just look at will's face


The Skwad playing superhero charades


It’s okay. You’re okay.


Okay but guys seriously I bet Will is one of those people to mumble the whole “loser says what” thing. And I bet you he would do it around Nico, in hopes that Nico wouldn’t hear him correctly and respond with the usual “what?”. But the thing is I bet Nico is still pretty polite around people. Bianca wouldn’t have wanted him being rude to people for no reason. But he’s also sassy af. And everyone thinks he doesn’t know anything about technology but come on. He grew up basically in the Lotus Casino where there were always all the new shit. So he would probably understand latest trends. If Will did that I swear Nico freaking Di Angelo would be like “pardon me?” or if he wants to tease Will (which he always enjoys) he’s gonna be like “mmm whatcha say” just to see the look on Wills face go from excitement to confusion to “I am so frustrated with this stubborn cotton ball of deathly fluff that I could give him a tan with all the light coming from my freakles”.


- Actually, this is a very cheap price to save yourself much humiliation.
- What?
- Smart money is on the skinny bitch.