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Could you do one where Betty and Jughead have kids and Archie and Veronica have kids and their kids are best friends and one of them asks the other on a date?

Okay, I love this idea!!! and I may write more in this universe because I love the idea of it so much! Thank you for this cupcake!!

“Mama! Dad! J squared, Let’s go” Betty rolled her eyes at Jughead when their daughter yelled at them from downstairs.

“Since when is she so excited to go to the Andrews’ house?” Jughead said, raising his eyebrows at his wife.

“Oh, I think since little Will Andrews grew up at summer camp.” Betty responded, turning to the mirror to put her earrings in. She had noticed a change in her daughter over the past month. She had been spending a lot more time with Will and seemed to light up every time he walked in the room.

“Really?” Jughead came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Call it a mother’s intuition, but I think our baby has her first crush.” Betty said, leaning back into his body.

“Well, I think our baby is still too much a baby to have a crush.” Jughead huffed. Betty turned to look at him with an amused expression.

“Juggie, are you going to go all protective father mode? She’s 13, we’re lucky it’s taken this long. Plus it’s Will, he’s a good kid.”

“Yeah, I know, I was just hoping it was never going to happen.”

“We’re going to be late!” Another call from downstairs

“Alright, we’ll be right down Jitterbug!” Betty called.

“I can’t believe she chose that name.” Jughead said with a shake of his head. They had named their daughter Jitterbug Rose Jones and let her decide whether she wanted to be called Jitterbug or Rose. Jughead had been convinced that she would choose the more normal name. Betty had been convinced that she would choose the more unique name and she had been right. Jitterbug had wanted to be like her dad and aunt and follow in the family tradition of odd names. They had also given the choice to their younger children, who had also opted for their unusual J names.

“It doesn’t surprise me, she’s unique, just like her father.”

“And headstrong like her mother.” Jughead said, bending down to kiss Betty. They broke apart when their bedroom door burst open.

“Oh god, this is what is taking you two so long?” Jitterbug said in disgust. She had her mother’s huge green eyes and her dad’s dark wavy hair.

“Are you wearing makeup?” Jughead asked taking in their daughter’s appearance

“Dad, I’m in eighth grade now, most girls have been wearing makeup for years.” Jitterbug looked to her mother for help. Betty went over and put her arm around her daughter’s shoulders, guiding her out the door.

“Don’t mind your father love, he’s just in a bit of a mood today.” Betty threw a wink at her husband over her shoulder who sighed and muttered something under his breath. “You look very pretty Jitterbug.” Betty said.

“Really Mama?”

“Really. That Will won’t know what hit him” Betty said with a laugh.

“Mama!” Jitterbug protested, which only made Betty laugh harder.

“Come on, let’s get the twins”


“Mmm smells good babe.” Veronica said, giving Archie a kiss on the cheek as she handed him a beer.

“Thanks, burgers should be done in a few minutes.” Archie said, smiling at his wife.

“Mom, what time did you tell the Jones’?” The two looked up as their oldest son came barreling over.

“Whoa, slow down William. Careful around the grill” Archie reprimanded. Their son was known for being rambunctious and a little out of control of his body. He was currently going through a growth spurt and was constantly tripping over his limbs.

“I told them 4 Will, they’ll be here.” Veronica said, knowing very well why her son was so interested in when the Jones family would be arriving.

“Will, can you go grab me a plate to put the burgers on?” Archie said.

“Sure dad” Will hurried away

“Good to keep him busy” Veronica said when he had left.

“He really likes Jitterbug doesn’t he?” Archie said

“Yeah, I think he does. I wonder how she feels about him.” Veronica bit her lip, worried about their son getting hurt.

“We can grill Jug and Betty when they get here” Archie assured her.

“Oh, I plan to” Veronica gave him a mischievous smile.

“That’s my girl” Archie leaned over to give her a kiss

“They’re here!” Will came running out of the house, waving a plate around frantically. He practically threw the plate at his father before stopping and adjusting his shirt and hair. Veronica couldn’t help but laugh.

