just look at those cheekbones

Here is the absolutely stunning commission of Anders I got from heavensong at Metrocon!

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Bughead 4, 28 and 43 💕

Hey Nonnie, I’m still working on the other prompts but here is #43
#43 - Falling in love with their best friend’s partner

She knows it’s wrong. She’s not an idiot. But since the first time she was introduced to Veronica’s new boyfriend she could feel the butterflies stirring within her. As well as something else.

At first it was just his looks. Those cheekbones that she wanted to cut herself on. His intense eyes. Even the dorky beanie adorned on his head. They all did things to her. She could feel the heat under her skin intensify as she shook his hand.

And then she got to know him. He was smart, but not in a way that he thought he was superior. He was funny without trying and she found herself laughing a little louder than she knew she should. He was a writer, a journalist and she found herself getting lost in his eyes and his words.

He wasn’t even Veronica’s type she reasoned to herself. Veronica always went for the jock. The popular guy. She had always been brawn over brains since high school when she had dated their mutual friend Archie Andrews.

But Jughead Jones is different. Even just his name is different and Betty finds herself wanting to know more. She holds her tongue and smiles politely as Veronica recounts their dates to her. How gentlemanly he is holding doors and chaste kisses on cheeks. Betty pushes down that little green monster that is rising up inside her and decides perhaps unwisely that she will find her own ‘Jughead’.

Sadly, Richard doesn’t quite meet up to her new standards. Not that there is anything wrong with him he’s smart, funny too. But he’s not Jughead and ultimately that is why after a month they break up. She goes to Veronica’s to tell her and is greeted by a shining diamond on her finger and Betty feels the floor go out from underneath her feet.

She’s the maid of honour. Of course. They had been friends for so long now it made sense. She attends the appointments, she fawns over Veronica’s dress, helps her pick out the suits for the boys all the while trying to hide her disappointment.

She wakes one night late. To a banging on her apartment door groaning as she looks at her phone. Who knocks on someone’s door at 3.00am in the morning. Sure she had calls and texts this late from Veronica, anxious about a decision that needed to be made and like a good friend she talked her through it. Betty always made everything better.

She shrugged on her robe and padded to the door. She cautiously looked through her peep-hole and felt at first a wave of relief wash over her as a familiar beanie came into view instead of some drunk knocking on the wrong door. That relief was short lived as she realised that Jughead had come to her apartment in the middle of the night. It was as if her dreams had somehow come to life. She watched as he sighed and knocked again on the door, harder this time making her jump.

She deliberated whether she should pretend she wasn’t home. But there must be a reason he was at her front door and Betty’s curiosity won out.

She unlocked the safety catch and then her door opened slightly as she took in his appearance. His eyes were red, dark circles underneath suggesting that he hadn’t slept and his usually well placed beanie was askew with more of his dark waves escaping their usual confines.

“Betts,” he let out. His hand moving from his beanie to brace himself against her door frame.

She blushed at the nickname. He was the only one who called her that. Well the only one that she let. Richard had called her Betts once and she had corrected him immediately.

“Jug,” She moved away from her door opening it wider for him to come inside. He moved over the threshold into her apartment removing the beanie from his head as he did so. “What’s wrong?” She asked gently moving towards him as he twisted the woollen cap in his hands, twisting and pulling as he seemed to be searching for words.

“I fucked up Betts. I just, I’m nervous you know? ” He rang his hand over his face, before he slumped on her couch. He held his head in his hands refusing to meet her gaze. “I feel like it’s all moving so quick. I mean I’m the one who proposed for fucks sake.”

Betty took the seat next to him on the couch and placed her hand on his back. She moved it gently up and down. Hoping to soothe him, to take away some of his tension.

“We were looking good at cakes today and it just hit me. I just needed to escape and then Veronica got mad at me.” He groaned as he recounted the events. The screaming match between himself and Veronica unkind things said on either side until she ordered him to leave. Which left him to try and drown some sorrows in a bar near her apartment. Betty continued to rub his back, nodding and listening. While a little voice entered inside her told her that this was her chance. That she could be happy.

“So you’re here because?” Betty tried to keep the hopefulness out of her voice lest it betray her emotions. He looked up to meet her gaze and her hand stilled on his back.

