just look at the way dean winks at sam

i really hope the first time dean sees cas after he forgets who he is, sam introduces him as his boyfriend as a joke because of the way they’ve been arguing latley, and dean is just like, “well i scored.” in that witty dean voice and winks at him. before anyone can say anything he’s like, “wait, so i’m gay? oh, no, i’m bisexual, aren’t i? figgin’ best of both worlds!” and as dean looks cas up and down, biting his lip and all, sam doesn’t correct him. castiel is awkward at first, but goes along with it, holding his hand as they walk place to place. when dean finally gets his memories back and realizes that cas, in fact, isn’t his boyfriend, he continues to hold hands, hug, and eventually kiss cas like nothing happened because forgetting his past made him forget all the stupid reasons why he told himself he wasn’t bisexual, or deeply in love with cas. forgetting everything made him remember a part of who he actually was, and made him forget why he was hiding it.

Birds and the Bees

Author: zepppie

Prompt: wearing matching costumes even though it wasn’t planned

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Halloween Drabbles Masterlist

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Charlie’s Halloween party is small and intimate, just the way you like. Everyone you both knew had been invited, and the people you’re looking forward to seeing again the most had just arrived.

She opens the door for the Winchesters, pulling each of them into a tight embrace before inspecting their outfits. “Digging the Indiana Jones costume, Sam. And Dean, Risky Business, the lazy man’s go-to. Bold choice.”

“It’s still a classic,” he winks at her. When he sees you, he lights up. “Oh, a flower, that’s nice.”

You give him a little twirl so he could get a good look at your green dress. The headpiece, which you crafted yourself, is shaped like petals. “Thank you, thank you. So, um, where’s Cas?”

“He’s putting on his wings,” Sam answers with a smile you can’t quite decipher, before he leaves to put the drinks in the fridge.

Then you hear the angel’s voice greeting Charlie. Your eyes widen at the sight of him, not really quite believing what he’s wearing. He comes up to join you and Dean.


“An important member of the world’s ecosystem,” Cas interrupts. “Without creatures like me, it will collapse and humans will die.”

“Oh, yes, of course,” you nod, even though it’s so hard to take Cas seriously when he’s wearing black tights and a fluffy bee outfit.

“You two are cute. Give him your sweet nectar, kid. And Cas, share some of that honey.” Dean thwaps the antennas sticking out of Cas’s head so they boing! back and forth. Then he slides past the two of you a la Tom Cruise.

One of these days, you’ll kick Dean right in the balls.

Cas is readjusting his antennas, and it almost looks like he’s blushing. “If you don’t mind me saying,” he begins, “if I were a real bee, you’d be the flower I’d pollinate.”


     “I’m going on a grocery run.” you announced, coming out of the bathroom. Dean threw his keys in the air before you reached him with perfect timing as you caught them on your way past the boys. “There’s a twenty-”
     “In the ashtray. I know. Thanks.” you nodded.
     “Don’t forget the-”
     “Apple.” you said at the same time as Dean, earning a scoff from Sam.
     “What?” Dean looked up from the book he was looking through.
     “Why don’t you just get married already?” Sam asked sarcastically. 
     “I’m not that desperate, Sam.” you said, smiling at Dean.  
     Sam shook his head, looking at you. “Be careful.” he told me.
     “I’m always careful, Sammy.” you winked. “I’ll be back in a little while.”


Imagine working a case with the Winchesters and Dean having a major crush on you.

“You know, you could just stop ogling at me in this damn suit and tight skirt and just ask me out already,” you told Dean with an innocent smile on your face as you felt his eyes on your for about the fifth time that day.

“I- I, wait, what?” he stammered, confused by your sudden remark.

“Damn, Dean Winchester speechless? That’s a first,” you teased, throwing a wink over your shoulder as you headed off towards the motel you were staying at, purposely adding extra sway to your hips.

Sam just stood there laughing at the stunned look across his brother’s face. “You just going to stand there all day or go and ask her out?”

Dean cleared his throat to compose himself a little, then he shrugged to himself, a proud smile crossing his lips. 

“Don’t wait up Sammy!” he called out as he quickly made his way to the parking lot towards your motel room.

