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Hello everyone! I decided that Hannictober would be a chance for me to write some fiction, this is my first attempt! I hope you enjoy!

After the fall they had settled down in a small rural town where people had no clue who they were. Will picked up a job chopping wood and Hannibal in the closest hospital. They had a cute cottage at the edge of town. After three months of living there and Hannibal being at work, Will decided to head towards the nearest town.

Hannibal got home and saw his lover sitting on the couch, surrounded by their two dogs. He went to kiss him on the lips, when he was suprised by the flavor of artificial cinnamon and cloves. He pulled back and saw Wills confused face. “Why did you just look at me like that? He asked Hannibal. Hannibal didn’t say anything and just kissed him again.

Will woke up the next morning, with Hannibal nowhere to be seen. He got up to see what his lover was up to. Walking into the kitchen he noticed the bitter smell of coffee combined with the warm smell of numerous spices like cinnamon.

“Good morning mylimasis” Hannibal greeted him. Will couldn’t help but burst out laughing at is beloved. “Did you really like the pumpkin spice latte taste so much on me that you decided you had to make your own?” Will asked him. Hannibal frowned and said “No my dear, the flavor was absolutely atrocious that’s why I made a better version.”

Hannibal handed him warm mug that smelled like autumn heaven. The flavors where exquisite, and perfectly balanced. Will laughed and thought to himself that he should visit Starbucks more often.

Under the Mistletoe

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader

Summary: This is part of mine and @buckyywiththegoodhair‘s Christmas Drabble Party. Request: Natasha Romanoff + Mistletoe. This was requested by anon! Read the other Christmas drabbles here

Words: 982

Warnings: Fluff and making out ayeeeeeeee

A/N: I’m more of a Wanda girl but my god Nat is just… my god she’s s e x y as all hell 

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You’re staring.“ Wanda nudged you with her elbow when you didn’t so much as blink at her remark. Your attention was completely captured by Romanoff. 

You were shamelessly staring at her across the room. The dress she had on molded to her form so perfectly, like it was made for her and only her. She looked downright sinful. She had her back to you and was having an animated conversation with Sam and Steve. You watched the long, pale and smooth column of her throat work as she took her last swig of the wine she’d been nursing for the past fifteen minutes.  

”[Y/N]! You look like you’re undressing her with your mind!“ Wanda’s higher than normal voice got you to turn to her, finally tearing your gaze away from Natasha. 

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It’s okay. You’re okay.


Okay but guys seriously I bet Will is one of those people to mumble the whole “loser says what” thing. And I bet you he would do it around Nico, in hopes that Nico wouldn’t hear him correctly and respond with the usual “what?”. But the thing is I bet Nico is still pretty polite around people. Bianca wouldn’t have wanted him being rude to people for no reason. But he’s also sassy af. And everyone thinks he doesn’t know anything about technology but come on. He grew up basically in the Lotus Casino where there were always all the new shit. So he would probably understand latest trends. If Will did that I swear Nico freaking Di Angelo would be like “pardon me?” or if he wants to tease Will (which he always enjoys) he’s gonna be like “mmm whatcha say” just to see the look on Wills face go from excitement to confusion to “I am so frustrated with this stubborn cotton ball of deathly fluff that I could give him a tan with all the light coming from my freakles”.


- Actually, this is a very cheap price to save yourself much humiliation.
- What?
- Smart money is on the skinny bitch.

Spice - Jensen Ackles x Reader (High School AU) - Part 7

Title: Spice

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Castiel x Reader

Guest starring: Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Brendon Urie

Word Count: 3,383

Warnings: Lanuage, Teacher x Students relationship (Reader is over 18)

Original Imagine: Imagine Dean, the playboy of your school and once good friend, hooking up with every girl but being interested only in you. Although you are in a secret relationship with your teacher Mr. Castiel Novak.

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here! l Read Part 4 here! l Read Part 5 here! l Read Part 6 here!

The rest of the days went by uneventfully. The morning you woke up you found Jensen there where you left him on the kitchen an almost empty bottle of whiskey in his hands and it didn’t even surprise you on where he had found it, nor that he was able to drink so much of that heavy drink. He had taken on many habits the last years after all – you scoffed at the thought – and just walked by him without even sparing a glance.

Or basically you did. Call it out of curiosity or (even if you did not want to admit it) worry you did look at him for just a second and even if your heart was in pieces from remembering all those events that happened all that time ago, it still did break in a thousand more pieces. He looked tired as hell, probably having stayed up all night and drinking, his face tired and as if he would pass out any given moment. But it was not just his physical condition that caused a pang in your chest but the second he sensed you there and looking at him he looked up and locked eyes with yours. The pain written all over them made your regret everything you had said, even if you knew you were saying the truth.

