just look at them how happy they were

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Taffy don't listen to any of the voices remember that your going to be a parent soon think of how happy you'll be holding your little baby bones just try to calm down your going to be fine

Taffy tries to focus on the babies instead. He thinks about how much he loves them, even if they were a surprise. He thinks about how they might look like and what kind of magic they’ll be able to use, if possible.

The double conscious is equally as vicious, trying to make him feel worse. It…it’s hard. Taffy hasn’t been able to win a battle against his own mind. These voices are too loud, too firm. They never keep quiet.


“You the god-mother are you sure?
“Yes, do you disapprove?
“No. Quite the opposite, it makes me happier than any man, any king has a right to be..”

Larry Stylinson Fic Rec

210 Days by cherrystreet | E | Army!Harry

Harry is in the army and Louis is back in New York. Together, they get through Harry’s six month leave by sending a series of letters back and forth. They’ve done it before, and they can do it again.

A Truth So Loud You Can’t Ignore by bluegreenlarry | NR | Hogwarts AU

Harry is a troublemaker and Louis is a prefect. They might secretly like each other. 

All About Us *** by LHStylinson | GA | 

When Harry and Louis’ teenage daughter bring a boy home for the first time to meet them Louis tries to act as the protective father and Harry just wants everyone to be happy. Throughout the night and protests from their daughter, Louis and Harry reminisce about how they met and overtime share their story with the boy that seems to look at their daughter the same way Louis once and still looks at Harry.

And Then a Bit *** by infinitelymint | E | 

Take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts.

Being Alpha by ItsLivvvy | M | A/B/O AU

In other words, the doctors told us the same thing, even now, the media told us the same thing and society did as well. If you’re an Alpha, you’re a monster. If you’re an Alpha, you’d better pray for an Omega brave enough to take you on. This theory was adopted by my parents. I was alpha, they locked me up. I stayed that way, lonely and locked in the house, until Louis came along. 

deep in my heart i know there’s only you by ballsdeepinjesus | E | 

harry and louis are best friends who engage in some platonic baby-making. very platonic.

Elysian by wonderlou | M | Beauty and the Beast AU

Harry is running out of time to fall in love, but with Louis, it seems as if there’s all the time in the world. 

Escapade *** by dolce_piccante | E | You need to have an AO3 account to read this. | Escort!Harry

In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

Frozen *** by jacinth | M | A/B/O AU

Despite being forced into an arranged Mating, Omega Louis sees the opportunity for happiness when he first looks into the eyes of his intended. However, the naive Omega quickly learns not to judge a book by its handsome cover when his Alpha, Harry, turns cold-hearted, indifferent, and sometimes utterly cruel, leaving Louis to wonder what he’s done wrong.When an accident occurs six months into the miserable Mating, Louis is forced to care for a man who so clearly despises him. 

give you my fever by beautlouis | E | 

x-factor era. harry’s never had an orgasm before, louis gives him his first.

gonna take you everywhere (and never ask who you are) by louchanan | M | Superpowers AU

Louis Tomlinson is the merc with a mouth and Harry Styles is the famous web slinger. 

Hiding Place *** by alivingfire | E | Soulmate AU

The canon compliant Harry and Louis love story from the very beginning, where the only difference is that the love between them is literally written on their skin, and there’s only so much they can hide. 

I’m In Trouble Deep by Allthelivelonglarry, helenahjay, sammie4jones, Scrufflecake | M | M-Preg | College/University AU

Louis has been nothing but clear with Harry from day one. “Don’t fall for me,” he said, eyes bright and dancing, fingers in Harry’s belt loops tugging him forward even as his words pushed him away. “I’m not your happily ever after.” 

Inconceivable by alivingfire | E | High School AU

Louis and Barbara Tomlinson are twin brother and sister. Harry’s in love with Louis, Niall’s in love with Barbara, and they both go by Tommo. It gets a little confusing.

Is This Seat Taken? *** by Lainy122 | E | Non Famous Louis

Louis makes a bet with Zayn that he can sneak into a music awards event without getting caught, and when he ends up posing as a seat-filling member of staff he runs into superstar Harry Styles and sparks fly. Que the music.

It’s In The Love *** by SS98 | TauA | High School AU

AU in which Harry is sorta punk and never stops staring at Louis.

Just Another Ordinary Day *** by jacinth | TauA | A/B/O AU

Omega Louis finds out his best friend (who he may or may not be in love with) Harry, an Alpha, might have found someone he wants to mate with. Jealous and tired of dealing with it all, he confronts Harry and demands to know who it is. The Alpha refuses to give a name but proceeds to describe the object of his affection.Despite not wanting to hear about how much Harry wants this supposedly “perfect, witty, gorgeous, stubborn, most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, with a body that drives me mad” boy, Louis listens like the good friend he is. 

Kiss Me With Adventure (’Til I Forget My Name) by Summer_roses | E | YouTuber AU

Harry is the big new thing in the music industry and in a mad search to find a makeup artist before his first ever world tour kicks off. Louis is an internet famous beauty guru/YouTuber who drinks too much tea and a habit of cursing excessively. When a fan tweets Harry the link to Louis’ YouTuber channel it starts something neither of them could have ever imagined.

London is a well worth mass by dolphinaaa | E | Underage | A/B/O AU

Louis is an Omega prince of France. When he is 13, he is betrothed to Harry of England for politics. The wedding will seal the alliance between the two countries. This is their story. 

