just look at this adorable idiot

Wacky headcannon of the night

After the Batboy’s find out about Tim’s Splenectomy a video appeared on YouTube.

It was a parody of What does the fox say? Entitled what does the spleen do?

In it Dick Grayson and not-Dick Grayson were seen singing and dancing around an old fashioned operating theatre about the function of the spleen or their confusion of. It even included Damian Wayne dressed up as a spleen not dancing but bobbing with a sneer that in all honesty was just adorable.

The video hit millions and made it onto main stream TV. People started to question the indentity of the not-Dick Grayson. Some made noises about him looking an awful lot like Mr Wayne’s deceased son Jason Todd but most ignored them as fanatics.

He did however look a lot like the Red Hood character who absconded during a transfer to Arkham. The fact that the idiot leaped and danced about before licking an ECT machine (and somehow surviving (was he a metahuman?)) only to pop up slightly frazzled yelling ‘it has magic powers’ only heightened that theory.

Dick and Damian exclaimed they had been kidnapped and/or didn’t know who he was. They only used Arkham because Dr Thompkins was scary and so they daren’t use her clinic.

Arkham was under yet another investigation as to how an absconded patient and two others broke in and out of a high security facility.

Mr Bruce Wayne when questioned bizarrely just pinched the bridge of his nose and stated he wanted to go back in time again.

Tim Drake was the first to comment on the video.

‘It filters the blood …. Morons.’

Pretty much like this


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is namin a lovely raoul? raoul is my favourite character besides christine so i adore when people like the actor ^.^

honestly he’s so perfect. you can just tell he’s so totally in love with christine and he’s so loveably idiotic and cute. also during the final lair i find myself watching him more than i watch the kiss because he just looks so broken. i am very passionate about nadim as raoul.  

I've read this adorable Ereri fan fiction that made me smile like an idiot .

It’s a completed, but quick read of Eren and Levi cuteness, where they start out as rivals hating each other. It’s called Grind by TheSpazzBot on archive of our own, I highly recommend it. If you’re looking for an Ereri fanfic to make you smile and laugh out loud, you should read it.

  • me:aw look at my baby cousin! such an adorable idiot.
  • anyone else:did you just call that baby an idiot?
  • me:yes...
  • anyone else:they're literally a baby

Talked to a v pretty girl today and then proceeded to blush like an idiot when she left. I’m in love

℧n: @angstiism ▃ (for miyamoto) 

            damn… this guy had to be 
nearing 6′ feet tall, if not more. his head 
seemed to loom over the shoe shelves. 
the only reason mika was thrown off by 
the stranger’s height was because… his 
face looked awfully gentle. weren’t tall guys
supposed to be scary? this guy looked 
very timid, sweet even. mika wanted to say
something, but he just continued to stand 
there with a shoe box in his hands, 
looking like a complete idiot as he stared 
at the man and said nothing.

an attempt at poetry

During the summer of last year I watched Hannah Witton’s “drunk advice” video with the youtuber Savannah Brown. I didn’t recognise Savannah but she was funny and cute so, naturally, I looked up her channel. Here I made the discovery that I had actually seen her work before, only back when she had long her and was almost unrecognisable. 

“What Guys Look For In Girls - A Slam Poem”

The incredible response to that idiot Nash Grier video. I adored this poem and so binge watched her other pieces. It was August and she had just started a series of uploading a poem a day which was brilliant. I’ve always loved creative writing but had also always had mixed opinions on poetry as a genre. I went through my awful stage of “I hate poetry” inspired by dulling, four-walled classrooms and a stereotype of a teenager. While studying Advanced Higher English I did start to grow out of this mind set and attempted to write poems of my own, but with little success. Ideas were good but they were limited by what I knew of poetry: by the knowledge that this was to be marked, that it would be part of the grade I needed to get into University. It limited me. Discovering Savannah’s pieces made me realise that poetry can be whatever you decide it to be. Contemporary writing is experimental and exciting and I wanted to try it for myself. But, like so often happens with a desire to create, I didn’t do anything for months. Perhaps I was worried it wouldn’t be good. Perhaps I was self-conscious. Poetry can be personal and I am not good at opening up to anyone: let alone a YouTube audience.

Until one night in November I decided that I was. I had gone through some things in my personal life and I’d had a good night but now it was after midnight and I was overthinking and a little sad and probably still a little drunk and so I turned on the camera. And filmed “i wish i was (a flaw examination)”. This was a response to one of Savannah’s poems by the same title. I had been intrigued by the structure and idea of the piece for a while: writing my own version in my head countless times but never meeting it to paper with pen. So it was somewhat pre-written and somewhat made up as I spoke. I spoke for eight minutes, slept and then uploaded it the next day with little thinking through. Until it was up, and then I was nervous. I shared it on Facebook after some questioning. This was the most raw version of me that I had shared with many people, which is a scary and yet comforting thing to do. Since moving to London I had barely uploaded to YouTube and so this was my first time sharing work on Facebook to a larger audience filled with fellow creators. And the response was little short of overwhelming. With 17 likes on Facebook and comments like “this is incredible, love it”, over 300 views on YouTube, friends telling me how much they related and Savannah herself commenting,

“this is loooooovely kirsty. so relate to the care/not care thing. i either care too much or not at all. keep writing babe you’re a gem x“

It was one of the most rewarding things I had shared online and I was excited to experiment with this style of writing more. Since then I have shared three more pieces on YouTube and written a few more offline. I love it, and it has re-ignited my love for creative writing. I cannot wait to experiment more with poetry and spoken word, as well as writing stories in the form of scripts. 

