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If Ziam is real they clearly have an open relationship because it doesn't take intense digging to find receipts on them sexting girls as recently as the week just gone.

Oh yeah, let’s not question THOSE sources. Because Zayn and Liam are clearly just sitting around slipping into people’s DMs. 

It is a fact that all five members of One Direction have their social media accounts monitored, and often run, by social media managers. The Rye Social is the company that managed (manages?) 1D’s social media account, both for the band and personal accounts.

It’s rare that some information about shady shit that a celebrity as high profile as Zayn Malik or Liam Payne will just appear online organically. Just like, if a celebrity as high profile as Louis Tomlinson, who was in the midst of a world tour with his band whose main demographic is young women and girls, got a rando pregnant, there is no. way. in. hell. that any PR manager would let that story leak. And they CERTAINLY wouldn’t let it leak while the girl was still in her first trimester. 90% of people wait longer to tell their friends and family that they’re pregnant than they did to tell the entire world that she was apparently pregnant. 

My point is, these stories and screenshots and multiple photos taken in clubs that just happen to clearly catch someone looking like they’re standing pretty close to someone else with the flash on are a pretty convenient way of making you question your goddamn sanity. It’s called gaslighting. 

“Liam and Zayn can’t be together! Look at all these chicks they’re sleeping with!”

“Louis can’t be gay! Look at him standing close to a girl!” 

Just because these things are caught with cameraphones and screenshots does not make them immediately legitimate. 

Think about what screenshots like this serve to reiterate. First of all, that Liam and Zayn are straight. And second of all, that they’re complete morons because why would they put their cheating plans in writing? It’s pretty consistent with the media portrayal of both of them from 1DHQ. Well, definitely with Zayn’s character in terms of the cheating thing, but I’m sure Simon Cowell is doing everything he can in his power to discredit Liam’s character at the moment. 

It would be very simple to be like, “Of course they’re going to sleep with lots of girls! They’re young and in the most successful band in the world.” That would certainly be consistent with the rock and roll lifestyle. 

How-ev-er, there is one thing that should be like, “Hi, I’m a red flag!” And it’s this guy:

Niall travelled the goddamn world on a lad’s holiday doing God knows what and we got one or two fan photos. Niall dated Selena Gomez. You know how I know he dated Selena Gomez? Because a friend texted me from Shoreditch House to say, “lol Niall and Selena Gomez are sitting next to us and they keep making out.” 

So you’re telling me that Niall can (semi-)publicly make out with one of the biggest stars in the world and not only do most people not know about it, but not one magazine or newspaper reported on it? But Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry look at a girl crosseyed and it’s a Daily Mail exclusive? 

One of these things is not like the other.  

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Still Got Time

When Liam comes home one evening, his shirt sleeves are uncharacteristically rolled up. 

Zayn notices immediately. Just as Liam had planned.

“Babe?” Zayn whines questioningly, his voice coming out high-pitched. Wondering if it is, could really be, what he thinks it is.

“Gears…” He gulps, grazing his fingers over the large, intricate machinery running up the underside of his boyfriend’s forearm. His eyebrows furrow, looking almost in pain as he continues ascending up his arm. “The… clock.”

He bites his lip so hard, he’s surprised he doesn’t taste blood as he swallows. Finally letting his glance slide up to meet Liam’s, he lets out a shaky breath. 

He waits for Liam to respond, doesn’t want to spoil the moment in case he’s wrong, in case this is for something completely different, something completely unrelated to-

“We still got time,” Liam mumbles, eyes shining as he gives Zayn a watery smile. 

“Liam, you didn’t,” Zayn says shyly, head ducking momentarily as he feels the blush creep up. “I mean,” he stutters on. “It’s just a really rough demo at this point. I don’t even know if it’ll ever become official or anything.”

He laughs almost maniacally, still in shock. He shakes his head in disbelief. “But you went and got it fucking tattooed on your arm.” 

He allows his eyes to dart up to Liam’s. When he sees his worried look, his moment of hesitation, he gives a small smile in an attempt to calm his nerves. “I’m just surprised, babe, but I love it, okay?” He traces his fingers across the skin, exhaling as he feels goosebumps bubble up on Liam’s arm. “I love you,” he finishes, pulling him down for a kiss. 

He keeps his hand carefully draped around the clock. 

“You’re not the only one that gets surprise tattoos, you know,” Zayn says, quirking an eyebrow when he sees Liam’s expression. His eyes look like they’re about to burst out of his head, and Zayn chuckles lowly at the sight. 

“We still got time,” he says shyly, as if this suddenly explains everything, repeating the words Liam had said to him oh so long ago. “More than a year later,” he gulps. “And I know it’s not a clock, per se, but…”

Liam’s hand moves to hover over the initials. He gently traces over the S, then the G. And then finally the T. His eyes catch on the date tattooed below. “Today, babe?” He asks quietly, looking up at Zayn a little hesitantly as if afraid of the answer.

“I don’t want to have time anymore, Liam,” Zayn says cryptically, and Liam’s heart pounds at this, his hands suddenly sweaty as he rubs them against his pant legs. 

The words don’t add up with the new tattoo, with what Zayn’s just said. 

Zayn doesn’t explain further, instead only bending down, one knee bent on the cold, hard, tiled kitchen floor and-


“Liam,” Zayn pleads quietly. “We’ve had time. We’ve had so, so much time. Going on seven years, in fact.” He offers a small smile. “And I’ve loved every single, goddamn minute of it. But-” His voice cracks, tears springing up behind his eyes.

“I don’t want just time anymore. I don’t want to stop looking for love, ‘cause I’ve found it in you.”

He gulps before continuing on quickly, words all blurring together. “And I want to keep finding it, each and every day, right next to you.”

He fumbles for the box in his pocket, huffing out a low breath. He feels suddenly lightheaded, practically ready to crash on the floor from the nerves pounding through him. 

Liam’s shocked expression does nothing to help.

“I’m so…” Zayn gulps, can’t even remember his words. This had all been so planned out, and now he can barely even seem to remember his own name. “Nervous,” he gets out finally.

As he lifts up on the box, he squeezes his eyes shut, afraid to see Liam’s reaction. After a second, he forces himself to look up. He’s surprised when he sees that Liam is no longer standing above him, but rather squatted down to his level. He carefully lifts his hands to Zayn’s cheeks. “Worry about the ring later, then, Z,” he grins, gently bringing Zayn’s lips to his. 

Liam pulls back just slightly, eyes darting up to the other boy’s. “You have a enthusiastic yes from me, by the way.” He gives him a soft look, a full grin filling his face when he sees Zayn light up. “And no ring is ever gonna change that.” He rubs his thumb along Zayn’s lower lip thoughtfully. “Besides, we have all the time in the world now, babe. There’s no rush.”

I have no idea what possessed me to write this, I apologize.

“Stop giggling,” Liam huffed out, trying to stifle his own laugh.

“Stop being ridiculous,” Zayn countered, still laughing, his tongue pressed behind his teeth, cheeks rising, laugh lines across his face.

“Come on Zed, let me take your photo,” he tried to convince his boyfriend for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last few minutes.

“You have enough pictures of me,” Zayn said, swatting Liam’s hands away as he started to make a grabbing gesture. “There’s enough pictures of me on the internet and this house.”

“Your Versace pictures deserve better,” Liam replied, dropping his hands and getting serious. “We’re supposed to believe someone who loved you took those photos. Please, my nan could’ve done better. Let me do it. You still have the clothes and I have wicked skills on my iPhone. Add a seductive filter or something.”

Zayn sighed and leaned his head against the back of the couch he was currently sitting on. The Versace photos were a tad abysmal, he looked great which was always a plus. But, the photos didn’t show off him or the clothes properly. His people and Versace didn’t seem to care, as long as they got a cut of the profits. It had bothered him for some time now, this was supposed to be a huge fashion campaign and it was being treated like a child showcasing their hobby. Newsflash, the child needed to find a new hobby. For the last ten minutes Liam was now trying to convince him to have their own fashion shoot, mostly to just cheer Zayn up.

“Please,” Liam begged, pushing out his bottom lip in an adorable pout that always got to Zayn.

Zayn lazily traced Liam’s bottom lip with his thumb, humming when Liam grazed the digit with his teeth. “Fi-fine.”

Liam immediately beamed with excitement, jumping off the couch. “I love you. You won’t regret this.”

Ten minutes later Zayn was standing in one of their numerous closets, pulling out the specific clothes he wore for the Versus campaign. Liam was doing something outside in the garden, only telling Zayn to hurry up before they lost the daylight. Zayn undressed in the middle of the room, pulling on a pair of black jeans and a leather coat. Liam wanted to be as authentic as possible, copying each look Zayn wore in the campaign photos. After he was properly dressed he checked out his hair quickly in the mirror, letting it out of the tie he had holding it together on the top of his head. He shook his head to let the hair fall where it pleased and walked towards their garden. Once outside he just observed Liam who was running back and forth setting things up, Watson running right behind him thinking it was a game. A boisterous laugh leaving Zayn’s mouth alerted Liam to his presence.

“Beautiful,” Liam declared after getting a good look at Zayn. “Let me get this terror back inside and we’ll begin. Stand by the tree and I’ll be right with you babe.”

Liam dragged Watson back into the home by his collar as he whined the entire time, disappointed that play time was already over. He made sure the door was closed securely to make sure none of their other dogs decided to crash the party. He walked to where Zayn stood by the tree and adjusted the jacket he was wearing, not saying a word. He kneeled down to adjust the jeans and smiled up at Zayn, wiggling his eyebrows as seductively as possible. Zayn just shook his head and laughed, he was dating a toddler stuck in a grown mans body, but he loved him anyway. Liam stood back up and slowly walked backwards, taking his iPhone out of his back pocket. He pressed a few button on his phone, just nodding his head the entire time.

“Okay, just act natural,” Liam instructed.

“Cause this is natural,” Zayn scoffed. “An impromptu photo shoot in me garden.”

“Quiet on set!” Liam barked out his direction. “We’re gonna lose the sun if you don’t pipe down.”

With another shake of his head Zayn got silent and just let Liam shoot away, only moving when instructed. He knew never to interrupt when Liam got into his creative zone. He trusted him, trusted that he wasn’t going to make him look foolish. Zayn knew that the photos were going to showcase him in a way he’d want. After twenty minutes in front of the tree he was told to put on a shirt and go into the bedroom for their next location. Once he was changed again he walked into their room as Liam was fixing the blinds, making the room as dark as possible. He had no idea what Liam’s plans were but he just went with it. Liam instructed him to lay on the bed, leaning up on just one elbow. Like before, Zayn just went with whatever Liam told him to do because he trusted him and his odd vision. After a few shots were takien as he leaned on his elbow he was told to move up towards the headboard to capture a more relaxed feeling. Whatever.

