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Request: Smutty H comes home and you’re wearing his lilac sweater and he just keeps admiring you and telling you how beautiful you are.

H feels so early in the morning kill me. It’s not too smutty, but it’s not entirely fluff either!

“S’that mine?” He spoke, rising to stand before you. “Looks so good.” His voice is barely a whisper, long fingers running down the thick, ribbed fabric. His face is only inches away from yours, a pink tongue poking out, wetting his bottom lip before looking down at you, dimples dipping in as you nod your head. “Thought so, looked familiar,” His voice is quiet, cool breath dancing on your lips. His eyes follow his fingers, traveling down one of the ridges tucked into the fabric. “Looks so good on you,” His hands stop just under your hips, the fabric kisses the back of your knees as he grabs a handful, softly pulling you into him. “Always look so good wearing my things.” He coos, pressing forward. “Like the fact that you’ve got those cute little panties on underneath. I’d like to see more, if that’s al’right?” His hands are warm, fanning out over the exposed skin of your thighs. Your heart swells, each touch sending waves of electricity throughout your body. It’s more than alright.

When he arrived home from the studio earlier, he couldn’t help but smile. You were in the kitchen, perched on your tip toes, fingers wiggling as you fought to grab the pasta on the top shelf and that’s when he noticed. The heavy-weight purple fabric was rolled up your arms, the hem resting just above your thighs and dark red panties peaked from underneath. The same red panties he had fucked you in just that morning. He swallowed, heartbeat thumping loudly in his ears as he walked forward, long fingers wrapping around the box before pulling it down. A smile growing as you shot him a playful glare, hands reaching down to pull the sweater back down over the swell of your butt. “You look nice,” He mumbles lowly wrapping his arms around you. “Look very cozy.” He confirms pressing a kiss to your forehead.

After eating dinner, the two of you lounged comfortably on the couch. Legs crossed over one another, nimble fingers mindlessly playing with the knitted fabric as your show returned from commercial. His eyes couldn’t help but roam. Soft legs bent at the knees gave way to beautiful thighs, the lilac sweater perfectly contrasting with your skin and he just wanted to touch. He just wanted to kiss and touch each inch of exposed skin that peaked from under the knitted material. When you began to shift around talking of going to take a shower, he simply smiled. A heavy hand locking onto yours as green eyes met yours.

“You look so amazing, baby girl.” He mumbles lowly, fingers dancing slowly up your sleeve. All leading to where you are right now. Back against the wall, eyes dancing back and forth between H’s as his fingers press into the soft skin under the sweater. “Look so beautiful, so good in my clothes.” His lips being millimeters away sends shivers down your spine, his fingers are trailing the knitted ribs causing you to shiver. “Wanted to do this since I got home.” His voice is deep, each word soaked with need. He needs to touch you, he wants nothing more than to touch you, so he does. His lips set an attack on your neck, dotting the smooth skin with warm kisses. Long fingers ruck up the soft material of the sweater, feverishly grabbing your waist and pulling you closer. “Wanted to take you as soon as I saw you in this.“ He pants, pulling the material taught so he can kiss your collarbones. He looks wrecked, hands shaking as he pulls the material up, kissing the smooth untouched skin.

“Don’t want you to take it off, Okay? Want to taste you, yeah? Let me taste you, princess.” His eyes are burning into yours, smiling as you nod your head again. With that he’s diving under the purple material, kissing down your chest, wet lips pressing loving, needy kisses in a line down your torso. When he reaches the dark red line of your panties his mouth is watering, small flicks from a warm tongue dance along your hips. “So naughty, wanted to remember me fucking you, that why you’re still wearing these? Hm?” You’re whining, eyes squeezed shut with absolute need. A string of pleases and needs falling from your lips.

“Don’t worry,” His voice is muddled against your skin, “m’gonna take care of you.”

Title: Un Verso Que Hiciste De Mi

Author: messofgorgeouschaos/goldbootsandvans

Word Count: 20k+


Harry froze as he looked up to his handler’s face. He found himself staring at the most beautiful twin pools of blue he’d ever see, and had to take a second to breathe before he remembered what to say.

