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First encounters

Okay, so this is my very first attempt to write a one shot. English is not my first language so I apologise if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes. This may suck for all I know lmao, I wouldn’t say I’m overly creative or good at writing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Feel free to give me some feedback.

Warnings: smut

It was the first day of school after summer break. You walked back and forth in your room in just a white bra and black jeans while looking for a shirt to match. You had yet to unpack all of your stuff, and the clothes that you actually had unpacked were spread all over your floor. ”What the fuck am I supposed to wear?” you said quietly to yourself and sighed.

”(Y/N), it’s time to get going!” your mother yelled from downstairs.
In a hurry you picked up the first shirt you could find on the messy floor: a simple black sweater. You then took your backpack and made your way down the stairs and out to the car with your mom, ready to drive you to school. It was your final high school year, senior year, and you couldn’t wait to get it over with. Ever since freshman year you had switched school every single year. To say you were tired of being the new girl was an understatement. You were more than just tired, it made you anxious and even a little angry. You weren’t the most out-going and talkative person so finding friends had always been a struggle of yours. It wasn’t like you didn’t have any friends at all, you had a group of three friends or less and it was more than enough. But going through the same process every year tired you out. Whenever you had moved you never heard from anyone again. So here you were, back at square one.

The car suddenly stopped and woke you up from your thoughts. You looked outside the window of the passenger seat and saw a middle-sized building. Just before the building you read a sign that said South Albany High School. You still didn’t understand why your parents decided to move from California to Oregon. Well, you knew it was because of your fathers work, but honestly what could Oregon possibly offer that was better than California?

”Honey, you better hop out now before you get late to class,” your mother said. With a tight smile on your lips you grabbed your bag from the floor and made your way out of the car. Just before you closed the door she called your name.
”What?” you asked in annoyance.
”Call me when your day ends so I can pick you up. I also left some money in your jacket so you can buy lunch.”
”Thanks,” you mumbled.
She gave you a warm smile and waved her hand at you. ”Now off you go. Have a good day, dear.”
With a last good bye you slammed the door shut and made your way into the school.

As you pushed the heavy door open you were met by students everywhere, most of them in a rush to their first class. There were also some who looked just as lost as you felt, most likely new here as well. While looking around, you found a small line on your left to a tiny office with the word Reception on the door. There you got your locker, schedule and directions to your first class, which was foreign language.

After your first couple of classes it was time for lunch. You hadn’t talked to anyone yet and you were too shy to ask a random person the way to the cafeteria. It was only one class left anyway, it was not like you couldn’t make it without food. Instead you made your way to the library, which was just a hall away from the reception. You took a seat by one of the many desks surrounded by what felt like hundreds of bookshelves, and pulled out a block and a pen from your bag. You had always loved art. Not just to look at, but also to create. Your teachers would often find you doodling in your books instead of taking notes, but you couldn’t help it. It was your passion, a way to express your thoughts and feelings.

As you drew you suddenly felt someone’s presence behind you.
”Nice drawing.”
You turned around and saw a tall silhouette. Your eyes traveled to the face that belonged to the tall man. He had big and mesmerising green eyes, almost as stunning as an emerald stone. His lips were plump and pouty, curved in a little smile. Your lips copied his and turned into a smile. ”Um, thanks,” you said shyly.
”So, you’re into art?” he asked.
”Yeah,” you started, ”but I’m not that great. I mean, I doodle a little here and there but that’s about it.”
When it came to your art you never really showed anyone what you could do with a pencil. You always thought you weren’t good enough, so what was the point in showing something you didn’t feel pride in?
”Well, I think it looks good. I’m into art myself actually,” he said.
”You draw too?”
”Oh, no, I mean like theatre. I’ve always wanted to become an actor,” he said and then sighed. ”But I gave up on that dream a long time ago.”
”Why? If you don’t mind telling me,” you asked.
”The competition out there is insane. Also, I don’t think I’m good enough, you know?” he said as he took a seat in the chair infront of you at the table and reached out his right hand. ”I’m Bill, by the way.” You stared at his hand before you stretched out your own and smiled, ”(Y/N)”.

