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like real people do | jungkook

summary: the feelings for your friends with benefits are changing. months pass, and you feel your gut telling you that you want more. you’re just not sure if he feels the same. 

piece 1, piece 2, piece 3

college student!reader, friends with benefits!jungkook

based off hozier’s song ‘like real people do’

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Ok but can we talk about the poor person who took Jack’s Valentine’s order???

Like obviously this was done with a lot of notice. You don’t get a sea of roses a week before Valentine’s Day, you gotta plan this shit a month in advance at least.

So imagine it, the store opened like half an hour ago, Carl the new guy, is a little sleepy still getting used to having to show up at the crack of dawn to receive deliveries, and answers the phone.

He takes the order and the customer details, and aw that’s sweet, this guy is already thinking of Valentine’s Day. That’s commitment right there.

He doesn’t think too much about it, till Lisa is putting the order into their system and she tracks him down.

“Hey Carl, I know you had the early shift and it’s your first week, so I’m going to let this one pass, but you realise you put the order as 12 dozen roses right? That’s 144 roses my friend.”

“Oh shit, yeah that doesn’t sound right,” Carl laughs because it not only doesn’t sound right, it sounds ridiculous. “He probably said 2 dozen or something like that and I fucked up, thanks for catching that.”

Carl is very relieved because that kind of fuck up would probably have been his job.

“No worries, on my first day I almost mixed two big orders and sent a funeral arrangement to a wedding!”

She tells him a few more stories before they go back to work, and then calls the customer who put the order to get the correct number of roses.

“Hello Mr. Zimmermann? I’m calling in regard to the order you placed this morning with The Green Room, I just wanted to confirm some of the details of the order before putting it on the system?”

Lisa reads back the address, the time and date, name of the person who would receive the flowers and then hesitates for just a moment.

“The order says 12 dozen roses, which would make it 144 roses, but I’m sure that’s a mix up,” she says hoping the guy has a sense of humour and won’t make it into a thing.

“Yeah it must be, I didn’t order 144,” Mr. Zimmermann says with a steady voice, so he isn’t laughing but he prolly won’t be an asshole about it, “I ordered 150.”

“Pardon me?” Lisa asked wondering if this was the start of a bad joke or if indeed this was a prank order, she sceptically asks again, “so you want 150 roses to be delivered before 7am on Valentine’s Day?”

“Yes,” the guy replies still sounding serious.

“Right,” definitely a prank, “as it is a big order, we won’t be able to process it until we first take payment.”

“That’s fine, do you need my credit card details again?”

Lisa plays along, she confirms the credit card details and she hangs up wishing the ‘costumer’ a good day.

She then calls the manager and explains the situation, because she isn’t going to be the fool who puts that order in without clearing it with her boss.

“Oh,” her boss says when she looks at the name in the order, “go ahead and place it, but first call our distributor to make sure they can put the 150 roses on top of our Valentine’s order and then get a delivery slot booked now. If the costumer calls again or we need to talk to them let me know and I’ll deal with it.”

Lisa waits until she’s on her way home to google Jack Zimmermann which she feels shows a lot of restraint on her part.

“Damn,” she whispers when she gets a look at those gorgeous cheek bones. “What a lucky bitch,” she adds with respect.

She wonders if it would be creepy to try and google Larissa Duan, just out of curiosity but then decides that yeah it probably would be and let’s the matter drop.

(Later Jack will realise this is where the rumours about him dating Lardo start…)
Ocean Soldier (Part 1 out of ?)

(A/N): I literally have no excuse for this other than I love mermaid Bucky so

Summary: (Y/N) happens to come across a rather friendly mermaid

Warnings: none?

Originally posted by little-messs

   The sun was just barely rising, the beach was quiet, no birds about squawking, no children running around carrying greasy hot dogs, no music of beach goers, just you, the sunset, and the ocean. With a pleasant sigh you settled down onto one of the docks surrounding the ocean. 

   You pick up a pencil and begin to gently sketch the purple and pink hues of the sky, your pencil gingerly shading along the half orb you had drawn for the sun. You bite your lip in concentration, looking from your paper up to the sky and back down to your paper again. Every so often you’d switch colors, truly wanting to capture the beauty of the sun and sky- 

   A gentle slap of the ocean is what grabs your attention. Sure, waves had been rolling in all day, sloping against the wooden posts if the docks, or against boats or sea cliffs but this one sounded different- sharper perhaps? It was much more clear and concise, more like a smack than anything else. The kind of sounds you got when a fish was squirming to get back in the water. You perk your head up and look around but alas there was nothing to see other than the vast expanse of salty water. That’s when you hear it again- that distinct smacking sound only now it was louder, and perhaps a bit faster than the last smack. It sounded panicked or frenzied if you thought about it.

    You rise from your spot on the dock, looking around the docks and seashore to see where if perhaps there was any animal who had gotten stuck in some Plastic or perhaps just needed some help getting back to sea. Your eyes search along the shore, between the boats, even against the cliffs before circling back around. Your eyes don’t particularly catch on anything but your ears certainly do, the smacking sound comes again and again and again, each slap more panicked than the last and it was loud, much too loud to be far away and that’s when you realized the boats closest to you were so large that you couldn’t see behind them or over them and perhaps whatever creature was stuck was hidden behind one of those.

    You run to the base of the dock and to where the boats attach to the wooden planks and your eyes begin to search, scanning up and down the rows until you spotted something. And that’s when you see it, a gleam of silver in the purple sun, the scales of some fish as it struggles in a fallen net. Shit, you think to yourself as you run towards that particular dock, already dropping to your knees to help wrangle the poor creature free but what you see is most definitely not what you were expecting. Rather than some fish staring back at you with beady eyes you were faced with a man with rather large, beautiful shining blue orbs. 

   You stare at the mans face for what feels like forever before you snap out if your reverie, blinking lazily to clear your thoughts.

    “Oh my god,” you whisper as you suddenly come to terms with the fact that a man had gotten himself tangled in this net. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” The man doesn’t respond, he simply stares back at you with these giant almost pleading puppy dog- esque eyes.  "What happened? How did you fall in?“ You try some more questions but yet again the man doesn’t answer. He doesn’t respond with any words but some strange vibrations rattles the air and it takes you a minute to realize that this man is the one making the noise, a sad, almost depressed little whimper in his throat. "Okay,” you whisper as you lift up chunks of the net attempting to figure out how he was tangled. “Lets get you out of this,” You lift up the net as you pull it towards you but it gets caught on something, something almost triangular but almost soft when you tugged hard enough. 

   The man whimpers, reaching up Through the net to grab at your hands, silently begging you to stop. You comply, immediately stopping the pulling. But rather than focusing on getting the poor Man free your eyes are suddenly glued to something else, his hands. They would have looked like any other ordinary pair of hands if it weren’t for the fact that they were webbed and smooth, giving them a glossy like appearance. His nails came to sharp little points, like tiny little daggers attached to his flesh. You stare at his hands, half tempted to even touch them but suddenly the man starts up with his cries again, that low, depressed throaty noise that had your heart aching.

    “Oh god, I’m so sorry,” you whisper, attempting to get back to work. You twist and pull at the net at all sorts of different angles, trying to free the man but each attempt only brought you more whimpers and more squirming. 

   “Shit,” You whisper as you stop struggling against the net, slumping down onto the dock in defeat. The man looks at you with concerned eyes, his sad noises starting back up again. “I- I don’t know how to help,” You mutter weakly, your tone nearly exhausted at this point. The man whimpers some more, his clawed hands reaching to attempt to tear the net away from his body. “Wait- stop,” You sigh as you reach down to grab his hands, trying to stop him from causing any more damage. “You’re gonna cut yourself-” The man becomes more panicked in his movements as you grip his wrist only now he was attempting to yank his grip from your yours rather than the nets. “I’m not gonna hurt you!” You attempt to calm him but it was no use, he was struggling and he was struggling hard. With one hard tug your knees slip on the dock, pulling you close to the waters edge. In fact, you’re just about to let go when the man gives one final tug, pulling you into the water with him. 