Loving You Is Free *** by littlelouishiccups | E | BDSM/Sugar Daddy AU

Louis is a workaholic record label CEO who hasn’t been on a date in nearly a year. Niall and Liam make an account for him on a sugar dating website as a joke. And then Louis meets Harry.

MARRIED FOR A WEEK?! *** by gravitycentered | M | YouTuber AU

Hi guys :) You might recognize Harry from one or two of my old videos .. I was tagged in the Married for a week challenge so I asked him to be my husband ! We had to live together for a week and take each other out on a couple romantic dates and that, check out the video to see how it went :) Give it a like if you enjoyed and maybe subscribe if you haven’t already. Love you all- Louis x

never gonna dance again by togetherwecouldbealright | M | Spy Louis/Dancer Harry

Louis is a spy and Harry is a dancer. The only real thing they know is each other.

rapture in the dark by stylinsonsupporter | TauA | Model Louis AU

Harry does the Winter Girlfriend routine with Louis instead.

Run and I’ll Give Chase *** by Madalynn_Bohemia | E | Vampire AU

Harry is a fledgling vampire without a maker. Louis is graciously offering to fill that role.

Run with Foxes, Hunt with Wolves *** by 69louis | NR | A/B/O AU

Louis and his pack of mostly females are left shaken after they lose their alpha, and soon after males from far and wide travel to their territory to compete for the right to take his place. Louis is thrown into turmoil, fearful of losing another one of his pack mates, and untrusting of the lone males who seem to be growing in numbers everyday, but when a strong stranger steps forward to not only fight to be alpha, but to fight for Louis can he keep his head above water long enough to reach the next full moon?

Sail away with me *** by Star_Henderson | E | 

Louis and Harry are part of the entertainment team on board a luxury cruise liner. They hate sharing their four berth cabin with two other guys and would do anything to get a cabin of their own. One drunken night the solution was simple. They’d just get married…

say i hate you but i always stay by clicheanna | M | 

The one where Harry hates Louis, he’s almost sure Louis hates him, and they live together. Driving him to football practice everyday is not apart of Harry’s plans, but Louis is pretty adamant if it means annoying Harry.

Sorry, You’re Not My Type *** by IlluminateTheSparks | E | High School AU

Louis has been in love with the same guy ever since he started high school. Too bad the man he’s in love with hasn’t even acknowledged his existence yet. But this year, that’s going to change. He’s gonna try his hardest to get Harry’s attention because Louis’ in love right? Most definitely. Let the games begin. And may the odds be ever in their favor.

Supposed To Be by kikikryslee | M | Geek Charming AU

Geek Charming AU where Harry’s a film geek, Louis’ a popular jock, and they both need each other to get what they want.

Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic *** by larrycaring | NR | Hogwarts AU

Even in a magical world, Louis and Harry’s love is the most magical and beautiful thing in the world, Zayn is the smart Ravenclaw who falls for his best friend, Liam’s true feelings are revealed and Niall is Niall. 

The Lion Man by iwillpaintasongforlou | E | Vampire AU

Louis is a vampire who loves tattoos and piercings as much as he loves a good feed. Harry is a biology student who gets dragged to a vampire bar (really, of all places) by his friends and happens to have blood that tastes like maraschino cherries. They’re both a bit addicted and they’re neither a bit ashamed.

The Mutant Sanctuary *** by mystic_believexx | M | Superpowers AU

Harry had never known of a life outside the Institute- the place all mutants were created. At eighteen years old, he is being sold at the Market and when Louis Tomlinson, owner of The Sanctuary, comes across him, he has to have him.

The Prince’s Bridegroom *** by photo41 | TauA | AO3 account required to read. | The Princess Bride AU.

When Louis leaves to seek his fortune, he leaves his true love Harry behind, only to be lost at sea. Heartbroken, Harry agrees to wed another, only to be captured by a giant, a vengeful swordsman, a genius and then a pirate. If that isn’t enough, he encounters eels, a fireswamp, and rodents of unusual size. In the end though what matters is that death cannot stop true love, all it can do is delay it a little. 

The Red Viper *** by DEAdea | E | Dom/Sub AU

A short BDSM AU where Louis is a very stubborn Submissive, the most stubborn Submissive of this century if you want, and Harry will help him be still.

The Wolves Den *** by paladincoolcats | M | Abandoned, Open Ending-ish

There’s no way to tell that Louis is an Omega unless you were his mother, father, or an Alpha. Harry notices Louis before he’s even met him, smells him in the hallway, in the classrooms, on the seats. Harry doesn’t know what the smell is. He just knows that it’s delicious and makes him weak in the knees. He needs to find the source of the smell before he goes crazy, but the way he finds the tiny Omega may make Harry crazy with anger. A/B/O AU.

This Chancey Rendezvous by lululawrence | NR | 

Upon quick inspection, Harry learned all of the texts in addition to the missed call were from his mum. Fantastic. Harry was getting more interested in this child loving charity footie coach with tattoos and a nice bum as the texts went on. Finally he scrolled down and saw her most recent text. I gave him your number. xx  Well. Alright.

This Wicked Game *** by cherrystreet | E | 

An AU in which The Bachelor is gay, Louis is a contestant, Harry is the bachelor, everyone drinks a lot of champagne, the entire world gets to watch them fall in love, and no one plays by the rules.

we’re still going, eight in the morning by nooelgallagher, yoursongonmyheart | E | 

The one where Harry owns a bakery, Louis is a radio DJ, and Niall and Liam roll their eyes at their incessant flirting.

