just look at them being all perfect and everything

call out post for capricorn

stop. being. so. controlling. you guys hate when things don’t go your way and it’s actually the most fucking annoying thing like chill out. also, stop pushing people away because you’re afraid to get too close. it’s a stupid idea and we all know your biggest fear is to end up being all alone, so stop ruining everything before things even begin to flourish. and maybe you guys should talk about your feelings for fucking once. all of you like to pretend that nothing ever bothers you and everyone perceives you as someone that doesn’t give a fuck about anything but you actually give the most fucks. you guys are so emotional and prone to breakdowns, but you never let anyone in… and if you do actually talk to someone you regret it not even a second after because being emotionally vulnerable is terrifying to you. also, you want to know why you’re single? it’s because you have this unrealistic checklist inside your head and if a person doesn’t meet all the requirements then you won’t give them a chance. you guys pretend you care about personality but really you just care about your image. you would never date someone you don’t find incredibly intelligent and sexy - you want to be with someone that makes you look good, not feel good. and that’s why all your relationships end up failing, too. you’re so busy making sure that everything is perfect that you fail to realize you’re destroying yourself. you guys need to stop controlling everything and just chill out. fix yourself because you’re a whole mess.

+ other signs.

i have too many feelings about michelle jones so here have headcanons and peter x michelle

this was obnoxiously long because i have no control so lots of stuff is under the cut and it became very fic-like at the end there, whoops. 

one (THIS ONE!) | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

  • so michelle moved with her family to new york when she started high school
  • and mj was actually pretty sad to leave her friends back in chicago because it had taken a long time to make those friends and she always feels awkward around new people
  • so she isn’t very happy about The Move
  • she comes from a loving family
  • like, she gets kissed every night before she goes to bed, her parents read her bedtime stories until she was ten, she used to wear matching outfits with her mother, family movie nights were every friday
  • her parents were really good to her for the most part and just loved and supported her
  • they’re also pretty smart and since mj has pretty much always been inspired by them so intelligence and the acquisition of knowledge is really important to her
  • hence reading and academic decathlon, but she’s also into math and science too because she’s very driven and doesn’t have that many friends in new york so what else is she gonna do?
  • and her parents are an interracial couple and they’ve encountered a lot of hate and mj was always so sad when she walked out with her mother and people would give them weird looks
  • so she’s tried to end hate whenever she can and fights to give a voice to those who are silenced
  • but now cue mj going to high school in new york
  • she joins academic decathlon ofc because who do you think she is she lives for this shit
  • and then! there is this little shithead on the team PETER PARKER
  • like who the fuck does this kid think he is
  • answering all these questions, acting like he’s sooo smart just because he happens to know a lot of facts and is really good at physics and speaks spanish really well and also happens to be really dorky and adorable and okay maybe he’s kind of attractive too and maybe mj starts throwing herself more into academic decathlon and possible CONSIDERS joining band but that’s ONLY BECAUSE PETER IS A SHITHEAD AND SHE NEEDS TO SHOW HIM HE ISN’T THE ONLY TALENTED ONE OKAY
  • anyway

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(different anon) I'd love to see a tutorial someday too. Specifically, how the heck do you get your pastries and ice creams and bread to look so soft and natural?! I've made a couple simple food pixels myself, but they all seem so stiff in comparison.

hum well personally i think making things look natural starts wi sketching out line work. (i did a comparison of a bread bun, starting with the same blue sketch to show the differences) i always do rough sketches & work over them bc i think it gives me a better idea of the form.

i know sometimes it seems right to have everything perfect & symmetrical but it all depends on what your drawing in the first place - because you mentioned like bread & ice-cream etc those things are rarely perfect anyway, so i guess avoid being too structured

then i think another big thing is the colour choice & the balance of the halftone dots for shading. I feel like too much half tone & its one big ordered gradient & yeah that looks kind of odd. & for the colour.. its tempting to just pick out the darkest tone & just gradually make it paler for the highlighty bits - but in reality when you really look at something there’s usually a lot of different kinds of colours (even if it is just white bread). So yeah id say experiment with that - i usually exaggerate and go for much warmer colours tbh.

the last thing that i think makes a huge difference is how you do the shine (if any). it helps to just think about the actual thing your drawing (goes wi out saying but curved and squishy bread probably has a softer curvy shine) and it’s probably not such sharp stark white

i feel like the picture just explains it all way better haha 

-`mini tutorial about pixel bread bun´-


Request: A fic based of Daylight by Maroon 5 with Billy Hargrove please if you have time. Thank you!

Song: Daylight- Maroon 5

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Word count: 1150

A/N: Thank you for the request I absolutely love this song. So, this is set before Billy goes to Hawkins. If anyone would like a part 2 of maybe a reunion please comment on this post or message me (my ask box is currently closed). Requests are currently closed while I catch up on requests.

Part 2


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Here I am waiting

I’ll have to leave soon

Why am I holding on?

We knew this day would come

We knew it all along

How did it come so fast?

When Billy had told her he was moving away, Y/N had been almost as distraught as him. Neither of them could stand to lose the other. But they had over a month left together so they decided to make the most of it. The month had flown so fast neither of them even saw their last night together coming. Yet here it was.

Luckily, Y/N’s parents had decided that the night in question was a great time to go visit her grandparents out of town. Y/N thanked god that they had. Billy had knocked on her door just after five in the evening after he had managed to pack up well enough for his dad to let him go. He was crying before she even opened the door. When she saw him stood there in his denim jacket for possibly the last time, she started crying too. He walked straight up to her and shut the door behind him before cupping her cheeks and kissing her with desperation. Their tears mixed as he picked her up, without breaking the kiss, and carried her upstairs.

This is our last night but it’s late

And I’m trying not to sleep

Cause I know, when I wake, I will have to slip away.

Billy laid staring at the ceiling. Y/N was drawing patterns on his bare chest with her fingers as they both tried not to fall asleep. They wanted to save each moment they had left.

“Don’t go.” Y/N choked out.

“You know he’d kill me if I didn’t.” Billy whispered as he grabbed her hand in his and kissed her knuckles. “I’ll come back for you, as soon as I turn 18.”

And when the daylight comes I’ll have to go

But tonight, I’m gonna hold you so close

Cause in the daylight we’ll be on our own

But tonight, I need to hold you so close.

His arms tightened around her as she shifted and pulled the necklace she always wore from around her neck and hooked it around his. Neither of them said anything. He just pulled her closer and pressed kisses to her hairline as she laid back on his chest. She went back to drawing faceless patterns on his chest and he watched as her eyes started to get heavy and she began to drop off to sleep. Her breathing evened out and her movements stopped.