   Immediately water fills your lungs and you’re damn sure you scrape your feet along something sharp because the pain shooting into your legs most definitely isn’t normal. You bob back up to the surface, gasping for water as you hack up whatever you had swallowed all the while trying to wipe the water from your eyes. You cough a little as some water bubbles into your throat and out of your mouth, spraying back into the salty abyss. The man goes rigid, staring at you in pure fear and shock, his blue eyes widening in surprise.

   “What the hell?” You deadpan, glaring at him with an angry gaze. “You could have killed me!” The man recoils just a tiny bit, those small whimpers bubbling in his throat again. You sigh as you paddle the water about you gently, keeping you afloat long enough to converse with this mysterious man. “I’m sorry- I get you’re probably stressed being caught in here but I’m just trying to help,” You give him what you hope looks like a sympathetic smile. “Can I try to help with the net?” You ask, gesturing to the offending material. The man looks at you and back to the net and back to you again, biting his lip in thought. 

   You can’t help but notice the way his teeth came to a perfect little point, just like his nails, like tiny daggers buried into his body. Sharp nails, sharp teeth, he wasn’t speaking to you, what the hell was wrong with this guy? But before your anger could bubble again the man nods, squirming just a bit within the water. You give him a grateful little smile as you paddle towards him, stopping just shy of his torso. The closer you got the more you realized just how beautiful this man was, with baby blues and stunningly dark hair, not to mention a strikingly strong jaw line and amazing cheek bones. Even with his strange hands and teeth you couldn’t help but feel the tiniest bit attracted to him. 

   “You’re not gonna try to drown me are ya?” You ask only half jokingly, the other half completely meaning the question. The man looks at you with those damn puppy eyes, shaking his head softly. He almost looked offended by the question if you thought about it but you didn’t have time to gawk at his face, you had to help free him from the net. With a determined albeit hesitant smile you reach out to gingerly work the net away from his chest, trying so desperately not to brush your fingers over his milky skin. 

   You gulp as you reach up, slowly but surely freeing his head from the net. It’s then, with your fingers grazing along his neck that you notice something, three small cuts along either side of his neck, pulsating as you moved your fingers along. You can’t help but stare at them, perhaps out of morbid curiosity, your eyes glued to the pink flesh of each cut. If you truly thought about it they actually looked like gills of some sort, just like the ones of fishes your father had brought home all those years ago. The man squirms, making some noise in the back of his throat under your intense gaze. You snap out of your trance again, electing to ignore the strange cuts until you freed the man from the net. 

   “Almost done,” You whisper as you let the top part of the net fall in front of him, all you had to do now was free his legs and- The man reaches down with his own hands- webbed might you add- and rips the remaining net to shreds, nearly ripping it from his legs like some animal. There’s another smack of water and suddenly the man disappears, completely gone after the water calms. You look around, twisting your body to get a good look around but alas you found nothing, not even a trace of the net he’d been confined in. Sure, you thought this was rather strange but you dismissed it as the chill of the freezing water began to set in. You give one last look to the ocean before climbing back onto the dock, shivering within your skin as you meander back to your art supplies. 

   Your clothes had been soiled by the water and you were freezing, the sun was far too high in the sky to sketch now and thus your morning had been slightly ruined. With an unhappy little sigh you bend down and pick up your supplies and shoes before making your way back towards land, shuffling as water pooled from your shorts. 

   You wince as pain spreads throughout your feet and something wet slops below you. You look down, grimacing when you noticed the thick red liquid oozing from the bottom of your feet. Guess you really had cut yourself on something. You mentally curse yourself as you limp towards land, most definitely not looking forward to going home and having to clean your wounds up. Grumbling angrily to yourself you waddle onto the sand, nearly yelling in pain as the sand seeps into your blood. God, is this what you got for saving someone’s life? Next time, you begged the universe to remind you to never help someone out again. You stomp as best as you could to your car, an angry cloud of hate brewing over your head. In fact you were in such a bad mood that you failed to realize a certain man staring at you from a few miles in the sea. 

    The next day you tried the shore again, this time picking a different dock to sit on and sketch from. This time you picked on closer to shore, just to be on the safer side and once you had gotten comfy you began to sketch, hoping to complete your picture today but when you had only been drawing for five minutes you were suddenly interrupted. That telltale smacking sound resounded around you and all of a sudden an almost familiar head of black hair bobs above the water, only the man’s eyes and nose visible. 

   “Have you come to drag me into the water again?” You ask, a hint of smugness to your tone as you look back down to your drawing, completely dismissing the man. The man shakes his head, a look of remorse crossing his only visible features. “Are you ever going to talk to me?” You ask, suddenly setting down you art to look at him. “I saved you, you nearly killed me, and I don’t even know your name,” The man looks up to you then to your pencil and sketch pad. You follow his gaze, your own landing upon the pencil and paper. “Do you want to write it down?” You ask, the man nods and suddenly he bobs from the water, resting his elbows upon the dock as you hand him a piece of paper and the pencil. He quickly jots down a few words before handing the paper back to you. 

   James Buchanan Barnes

   You smile at his choppy hand writing, it was cute if you really looked at it. “James?” You question, looking  at his name again. The man reaches for the pencil and the paper, quickly jotting down a few more words before handing them back to you. 

   I like Bucky better 

   You smile even more, nodding. “Bucky it is then. So uh Bucky-” You test the name on your tongue, allowing the taste of it to settle in. You liked it. “Any reason you’re using up all my paper?” You joke but the look of regret that crosses Bucky’s features has your chuckling coming to a stop. “I’m sorry, I uh- I didn’t mean to offend you or…” You trail off as Bucky grabs the pencil and paper again, proceeding to write out another message. 

   I’m sorry, I can stop using your paper if you’d like me to

  “No, no!” You quickly say, “I was just giving you shit, I really don’t mind,” Bucky looks at you for a moment before looking back at the pencil in his hand. 

    You really don’t?

   “I promise,” You smile at him, hoping the small gesture reassured him. Bucky smiles, a small quirk of his lip is all, but it was a start. “So…you really like the water huh?” You ask, chuckling awkwardly at your own question. Bucky apparently doesn’t seem to notice as he nods, looking down to the water almost fondly. “Even after the whole…” You wave your hand, coughing a bit as you allude to the incident the previous morning. “The whole net thing?” Bucky’s brow creases as he reaches for the paper, quickly jotting something down before handing it back to you. 

   I’m sorry I dragged you in, I was just scared is all

   You smile once more, his words alighting something within your heart. “It’s okay, nothing I couldn’t handle,” Bucky nods, his eyes wandering about the scenery almost lazily when suddenly his eyes land on your bandaged feet. You’d gotten home, cleaned the deep cuts out and went in to get stitches and now here you were again, sitting in the same place that gave you the cuts. Bucky pouts as he reaches out with a webbed finger, gingerly running his nail along the white bandage. 

   “Be careful,” You warn softly, not wishing to startle him. “It’s uh- it’s pretty sore,” Bucky pouts as he reaches out for the paper and pencil again, quickly jotting something down before shoving it towards you. 

   What happened?

   You bite your lip, contemplating whether or not you should tell him what exactly you had done. “Um, I just cut them up a bit, it was a complete accident,” You add, hoping he didn’t suspect you had cut your feet when you fell in. Bucky nods, reaching out again to run his clawed fingers along the bandage. 

   “Buck?” You ask hesitantly, biting your lip as you stare at his hands, his very strange, not at all human like hands. The man hums, a low purring like sound issuing from the back of his throat. “Can I uh- Can I ask a question?” Bucky nods as he pulls away a bit, resting his folded arm on the dock to keep part of his body up out of the water. "What’s with the hands?“ You gesture to his, specifically to the webbing. Bucky looks at his hands, a sudden blush rising to his pale skin. He quickly hides his hands under his arms, hiding his face in the flesh part of his elbow. 