“Relax Will” She said, squeezing him on the shoulder. Will nodded and took a deep breath just as the five Jones’ walked into the back yard. Will immediately skipped over to Jitterbug and Betty and Jughead walked hand in hand over to Archie and Veronica. Their twins, Juniper and Jujube ran over to where Archie and Veronica’s youngest, Shirley was playing.

“Hey guys” Betty greeted them both with hugs.

“Something smells good” Jughead said, eyeing the burgers.

“They’ll be ready soon, and I made extra just for you” Archie said, slapping his friend on the back with a laugh.

“Betty, can you help me set the table?” Veronica asked

“Sure!” Betty linked her arm in Veronica’s and the two women headed into the house. Betty walked right over to Ronnie’s cupboard and started pulling out dishes.

“So…Jitterbug looks very nice today.” Veronica said slyly. Betty turned and looked at her, a huge smile spreading across her face.

“Oh my god V, she is too cute, she totally has a thing for Will. She practically dragged us out the door.”

“No way” Veronica barely restrained from jumping up and down. “Will could barely wait for you guys to show up. He was so anxious. I’d say he feels the same way about your girl.”

“They are too cute. I wonder if they’ll work up the courage to tell each other how they feel.” Betty set down the plates and clasped Veronica’s hands in hers.

“My money is on your little firecracker. She seems to know what she wants and go after it no matter what. She’s like her mom.” Veronica said with a smile.

“She’s bolder than I ever was” Betty laughed. “But imagine if they end up dating, wouldn’t that be the cutest thing ever?”

“It would, I think they are a good match for each other. Jitterbug’s cool energy is a good offset for Will’s spastic energy.” Veronica said, watching her son bounce up and down on the balls of his feet outside, proving her point.

“And he can help our very serious and intense daughter have a little fun.” Betty responded as Jitterbug put her hand on Will’s arm and laughed at something he said.

“Can you imagine if they got married? We would finally be official family.” Veronica said as the thought occurred to her.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa” Archie said from behind them. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves dear.” Veronica and Betty turned from where they were looking out the window and found their husbands looking at them in amusement.

“Come here.” Betty said, waving her hand for Archie and Jughead to join them at the window. “Just look at those two” Jughead slung his arm around Betty’s shoulders and Archie wrapped his around Veronica’s waist and the four friends watched their children flirting with their first crush.


Will shifted nervously from foot to foot. He had decided that today would be the day he would finally ask out Jitterbug, but it hadn’t helped his nerves one bit when she had showed up looking like a freaking model. She was the girl that all the boys at school talked about. She was stunning with her light green eyes and dark hair. But more than that, she was so cool. She was a person that you just wanted to spend time with. She was popular and kind, but never gave any of the boys the time of day. He knew that she had been asked out before, but she turned them all down.

Will, on the other hand, was awkward and lanky. He had dark red hair like his dad and brown eyes. He was a bit dorky and was the class clown. He loved making people laugh, especially the pretty girl in front of him.

“Hey Will?” Jitterbug said, biting her lip in an uncharacteristic show of nerves.

“Yeah Bug?” Will used her childhood nickname, which always made her smile.

“Do you wanna maybe get a milkshake at Pop’s after this?” She gave him an almost shy smile

“Are you asking me out?” Will looked at her in disbelief.


“No” Will shook his head

“What?” Jitterbug looked shocked and took a step back. Will immediately realized his mistake and hurried to explain.

“I’m not saying no to that. I would love to go on a date with you.” Will took a step closer to her and put his hand on her arm. “I’m just upset because I was planning on asking you out today, but you beat me to it.” Jitterbug gave him a smile that lit up her entire face.

“Get used to it Andrews, I’ve been a step ahead of you for your entire life.”

“I wish I could say that wasn’t true” Will said laughing. He turned to see if dinner was ready yet and found his parents and Jitterbug’s parents watching them from the kitchen wind. “Uh Jitterbug…” He said and she followed his gaze.

“Oh my god, I’m going to kill those two.” Jitterbug said, but she couldn’t help but laugh. The four adults smiled goofily and waved at their children.