Here I am staring at your perfection

In my arms, so beautiful

The sky is getting bright, the stars are burning out

Somebody slow it down.

He refused to lift his eyes from her sleeping form. He was fighting off sleep with everything he had. He didn’t care if he was too tired to drive tomorrow. He just needed to cement as much of her in his mind as possible. She was perfect in every way. He loved her with all his being. No matter where they were, how far away, or whoever they were with, neither of them would ever stop loving the other.

Billy glanced at her curtains and saw that light underneath was beginning to get brighter. The darkness was ebbing away. He didn’t want to look at the clock; didn’t want to know how long he had left with her.

This is way too hard, ‘cause I know

When the sun comes up, I will leave

This is my last glance that will soon be memory.

His eyes drifted to her face again and it hit him once again that he would soon have to leave and he didn’t know when, if ever, he would ever see her again. It became harder for him to keep the tears in his eyes and he let them trail down his cheeks. Everything they were, had been, was about to become a memory. He didn’t think he could handle it. His chest was beginning to shake with his sobs but he kept most of it in so as to not wake her.

And when the daylight comes I’ll have to go

But tonight, I’m gonna hold you so close

Cause in the daylight we’ll be on our own

But tonight, I need to hold you so close.

He reached up an arm and wiped the tears from his face before gently running his hand through her hair. Tomorrow, they would be miles away from each other. But he swore, with every fibre of his being, that he would come back for her as soon as he could. Screw his dad, screw high school, screw her parents, screw anyone that would stand in their way. He would be back for her and she would go with him.

I never want it to stop

Because I don’t wanna start all over

Start all over

I was afraid of the dark

But now it’s all that I want

All that I want, all that I want.

He doubted as long as they both lived they would ever be able to properly start over with other people. He knew he wouldn’t. He would never be able to. She had seen him at his best, at his worse, at his most vulnerable and she still loved him more than anything else in this world. He was still questioning what had made her fall for him in the first place but he thanked god every day that she had.

The light was starting to get even brighter now. As a child he had been scared of the dark; now it was all he wanted.

And when the daylight comes I’ll have to go

But tonight, I’m gonna hold you so close

Cause in the daylight we’ll be on our own

But tonight, I need to hold you so close.

The sun would be up fully soon and Y/N would wake up. Billy wanted neither of those things. He wanted to freeze them in this moment. She looked so peaceful and happy. He knew when she woke up that would change. She’d cry, he’d cry and they would both fall apart on each other. But right now, it was peaceful and he was going to live in this moment for as long as possible.

why the signs are smiling, while looking at their phone.

Aries: watching news anchor fails 

Taurus: is amused by other people’s stupidity

Gemini: their favourite celebrities are being cute on instagram

Cancer: just received a text from their crush

Leo: is too excited about the online shopping they’ve done.

Virgo: a celebrity liked their instagram comment 

Libra: they just hit 1K tumblr followers

Scorpio: someone who wronged them just got a taste of their own medicine.

Sagittarius: is amused by their own sarcastic text message

Capricorn: all the lists they keep on their phone are perfectly organised everything is perfect from their wishlist to their current inventory of clothes and their list of tv series.

Aquarius: finally solved a riddle after 2 days

Pisces: watching funny animal videos

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*check: moon, mars, mercury sign*

Surprisingly I don’t talk much anymore about my transition so here’s a little update. The top photo is me before hormones, I had just started growing my hair and that photo is my most reblogged photo, I felt confident and I felt good about myself. The bottom was taken a few weeks ago, almost two years on hormones, a few months post breast augmentation. I will admit my make up game has changed and improved but I will say in my opinion that my face and body have changed too, I’m more curvy, my facial features are softer and my hair has grown 😂 however I will say, my confidence has dropped, I’m scared of being clocked and attacked and I’m not as positive as I was. I feel like we as trans women talk about all the positives of hormones but I will say that they’ve brung me anxiety and depression. I’m working on them and I will never give up my transition for anything! I just want everyone to know that the girl I post weekly may look happy and perfect but I’m real, I’m human, I have emotions and I’m my biggest critic. I struggle daily and everything posted is highly critiqued before it’s posted. I want to be real with you all as I’ve had people say I’m a role model for them and that I’m “goals”. Please please please remember you’re all beautiful and you’re all amazing. ❤

BSD Chapter 58

Chapter name is Sunday Tragedy - the middle part

The chapter this month is a bit shorter than usual but it gives out some interesting info I think. It is also proven that if you look good everything is forgiven there is a lot more to Nikolai Gogol that we can expect. 

My translation is in no way perfect because I’m just practicing my Japanese. Please feel free to tell me if you spot any mistakes. ^^

                                                SPOILERS AHEAD

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Drunj!Der Yells About Outlander

Thoughts on Ep. 305

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

That’s it. That’s my thought. I have nothing more to say about this episode.


This episode, for me, is like last year’s finale in that I liked it, but it made me dislike the Claire stuff in the prior episodes even more by comparison. Like from now on my own personal headcanon is that Claire’s story goes from ep. 213 straight to ep. 305 and I feel like I wouldn’t really be missing out on anything super important. Except I *do* feel like I’m missing out on super important stuff, but what I feel like I’m missing can’t be found by watching the previous episodes.

Everything in this episode feels like the culmination of things the show chose not to go into. So like we get the destination, but without the depth and meaning that would have come from seeing the journey.

Like Claire and Joe are obviously awesome friends. But we know literally nothing about Joe except that he’s Claire’s friend. We can infer a bunch of stuff about him and their friendship just based on the fact that he’s a black man becoming a surgeon and she’s a woman doing the same, but that’s not the same thing as actually investing in and building that relationship, and showing how they’ve become so close that he’s the only person Claire will talk to about Jamie. Geillis and Mary and Louise all got to be more fully formed characters in prior seasons in addition to being Claire’s friend. And I’m really bummed we didn’t get the same with Joe.

We see Claire being badass as a surgeon, but like none of what it took to get her there. Healing is at the core of who Claire is. To jump over her reaching the peak of her calling seems like a wasted opportunity to really get into how fully embracing that part of herself gave her purpose in her 20th century life when she didn’t feel like she had any.

Bree and Claire have some really intense conversations and we see them bond and Bree manages to not make me hate her. But we are missing 20 years of their relationship. What was it like between them when Claire was in med school? What was it like between them after Frank died but before they went to Scotland? Bree has said she noticed that Claire had walls up or was distant, but we don’t see that as Bree is growing up because we really don’t see Bree growing up.