    "I’m sorry,” to attempt to backtrack, already feeling horrible. “I didn’t mean to make you feel embarrassed, they’re just different from mine, see?” You hold a hand up, showcasing your short, trimmed nails and most definitely not webbed fingers. Bucky poked his head up a bit, looking at you with uncertain eyes. His piercing gaze then falls to your hand, the blue orbs scrutinizing each finger as he stares. He cocks his head to the side as he studies it, almost with a childlike curiosity.

    He gently shifts his arms, hesitantly pulling his hand out from hiding an slowly but surely raising it to yours. It even felt different, it was slimy, practically clammy against your own but it wasn’t unpleasant. He studies the two hands together, pushing his fingers against yours only to pull them back again, he looks at his webbing and then yours, studying his webbed hands almost distastefully. He then moves onto the nails, studying your small stubby ones and then his long, jagged ones. He hums softly, cocking his head to the other side as he places his fingers between yours, watching the way they only went so far due to his webbing. He was studying you like he’d never seen another human being before and at this point you were starting to think he hadn’t…

Two Ghosts

Note: This is very different from what I’m used to writing. There’s a small bit of smut, but it’s not the main focus of the piece and therefore not quite as detailed as I’m used to writing.

This was very personal for me and I hope you all enjoy it! Please shoot me a message and tell me what you think. Feedback is always appreciated!


I didn’t really want to be here, if I’m being honest. I hated attending work parties alone. They tended to bore on and on and these particular people seemed to enjoy talking about themselves quite a bit and it was exhausting to listen to for hours. But my company was the one throwing the soiree and I didn’t really have an option in the matter. So here I stood, drink in hand, listening to my boss tell some story that I wasn’t actually paying much attention to. I faked a laugh at his crude jokes and chimed in a few times while nonchalantly checking my watch to see if I had been here long enough to quietly slip out without anyone noticing.

Then suddenly my attention was distracted by a voice coming from behind me. It wouldn’t have mattered it had been two years or a hundred I would’ve been able to recognize that voice regardless.

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Intake (Pietro Maximoff)

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff/Reader
Words: 1000
Warning(s): blood, injury
A/N: its mY BOY PIETROO Im glad to write him im so sorry this took forver.
Request: can you do a pietro one shot where the reader has the ability to absorb other injuries and she takes in all his wounds, almost dying for him but it ends in fluff??

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anonymous asked:

Maybe a Mckirk friends with benefits au?

  • This wasn’t supposed to happen. This is the opposite of what friends should be doing. Leonard worries about it for minutes, thinking about quitting this - whatever it is - it has to stop before it really begins. But then Jim turn around, facing him, and he throws him a sleepy smile. “Hey,” he says softly, fingers running gently over Bones’ chest, “stop worrying.” “I’m not worrying,” Leonard replies, but Jim shakes his head. “I know you, I can tell apart those ‘grumpy, Jim’s pestering me’ shoulders, and ‘grumpy, Jim’s pestering me’ shoulders.” Bones huffs, though Jim grins. “See? I knew it,” he says, “what’s bothering you?” “We just had sex.” “Yes.” “Jim. We just… had sex.” “Yes,” Jim repeats. "Jim…“ “I heard you the first two times,” Jim says, “why does that make you worry?” “Because, relationships are messy, and we’re friends and-” “Wow, dude,” Jim says, sitting up straight, “who said anything about relationships? Can we just be friends who have great sex when either of us is dtf?” “Dtf?” Bones repeats, and Jim huffs. “Down to f-” “Got it,” Bones interrupts him, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Feelings get involved, and shit.” “C'mon, both of us don’t do relationships. We’re just two guys who enjoy a drink together every now and then, and then some great sex. That can’t be bad. What’s the worst that could happen?”
  • Jim is right, Leonard realizes a couple days later, just after he lets himself fall down on the mattress next to Jim. Jim turns around with a grunt, lying down on his back instead. “You have some pent up frustrations,” he laughs, breathlessly so, and he turns to look at Bones instead. “Listen, when you continuously avoid medbay when your checkups are due, I’m going to be a little frustrated.” “I’m not complaining,” Jim says, “Hell, if I knew I’d get this out of this, I would’ve skipped out of medical checkups a long time ago.” Leonard huffs, too, running his hand over Jim’s chest. “You always skip your medical sessions.”
  • York Town leaves little time for them to spend together, but it’s fine. Bones works in the medical department during the day, and Jim spends hours in meetings. They agree to meet up in their favorite bar, but instead, they end up just drinking in Bones’ quarters. Bones has a small balcony, and so they sit outside, drinking beers and watching people go about their own lives. “I have a lot of internal struggles,” Jim says, out of the blue after a few seconds of peaceful silence. The artificial sun is setting, coloring the sky all kinds of pastel colors that remind both of them of Earth. “How are you struggling internally?” Bones asks, “are you okay?” “I mean,” Jim starts thoughtfully, his hand reaching out to rest on Bones’ thigh, “you know that feeling when you’re conflicted, because on one hand they opened a great new burger bar and I really want a cheeseburger. On the other hand, though, I also want sex. So it’s like; do I want to do you, or do I want cheeseburgers?” “That’s your struggle?” Bones asks, frowning lightly. “You had me worried for a second!” “Take my struggles seriously!” Jim counters, and Bones grins. “Well,” he says, “the burger bar delivers. Think we can have a quickie before they get here?” At that suggestion, Jim gets up instantly. “Oh, I bet we can do more than one.”
  • For a long time, this actually works out quite well. They’re just them, the same Jim and Bones who enjoy watching sports games, drink in the bar while the Enterprise warps through deep space. They’re still the same Jim and Bones who bicker about pretty much everything. It’s just that this time, there’s also sex involved, and it’s pretty great. Jim sometimes texts Bones positions they can try out, along with his usual message spamming. Bones often tells him off, but occasionally comes with suggestions himself - all of which Jim is happy to try.
  • But then Bones finds himself a little too comfortable in Jim’s company. Jim starts sleeping over a lot more, and Bones does, too, when he’s over at Jim’s quarters. They move from casual sex and parting ways in the morning, to sex that’s more intense than casual fun and stress relief. Sometimes, it’s initial heavy make-out sessions and would-be sex, if they didn’t get too distracted talking deep into the night, about everything and nothing. And instead of splitting ways in the morning, they get dressed together in the bathroom. Or rather, Jim showers while Bones shaves, and the other way around. Bones has a couple uniforms in Jim’s wardrobe, an unspoken agreement that just kind of happened. They share breakfast together and only part ways when Jim heads to the bridge, and Bones heads to medbay.
  • “You’re worrying again,” Jim points out, late at night. “You should be asleep,” Bones says, and Jim huffs, moving an arm around Bones’ waist and he presses himself against Bones’ back. “So should you,” he says, “but you’re worrying.” Bones is quiet for a few seconds, thinking about just how much he enjoys being so close in Jim’s presence. “Look at us,” Bones says, gesturing at the two of them. “I much rather look at you,” Jim replies. Bones takes a deep breath, then turns to his back so he can look at Jim properly. “Listen to yourself,” he says, “this isn’t casual, Jim. We’re not casual.” Jim listens quietly, frowning lightly. “Hey,” he says, “you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Are you not having fun?” “Of course I’m having fun,” Bones says, “but I’d have more fun knowing my feelings are reciprocated.” "Reciprocated,” Jim repeats slowly, before cracking a smile, “Mr. Sensitive.” “Mr Sensitive?” Bones repeats, and he opens he mouth to protest that, but Jim leans in to kiss him instead. “I promise you,” Jim says quietly, his fingers brushing just over Bones’ cheek, “those feelings are reciprocated.”
Dear Damian Part 4 (Older Damian Wayne x Reader)

Schninner: Part four of pain and feels- Er! I mean Dear Damian! *Nervous laughter* Heh, definitely no angst here! Anyways guys, thank you all for the wonderful comments and feedback for other parts of Dear Damian, it has truly made me a happy Squirtle! :D

Tagging @the-singing-canary to share the angst >:) as well as @isabellegunawan and @maruthor

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 5 * Part 6 * Part 7

(Reader is a Girl)

Warnings: Swearing and oh so much of the angst

Word count:  1001

Mater List

You were 16 years old, standing out in the Wayne mansion’s garden looking up into the heavily polluted sky. Barely any stars were visible thanks to the light pollution, which caused your lips to form a slight frown. That was the only thing that you missed about your home, the stars.