Will You Be My Daddy? *** by fetchlylarrystylinson | E | Sugar Daddy AU

Louis 28. Harry 18. Harry is a sugar baby who wants a powerful new Daddy.

Won’t See It Coming Til It’s Already Gone *** by whoknows | E | 

“Tell me that this is a fake,” Peter says, slapping a handful of papers against Louis’ chest. He says something else, something loud and demanding, barely even pausing for a breath, but Louis doesn’t hear it. All he hears is the sound of his own breathing, the sound of his own heartbeat. Because this - this looks like a marriage certificate. For a minute, everything stills, quiets. Louis drags his eyes up, meets Harry’s gaze, fixed on him. Then the noise is back, shouting voices clamoring to be heard over each other, and Harry is still staring at him. The ring that Louis hadn’t been able to stop noticing in the loo weighs heavily on his hand. His left hand.

You Will Be Mine *** by Tator | TauA | Mostly Ziall with a side of Larry, but still good. | High School AU

Zayn had most everyone groveling at feet where they belong. No one dared challenge the alpha’s authority because most of them feared him. That is until a new omega from Ireland joins his school. The omega decided he wasn’t going to respect Zayn. Zayn decided that the little omega was going to be his, one way or another.

You You You *** by isthatyoularry | M | Non-Famous Louis

The one where Harry and Louis meet at a club and Louis takes Harry home, only for him to realize that the boy who just made him breakfast half naked is Harry Styles from One Direction.

Amazing Sin *** by thecheshirepussycat | E | 

The story of Louis ‘Steal Your Man’ Tomlinson.

Desperate *** by  crazyupsetter | NR | High School AU

Harry is d e s p r e a t l e y trying to get Louis to go out with him. Cue lots of failed attempts of him asking Louis out until somehow he gets him to say yes.

It makes me so happy when you remember the little things that I told you on our first date. Even the things that I wouldn’t ever remember saying, you somehow manage to recover them from your memory.
That’s how I know that you were in love. When you’re in love, you remember the little things- you remember their favorite color, the way their hair looked, the way their eyes lit up when they talked about their fears and motivations. Although it’s just a distant memory, and I barely remember most of the things we even talked about, I still vividly remember the way you looked into my eyes when I walked up to you. So captivated. So intrigued. So in love. Those deep brown eyes pulled me in oh so fast, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fall back out… and I’m okay with that.
—  i’m in love with the little things //

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk

“Crowley!” You practically jump into the summoning circle, your hands closing behind his neck as you hug him and pull him down to you.  

Not sure who looked more surprised Sam and Dean or Crowley. Both of them scoff behind you, clearly annoyed at the situation while Crowley keeps looking confused, like you just tried to stab him.  

Honestly, you were just happy to see him and glad that he even came. He did not have to show up and you wouldn’t have blamed him. Sam and Dean weren’t really the grateful types. While you agreed that Crowley, no matter how cooperative he seemed, was always dangerous and not to take lightly he also wasn’t as bad as they made him out to be. He had helped you all quite a lot in the past, without getting a thank you.  

“Hey kitty.” Crowley says, his hand closing behind your back to return the hug.

He gives you a genuine smile before grinning at the two behind you.  

“We need your help.” Dean interrupts, already getting his knife ready.  

“Put that away.” You turn around and snap at him, “That is not how you ask someone for help and god knows we need it.”  

You all were at your wits end, Crowley being your last hope at solving this case. If he didn’t agree to help you, you were fucked and you wouldn’t let them ruin it just because they couldn’t accept asking a demon for assistance.

“I’ll talk to him.”  

“I’d very much appreciate that.” He smirks, putting his hand on your lower back to push you a bit in the direction he wants you, “Lets talk somewhere more private.”

Lately, I have been looking at my old gifs and seeing where I started

They were pretty fast, small, and I watermarked them (I was markisepticeye at the time, hence the mise) I see how far I have come

They are bigger

and just better. They are by no means the best, they are not the smoothest, of course there are people who gif better than me but I am ok with that. I am just happy with how far I have come. :)

I already know that we are going to pretend that the other has never existed. I know it from the way you start replacing your promises to return with drunk kisses on my cheek. Bad choices we don’t mean are easier to forget than words. I know it from how the pain dulls. An old echo dying, killing itself over and over again every time you say my name like there is still love attached to it. I can already tell we won’t hate each other– we’ll just forget. You will look back and find that the last time we were happy, my hair was still black and everything afterwards will just blur in the peroxide. I will think of you and wonder if your birthday falls on the 4th or 14th and why that still matters; it will feel like nothing when I realize it doesn’t. Some people talk about how it hurts to remember. I wish I could tell them it feels like nothing when you forget.
—  I don’t know if forgetting is a good thing

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Hello! May I request a scenario where RFA + V and Saeran find out that MC's parents have strict rules about dating and that they aren't sure about MC in a relationship with them? Have a nice day/night~

I like this one! I didn’t put Saeran in here because I lacked inspiration. But I might add him on later.