“Because you know Veronica, and I need to make it up to her.” She held the look on her face while her heart sunk. “You always know what to do.” She pulled herself together and smiled.

“Of course.” She removed her hand from his back and placed it instead over his hand. “But first you should probably get some sleep. No one is going to be one over by this look.” She indicated to his ruffled hair and tired face. Present company excluded. He smiled back at her and she felt that feeling again in the pit of her stomach and wondered whether with time it would go away. “You can crash on the couch if you want.” She offered unsure whether he would accept, but he nodded graciously and she rose to get some blankets from the linen cupboard and the spare pillow from her bed.

He grasped her hand again holding it briefly before he pulled her into a hug and she allowed herself to nestle her face in the crook of his neck and breathe in his scent.

Too soon it was over and he pulled back from her. “You’re the best Betts.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she replied dismissing his praise with shake of her hand as she left the room to return with an armful of blankets and a pillow balanced on top. “Get some beauty sleep, Jug. Tomorrow we start Operation Win Veronica Back.” She hoped he didn’t see through the exaggerated excitement in her voice. He chuckled softly as he took the items from her and started to make his bed for the night. She wished him goodnight as did he as she returned to her own bed trying not to think about who was sleeping in the next room. It was safe to say that her dreams did not stay so pure that night.

She was the first to wake in the morning. She padded out to her lounge still wiping the sleep from her eyes as she took in his sleeping form on the couch. His hair had fallen slightly over his eyes and Betty couldn’t help herself as he hand reached over to push the curl back from his face. She knew she shouldn’t. She knew it was wrong. But the words slipped from her mouth before she could stop them.

“I love you Jughead Jones.”

Excuse me. I need sit down. Because he’s not human. He can’t be. THOSE CHEEKBONES. I mean, we’re not even going to talk about his eyes, the laugh lines, his mouth, his hair, his expression, his eyebrows…. What was I saying? Oh yeah…HIS CHEEKBONES. As Stephen Fry said, you can shave Parmesan cheese off of them!!

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shit shit I’m already writing something for this au I didn’t mean to write supplemental pieces but I saw this ask and I knew I had to write it.

more or less fits in the human au canon that belongs to @toddnet, though this fits best with the actual chaptered fic I am writing for the same au.

title: Picturesque
summary: It’s not new to you that your favorite person in the world looks almost exactly like your least favorite person in the world, but you don’t really want the reminder. | Alternatively, Sans deals with it.
characters: Frisk, Sans (implied papyton)
word count: 1065
additional notes: god i love suffering. in this version of the au, Frisk is nonverbal and also an artist.
cross-posted to ao3

The kid’s bent over their sketchbook like usual, tongue stuck out a little in concentration. Sans scratches Sacha behind the ears when she walks by and then heads to sit next to Frisk. They don’t look up but give him a small hum of acknowledgement.

“Hey, kiddo.” Sans leans his head back against the couch and tips his face toward Frisk. They’re not looking at anything specifically, but they could be drawing anything or anyone in the house. The kid especially has a good memory for portraits; Sans remembers the first time Frisk drew him and smiles a little to himself. Papyrus still has that sketch hung on his wall. Frisk shifts so that their arm isn’t covering the drawing as much anymore, and when Sans gets a good look at it his breath leaves him like he’s been punched in the gut.

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“you are very endearing when you’re half asleep.”

Dealer’s choice, so I went for some Sanvers.

Pining for the Fjords

Maggie thought she was doing pretty okay at the “friends” thing with Alex Danvers. For instance, she wasn’t lunging at the DEO agent’s face and kissing her senseless every time she saw her. She thought about it, but she wasn’t doing it, and that was the important part.

Also she wasn’t putting Alex’s picture as her lock screen and pretending to check the time every thirty seconds just so she could look at those big eyes and her unbelievable cheekbones and her pretty, solemn mouth. And she wasn’t immediately texting her whenever she saw something weird on the job. She waited a decent amount of time, at least until she knew whether it was alien-weird or just human-weird.

Alex was coming out, she lectured herself every time she drove to the bar, or heard her car pull up, or heard the take-no-prisoners stride of her favorite chunky boots at some crime scene. She didn’t need to get wrapped up in a relationship right away. Maggie remembered how it had been. Years of dating boys, trying to feel what she was told she should feel, kissing at the right time, fucking at the right time, waiting to finally feel something. Like doing the steps to a dance where she couldn’t hear the music.