“Are these even coming out okay?” Zayn finally asked once they wrapped their second set of shots.

“Babe, you’re doing amazing,” Liam told him honestly, cradling his cheek in his palm. “They should’ve used me for the shoot. Now go put on the white outfit and meet me in the bathroom.”

Zayn sighed and shook his head once more. “You’re relentless.”

“Love you too,” he replied. “Now hurry.”

The last shoot lasted another fifteen minutes with Liam having Zayn sit in the tub as he took the photos. It was all a tad bizarre but hopefully Liam knew what he was doing and what his vision for this whole nonsense shoot was. After the shoot was completed Liam wouldn’t let Zayn see the photos until he was changed and back in their bedroom. Liam grabbed his laptop and his USB port and sat on the bed, working his magic and waiting for Zayn to change. Once Zayn got back in the room Liam was still silent, clicking away on his computer.

“Done?” Zayn asked, crawling into the bed.

“Shh,” Liam silenced him, never looking up from the screen in front of him. “Almost.”

“So secretive,” Zayn joked, trying to look over Liam’s shoulder at the laptop, but he just kept moving it away from prying eyes.

“Patience love.”

Zayn sighed indignantly as he waited, even though he really had no idea what he was really waiting for, but Liam told him to wait. He grabbed his phone off the nightstand and played a game or two of solitaire, losing each time, to take his mind off the wait. Liam kept tapping away at his keyboard, clicking the mouse a few times to probably seem busier than he actually was. It was slowly driving Zayn crazy. He wanted to know what Liam was doing, especially with some of the more seductive photos he took on the bed and in the tub. Those pictures were not allowed to leave this home and no one else but the two of them were allowed to see them. He could just imagine the joke Louis would make at his expense if he saw them. Like Louis hadn’t done something similar with Harry after he cut his hair recently.

“Done,” Liam declared proudly, shifting his laptop over from his lap to the empty spot between them.

“Li-Liam,” Zayn gasped in awe. He looked between the laptop and Liam a few times, making sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. The photos looks incredible, especially after Liam used his impressive photoshop skills. They looked way more professional that his supposed professional ones. He didn’t look foolish, he looked like a proper high fashion model. “Wow.”

“You like them?” Liam asked timidly, his top teeth chewing at his bottom lip. “I-I tried to make them look as professional as an iPhone can make them.”

“These are amazing,” he spoke in a hushed voice, his fingers ghosting over the screen. Touching to make sure it was really real, that he wasn’t imaging what was right in front of him. “They look, they look beautiful.”

“The photographer loves you,” Liam argued, smiling his wide smile. “Thinking about sending them anonymously to Versace, show them how good you truly are in front of the camera.”

“Don’t you dare,” he snorted, playfully hitting Liam’s arm.

“Fine,” Liam gave him. “Maybe I’ll make these our Christmas cards, send them out to our friends and family. Our mum’s would get a kick outta them.”

“Sure Liam,” he pacified him, knowing never to rile Liam up when he went on one of his many tangents, not matter where the tangent took him. “And the more provocative shots? Where are those going?”

“I’m blowing them up and putting them around the house,” he teased, laughing as Zayn’s eyes grew wider in shock and horror.


“I’m not kidding,” he replied, clicking the mouse to show Zayn the photos. “Babe, can you imagine them around the house? Over the bed? Maybe the tub?”

“I’m not going to win this fight,” he gave in with a sharp exhale. “You’re lucky I love you Liam James Payne.”

“I know,” he laughed gladly accepting a kiss from the love of his life and his lifelong muse in all things creative.

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Ok but since you're in the Liam mood, in a Ziam is real world, what is Zayn's reaction to Liam coming out of the room looking like that? What does he do??

Zayn’s not expecting it, is the thing. 

He knows that Liam looks absolutely fantastic in suits, he does. He’s been in the band with him for five years, he knows more than anyone that Liam in a suit is better than his dad’s samosas on a Saturday night, and that says something. He’s prepared, he thinks.

Turns here’s no way he could ever be prepared for what Liam actually looks like this evening, so when Liam walks into the living room looking like everything Zayn used to fantasize about before he actually met Liam and immediately knew he wouldn’t want another person anymore, ever, it’s like his brain stops having any kind of functioning thought beyond ‘what the fuck’ and ‘oh my god’ and ‘please’.

What actually ends up coming out is a whimper.

“What do you think?” Liam says with a smile, and it’s supposed to come across as bashful, but it’s not what it looks like at all. It’s filthy, is what it is. 

When he doesn’t answer, Liam stares at him, his eyes twinkling behind the frames of his glasses, and Zayn didn’t even know that Liam had these glasses, has only seen him with his old frames on, but it’s taking his breath away. The way his hair is carefully styled into a wavy part is making him ache to run his hands through it, to mess it up until a strand falls into his face as he pounds into Zayn, and the way his suit fits around his waist, the edge of the sleeves stopping just where the handtattoo peeks out, force the thoughts about Liam fucking him quickly to make way for Liam fingering him open, rose petals meeting with Zayn’s arse cheeks the deeper Liam’s fingers bury themselves inside him, and –

“Z?” Liam inquires, and Zayn has to drag his eyes up from his hands to actually look his boyfriend in the face.

“You look like my wet dream come true,” Zayn breathes out, his body humming with arousal. It’s running through his veins, quickening his heartbeat, and he’s already starting to get hard in his jeans. Why isn’t he getting a grip?

“Is it the glasses? Are they just artsy enough for you to finally give me that hipster look you’ve always wanted?” Liam teases, but his blush gives him away, and Zayn has the feeling that he knows exactly what kind of filth is going through his brain right now.

“It’s everything,” he says, but it doesn’t quite seem to cover what he’s feeling. “You’re everything.”  It still doesn’t cover it, and something in him snaps at the realization that he can’t say what he means, easing forward and tugging Liam into his chest until he can kiss him properly, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth and biting down on it hard until Liam cannot help but groan into his mouth.

“This is unfair,” Liam sighs in between kisses, stepping forward so their groins align, and god, Liam is just as hard as Zayn is, but they have no time, there’s only five minutes to spare until he has to leave -

“Do you know what’s unfair? You looking like this and me not being able to fuck you like this,” he groans in return, giving Liam’s dick a squeeze while he kisses his neck, “You do know Malik means king as well, yeah? What does she have that I don’t, babe?” 

“Please, ah – fuck, I might be meeting the queen, but you know the only one that will ever rule me is you,” Liam whines as he arches into the touch. His hand goes down to Zayn’s arse cheeks, thumb catching where he knows Zayn’s hole is situated, and Zayn shudders as he realises it’s the hand that has the rose carved into its skin.

“Prove it.” Zayn bites down on a moan, shuddering against Liam’s body and arching into his touch, and embarrassingly, he can feel he’s getting close just from this, just from Liam looking like a businessman while knowing what he gets up to behind closed doors, and it’s hotter than it has any right to be, hotter than Zayn’s brain can handle. His dick twitches in his pants as he ruts against Liam’s leg, hands roaming beneath the back of Liam’s jacket. He can feel his release approaching, can feel his fingers starting to shake, that delicious feeling of almost there burning in his stomach, the adrenaline making his brain foggy.

“Can you come for me just like this?” Liam whispers into Zayn’s ear, breath warm against his neck. Zayn nearly mewls, thrusts getting more eratic, and he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t, he wants to be fucked properly, wants to take his time with Liam but they can’t.

“No,” Zayn whines, refusing to look Liam in the eye because it will do him in, but it’s useless to fight Liam’s dick hard against his or to stop his hands on Liam’s back from pulling him impossibly closer.

“I think you can, babe, and I know you want to, so just do it, yeah?” Liam whispers, free hand going up to Zayn’s hair as he tugs, and, well, fuck.

“Liam, ah, fucking hell,” he moans, everything coming to a halt right there and black hits his eyes, the whole world spinning beneath him as he blindly bites down on Liam’s tie, orgasm hitting him and warmth flooding his pants. 

It’s quiet for a few seconds, until Liam laughs quietly above his head and tries to untangle Zayn from his body.

“If I knew this is what it would do to you, I would’ve worn this much sooner,” he smirks, leaning in to give Zayn another lingering kiss, slipping him just a bit of tongue that’s enough for Zayn’s brain to get foggy again. 

Zayn pulls back, forcing himself to take a step back and smooth out the few wrinkles in Liam’s suit that he’d put in there.

“Just get out,” Zayn sighs, his cock giving a hopeless twitch, and he already knows he’ll spend the rest of the night wanking himself silly. 

It’s worth it, though.

ok but tbh…. bi!liam. let us discuss this cause i’m still not over it. and also how it fits into ziam narrative. cause like. 

zayn always knew he was bi. even before x factor. but i imagine liam didn’t think much of how he used to look at muscular guys and WANT. he just thought it was envy, cause he got bullied all the time. he wanted to be strong. then he goes on x factor, meets zayn. and doesn’t understand why he can’t stop staring at his lips, his cheekbones, his eyelashes. he convinces himself it’s cause zayn is so attractive, liam’s just a little jealous is all. and he can’t stop staring at zayn’s mouth because that’s where his voice comes out and liam thinks his voice is AMAZING. and he’s just scoping out the competition, after all… 

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I have no idea what possessed me to write this. I just miss my boys and I miss their fetus days when everything was so fresh, new, and exciting.

“Everyone on the buses!” Paul’s voice boomed in the underground carpark. “Three hour drive ahead of us, plus we’re crossing the border into Canada, boys. Get comfortable and get used to it.”

After the brief instructions everyone scattered to do whatever last minute things needed to be done before they departed. Another successful show under their belts, this time in Seattle. The Take Me Home tour was winding down, just a few more weeks before a month off. Australia was waiting for all of them after their much needed break, right now they were just going to be concerned with what was ahead of them. The two buses were parked next to each other, the two buses behind those were filled with the crew, makeup, hair, and wardrobe people. Niall hopped on the second bus, saying something about catching some sleep before getting to the hotel. Louis and Harry were whispering to each other in front of the first bus, saying their goodbyes for the next few hours. Harry knew that Bus 1 was specifically for Louis and Zayn, a sacred place. A place for them to wind down the way they wanted to wind down.

“I hate when you’re away from me for hours,” Liam pouted, fixing the strap of his bag over his shoulder. “Niall sleeps all the time and Harry mopes that he’s away from Lou, like we don’t live in in each other’s pockets anyway.”

“And what do you do, hmm, Liam?” Zayn asked, smirking as soon as he saw Liam’s cheeks pink up. “All that time on the bus, you must do something to occupy your time, right?”