  • you met Yoosung’s parents and won their hearts
    • they even invited you to go on vacation with them!
  • Yoosung is so happy your parents approve of you and how much you love them
  • “When do I get to meet your parents, MC?”
  • you just get kind of stiff and you start sweating
  • (O_O;)
  • your parents were always so strict with dating
    • it’s probably the reason why you never even had a boyfriend/girlfriend before
    • if you showed even the slightest interest in someone, they would look them up and down
    • and of course the answer was no
  • but you think maybe things can be different?
  • you set up a meeting with your parents
  • and already they’re peeved you’re already dating someone
  • sweet precious Yoosung wears his nicest casual clothes to impress your parents
  • you think the meeting is going pretty well
    • both of your parents were engaging with Yoosung
  • but when Yoosung leaves to use the restroom
  • your parents don’t give their approval
    • they don’t think he’s manly enough for you
  • Yoosung thinks the dinner went well but you tell him otherwise
    • he’s extremely disappointed
    • omg you cannot let your precious nugget be sad
  • when Yoosung gets his phD so early
  • it starts to turn your parents’ around


  • after hearing Jaehee’s story
  • you wanted her to meet your parents
  • so she can count on two more people as her family
  • when you tell your parents about Jaehee
  • they are a little unsure
    • your father doesn’t like that she’s older than you
    • your mother thinks she lacks a personality
    • both seem to think she missed her opportunity working for Jumin
  • >->
  • and you just have to sit there listening to this nonsense
    • baehee is beautiful and SHE LOVES YOU
    • lacks personality HA
    • they haven’t even met her and they’re judging her so hard
  • when Jaehee asks what’s wrong, you tell her about your parents
  • she doesn’t frown or get angry
  • she just sits there, looking down at the table
    • because it’s just more people she felt like she let down
    • she begins to think she IS a burden to you
  • “Jaehee, I don’t care what my parents think. I love you.”
  • she’s honored how much you care for her
    • but she knows your parents are important to you too
    • and she can’t let you let go of your parents just for her
  • so she tries hard to make the cafe work
  • as you tell your parents constantly about how hard Jaehee works, not just for her but for you as well
  • your parents decide to visit to meet her in person
  • they’re still unsure, but they’ve lightened up to her at least


  • you were on cloud nine when Zen said he loved you for the first time
  • and every single time after that
  • (*ノ▽ノ)
  • you could just shout it to the heavens
  • when you heard your parents were coming to visit you
  • your parents had really strict rules about dating when you were younger
    • but you figured they had let that go
  • but when they finally met Zen
  • they were very unsure
    • sure he’s a complete gentleman
    • but they can’t stand his narcissism
    • and they’re actually not into Zen’s acting career
    • they think he’s using you
  • they legit don’t want you dating him
    • you’re a full grown adult and yet they whip out this bullshit
    • nah
  • it hurts you seeing your parents’ words affect Zen so much
  • when you get home, he thinks that you were just going to pack up and leave him
  • nah you’re crazy Zen!
  • your love is too important than to listen what your parents have to say about him
  • eventually, he manages to win your mother over in his new series
    • your father was tired hearing your mother gush about him
    • but eventually he started watching it too
  • needless to say, they were sold


  • when your parents heard that you were dating a multi-millionaire CEO
  • they give you the stern parent stare
    • like the one where they’re very unsure
    • you know the one
  • your father does NOT like how much older he is than you
    • come on dad
  • but what bothers them the most is that after almost a WEEK after meeting, you LIVE WITH HIM
  • and he’s just fueling your cat obsession
  • you first introduce your donut to your parents and he’s very polite
  • in their EYES you can see that they’re listing reasons why you shouldn’t be dating him
    • (;¬_¬)
  • and Jumin can see it too
  • when you two get home he faces the dilemma of letting you go with your parents
    • because family is important and he’s not going to let you abandon them just for him
    • but he doesn’t want to let you go
    • he’s already shown interest in marriage
  • you assure him that they’ll turn around at some point
  • it takes a while but they start to see how you two are really meant for each other
    • maybe no cats at the wedding?


  • seriously…this guy?
  • your parents were pretty adamant on you not dating him
    • he’s loud, obnoxious, and childish
    • plus he’s a hacker? what would he be bringing to the table?
  • “secret agent, yeah right”
    • ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )
  • you decided to leave out the details of the special security system or the grand search for the unknown hacker
    • “no Seven it would NOT tip the scales in your favor!”
  • Seven even has intentions of marrying you
  • but your parents make it pretty clear they don’t want him in your life
  • this upsets you and Seven
    • after all, you two been through it would just end for some stupid rules your parents had
  • he’s made it a mission to impress your parents
    • because hot damn he wants to marry you
    • plus the father of the bride pays
      • (to the space station!)
  • and he goes all out to win their hearts
  • dresses nicely, keeps the place clean, even does his hair
    • keeps the glasses
    • he’s still got to stay true to himself, right?
  • he wants to see more of your parents
  • with more frequent visits, they pat him on the back for his tenacity
  • this eventually leads to your DAD inviting him on trips
  • you find yourself at the alter and you can’t believe that he was able to turn a no into a yes so fast


  • you remembered how barren your love life was in high school because of your parents’ stupid rules
  • now that you were in adult, you thought it would be different
  • apparently not
  • V was reluctant to actually meet your parents
    • very conscious of how they will think of him
    • is he worthy enough to be with you?
  • his worst fears come to life when you first introduced him to your parents
  • your parents express their doubts to you
    • “oh he’s blind? how is he going to take care of you :/”
    • and he’s older than you  ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)
  • self-conscious V becomes a sad V
  • you constantly reassure him that you love him and that’s what matters
    • your family is the RFA
  • then he does something odd
  • he uses a photo of you in his gallery
  • when your parents see it, there’s just something about it
    • there was a beauty to it, beyond what they knew
    • but it was like looking at you from a different lens angle
    • a part they FELT like they’ve never seen
    • how could V capture that?
  • that photo just changed them
  • and knowing that V took it 
    • A+
  • sad V becomes happy V

In an attempt to focus on the positive, here are some happy thoughts/things I loved about the episode..