“So, I guess they know?” Will guessed.

“I think they knew before we did” Jitterbug responded. “Come on, let’s eat, I’m starving.” Will followed after her, trying hard not to bounce with all the happiness he was feeling.

A Softer World (part 3)

“So, security, huh?” he muses. “Miss ‘please-and-thank you’ is the Invincible Iron Man’s muscle?”


You and Bucky spar, and you reveal to him more about yourself than you planned.

Part 1  • Part 2

author: buckysbackpackbuckle

pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

word count: 2749

chapter warnings: none

future warnings: sub!Bucky (occasional switch), dom!reader (occasional switch), gentle femdom, power dynamics, praise kink, title kink, breath play, hair pulling, body worship

trigger warnings: past trauma, panic attacks, simulated character death

author’s note: Starting next chapter, there will be some kind of smutty goodness in almost every installation of this fic! Yay! And also, I based the character’s backstory off of another Marvel character, Heather Douglas. She’s awesome. Look her up!

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My body is healed….. free of all diseases… skin cleared…. my soul is at peace…. all my needs are met….. I lack nothing…… my future is bright….. my outlook on life has never been better…. I am truly blessed…….


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Galaxia is freezing in her Canned Tuna costume but she's the Queen Of All Existing so she can't put on some peasant pants and a sweater and she keeps freezing. That's the reason why she's so mean actually

Let Galaxia be comfortable 2k16

this might have stopped the plot of Stars from happening ever

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I feel like I shouldn't so attracted to Tobin in basketball gear and her face isn't even showing...but here I am still staring at the photo...

TBH I was just looking at the picture haha, those shoulders 👌🏼


I’ve been doing a lot of mini series lately bc of school and I don’t have the time to sit down and write a full length post so hopefully you guys don’t mind but here is another mini series, this time on the amazing werewolf, to start it off as he always does is our beautiful prince himself Kim Seokjin

  • Part two is here, werewolf!Jin as a father is here
  • I honestly think he’d actually make a really great werewolf though
  • He’s got those lovely shoulders and he’s tall and just ni CE
  • Okay but like Jin is just such a sweet soul he could never hurt anyone so he wouldn’t be one of the werewolves that loses control and slashes everything apart
  • The mom of the pack but also lowkey the guardian
  • He makes sure all of the boys don’t get into any fights or cause trouble like just kids no just bc that other werewolf gave you a funny look it doesn’t mean you can fight them jungKOOK NO
  • Jin is so so sweet like I said until you hurt one of his pack mates or just friends in general
  • Then those broad ass shoulders stop looking so huggable and his height isn’t as ni CE as before it’s just okay gotta go bye in the words of BTS themselves, run run run
  • Like he could be really intimidating if he wanted to be you don’t wanna piss Jin off he’d go from 0 to 300 real fast
  • When they traveled together, he would be a middle wolf
  • He isn’t leading the pack but he’s more of a lover than fighter so he’s not really guarding it
  • He’s just right in the middle but still on the outer edge to add more protection for the young and elderly
  • Werewolf!Jin is the peacemaker the one that keeps everyone’s werewolf instincts chill and is happy just relaxing in his lil hammock under the shade of the tree and as long as no one messes with his pack mates he’s all good
Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 3

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: Dean and Y/N’s first date

Warnings: AU, fluff, some heavy making out 

Words: 2951

Note: I hope you guys like this so far! I’m trying to hold back on the smut, but don’t worry, there will be some in the future. I’m really liking how their relationship is coming together. Also, sorry Sam’s kind of a dick. 

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This isn’t edited cause I’m not in the mood. Part of the reason for no editing…half of this is almost 3 months old I think. I just finished today when I was avoiding homework.

Also goes with this super old pic.

Lewis Burns Water

His world was cold, and dark and such a deep blue it seemed endless. It probably was, that was Arthur’s luck after all.