“Read,” he answered with a shrug of his shoulders. “Or write. Anything to occupy my time when I can’t sleep.”

“So talented, you are,” Zayn praised, his voice hardly above a whisper. He loved when they were like this, inmate but in a public place. A place where they could blend in but stick out at the same time. Everyone around them was preoccupied with their own things to pay them any mind. “You’re always welcome onto my bus with Lou.”

“Yeah?” Liam asked, eyes wide and full of hope. He’d been allowed on their bus before, for short rides, from the arena to the hotel or from New York to New Jersey. Never overnight, hours long drive. Louis would never let him.

Zayn nodded, brushing the wet hair off Liam’s forehead. “You know I love being with you, Payno. It’s Lou who keeps saying no. If he says no, its no.”

Liam sighed, eyes following Zayn’s soft fingers against his forehead and as they trailed down his face, softly tickling under his chin, causing both of them to smile wide. “It’s only a few hours, we’ve done it before. We’re gonna be roomies in Vancouver though, yeah?”

“Of course,” Zayn was quick to respond, rolling his eyes, like that question even needed to be asked.

“Buses please!” Paul shouted once more, looking directly at Liam and Zayn. “You two, busses now!”

“Okay dad,” Zayn playfully taunted their tour manager. “Whatever you say, pops.”

“Malik,” Paul calmly said, looking directly at Zayn. “Bus.”

“Go,” Liam coaxed him, gently pushing him into the direction of his bus. “I’ll see you in a few hours, Zed, promise.”

“Call me when you get bored or can’t sleep,” he told him, “or when Haz starts snoring too loud, or anything really, okay?”

“I can occupy my time without you just fine,” he laughed, “but thank you for your suggestions.”

Zayn watched as Liam walked away, heading towards the bus. His eyes never left him as he saw Liam board the bus and wave to him out the window before what looked like Harry dragged him into the back and out of his view. He sighed as he made his way towards his bus, the music already vibrating. Louis was already in party mode. He greeted the driver before making his way towards the back room, past their bunks and all the random crap they accumulated through the weeks on the road.

“Bro!” Louis acknowledged him, arms out wide and a cigarette already in his mouth. “No. No, no, no, no, no.”

“What?” Zayn asked, confused. He was looking around, looking for anything that seemed out of ordinary, anything that seemed off somehow.

“You have that face,” Louis said, dropping his hands, taking the cigarette out of his mouth and having it in Zayn’s direction. “The I just left Liam face.”

Zayn snorted, taking the cigarette from Louis and taking a pull. “I don’t know what kind of face you’re talking about, dude.”

Louis pursed his lips together, tilting his head to the side. He didn’t really need to say anything, his body language spoke volumes for him. He shook his head before he sat down on the plush couch that lined that back wall. He patted the empty seat next to him. “Malik, I think it’s time you and I had a talk. Man to man.”

“Ok,” he let out slowly, taking one last pull of the cigarette before putting it out in one of the ashtrays that lined the windows. He hesitatingly sat next to Louis, skeptical of everything around him.

“You’re in love with Liam,” Louis said bluntly, no hesitation in his voice. Not even a slight indication that he was at all teasing Zayn. “Absolutely in love with the lad.”

“N-no, no, no I’m not,” Zayn told him, laughing as he denied the allegation. “I love him, yeah, but I don’t love him. You know?”

“I do know,” Louis nodded. “I was in your position not that long ago, remember? I was freaking out, not realizing what I was feeling. Didn’t want to ruin the band once I realized what I was feeling for Harold was actually love.”

“That’s different,” he reminded him. “You and Harry are actually together, Liam’s with Danielle.”

Louis shifted his position on the couch, getting himself comfortable as he sat up straight and faced Zayn. “I made myself a little checklist once I realized things had changed between myself and Harry.”

“You’re joking,” Zayn scoffed. “I’m not going to sit here for the next three or so hours and listen to you babble on about nonsense, I could’ve went on the other bus for that.”

“Liam’s bus you mean?” Louis teased him, purposely batting his eyelashes for dramatic effect.

“And Naill and Harry’s bus,” Zayn completed for his friend, rolling his eyes as he did. “You’re ridiculous, Lou, honestly.”

“The checklist,” Louis began, pulling his phone out of his back pocket. “Are you ready to answer these openly and honestly?”


“Excellent,” Louis replied, scrolling vigorously through his phone. “Question one. Actually, close your eyes.”

“What? No!” Zayn exclaimed. “You were being ridiculous before now you’re bordering on insane.”

“Close your eyes,” he repeated sternly, using his big brother voice he often used back at home with his sisters. He scoffed as Zayn let out a sigh but eventually closed his eyes. “Good. Question one, when you think about your future do you picture Liam in it?”

Zayn’s eyelids fluttered, a clear indication that he was rolling his eyes. This was not what he had in mind when he realized he was going to be riding on Bus 1 with Louis. “Yeah. I picture Liam in my future, especially if this band is still together, meaning you Haz, and Nialler are all in my future as well you knob.”

“For fuck’s sake, Malik,” Louis huffed, throwing his free hand up in the air. “The band aside for now, think about Liam and just Liam.”

“Fine,” he gave in. “When I think about my future do I picture Liam in it? Yeah, of course. Besides you he’s my best mate.”

Louis let out a snort at the reply but decided to keep on going. “When you start and end your day, is Liam on your mind?”

“Well,” he began, letting out a breath, “if we’re being completely truthful, he is, despite the fact that I usually share a room with him too. I always tend to be thinking about him.”

“Good,” Louis acknowledged, smirking, glad Zayn couldn’t see his grin. “The next question is the most important in my opinion. Remember, things that happen within the group do not count, okay? Okay. When good things happen to you is Liam the first person you want to tell?”

The buzzing of the tires on the road and the air conditioner were the all noises filling the room. Zayn’s breath sounded a little panicky, a little labored, and the sweat on his brow was more prominent, obvious to the naked eye. Louis felt a little unnerved, concerned for Zayn. He didn’t realize that one simple questions was going to have such a physical reaction. He didn’t know whether to say something or let whatever was happening, happen.

“Bro?” Louis quietly asked.

Zayn let out a puff of hot hair. He opened his eyes and his pupils were red, bloodshot, looked like they just smoked and hot boxed themselves. “I’m in love with Liam.”

Louis’s face broke out in a wide smile, he didn’t want to get sappy and sentimental, but that shit was cute. “Yeah, you are.”

“Dude, I’m in love with Liam,” he repeated in disbelief. “Like in love with Liam.”

“I know.”

“I want to hold him, and kiss him, and fuck him, and protect him from this world, especially from you Tommo,” he realized, shaking his head as he spoke.

“Oi!” Louis yelped, faux offended. “Payno deserves a good ribbing every now and then.”

Zayn leaned up against the back of the couch, digging into his pants pocket to pull out his pack of cigarettes. He took one out and immediately lit it, sucking in the nicotine quickly. “You tell anyone what I just said you’re dead, got it?”

“Secret is safe with me, Malik, promise,” he assured his best friend, snatching the cigarette from between Zayn’s lips.

anonymous asked:

WRITE THE ONE DIRECTION RAISES A KID TOGETHER AU PLEASE OR AT LEAST A DRABBLE i love this idea too much i apologize for the shouting love you byyyyeeeee xx

“Alright,” Liam sighs, already tired. “I’m going to ask one more time. Which one of you did this?”

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Zayn cancelled last night because of all this shit going on with Liam? My poor boys. My poor heart

I think that’s the biggest issue here, nonnie, but not the only thing. I mean, he hopefully IS actually working on Z2, but I suspect it’s way more than that. He’s very clearly going through a tough time.

Imagine how awful it is to have to listen to Liam talk about Chiam/Conchobear non-stop all of a sudden. I mean he went as far as referring to that vapid woman as his wife FFS. My heart breaks into a million pieces when I think about how Zayn must feel hearing that.

He’s looked unbelievably sad and was seen sporting a couple of injuries, too. I mean, just look at my poor baby on this Zigi pap stroll:

(This hurts my heart so bad, guys.)

On top of that, he had to endure Liam dragging him publicly for the first time ever for no other reason than to shut down any more of that pesky Ziam chatter that might poke holes into the manufactured heterosexual nightmare that is Chiam. 

With Liam busy trying to convince the world that he’s the straightest of bros and not romantically involved with his former male band member, it’s no surprise that Zayn’s in no mood to do the same with G*gi  (not that he ever was really). He swerved on stunting with her at the Met Gala and now the BBMA’s pretty much back to back so I think he’s making it clear that he needs to be left alone to deal with this mess.

I also suspect that he would’ve been encouraged to reciprocate the narrative and throw shade back at Liam/1D to reinforce Zayn vs OT4 and he’s definitely not the one right now. Plenty of reasons for him to be like

I honestly don’t blame him. I hate that he has to miss out on much-needed promo but we all know that Zayn sucks at hiding his emotions so I completely understand where he’s coming from. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to do shit either except sit on the couch with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and my dogs, watch shit TV and give the world the finger tbh.

Sigh. All in all, this is how I’m feeling right about now, nonnie:

anonymous asked:

4 10 14

4. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

This is not recent, but it might be more coherent and amusing! I did this short comic last October, accidentally got water on it (you can still see the rippled parts…)  so I left it pressed in a book, and forgot about it until I found it again recently:

It’s about the cow costume from Niall’s skit with James Corden! Thought it would fit with Farmer Harry. Once upon a time I would have seen this cartoon to polished digital completion, but I think the optimal posting date on this one has long passed…so I will just show it as it is.  (All my drawings start out on paper like this, actually. I have this arbitrary habit of folding a printed page in half, and drawing only on that half for any particular project…the other half is sort of a brainstorming a ‘test page’ lol)

As for recent drawings…I did this sketch I did on a whim (Beware! Super messy!):

It’s ot5 cosplaying Team Rocket, yeah yeah? :D  Pink topknot Zayn as Jessie, with Liam as Jessie’s pokemon Arbok, and lavender cinnamon-roll hair Louis as James, with Harry as James’ pokemon Weezing. And of course, Niall as Meowth.

It’s in a very early drawing stage, so that’s why it looks so haphazard like that. (There are some key decisions I have not yet made: for example, whether I should make Zayn faithfully sport Jessie’s miniskirt-and-thigh-high-boots combo or should I just give him pants lol) I guess there is a gigantic difference between how my sketches look and how my final art looks….I see it as my way of bringing a blurry idea into focus gradually, you know? It is crystal clear in my mind, but my hand takes several approximations to get it right, and I don’t bother to erase much in the meantime.

I’m not sure if I should finish this drawing…when I started it was just a self-indulgent thing, I don’t know if anybody else might be interested in this. It was fun in my mind though. Zouis as Team Rocket just feels so right to me, haha!