  1. Killian’s worried faces. Allll the worried faces!
  2. Swan Believer interaction!!
  3. Badass Captain Charming Swan strutting down the street
  4. “Everything I could ever want is right here.” AU EMMA GREW UP KNOWING HOW LOVED SHE IS I’M FINEEEEE
  5. Princess Emma’s hair and outfits!!!
  6. Aladdin’s “Ew.” Same.
  7. ‘On this spot Snow White and Prince David heroically defeated the Evil Queen’ lmao
  8. Actual Disney Princess Emma Swan walking through the woods with her lil basket of flowers, humming ‘Some Day My Prince Will Come’. 
  9. Aged Snowing being badass/aged Charming still being fine as hell
  10. Captain Charming bro team up YAS!
  11. Bobby as Rumple was flawless, oh my god it’s amazing how well he slipped back into S1 Rumple
  12. In fact, just the entire Golden Queen scene, that’s the dynamic between them I love!
  13. All of the pilot callbacks were A+++
  14. When Regina threw the palace doors open.. CHILLS
  15. The Charmings being together, happy and regal looking in their palace
  16. Regina and Emma being proud mama bears during Henry’s knighting
  17. Princess Emma’s hair and outfits!!!
  18. JMo’s acting was on point, as usual
  19. “David! Let him go!” Captain Charming bromance was strong tonight
  20. The EQ being turned into a literal snake lmao
  22. Jaladdin were adorable


When Connor comes into the apartment with apple cider, Connor said that they were celebrating his sobriety. But they both knew they were really celebrating their one month of being in a relationship. Acknowledging how much it means to both of them. And it makes Oliver feel so special and he’s so happy. Cause Connor remembered, and cause it was Connor’s idea to celebrate it. 

And when I look at where they are now. It’s just. 

So this isn’t a fuck anyone, just made me feel a little happy inside. So I’m a retail worker and work in a small store (think of a store known for how Gothic it was) and constantly through out the day I’m having to refold shirts over and over because people just stuff them back where they were.

In comes this one grandma and her grandkids and they go over to the Anime wall. While I’m telling the grandma about our sales for the day the kids are looking at shirts. Immediately I see the granddaughter start to stuff it back in and am already prepared to have to refold it while helping the grandma. Imagine my surprise when the grandma starts yelling at the granddaughter, saying “No no, you fold that shirt neatly. This nice lady here ain’t being paid to clean up after your damn mess” and made her apologize to me.

Seriously parents or people who shop with children, don’t just let your children just throw the shirts back without at leat attempting to fold it correctly. It makes the workers have to stay so much longer that way the store doesn’t look like shit

Okay but can you imagine what it would’ve been like if Jackie hadn’t come to the concert with them…..

they would’ve been singing along to all the songs like they were, and having a good time being the nerds they are, all happy and shit, and then they wouldve like. sat down and looked around and noticed that literally everyone around them are kissing someone

imagine how awkward they would’ve felt

like……listen i know im being total starco garbage right now but can you just. imagine the starco things that would’ve happened….

Normal people and me...

Originally posted by seef3

Normal people: He killed his own mother and has no remorse!

Me: She was a bitch anyway and besides, look how happy he is now! :3

Originally posted by smooshywrites

Normal people: He just kidnapped, innocent hard working people, threw them off a building and laughed about it!

Me: Well, TECHNICALLY Aaron pushed them off and how do you know they were innocent hard working people? A lot of people in Gotham are bad people you know.

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everyone mentions how soft jimin is after the ‘chu’ sound (which is not even debatable like come on).
but i think most importantly, look at how jungkook automatically smiles at the camera! he doesn’t even seem shocked at it, for which there are two explanations: either he knew it was there or …. (i’ll say in a moment). it is very unlikely he was aware of the camera given how jimin seemed to ‘hide’ it since he’s shooting his face like that and when he showed jungkook he looked up before smiling.
therefore another plausible explanation is that videos like this were something private and personal to them both. it seems like taking videos of each other is just a natural custom almost for them. i feel like it’s a video intended to be secret but park jimin wants to tease us or let us have a glimpse into his happiness that is jungkook. im quite sure if the 'chu’ sound were real, then jungkook would just think this is a private video since i doubt he thinks jimin would post something like that. something so raw and pure and indicative of their love.

One day all your old best friends are going to stop talking to you. And that girl that you had your first crush on will move away. And your childhood pet will finally sink into their last dream. It makes you think.

It makes you think about how shitty it all really is. Yeah, things are kind of looking up, but you can’t have the careless wonder you did in your childhood. There are no more knights to defend your castle (they couldn’t stand being around you anymore). And you’ll feel hollow and lonely and just foolish. Everybody goes through this, right? You should be happy. Things could be worse. And you finally found somebody that you can be happy with but all you can do is think about how you’re just awful to them and why they haven’t left you yet.