It didn’t take long for you and Bill to hit it off. The two of you clicked instantly and he was definitely your closest friend. Truth to be told, he was one of the only two friends you had managed to make so far and school had been on for three months. Being shy was already hard enough, but being socially awkward as well didn’t help your case at all. You felt lucky and blessed for having Bill as a friend. Also you applauded him for continuing to talk to you despite your awkwardness.

It had been a long school week, or at least it felt longer than usual, so when Friday finally came around you couldn’t be happier. You ran around in your room trying to make it look less messy with all the - still unpacked - boxes all over the place. You and Bill had originally made plans to hang outside somewhere, but the pouring rain and hard wind made you rethink your plans. Instead you agreed to chill at your place, whatever that was supposed to mean. But the timing couldn’t be more perfect, since your parents were away for the weekend.

You heard the doorbell ring and rushed down the stairs to open the door, only to be met by a completely drenched Bill. He moved quickly inside, hurrying to get away from the cold and terrible weather.
”You’re soaked.” you said. He just laughed and pushed on your cheek lightly, ”No shit, Sherlock.”

When Bill finally had dried, the two of you made yourselves comfortable in your bed to watch Netflix. You even gave him your duvet to wrap himself in - like a burrito.
”I’m still freezing,” he said and looked at you with his big eyes.
”Do you want me to get you another blanket?” you asked.
He looked at the screen for a moment and then back at you. ”I know other ways to get warm,” he said, a smirk forming on his lips.

Suddenly you felt his hand on your upper thigh, slowly inching towards your gates of heaven. You choked on your breath as you were surprised by his move. No one had ever touched you in such a sensual way before.

He removed his hand from your thigh and then the blanket from his body. Before you knew it he laid on top of you with his arms on each side of your head to support his weight. He lowered his face till the tip of your noses touched. “Can I touch you?” he gently asked. You just nodded your head, afraid of opening you mouth incase no words would come out. 

Bill put back one of his hands on your thigh as his other arm kept his body from crushing you. Slowly he moved his hand higher up your torso, until he cupped one of your breast. You moaned quietly as he started squeezing it.

“May I?” he asked, as he tugged on your shirt, signalising he wanted to take it off. Once again you just nodded and let him do the job. In a swift move he pulled it off and threw it behind him, somewhere onto the floor.

You had never felt so exposed before and your first instinct was to cover your chest with your arms. But Bill made it before you and stopped you before you got the chance to cover them. “Hey, hey,” he said as he looked for your eye contact, “it would be a shame to hide something so beautiful.” His words made your whole body relax as you let your arms rest on the bed again. He lowered his head and ever so gently kissed the skin of your breasts that weren’t covered by your bra. He then reached behind your back to remove that piece as well, landing on the floor along with your shirt.

He covered your upper body in kisses as his lips trailed down to your lower part of the stomach. “Bill,” you whispered. He looked up at you as you said, “it’s not fair if I’m the only one without a shirt.”

In a quick moment you were almost completely naked as you both had hungrily removed the rest of each others clothes. The only thing left covering your bodies were your underwear, but Bill was fast to remove that from your body as well. Both of his hands wandered around your thighs, slowly pulling them apart, revealing your pussy. He separated your lips and gave your clit a soft kiss, firing away a spark throughout your whole body as you closed your eyes, craving more. He just smirked, knowing the power he had over you.

Suddenly you felt his tongue flat against your pussy, making it even wetter, as if it was possible. He worked in a quick motion, giving your bundle of nerves the stimulation they had longed for. 

“Bill,” you moaned as he slipped a finger inside of you, while still working with his skilled tongue. Your hands grabbed his hair, pulling the hairs hard as he worked his magic on you. You had never felt like this before.

“You taste so good, (Y/N),” he mumbled against you.

“I wanna taste you too.”

He suddenly stopped and looked up at you. “Are you sure?” he asked. He didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, knowing it was your first time doing something like this. But you felt curious and ready to explore. “Yes,” you said confidently.

The two of you switched position and he rested his back against the mattress. As you removed his black boxers, his dick stood up freely. This was all so new to you, the only experience you had had with sex before was watching porn, and suddenly you didn’t feel as confident anymore.

Bill saw you hesitate. “(Y/N)”, he started, “it’s okay if you don’t want to do anything.”