10. Who is your favorite artist? Who/What inspires you?

Truthfully, when I first started drawing 1D in early 2015 my drawings were SO embarrassing, and all the 1D artists I encountered awed and inspired me. I guarantee you that most of the skills I learned since then, was acquired from observing techniques of this fandom’s pantheon of fantastic artists. 

Outside of this fandom, I also love the art of @c-cassandra , @iguanamouth, @cyarindraws !

14. What is your favorite color?

It’s the kind of green I have in the background of my icon! It’s a soothing color to me. My favorite types of palette to work with is that very kind of bluish-green, paired with diluted muted yellows, dark blues, and contrasted with a reddish-orange. Although, for someone who typically doesn’t do much coloring, I probably should just say black is my favorite color 😂

Thank you for asking!

Ask the Artist

anonymous asked:

There is one problem for Liam because this new persona he has adopted isn't going over well. He is ridiculed for the chains, just trying too hard overall. This is not even by 1D fans, just generally. Nothing comes naturally to him. Louis, Niall, and Harry are easily engaging. But now that Harry cannot answer a question, he is turning people off. In some ways, Liam is trying to be Zayn and that's a problem. The music will be good, but not sure if he has star potential and I think he wants it.

I agree. This new urban look does look forced. The heavy metal chains just scream look at me. But the thing is, I have no doubt his music is going to be spot on and be so well received. I personally would recommend toning it down but at the end of the day if this is his actual style then, who am I too judge.🌻

anonymous asked:

I know you've already wrote one but maybe a drabble of ziam going grocery shopping with their little goddaughter brook and they lose her for a moment because they're bickering over something

“Pleaseseeeeeeeeeee,”  Brooklyn’s definitely been to Zayn’s school of getting   her own way with one word, and the use of her eyes as the biggest weapon.

She’s currently sat in the front of the trolley in the small seat. Her request.  She’s now begging to  get out.  

Liam exchanges a helpless  glance with Zayn that says “How can i refuse this face?”  before he turns his attention back to Brooklyn.

“Okay young lady, but don’t run off, and don’t steal food and eat it until we’ve paid for it okay?”

She blinks her eyes and then solemnly, slowly, nods her head up and down to confirm her compliance. 

Liam leans down and picks her up and he’s about to put her on the floor when she throws her arms around his neck and kisses him. 

“Fank you Uncle Lim.”

And then she’s  gone, well only four or five feet away from them, but she runs back and forth, collides with Zayn’s leg twice, almost becomes part of the trolley as she collides with it and then stops still, looks up at Zayn and Liam  grins widely,  giggles and then starts running round again. 

She’s exhausting in the best possible way.

“Anyway, like I was saying, you promised we’d have a rematch, if you’re going to welch on the bet, then well I’ll just assume you’re some wuss who’s terrified of my mad skillz on fifa.”

Liam snorts and looks across at Zayn, he’s not shut up about the rematch since the moment Liam trounced him 12 -1 in a game last night.  

“I’d have thought that rather than a rematch, you’d want to burn the game, pretend it never existed and try to work out how to get past the first five minutes of the walking dead without turning into a zombie.”

Zayn shakes his head. 

“It’s a good job we aren’t in the fruit and veg  aisle or I’d be plotting your impending  death by some kind of heavy vegetable.”

Quick as a flash Liam fires back.

“Yeah, and just like in Fifa, you’ll miss and knock out some random bystander in the crowd or in this case in the supermarket and I’ll spend the next 10 years visiting  you in jail and explaining  on interviews that yeah, Jonathan, Zayn won’t be releasing  music for all that time and it’s all because he’s a shit loser and got into a strop over being shit at Fifa.”

He feels the light punch on his arm, and the “I hate you, you smartarse knob,” but then Zayn smiles, “Maybe we should play frogger instead or get on the arcade games instead, you’re well shi-.”

Zayn stops talking mid insult,  the smile disappears and its replaced by panic. That’s not a facial expression Liam’s familiar with on Zayn but it’s clear and even before he turns away, even before he hears Zayn’s next words, it’s like the bottom’s fallen out of his world.  

“Where’s Brooklyn?”

Liam’s eyes dart to in front of the trolley and she’s not there, he moves around in a 360 degree circle, eyes roving  everywhere and still no sign. 

He drags a hand through his hair, bites at his lip and sees Zayn do the same right before Zayn starts moving  forward, saying  quickly “You go down that aisle, and I’ll go down that aisle,” he signals with his hand and then he’s gone.

Liam pushes the trolley to the side, apologising to the woman he nearly strikes with it and then he’s walking, almost running  down one aisle, trying not to think of all the scenarios that could happen, praying  to anyone he can think of for them not to have to make the phone call. 

Then he walks down another, and another, and there’s still no sign.  As he reaches the end of the alcohol aisle, he sees Zayn who’s walking towards him, forehead creased in concern, and he knows he mirrors the same expression as he doesn’t see Brooklyn running behind him.

“What do we do?” Liam asks as they stand in front of each other.

Their eyes meet, and well the logical answer, the best answer,the only answer really is to call Caroline, call security or somehow develop eyes that can look everywhere and find out exactly where Brooklyn is right now.

Oh, and keep praying.

Liam hears a deep breath, then Zayn’s speaking.

“We think like Brooklyn, that’s what we do, we’ve come here to this supermarket loads of times with her Li, and we even talked about it before, she may have even heard me say it and it was like a siren call for her, we know how much she loves them,”  Zayn says nothing  else as he starts walking , picking  up the pace before he  glances around and calls.

“Well, are you coming or not?”

Liam has no idea where they’re  going until just before they get there, and it hits him and of course, it’s so obvious.  Except not really, cause what other 3 year old children would prefer the fruit and veg aisle to the aisle with all the soft toys and games?

Other 3 year olds don’t matter though, never will until it’s time for them to have a 3 year old in their lives. 

They reach the fruit and veg section, eyes scanning everywhere and they don’t see her initially, each of them standing in a  slightly different place, until Liam takes a step forward closer to the cauliflowers and he sees a woman with a uniform.  

A Sainsbury’s uniform who’s crouched down and talking to someone who’s sitting behind the pillar next to the cauliflowers and broccoli on the shelves so he moves closer, calling Zayn’s name as he does.

“And how old is Colin? Can Colin tell me where your parents are?”

“Colin’s four,” Liam hears but any other response is lost as Zayn joins him, lets out a relieved sigh and well, same and they take the couple of steps forward, round the plllar and there she is.

Cmpletelyunphased, completely enraptured by the little army of cauliflowers and broccoli that sit next to her, completely engrossed in telling the shop assistant, each of their names and ages.

Talking of ages, Liam was 23 when he walked in this supermarket an hour ago, he reckons he’s about 93 now. 

“Eh Miss Brooklyn, what did we say about not running off?” Zayn puts his hand on his hip as he says it, wags his finger and then kneels down next to Brooklyn.

Zayn probably needs to work on  #strictdadzayn before they have kids as Brooklyn giggles as he settles next to her, and then presses a kiss to her forehead.

Liam smiles, probably the weakest smile he’s ever smiled, and now that they’ve found her, now that they don’t need to make the call, he feels almost boneless with the weight of the relief and he sags as his body leans against the pillar and looks down at Brooklyn and Zayn.

Till he hears a throat clear, and a small cough and he looks up and the shop assistant is standing in front of him, head tilted to one side.

“I remember now, you bringing  this little one in before, except it’s been a while, though I’ve seen you both in here before together, my sister loves you both,” she shakes her head then, “Sorry, probably shouldn’t have said that I’ve seen you both, but we’re ever so quietly proud that you come to our shop and that you’re local boys so anyway, this little one was fine,  she was just telling  me all about her little family there while she was waiting  for her Uncle Lim and Unc Zay.”

Liam smiles, reaches a hand forward towards her, looks at the name badge and says “Thank you Lynn, for your discretion and for looking after this little menace.”

He half considers offering a picture, except it would have to be just one of them ,but she excuses herself before he gets the chance and it’s just them then.

He kneels down in front of Zayn and Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s still chattering on about her broccoli and cauliflower family while Zayn rests his hand on her shoulder, and as Liam kneels down he does the same on her other shoulder.

“Hey Brook, you, me and Uncle Zayn need to have a talk about what it means when we say not to run off in the supermarket, okay?” 

He’s quite proud of the serious tone in his voice and he exchanges a  glance with Zayn who  gives him an approving nod.

“OKAY Uncle Lim, can Colin and Bob and Berta and Cawoline come too?” 

Yeah, maybe #strictdadliam needs some work too. 

She stands up then, attempting to hold the vegetables before 2 of them slip out of her hands, but Zayn’s there catching them before he and Liam stand up too.

“Yeah, okay,” says Liam, and he could suggest that they carry on with shopping , and he’s sure their trolley would still be where they left it, but he’s done with Sainsburys for this weekend. 

“How about we pay for Bob, Colin, Caroli,- I mean Cawoline, “ he corrects as Brooklyn sends a withering look, that’s her mother’s to a tee, his way., “and Berta and then we head to McDonalds drive thru and go home.”

“So Lim can beat Unc Zay?” 

Liam laughs and Brooklyn looks entirely too pleased with herself.  

“ getting dragged by 3 year olds, this is a new low,”  but the tone of his Zayn’s voice doesn’t match his words and he adds, “Sounds like a plan.”


Earlier drabbles/ficlets+ + +

This weeks dose of fanfic pt.1

sorry for the wait guys, here are some fics that have been updated or posted from the month of august till now! :)


Die Young, Stay Pretty

Zayn is happy being a hairdresser who minds his own business; that is, until someone called “Liam” has to come in, dragging his friend on the back of a bet. And, really, Zayn didn’t stand a chance.

Do you have to let it linger?

“We’re married, I swear. It sounds crazy but we are. I was in 2020, and then I woke up back in 2010 and life is very different but there has to be a reason why I found you again, right? Please, listen to me.” Zayn pleads while Liam looks freaked out, “Uhh, sorry mate, but I don’t even know you, you must’ve gotten me wrong for some other bloke.”

between the past and future (we’ll find a forever)

❝ He feels like he isn’t doing it for Zayn anymore, because the interest in his mind starts building a tower for itself and he brings himself not to mind anymore. ❞or where Liam and Zayn fall in love over Bollywood-y things.

Start again

This last 18 months have all been about endings and not just temporary endings, permanent change and Liam just wants to feel like the ground isn’t quicksand under his feet anymore.A story where Liam’s parents head for Australia leaving him with no choice but to find a nanny to help him take care of Hannah. This is what happens next.