So thanks to Savannah Brown for inspiring my love of writing poetry and thanks to all the lovely people who have affirmed my ability. Here’s to more attempts of poetry,

Thanks for reading,

Kirsty Diana Smith x

(my poetry: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfnxC6N627Nv2f0fq1IbycWBo1TXT6oTk)

1.Anonymous said:
I adore Jessica Chasten but she is older than Tom he should look for someone his own age if not younger.- Oh PLZ… Dont tell me the idiots belieed another crap article XD XD XD XD XD XD No, no, JUST NO. Please…

2.Anonymous said:
I didn’t even know that they dated!!

3.Anonymous said:
A totally believe the idea that Tom has a soft spot for Jessica but I’m not anticipating anything to happen between them because Jessica seems pretty happy with her boyfriend. 


I love Jessica! She is so pretty and I love her personality. I hate to say this because I love tom but I thought her performance was better than Tom and Mia  in Crimson Peak, Lucile was the glue that held the story together for me.  She was also really good in Lawless with Tom Hardy. 

As for her boyfriend, he is not Tom, but he is good-looking. 

They were recently seen together at a hockey game in NYC and K. From Just Jarred: 

Jessica Chastain and her boyfriend Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo share their excitement at the New York Rangers hockey game on Saturday (January 9) at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The Golden Globe-winning actress has attended the show for the last four years, but this year she decided to stay at home in the Big Apple even though her movie The Martian was nominated.

“Cant wait to check out the show. Tonight I’ll be rooting for my film from NY. Go @martianmovie,” Jessica wrote on Instagram.

The Martian ended up winning Best Picture – Musical or Comedy and her co-star Matt Damon won for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Chastain at the hockey game with her boyfriend…

hi there hello it’s me your friendly sorority girl 

seriously, i am in a sorority. therefore i can debunk all the myths that everyone believes about sororities, greek life, and what goes down. here we go.

1. sororities do not throw parties in our houses. nationals will not allow it, plus we like to keep our home nice for those who live there and members who spend time there.

2. fraternities are not allowed to throw parties during the first 2 weeks of classes at most schools. all those first night of school movie scenes probably lied to you. sorry. unless it’s an off campus party. the school can’t really do anything about that.

3. rush is not as catty as it seems. we HATE that we can’t take every girl. but we just can’t.

4. fraternities actually do get away with a lot of stuff they shouldn’t. 

5. we are not raging idiots who came to college to like, totally look adorable all the time in our letters. we have gpa requirements in order to sustain membership.

6. if you get drunk and embarrass yourself at a party, it’s not taken lightly. you will get in trouble and if you get in trouble too many times for behavior, you’re out.

7. if your grades are bad, you get put on probation until you raise your grades. we take gpa very seriously.

8. you know how in the movies the really mean girl is president? yeah that doesn’t happen in real life. who do you think chooses the president? the members. why would girls vote on secret ballots for a girl they’re scared of? she’s not gonna know who did/didn’t vote for her.

9. in fact, everyone who holds an office is typically very loved by her chapter since they’re voted on. unless it’s an applied position i guess, but even then, at least in my sorority, people don’t just outright hate each other. 

10. in that abc family show greek, the main character (who is a junior) chooses a freshman girl she hates to be her little sister (which we just call a little) for some reason i can’t remember? that also wouldn’t happen. if you’re a junior who is in her third year of membership like this girl was (some girls rush as sophomores so their junior year is technically their second) you already have a little. you get a little during your second year (and my little is FAB by the way).

11. the sorority president does not get some fabulous outlandish bedroom in the house with a private bathroom and a giant closet. she might get a private bedroom, i don’t really know, but it’s not gonna be too much nicer than the rest of the rooms. actually, even if she did get a private room, she wouldn’t want it. it’s fun to live in the house and share a room with the other girls. 

12. the nicest part of the house doesn’t go to the president. no, it goes to the house mom. because the house mom is the most loved woman in the entire house. 

13. not every chapter has a house. and that’s fine. 

14. just because a girl is a legacy does not mean she will get in. it’s very likely if she has the right qualifications, but if she has a bad reputation/bad grades, she will not be asked to join. in fact this year we cut a super legacy because she had a horrible reputation and was mean to all around her.

15. we’re not all party girls, but some of us are. and? who are you to judge girls for going out and having fun? i don’t understand why being in a sorority makes a difference, because odds are a party girl will party whether she bears letters or not.

