just look at those smiles


I only wish I could tell someone else about my love for him.


“You doing okay? You look kinda funky…”
                                                                “I confess I’ve felt better”

  • My friend: So you have a thing for guys rolling up their sleeves, gloves, and suspenders?
  • Me: (thinking about Ignis) yeah

Some of my faves from Aaron’s House of Blues: San Diego concert (more pics here)


I saw a man so beautiful


Been receiving messages about my OC Cin/Sin (still contemplating on how I want to call them… Cin is a closer nickname to their actual name, but “Sin” is something that’s always stuck for years lmao) but god– yeah I need to show more love to them, I’m currently restructuring their personality a bit. I refer to Cin as “they/them” btw. ^^ 


Happy Birthday WIFE!!!!!!! <33333


[flynn rider’s off screen voice] “this is the story of how I died”



monpetitcremebrulee-deactivated  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity feed :D

awwww sweetie, thank you! I def will pass the happy along. and nothing makes us happier than a good dose of Sebastian Stan! 

his smile

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his tongue

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just his everything

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live-action batman adaptations rated by bat-ears

an old-fashioned bat, before he had the tech to make actual protective gear and roamed the streets of gotham in true cosplay. ears a bit flimsy and asymmetrical, but endearing. 6/10

a significant increase in protection and durability, but the miniscule ear length leaves this cowl lacking in battitude. also looks like someone drew eyebrows on it with a sharpie. 2/10

say what you want about the lack of mobility, this cowl has some nice ears! who cares about turning your neck when you can just stab your opponent with these babies? 9/10

the fancy ears are the only saving grace of this unnatural disaster, and even that’s not enough. 0.00001/10

mediocre. though certainly evoking the classic image of the dark knight, this cowl with it’s short ears and rounded features makes for a less prominent batman profile. 5/10

disappointing in every aspect, especially ear length and shape. 0/10

ok, I know I said this was about live-action batman adaptations but listen,, these adorable micro-sized ears are attached to the purest batman in all of dc history. just look at that smile. I’d walk through a lego minefield of those tiny deadly ear spikes just to preserve this man’s happiness. 50/10. please tell him I love him.