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BIGBANG Reactions to You Fangirling over Another Male Idol


“Omg, Seunghyun he’s sooooo pretty look at him! He could run me over with a truck and shit on my face and I’d be ok with it.” You couldn’t help but profess your love for your new bias, Seunghoon of WINNER, to your boyfriend. You looked up from your phone to see Seunghyun glancing at you with a smile. “What’s so funny, Seunghyun? Can you not see that I’m dYING I MEAN DO YOU NOT SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS BOY IS BECAUSE THIS KIND OF BEAUTY IS NOT A JOKE LIKE GODDAMN SON!” Seunghyun couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped his lips this time. “I’m only laughing because I know you think I’m the hottest idol out there. I mean, I remember when we first started dating you said you couldn’t even look me in the eye because I was so hot that I’d ‘melt your eyes, your heart, and then your soul leaving you as as puddle of tears and feels.’ I believe those were your exact words.” Rolling your eyes, you turned your attention back to your phone. “Shut up, Seunghyun, no one asked. NOW LOOK AT THIS BOY!”

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Looking over your shoulder, Youngbae noticed you typing rapidly across your screen. “What’re you up to Y/N?” You tried to turn your screen away, knowing that Youngbae wouldn’t exactly appreciate the fact that you were talking about how attractive another idol was with your friend. “Nothing really,” you said, hoping he would let the topic go. He raised a brow at your odd behaviour and wondered what it could possibly be that you were talking about that you wouldn’t want him to know about. Feeling curious, he quickly darted around you to peer over your shoulder at your screen. You tried to tilt away your screen again, however he was able to catch a glimpse of a picture you had just sent to your friend of a handsome boy… one that seemed oddly familiar… almost as if… “Is that a member of the group that debuted recently? Astro was it?” You looked up nervously at him, trying to gauge his reaction. “Ok, Youngbae, listen, Myungjun here is my beautiful son whom I cherish and find absolutely beautiful. He makes me cry and I want to adopt him and-” Youngbae cut you off with a raised. “As long as you don’t want to date him, I’m good jagi. And even if you did, I trust you enough to know you wouldn’t leave me or act upon any feelings,” Youngbae laughed, watching as you sheepishly went back to telling your friend about your adopted son. 

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“YES YOUNGJAE! FUCK ME THE FUCK UP!” Jiyong walked into your living room to catch you singing your heart out to GOT7’s newest song while screaming comments at your phone. He noticed that you were watching a live performance of theirs where they were all wearing white shirts with blue jackets over top. He specifically picked up on the way your eyes seemed to remain glued to Youngjae throughout the performance. “You like what you see, Y/N?” Jiyong asked you, not giving anything away in his expression. “WE’RE GONN- Oh god, Jiyong! You scared me! And yes, yes I was enjoying the view. Just look at how broad those shoulders are compared to yours hot damn,” you babbled to your boyfriend about how attractive Youngjae was, not noticing that Jiyong had been slowly moving towards you as you continued to talk about the younger male idol. He suddenly grabbed you around the waist, pulling you closer to him so that your ear was right beside his mouth. “Now remember jagi,” Jiyong whispered, “I used to be that idol that you fangirled over. Let’s see if we can revive some of that enthusiasm elsewhere, Y/N.”

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As you were scrolling through tumblr, you saw a picture of your bias appear on your dash. Immediately, you went to reblog the beautiful creation that is Daeil of 24K and started writing out tags to express your feelings about the picture. Unbeknownst to you, your boyfriend had walked into the room and, feeling curiosity get the best of him, had decided to see what you were up to on your laptop. “’His jawline could cut me’? ‘His piercings make him…’ what number even is that, Y/N? And how do those holes in his body make him hotter?” You looked behind you to find yourself face-to-face with Daesung, who was staring intently at your screen. “You know Dae, it’s rude to snoop on other people,” you said, rolling your eyes at his behaviour. “It’s also rude to call other boys ‘hotter than Satan’’s asshole’ while you have a boyfriend, now isn’t it Y/N?” You could tell by the way Daesung spoke that, although his words appeared to be possessive and jealous, he was really just hiding his insecurities. “You know, if Daeil’s hotter than Satan’s asshole, then you’re hotter than tungsten’s melting point,” you told him. “Jagi… what are you talking about? Are you nerding out on me right now?” Daesung raised a brow at you, but he couldn’t stop himself from cracking a smile at your antics. “Well, if we presume that Satan’s asshole is only 1000 degrees hotter than the hottest temperature of a fire, and tungsten’s melting point is approximately 3422 degrees, then-” Daesung shook his head and sat on the couch. He knew he was in store for a night of factoids, courtesy of you.