“I want to, Bill. I just-,” you lowered your voice, “I just haven’t done anything like this before. I want to please you too.”

“Grab it like this” he said, guiding your hand to wrap it around his length, just under the head. “Then start pulling it, up and down.” 

You continued to do as he said, watching him throw his head back, pressing it hard into the mattress. 

“Fuck, just like that,” he moaned.

Your confidence only grew as you glanced at him every now and then, noticing how good you made him feel. You caught him off guard as you put your mouth around him and started sucking. You even dared to go deep, choking and gagging on his length as your hand swiftly moved up and down the shaft at the same time.

“Holy shit, (Y/N), I’m so close.”

His words only made you go faster, wanting him to reach his high. His breath became irregular and you could sense he was only a moment away from coming. Suddenly you felt a warm liquid spurting into your mouth. The two of you were both caught by surprised when you spat it out on his stomach in disgust.

Your eyes grew big as you felt a wave of shame and panic go through your body at the same time. You just wanted to impress him and swallow his batch.  “Shit, I’m- I’m so sorry, Bill. I didn’t mean-,”

He just started laughing and you felt even more ashamed. The embarrassment made your cheeks flush into a deep red color.

“I’m not laughing at you, love. I’m laughing because I got surprised.” he explained. “If it makes you feel any better, I would have spit it out too,” he continued as his laugh died down.

In a swift motion he sat up, with you still in his lap, and hugged you tightly, arms around your torso and his head on your shoulder. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him even closer.

“It was amazing, okay?” he whispered.

He felt your head nodding. It felt like your voice was lost again.

“Honestly, the only thing I feel shitty about is not making you come,” he said.

You pulled your head off his shoulder and looked for his eyes. “Bill, it’s okay-”

“No, I’m serious. Next time all the attention will be on you and only you. I’m gonna make you come so fucking hard you will forget your name.” he said confidently, squeezing your ass at the same time.

You laughed at his words, forgetting you ever felt embarrassed.

“So it’s a next time, huh?” you asked him, smiling.

“You bet there is a next time, (Y/N),” he said and pulled you in for a kiss.

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is kinda weird but I thought about it and now I’m wondering how would the RFA+V+Saeran react to MC wearing a shirt that doesn’t button down all the way but just enough for it to show her breasts. I’m really sorry if this is weird and I also don’t know if I explained myself enough.

It’s okay haha <3


  • he’s so nervous 
  • like srsly 
  • he’s such a virgin little puppy 
  • of course his face is totally red 
  • he’s seeing way to much 
  • not that he doesn’t like it
  • but feels really bad for looking 
  • and can’t make it more obvious 
  • doesn’t take his eyes out of your chest


  • At first he’s not sure if its okay to look at it 
  • I mean… he likes it a lot 
  • but is it really good? 
  • do you actually know it? 
  • but when he catches other boys looking at you he takes his jacket 
  • doesn’t let you take it off until you get home 


  • the first thing she ask you is that 
  • “MC your shirt is unbuttoned, is that on purpose?” 
  • of course there is not much you can do so you kind of accepted it 
  • and now she’s totally fine with that too 
  • and she actually likes It a lot 
  • next time she’s the one with an unbuttoned shirt
  • “well I wanted to look as nice as you”


  • he is a bit mad that you don’t wear a shirt of your size
  • “You should buy one that fits you better”
  • but he likes it 
  • more than he wants to 
  • spend most of the time looking at your chest like it was some kind of treasure
  • he ends up buying new shirts but always ask you to unbutton them when you get home 


  • gets a bit nervous 
  • like giggles a lot when you see him 
  • act like a 12 years old who hasn’t ever seen a girl before
  • makes sure that random dudes don’t look at you anyway 
  • probably tells you at the end of the day about it 
  • “MC did you knew you had your shirt unbuttoned the whole day?”