So yeah. Overall I liked the episode (seriously, the end of it is basically perfect!), but I feel like all the pieces leading up to this episode are missing. And that makes me a bit sad. But what’s aired has aired and fanfic exists so I guess that’s what I’ll be diving into during the week off before ep. 306.

Rambling and nonsense under the cut…

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“Troop Leader” 12

Summary: How will your father handle the fact that James Buchanan Barnes is the one mending your broken heart?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Warnings: fluff overload

Word Count: 1000ish

A/N: One more part after this! Then I’ll write an epilogue. I have a few series ideas that i will write out and have you guys vote on! My permanent taglist is open and so is this one if you want to be on the last two parts.

Troop Leader Masterlist

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Today Bucky was being released from the hospital.

You had spent all day putting together your lazy date with him, but he still had no idea it was happening. You told everyone to steer clear of the movie theater in the tower and to not touch any of the snacks or pizza that was being saved for tonight. Everyone knew not to mess with you when you were this stressed. You just wanted everything to be perfect.

You had gathered almost every single blanket and pillow in the tower and arranged them just right in the theater. It looked like a Bed Bath and Beyond had exploded in the room, but you wanted everything to be comfortable. After all, you did have plans to watch the Harry Potter movies and Fantastic Beasts. You were appalled when you realized no one had shown them to him. Yes, it would take a good portion of the day, but he was supposed to be on bedrest anyway. You were really excited.

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Summary : Alexander can’t help thinking about his most memorable times kissing John

Kissing John is like reminding himself of every time he’s said I love you. It’s a quick spark— or at times it lasts much longer, heated, and passionate— but most of the time it’s fast, sending pride and admiration through his mind, and soft affection through his heart.

The first time they kissed Alexander hadn’t expected it. His mind was elsewhere, focusing on the three thousand word essay he had in front of him, yet it was less than a third finished, and it was due the following day. John was sitting beside him, his laptop open on the kitchen table, working on his own essay, however it was nearly finished, and he was in the editing process.

“Good luck ‘Lex, I know you can do it,” he said, then he slung his arm around Alexander’s shoulders and leaned in, placing a quick kiss to his lips.

When he thinks of that moment, years ago, he likes to think John got him on the lips, but if his memory isn’t failing him, he’ll remember that John had missed. He pressed his lips against the side of Alexander’s mouth in his haste, but it was alright, because their second kiss took place only moments later, and that one was right on target. Alexander leaned forward, with sleeker, fluid motion, connecting their lips with care. He touched John’s cheek, timidly pulling him closer, the warmth of his breath, hot on his face, but Alexander’s face was already terribly hot.

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The majority of the Arrow fandom seems to take one of two positions regarding Felicity: she’s perfect and always right, or she’s terrible with no redeeming qualities. I love Felicity, so if you hate Felicity, this post probably isn’t for you. She is one of my favorite characters. And I love her because she is a well-written, complex character. Which, sorry, means she has flaws, so let’s get rid of that pedestal some of you have been polishing. 

One of the most common criticism’s of Felicity is that she’s self-righteous and that she thinks she has no flaws. In essence there’s this position that Felicity thinks she’s perfect (I’ll talk more about her being self-righteous specifically in a second). And, frankly, she doesn’t. Just look at what she tells her father at one point “I grew up thinking I was broken”. The reason I think that some people get that impression is 1. from the fans who view Felicity as perfect and take her word as gospel in any disagreement, 2. because she’s juxtaposed against Oliver who is brimming with self-loathing and thinks he destroys everything he touches, so any measure of self-esteem looks extreme by comparison, and 3. because she is not as unguarded as she gives the illusion of being and actually keeps her insecurities locked away for the most part. So let’s look at what some of Felicity’s actual flaws are, and how aware of them she is. 

Felicity is a genius. That’s just fact. That means that growing up Felicity was a “gifted child”. One common struggle of gifted children is that they feel a pressure to be perfect. In all kinds of different ways- school, behavior, accomplishments. Felicity feels this push very acutely. That’s why her intelligence is always on full display, because her tasks have to be completed perfectly (you’ll notice she is generally very hard on herself if she feels she made a mistake). It’s why her appearance is typically completely pristine and put together (either in her more business-like professional attire, or when she chooses to get dressed up) even when you wouldn’t totally expect that level of togetherness (that and the fact that it’s a tv show). And that’s why she always feels a pressure to be the “good one”. This particular aspect is fed into by her father’s abandonment (a common reaction of children in this situation- which she outright expresses, as mentioned above- is the “what did I do wrong that he left me”) and by the fact that the team looks to her in that respect. This even twists into times when she feels she has to prove herself to the rest of the team in certain ways, like the time she’s been eager to be in on the action even though its not her disposition and not within her skill set. It is also the reason why she is often very guarded. Why she mostly chooses to grieve alone. Why she doesn’t talk about her past or her parents. Why she disguises her pain with humor. And why she appears to think she’s perfect- because she feels like she has to, because that is the expectation put on her by everyone else. 

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Jon Snow headcanons?

My other favorite boy- thanks for sending in this ask!

•In all honesty, after the whole thing with Ygritte, Jon would be very, very slow to truly love someone.
•But he notices them- he’s not blind- it’s just that now, with all his responsibilities and all the shit he’s been through, he doesn’t think he should invest in a romantic relationship.
•He’s definitely that boy that stares at his crush and then looks away really quick when they turn around. He probably thinks he’s slick but his crush notices every time.
•His s/o would need to know not to push him when it comes to this- Jon is a thinker, and he needs a lot of time to think about how having a relationship would affect his position as King in the North and possibly to finish letting his Ygritte-related scars heal.
•Once he’s in a relationship though, he’s the sweetest person ever. Forehead kisses? Check. Bear hugs? Check. Great cuddle-er? Double check. Not to mention a very good kisser.
•He’s warm, and when the two are along, he likes to wrap his arms around his s/o and rest his chin on their head.
•Big spoon all the way- after everything he’s been through, he wants something to hold on to in the night, and his s/o is the perfect thing to cuddle up next to on cold winter nights.
•I can’t see him on being big on PDA- he’s much too shy for that. Although I don’t think he’s above telling someone to fuck off if they can’t keep their eyes or hands off his s/o.
•He has this way of looking at them, like he just knows he doesn’t deserve them, and it makes his s/o break inside every time, because they love him so, so much and they know that he deserves so much more than what he has.
•And they make sure to let him know that. Jon has a very low self-worth (mostly due to his status as a bastard), and his s/o would be the perfect one to let him know just how much he means to not only them, but the entire North.

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What are your favourite yoongi, namjoon, seokjin and hoseok airport looks ( you've done everyone but these!)