Swipe Right

Liam, 26
less than a mile away
“Daddy gets high, but daddy takes care of business"Or the one where zayn gets out of a relationship and decides to try out tinder and meets the one and only Liam Payne.

words will be just words till you bring them to life

He lived in a world where people are born inked with words forearms and wrists. Words that have meaning and reason. The first words your soulmate directs at you.
(Or alternatively, just another soulmate AU)

Tattoos and Superheros

Inspired by this tumblr post:
"AU where everyone is born with a very unique tattoo on their ankle, nobody else in the world has that tattoo. Every time you fall in love with someone, their tattoo appears somewhere else on your body. (not necessarily soulmates, just who you fall in love with)."Zayn Malik, who only has one tattoo on his body that wasn’t his own, and that was enough. He didn’t need anymore than that, it was difficult enough the first time.Liam Payne, the popstar who falls in love too easily, whose body is scattered with tattoos.So what happens when they meet and find a new tattoo on each of their bodies? I blame the Superhero Incident.

Pup Fiction

The lives of two dads, a baby, and a puppy intertwine in a (short) tale of giggling and yapping.–
It’s entertaining to the point of Zayn belatedly realising he’s no longer behind Liam. Instead, he now watches the adorable ‘massacre’ from Liam’s lap, soothed by a gentle warm hand on his back. Gentle circles on the small of his back underneath his shirt. This is certain to make him melt every time."It’s cute, but— we’re watching this 'cos…?”“Obvious, innit?” Liam grins, eyes crinkling up as his whole face lights up with excitement. “Alim’s getting his own dog."Well, Zayn can’t say he saw this one coming.
– Or the one where Zayn should learn how to say 'no’ to Liam.

Zayn, The wonder photographer

“you killed him..how could you do that? I thought we were brothers man.”

Thirst Has No Curfew

Zayn and Liam have a Halloween movie night, but an innocent night turns into something else.

They don’t know we know

Inspired by the Friends episode “The one where everyone finds out.”Liam and Zayn decide to see how long it takes the other boys to figure out they’re together, added to them not allowed to leave their hotel, turns into a battle to see who wins.They don’t know that we know that they know that we know.

I thank God you came (how many more days could I wait?)

Four years ago, Hawkeye saved the Black Widow. Now Zayn has to save Liam.

Zayn + Liam [Romeo and Juliet au]

Romeo and Juliet, their love story is one of the most told around the world, except, aren’t love stories supposed to end with happily ever afters?So what happens when Zayn Malik, son of one of the most well known and richest CEOs in London, falls in love with the son of his father’s rival, Liam Payne?Will their love story end like Romeo and Juliet’s, with poison and blood, or will theirs be different?

Just a four letter word

Zayn’s fine living in this world where love’s unspoken. Not allowed.Till he’s not.

The Money Maker

a fake relationship AU where Zayn struggles to hide his fond for Liam, and maybe–just maybe–Liam has the same problem with Zayn

Sink or swim

Zayn hates swimming pools. He has to go pick up his daughter from one, when he sees her swimming teacher, he may just forget how much he hates them.(a prompt fill from Tumblr for Single Dad/Teacher AU. and another exercise in how I can’t come up with titles for love nor money)

Cupcakes & Confessions

Ethan giggled at that, pressing his little fingers into Zayn’s beard. “Your kisses tickle, papa!”Zayn froze, his lips on the tip of Ethan’s nose. He and Liam had only been together a few months, and Ethan routinely called him ‘Zee’……so this? This was new.

Leave The Past Behind 

Apart from a failed relationship and a secret that he’s not sharing with anyone, Liam likes his orderly life just fine. Zayn hates people like Liam and when a chance encounter throws them together, neither of them are prepared for what follows.

Every Day With You

Liam and Zayn have been married for years, and have three beautiful sons. Liam works from home to take care of the house and the kids, while Zayn spends all of his time working. Dealing with an angsty teenager, a hyper 7 year old, and a quickly growing toddler (mostly) alone is dragging him down to a place he hasn’t been since before he and Zayn met. At least their dog is cute.

Let’s kiss a little instead

Zayn and Liam are the world’s best football players and they both play for opposite teams. Zayn had a hard time growing up and struggles a lot with anxiety and pressure problems and he hates Liam for always being cool and chill and perfect. So when the two rivals finally meet, things go down a completely different road than Zayn had expected.

Temporary Fix

Liam’s boyfriend recently broke up with her and Zayn decides to have a girls night in… just one tender touch leads to a passionate night and Liam can’t help but wonder if this temporary fix can solve her heartache.

Begin Again

Zayn watches Liam everyday on the bus, he has a sketch pad full of drawings, half written songs about the boy with the brown eyes but absolutely no desire to get his heart broken again.

Nobody Compares


I don’t want to be without you anymore

They broke up. He’s broken.


In which Liam’s girlfriend of 2 years breaks up with him, leaving him an absolute pathetic, wreck, so his friends [Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn] take it upon themselves to take him out to a club after weeks of solitude.While they’re there, Zayn unknowingly helps Liam hook up with a girl, which results in Liam begging Zayn to be his wingman and help him hook up with anyone he deems worthy.Zayn agrees [sort of], but unbeknownst to Liam, there’s just a faint problem.Zayn is helplessly, irrevocably, and unbelievably in love with Liam.

Shades of Blue

The moment the sentence drops on the table he notices the way Liam starts to shake before he’s looking into his eyes with this incredulous look on his face. “You’d want that?” He heaves out his tone almost bewildered.
Zayn just grabs his fingers under the table and presses. “If I didn’t – you’d know by now I wouldn’t have stuck around.”
“But you’re so – I don’t really know how to put it – just –”
“Shush it.” He orders maybe a bit too harshly. “You’re one of the best things that have entered my life since she left it. Kiss me.”
He watches as Liam’s eyes divert towards the girls lost in the tablet Liam handed Vi in the car. “Kiss me.” He says again. “From the look of them, they’ll be just fine with the news.”

I Like the Color Red, So I Let It Bleed

(Or the one where Zayn is not interested in thinking about the consequences of making Liam his).

We Are The Worst

Liam and Zayn meet up on Grindr and screw it up the first time. Niall wants to rectify that.

Never Gonna Wanna Let Me Go

Zayn Malik is one of the highest paid escorts in London. He’s good at his job, he knows this. But it’s not his chosen field, it’s easy money so he can have a chance to pursue his chosen field without becoming homeless. His employer Caroline has many rules to keep him safe but Zayn only has one ‘Don’t Get Attached’. Of course, there was always going to be one, the guy who would come in to the picture and make Zayn’s easy job almost impossible.

Guess I always push my luck when I’m with you 

the Tinder AU nobody asked for. 

When I’m with you

They’ve been pushing their luck since the day they met, difference is they do it together.This is canon but of course AU. The lead up to the kiss in 2014 at the NRJs.

amentation (MCD)

What is grief? In technical terms, it is a multifaceted response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something that has died, to which a bond or affection was formed. Although conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, it also has physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, and philosophical dimensions. My mum likes to say that grief is the invisible anchor that has kept me in my bed, too weary to properly function. Grief is what cause people to look at me strangely when I suddenly can’t breathe because I saw something that forced me to think of him. It shouldn’t be this hard. He was just a boy. A boy with freckled cheeks that crinkled by his eyes every time his frown that would curve upwards and instantly have everyone surrounding him grinning too. To me, grief had very little similiarities to what I have been going through since the day his mum called mine with news that would change my life forever.


Liam’s been blind since he’s eight, and he’s now twenty three. Zayn’s a painter who plays his music too loud, and always wears a collogne that sticks in the hallways. Liam has an imaginative mind, and Zayn has the brushes to paint it. They help each other out.


Zayn and Liam are two complicated and slightly dysfunctional people trying to craft an uncomplicated and functional relationship.


Basically, I wrote this for the first round of the 1D Lyric Wheel on tumblr.
I got Happily and it ends up with poor Liam getting drunk because Zayn goes on a date with someone else.

We came all this way (but now comes the day to bid you farewell)

my angsty take on the "come on then, come on” kiss.

Let’s Be Alone Together

maybe in the end it doesn’t matter so much where you end up, as long as you aren’t alone.

My Bestfriend’s Wedding

Zayn’s getting married.

so come on give me a taste

Liam gets really drunk and when he’s drunk he gets horny.

this dawn monologue

for the first time in a while, zayn allows himself to crumble.

Beyond the sea

This story is played in the mid 19th.. Zayn, Louis and Niall are pirate friends and their captain is Louis. Harry is a British nobleman who will join in by a few chapters.. And the major character is Liam, the captain of a birtish navy ship.
All of them will eventually get together, with Some accidents..

a solid thousand percent

ziam coffee shop au.

chasing something in the night

Another drabble from the SPN universe. I have so many head canons. So many.

sequel  from we’re riding out tonight to case the promised land

A Pirate’s Love for me

In the early 19th century, The two most prestigious packs of London, the Paynes and Maliks hate each other guts. So The Alpha king, who was mostly a peaceful man decided to have an end to this feud by tying an Alpha with an omega of the other pack. Once this agreement achieved the couple would get a tempting prize, but would the two families allow the chosen couple to have some peace?


okay,this is the Ziam version of, THAT IS NOT PLATONIC…

as I said last time, “fetus first” (sorry not much x factor but we all know how different Larry and Ziam are…)

I honestly don’t even think Zayn is awake,and maybe I’m a bad friend,but if Jamie fell asleep on me and was crushing my boobs with her head, I would make her get up…. (sorry babe)

yes Zayn, just leave Harry your other friend out of the hug before realizing that you cant do that…  And Liam, Nuzzling into Zayn’s neck, totes platonic…

Keep reading

Shitty Ceramics (h.s.)

Anonymous said:
Hello! Can you write something where Harry and you go to a cooking class ( or any class really, like a painting class or baking class ) and Harry’s not so good at it and gets pouty and just full of fluff :)

Sneak Peek:

“First off I want to say thank you for helping me out in ceramics, you really have great talent. And I know I’m still shit at ceramics, but I’m more shitty at explaining my feelings towards you.” Harry says nervously, making your heart skip a beat.


You weren’t really sure why you signed up for a ceramics class, but now you’re super happy you did. You always enjoyed making things and this was a great way to do that. Also it’s not like you had anything fun to do this summer. This was better then staying cooped up in your room, doing nothing all day.

“You’re work is wonderful Y/N, keep it up.” You smiled at what your teacher said about your new piece.

You say a small thank you, as you get up to get the glaze, since your work was almost done. Before you grabbed it you examined your dirty hands that had clay and paint splattered all over it. You picked at your finger nails trying to get the clay off, but it was no use.