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Jagiya! What are you reading over there?” Seungri asked you. You quickly changed the tab, hoping he hadn’t been able to see any parts of the Gray fanfiction you had been reading. Unfortunately for you, Seungri had spotted the title in the tabs of your screen. “Jagi… are you reading something about Gray from AOMG? How many times have I told you not to trust the media when it comes to idols? They’ll write stories about anything just to draw in readers and ratings. Look, if you’re really that curious, I can call Gray right now and clear up any scandals you may have read about him,” Seungri huffed, pulling out his phone from his back pocket. You breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that he didn’t realize it was a fanfiction. However, your relief was short-lived as what Seungri said and what he was about to do finally sunk in. In plce of relaxation, your body began to fill with nervous excitement. “Wait, you’re going to call THE Gray? As in the beautiful angel Gray? The one who can cure all illness with his smile Gray? Producer Gray? Rapper Gray? Singer Gray? THAT Gray?” Seungri paused with his phone to his ear and looked at you. Slowly, he lowered his hand and ended the call. “You weren’t looking at a scandal, were you? You were reading about a fantasy with him, right? Jagi…” Seungri slowly stalked his way towards you, “you know that I should be the only one who makes you feel that way.” “Okay, first of all, it’s not called ‘a fantasy’, it’s called a fanfic. Secondly, you get to watch porn, I get this, okay? Just because I find him beautiful does not mean that you get to stick your jealous ass into this,” you huffed. Surprised at your sudden outburst, Seungri looked at you with large eyes. Out of nowhere, he started to laugh. “Jagiya, you really are something else.”

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I FINISHED! Sorry it took so long for me to post anything, but as you can see, this reaction has (for whatever reason) taken up a lot of my time. I think I may have gone just a littttleee bit overboard heh sorry. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and I hope to put out more reactions this week!

Again, sorry for the wait! <3

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My Brother, My Roommate, pt. 2

My brother’s first semester at uni, and living with me, was over. He had two glorious weeks of free time before he had to mind the books again, and basically throw every minute of his glorious youth into his studies. Thamkfully, less time.was waisted considering I’d taken most of the same G.E. courses when I was his year. This give him more time to rest, and be a lot easier to have about the rather small flat I had.

Within the first month of him living with me, he went from sleeping on the couch, to sleeping on his side of MY bed, to sleeping more intimately with me than any boyfriend ever did, without sex. It was testing.

Now? I can’t sleep without him in our bed.

And yes, I said OUR bed. Just not in the way you’re thinking. And trust me, I was active before he moved in. So much so, that when I have a day off, get to take a really long lunch, or anything that means I’m just alone enough to ease my need, I do. I’ve been to the wholesale warehouse, and turned a few of the knowing ladies heads.

But as I ponder on these things, sitting in my brother’s boxers, one of my favorite of his tank tops, and a sports bra, admiring the swimmer’s physique he has from countless hours in Olympic pools, I formulate a scheme. He hadn’t been it in the last six months. He’d literally worked, studied, and come home. And from how excited he looked just from those wide shoulders, I figured it was time I fixed that.

“Hey Keeeeev…” My tone as playful as my mind is, my phone already in hand as I see if his favorite food parlor is open. “How about some Skips for dinner, and a Harry Potter marathon?” I ask, knowing he loves those movies more than I love phish food ice cream. He grunts his acceptance of whatever it is I’ve just said, and I can’t help but think it’s good that he’s cute. And then feel a twinge of doubt in whether it’s relevant.