  • he actually likes it a lot 
  • can’t lie 
  • but makes sure you bring a jacket everywhere 
  • doesn’t want you to be seen by weird guys 
  • and after that you get a couple drawings about you (tons) 


  • nope 
  • please don’t do this to him 
  • he doesn’t know what to do 
  • tries not to look at you 
  • but ends up ignoring you 
  • probably when you ask him why he is ignoring you he blushes a lot 
  • then just look at your chest 
  • “I… that… you have your shirt unbuttoned…”

askjadeharleyfuckass  asked:

Would you mind doing Aleksandra (Zarya), Reinhardt, Junkrat and Roadhog reacting to their S/O having self-harm scars..? Thank you ! <3


  • Its the middle of the summer
  • Zarya has been noticing that every time the two of you are together, your wearing sweaters
  • Except its way too hot for long sleeve shirts
  • At one point she asks if your hot and why you won’t take off the sweater off with this heat
  • Your face goes pink and you look away
  • “That’s okay,” you just murmur, “I’m really not all that hot.”
  • But she can see you sweating and your face is a bit flushed
  • Without another word, Zarya manages to wrestle you out of the sweater
  • Can’t really stop the strongest woman in Russia
  • And when its off, you can’t stop shaking as Zarya catches sight of the scars neatly lined up on your arm
  • Some are faded and old, but the ones further up your arm seem to be newer
  • “Y/N…have you been doing this all along?” Zarya asks softly, her voice barely audible as she takes a seat beside you
  • You can’t look at her, you don’t want to see the anger it would surely cause her
  • Yet when she took your wrist gently, you looked at her as one of her fingers caressed feather lightly up your arm
  • The sad look in her eyes startled you, as did the fact that she had to force away tears…your strong woman was crying?
  • “Don’t…don’t cry, Zarya….” you whispered, moving closer and sliding your arms around her. Zarya buried her face into your chest and you held her gently.
  • “It h-hurts to see you causing yourself pain,” Zarya whispered, fingers clutching the back of your shirt.
  • “I know,” you said softly, stroking your fingers through her soft pink hair. “I’m sorry. I’ll try harder not to..”
  • Shaking her head, Zarya lifted her head and shook it. “You haven’t done anything wrong baby, but hurting yourself isn’t right either. We need to find another outlet or another way to help you,” Zarya says softly, wiping at her eyes.
  • You were positive you’d looked already and found none, but for her you were willing to try again. “Will you help me?” you ask gently.
  • Nodding, Zarya managed a smile. “Of course.”


  • Is aware of the fact that you’ve done self harm in the past
  • He doesn’t pretend to always know why you do it
  • But he understands that when you do, its something you feel is the only way to make it better
  • To make you feel ANYTHING
  • Reinhardt has asked only one thing, and it breaks your heart
  • because you KNOW that doing this is hurting him
  • But all he asks is that you let him be there whenever you cut
  • This sounded weird to you at first, and you were so ashamed
  • But Reinhardt insisted, and it was hard to tell your lover no to such a simple request, especially when he was managing to handle your self mutilation.
  • Reinhardt would sit on side of the bathtub, not watching as you made the cut
  • He had to hum to himself because the sound of you flicking out the blade you have is too much for him
  • He sits with a small case in his lap, and every time when you finally admit your finished, you see fresh tears sliding down his face
  • He’ll have you sit on the toilet lid and quietly, he will sanitize and wrap up your arm with bandages
  • From the medical kit he keeps stocked up
  • You’ve wished so many times that you could just stop
  • You’ve tried to just stop. But its so hard, because sometimes your left wondering if you still exist there or not
  • Every time he finishes bandaging you up, you take a shuddery breath and cup his face
  • Your mountain of a main, your teddy bear…he’ll slowly look at you and manage to conjure a comforting smile
  • Because in his mind, despite his own emotional pain, its you who deserves the comfort, the hugs and kisses and the support
  • Every time, you press a soft kiss to his lips and rest your forehead to his
  • And every time you can only whisper the same thing
  • “I’m sorry.”