TFW Valentines Day


You pulled your book down just below your eyes as you heard a knock on your door.

“Yeah?” Dean smiled at you as he stepped in.

“You busy?” You looked down at the page you were reading, but then slid your bookmark in before shutting it and sat up.

“Nope. What’s up?” His smile grew as he came to your side and grabbed your hand.

“Come on. I have to show you something.” he gently pulled you up and held your hand the whole way to the Impala. As you passed Sam in the library, you looked at him questionably, but he just smiled and waved you goodbye.

As Dean climbed in the car, you couldn’t take your eyes off him. He was happy. More than usual, and there was a sweet smile just plastered on his face.

“Dean, where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” he gave you a wink before pulling out of the garage.

Not too far up the road, he pulled into a field. You could see the sun setting on the horizon and it was reflecting off the lake there, making one of the most breath taking views.

As he got closer to the lake, you saw a quilt laying on the grass with some things sitting on it. Your eyes shot back to the mischievous driver, but he never looked back at you. Not until he put the car in park.

“Come on.” Before you could ask any questions, he jumped out of the car, so you followed suit. 

You walked up to the quilt and saw a couple blankets and pillows, along with some beers and a bag that you could only assume had food in it.

“Dean……what is all this?” He walked up to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. Then he pulled you in and gave you one of the sweetest kisses before whispering against your lips.

“Happy Valentines day.” Your heart skipped as you looked back down to the spread in front of you.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah.” he chuckled. “You know, we need some normalcy in our life, right?” his smile grew seeing that you were speechless. “I figured we’d eat, enjoy some beers and then curl up next to each other and look up at the stars.” Meeting his green eyes again, you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“That’s sounds perfect.”


“You two lovebirds have fun!” You glanced back at Dean, shaking your head. Sam just rolled his eyes as he held the door open for you.

Sam took you to a nice restaurant in town. Nothing too fancy, but something different than what you both were used to. After ordering your drinks, he couldn’t take his eyes off you, which caused you to blush.

“What?” He smiled more, looking away as he released a breath that he was apparently holding in.

“I don’t know. It’s just…..” Meeting your eyes again, the shine from his made you breathless. “You’re beautiful, and I don’t know how I got so lucky to be with you.” You bit your lip, feeling your blush worsen.

“You know, you already have me. You don’t have to come up with these cheesy lines like you’re trying to win me over.” He laughed but then reached out for your hand.

“Cheesy or not, it’s true.” Your loving staring contest was broke when the waitress came back with your drinks. “So, do you want your present now or later?”

“Sam, I told you not to get me anything.”

“Oh, stop.” he let go of your hand and reached into his coat pocket. “Here.” he set a box in your hand and you froze.


“Just, open it.” You reached down, lifting the top off, and the second you saw it, a light gasp escaped your lips.

It was a necklace. A solid, 3D heart. It was on a silver chain and there was a anti-possession symbol that was melded out of silver, holding whatever was in the middle. It was glowing a light turquoise blue.

“That’s pure silver, and well, you know the symbol.”

“Sam……this is…..” you looked up to see him smiling at you. “…it’s beautiful.”

“It glows in the dark, so during the day it’ll just look white, or like a pearl in the middle.”

“I love it.” you set it down on the table and leaned over, capturing his lips.

After enjoying a nice meal and just a nice relaxing night with no hunting talk, you both made it back to the bunker. Dean was nowhere in sight, so you both guessed he went out for the night. You looked down at the necklace around your neck, running your fingers over it.

“You know, I guess it’s a good thing that neither of us listened to the no present deal.” you looked up, seeing him look at you questionably.

“What?” You smirked and went over to the couch, pulling a decent sized box out from under it.

“Happy Valentines day, Sam.” Eyes wide, he slowly took it from you.

“Y/N, you…..”

“Oh, stop.” you smirked, and he chuckled before setting the box down on the table and started ripping it open.

“You didn’t.” he stared at the box in front of him, containing a new laptop.

“You like it?”

“Are you kidding me? It’s…..it’s great.” he looked it over a little as you came and rested your arms around his waist.