And I guess you could say that you started thinking like that the first time you were picked last for the kickball game, or how you didn’t get invited to that slumber party, or maybe it was the way that somebody you used to be close to would stop talking to you altogether. That maybe you weren’t good enough, or maybe you never were. You’ll think that you’re over it, that it won’t hurt you anymore. But you’ll see an old picture, drive by an old hang out, or smell an old smell, and then you realize—it never really stops hurting.

It hasn’t yet.

—  maybe i’m just being nostalgic//excerpt from a book i’ll never write #44
Fraternity Feud

Request: hamilsquad fic college au where reader becomes friends with tjeffs because he’s when of her classes and the squad gets angry! (maybe using #193 and/or #363???) - anonymous 

Prompt: #193 “If you walk out that door, you’re no longer one of us. You’ll be one of them and that means I’ll treat you like one of them.” 

Triggers: Kidnapping,  lowkey Lams, like one curse word 

W/C: 2265 - my longest ever! 

A/N: I’m really happy with how this fic turned out and I hope you guys love it as much as I do, enjoy! 

You stood up from your seat and grabbed your backpack, sighing in relief that class was over. What the hell were you thinking, Y/N? You mentally scolded yourself. A shadow washed over you and looked above you to find a stranger.

“Hey, that was really cool what you did just now. Usually no one can make Professor Washington sweat like that, except me of course.” the stranger told you, his neon purple jacket burning your eyes. You smiled a bit, “Thanks, it felt pretty good but I think he hates me now” you laughed. He nodded his head, his curls bouncing, “I’ve stopped trying to impress him” he said cooly. You noted the way he carried himself, confidently and without apology, and you had no choice but to admire it. You put on your backpack and began to walk down the aisle, the boy following you. “I wish I had the confidence in myself to do that, I’m always in need of an extension on essays” you admitted. The boy jogged a bit to catch up with you, “Well, hey, me and friends in my frat study Washington’s rigged curriculum every week, you should check us out. Show him who he’s up against.” You slowly nodded.

He offered his hand, “Thomas Jefferson.”

You shook it, “Y/N L/N”

He gave you his number and where to find his frat house and was on his way, his purple backpack bouncing as he confidently strutted the other way. You raised your eyebrows, “That was weird…” you mumbled. 

But later that week you decided to take up his offer and you were glad that you did. The weekly study group was often a heated debate, (Thomas encouraged the drama), but sharing and comparing notes and ideas were saving your grade. And for once it was nice to have new friends, since you didn’t make them often enough. You had been friends with the same people for a lifetime and it was nice to hear new stories. Whether it be from Samuel Dexter, the accounting nerd or James Madison, the common voice of reason. Thomas’ study group soon became something you looked forward to every week. 


Your phone vibrated and you unlocked your screen. 

Text from Lafayette

7-1-1 !

Text from Lafayette

9-1-1* !

You sighed and headed towards your friends’ room on campus. The room was shared by your lifelong friends, Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens, who were given a room with Hercules Mulligan, a boy one year older and more dirty minded than them in it, and they were chosen as the lucky room to house the foreign exchange student, whose name was too long for anyone to remember, so you all called the sweetheart ‘Lafayette’.

You walked inside to be immediately integrated by Hercules, “Have you seen Alex and Laurens today?!” You shook your head. Lafayette put his head in his hands and as you were about to ask him what was happening,the door flew open. A hoard of fraternity boys came in, hooting and hollering,the small crowd carried Alexander and John, whose mouths and wrists were taped. You stood up and started yelling along with Lafayette and Hercules. All the fraternity members that were carrying your friends shushed you all at the same time. You slowly walked backwards and hid behind Lafayette’s tall stature. 

“We found these pieces of scum trying to steal our fraternity’s flag” The boy in the front stated. Unable to find the words, Lafayette simply said “Um, they’re our pieces of scum”. The boy who had just spoke nodded his head to the others, and they dropped your friends. Hercules shook his head, muttering to himself as the fraternity brothers left the doorway. You helped Lafayette take the tape off of the boys. Alexander ripped the tape off of his mouth once his hands were free, his eyes wild. 

“FUCK THOMAS JEFFERSON!” he yelled in agony. You looked at him with bewilderment. Thomas Jefferson?? He wasn’t even here?! You thought to yourself. Laurens pried the tape off his face, small tears falling as he did it. You gave him a small hug while asking “What happened?!” Hercules jumped down from his bed, “Let me explain”

It all started when we sat down next to the Schuyler sisters at lunch, and Angelica was reading some book for women’s studies while Eliza and Peggy were telling us that all boys in fraternities were cuter than guys who weren’t. So naturally, Alexander started to protest. He said “Well Lafayette is better than Thomas Jefferson, that guy is too egotistical and has an ugly beard, our tall black guy is hotter.” Which, while I agree with him I’m pretty sure Thomas and Lafayette are both mixed? Like there’s something else going on with both of them and both maintain their beauty in diff- okay, okay fine we’ll discuss that later. Anyways, Eliza laughed at him, saying “Alexander personality has nothing to do with this - yet. We’re just talking about looks, you don’t need to be so defensive, it’s not attractive” and then Alexander was kind of embarrassed because she just schooled him.

