”

Dylan began to laugh, you soon joining in and after the sigh passed from both your lips, “And me? Parties aint my thing” 

“Oh, then what is your thing?” He grinned moving the chair to be closer to you, the chair however made a large squeak in protest. 

“Pizza, booze and a movie.” you shrugged and sipped your coke once more, it sounded much like a date setting to you but how can you lie? It was your thing. Small gathering of friends, meaning one or two people… maybe pushing three depending on the person.

“Its a date then” he grinned looking back out at everyone laughing and joking.

“okay” you agreed, shrugging…wait… “Wait, wait, what?”

“Pizza, booze and a movie? Sounds like a date, so… you have a date.. with me.. with- Oh god this is embarrassing” he muttered more to himself than you, his ramblings were cute… hell, adorable in fact.

“Maybe leave the booze out of it” you laughed, his eyes snapped towards yours which were once looking at the floor embarrassed “Getting tipsy, or drunk on the first date wouldn’t exactly be… well, the outcome might be fun but– Oh my god now I’m rambling.” 

You both broke out into a laughing fit after that, you were just glad you didn’t throw up over him in excitement. That, would not have been pretty. You both stopped once again and stared at each other - the world seemed to stop, you could feel the earth spinning. Before you even know what’s happening, a kiss is planted on your lips - Heart hammering, you wrap your arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. Its passionate, slow. Something you wouldn’t expect from him, he softly traced your curves with his finger tips and you shivered into the touch. 


“Oh leave ‘em alone” Holland laughed 

“They’re so cute together!” blake said in a high, mocking squeal. You and Dylan both pulled away from each other and you were blushing stupidly and he was grinning like an absolute idiot.


“No, I’M THE GOD MOTHER!” Thomas yelled, earning looks from everyone.. even some security. 

“Can we call the kid mazy run?”  Ki thought of, Crystal turned her nose up at him

“Mazy run??” she question 

“Yeah, maze runner.”

“What about teen wolf? can’t leave us outta this bro!” Colton yelled 

“Fine! Fine, eh Mazy.. Mazy wilf?”

“… That sounds an awful lot like mil-”

“Oh my god, i feel gross”

Bickering broke out after that, You and Dylan could only get parts of the fighting. Mostly the name and who was going to be the god-mother and father. Your nose turned up and looked at Dylan amusedly.

“We’re not calling our kid Mazy”