“This way dean can still use your other one for porn, and this one will hopefully stay bug free.” He laughed as he set the box down and turned in your arms.

“You’re amazing.”


“Hey boys!” you greeted as you came into the kitchen. Right after you said that, Cas’s body stiffened and he made it his goal not to look at you. You didn’t notice, but Sam and Dean sure did. They smirked at each other and looked between you and him as you grabbed a water out of the fridge.

“Any cases?” your brow furrowed as both guys shook there heads.

“No. Nothing.” You squinted your eyes more at Dean, noticing they were acting a little funny.

“Okay….” you dragged out and then walked by Cas.

“Hey Cas.” He shifted uncomfortably as you passed by, but didn’t say anything as you left the room. His body relaxed slightly as he turned back to the guys. His forehead creased as he looked at them. They both had smirks and slightly raised eyebrows.


“Cas, do you…..” Sam took a couple steps closer to him just so you wouldn’t over hear. “….do you like Y/N?” They both got their answer as they saw Cas stiffen a little, making Dean burst out in laughter.

“Oh my God, he does!” Cas swallowed the huge lump in his throat. “Dude! How long?”

“I…I do not know. But I feel certain things around her.” he met Dean’s eyes, fear taking over. “They scare me.”

“Okay, don’t let em. Those feelings are not going to hurt you, alright? The only way they will, is if you have to keep hiding them.”

“Hiding them?” Sam and Dean exchanged a look.

“You should tell her.” Sam said gently, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Tell her about these feelings that scare me?”

“No, no, no.” Dean got closer. “Tell her you like her.” Cas looked between them both, confused.

“How?” Sam thought for a minute.

“I’ve got it.”

“Okay, you look great.” Dean straightened out Cas’s tie while Sam finished setting the table. “How’s it coming, Sammy?”

“Good. I think I got everything.”

“Great.” Dean stepped back, giving Cas a wink.

“Dean. I can not do this.” Dean grabbed onto his shoulders, looking into his eyes.

“Cas, you’ll be fine.” he reached behind himself, grabbing the bouquet of flowers off the table. “When we send her in, you give her these and just say, Happy Valentines day.”

“Happy Valentines day.” he repeated, and Dean nodded.

“See!? You got it.” he patted him on the shoulder and started heading out of the room. Cas could feel his palms sweat as he got more nervous. Seconds later, you came walking in the room.

“Cas? Dean said you needed me, is everything……” you stopped when you saw the table all fixed up with candles and food. Then your eyes moved to Cas, who was dressed in a nice suit, different from his everyday one, and he was holding a bouquet of flowers.

“Oh my…..Cas, what is this?” As you made it in front of him, he did exactly as Dean told him.

“These are for you.” he handed you the flowers and you took them, bringing them up to your face so you could smell them.

“Thank you, Cas. This is so sweet.” As you smelled the flowers some more, he glanced over towards the kitchen, where the boys were spying. Dean waved his hand, telling him to talk to you.

“Um….Happy Valentines day.” Your eyes widened slightly as you looked up at his piercing blue eyes.

“You…..you did all of this…..for me?” you looked back at the table before meeting his eyes again.

“Yes.” You were speechless. You had no idea what to say. Courage building up inside you, you threw your arms around his neck and crashed your lips against his, dropping the flowers in the process.

You felt him stiffen, but you gave him a second before you pulled away. His eyes were wide which made you giggle, all the while Sam and Dean watching in horror thinking he’s messed it all up.

“Happy Valentines day, Cas.” His face slowly softened into a smile.

“I….I like you, Y/N.” Dean smacked his palm against his forehead while Sam just chuckled. You couldn’t hold back your laughter either.

“Yeah, I got that, Cas.” His smile grew bigger before you brought his lips back to yours. Sam and Dean just shook their heads, Dean feeling happy for the angel.

“There you go, buddy.”

How to bring Gabriel back to supernatural

A funny and very trickster way to bring Gabriel back would be through Pepsi Max commercials. Like the guys just talking with the tv on behind them and on the tv is a Pepsi Max commercial like the ones Richard Speight Jr. Did. Like have it a running gag so even if they never truly bring him back he is always there. Like Dean is watching tv and Sam says something and the commercial comes on and he misses him by seconds. Or they’re driving and there’s a billboard of him winking with Pepsi Max and they look away just in time to miss it.

