just look at this glorious battle

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Swapfell main four reacting meeting the Horrortale main four?

Ohhh this one looks so interesting!

Axe (Horrortale Sans):
He instantly hates Raspberry. This version of him is just way too loud and annyoing for them to get along, so Axe just stares at him. Axe is just so happy that this version of his brother looks healthy and relatively happy. But he is two seconds away from telling Teeth it is time to leave so Saferon can get some peace.

Teeth (Horrortale Papyrus)
Really like the other version of himself. He is buzzing aroun Saferon the whole time. He is asking so many questions, and they get quite personal. I’m sure you can imagine.

Raspberry (Swapfell Sans)
Idolizes his counterpart. What kind of glorious battle must Axe have gone through to get those wounds. He wants to know everything while acting cool at the same time. This said he is completely repulsed by Teeth, but that is only so he doesn’t have to deal with the pity he feels for him.

Saferon (Swapfell Papyrus)
He is just so confused and all of Teeths questions are not helping. He looks to Raspberry for help but that tiny jerk is to busy admiring Axe to help him. Someone just help him get home.

Yu-Gi-Oh! meets quotes from The Avengers

Mokuba: Have a care how you speak! Nii-sama is beyond reason, but he is of Kaiba Corporation and he is my brother!

Anzu: He killed eighty people in two days.

Mokuba: … He’s adopted.

Jounouchi: Big man with a dice game. Take that off, what are you?

Otogi: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

Yugi: We need a plan of attack!

Atem: I have a plan: attack!

Atem: *covering his eye, looks around* How does Pegasus even see these?

Pegasus henchman: He turns.

Atem: Sounds exhausting.

Bakura: I am Thief King Bakura, of Kul-Elna and I am burdened with glorious purpose!

Insector Haga: *at the beginning of the Battle City tournament* This is just like Duelist Kingdom all over again.

Dinosaur Ryuzaki: You and I remember Duelist Kingdom very differently.

Ishizu: Seto, we need to talk.

Seto: You have reached the life model decoy of Seto Kaiba, please leave a message.

Sugoroku: Duelists? In Domino City? Give me a break!

Dartz: I have unfinished business with the nameless pharaoh.

Malik: Yeah? Get in line.

I can realistically imagine Carol coming in with her Kingdom peeps in 7x16, all glorious and shit, and some battle goes down and then Alexandria is safe for the time being and Daryl asks her if she’s staying after this and she says she’s not sure and looks really torn and Daryl says “Stay. Please stay.” and there’s lots of emotional tension and eye contact and then he just. GOES FOR IT and kisses her. I NEED THIS. Like yaaas Daryl you GIVE her a reason to stay!

hooolllllyyyyy shit these two episdoes were just ONE LONG STRING OF EVENTS ONE AFTER THE OTHER BAM BAM BAM it was so fun to watch ahahahahaha

sometimes the transitions felt pretty abrupt but otherwise it was really high energy the whole time i couldn’t stop smiling, honestly.

i didn’t expect the episodes to begin right in the middle of the alola vacation and just LITERALLY FASTFORWARD THROUGH THE FLASHBACKS TO EXPLAIN WHY THEY WERE EVEN THERE that was fuckiihnkg hilarious

team skull being introduced this early Z MOVES BEING AWESOME AS HECKIE everyone being introduced with such colorful personalities the opening and ending are cute cute cuuuute BATTLES ARE SOMEHOW EVEN MORE DYNAMIC AND FLUID HOLY SHIT??? HOLY SHIT. LOOK AT THIS ANIMATION. IT’S GLORIOUS. i love it so much ok

i love everything about this i love this show i love pokemon i can’t wait for these adventures to unfold thank you based pokeani