  • The colors go so well together plus i love denim jackets, this one is one of my favorites (x)
  • One thing yoongi knows how to do is put colors together, he did it perfectly here  (x)
  • Comfortable yet well-put together, I love this one (x)
  • Again, he knows hot to play with and put together colors, notice how the main focus is the pastel blue coat and kept everything else black (x)
  • I can’t say this enough, you can never go wrong with an all-black outfit paired with a leather jacket (x)  (x)
  • All-black outfit. PERFECT (x)
  • I love how he does casual outfits (x)
  • I love this one so much, one of my favorites. all-black + oversized cardigans + comfortable + stylish (x)
  • Notice how the main focus of this outfit is the color of the jacket (x)


  • Personally not something i would wear but it’s just so him (x)
  • Clearly I have a thing for all-black outfits and Namjoon does it perfectly (x)
  • I fell in love with this whole look, one of his best (x)
  • all-black (again lol) + comfortable + stylish + well accessorized  (x)
  • I love everything, the denim jacket, the color combination, well accessorized. It’s perfect (x)
  • BTS got me into the padded jacket look (i used to hate it) (x)
  • Iconic, legendary, everyone’s favorite (x)
  • LOVE LOVE (x)


  • Simple, comfortable, nice colors (x)
  • I love jin’s style, it’s simple yet well-put-together. He knows what looks good on him (x)
  • Just like suga, he makes sure the main point of this outfit is the pink coat and keeps everything else in dark colors (x)
  • Wow just wow (x)
  • Too much pink in one single outfit can be intimidating, he did it perfectly here (x)
  • This is just so him and I absolutely love it (x)
  • Something I would wear (x)
  • The main point of this outfit is the ripped sweater and everything else is kept simple. (x)
  • I absolutely love denim jackets (x)
  • This one is great, i love how comfortable it looks (x)
  • I’m in love with this whole look, so simple, not much going on but that’s what i love about it (x)


  • All-black, i just really love this one (x)
  • I love the color combination here, that big plaid scarf completes the look (x)
  • I love how comfortable this looks (x)
  • I love everything about this one, the right shoes, the right jeans, the right cap….he did this all-black look perfectly (x)
  • J-hope is one of the members that’s not afraid of color, he did it perfectly here without it being overwhelming (x)
  • Everyone’s favorite (x)
  • Comfortable yet well-put-together. I love putting together whites and greys (x)
  • Everything is just perfect here (x)
  • Two all-black looks that I would 100% wear (x) (x)
  • Another one i would definitely wear. bomber jacket + boots + all-black (x)
  • classy, clean, yet gives it a more casual touch with the black cap (x)
  • Again, comfortable yet well-put-together (x)

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2/?? Sorry for spamming you a bit ahead of time but I wanted to kinda fill your inbox w/ some inspiration? OK! So I was thinking of a couple things. 1st - Sweet fluffy relationship hc's for Shiro, Keith, Hunk, and Lance. Or if that's too many, just Shiro and anyone lmao. What's the general vibe of the relationship like? Are they scared at the beginning? What personal things do they share with them? What do they like doing with them mostly?

If you think you can handle the amount of fluff my body is able to hold than so be it


-Shiro does not like the word relationship. It scares hims senseless cause he feels like it comes with this impossible standard he wants to hold himself to but feels he is never good enough

-That being said his s/o will become his rock, the one he turns to at night when things get rough. He may not exactly tell them what is wrong cause he doesn’t want anyone to feel burdened by him but he will seek them out to keep him company

-On those nights he will ramble about his life, his childhood and the things he misses from Earth. All the things he hasn’t shared with the other paladins cause he wants to be their immovable force, their leader who can handle anything

-He is a master at board games, mostly old fashion things like chess, checkers and card games. He finds it keep his mind occupied and sharp and well it is a nice one on one activity that gives him an excuse to spend more time with s/o

-He is just super old fashioned that he probably wants to take them out to fancy restaurants, for long walks, museums and buy tickets to charity events for them to attend


-The relationship is super casual and neither of them even realize what it really is til someone else, probably Lance, points out that literally everyone in the entire universe sees them as a couple but them

-Labels don’t mean much to them but it does feel kind of nice once its established cause some how it just seems natural to the two of them

-Its lots of not really doing things together but doing their own thing in the same vicinity as each other. Like Keith will be working out and s/o will seek out where he is and sit there to read their book or play their game or whatever

-And they don’t realize it but they are always together. It just kind of happens and Keith doesn’t even realize it until suddenly s/o isn’t there and things feel wrong it makes him anxious but he can’t figure out why

-When he does figure it out he is super flustered by it cause he has been by himself for long and took a weird pride in being a lone wolf but now he wants someone around? What a wuss … but he loves it

-He slowly starts to open up to s/o, it usually happens late at night where he is almost delirious from not sleeping and pushing himself to hard and he just wants to talk about everything but s/o finds it super endearing

-When he wants to get away for a bit he takes s/o and they go on a long ride is the red lion. Sometimes its silent, just enjoying the stars and sometimes he rants and raves but either way they always come back feeling much better than when they left


-This relationship is super silly and at skins deep seems shallow but they often surprise their friends with how close they really are

-They love to make each other laugh. Lance especially loves to make s/o laugh cause really??? Have you heard them laugh??? Its so great omg hold on one second and I will make them laugh and you will love it!!!!

-They are the hand holding, ironic matching t shirts and pointing at random things and saying “look its you” couple

-Biggest bonding moments is over stupid dares and seeing who can push each other the most

-And of course also when either one expresses any sort of self conscious thoughts its time for cuddles and “how dare you talk about that way when you are an angel. I will fight whoever made you sad even if it was yourself”

-They are just really a bright spot in each others life and really need it when everything else can be so dark and dreary and while others may see it as nothing but silly its actually really important to have someone who they don’t have to worry about making a fool out of themselves in front of


-He always had a crush on his s/o but had to be literally forced into asking them out cause he never thought that such a perfect person would ever be interested in him no matter what the signs have said to disprove this. After that first date it becomes hard to imagine a point when the two weren’t together

-They are the hand in each others pockets, unironic matching t shirts and pointing at things saying “Oh look its you! Oh wait nope you are much cuter/sweeter” couple

-The definition of relationship goals tbh

-Like if they had an instagram it would be a shared one where they post pictures of them doing every day domestic stuff and just being adorable together. People would eat it up

-He just wants to do everything for his s/o cause he wants them to be as happy as possible and they deserve the world and he wants to make all of the problems they have ever had go away

-Their perfect nights involve food network, lots of snacks and yelling at the contestants about how they are idiots and what they should have done

-They probably make their friends disgusted by how sweet they are by each other. Like it gets to the point the team wonders if they even remember each others names cause they always use sickly sweet nicknames for each other instead