You felt a pair of strong warm arms wrap around your waist, you let out a small gasp of surprise, then turned your head slightly to see your boyfriend, Damian Wayne.

“Oh, Dami! It’s you.” You said relieved.

“Of course it is beloved, who else would it be?” He inquired, before kissing you on top of your head.

“I don’t know, you just startled me.” You said with a sigh, your cheeks turning bright pick as he kissed you. You two had been dating for quite some time now, but you still weren’t used to his affections, not that they weren’t appreciated! They just surprised you.

“What are you doing out here at this hour?” He asked, his voice muffled by your hair.

You looked back up at the sky and sighed once more, “Just looking at the stars.”

Damian tilted his head upwards and squinted, “What stars?”

“Exactly,” You answered wistfully.

There was a long pause before Damian spoke again, “[F/N], are you… Unhappy here?”

Your eyes widened in shock at his words, and turned around in his arms to face him. The look on his face made your heart drop, his eyes were full of somber and fear. “If you are, you don’t have to stay here. I don’t want you to leave, but I don’t want to be the reason why you so miserable, and- “

You placed your hands gently on either side of his face, gently rubbing his check with one of your thumbs. He stopped talking immediately, and looked into your eyes. You gave him a gentle and warm smile,

“Hey, I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m happy as long as you’re here with me, and don’t ever forget that.”

He smiled at you, making your heart skip a beat, and leaned into your touch.

“I just don’t want you to be in pain, and don’t want to be the reason why.”

You leaned in and softly kissed him, gently breaking the kiss, but remaining mere centimeters away from his face.

“Damian Wayne, you could never hurt me, and I could never hurt you.”

You sat numbly on your bed, staring at your bloodied hands. It wasn’t your blood, no, it was something much worse, it was his blood, it was Damian’s blood.  

“He’s not dead.” You silently reminded yourself.

“No, not dead, but hurt.”

He had been stabbed, by none other than his horrible excuse of an Ex-girlfriend, you. You stabbed him, cursed him, said all of those nasty things, to save him.

Hot tears rolled down your cheeks and onto your clenched fists. Your mind kept going back to the look of anguish on his face as the blade pierced his flesh and bone. You remembered his beautiful blue eyes, full of heartbreak as you told him you hated him. You recalled how he never fought back, not even when you released a full blown assault on him, just because the damn idiot still loved you!

“It was the only way.” You repeated to yourself over and over again, trying to convince yourself that that was the case.

But no matter how many times you tried to justify your actions, no matter how many times you told yourself that it was for the best, you still felt as if someone had ripped your heart out. Because not matter how many times you told yourself these things, you had still hurt the man you love, and you could never forgive yourself for that.

Months passed, months in which you had numbly went through, never fully present. It was always the same routine, your called into your father’s throne room, you are given a target, you go off and kill target, you come back, then it repeats. Today was no exception, you were called into your father’s throne room, undoubtedly for your next target. But when you got there, you noticed right away that something was wrong.

A large male figure with a burlap sack covering his face, was bound and kneeling in front of her father’s throne with a few of her father’s lackey’s guarding him to make sure he didn’t do anything. You walked over to your father, who had a shit eating grin on his face, making your skin crawl. You bowed to him.

“Father, you summoned me?”

“Ah yes! [F/N]! So wonderful for you to join us for our celebration!” Your father said, excitedly clapping his hand together.

You raised an eyebrow, “A celebration of what father?”

His eyes shone with twisted amusement, “It’s a party for our guest of honor here!” He sang out, pointing to the man that was bound. “We are celebrating his life and all of its glorious failures!”

You gave your father a confused and slightly unimpressed look.

He feigned shock, “Why my dear? Haven’t you figured it out yet?”

He signaled for the guard to remove the bag over the male’s face. You gasped, as you gazed into the eyes of your lover. His eye was swollen and bruised, and he had cuts all over his face. You head shot back to your father, who was maniacally smiling down at you.

“Dearest [F/N], today is the day we celebrate the death of Damian Wayne.”

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Sanvers Prompt: Alex gets bruised. A lot.

Alex walked into her apartment slowly. Her muscles were sore. Her joints hurt. She had bruises everywhere.

She locked the door and shuffled to her favorite chair. She wanted to just flop down into it, but she was afraid it would hurt so she lowered herself into it. She was practically able to hear her muscles creaking.

Unfortunately, she forgot that her phone was in her back pocket. She had to psych herself up to roll to the side to get her phone out. She should have just stayed at the DEO and slept in her lab. It would have been a lot less painful.

But getting her phone out meant that she could turn on her fireplace from her app and she could set her alarm because she definitely would not be making the journey to her bed. She was just going to lay her head back and close her eyes.

She was almost asleep when she heard the lock on her door click back. She started to reach for her gun, but a pull in her triceps made her decide that she didn’t care who it was. The lock was unpickable and only three people had keys. Whoever it was could just come in and whatever happened, happened.

“Alex?” Maggie’s voice proceeded her after she opened the door. She poked her head in and found Alex sitting on her chair, unmoving. She smiled and stepped all the way in, closing the door behind her. “I saw the footage of what you did today.”

“You did?” Alex asked. She saw that Maggie had brought food and a bottle of bourbon. She didn’t realize how hungry she was until she smelled the wings in the paper bag that Maggie was holding. “Oooh, food.”

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What Apollo Said: As usual, I was struck by his resemblance to his father, Poseidon. He had the same sea-green eyes, the same dark tousled hair, the same handsome features that could shift from humor to anger so easily. However, Percy Jackson did not favor his father’s chosen garb of beach shorts and Hawaiian shirts. He was dressed in ragged jeans and a blue hoodie with the words ahs swim team stitched across the front.

What Apollo Meant: Percy Jackson is so hot. Like gods damn so hot. Those turbulent sea green eyes and tousled bed hair… mmm good shit. And those cheek bones man. Meg, have you seen this kid’s jawline??? Sharper than his sword I swear to gods. If you think he’s hot now, you should see him when he’s angry. And man this kid just rocks that bad boy look, thank the gods he didn’t get his father’s sense of style. Good shit.

say my name | jennie kim drabble

jennie kim | there’s something really funny about beating out eight guys and stealing the heart of your friend in a game of blindfolded kissing. jennie would know. after all, she just did it. | 1,588 words. | fluff.

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Let me get this off of my chest. First thing’s first. My best friend is literally reeled in by the bait that is our Brandeis blue anthropomorphic Pokemon. It is partially due to this that I am involved in the furry community in the slightest.

We good now? Good.

Is Lucario from the world-famous video game, card game, and anime: Pokemon, furrybait? He definitely is one to catch the attention of many furries. What makes him that way?

How could someone so cute have so many sharp edges? It’s like spikes on the  edges of buildings where spikes are placed to keep birds from roosting. That’s the only flaw that Lucario has. He has puffy cheeks, he has long ears, he has hair (? They look like dreadlocks, but could they also be ears???) he has a tail and above all: he has curves. He definitely has my full, undivided attention. Look at those hips and thighs, even if they look like gym shorts, they definitely stand out.