16. we actually do really love each other. it’s cheesy, but we are sisters. even if there’s particular people i’m not close to, i know i can still ask for help from them. you will always have a familiar face in a big lecture class, you will always have a shoulder to cry on, you will always have a group of women who support you in the smallest of ways. 

if there’s a question or comment about greek life be sure to ask me, i’ll confirm or correct anything you’ve ever wanted to know about what it’s like being part of it. i go to a university where greek life is very big, so i feel like i have a good idea of what it’s like. keep in mind it really does vary from school to school, but the portrayal of greek life in movies/tv shows could not be further from the truth.


Yooooooo we made it into AHWU! I’m the left girl in the Colorado bit in the beginning, I set up that screening (thank you so much Tugg!) and I was so, soooo happy to see everyone there! You guys are amazing ILY~ 

Any Colorado Rooster Teeth fans with a Twitter should go follow @RoosterTeethCO if you want to meet local fans or attend potential meetups and stuff… just saying. 

also fucking religious figures has been around a long ass time and in a lot of different religions

if you’re going to hate on godspouses you better fly your ass to siena, march into that cathedral, stare down the head of saint catherine, and tell her she was never fucking jesus she’s just crazy and all the people who adored her are fucking idiots

whats that???? it would be disrespectful and catherine was still an honored person who’s beliefs are respected by a lot of people in the community??? well now don’t you look like a fucking tool.

*bangs head on keyboard and sighs deeply* 

I know I saw him yesterday morning but I miss that dork a lot okay? 
Miss that cute idiot a lot. Big smile and all. 
*calls boyfriend telepathically* Darling move your adorable ass over here. I need a hug from behind while I’m working on bachelor thesis.  

You know I just look at him sometimes and find myself grinning broadly and stroking his hair. Just that warm feeling when you realise: yep…that mine. 
And he realises what I’m doing and almost blushes from me starting to kiss him all over. 

*misses boyfriend even more* dang it

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"I loved you, and just because we broke up doesn't mean I can turn it off."

Emmeline had been going through some paperwork she’d brought home from Auror training when she heard a commotion outside her bedroom door. Shrugging, she continued shuffling through the papers before her bedroom door was slammed open. Turning slowly, Emmeline was a bit surprised to see Emma standing in her doorway being followed by the family house elf.

“It’s fine you bloody idiot. She can stay.” Emmeline said as the house elf gave Emma an indignant look before softly closing the door behind her. Emmeline was going to speak again when Emma cut her off.

“I loved you, and just because we broke up doesn’t mean I can turn it off.” She said as she marched up to Emmeline. Raising an eyebrow, Emmeline smiled a bit before looking down a bit at Emma. She was incredibly adorable when she was angry.

“Who says I stopped loving you?” Emmeline asked softly reaching out to gently touch Emma’s face, bringing her a bit closer. “Because honestly, I still love you too.” She said softly before closing the small distance between their mouths and kissing her softly.

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Answer with 5 things that makes you happy then send this to the top 10 people in your activity log!

1. bangtan being idiots always makes me smile so much

2. laughing so hard with my friends that my stomach hurts

3. traveling!!! i love it so so much it’s my favourite thing ever

4. quiet mornings in the bus / train and just listening to music and looking out the window

5. when taehyung laughs and he has that cute box smile and his laugh is so adorable and makes my heart explode

To be honest, I really want to end my fk life now. I’ve been breathing, alive in this world painfully, got hurted, to be cheated on by those ppl whom I thought they would love and adore me the most. Mistakes by mistakes I made my self look like an idiot, dumbass bitch. Why I have to live that far away from my shelter, my home which has my mother to fucking stay here myself, letting peole treated me like shttt. My fiance or my so called husband cheated on me, he slept with a hooker when we were planning our engagement, just like my ex gf fucking dating right after we broke up. They all sounded like they had loved me most but behind my back, their love for me gone. Their are just.dick and vagina.
I’m sick and tired of holding everything inside and pretend that Im a fucking happy dumb clown. It makes my stomachache becomes worse. I got into hospital twice just after my ex gf left me and now Im about to.come back.
Those sleeping pills can’t help anymore
IT HURTS FUCKING MUCH AND I WANNA KILL MYSELF NOW. Everything starts with a few lil cuts, but sooner or later, all the cuts will get deeper til my soul and my mind can be free from this stinky world
Please help me, I cant stand this anymore, help me, talk to me if you could read this but I know it wont happen.

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[Question] This New Yorker just bought an Aeropress - help me pick my first bag of coffee

I live in New York and adore coffee. I’ve been all over the city – Stumptown, Joe Pro, Grumpy, Toby’s Estate, etc. – and I love trying new coffees.

But I’ve always been too lazy to make my own non-K-cup coffee at home. I just made the plunge for an Aeropress (no pun intended) and I’m curious if other New Yorkers have a recommendation on a good locally roasted first coffee to buy for it.

I like pretty much everything, and I’m looking for something somewhat idiot proof: It’s my first time Aeropressing at home, so a more forgiving bean would be helpful. Also, something that’s particularly good in an Aeropress would be swell. I’ll be grinding my own beans, so that’s not an issue.

Thanks! I’m happy to finally fall down the black hole.

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Time for Starbucks
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