-Also Hunk makes it his duty to live out every romcom cliche in his dates so there is that to look forward to

-Its just all full of love and communication and wanting to be the best for each other


It’s not a prop.
Are you happy?”
I got no one to talk to…
Pot is ruining America.
And also, “no” to the things you ask for.
Cause you’re on your own from here.
And you give your all, but it’s not enough.
I’m just trying to make a simple point.
Get it through your head. “It” being a bullet.
And people lose their minds.
Oh god. My dad was right.
You didn’t hear that…
You don’t know what land you’re in.
Lower your expectations.
You’re everything you hated.
You might think your dick is a gift. I promise it’s not.
You wanna be happy? Well get in line!”
I won’t settle for less than perfect.
We shouldn’t fight to stay together just to fight again.
Then I said: “EAT A DICK”.
Look at them. They’re just staring at me!”
Okay, you’re angry… I can see that.
Honestly, are you fucking five?”
But see, I think the issue is: I’ve got my father’s temper and I’m emotionally inarticulate.
… I didn’t think you cared.
You think three lousy tears offsets three years of shit?”
I deserve better than you!”
I want to have a daughter.
You don’t even know the half of it.
It’s a tough job and they’re doing their best.
You think you can? I know you can’t.
Dude, you should’ve warned me!”
A part of me loves you. A part of me hates you.
The truth is: my biggest problem’s you.
Get these motherfuckers.
And I don’t think that I can handle this right now.
I should probably just shut up and do my job, so here I go.

Island of Hope PT.1

Characters: You and Hoseok (J-Hope, Hobi), Suga, Namjoon, Jimin

Word Count: 2473

Genre: Smut

“This is it, this is the one!”

You stood in the dressing room eyeing yourself in the bikini that you had been working so hard to make look perfect on you. There was no way now that he would be able to take his eyes off of you… or so you hoped.

The trip that you had been planning with a small group of your friends had been on your mind for weeks. Not only were you excited to get away and unwind… but it was going to be your chance to finally be alone with your crush.

Min Yoongi.

You had been swooning over the raven haired man for months now but you had never even said more than hello to him. In your head, you were madly in love with Yoongi and so you were hoping that on the trip you could talk to him and maybe then he would finally ask you out.

You thought back to when one of your closest friends told you that he was going and how you almost fainted from joy.

“Hobi… Are you being serious? You’re not joking with me right?” You almost squealed.

“Yeah, I guess he decided last minute to join us” Hobi answered.

You jumped out of your seat.

“Ahhhh! Hobi, I have to go! I’ll see you later!”

Hobi looked at you confused.

“Where are you going Y/N?”

“I have to go get ready for this trip!!”

“Y/N, you know that we don’t leave for another few months right?”

You sank back down in your seat and groaned.

“Damn. You’re right……”

A light bulb went off in your head.

“But that doesn’t mean I can’t start early! I have to go shopping! Hobi, wanna come with me?”

You hopped right out of your seat again but he looked at you in disbelief.

“You really like him, don’t you? He asked.

“I think I might be in love!”

A look of concern grew on his face.

“Love? Have you ever even talked to him before?” Hobi asked.

“No… I mean… does saying hello from afar count? Look, I haven’t but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start talking.”

Hobi shook his head. “I don’t know Y/N. I think you should really get to know him first before you start saying crazy stuff like that…”

You groaned again.

“Gosh Hobi, do you want to go shopping with me or lecture me all day?”

“I will lecture you all day if I have too” He said.

You pouted.

“Jung Hoseok… I know you’re not being serious, I’ve known you since 7th grade. You have never lectured me! In fact, it’s usually me lecturing you.”

Now he was pouting.

“Fine Y/N, let’s go. I’ll drive you there.”

You jumped for joy at his defeat.

“You’re the best Hobi! See? This is why you’re my favorite!”

He waved for you to come his way.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Let’s go before I change my mind.”

That was only one of the many trips you took to the mall. You found yourself going back and forth on multiple occasions after that day but today was your last day to shop.

After purchasing your swimsuit, you called Hobi.

“Hey! Are you all ready for the trip tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yep! I just bought myself another swimsuit! Quick question, do you think Yoongi likes the color red?”

“Oh god, Y/N, I am hanging up the phone…”

“No! Sorry, I’ll stop! I’m just so excited! Are you still okay to pick me up for the airport?”

“Yep! I’ll be there a bit later than I planned though. Is 7 okay for you?”

“That just means more time for me to sleep in! Why the sudden change though?”

“I have to go pick up some other folks. It’ll be much easier for all of us to go together.”

“Alright! Sounds good! I’ll see you tomorrow then!”

“Alright Y/N. Make sure you have everything for Hawaii!”

Once you were home, you ran upstairs to your room. As always, it was a mess, but it was a mess only you understood. In the corner of your room was a pile of clothes you had chosen specifically for the trip. Tanks, shorts, and sun dresses were going to be your main attire. There were also some for lounging, but you wanted to look your best.

“Sun screen… check! Bras and underwear… check! Pajamas… check!”

The list went on forever but you packed with joy as you thought of the possibility of you and Yoongi finally talking. 5 days was all you had, but you were determined to make it count. You eyed your red bikini once more and then folded them in with your other swimsuits. Once you were done, you happily laid in bed and drifted off thinking of the days to come.

“Y/N” Yoongi called.

Your eyes grew wide as you turned around to look at him. Somehow you were already on an unfamiliar island and sitting alone with Yoongi by the beach. It was quiet and no one could be seen from miles away. Upon further inspection, you found yourself turning red seeing that he was shirtless and only in his swim trunks next to you. He scooted up to you and slightly turned his head to the side to look at you.

You looked down and gasped at your attire. You were wearing the red bikini that you had just purchased and began to look for something to cover yourself up. A towel or blanket? Anything would be good right now. Fortunately for you, there was a towel nearby and so you picked it up to wrap it around yourself.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked as he continued to watch.

“I.. I.. uh.. I just think I should cover up a bit. It’s a bit cold” You said trying to come up with any lie you could.

He let out a small laugh

“It’s about 90 degrees out here Y/N. Are you really that cold?”

He continued to look at you.

“Y/N, I think I know what this is all about. Is there something you want to tell me?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” You replied while looking away. There was no way you were going to be able to keep yourself composed if you had to keep seeing his beautiful face up close.

“Tsk tsk. I think you know. Hobi told me.”

You turned back to look at him. Did he really?

“If you know then why even bother asking?”

“I want to hear it from you. Why don’t you just admit it to me?”

Yoongi sat questioning you. When you didn’t reply, he continued.