  • You are his very reason for existence, he had decided
  • Other then bombs, of course
  • But you were better then even those
  • Junkrat is aware you have depression
  • Every time your depression hits you like a tidal wave, Junkrat is there to try to help
  • He’ll bring you flowers, chocolates, movies, anything he can get his hands on
  • He’ll go find those little cookies you like that are super expensive and can only be found in one store
  • Jamie will come back, and give you his gifts, peck you on the cheek and snuggle on the couch with you
  • Usually your time with him helps, like his very presence brings you from the fog of misery and gloom
  • Jamie never makes a big deal out of it, though you know he’s always worried
  • There are other days where its too much though, and you just can’t take it. Where you don’t feel real, where every part of you is numb and you wonder if you were ever there in the first place
  • These moments are the ones where cutting feels like one of your only solutions
  • Usually it’s on your hip, near your panty line. It was easier to hide it from your boyfriend that way
  • But once, you found him sitting on you bed, hunched over and shaking a little
  • Concern filled you, but you saw the knife on the bed beside him and multiple bandaids covered in dried blood
  • “Jamie…” you whispered, your heart pounding in your chest.
  • When he looked up at you, you couldn’t speak. The raw pain in his eyes, the tear streaks on his sooty cheeks…Jamie just looked so hurt
  • “Jamie, I’m sorry-” you started to say, walking over, your heart pounding loudly.
  • “Y/n,” Jamie cut you off, voice a ragged whisper, and his eyes met yours. “What….What do I do…”
  • Freezing, you stopped and stared at him.
  • “What do I do? What…what can I do…to make ye stop hurtin’ yerself?” Jamie asks, voice cracking. “I don’t…I don’t know ‘ow to help ye darl’ and…and I just…want to…” His shoulders started to shake.
  • You went to him then, arms wrapping around his shoulders and pulling him close. With a muffled sob, he pressed his face into your chest and held on tightly, like you might disappear any moment.
  • You knew he loved you with all of his heart, and he’d been trying to hard to help you through your struggles…
  • “Oh baby,” you whisper gently, coming your fingers through his wild hair, putting out one of the burnt ends. “You’ve already helped me so much, Jamie. You don’t understand…I can’t control how I feel and yet…most of the time, you just being here? That helps me so much. You being here and supporting me and loving me when I don’t even know how to love myself…all of that helps me, Jamie.”
  • Jamie shuddered softly and pressed into you, hiccupping softly as he struggled to try to calm down. The tremors in him wouldn’t subside.
  • “But ye hurt yerself,” Jamie mumbles mournfully, looking up at you and sniffling.
  • Cupping his cheek with one hand, you tried to smile. “Jamie…Most of the time, you pull me out of the fog when nothing else can. But sometimes that fog is too thick and the only thing that helps me be free again is…” your voice wavered and you trailed off.
  • Laying his head back down against you, Jamie didn’t want to picture it. “Isn’t there anything I can do?” he whispered.
  • “You can hold me, right now,” you said gently, moving into his lap. Immediately his long arms encompassed you, and you wiped at the tears on his dirty face. “See? I already feel a bit better.”
  • Junkrat managed a tiny smile for you, glad that at least he could make you feel better here in this moment.


  • The two of you are both very quiet
  • Yet the two of you started dating due to your unspoken connection
  • Despite his rough exterior and his overly psychotic side kick with the bombs, you had found yourself rather taken with the man who spoke so little
  • And you…Roadhog had been shocked when you weren’t scared of him, let alone the fact that you tried striking conversations up with him.
  • It didn’t take long at all really
  • Roadhog knows that you suffer from depression
  • A lot like Junkrat, Roadhog will buy you little gifts, but different
  • Usually its little knick knacks, like little china cats or dogs. You have a love for animals, and usually you adore the gifts he brings you
  • He’ll also take you out for a ride on his Harley, just the two of you ( sorry Junkrat)
  • Something about the long rides on the bike, the wind in your face and the fresh air just soothed you. Especially when it was with Roadie, because having him there made you feel safe and his very presence soothed you
  • That couldn’t always help though, and he couldn’t always be there 24/7 to make sure you were happy
  • One day he caught you cutting your upper arm
  • You didn’t realize he was there at first, until you looked up in the mirror and saw him there, staring at you through his mask
  • His gaze held a sadness so infinite you felt it to your core
  • Turning, your heart thumped and you felt guilt, misery and shame all entwine within you
  • When he turned, your eyes filled with tears. “Mako! Mako, don’t go!” you cried out, hurrying out of the bathroom. To your surprise, he had actually gone and sat on the bed
  • Roadhog sat there, the bed sinking in a bit low beneath his weight
  • He looked at you and patted the bed beside you
  • For a moment, all you could do is stare before you slowly walked over and sat, the tears burning your eyes and your hand over your arm where you’d cut yourself
  • Gently he reached down and took your arm, making you let go of the cut
  • Reaching into his pocket, you wondered what he was going to do before he pulled out one of his most favorite bandanas 
  • Gently he wrapped it around your arm and tied it a bit tight
  • The bandana itself was red
  • For a moment you could only stare at it and then him, before you hugged him tightly. 
  • “I’m so sorry,” you whispered, crying softly into his shoulder
  • Gently Roadhog patted your back with his massive hand and tried to soothe you. As usual, his silent but ever there presence had a bit of a calming effect on you
  • “I love you,” you heard his voice, quiet and rough beneath the mask. You couldn’t help the little sob that left you.
  • “I love you,” you whispered, clutching onto him, knowing you forever had his unwavering support.

