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Someone came up with the idea of OT4 (DJFoxLadyNoir), superheroes wooing the citizen on Parisian balconies, and I need it like I need air

I really like the idea of them all starting to flirt with him individually and by the time the third one hits he is all awkward and flustered and running away, and then turns a corner like “Why does this keep happening!?!?’

trying to vent to adrien about it and cant understand why adrien looks flustered about it, but being intrigued to discover that the others are doing it too

I just want Nino so bad to be like “I have no idea why this keeps happening I am so confused?!? Like everybody! Why?!”

I adore ot4 and normal nino with super partners is a freaking perf version of it. Mostly because i want hawkmoth to kidnap him and Nino to be beat up but defiant in Hawkmoths lair like 

“Might I remind you pal this aien’t no Lois lane situation. You kidnap Lois Lane you get superman on your ass, you kidnap ME and you get the whole freaking Justice League.” 

Normie boyfriend Nino getting offered a miraculous and turning it down cause SOMEBODY needs to be grounded and around to deal with stuff. 

Housewife Nino. when they get older he works from home, cooks and cleans for when his boyfriend and girlfriends because they all have full time jobs and also are saving the world so he takes the responsibility of maintaining the house. He gets really great at cooking and is always calling Marinette and Alya’s parents asking for cooking recipes and tips. Like imagine him with his phone tucked in his shoulder as he’s boiling water and sorting through the fridge, on the phone with Sabine like “Okay wait is that last thing totally needed cause like i’ve been crazy swamped and i haven’t been to the store so i only have so much- I don’t? Well what do i switch it with I got like some… no no Alya’s allergic. Well not ALLERGIC but it makes her stomach cramp so I don’t buy that.” 

and so on

Older Nino watches the news and only keeps doing things once the fight is over and he knows everyone is okay. He gets involved sometimes when he sees somebody time out and runs over to help and protect them until they can get back out there. 

Sometimes the others get so busy they dont appreciate the effort he puts in to make the relationship work, so maybe at some point he is just really worn down and tired because he hasnt gotten to see them in awhile on a personal level, like its always just running through the house or doing work or arguing, and he just wants more than anything for everything in the house to be DONE and for them to be home and his work to be caught up and he’s working towards a burn out- and then he feels arms wrap around his stomach while he’s doing laundry and he turns around to see Marinette with her face in his back, and she slowly starts pulling him out of the room, and he protests but the others come and take the laundry and put it away and eventually he relents and they all go and just sit together for awhile, and it feels so good and for a second they all just relax and start to talk and fill the gaps and make it work. 

And the next day even though Adrien must have slipped out at nearly dawn to make it to work out of town everyone finds a small set of roses left for them where he knew they’d see it before starting the day. 

Everybody making a huge effort. 

Everybody having different dynamics and spats and ways of being together. 

One big apartment, three superheros, and the guy who tries really hard. 

please someone draw it

guys i feel like crying in a corner when i think about markhyuck. i may be a little delusive but markhyuck is so soft around each other, excluding all the (loving) teasing haechan does to mark and sometimes vice versa.

like is it just me or does anyone else notice how mark’s focus was like a second too long on haechan when they high-fived during dunk shot perf? and on today’s backstage interview at music bank, haechan is trying so hard to hold back a huge ass smile when mark spoke and after they showed their key point of their dance, both of them looked at each other and snickered and wow- markhyuck’s friendship is really the best. imagine being able to do the things you and your best friend love the most together. when will i reach that level of friendship ;_;

p.s. i may or may not do a list of favorite markhyuck moments so hmu on my inbox/message if u want me to!! (i may just do it lol i rly cant hold back my feelings ;;)


“I wish so much there had been a Rae when I was growing up. It would have made my life so much easier to have had someone real on TV that I could have looked at and gone: ‘I kind of look like her. I don’t look perfect, but she’s got friends. People love her so maybe people will like me for being me. I don’t have to change. I can just be myself…’ How can kids and teenagers feel comfortable when they can’t see anyone who looks like them anywhere?”

Being extremely claustrophobic while dating Luke Hemmings had it’s up and downs. Like right now, you and Luke decided to go shopping. You wanted to get out of the house but of course wanted to spend time with Luke on his day off. Everything was going perfectly fine and you were having a really good day, until it was time to leave the mall. Luke had saw the very large crowd of teenage girls before you had, and tried to keep you as calm as possible. Luke was trying everything to find another way out, even asking security if there was a back exit you could use. But the 50 year old, bald security guard refused to believe that it was necessary, obviously having no idea who Luke was. “Well babe I guess we have no choice.” Luke sighed. You intertwined your arm, hand and fingers with Luke’s, you didn’t want to risk losing him in the sea of girls at all. “ready?” Luke said looking down at you. “I guess” you said before taking in a big breath. “Hi, excuse me please” “hey guys, I love you too.” “Hey, can you guys just move back and try to make a path” “sorry I cant really stop for pictures right now” “Love you too” You heard Luke yelling back to some of the fans. You were trying to focus on him & your breathing to try and keep yourself calm. Before you knew it you were out of the big mess, you were proud because you stayed pretty calm for yourself, only your breathing had increased. But you didn’t have a meltdown, like usual. As you turned around to look at Luke he had a very worried look on his face. “Hey, were out. You’re okay, I got you.” Luke said while wrapping his arms around you. You giggled, but of course returned Luke’s hug. He must have heard your giggle because he pulled you back and gave you a questioning look. “You’re not freaking out?!” Luke said in a surprised, yet proud tone. “Yea, I’m okay. I guess being close to you just helped this time. Or maybe I’m getting used to it all.” You shrugged. “Well whatever it is I’m happy. I hate when you have those panic attacks.” Luke said wrapping his arms around you once again. 

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