“You know that I like you, right?”

“You do?”


“I like you too Yoongi”

The silence and tension was too much for you to handle. You looked up at him and began to blush at your confession.

He smirked and leaned in to kiss you. As your lips attached together, you felt yourself melting and the need to have him closer to you was growing. You let go of the towel that was now between you and him and then wrapped your arms around to pull him in. As your bodies molded together you couldn’t help but feel how hard he was. Being in swimwear really had its advantages.. you thought.

You guided his hands to your breast and slowly he began to massage them. When you let out a small moan, he looked up at you as to get your permission to continue. You nodded and proceeded to pull your bikini string for him.

“Wow” Yoongi exclaimed.

You went in to kiss him again but he stopped you.

“What’s wrong?” You asked

“I just want everything to be perfect.”

You kissed him again.

“Everything is perfect. Being here with you is all I’ve ever wanted.”

He gently laid you down and began his journey on your body. He nipped at your neck and kissed his way to your breasts. As his hands traveled lower, you heard an alarm go off in the distance.

“What is that noise?” You asked.

“It’s nothing Y/N. Stay here with me”

You ran your hand through his hair but as you did, the alarm got louder.

“Why is it getting louder? I don’t understand where it is coming from… there’s not a building in sight”

Suddenly you realized what the noise was.

When your alarm continued to go off, you almost jumped out of bed. It was all just a dream. A wonderful dream that ended all too soon! You stretched and looked at your clock again. If only that dream was real. You pulled your covers off and made your way to the bathroom to get ready.

Y/N, meet us outside. I’ll be in front of your house in about 5 minutes – Hobi

You squealed.

I’ll be there!!!! You texted back.

You put on your finishing touches and headed out the door with your luggage.

The wait outside was quick. As soon as you walked out, you already saw an all too familiar car coming your way.

You walked towards the car when it pulled up into your driveway and Hobi came out to grab your luggage.

“Geez, did you pack your whole life?” Hobi joked as he opened the trunk to put your suitcase in.

You stuck out your tongue. “You were the one who kept asking if I was ready for the trip. I assure you that I am”

He laughed. “Shotgun is taken by Jimin, Y/N. You’ll have to sit in the back with the others. Not that you’ll mind…”

“What do you mean by that?” You asked.

You opened the back door and stopped dead in your track.

“Hey Y/N”

It was Yoongi.

You stood outside the car baffled. That’s who Hobi was picking up. Why didn’t he tell you anything? You stood staring at him for a bit… unsure of what to do. Your dream was still fresh in your mind and you wondered if it was obvious.

“Are you gonna take a seat?” He asked.

“Oh yes! I was just wondering if I had everything… sorry!”

You got in and took your seat next to him.

“Everyone ready to go?” Hobi asked as he turned around in his seat.

“Yes!” Everyone yelled out.

“It’s gonna be about a 15 minute drive, so hang on. Once we get there we’re gonna meet up with Namjoon”

Inside the car, you stared out the window because you didn’t want to have to look Yoongi’s way. But of course, someone had to call your name.

“Y/N!” Emily called from next to Yoongi.

You turned and she waved excitedly at you. You took a look at Yoongi but he didn’t head any interest. His eyes were closed and earphones were plugged in.

You waved back.

“Are you excited for the trip?” She asked

You smiled “Yes! Were not even on the plane yet but I feel so excited. This is gonna be my first time on a plane”

“I’m glad it’s only going to be about a 5 hour flight there. I wonder how Hobi is going to do… you know, since he’s afraid of everything”

“Hey! I heard that! I’ll be fine”

You and Emily looked and smiled at each other.

Emily looked at Yoongi and then pointed at him as he continued to have his eyes closed with music blaring out of his headphones.

“Have you told him yet?” she asked.

Now was the time when you began to regret telling her about your crush on him.

“Are you being serious? We can’t talk about this here! What if he hears you?”

Emily rolled her eyes.

“Do you really think he can? His music is louder than our talking.”

You looked at your sleeping crush then back at her.

“I haven’t told him yet.”

“You better make your move before someone else snatches him”

“I know” You replied.

“Alright everyone! Out of the car!” Hobi yelled. “Grab your bags and let’s get going!”

You got out and grabbed your suitcase.

“Ready Y/N?” Hobi asked.

You stopped as everyone else went ahead of you guys.


“What’s up Y/N?”

“Can you sit next to me on the plane?”

“You don’t want to sit with Yoongi?”

You shook your head.

“Please Hobi, this is my first time on a plane. I would feel a lot better with you by my side”

He smiled.

“Of course Y/N!”

“Thank you Hobi”

You both ran up to catch up to the group.

“Head count! Me, Y/N, Emily, Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon. Are we all here?”

“For the last time, yes!” Emily replied.

“Alright, let’s go!”

Checking in was no problem. On the plane, you took a seat next to Hobi and waited anxiously.

“Dont think too much about it. It’s only 5 hours Y/N”

As reassuring as he was, you could tell he was scared too. You took his hand in yours and smiled to your best ability in the situation.

“Just 5 hours” You repeated. “We’ll be fine”

The lift off however proved to be just as scary as you thought. You couldn’t help but think of every worse case scenario and held onto Hobi’s hand tighter.

Hobi handed you an earbud.

“Take this, it’ll help you get your mind off of this”

“Thank you” You said as you put the earbud in. The song was one you never heard before.

“Hobi, is this… is this a new song by you?”

He smiled.

“Yes! I’ve been working on it for some time now. What do you think? Is it worthy of being on my mixtape?”

You listened closely to the beat and felt proud for your best friend.

“You have to add this one, Hobi!”

“Whatever you say is my command Y/N. I’ll add it in”

The first few hours weren’t too bad but you found yourself slowly drifting off. You took a look at Hobi and noticed that he was already knocked out. Maybe the others were awake? You turned and saw them all sleeping too. I guess it’s time for me to take a nap too. You thought to yourself. You closed your eyes and fell asleep on Hobi’s shoulder.

After a while, Hobi shifted in his sleep and felt something heavy on him. He opened his eyes and turned to see you sleeping on his shoulder. A few strands of your hair covered your face and so he gently moved his free hand over to move it aside. He couldn’t believe how beautiful you looked as you slept. Looking at his watch, he wished that time would go a little bit slower so that this moment could last.

A/N: JHOOOOOOOOOPE! My Hope! Love! Sunshine! This unfortunately is the end of pt.1. It’s kind of funny, I started this way back in May after I had a dream about BTS! Which makes me curious, do you ever have dreams about BTS? I would love to talk about it because mine feel so real sometimes and then there are some dreams that I have that are just so ridiculous! lol In regards to my other stuff, I’ve been trying to finish A Spectre Of and Lone Wolf. It is taking a bit longer.. but hopefully I finish it this month! That is my goal!