Another part of Lucario that gets many flustered is his long tongue and canine teeth. Why is this so hot? I… don’t know… He just is.

Originally posted by lucario-theaurapokemon

Bone rush my ass.

Originally posted by mypokemonranch

He also is such a nice pokemon, too. he can be so adorable when the time comes. I mean look how gentle he gazes as he finds you in Hide and Seek!

In conclusion, Lucario is furrybait and is definitely adorable. I want to pinch his cheeks and you’ll never know which ones I mean.

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Academic Set-Up – Young Derek Hale Imagine

Prompt by Anon: Sorry for bothering you, but I have another young Derek request from another au: “we hate each other but apparently our teachers ship us and make us partner up all the time and sit next to each other and for the love of god if you don’t shut your mouth I’m gonna shove you on the desk and snog the hell out of you.”

Word Count: 1,983

Warning: Making out

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Author’s Note: I actually had fun with this prompt because this was something a little bit different and I had never written a Young Derek imagine before. YAY! Also, regarding the other Young Derek prompt you requested, as mentioned before, I ended up declining that prompt because it had been requested and written by another writer. I hope you understand that. Lastly, shout out to @lily-salvahalfoy19 for being my beta for this prompt. Without further ado, I hope you like this imagine!

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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“So, how was work today, hon?” Mr. Taylor asked.

Mrs. Taylor smiled. “It was great! I paired up all my students for my annual project, and I purposely put a certain pair together, because I just know they’ll become a couple before the semester ends.”

Mr. Taylor sighed. “Honey, you can’t play Cupid with your students.”

“I don’t remember reading that in my contract when I got hired.” Mrs. Taylor grabbed her grade book out of her book bag. “Besides, I didn’t set them up on a blind date. I just paired them up for a project.”

“Of course, just like all your other set ups. Who are the lucky kids this semester?” Mr. Taylor stood next to his wife and looked down at her opened grade book. Her freshly manicured nail pointed at one name.

“Derek Hale,” Mr. Taylor read and followed his wife’s finger to the second name. “And Y/N Y/L/N.”

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I freaking hate gorg with his skinny butt and those cheek bones so deep they reach hell😑PAUL IS BÆ PAUL IS LIFE PAUL IS MY SEPAI PAUL HAS FREAKING PUPPY EYES AND CUTE LITTLE BBY CHEEKS LIKE HOW COULD YOU HATE THAT

um excuse u

paul looks like play-doh that someone stepped on

george looks………well……just as bad actually…..almost reptilian honestly

You’ve Completely Changed - Part 2

Pairing: Issac x Reader

Summary: Hi! So if your requests are open, can you please try to do one where Isaac and the reader were best friends in elem/middle school and when they start high school, he just starts to forget about her? And then one day, Isaac says something really mean?

You woke up to get an early start to the day, this wasn’t your usual routine but since the encounter with Isaac the other day it seemed the most appropriate. Brushing you teeth, washing you face, pulling on gym clothes you tied your hair in a ponytail and set out the door to ran, anywhere and everywhere.

Stopping at a street corner, you checked the watch you were wearing and figured this morning exercise was enough. Running on back home you had just over an hour to have a shower and head to school. With 20 minutes to spare you felt good, you felt refreshed and ready to start a new chapter.

Parking close to the entrance, students were either walking in or chatting to their friends. Grabbing the bag in the passenger seat you found an empty spot out in the yard, and got comfortable. However that comfort turned to displeasure when you saw Isaac heading your way.

“Please walk past, please walk past” you hoped by saying those words over and over Isaac would get the hint, but nope he didn’t walk past, he sat right opposite you and didn’t move.

Choosing to ignore him like he had done to you, hoping that would be enough for him to give up on whatever he had planned on saying. It wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be, in fact it was quite freeing to not have to constantly give a damn about whether or not he was going to magically turn back into the guy you knew.

“Ignoring people is rude, you know” Isaac finally spoke, and boy did he choose the wrong words to say.

“Maybe you should take your own advice then” you snapped at him.

“Could you just look at me?” he asked, clearly annoyed.

“Could you just leave me alone?” you matched his tone.

He huffed, and you took a sneak glance. Isaac was wearing his signature leather jacket, his hair was on point and god you always thought his jaw and those cheek bones were sculpted by gods themselves, that was one thing that hadn’t changed.

“Obviously you have a problem with me, and whatever I did I just want to formally apologize”.

Finally giving him the eye contact he so desperately wanted you couldn’t believe that this was actually a real conversation. “Apologize, you Isaac Lahey want to apologize to me?”

Biting your lip and shaking your head in disbelief you got up and flung your bag over your shoulder, “Well you can take that apology and keep it. Because I don’t want it nor will I ever accept it. What you did to me can never be fixed with an I’m sorry”.

With that you turned your back to him and marched away, wondering if you had just made the biggest mistake of your life.

The day was nearing it’s end and you couldn’t be more thankful. Home sweet home was where you wished you could stay, unfortunately that wasn’t possible. Just when you were about to head upstairs the doorbell rang.

Turning back around and opening the door the last person you ever thought would be standing on the outside, was in fact standing on the other side. “What are you doing here Issac?” you asked him not knowing why he didn’t get the hint from this morning.

“I want to know why you hate me so much?” he asked.

“Are you really that dense? Or are you pretending to not know who I am, or what I was to you” you said, feeling the urge to just break down right in front of him.

“A lot has changed in my life, I’m sorry if I don’t remember the times we supposedly had Y/N”. The look in his eyes seemed sincere, but how could someone just have a chuck of their life erased?

“Don’t remember? Or is it that you just choose not to remember, does this refresh your memory?” You walked to the closet located in the hallway and came back with a box, Isaac had welcomed himself in and closed the door behind him. “How about this photo of you and I, the first one my mum took of us when we started middle school?” You slapped the photo in his hands, and all he did was stare at it.

“Or how about this bracelet you made me when we were little ,and you told me to keep it close because if I did it meant you were close”. Dropping the bracelet back in the box, you sorted through it and stopped on another item pulling it out so Isaac could see.

“Or this the letters we wrote to each other when we weren’t allowed to see one another. In them we talked about how we would travel the world someday, and be there for the other no matter what!”. You let the box fall to the ground, along with the letters.

Isaac’s face was blank, maybe he was trying to process everything or maybe he was actually feeling guilty.

“I would have gone through hell for you Isaac, I loved you….but you forgot all of that as soon as you got a new group of friends to hang out with. And I don’t know what they did to you, but I miss the old you! The Isaac that was my friend, my best friend in fact. What the hell happened to you?” at this point the breaking down happened on it’s own. Tears weren’t possibly to hold back any longer.

“I know that I’ve been a jerk. But I had to act and be a certain way, even if that meant hurting you. Believe it or not I’m trying to protect you from what I know, from who I am now!”

Shaking your head this was all too much. Isaac could never lie to you, he was a terrible lie and this was no expectation. You were searching for something to prove this was all an excuse he made up, but you found nothing.

“Well it looks like were at two different points in our lives, we grew apart and now I know why. So you can go now, and you can go back to pretending like I don’t exist” you told him taking back the photo you gave to him early and placing it back in the box.

You returned it back to the closet and thought that when you turned around Isaac would be gone, but that wasn’t the case. He looked at you, he just took this moment to proper look at you.

The next moment, the next move was hugely unexpected. You often wondered what his lips would taste like, and that wonder was now fulfilled. They were soft, and tasted sweet.

“I don’t want to pretend you don’t exist anymore, I listened to people who I shouldn’t of have. Give me a chance, I’ll prove to you that I’m still Isaac Lahey from when you knew me. I’m still here Y/N, just with a few changes” he said.

“What do you mean changes?”

“I can’t tell you, at least not yet. But I love you Y/N, that’s one thing you can count on”.