And then all of a sudden, the first time she’d kissed a girl - there was the music.

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AH kisha i saw people submitting art so here’s a moody and pink akashi to watch over judge you, love the blog!!!!

hey uh I hope you don’t mind me stalking your art tag bc HOLY CRAP THIS IS AMAZING i will happily accept any moody akashis, especially ones that are drawn out this amazingly oh my


chica you are so incredibly talented omf and thank you so so much for showing me wrecking me with this!!

calum hood's jawline: a masterpost

so i have approximately 40++ pictures that i picked out from the few thousand pictures of 5sos i have in my phone, it was an extremely painful decision so y'all better reblog this


let us begin with my personal favourites (you might’ve seen these two before on my other mini masterpost)

sigh his cheekbones can cut glass i swEAR

people say they want to touch his dick, i’ll settle for his face

can i just take a moment to say here that blond snAPBACK CALUM WITH HIS TONGUE OUT (aka cheekbones) IS HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

well at least his sister’s smart enough to graduate school, unfortunately that can’t be said for that lil cutie whose jawline’s probably stronger than my wi-fi connection


so guys this is basically what calum will look like when you walk down the street after a lunch date

 how is it that a full grown male adult is prettier than me

despite the general awkwardness of this whole thing we all need to take a moment to appreciate this perfection


if you say you are fine right now you are lying

i feel like calum takes the best photos with michael bc LOOK

listening to daylight right now and i never realised how much i related to that song until now bc IT FEELS LIKE IM NOT BREATHING


seriously though, calum in this picture brings out feelings in me that me as the modern day mother teresa should not be feeling

as a matter of fact calum looks good any where, any time and any place (thOSE BICEPS THO) (between cal and ash, they could probably break my neck with a pinky finger)

glasses calum + that jawline that can cut glass = dead

*sings* glasses calum glasses calum glasses calum

calum looks so boyfriend-y in beanies i can’t even deal any more look at that jawline why is it so defined i am sobbing

and while above, there is the boyfriendy beanie calum, if you look to the right we have the sexy motherfreaking calum hood on stage that boy just turns into a sex god while on stage do not judge me

idk if it’s just me but i love calum when he’s playing the bass because he just seems so relaxed and happy doing what he loves (and also bc of that snapback and arms and finger and jAWLINE)

life goal: touch calum hood’s face i hope he doesn’t think i’m weird

lol i don’t even know where this came from but he looks hot af anyway so

i would so date wizard!calum

isn’t he adorable our little ball of sunshine who can’t punch anyone in the face (who also has a rockin’ jawline)

fetus calum knows he be lookin hot

again, i would so date fetus calum

i’m sure everyone has seen this by now but you know, you can never have too much of calum hood! (i’m sure he would approve of that line lol)

doesn’t this picture make you want to jump on him and squeeze him to death (not so sure he would approve of that line lol)

jawline, arms, soulful stare, i’m gone

and while we’re on the black and white track let us dip into the punk!calum waters and cry over that amazing jawline that deserves an entire fandom on its own

glaring calum kind of turns me on oops

all i want in life is a calum hood is that so much to ask

he just looks so good in this gif, like i could hug him and stay there forever

now, moving onto the group shots

you know i love ashton and michael to bits, but let’s be real here calum is the star of the show, just look at those lips and his cheekbones, oh his cheekbones I AM PHYSICALLY HURTING FROM HIS CHEEKBONES

luke just looks so shocked

same luke, same.

now most people who see this picture are like “oooooh michael’s eyes” or “ooooooh ashton’s arms” or “ooooooh luke’s hair/face/whatever” but you know, wE NEED TO TALK ABOUT CALUM IN THIS PICTURE

the cut of his facial structure just narrowing down to the tiny point that is his chin i just


okay for this one i have to be honest with you guys, 4/4 just look hot af here, like you can see luke’s cheekbones perfectly, ashton’s dimples are just popping out like nobody’s business, i just want to kiss michael to death, and as for calum it’s just JAWLINE JAWLINE JAWLINE




oh sweet baby jesus that bottom leFT ONE

calum with his hair in a quiff does things to me

and finally

sassy calum with a jawline and cheekbones that should belong to the gods