Sunday Ficnic

Theme- Gen

Characters- Lance, Shiro, Pidge, Hunk, Coran, Keith, Allura

Words- 1462

“I miss earth.”

Lance hugged his knees to his chest and rested his chin on top. It wasn’t a very comfortable position, but it almost felt like he was hugging someone. He could remember tucking his little sister under his chin as they watched the sunset on the beach.

“It’s completely normal to miss your home Lance. Nobody’s going to judge you for that,” Shiro’s voice was right behind Lance, but he didn’t bother to turn his head from the observation window. “And if you need to talk, we’re here for you.”

“It’s just…” Lance sighed and turned his head. There were tear tracks that ran down his face and his eyes were red, puffy, and stored an ocean full of sadness in them. “How long has it been since we left Shiro? Weeks? Months? It’s probably coming up on Christmas if it hasn’t passed already. I- I’ve already missed so much, and- and- and Christmas was- It was such a big thing for my family y’know? Everyone would get packed into our little house by the beach, and- and we would all help cook or watch- I would watch the kids. I don’t- what if there are new kids to watch this year, but I don’t know about them cause- cause I’m on the other side of the goddamned universe.”

Lance knew he was working himself into hysterics again, but he just couldn’t stop himself. He couldn’t stop thinking about how he could have a new niece or nephew he may never meet them. They may grow up without knowing who Lance even is.

A soothing hand rubbed up and down his back slowly until he stopped crying. He didn’t know how long they stayed there, quietly looking at the stars and taking comfort in another person, but eventually Lance’s eyelids drooped, and sleep overcame him.


Lance woke up to a quiet room. Which was weird because usually someone was sent to wake him up for a hearty breakfast of green space goo. Usually he would be glad that he didn’t get shaken awake by Hunk or jumped on by Pidge, but the rest of the team has been acting… odd recently. Pidge stole his headphones and claimed they didn’t, Hunk became all jittery and nervous whenever Lance came into the room, and Coran was asking strange questions. Lance even walked into a room once, and as soon as they saw him they all stopped talking.

It was beyond weird, and if Lance were being honest, it freaked him out a bit. They must have been talking to each other about him. What, did they decide that he wasn’t good enough to be a paladin of Voltron or something? He knows that he doesn’t really fit in with them, and he has an okay shot, but he really does need to work on hand-to-hand combat.

But that can’t be it, right? He talked with the team about his insecurities, and he knows that a lot of that is in his head, but the doubt’s still there. And it’s not like Hunk looked guilty when Lance saw him. He looked more… excited. Hunk would never look excited that he was talking about his best bud behind his back.

Then what was up with everybody? Lance had no idea, but he wanted to find out. Today, he thought. I’ll talk about it with them today.

He took off his face mask and left for the dining room. It was oddly quiet the entire way there, which was extremely odd given that you could at least hear Allura’s mice squeaks through the ventilation shafts. Opening up the door to the dining hall, the lights were off.

“Hello? Hunk? Are you in here? What’s going on?” Lance called, holding his hand out in front of him to avoid running into anything. Suddenly, he heard a small squeak on his right and the lights blinked on. Lance covered his eyes, momentarily blinded, when a chorus of voices shouted out “Merry Christmas Lance!”

Slowly opening his eyes, Lance looked up to see the entire Voltron team, Coran and Allura included, gathered around a tree with small paper ornaments  Of course the tree was blue and translucent, but it’s the thought that counts and the thought that made tears well up in his eyes.

Lance cleared his throat and when he thought he had the waterworks under control he said, “What’s going on?”

“Well,” Hunk stepped up. “We heard that you missed having a Christmas so we decided to have our own Christmas in space.” He rubbed the back of his neck and Lance glanced at Shiro, who looked equally sheepish.

“Now that everyone’s here we can light up the tree and everything!” Pidge exclaimed. She snuck under the tree to click on the lights, and Lance’s eyes widened as a smile stretched across his face. It was beautiful.

“C’mon Lance, let’s go eat the Christmas meal me an Coran made,” Hunk grabbed his arm and led him to the table. Lance let him because he was still in awe at all of this. His awe only increased when Hunk brought out the feast that was Christmas breakfast.

“Wow this looks amazing guys,” Lance said. He took a bite out of what looked to be a pancake. “And it tastes amazing too!”

“Lance don’t speak with your mouth full,” Allura scolded, but there was no real malice behind the words.

Lance looked over to see Keith stuffing food into his mouth nonstop, and he almost spat out his own food because of how ridiculous Keith looked. He tried to steal some food off the mullet’s plate only for his hand to be slapped away. Lance laughed, and everyone joined in.

After breakfast was presents apparently. When Lance guiltily brought up that he didn’t have anything to give to anyone, everyone said it was okay.

“Besides dude, you didn’t even know we were going to do this,” Hunk added. Still, Lance made a mental note to make gifts for everyone. It’s better late than never.

Pidge gave Lance his gift first. It was the headphones she stole.

“I gave them some upgrades,” she explained. “Now they can play more songs as well as the sound of the ocean if you want. I couldn’t get the actual ocean sound, but it’s pretty close.”

“Thank you so much Pidge. This means so much to me,” Lance replied.

Hunk gave him a batch of cookies. According to Hunk they should taste similar to snickerdoodles, and Lance would try one if he wasn’t already so full from breakfast.

Coran was next. He gave Lance an Altean device that took a single memory and stored it to play if you shake it. It reminded Lance of a snow globe.

Allura and Shiro teamed up on their gift. They had created more face-mask formulas for Lance to use as well as found a blue lion hat for Lance to wear if he wanted to. It was a bit gaudy, which was perfect.

Keith was last. He refused to meet Lance’s eyes as he held out his gift. It was wrapped in Altean paper, and looked as if someone had rewrapped it ten times before it being satisfactory.

“What’s this? A gift from Mullet?” Lance joked.

“Shut up. Just open it Lance,” Keith was getting redder by the minute.

Lance opened the wrapping carefully and took out the gift. It was a simple stone, smooth and round and small enough to fit into his palm. Lance couldn’t take his eyes off it, and he listened to Keith as he tried to explain the gift.

“It’s nothing much really. I had grabbed it from my shack before I left. Just as a weird hunch you know? It’s a worry stone. I see that you, uh, get a little fidgety from pent up energy sometimes, and I thought that if you had something to do with your hands, you might- I don’t know- be able to focus more? Not like you can’t focus now, it’s just-” Keith’s rambling was cut off by a pair of arms encircling him and a face buried in his shoulder.