Making my way off our bed, again our, I ad gently over to him and drape my arms over those nearly steel shoulders and cross my hands at the wrist over his carved pecs, allowing myself to let him hold my weight. “Pizza. Beer. Potter.” I whisper into his ear, marking each word with a kiss along his jaw, and adding an exclamation at the end with a playful bite of his ear. I shiver. I see goosebumps along his skin, but I don’t want to assume their due to me.

“Ye.. Yeah.. That actually sounds awesome.” He says, leaning his head back onto my shoulder, wrapping his arms as much around me as he can from his seated position, wearing is Scooby-doo boxers.

“Alright, well I’ll shower and go pick the pie if you put in our order.” Strutting around him to the bathroom, I start to strip off his tank, and toss it at him when I catch his eyes following me. “Food. Order. I’m only working so much today.” I say as turn slightly towards the bathroom and push my, his, boxers off my hips and keep going, the door closing behind me a good moment later, with the mirror showing him even a little more.

It wasn’t the first time I’d done this. Not even the second. Bit those other times were as innocent as the kisses we shared as children, saying we were going to get married when we were older because we loved each other so much. Adorable, I know.

He saw. My move was made.

After my shower was over, he seemed a little dodgy as I walked out in just a towel this time. “You order?” I ask him, knowing he did because I promised to pick it up, and spend my night with him watching kids movies. He did the same for me when I was catching up on on a certain Who Doctor show. Giving me bland assent again, I just drop the towel around to the ground, not bothering to try and make him look over at me.

Sliding on a thong, some daisy dukes, a Force shirt, and some slip on kicks, I feel prepped to grab food. Walking over to him, I do the same as before, this time sliding my nails along his skin as I wrap my arms around his upper torso. “Shower. Make sure the movie is in for when I get back. I just want you to hit play and the movie starts, got it?”

Seeing him crack that heart melting, baby maker smile, and nod as he pats my arms, and gives me a chaste kiss on the lips, I feel bad that I want him inside me, but not bad enough to not want him inside me.

20 minutes later, I’m half under my sheets nestled against Kev’s arm, content with my food choice, and watching a movie about wizards. By the third film, he’s ready to complete tbe saga with, or without me. Me? I’ve bobbed hard enough that had he been erect, I would have choked down at least an inch past the tip.

The beer wasn’t helping either. Not that I’m a lightweight. I just haven’t been going out. And I get warm. And tired.

Sliding closer to my window spot, I peel off my shirt, not caring at all that my brother might not know what to do with a nearly naked sister next to him, and lay on my side, facing the window, as usual.

“Want me to turn it off?” I hear him ask me softly. Ugh.. could not be cuter.

“Nah, I can fall asleep with the super bowl on, haha.. Just turn it down little is all.. You good?” I ask, wondering if I had done something to make him scurry back to the couch.

“Ye-yeah.. just want to make sure you were.”

Sitting back up a little, I make sure he’s done with food. Not seeing any, I slide over and rest against him, sliding his arm between my breasts as I give him a tender, and less than normal sibling kiss. “I’m good. Relax.”


The next thing I remember is waking up because tv wasn’t on, and someone was having a really great dream. REALLY great dream. Wiggling my ass a tad, I remember that this time, I’m wearing a thong, so feeling heat from him was a given. Fuck he was big. Moving just a little bit more, I was making a Kev oreo with my ass and his cock. Mega stuff’d.

Working my hips just slightly, hoping to get just enough of an orgasm off dry play to fall back asleep, his arms wrap around my waist and breasts, one hand firmly holding the opposite breast. Frozen, unsure if he was awake, or still in a dreamstate, I couldn’t think what to do.

He began moving his hip slowly, gently, but with purpose. Shit I was getting wet. “Shh Kat… you don’t want mom and dad to hear…” he whispers into my ear, pulling me tighter against him as he pinches my nipple between two of his knuckles.

My brother was fucking me in his dream. And making me horny enough to rape him in his sleep…


It took me about an hour took hammer this out…
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