Finally finding the glaze you grab it, and place it on the empty desk next to you. The memory comes to your mind of the girl who used to sit here, and how she hated this class so much that she quit. You were sad to see her go, since she was the only person you really talked to here. But it was also a bonus that you got an extra place to work, because your desk already had too much stuff on it.

You grabbed the medium size paint brush, opened the glaze, and started applying it to your tile. You were so happy with how it turned out, it was simple but colorful. You couldn’t wait to bring it back to your apartment, and make it a home by your bed side table.

You silently hummed to the music that was making way through your headphones, as you toned out the world around you. You did that a lot. Going in your own little world and forgetting your in a class room with others, doing the same thing as you. But you didn’t mind. You brushed your hair out from your face, careful not get glaze in you hair again. Knowing first hand how hard that is to come off.

You felt a presence behind you making you tense up for a bit. But then remember that it was probably your ceramics teacher admiring your work, so you continued.

“Her little brother never told you but he loves you so, he says your mother only smiles on the tv shows.” You sing to yourself and glaze.

“Everything was blue, his pills, his hands, his jeans-” Suddenly one of your earbuds was yanked from your right ear.

Almost dropping your work from the surprise, you quickly look up to see who did that.

Then you come face to face with a guy with a sorry look on his face, while he tries to say something.

“What the heck was-”

“I’m really sorry, honestly. The teacher told me to sit here” he points to the desk that wasn’t yours, but you were occupying it.

“I’m new, and I’m sorry I took out your ear phones but I reckon you wouldn’t of heard me, I tried.” He sends you a warm smile.

Realization hits you and you feel bad for almost yelling at him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know anymore new people would be joining this class, let me just move my stuff. One second.” You hurry and grab the paint brushes, glaze, and some other items, you had scattered all over the desk and placed them on your side.

You could feel the guy watching you swiftly move to get his new area clean. You pretty much were done, when you looked over at your now unorganized small desk, that you forgot your piece you were working on.

“This is so cool. Did you make this yourself?” The deep voice of the guy said.

You turned around to see what he was looking at and your eyes suddenly widened. You quicky walked to him.

“Oh wait no, you can’t hold it yet it’s not done drying.” You say grabbing his hand and taking it from the bottom where their was no glaze, and then you put it back on your desk. You sighed when you saw his finger prints now etched into your tile.

“Oh shit” he looks at what he did, feeling bad. “I’m so sorry I didn’t know, honest-”

You give him a small smile “honestly it’s ok, I have other things I’m working on. It’s not a big deal.”

“I feel like a complete idiot. First I disturb you from listening to your music, make you move, and now I messed up your work.” He frowns.

You laugh “It wasn’t even my own desk, and I understand really. Your apology is accepted.”

He sighs in relief and smiles, “Thank yo-”

“Ah, Y/N I see you met Harry. He was on the waiting list, and since Stella left, it was perfect.”

The teacher goes on about the whole program to Harry. You finally got to actually look at him. He was quite the looker you thought to yourself. He was very tall and had a nice set of eyes. Your teacher showed him around the room and introduced him to all the tools. You could tell he wasn’t really paying attention as you saw his eyes looking anywhere but where she was pointing too.

You didn’t realize you were staring for so long until you saw his eyes lock to yours. He sends you a quick wink. Your eyes widen as you quickly turn your head back to your work and blushed.


You could feel him looking over at you the whole class, but you didn’t dare to look to see if you were correct. The teacher told you that if Harry had any questions to help him, and that your his working partner, since he is new at all this. You just nodded your head agreeing with her.

Harry wasn’t doing anything today, since he came a bit late.

“Okay guys we are leaving in about five minutes, so start getting cleaned up so you can get out in time.” The teacher announced.

Everyone’s chairs started to move as we all started to put our materials away and get ready to leave for the evening. You checked on your tile that you placed in the oven and set it on the side dish too cool off over night. You quickly washed your hands and started to grab your things to go home.

Pushing your chair into your desk, and slinging your bag onto your arm you head to the door. Your teacher said goodbye to you as you did the same.

Right as you pushed the door open, and walked into the hot, humid, summer air. You heard footsteps behind you.

“Wait, hold on!”

You quickly turned as you were outside. You see Harry running towards you. You didn’t realize you let go of the door, until it slammed into him.

“Oh my gosh!” You ran towards him. “I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were behind m-”

“What’s your name?” He interrupts you.

You looked at him confused.

“Wait but are you ok?” You look over him concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine really, I’m a big boy.” He smirks.

“But I never caught your name, I was just wondering since you are gonna be helping me a lot. And I honestly just wanted to warn you that I’m shit at ceramics.” He catches you off guard.

You laugh, “oh really?”

“Yeah I’m dead serious if their was an award for “The worlds shittest ceramics person ever” I know I would win that”

“You can’t be that bad.”

“You just wait and see.” His eyes glisten as he looks down on you.

“Oh yeah, I’m Y/N” you said adjusting your bag on your shoulder, a nervous habit you do.

“Ah that’s pretty.” You say a small thank you.

“Well I gotta run, but I’ll see you Wednesday Yeah?”

You nod.

“Can’t wait, see ya Y/N” he says as he walks away.

As you walk over to your car, you kept replaying the way he said your name, and you liked it.

You turned back behind you too see if he had gone, but you can already see that he turned back to look at you.


Okay maybe Harry wasn’t lying when he said that he was shit at ceramics. Well maybe not shit he was ok. More like crappy, bad, horrible. But shitty was maybe too strong of a word.

“This is stupid!” He yells as you see him trying to keep his hand steady while he is working on the pottery wheel. But his hands are going in opposite directions and it wasn’t steady. You were happy you guys were in the back room, so Harrys common shouts wouldn’t disturb the others.

“We’re you even listening when the teacher taught you how to use it?” You scold him.

“Nope” he said “I was too busy looking at prettier things.” Your memory of yesterday comes back, but you ignore it.

You laugh at his frustration and make your way over to him. You shoo him off the chair and sit down to show him.

“Like this.” You put a new set of clay on the wheel, and turn it on. “You have to keep your hands flat like this. And slowly go up and down. Make sure your nails don’t get caught just keep them straight, but relaxed. Kind of like your petting a cat.” You look over to make sure he is looking.

Harry watches you intently and nods his head at everything your saying. You quickly get off the stool and tell him to try again.

“Can you just do everything for me?” He whines, making you giggle.

“Of course not! How are you ever gonna learn, Harry?!”

“Ok, ok” he puts his hand up in defeat. “Your right.”

He sits himself back down on the wheel and tries again. But this time you can tell he actually followed your advice and you smiled.

“Your getting the hang of it just one thing, don’t spread your fingers too much.”

“It’s hard, Y/N, my hands are massive, and it’s not helping that were making the smallest thing ever with my huge hands.” He pouts and you shake your head.

“Here let me help you.” Harry moved back on his chair to give you room to sit infront of him. You stood their having a battle in your brain if you should sit there. But you decided too, since your just helping him learn.

You place your hands on top of his, to keep his fingers together. “Just like this, it’s not too hard. Ya?” You ask him but you heard nothing in response.

You could hear Harrys soft breathing, and that’s when you realize you were so close.

“You have small hands.” Harry says.

“No way, you mister just have overly big hands. Like look at them.” He chuckles at your statement.

You looked at both of your hands on the spinning wheel working together, with clay all over them. You tilted your head a bit to Harry and saw that he was already looking at you. But not at your face, but at your lips. Your breathe softly hitched in your mouth as you realized how even closer you guys have gotten, and Harry was leaning in.

“I- I think you got the hang of it now.” You say taking your hands off his and getting off the chair you shared.

“Um yeah, thanks.” He says taking a deep breathe.

“I’m gonna head back to the front room, to finish my work. If you need anymore help ask me okay?” You say in one breathe trying to collect your thoughts.

“Okay, I will.” He gives you a small smile as you quickly went to the other room.

You sat back on your desk, thinking about what just happened. You almost kissed! You place your head in your hands. This is ridiculous, you guys just met. But the weird thing was that you wanted to.

You really wanted to kiss Harry.

All these chemicals have clearly gone to your head. You thought as you went back to work.


Weeks have passed and you and Harry became much closer as friends. You guys would laugh and hang out during class. You would say that Harry has gotten so much better at ceramics from your help. You liked having him around he was a great person always kind, generous , and caring.

As you got out of your car to head to another day of class. You saw a few of your classmates standing outside the building, and walking away disappointed. When you got closer you could hear them chattering.

“What’s going on?” You ask

“Class is canceled today.” A red head you think her name was Eve told you, and pointed to a paper hung on the door that read:

Sorry guys no Ceramics class today. I had an emergency family event in Georgia. Class will start next week on Wednesday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You sighed, you were bummed honestly. Not going to ceramics not only meant that you couldn’t do art, but you couldn’t see Harry. And the second option was the biggest concern right now. Making you wonder why?

“Hey Y/N, what’s going on?” You felt a hand take yours and you knew it was Harry. Which made your stomach flutter.

“Class is canceled until next week.” You pout.

“Aww man, does that mean I won’t be able to do my awesome ceramic skills?” He says sarcastically.

You roll your eyes. “ oh come on, you know I’ve taught you well. You owe me be big time buddy.” You say hitting your hips against his. He laughs and nods his head.

“So what are you gonna do now?” He asks you as you guys walk back to where your cars were to go home.

You sigh “ Go home and do nothing probably”

“Hmm how about we hang out?” He turns to you making you stop walking.

You think for a second. “What did you have in mind.”

“Maybe grab some food at the diner down the street. Since I owe you for all your hard working for helping me with ceramics. It’s my treat.” You look up at his dimpled smile as he talked.

“Harry I was only kidding, you don’t owe me anything.”

“I know, but I still want to do this. I still want to hang out with you.” He takes your hand in his again and that feeling in your stomach comes back. “Come on Y/N lets actually hang out together in a place that doesn’t smell like chemicals, making us loose brain cells.” You laugh at his statement.

“Okay styles. What are you waiting for lets go!”


“What’s your favorite thing to do, besides ceramics obviously?” Harry asks you as he eats another French fry.

“Hmmm” you think to yourself as you sip on you lemonade.
“ I like gardening. Well kind of, it’s more like I like flowers. I keep a bunch in my house. Like everywhere. It’s honestly ridiculous” You laugh to yourself at all the flowers you have around your house.

“What’s your favorite?” You look up at him. He countinues, “Flower I mean.”

“Wow thats really hard, but I would have to say probably…” You go over all the flowers you ever liked in your head.

“Probably Dahlias, they are so pretty and colorful. So probably those.” Harry smiles at you, and you smile back.

“ What about you? What do you like to do?” Your curiosity gets the better of you. You wanted to know more about Harry. You wanted to know everything about him.