“It’s perfect,” Lance whispered. Everything was finally sinking in. They did this, put all of this on just for him. There was no way to stop the tears.

Lance looked up at everyone else and gave them a watery smile, “Thank you guys. It’s perfect. Really.”

Hunk was the first one to join in on the hug, but soon everybody was surrounding Lance with warmth.

Lance’s favorite holiday is Christmas. He knows Christmas isn’t about trees, or food, or gifts; it was about spending time with your family. And being surrounded by all of this love proves that he was doing just that.

cryrael  asked:

Hey I just wanted to drop by and say that I'm absolutely in love with your Generation: Miracle series and I desperately need more stories from that universe! So could you maybe write something with Akashi (cause I love him sm) and the gang going to MM Land like they did in Love Doesn't Discriminate, maybe as some kind of relationship-anniversary group thing to which Furihata persuades Akashi and he's dragged on a rollercoaster and Akashi actually gets sick on it and Furi just cant believe it

Akashi steps off the roller coaster and tries to be subtle about the deep breaths he is taking and his efforts to remain calm and focused.

“That was fun!” Furihata says exuberantly. “We should go on another—Akashi? Are you OK?”

He doesn’t close his eyes, because that would reveal that he is struggling, and it is important not to reveal his struggling. He fixates on Furihata’s voice like a point of harbor—he can concentrate on the sound and remain grounded. He smiles and says, “Yes, I am fine. Which one would you like to go on next?”

“Are you sick?” Furihata asks incredulously.

A quick glance verifies that there are humans who are also reacting slightly to the roller coaster and that seems like a reasonable explanation so he says, “Yes, just a tad. I will compose myself soon.”

But this explanation only causes Furihata to withdraw. Akashi can see him pull back and then set his jaw in a determined way. “No, you’re not. You look like you did when you came back from—from that place.”

Occasionally even he forgets that Furihata was there and that he knows. Akashi swallows because it is very, very hard for him to admit this out loud but Furihata is looking at him with concern and a great deal of willpower and Akashi knows he’s not going to drop this. “I apologize, Furi,” Akashi says slowly. “I was not—prepared. I do not particularly enjoy being strapped in that tight and it reminded me slightly of the simulators Teiko had for—training. I will be better prepared mentally in the future, so I imagine this will not be a problem again.”

This explanation only seems to make things worse. Furihata looks like someone just stabbed him and Akashi doesn’t know where he went wrong and what he can do to get him to stop looking like that. “Akashi—you don’t—I don’t want to go on them if it’s going to be painful for you! You don’t need to get used to it! It won’t be fun if it’s torturing you.”

“It will be fine,” Akashi insists. Because Furihata clearly had fun on these and Furihata deserves to have a boyfriend who can go on a roller coaster with him and Akashi will be damned if he can’t be that person. “I apologize for concerning you, it will not be a problem—”

“Because we’re not going on them again!” Furihata bursts out. “Akashi, you don’t always have to be the perfect boyfriend, OK? I want to be a considerate boyfriend to you too, and I want us both to have fun! It can’t just be me.” He cups Akashi’s face, and the gentle touch is a reminder of everything that is good in this world and Akashi relaxes somewhat.

At all things, he wants to win, and he really wants to win at being a good boyfriend. But looking at it from Furihata’s point of view, he can understand why perhaps his insistence on this matter might do more harm than good. Furihata is clearly not going to enjoy the roller coasters anymore, and even though Akashi hates that he did that, he wants to respect Furihata’s feelings on the matter.

“I just wanted you to have a good anniversary,” Akashi says quietly. “Of our first date.”

Furihata nods, like maybe he understands that it is very hard for Akashi not to conquer every weakness, and he steps in close in a comforting sort of way. “You know, on our first date we didn’t really go on any roller coasters. We just made out a lot behind the rides.”

Akashi follows this train of thought and smiles slowly. “Yes, that’s right. We never did make it to the roller coasters.”

“So, a really good anniversary celebration of our first date would just be a lot of making out, yeah?”

“Yes, Furi, what a wonderful suggestion, I completely agree.”

A/N: ahahaherrr, this was YET ANOTHER “you asked for fluff and I gave you angst,” SORRY! Sorry, friend!! I was stalled on this prompt for a while because I don’t really headcanon Akashi as someone (in D: M, anyway) who would get sick on roller coasters, so then I finally came up with this as a logical compromise and RAN with it. Sorry for the unexpected angst and thank you for the prompt!

crazypup15  asked:

If you're accepting requests and aren't too busy could you write a Hanzo x Reader where the reader is Young! Gengi's private tutor and Young! Hanzo has a crush on them? It would be awesome if Gengi is trying to be an awesome little bro and is trying to be like Hanzo's wing man too.

asbcdguyfv sorry for the late reply, i had sooo much fun writing this, although the outcome wasn’t as i expected haha.

I hope it’s enjoyable tho?? Thanks for requesting this!!

written by mod zenyatta.

word count: 1565.

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anonymous asked:

Would they give up their "thug life" for their s/o?

2P Italy: No. No, no, no. His thug life actually intensifies because now he’s doing all this crazy shit to make sure nobody ever hurts his s/o.

2P Germany: lol yes this guy is a fucking angel for his s/o

2P Japan: Nah. He loves his s/o, but he’s not gonna change the entire structure of his life for them until he’s sure that he’s ready (translation: he’ll drop the thug life when he marries his s/o)

2P Romano: this wimp was never much of a thug in the first place he’d maybe stop taking credit for other people’s designs (for example, he’d try to cut down on the number of times he sends out an angry tweet that says something like “OMFG VERSACI TOTALLY GOT THAT IDEA FROM ME” or “can you believe that those so-called designers at Gucci stole my patterns”

2P Prussia: lol what even is a thug

2P France: he’s too lazy to have a thug life in the first place

2P America: he’s kind of like Luciano, but less extreme. he’d stop beating people up for no real reason and instead give people hell for messing with his s/o.

2P Canada: he was never much of a thug at all but he’ll stop allowing Allen to drag him into his fights

2P England: “poppet, I was looking on Pinterest for some apple pie recipes when I came across the word ‘thug,’ can you tell me what it means?” literally this guy doesn’t even understand the fine art of being a thug

2P China: hell yes. he’d stop doing literally all drugs. he just wants to be the perfect guy for his s/o because hoLY sHiT he’d be devastated if he did something to make them leave him

2P Russia: he looks like a thug because of his angry everything but is actually a nice guy. after he started dating his s/o, he might be so internally content with his life that he’d start trying to be nicer to everyone more often.