His phone beeped and you couldn’t see who it was, but something inside made you think it was Erica or his new friends. “I have to go, but please don’t give up on me”.

And with that he left, walked out the front door and left you still trying to come to terms with the kiss and the confession. He wasn’t the same old Isaac you knew, and that was something you had to learn how to be okay with if you ever wanted to reconnect with him again.

Can we talk about Mads Mikkelsen for a minute? 

This man is ruining my life.

With his sharp cheek bones and chiseled jawline. 

I mean look at him! Something about men in black t-shirts…

Or no shirt at all…

Seriously, this fucker has taken over all of my life. Can’t help but watch Danish movies cause of him.

Take a good look and tell me you don’t find him attractive a teensy bit? 

I mean this goof ball is just amazing.

Suit and all.

Or casual.

Regardless, he’s a hottie in whatever attire he’s in.

Extra points for the apron. (I’m training to be a pâtissière chef so it’s kind of a turn on to see him cook.)

And double those points for getting down and dirty.

Those teeth man! Sharp muthafuckas! But another reason to think he’s badass! Come on! This guy deserves more respect and love. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen!

The milk thief

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” - Nietzsche

OiKage Week Day 2

Tobio hurries his way home, ignoring the cramp in his left leg as he dashes through the streets bathed in the saphhire sky. He and Atsumu-san had planned this: Atsumu-san and Osamu-san would leave the apartment on Friday to give Tobio and Oikawa-san some space should their suspicions be correct.

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Enlistment - Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2

Medical compassionate leave. You don’t know how he’d managed it, but Seunghyun had been granted three days furrow to visit you and help look after you with your sickness. That’s what he’d called it on the phone the last time you’d talked. A sickness. It had stung you so deep, you’d almost hung up on him. But you’d maintained your composure, your strength being used to resist the chill of coldness you’d felt creeping into your voice. All the talking had lead to nothing but disharmony between you, despite finally coming to a decision on what you’d both thought was best. You’d never felt this uncomfortable with him, though. You’d pinned it down to distance, but you knew you were harbouring resentment towards his reaction to your pregnancy. The cracks were beginning to show in your relationship, and you didn’t know how long you could keep up the pretence of agreeing without seeing him. He’d obviously felt the same way, hence his request for medical compassionate leave.

The door jiggled, the sound of your digital lock keypad sliding up startling you to attention. You knew he was there, the thin wood of the door the only thing separating you from his embrace, but you couldn’t bring yourself to move from the couch. You picked up the nearest cushion to you, subconsciously clutching it over your stomach as your eyes focused on the door and your ears noted the sound of his fingers punching in the keycode. It swung open in slow motion, revealing Seunghyun’s tall figure hunched in the doorway. His army clothes clung to his body, the thick coat hanging half open with his large biceps cuffed by the camouflage material, the khaki green t shirt stretching over the muscles on his chest that had expanded in the past month. You blink dumbly as he walks inside, pausing to drop the bag he was carrying on the floor. His eyes scan the room, falling on you.

‘Hey.’ You say shyly, the pillow curling into your stomach as you tucked your knees closer to you. Seunghyun nods nonchalantly in your direction.

‘Hey.’ He responds, his sentence clipped with shortness, before bending down to untie the shoelaces of his thick black standard issue boots. He struggles, and you take in his muscular back rippling with every movement, before he finally manages to kick them off his feet, leaving them in a dishevelled pile next to his backpack.

‘How are you?’ You manage quietly, your fingers clutching tightly into the grey tweed fabric in your palms. He stands, his eyes focusing on you for the first time in over a month. His hair has grown slightly, the length still a short buzz, but the bluntness of it now fuzzed into a black crop. His eyes are drained, the bags under them casting a swallow shadow across his usually milky cheek bones. He looked weathered with stress. His adams apple bobs in his throat with the movement a dry swallow.

‘I’ve been better.’ He shrugs indifferently. He was in one of those moods. The ones where no matter what you said, and no matter what you did, his sulkiness would linger, permeating any room with it’s bitterness. This would be a difficult three days - not just for Seunghyun, but for the both of you.

‘Do I get a hug?’ The question slips lightly from your lips, and he raises an eyebrow curiously.

‘Do you want one?’ He retorts quickly. You’re taken aback by his sharp tone.

‘Of course I do… I haven’t seen you in a month.’

‘Then why are you just sitting on the couch covering your stomach with that ridiculous cushion?,’ He steps slowly out of the entrance, leaving his items resting in their dishevelled state. You bite your lip in an attempt to stop yourself from replying with an equally nasty comment. ‘Come here and I’ll hug you.’ You oblige, standing on your trembling legs, slowly padding towards him. His arms open, and you slip into them, the familiarity of his scent enveloping you. A flash of memories crashes over you, and you snuggle yourself into the warmth of his chest as it elicits a feeling of comfort. He obliges your hug, his body responding by relaxing slightly into you, the tension slipping from his muscles.

‘I missed you.’ It creeps out from your lips as a whisper, quietly spoken more to yourself than Seunghyun. His fingers remove themselves from your waist, his right hand coming to pinch your chin between it’s palm, tilting your face upwards to his. His lips press into yours, delicately murmuring their response back to you.

‘I missed you too, Jagiya.,’ His words are followed by a deep, sensual kiss. His lips brush over yours, the emotion of the last month sinking into your mouth from his as he prods it open with his tongue. As quickly as he had ignited the spark between you he pulls away, removing his body from you completely, a stone wall of blankness replacing the intense emotions. He makes a swift turn towards the bedroom you shared. ‘Hyeyoon and Yeonjun are coming over. I have to change before they arrive.’

‘What?,’ Taken aback by surprise, you reach to grasp his forearm in an attempt to halt his movement. ‘Aren’t we going to talk about what’s happening? I mean… the appointment is tomorrow.’ It was the first time you’d mentioned it. The thing he’d used to get compassionate medical consideration. The army had agreed knowing no doctor would give a medical certificate for an illegal procedure. It was illegal, but that didn’t mean it had been difficult to find someone willing to do it for you. If you had money and contacts in Korea, anything was possible despite the law. You still couldn’t call it by it’s name, even though the word had hung heavily between the both of you for the past two weeks. His eyes cast down to your arm, displeasure seeping into the creases of the frown lines on his face.

‘Your abortion?’ He doesn’t look at you as he says the words, his voice steadily bitter despite the uncertainty you both felt.

‘Our abortion.,’ You correct. ‘We both talked about it. We both made the decision.’

‘Later.,’ He shrugs his hand free from your grip. ‘I’ve got to change. I don’t want them to see me in this ridiculous uniform.’ With that, he removes himself from the situation and any obligation he had to continue the conversation you both so desperately needed to have. You stand, numbed by his reaction, worry seeping into you not for the first time. A memory sparks at the back of your brain, a fragment of a sentence you’d once read about your Seunghyun in an interview he’d given. Since I am an emotional coward that can’t live a calculative life, I always try to hide. The phrase sinks heavily to your heart as you contemplate it as a reason for his actions.  A knock sharply echos against the door, snapping you from your emotional state. You make your way to the entrance, quickly tidying Seunghyun’s boots, lifting his bag and repositioning it beside the door to allow your visitors ease of access. You don’t check the keyhole, knowing the face behind the door would be a welcome site. You open itr wide, a fake smile taking residence on your face.

‘Yeonjun, shhh…’ Hyeyoon’s voice attempts to soothe the child attached to her hip, his wriggly, snotty body pushing against hers in annoyance, his face wet with tears.

‘Oh Yeonjun, what’s the matter?’ The words slip from your mouth in a comforting coo, and Yeonjun’s face brightens dramatically when he sees you, his arms stretching desperately in a request to be held.

‘He’s in a foul mood today. I think he’s coming down with a cold or something.’