But you shook it all off. You put on a hard face and hid that it was affecting you even in the least bit. You looked at him with a cold look that only made him scrunch his eyebrows even more, pain filling his eyes as they reflected his soul. You wanted to scoff again at that thought. He felt no pain, no regret, nothing. That was what you would keep repeating to yourself that morning as you made breakfast for the guys and tried to avoid his pleading eyes. He just wanted to play with you again. That was it. Or at least you wanted to make yourself believe that. You did not want to be hurting again. Finally after so much time you had managed to be able to fall asleep and not wake up crying. You were not going back to that, you were determined.

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Frances would probably really like William. Just presenting him to Sebastian and telling him: "Look, you indecent Butler, this is how a man should look like." And you can just see the tiniest of smirks on Will's face, and Ciel snorting from held back laughter.

Hahahah, I agree Anon! If Frances knew William, she would have said that, just like she compared Sebastian to Tanaka when we met her.

Ah, poor Seb (not really), between Frances and Nina and even though he’s one hell of a butler… It just can’t be helped, he’ll never win. :)

And I love how you’re mentioning Ciel too haha, especially since he and Frances are so similar. You know, inwardly Ciel is enjoying this as much as his aunts does ^_^

Thanks for passing by Anon :D Have a nice day/evening!

Preference #127 How he acts when he's in love:

He’s never in bad mood when he’s with you, even just thinking about you, or letting your name leave his lips made him smile. He just loves being around you, he loves that he can dance around stupidly like the cute weirdo he is when he’s with you. He feels as if he doesn’t have to hold anything back he could tell you anything, and he does.You both are very open with each other. He could tell you were in a bad mood just by seeing the look on your face, and he’d be willing to talk about it with you until you felt better. He’d be there for you always,and you knew that. You both lived incredibly busy lives, and somehow you both were able to keep each other sane.
Niall was such a positive person. He made you a better person, and without him, you’re not sure where you would be. You’d argue every now and then, which was perfectly normal of any couple. You both hated fighting with each other, so neither of you were afraid to say sorry. The easiest way to deal with it was to talk it out over ice cream, or pie, or pie with ice cream on top. Let’s just say that dessert was a common interest for the two of you. Sometimes he’d even take some whip cream on his finger and wipe it across your cheek, laughing loudly as he did so. “Oh my god” you’d say before doing the same to him, this starting a hilarious whipped cream war. You’d laugh as you’d chase each other around, each of you with a can of whipped cream in hand. Eventually you’d both get tired and you’d collapse on top of him, still laughing you’re ass off, then he’d pull you in for a kiss. It was during moments like these when Niall really understood how in love he is.
He, like Harry, is all smiles whenever you’re together. He likes to be with you as much as possible so going on tour is always hard for the both of you. You text constantly and though you always tell him that he shouldn’t be texting you while he’s in the middle of a big meeting, he does it anyway, just for a chance to talk to you. Whenever he’s texting you, everyone in the room can tell, because of his bright smile which he’s never able to hide. There a few times however, when he gets really down about being so far from you. You always tell him that everything is going to be okay, that you love him, and that you’ll never leave him. But his worst fear is that you’ll grow tired of waiting for him to come back home, and one day when he gets home, you won’t be there.
He cherishes your relationship more than anything else. He loves how you both are able to tease each other without anyone being offended. And though from the outside, other people might not understand the why you say things like “you’re such a dork” or “I love you, loser” but Louis knew that any name you called him would be out of affection and not hate. It was a sort of playfulness that you couldn’t replicate with anyone else.You love his sense of humor too, his little comments every here and there could make you laugh for hours. Louis felt misunderstood by the rest of the world, with millions of rumors and media shaping his public image. However, he knew that you understood him, and even more, that you loved him. He had no doubts in your love, he knew that you two shared an unbreakable bond and was sure that you’d be together for the rest of your lives.
He puts you first, always. He wanted to know what you think about the situation, and always cares about your opinion. He’s the kind of boyfriend that made your friends jealous. He’d buy you teddy bears and flowers for no reason at all. “Zayn thank you, but you really don’t have to” you’d tell him, but he loved the way your face lit up when he came home with pink roses; your favorite. “I want to (Y/N), I can tell that it makes you happy, and that makes me happy” he’d say. You’d then stand there for a bit, swaying slightly as your arms were draped around his neck, and his around your waist. He’d make sure you knew that though he enjoyed buying you these material things, that his love for you was completely true and intangible. You could help but kiss him, impressed by the sweet heart that he has inside of him.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed! Requests are open!

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Would you be willing to GIF the episode, Shoot of The Good Wife where Alicia puts her hands in Jason's pants at the restaurant? The look on his face is just so unf! 😘💖

I’d be extremely willing to gif that scene LOL I love that scene…that was the best scene lol I’ll go work on it and post it as soon as I can. Thanks! <3