“I write a bit, and I also play a few instruments. That’s pretty much me. Nothing that interesting really.” He shrugs his shoulders.

“What made you even want to do ceramics? You laugh. “No offense you don’t really seem that into it. The last girl hated it and quit.” You wondered why he didn’t just leave. Even though you didn’t want him too.

“I don’t know I wanted to try something different. Ya know? I honestly was thinking about it the first day I came in. But I guess I saw something that made me stay.” He slowly looked up at you.

Making you want to do what you almost did a few weeks ago.


But Harry didn’t really seem to take you for anything more then just a friend.

After you talked for hours, you didn’t even realize the sun was setting until you got out of the diner.

“Today was fun.” Harry broke the silence as you were making your ways back to your car.

“I know! Who knew we can have fun when we aren’t doing ceramics.” You guys both laugh.

Harry walked you to your car even though his was on the opposite end of the parking lot.

“Thank you for treating me to lunch.” You say as you lean against your car door not wanting this day to end.

“No problem Y/N, we should hang out more often.” You grinned bigger then you should at what he said.

“Definitely.” You open your car door and was about to get in when Harry brings you back around and gives you a tight hug. It took you by suprise but you hug him back.

“Get home safe. And text me when your home.” Your heart aches at how caring he is. But you smiled at the fact that you could text him now. Remembering when Harry took your phone today and added his number

While making his name in your contacts “cutie with the curls”


The last few classes Harry has been working on a piece but you didn’t know what it was. Everytime you asked him he would brush it off and avoid the question. He hasn’t even really been talking to you much in class lately or asking you for help. Which made you a bit sad that he didn’t need you anymore, but you understood. He was working on something special by the looks of it.

Your feelings for Harry haven’t gone away. They probably have gotten worse. You know for a fact that you like him, a lot. But it’s not like you can do anything about it, you knew that.

Your friendship was more important then these unwanted feels, that you knew he didn’t return.

You sighed to yourself as you started molding your next piece you wanted. Class was going to end soon and you weren’t even close to being done, too distracted by your thoughts of Harry to get any work done.

“You okay , love?” Harry asks you as he makes his way back to his desk. You smile at how recently he’s been calling you that.

“Yeah, just tired is all” You lie. He nods his head and goes back to what he’s been working on.

“So, what are you making?” You try and look over but his body is covering it.

“It’s nothing really, it’s not even for me. I’m making it for someone.” Your heart sinks as you see all the paints he is using are all bright colors. Making you think it’s for a girl.

“She seems really special, for you to be doing all that for her.” You say too bitterly for your own liking.

Harry looks up at you as you look back down.

“Yeah my mom is pretty special.” He says.


“Is it okay, if I stay after a little. I can lock up. I’m just almost done with this piece.” You ask your teacher.

“Of course honey.” Here’s the keys. “Just put them in the mail box when your done.” You nod and thank her.

The classroom was pretty much empty with just a few more people, Harry included, and they were about to leave.

After a few minutes everyone was gone, but Harry. But he was packing up to go.

“You want me to walk you to your car?” He asks you.

“I’m fine, I’m staying after for a little to finish this.” You tell him motioning to your clay you’re almost done setting.

“I can stay for a bit and wait if you want.” He asks looking worried.

“It’s fine, I’m good really I’ve done this before.” You reassure him.

He looks over at the windows as the sun starts to set and shakes his head.
“It’s good, I’ll keep you company. I have nowhere to be anyways.” He takes his bag down and moves his chair closer to you.
You smile and thank him.

“So what are you making?” He asks.

“I’m trying to mold this into a little square dish so I can put my car keys and bracelets on it.” You tell him, not making eye contact, but focusing on the wheel so you wouldn’t mess up.

“You have so much concentration, I don’t think I can ever be so patient like you. It’s admirable really. Your art is beautiful.” He compliments you.

“Thanks Harry, your too nice” You look up at him to show him how much you appreciated his compliment.

“No problem.” he grins making his dimples pop out.

“I think I’m almost done” You say moving your hands back and forth to get the desired shape you wanted. You kept moving your head back to try and get your hair out of the way. Since it was almost falling into your mold.

Harry sees you struggling and takes his hand and tucks your hair behind your ear. You turn off the wheel and smile, and turn to Harry to thank him.

But there he was again already looking at you. His blazing green eyes searched your whole face for something, but you didn’t know what. You could feel your heart beating in your chest for how close you guys were once again and you really just want-

Before you could finish that though Harry leaned in brushing his lips against yours first, before kissing you.

Catching you by suprise you almost fall off your stool but Harry’s hands were placed now on your waist keeping you steady. You then leaned in and kissed him back.

Your breathe hitched as you felt his tongue gain access between your lips. Harry’s lips against yours was the best feeling ever. Your hands just wouldn’t stay still as you placed them on the side oh his face and closer to his hair. Making him moan in satisfaction.

You quickly pulled away from him, and realized what you have just done. You saw the grey clay all over the side of Harrys face and his hair.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. My hands I-I” you say trying to hold in a giggle, as you looked over Harry’s face.

Harry gives you a deep chuckle “shhh, it’s ok.” He says and before you try and apologize again

He eagerly kisses you.


You sat in your car outside ceramics class just thinking. You thought about everything that happened last night with you and Harry in that very building in front of you. You thought about how much you loved the feeling of his lips on yours and how you wanted to kiss him again.

And how after you both pulled away he told you “I wanted to do that since the day I saw you.”

Making you realize he did like you, and you couldn’t be happier.

You trace your fingers on your lips where Harry kissed you last night, and you felt butterflies in your stomach. You’ve never been kiss like that before.

But you didn’t know what the next step will be in your relationship. Obviously you guys weren’t just friends now. But you didn’t know how to go about everything.

To clear your head you came back here even though you didn’t have class. To pick up the dish you were working on last night, since your plans were turned elsewhere. Your cheeks started to heat up, just thinking about how Harry made you feel.

You made your way inside, and picked up the few items you needed to do a few touch ups at home. Since you totally forgot to drop the key in the mail box yesterday.

You grabed your mold that dried over night, happy with the way it turned out. You looked over to see if you should bring anything else home. You spotted a pretty paint color you thought would be nice to borrow until the next class.

As you were about to leave your eyes trail over the wheel area where you and Harry kissed last night. Wishing it can happen all over again.

You look down at your watch and decide to head back home. Buy You cleaned up a little from yesterday first.

You were putting the cleaning supplies back on the top shelf when the door dinged signaling someone had come in.

You drop the disinfecting wipes and screamed. But then you turned around and your eyes widen as you see Harry. He is wearing black jeans with a grey shirt. While a bandanna covered part of his hair. He looked hot.

“I’m sorry” he rushes over to you. Picking up the wipes. “ I didn’t mean to scare you, love.” He cracks a smile.

“I just didn’t know anyone was coming.” You put your hand over your heart, to try and calm
It down. Harry holds out a hand for you, and you take it.

“Me neither.” He says locking eyes with you. The memories of yesterday resurfaced and all you wanted to do was lean in and kiss him.

“Why are you here?” You ask.

“If I’m honest, hoping you would be here. Since I knew you didn’t finish your work yesterday.” He said smirking.

You looked down and smiled. “ Yeah but I’m taking it home.”

Harry nods, searching your face and just for a brief second looks at your lips but then stops.

“I want to show you something.” He tells you.

“Okay.” You say more of a whisper.

Harry takes your hand in his and pulls you out the building as you lock up.

“Where are you taking me?” You giggle.
He didn’t answer but soon we were in the parking garage and standing infront of Harrys car.

Harry looks really nervous and you started getting nervous too. Did he regret anything? He unlocks his car and brings out a shoe box. You looked down on it confused.

“First off I want to say thank you for helping me out in ceramics, you really have great talent. And I know I’m still shit at ceramics, but I’m more shitty at explaining my feelings towards you.” Harry says nervously, making your heart skip a beat.

“So I made this for you, because I think your amazing and I wanted you to know that.”

Harry lifts the shoes box and you gasp.

The box revealed a pretty flower pot decorated with beautiful colors. But inside it their was a bit of soil, and you couldn’t believe it.

Your favorite flowers, Dahlias.

You brought your hand to your mouth as you looked over everything. “Did you make this for me?” You ask look up at Harry as he bit his lip. You realized this was what he working on all these weeks.

“Yeah, I know it’s not the best but-” You cut him off but placing a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Harry shut up its amazing! Oh my gosh! How long did it take.” You take the pot out of the box and examine how greatly crafted this was.

At the end bottom of the pot it said:

All The Love -H

You smiled so big, you loved it so much. And the flowers made it even better.

“You remembered.” You softly say, as you touch the petals of the flowers.

“Yeah, your favorite flowers. Pretty flowers for an even prettier girl.” Harry says to you.

You place the pot on his car and hugged Harry.

“Thank you Harry. You have no idea what this means to me.” Harry says your welcome and hugs you back.

“I want to be more then just friends, love. If it wasn’t obvious.” You laugh into his shirt. “So can I take you on a real date?” He asks while he pulls you away from him, wanting to see your face.

“Yes! I would love tha-” Before you could even finish Harry had his lips on yours. Making you giggle into the kiss. You were on cloud 9 right now.

“I’m so happy, I stayed.” Harry whispers into you ear.

And you nodded, you were so happy too.