last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

somewhere, in a better gotham, the joker was born a woman, with eyes like candy apples, smooth skin. babysoft. 

in the gotham we know, the joker fell into a pit of toxic waste and turned green with envy. in this gotham, the better one, the joker is a tall, thin lady walking down the street. “smile, pretty” follows in her footsteps. when she stands at open mic laughter nights, she’s heckled from the crowd. they won’t smile for her but they resent her frown. 

her mother says that her best feature is her body. the joker spends hours staring in mirrors. picturing a trophy-wife kind of life. smile, pretty. smile pretty. smile. pretty. she’s sixteen the first time she tapes her lips up, just to see if she can teach her skin to learn the shape better. your teeth are your best feature. in the wild, smiling is a sign of fear.

she’s twenty and lives alone with her dog and tries to be okay with that. another night where she’s losing money on transportation, but she goes to the open mic anyway. the guy before her talks about airline food. she gets on the stage and immediately booed. and it’s years like this, in a pattern, in the weave of her passion, so that every night is thrown beer bottles and shouting and comments that make her sick to her stomach and being told she’s nothing special and being told women aren’t funny and being told her voice is shrill and ugly and being told when she’s too animated that she’s crazy and being told when she’s too stiff that she’s boring and being asked out by every single sleeze in the zip code and being shouted at when she says no and the neverending tumble of it because maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe tomorrow

he comes up on stage with her and soaks her shirt in beer. now that’s a show! the man calls. he gets cheers. she doesn’t cry, just walks out the back door before doing something stupid. the manager pats her on the head while she leaves. it’s okay, darling. he looks her over. i don’t get it. a body like yours? you should be an exotic dancer. comedy isn’t for everybody. you’re not funny, sweetie.

she’s not funny. not funny. not funny. the words turn alarm bells. the one thing she’s supposed to be talented at. the one thing she loves is just to make people laugh. and she’s not even funny.

hey you know what’s kind of funny? the way it feels at the bottom. how flat everything turns. how unreal. she skims like a rock. your body is your best feature. she tries again on monday. “you know what’s funny? i thought about murder the other day”. don’t we all, sweetie. on the bus, come home with me. on the street, why aren’t you smiling.

maybe some people are born close to the camel’s back, maybe some people have just always been looking for the straw. it’s too much in either direction. she goes home and smears makeup on her skin. tears her hair off. dyes it green, a shock, to match her eyes and spite and envy at men who can tell the same jokes and get laughter for it where she gets nothing and nothing and nothing, where she is pushed off of stages, where she is mocked.

well, isn’t it her turn to do the mocking.

in this story, in this better gotham where vigilante is sometimes good, sometimes a few letters from villain: who will stop her? in this life, when harley walks in, the two are different, best friends, sugar-on-pie because isn’t it true the world has it out for women. in this life, when harley shows up with hyenas, the joker thinks about the wild and the laws of it and says, “oh, of course, let them in”. in this life the violence has a name. 

and nobody says it without laughing.