“Please, don’t kill my friend,” he whispered.

Louis looked over at the red headed man. “You are to go back to your manor, and tell his family he will only be brought back if my ransom is met.”

or a Scottish Borderlands AU where Louis is a laird that kidnaps his rival’s betrothed, and Harry just happens to be that betrothed.

Written based on the art by: @becomeawendybird, who also wrote a fic for this collection that you should check out as well!

Written for @1dreversebang


I’m sick of having to fight extra hard to ‘earn’ my title as a ‘goth’ because of my skin color. What’s the big problem? Why can’t I be me? Who fucking cares if I don’t have pale skin? Why does that mean that ‘I can’t pull off goth looks’? Why does that mean I can’t be goth? I’m aching to know why my skin color is so significant. Why does that mean I can’t be goth but the pale beauty next to me can? And no one wants to face it. No one wants to address it because it shouldn’t matter but it fucking does and it fucking hurts. And when we do come ‘gothed up’ you say we’re trying to be something we’re not BUT WE REALLY ARE THIS WAY. WE ARE JUST LIKE YOU. For fucks sake you’re no better than the ones who say we’re trying to be white. You’re outting us just as much as they are. You’re hurting us too. We’ll bounce back. We’ll brush it off but it DOES bother us. We DO notice these things. Goth has NOTHING to do with skin color so stop making it that way. Don’t say ‘that doesn’t happen’ because it DOES. I know. It’s happened to me and I KNOW it’s happened to other goth POC. We are equal, we are goth and we are here to stay.

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He there... I normally don`t bother ppl with asks but I really have to send this one out. I love your art and your style and I JUSt have to know if you have any headcanon about your pretty SG Racerboyfrieds?! Like anything? Thanks and have a nice day!! :D

Oh boy i sure do have some!

  • SG Bee would swear a lot. But KO around he’d try to tone it down a bit cause he knows KO isn’t the biggest fan of it
  • KO loves teaching BB like just normal things that the bots wouldn’t nor bothered to teach Bee, like maths or other sciences. Bee would try his best to get it
  • Anytime KO talks about any weapons or other inventions that could cause trouble, Bee would be so into it, like really into it.
  • SG Knock Out is shy but SG Bee’s extreme confidence and boldness,  would encourage KO to stand up little bit more for himself
  • The only time Bee would get actual good rest, is when he falls asleep in KO’s arms
  • SG Bee would dislike his face because it’s patched up with random metal and looks weird and stiff. But when KO touches his face, Bee would just melt and kisses are his biggest weakness.
  • KO loves Bee’s smile more than anything, ever so rarely when Bee smiles KO just can’t help it but absolutely love it
  • After KO joins the bots he wouldn’t wanna show them that he’s weaker or too soft, especially to Bumblebee. But Bee doesn’t see anything KO does as weak, soft maybe but still  he just likes watching KO do whatever he likes to do and ask about it.
  • To Bee, KO is the weirdest, most delicate, beautiful and nice bot he has ever met and he just feels like he has to protect him forever

I am late to the party as I just found the blog today, so here is Day 1 and Day 2 of @keithsbirthday‘s countdown prompts:

Day 1: Favourite Keith moment in the series so far? (What stands out about it to you? Why is it important?) 

This is a hard one because there are so many great Keith moments. I fell in love with Keith the moment he came onto the screen with that handkerchief around his face and kicking ass. Just look at how beautiful he is:

but I don’t think beyond my awe of him it is a significant scene though. 

I think my favourite moment was Season 3′s The Hunted when Keith drops his walls and admits he fucked up.

Even though at first glance, his confession is a moment of weakness, he owned it and I think that was a very brave thing to do.  He didn’t make excuses, he didn’t avoid blame, or take his insecurities out on anyone. He was raw and vulnerable and he let Lance help him and realized how much better the team is when they work as a team and that he can rely on them. 

I think this was an important moment for Keith, for those reasons. 

Day 2: Favourite Keith quote? (Why is it your favourite? What does it say to you about Keith

From a pure entertainment level Keith’s

kiss me every time. Such confidence and sass. He isn’t going to explain himself. He has a plan and/or the instincts to get the job done. 