‘We’ll have two grumpy men in the house today then, Yeonjunie!’ You accept him into your arms, his body curling into you as a soft grizzle escapes his mouth. His head rests against your shoulder, and his crying halts to a slow murmur. You step out of the way, allowing Hyeyoon to remove her shoes, neatly placing them in a row next to Seunghyun’s boots.

‘The magic touch. I haven’t been able to stop him crying all morning.,’ She steps up into the house, immediately making a beeline for the kitchen. ‘What’s wrong with my brother?’

‘Who knows…,’ You shrug, unable to talk about the subject without feeling the stinging sadness his distance brought you. ‘Yeounjunie, Do you want to come and see the new toy I bought for you?’ You raise your eyebrows high in an attempt to entice the grizzly child. His ears perk, his face lightening.

‘Yes.’ He answers, his eyes peeping at you.

‘Aish, you spoil my son way too much.,’ She casts the comment over her shoulder as she opens the cupboard door, searching for something.

‘When you’re that cute you deserve to get spoiled.,’ Seunghyun’s voices carries from the door frame he is leaning against, his eyes locking on yours as you sway Yeonjun against you. ‘Come here, Yeonjunie. Uncle wants to give you a hug.’

‘No.,’ Yeonjun whines against you. ‘I want to stay with Aunty.’ His head burrows itself into your t shirt again, hiding his face from his Uncle’s gaze. He’d called you Aunty since the moment he’d been able to talk, despite your lack of official Aunty status. Hyeyoon had said it had seemed like the easiest way to describe your relationship with Seunghyun to him.

‘Aish.’ Seunghyun sighs, dismissing the comment from his nephew with the flicking wave of a hand before pushing himself from the door frame, crossing the room to meet his sister.

‘I told you she’s the favourite, Seunghyun.,’ She chuckles as she finally finds what she is looking for, drawing three wine glasses from the cupboard. She turns, placing them delicately on the kitchen benchtop in front of her. ‘Look at her, though. She’s a born natural. Yeonjun hasn’t stopped crying all morning, as soon as she picked him up he was fine.’ Seunghyun contemplates you carefully, his eyes taking in the site in front of him. A flicker of emotion passes over his face, so brief you wonder if you’ve imagined it.

‘I know.’ He says softly, his eyes considering you carefully. To his sister, the emotion would have been missed. But knowing your current situation, you felt it hit you like a heavy brick.

‘You need to hurry up and marry her and start popping out beautiful children. You’d be an idiot to let her go, Seunghyun.,’ Her comment causes you to turn away from Seunghyun, her innocent naivety not understanding how much her words were impacting on you both. She seems to sense the shift in the atmosphere of the room, and changes the conversation quickly. ‘Seunghyun, can we get a bottle of something oaky and red? The cold weather is making me yearn for something hearty.’

‘We’ll only need two glasses.,’ Seunghyun says cooly as he turns, his back avoiding the explanation he needed to give.

‘Why?’ Hyeyoon asks, the confusion in her voice evident.

‘Y/n isn’t drinking.’ Before he was required to elaborate, he has disappeared into the room he kept his wine collection in.

‘I’m just… feeling a bit off colour.’ You manage in a meek sentence, the falseness of your comment no doubt duly noted by Hyeyoon’s perceptiveness. She doesn’t pry, shrugging it off with a soft lift in her shoulders.

‘More wine for me, then.’

The low hum of Seunghyun’s torso against your back rips you from your sleep. You stir, confusion flooding your body. You’d fallen asleep on opposite sides of the large king bed, the gaping divide between you a metaphor for the discontent you both felt. Yet somehow in the duration of the night, he’d managed to nuzzle himself into your back, his arms wrapping around you to cradle over your stomach protectively. You listen quietly as the sleep fades from your brain, your foggy mind clearing to pick up the uneven breathing pattern of your boyfriend. His body shudders against yours again, and realisation dawns on you as you feel a wet cheek pressed lovingly against the back of your neck

‘Seunghyun, are you crying?,’ His body shakes again, but his response is blank. ‘What’s wrong?’ You shuffle, attempting to twist your body to see him.

‘Don’t turn around.,’ He murmurs, the sorrow crowding the tones in his voice. ‘I can’t look at your face.’

‘Seunghyun, baby… You’re scaring me. Tell me why you’re crying, please?’ Your voice quivers as you oblige his request. You’d seen him like this on a select few occasions through your relationship. When it was this bad, it was best to obey.

‘I’m a disappointment.,’ His husky voice breathes raspily through his tears. ‘I can’t look you in the eye knowing I’ve let you down this much.’

‘Seunghyun, stop. I’m not disappointed in you. I love you. It doesn’t matter what happens, we are in everything together.’ You urge.

‘This isn’t what I want…,’ His cryptic semantics were induced by his panicked state. ‘I don’t want to do it.’

‘I’m turning around, okay? If you don’t want to see me, shut your eyes.’ You begin to twist your body slowly, coming to turn fully in his arms. His eyes peer desperately at you, rimmed with wet tears and raw redness. You could tell he’d been crying for a long time. Instinctively, your hands reach up to wipe his damp cheeks, thick with the wetness of his tears. Your lips dot every surface they can find - his nose, his forehead, his chin, before coming to peck the dampness of his eyelashes. His tears continue to spill, his body racked with worry.

‘I don’t want to do it.’ He repeats, desperately attempting for you to understand.

‘What don’t you want to do? You don’t have to do anything, Seunghyun. I promise you we can work it out.’

‘I can’t let you go through with it… I don’t want to lose this baby.,’ His eyes meet yours again, the pools of wetness causing tears to sting your own. ‘I don’t want to lose it.’ There it was. The reason for his intensely depressed mood.

‘I don’t want to either.’ You admit, tears leaking from the creases in the corners of your eye. They drop directly onto his face, mixing with his own.

‘We have to. How can we look after it? I’m going away again in two days. I can’t… we can’t.’ His anxiety is causing his words to come out in a jumble, his tongue struggling to articulate what he was so desperate to let you know.

‘Seunghyun, shhh…,’ You murmur against his skin, your nose and forehead pressing against his gently in an attempt to get him to focus. ‘This isn’t about what we can’t do. We could give this baby such a loving home. I’ve seen you with Yeonjun. You love him so much… I know you’d be an amazing father. We could get help from your sister and your family… Our friends… We have an entire support network. We could make it work.’

‘My sister knows. She asked just before she left.,’ He closes his eyes, tightly pressing his lids together, his forehead creasing. ‘She asked what we were going to do. She told me I was a terrible person for making you decide like that. I’m… I’m struggling. I can’t believe where we are right now. I can’t look at you without feeling like I’m hurting you. I’m a coward. I’m a disappointment.’

‘No, Seunghyun. You’re a human. A perfect human who is trying to do what he thinks is best. Look at me.,’ He opens his eyes again, peering helplessly into your own. ‘You haven’t disappointed me. I’m still here. I still love you. I’ve been waiting for you to let me know how you’re really feeling, and you’re doing that right now. We can talk about it with your family. We can figure something out, I promise.’ Your mind is racing a million miles an hour with possibilities and scenarios.

‘I won’t be there, though.’ He tilts his head into the pillow, looking longingly into your eyes.

‘But you will be there for the rest of it’s life… the rest of our lives. You have so much to give this child. We both do, and we can make it work. I promise you we can, if you want to.’ He folds, drawing you closer to him, snuggling into you. You pat his back soothingly, contemplating your circumstances as he silently does the same. You had no idea what you wanted to do now. None at all.

A soft thud on the bed wakes you, and you startle dramatically, sitting upwards. Your eyes catch the clock next to you during your accent - 11am.

‘Shit.’ You groan, rushing to throw the covers off the bed. ‘Shit, shit, shit…’

‘Jagiya…,’ Seunghyun’s baritone voice causes you to pause, his hand coming to rest on your arm in an attempt to calm your frantic movement. You take him in, your eyes flicking over his full outfit, his thick navy wool coat smartly dressed over a blue striped sweater, his white shirt collar poking neatly from the neckline. Your eyes furrow drastically in confusion as you take him in. ‘Come into the kitchen. I’ve bought some coffee and pastries from your favourite cafe.’