But then we all started thinking, ‘Hey, what could we do to show that Thomas Jefferson isn’t all that?’ So Lancelot over here says “oui should steal his hair products and then he’ll look ugly tomorrow muahaha eiffel tower, baguette,” You get the idea-

Lafayette hit Hercules in the chest “NON! That’s not how I talk!” the frenchman yelled, pouting his big lips. You rolled your eyes, “Lafayette why don’t you tell the rest of the story?” you suggested. You were on edge, wanting to know what your friend Thomas had done so wrong. The frenchman smiled and stood up straighter. “Oui, so we had the plan to take the rich boy’s conditioner, right?”

Hercules has class with him, so we knew that he wouldn’t be in his dorm from twelve to two, so Alexander, Laurens and I all went to his dorm dressed as burgers. What? Oh excusez moi, burglars. We just dressed in black. Laurens and I stayed by the door as lookout while Alexander went through Jefferson’s things, taking all beauty products in sight. After we completed our mission we came here to the dorm and hid it under the bed with Laurens’ diary- OH ENOUGH WE HAVE ALL READ IT! *sigh*

The next day, when we were all sleeping, his frat brothers came. They stormed in like a battalion, led by James Madison, and threw us all out of our room. They all went through our personal things, used our toilet, and then left. We came back and everything was still there except for two things, Thomas’ hair products and-

Alexander put his hand on Lafayette’s shoulder. Laurens sat emotionlessly, staring at the carpet. “Let’s let him tell it” he whispered. Lafayette nodded and stood next to Hercules, whose arms were crossed tightly. You anxiously looked around the room, waiting for Laurens to speak. “His name was Scooter…” he began.

Thomas Jefferson told his hooligans to come here and steal the most important thing in my life. Fine, second important. When Alex isn’t moody. Scooter was an innocent bystander, I mean, you’ve met him, Y/N! He would never try to hurt anyone, so we had to get him back. While Lafayette and Hercules were sleeping Alexander and I decided to begin our rescue mission. Our first obstacle was the RA, Aaron Burr, he was always going through every room before curfew, he says ‘The room you don’t check is the room where it happens’, which basically means he’s jealous he’s never invited to parties. We weren’t going to let him get in the way. If he caught us we would be done for, so naturally we decided to kidnap him. We waited until ten minutes before curfew and we-

“I’m sorry, what?!” you asked in astonishment. All four boys looked at you, some defensive and some trying not to snicker. “Well what else were we supposed to do?!” Alexander argued. You shook your head in complete disbelief. “You needed to rescue a turtle so ‘NATURALLY’ you think to kidnap a PERSON?!” You shouted. Laurens threw himself onto the bottom bunk, shouting into the pillow “I don’t deserve this! I’m a worried single father!” Alexander looked at you with pleading eyes, “Let me just explain the rest to you, please.” Reluctantly, you stayed put with open ears, taking a seat on one of the beds. “So we had Aaron Burr locked in his room…”

I motioned to John to follow my lead, and we silently walked into Thomas’ room. He wasn’t there because there was a party going on in John Adam’s room on campus, (which we weren’t invited to but whatever we don’t care) and we went through all of his things. You wouldn’t believe how many purple items of clothing he owns.

 Suddenly, we saw him. Scooter, sitting amongst a pile of clothes, in a makeshift cage. John almost started crying as we grabbed him. We went to the front of the fraternity house and started to pull at the flag so we could run away with it. But as we were tugging and ripping the fabric, we heard the chant of the Alphas and their stomping was making the ground shake. I yelled to John to run with Scooter, but it was too late. They found us. Thomas Jefferson spat at his followers to tie us up and hold us captive, and they took Scooter again. I remember thinking to myself, this is it. This is how it ends.

Suddenly, a white light approaches. I say, “Mother?-”

You rolled your eyes, “That’s enough, Alexander. I know the rest.” You grabbed your jacket and looked at all four boys with poise, stating “I’m going to go speak with Thomas Jefferson and his fraternity, because you’re all being immature and melodramatic” As you were leaving, Alexander spoke up.

“If you walk out that door, you’re no longer one of us. You’ll be one of them and that means we’ll treat you like one of them.” You spun back around,“Oh what, you’ll steal my hair products?” Lafayette spoke up “Your beauty is not a threat to me, it is completely different.” Hercules slowly nodded in agreement. You scoffed and left the room.

While you loved your friends, they could be unbelievable at times, today being one of those days. They’re just mad you made a new friend and now they’re blowing everything out of proportion you thought to yourself, I mean what was that all about? An ultimatum, seriously? Thoughts kept bouncing through your head like a pinball machine as you walked to the fraternity. Red solo cups and abandoned high heels greeted you on the sidewalk as you approached the doors of the frat house. You knocked on the door and waited, looking at the exterior of the house. It was a brick house, greek letters above the door and plants on the deck, and a flagpole without a flag. It felt incomplete and sad. You sighed, embarrassed of your friends.  The door flew open, and an unfamiliar face greeted you.

“Um, I’m looking for Thomas, Thomas-” He scrunched up his nose and put his hand up

“Thomas Jefferson’s coming home right now, he had business to take care of. You can wait inside for him.” he opened the door wider and welcomed you to the common space. You awkwardly sat down on the couch, not wanting to think about what had happened on this couch before you sat on it. The house was as nicely decorated as you could expect from typical college boys, they had a messy carpet but the best kept item was the spotless tv. You felt out of place here, whenever you met with the frat boys to study it was always on campus, on the grass, in the shade, only textbooks around you. Being here showed you more about their personalities and you felt like you didn’t fit into it. 