It was the innocent, pink flowered dress mixed with your too-sweet demeanor that threw Dean off.  The way you watched him play pool, sipping your drink, biting your lip, drove him crazy.  So when you asked him to play he couldn’t help but say:

“No, I couldn’t take money from a pretty girl like you.”  You’d batted your eyelashes, acting so naive and persistent he finally gave in.  Half way through the game he realized it was an act and he’d been had.  

“You just got played,” Sam laughed, elbowing his brother as you walked away, Dean’s cash still in hand.  You looked over your shoulder, winking as Dean stared after you.  He smirked, holding up the piece of paper you’d slid into his hand.

“You sure?”  He asked.  Sam grabbed the slip of paper, reading off your phone number, the paper’s decorated with a imprint of your lipstick.

Imagine Dean convincing Sam to act on his crush...

“Sam, for Christ’s sake, you hunt demons but you can’t ask someone out for dinner?” Dean groaned throwing a look at Sam.

“It’s not that easy, Y/N will-”

“Are we even related?” He scoffed, “Sammy, we’ve been over this, the worst that can happen is she’ll say no.”

“The worst that can happen is Y/N will panic and shoot me,” Sam muttered, not even trying to hide his disapproving look.

“You’re stalling. Just go or I swear I’ll do it for you,” Dean winked, but it seemed to get the desired effect.

The younger Winchester pursed his lips and huffed, making his way over to talk to you with a certain determination in his stride. Dean couldn’t pick out what was being said, but nothing seemed to be happening.

“What are you waiting for, Sammy?” Dean muttered to himself as he could practically feel the stuttering awkwardness from where he stood. After one long minute you finally grinned widly and nodded. “That’s my boy,” Dean smirked to himself, quickly trying to make himself look busy again.


“I feel like I’m in a Clint Eastwood movie…” Dean told you, looking happier than he had in a long time.

“… Or Back to the Future 3″ Sam offered.

“Love me some Eastwood, but Back to the Future will always be my favourite” you admitted.

Sam mumbled something about an antique and made his way to the other side of the saloon.

“So, y/n… Are you liking dressing in that massive… thing?” Dean motioned to the large dress you had to wear to fit the part.

You made a “hmph” sound. He nodded, seemingly understanding.

“Yeah, that looks like a total drag. You must like my get up though, babe…” he winked, which, along with his outfit, was enough to turn you into a mess.

You nodded in agreement, grunting through gritted teeth, turned on just by the sight of Dean like this.

“Oh, you’re liking that, are you?” he smirked. “Maybe we’ll have a play around with it later, then…” 


That night, you and Dean entered the room on the second floor of the saloon that Dean had insisted on paying for.

You moved to undress and get into bed, having a big day ahead of you tomorrow. Dean stood watching you in his outfit, making no move to undress or change himself.

“So, y/n…” he began. “Save a horse, ride a cowboy?” he grinned.

“Oh, God, have I been waiting for that all day” you smiled back at him, before he practically threw you on the bed and joined you there.

Once hovering over you, Dean moved to take his hat off.

“Don’t you dare” you growled.

He smiled and held one hand up in surrender, leaving the hat on his head.

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I feel the next ep will be such a missed op to teach Dean about bisexuality. Dean could be all "is this strong manly wrestler dude I look up to really flirting w me?" Sam would be all chill like "and?" Dean:"but he doesn't look gay, and Im sure he's dated women before" Sam:"maybe he swings both ways; bisexual." Dean:"bi-what-now?" & be enlightened by Sam, giving us glimmer of hope for bi!dean. But I feel the writers will just make some stereotypical gay jokes & be done with it. What do u think?

Word, it would be perfect for more explicit bi Dean material, I mean even in the short promo we already have Dean fangirling when the wrestler winks at him, this talk with Sam would fit in just great. :p 

I don’t think we’ll get any too explicit Dean-is-bi text though, but it does look like an ep with lots of interesting bi Dean subtext to fuel some cool meta!