just look at the sprite

Lmao this American girl walked up to a Hungry Jacks (Burger King) register with her drink and really, really loudly (I was at the other side of the place) proclaimed:
“I asked for Lemonade, you gave me Sprite” in a really bitchy, entitled voice.

The cashier (and everyone within earshot) just looked at her like “the fuck is wrong with you”

In Australia, Sprite IS lemonade as far as we’re concerned.

Enjoy your 90c refund you cheap ass ho.



look at the children grow. some things change and others just stay the same

(if i didnt draw them it just means they haven’t really changed! :( i still love them!! chloe is an exception tho)


Another Karamatsu sprite that actually doesn’t involve him being painful and/or getting injured while attacking?! And makes him look legitimately cool?



Andre’s new sprites!
Reworked his sprites since the old ones were pretty outdated. I mean, just look at it. 5ish months of practice really does make a difference!
Canonically, I’m rationalizing this as his upgraded sprite, as in, this is Andre after getting promoted to paladin.

Also! Blushies under the read more.

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some of the bullshit you may hear and their appropriate reactions.

“i dont really fuck with J Cole”

“Kendrick Lamar aint really that good”

“rihanna is ugly, just look at the size of that forehead…”

“what is Dirty Sprite 2..?”

“Nicki Minaj aint shit!”

“2Chainz is the best rapper today”

“Snoop dogg is old and washed up, i dont really fuck with him”

“Lil Wayne’s got the best lyrics”

“im not a big fan of Watch The Throne, sorry”

i dont really like Usher, im not a big fan of R&B.”

“Gucci Mane aint no TrapGod”

“wait, who is Aaliyah?”

“Taylor Swift can sing”

“drake is such a fuckboy”

“im not a beyonce fan…”

ok here is a other one xD
first off if any of the mun wishes to be taken down why i “ruined” how there chara look i will take it down
second that a super crappy and silly idea had when chara heaven hit 50+ charas in it so i have make the first 5 joined in it

we have
stitches: @notsafefromchara
Grumpy: @fallen-determination
Annoying: @just-face-planted
MC: @ask-thehuman
NC: @sayhellochara

hope you will like it >_<


For my first sprite edit I decided to do @bpdnk‘s mastermind Hajiime Hinata!!

Left is the original and the right is my edit, i loved the design so much i couldnt resist, i hope you like it!

(I couldn’t make it transparent rip)

anonymous asked:

swap your favorite witness with your least favorite!! (i dont know if you do requests like these but!!! if you want you can do it!! tysm)

One of my favourite witnesses is the uncooperative young man who is obsessed with a “warrior of justice” that is  falsely accused of murder. 

Also they cry a lot. 

A gift for @rolling-flash I had said I’d make over 3 months ago. I finally got around to it after trying to figure out what I wanted to make for them and procrastinating even more so. I admit I had the most fun with Boulder, but Rolling Flash just looks so impressive with scale and details. Original size sprites and individual ones below the cut.

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