Thomas burst through the door, turtle in hand and determination in his eyes, he handed James Madison the turtle and approached you once he saw you. “What a nice surprise, Y/N! We’re kinda busy right now but if you texted first-”

You stood up “I want the turtle” 

“Whaaaat?” Thomas nervously chuckled, quickly glancing to where James had gone. The statement had even surprised you a bit. 

You sighed, “I know about your dumb feud with my friends. I just want the turtle back and they won’t bother you anymore” Thomas bit his lip, looking at the carpet. You crossed your arms, holding your ground. It was something you had picked up from Thomas himself, and you knew it would work on him. God the things these idiots make me do… you thought to yourself.

“James!” He shouted. His friend came around the corner, waiting for further instructions. Thomas sighed, avoiding eye contact. “Give her the damn reptile” he muttered. You smiled triumphantly. Hell yeah give me the turtle, you thought to yourself. James handed you the turtle carefully and you thanked him.

“Thank you for your … cooperation. I hope this doesn’t affect our friendship?” you asked with a raised brow. Thomas locked his jaw, “As long as Alexander Hamilton doesn’t step another toe on my property, we’re good” You slowly nodded, not knowing whether to feel relieved or threatened. Without another word, you walked out of the fraternity house and practically bolted to the boys’ dormroom.

The scene was almost the same as you had left it. Lafayette sitting against the wall, feeling guilty as Laurens and Hercules sat on one of the beds, worried, and Alex pacing around the room, muttering ideas to himself. “Hey, guys” you spoke softly. Alexander rolled his eyes, crossing his arms immediately, “Let me guess, Thomas sent you here to steal our underwear or something? Or a picture of Lafayette in his face mask?” Lafayette whimpered in worry in the corner. You shook your head, revealing the turtle you had behind your back. “I came to return this orphan” Laurens yelped in happiness, taking his pet in his hands.

“SCOOTER’S HOME!” he jumped, and everyone gathered around the turtle. You smiled a little, nudging Alexander in the arm. He sighed, and quietly thanked you. Lafayette pet the turtle’s shell, “Why do we call him Scooter again?” he asked.

Laurens rolled his eyes, “Because his back legs are weak so he can only go small distances at one time, he SCOOTS, duh” Hercules pulled his eyebrows together “That’s called scooching”

Laurens stared at his turtle “O-Oh…”

Hey there! There’s a part two and you should check it out- Fraternity Feud: Hurricane 

Today’s VLive for Kihyuns birthday was hilarious, but it also came with so many feels.

It later reminded me of their first pairing together in the No Mercy Team Challenge: how awkward Kihyun and Shownu were with each other. Remember them in that fetus stage, sitting next to each, constantly thinking each other as their biggest vocal competition… And those super awkward silences in conversations!

But NOW look at them: enjoying a dinner without the children! 😂😂😂
Warmed my heart to see Appa and Eomma cook together (and almost burning the studio down).😂

Just hit me that: as Monsta X keeps evolving as a group, these bondings between individual members also keep growing stronger and sweeter.

Happy birthday, Kihyun. You got an amazing sous chef today 😊

Monsta X fighting!

anonymous asked:

“are you stupid or stupid?” with nurseydex bc obviously

This is one of my favorite prompts for nurseydex. 

Thank you for the prompt!

“You forgot, didn’t you?”  Dex is at his suite door in a suit and tie, with sunflowers.  His smile has fallen, but his cheeks are a happy flush.

“Uh… Honestly, I didn’t think were you being serious?”  Nursey lets him in and takes the flowers to put them in some water. “No one brought me flowers before. How did you know to get sunflowers?”  Dex is giving him that ‘are you stupid or stupid?’ look. God, He’s such an ass sometimes. “What?” Dex just shakes his head. 

“I know you haven’t gotten flowers before because you told me.” Nursey looks confused. “Last week.” Nope, he is drawing a blank. “At the kegster, after Brad, or Dan, whatever his name was, stood you up.” Jesus. He really needs to chill on the tequila when he is having boy troubles. 

“Which explains why you offer to take me on date the next day, so, I could get my first date with a guy out of the way.” Nursey said nodding his head. He arranges the sunflowers. Figures, No guy has ever actually followed through with the whole date thing.  Dex clears his throat. 

“Uh… I asked you because I wanted to go on a date with you.” Dex is looking at fridge behind him. His face start go an anxious red. He chews on his bottom lip, like he does when he is thinking of the best way to say something.  “But, If you don’t want to, I’ll just go.” 

“Why?” Dex shifts his focus to Nursey’s face and furrows his brow. 

“I am not going to make you go on a date.”  Nursey groans with frustration.

“No, idiot, why do you want to go on a date with me?” Dex is back to staring at the fridge. He takes a deep breathe like his trying to psych himself up to answer that question. Dex hold one of Nursey’s hand between both of his hands. 

“Derek, you are incredible person. You deserve to be taken out and treated like you matter,” Dex is looking very intently at him. It’s intense. He never look more serious, “because you matter a lot to me. I like the man I am becoming because you.”

“Oh okay.” Nursey says very quietly. 

“Okay. Now if you still want to this, you should change.” Dex is giving him an out, and that just won’t do. 

“What should I wear?” Dex smiles.   

“Maybe, that green sweater Ransom got you for christmas? It looks really nice and matches your eyes.”  Nursey nods. 

“Sw’awesome.” He pecks Dex’s cheek with a kiss before breezing quickly out of there to change. 

After all, He has a date.