‘Coffee?,’ You echo dumbly, your mind struggling to clear the foggy remnants of your sleep. ‘It’s 11am. Have you been out already?’ His palm reaches to cup your chin, his finger stroking delicately along your cheek.

‘You’re cute when you’re confused.,’ He hums as he takes in your expression. ‘Yes, I’ve been out. I left at about 4am. Then I came back, and you were still sleeping and you looked so peaceful and I felt bad waking you so I let you sleep more and went out again.’

‘Where did you go at 4am?’ Nothing he was saying was making sense.

‘Just come to the kitchen. We can talk there, and I’ll explain. The coffee is getting cold.’ He gives your cheek a final delicate stroke, his thumb lingering along your jawline, before he removes it, pushing himself off the bed and offering you a hand to help you. You take it, obliging him automatically, following because you were too disordered to know what else to do. You shiver slightly as the cold air of the room hits you, the covers falling away from your body completely as you exit their warmth, standing. Your thin silk nightgown does nothing to warm you. Seunghyun notices immediately, his arm releasing yours to slip the jacket from his shoulders, peeling it off his own body to wrap around yours. You accept it gratefully, your arms not slotting into the coat sleeves. It rests lightly on your shoulders, and you tug the front panels closer around you for warmth. As you follow, walking slowly behind Seunghyun, you tilt your head, watching the buoyancy in his walk, a marked difference to the attitude that had woken you last night. Wherever he had gone, he had figured something out. He makes his way to the kitchen, the delicate porcelain of the fanciest plates in the apartment already laid out on the table, the pastries lining the centre between two paper take away cups of coffee. A single white candle glowed lightly in the dim lighting of the room. Seunghyun hadn’t opened the curtain yet. He walks quickly, his hands resting on the chair to draw it away from the table, opening the space and gesturing for you to sit down. You blink at him apprehensively.

‘Seunghyun, as amazing as this all is, our appointment is at two o’clock… We have to get ready.’ He nods in understanding, his eyes closing briefly in a flicker of reflection.

‘Just sit. We are going to enjoy breakfast and talk.,’ You again oblige his request, simply because you’re too confounded to resist. You sit slowly on the chair, and he maneuvers you closer to the table. He walks briskly to the other side, plopping himself down on the seat. The dimples on his face crease as his eyes meet yours. He plucks a pastry from the middle setting, placing it delicately on your individual plate. ‘Chocolate and pear. Your favourite.’ He hums, pleased with his efforts.

‘Seunghyun, you’re worrying me… What is going on?,’ His eyes flick back to you, eyebrows arched in delicate curiosity. ‘Where did you go this morning?’

‘Well, I couldn’t sleep. I called Hyeyoon, and went to talk with her.,’ He breathes in, letting out a deep sigh. ‘It took a while, but we came up with a plan… Her rent is going up in the next few months. I offered for her to come live with us.’ Your head tilts subconsciously to the side, a blank dumbness expressing itself.

‘With us?’ You echo like a parrot.

‘I thought… We thought… Maybe she could help. If we kept the baby, I mean. We talked a lot about it. It seems like it would be a good situation for everyone.,’ He watches your face carefully, taking in every subtle twitch to examine it as an indication of your reaction to the suggestion. You blink mildly back at him. ‘Yeonjun would be over the moon if he was with you everyday…’ He adds in an attempt to garner some kind of response from you.

‘Okay.’ You manage slowly, your mouth gulping the word out of it’s dryness.

‘Tell me what you’re thinking.,’ Seunghyun presses for more, and you feel the emotional rollercoaster ride of his home coming bubbling through your body. Before you can articulate words, tears are racking your body in violent sobs, your entire being shuddering with their movement. Your head dips, your hand cradling it instinctively from Seunghyun’s view. You sobs continue until you feel his chin rest against your shoulder as he comes to comfort you, his whisper caressing your ear gently in a soft motion. ‘Y/n, it’s okay.’ Despite the quitened volume of his voice, you cling to his words, shifting your hands slowly from your face.

‘Seunghyun, I’m tired. I’m so drained by everything…,’ The stress of the situation weighs heavily on your chest. You manage to splutter the sentence as his arms wrap around you, pulling you into his embrace. Your head rests heavily against him, feeling the hardness of his protective muscles through his shirt and jumper. ‘I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me.’ He chuckles as his palms cradle your head, his hands smoothing your hair delicately behind your ear.

‘I’m telling you we can keep it, if you want. My sister is willing to help us.,’ He kisses the crown of your head lightly. ‘Do you want to keep it?’ You nod slowly in agreement. He tilts your face lightly up towards his, his lips brushing against your nose before pecking your lips.

‘We’re really going to have a baby?,’ You question as your tears stop flowing. ‘We’re going to be a little family?’ Seunghyun hums in affirmation, his lips vibrating against the milkiness of your skin as he kisses your face again.

‘Open the lid of your coffee cup.’ His arms release you, and you pout in displeasure.

‘Why?’ You contest.

‘Because I’ve asked you to do it.’ He urges. You shoot him a sharp look, rolling your eyes as you lean forward to pluck the cup from the table. It’s surprisingly light, almost empty, and your eyes look to Seunghyun confusingly.

‘It’s empty.’ Your words cause the dimples on his cheeks to emerge as his smile widens.

‘It’s not.,’ He informs you insistently. ‘Open it.’ Your fingers clasp the black plastic lid, popping it off with relative ease. Your eyes peer curiously inside the paper cup, and you gasp as they fall on the sparkle of white gold. You drop the cup instantly, sending the contents skidding across the room.

‘Shit!’ You let out as the clink of the ring bouncing in an unknown direction startles you. Seunghyun collapses against you, bursting into laughter, his torso folding as his hands grasp your shoulder to steady himself.

‘Y/n… Did you just lose the engagement ring I went all the way to Jongno at 8 A.M. to buy?’

‘I didn’t lose it… I dropped it.’ You correct defensively. He chuckles again, standing to make his way towards the couch. In an instant he has located the ring, his amusement still rumbling through his throat in a chortle. He approaches you again, the ring clutched firmly in his two hands. He dips to one knee, extending the ring towards you. For the first time, you see it in it’s entirety. An obscenely large square diamond haloed by smaller ones connected to a band twinkling with more embedded diamonds. Your breath snags in your throat at it’s beauty and the thought of the price tag.

‘Y/n, I love you and your absolute clumsiness. I want to keep you for the rest of our lives, so I can laugh at how ridiculous you are every day. Will you marry me?,’ His words pry a subtle smile from your lips, and he slips the ring delicately on your finger before leaning forward to kiss you. ‘I know I’m moody. I know I’m irrational. I know it is sometimes hard to put up with me. But I promise I’ll do everything I can to make you happy.’

‘You do, Seunghyun. You already do.’ You stand as Seunghyun raises from his dropped knee, his arms wrapping warmly around your entire body. Your head stretches against his tall frame, your lips meeting in the warmth of a kiss.

Fear >> Suga, You

Here is the first request I worked on. since I have no planning to study today xD Something a little cheesy and a very very small angst. I hope you will enjoy this small comeback :)

This was requested and edited by @gimmeyourhope 

He was sitting on the edge of the bed. His arm is bandaged and his face had scratches and blue bruises.

His eyes sharp on you, as he watched you roaming like a crazy person around the room, collecting your things and throwing them in a suitcase that was on the ground. Some clothes fell inside it and the others weren’t lucky enough to make it inside, so they just lay on the ground next to the suitcase.

Seeing your situation, and how you were acting, it was as if you were on a cliff and decided to let yourself fall down, breaking into small pieces.

Yoongi didn’t do anything, he just kept watching you fall.

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