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Zianourry Smut


Warnings: Smut. Bdsm. Toys. Smut. Dirty smut. Underage sex.
Niall frowned moodily as he plopped down at the kitchen table. Zayn smiled softly and ruffled Niall’s hair gently. “Hey buddy, sleep well?” Niall scowled and slapped Zayn’s hand away, not responding to his question. “Where’s breakfast?”
Harry frowned and exchanged worried looks with the other parents, but he just put it off to the fact that Niall was growing up. Harry placed Niall’s breakfast on the table and he grinned happily at the younger boy, “I made pancakes for you Ni, it was your favorite food when you were a kid.”
Niall looked up and he pushed the food away. “I don’t like pancakes, make me something else.” Harry sighed and grabbed the plate, swallowing the slight hurt he felt. “Ok…what do you want?” Niall turned around to shoot a glare at Harry. “I don’t know, but make me something edible for a change.”
Louis walked over to Harry and pecked him gently. “Don’t talk to your father like that.” Niall crossed his arms stubbornly, “Maybe I will when my parents stop being fags.” Zayn’s eyes narrowed dangerously, moving over to comfort Harry who was near tears. “We didn’t raise you to be this way Niall.”
“What’s going on?” The four males looked up to see Liam surveying the kitchen with a worried gaze. Louis gestured to Niall and wrapped his arms around Harry, “Niall called us fags, insulted Harry’s cooking, and basically was rude.”
Liam stared at Niall with a stern face, “Is this true Niall?” Niall looked away with an uncaring face, “So what if it was true, of all foster parents in the world, I ended up with the gay ones.” Liam’s composure faltered a bit and he said in a shaky voice, “Go to our room, we’ll deal with you there.”
Niall rolled his eyes and followed Liam’s commands, though trying hard to not seem like he cared along the way. The four men watched as Niall disappeared from their view and Liam turned to the others.
“We need to punish him.” The other three nodded in agreement and Zayn spoke up. “He needs a bigger punishment than being grounded or taking away his videogames…if we do that, he’ll just get angry and his attitude will stay the same.”
Louis looked up and smiled mischievously, “Remember how we used to punish each other…it was pretty effective and not to mention hot.” Harry glanced at Louis hesitantly, “We’re supposed to be his parents though and he’s only thirteen.”
Zayn shrugged and glanced at Louis, mirroring his look of mischief, “Oh come on Harry, we need to punish him in some way and this punishment would be really fun.” Liam glanced at the others for a moment before nodding slowly, “Well then, why not?”
Niall looked up when his parents walked in and he opened his mouth to say something. Zayn held out a hand and he shook his head, “Save it Niall…you know you’ve been a really bad boy and we have to punish you right?”
Niall bit his lip nervously and he looked away. “Well, you guys are so disgusting and-” Niall broke off when he felt Louis lunge towards him, pinning him against the bed. Louis growled softly and glared at the smaller boy, “Don’t talk to us this way…take off your clothes.”
Niall’s eyes widened in surprise, “N-no…you can’t order me to strip.” Louis frowned, “No talking unless we give you permission, guys help me.” The other three adults eagerly walked forward. Harry and Zayn pinned Niall onto the bed while Liam and Louis worked on taking the clothes off of a struggling Niall.
A faint blush bloomed on Niall’s face when he was finally naked and he struggled wildly. “W-what are you going to do?” Zayn growled angrily and he flipped Niall around roughly, gesturing for Liam to take out the supplies as he used to be one of the doms in the relationship.
Liam smirked and he tossed the handcuffs to Harry, rummaging around the cabinets for other fun stuff. Harry grinned and he sauntered over to Niall, grabbing his limbs and cuffing him to the bed. The four stared down at the small boy and lust filled their eyes when they saw him eagle spread on the bed, his innocent and confused face staring up at them.
Niall pulled slightly against the cuffs and he glanced at his parents who were slipping out of their clothes. “What’s g-going on?” “Didn’t we tell you not to talk?” Liam growled softly at the boy and raised his hand to smack his bottom, electing a small squeal to escape out of Niall’s mouth.
Niall snapped his mouth shut and he gasped softly when he felt someone fondle his dick. Zayn smirked and he stroked it softly, feeling the small length harden in his hands. “Do you like that baby?”
Niall shook his head, but a small groan left his mouth when Harry joined in. Harry chuckled softly when Niall bucked forward, attempting to rub against their hands. “Who knew you were such a little slut, but this is a punishment, not a reward.”
Harry slipped a cock ring on Niall and Niall gasped at the way it pinched his length. Niall squirmed around and another groan escaped his mouth when he felt Harry rub against his bum. He knew this was wrong and he felt so dirty, but he couldn’t help but feel aroused by the whole thing.
Harry grinned and pressed a finger at Niall’s hole, “Do you want me Nialler?” A small whine left Niall and he nodded desperately, his pride forgotten. Harry laughed softly and he shook his head, moving back.
Niall pouted impatiently and he tried to touch himself, though he couldn’t do so because of the handcuffs. Liam moved forward, becoming bored quickly and he took out a plastic toy, slathering it with lube.
Liam poked the dildo against Niall’s entrance and he roughly slammed it in, chuckling when Niall let out a small scream. Niall let out small pants and he whimpered softly when Liam didn’t move it, “D-dad please…”
Louis growled and he moved in front of Niall, “Didn’t we say no talking, how about we do something to occupy that mouth of yours.” Niall nodded eagerly and he immediately wrapped his mouth around the tip, sucking lightly.
Louis let out a groan and he just hardened more when he saw Niall’s angelic face look up at him for approval. Niall slowly moved up the cock and he flicked his tongue back and forth naturally. Louis gripped Niall’s hair and he moved deeper into Niall’s mouth, “Jeez…who knew you were so dirty Niall.”
Niall just smirked at the older man and he swirled his tongue all the way from the base of the cock to the front, placing small kitten licks that left Louis a squirming mess. Zayn frowned when he saw what was happening and he removed Louis from Niall’s mouth, ignoring his protests.
Zayn turned to Louis, “This is a punishment for Niall not a punishment for you.” Zayn shoved Louis away, ignoring his exclamation of what was he going to do now with his hard on. Zayn just shrugged and responded with use your hands.
Zayn glanced at Liam, “Use the remote.” Niall stared at the interaction with confusion, but a shout of surprise escaped him when he felt the piece of plastic in him start vibrating. A whine escaped him and he rubbed against the bed, desperate for some friction.
Zayn grinned and rubbed his length against Niall’s face, “Do you want this Ni?” Niall nodded desperately and he opened his mouth to take it in, but he stared at Zayn with confusion when he placed his hand in front of his mouth.
Zayn looked at the squirming boy and he smirked, “I want to hear you beg for it Nialler.” Niall immediately complied with his orders and he stared at the man with wide eyes, “P-please dad…p-please let me taste you.”
Zayn’s lust increased when begs erupted from Niall’s mouth, the small boy lying there completely submissive. He nodded approvingly and he prodded Niall’s mouth, smiling when Niall happily opened his mouth and started licking him.
Zayn scowled when Niall started moving his mouth slowly and look up at him with a teasingly innocent face. Zayn pulled out, “I don’t like it when you tease me Ni…that means you get another punishment.”
Harry moved forward as this was always his job and he pulled out a paddle, moving in between Niall’s legs. Niall looked at him nervously and a small moan escaped him when he lifted the paddled and smacked his bum.
Harry grinned and continued at a steady pace, laughing when the paddle hit the vibrator further into his hole. Niall almost blacked out from the pleasure he was feeling and he gripped the bed sheets tightly, heaving into the air.
Niall whined softly when he couldn’t cum and he poked his bum into the air slightly, enjoying the torturous sensation. Harry stopped abruptly and he stared at Niall’s reddened bum with lust, rubbing his cheeks softly with a large hand.
Zayn nodded and the other four men turned to him as he clambered between Niall’s legs. The four had created the rule long ago. When one member needed to be punished, near the end the other three would fuck the member in order of dominance.
Zayn removed the vibrator, turning it off and placing it on the dresser table. He positioned himself against Niall’s entrance and he slammed himself in, moaning at the feeling of the tight heat.
Niall let out a small cry of pleasure and pain. Zayn was much bigger than the vibrator, but soon the feeling of pain was soon overcome by the feeling of pleasure. Liam stared at the scene aroused and he moved next to Zayn.
Liam pushed in right when Zayn pushed out and Zayn groaned softly when the tight entrance became even tighter than it originally was. The two moved in sync and when one moved in, the other moved out.
Niall started trembling from the amount of pleasure he was getting and he moaned softly when he felt the two adults release into him. The two slid out and Louis moved forward eagerly, moving a hand forward to cup Niall’s rock hard cock gently.
Louis moved to release Niall from the cuffs and Niall pouted when he didn’t remove the restraint on his length. Louis gripped Niall’s sides roughly and he carried the boy up until the tip of his cock was poking Niall’s entrance.
Niall separated his legs and he slowly slid down on the cock, his arse still hurting. Louis gripped Niall’s hips tighter and he pulled the boy down in one forceful pull. “Didn’t Zayn tell you already that we don’t like it when you tease?”
Niall nodded and he bounced up and down on Louis quickly, grinning when Louis possessively wrapped his arms around his waist. Harry stared at the scene in arousal and he moved forward, kneeling down in front of Niall and easily taking his small cock into his mouth.
Niall stopped momentarily when Harry skillfully sucked his length and he bucked forward into Harry’s mouth eagerly. Louis scowled and he growled into Niall’s ear, “Move or you’ll get another punishment.”
Niall complied willingly and he continued, moving around in attempts of finding his prostate. A shiver of pleasure ran threw him when he found the bundle of nerves and he continued bouncing that way, the feeling of Louis’ dick in him and Harry’s mouth around him becoming too much.
He felt Louis release to him and he felt Harry’s mouth leave his dick. Louis lifted him up and he placed the boy on the bed, letting Harry climb on top of the younger boy. Harry rubbed their hard cocks together and he stuck his tongue into his mouth, exploring it.
Niall bucked his hips upward and he let out a small whimper, “D-dad…p-please let me c-cum.” Harry just hummed and he moved a hand up to tweak Niall’s nipple, moving to the next one when it became hard.
Niall vaguely recalled Harry cum onto his stomach. He saw the four men crowd around him and Niall squirmed around desperately, almost near tears as the pleasure was just too much.
Liam stared at the boy sympathetically and he glanced at Zayn, moving his hand towards Niall’s length when the elder nodded. He took off the restraint slowly and he chuckled softly when Niall immediately released his load and sigh tiredly.
Liam smiled slightly and he cleaned Niall up with his clothes, throwing the stained articles into a corner when he was done. Liam clambered onto the bed and pecked Niall’s forehead gently, wrapping his protective arms around the smaller boy.
Niall laid his head on top of Liam’s chest, worn out from what happened and he moved closer to the older man. The other three men smiled softly and Harry moved on the other side of Niall, resting his head on Niall’s small shoulder.
Louis moved beside Liam and Zayn moved beside Harry. Niall smiled contently, but he winced slightly every time he moved. “Dads?” “Yes Nialler?” Niall bit his lip shyly and he buried his face into Liam’s chest, “I’m sorry about the way I acted earlier…I guess I was just scared of being gay.”
The other four men just exchanged fond looks and they awed slightly at how adorable Niall looked at the moment.

Prompt: Can you do a Zianourry prompt where Niall and Demi Lovato like eachother so they go on dates but the boys get jealous and tell Demi to leave Niall alone and then they teach him a lesson


Niall talked happily to his cellphone, oblivious to the jealous glares sent his way.

“Yeah…I had a lot of fun too. It was great and remember-” He paused, in an attempt to compose himself, failing when he started laughing loudly. “Remember when you fell into the pool, you were like soaking wet.”

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I personally believe Liam is very restrained during You and I cause he cried that first time and *some people* didn’t appreciate it. So he looks fidgety when they are performing this song, and tries to limit his interactions with Zayn, even looking off stage a lot of times. But Ziam themselves are clearly way more than okay, obviously :P