I also really enjoy the scene where he says,  “So, that means we’re all related. This ship, those stars, the Olkari, even the Galra.” and Hunk says Keith is blowing his own mind. 

I can’t remember what episode it was to screen cap it. However, I loved how excited he was. I think he was started to realize he was part Galra at that point and it made him feel even more like an outsider but realizing that everything and everyone is connected and part of the same cosmic dust made him feel a part of something bigger. It is also interesting that he used the word related, which is privy to his need for family. 

Anyhoo, I love Keith!

October-November list of things

Hey everyone! Here’s a list of things that I'm probably going to try to do over the next few weeks! Also! It occurs to me that I probably need to make a master list soon!


- Service!Hybrid!SEOKJIN 

When the orderlies at the adoption facility set him aside and tell him that the person who might adopt him is a bit different he thought that maybe they just meant that you would be weird- with dyed hair and piercings. What he doesn’t expect is you- small, careful and beautiful with warm, but blank cloudy eyes staring ahead at him but not at him. He didn’t expect you to be Blind. 

“Is it ok if I touch your face to get an idea of what you look like?” 

(Begining Drafting)



When you find stray hybrid Hoseok on Christmas eve you only think about the shivering puppy hybrid and your empty couch. You don't expect him to warm up your cold apartment the way he does- you certainly don't expect him to save you in the way he does. (begining drafting)



what should have been a pg day of hanging out and watching movies on the couch with your boys Jimin and Tae turns steamy all too quickly. “Can you take both of us at once Jagia?” (already written- needs to be edited)

- COLLARING (Yoongi x reader)

You and Yoongi have touched on every one of your kinks- no one can make him come like you can and vice versa. Now all that’s left is for you to pop his collar around your neck and agree to be both his girlfriend and his submissive.(BDSM undertones, chokeing, petplay, Dom!yoongi, Sub!reader) (not yet started) 

- CATHARSIS (sequel to collaring)  (Yoongi x reader)

Yoongi recognizes the signs of an impending mental break down in you, even if you don’t know what you need to make you steady again; luckily your dom knows; and will help you out release your pent-up stress no matter how much of a brat you are. (BDSM, spanking, bondage, choking,Dom!yoongi, Sub!reader) (drafting)

Why does everyone think it’s okay and resonable when a man rejects a woman for her looks but when a woman does the same thing, she is shallow and a misandrist??

Like when a guy rejects a girl just for the way she looks- it’s fine; he’s got his preferences, she wasn’t trying enough anyway, but when a woman rejects a man for his looks- she’s shallow, she’s asking for too much, she should lower her standards.

Girls, never lower your standards. If you want a man with long beautiful hair, pretty face and body then wait for that- just like 98% of men reject any woman they’re not fully sexually attracted to because they’re so convinced they’ll find a better one.

If men won’t lower their standards, why should women?

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Can we put everything aside and remember that Jungkook literally sang "for you" to Jimin. It's always on my mind, I can't sleep because of it. He fucking did just stop beside Jimin and tilted his head to side to get a better look at Jimin's face while singing THIS IS IMPORTANT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THIS

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“Of course my Dior concealers. But also a lot of contour and illuminizers. There’s a Flash Iluminizer that’s amazing to put around your eyes and under your chin. It brings brightness to your face and I basically just slather my face in it.”

- Bella about her beauty tips for helping to not look so tired.

idk man the thing that sucks about not being really pretty is that no matter what you tell yourself and what your friends might say, you sort of always know that you’re just not. and i’m not talking about being stubborn and fishing for compliments, it’s just knowing that you’re not conventionally attractive, that people on the street won’t double-take when you pass by them, that people won’t be flustered trying to talk to you. and i know looks aren’t everything but damn it sure feels like it when you aren’t absolutely gorgeous

This is dedicated to @mormoc and @percyyoulittleshit 

Because I went through a funk and they sent me such sweet messages and they’re just amazing people in general and I want to thank them for being just the best girls and the best of friends a girl could ask for. I love them and I just want to say thank you guys!

“O King of Kings, restore the Light unto this world.”