How I cope with my Emotional Nonsense

My brain comes with the fun little perk of really intense, overwhelming emotional reactions. My emotions are a series of on/off switches and it’s either blinding painful intensity or complete numbness. So here’s how I try to manage it:

  • Clean my room. Not like… calm gentle reorganization. No. I dump as much as I think I can handle onto the floor and put it back in its place. It’s intense. There’s usually loud angry music. Things almost always end up only slightly cleaner than they were but I feel way fuckin better afterwards.
  • Play video games. Preferably those ones where you’re way OP and just slice through enemies like butter. Or something you just plain can’t lose at, like Stardew Valley.
  • Watch vine compilations. Seriously, just search RIP Vine in youtube, click on the mix playlist, and you’re set forever.
  • Listen to podcasts. I like audio dramas. If you want recs, message me. I’ve got a list.
  • Take a walk. I’m confident in my ability to keep myself safe in doing so, so I will start walking and just not stop until I calm down. Usually I’m doing better after about half an hour for me.
  • Make something. Draw, knit, write, paint, make a fucking hand turkey. No one cares if it’s good. And even if I decide to throw it out, I usually feel better once I’ve actually made a thing.
  • Blanket fort. Really. It helps. Use a paper towel tube as a fake sword. Just… be silly and childish and imaginative. Those aren’t bad things to be.
  • Cut/dye my hair. Usually this takes a little planning but I always wind up deciding to do it during a breakdown of some sort.
  • Eat something. Sometimes a bag of gummy worms is all it takes to remember that the world isn’t entirely awful.
  • Go back to bed. Sometimes, I just don’t have the energy to put up with the world’s bullshit. And that’s okay. It’s not wise to pick this one every time, but sometimes the world can wait. I bury myself under the covers, put my phone on do not disturb, and either take a nap or listen to music.

Sometimes, I’m stuck. I can’t distract myself, and I can feel the wave coming, about to pull me under and turn me into a massive shitlord. Because I am an absolutely AWFUL person to be around when I’m in emotion-hell. Believe me, I hate myself during it too. Haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet, but if I’m with someone I try to warn them that I’m really upset and just need a moment to freak out a bit. Then I try to just… let it pass. It’s a bad idea to talk to people you have strong feelings about, no matter the feelings, when you’re in this. Impulses are hard to manage. I tend to just ramble my feelings in a private post on tumblr or I talk to someone I don’t know that well and consequently don’t have strong feelings about. Just… keep breathing. It passes.

So yeah. Things I try to keep in mind:

  • Nothing is permanent. Our lives are short and, on a cosmic scale, relatively insignificant. The decisions I make aren’t actually that important, so I may as well have fun.
  • Our lives are the most important thing we experience. This is how we are, right now. It is so very real, so very vivid and meaningful and shapes future iterations of us. We are very much here.
  • Two opposing statements can be true at the same time. We are complex, beautiful creatures capable of complex planning and deep thought. We’re also  bumbling apes who will ingest toxic substances because we like how they feel and frequently giggle at the thought of farts.
  • People in general are too busy worrying about what everyone else thinks of them to actually notice that a bit of someone else’s hair is sticking up or that their shirt was on inside out. It happens. We’ve all had those days.
  • There is no such thing as grown-ups. Only people who have gotten very good at pretending they know what they’re doing. We learn the rules by conformity, by watching everyone else and doing what they’re doing, even if we don’t actually know what the fuck is going on. It’s okay. There’s probably someone else just as confused as you in the same room. You’ll be fine, and if you’re too lost to pretend you know what’s going on, either ask someone who looks like they know, or bullshit it and hope for the best.
  • There is good in the world. If you need evidence, look at this dog. All dogs are good.

bodhirookisandorable  asked:

I'm hoping that it's Finn's hand reaching out (maybe to Rey, maybe to another person). I only watched it on my phone so I might of missed something that meant it was definitely KRs but I'm really hoping it's a big misdirect. It seems so much more in Finn's character to reach out for someone as well. It probably won't be bc they're ignoring Finn but you can hope right?

You know, I freaking can’t believe this just had me Google Kylo Ren in TLJ to have a closer look at his costume. I could think of few things I would want to do less today, but here we are.

Because you do make an interesting observation.

Here is the hand we see held out.

Black leather glove, black smooth sleeve and a non-patterned chest of the black shirt.

Okay, that would be Kylo right?

Or maybe not.

Here’s how Kylo looks just just before the cut to the outstretched hand.

And here is a larger view of his costume from EW

Please not that he has the same striped, layered sleeves as he had in TFA and his “overshirt” is a padded vest, the has vertical stitching across it.

So… even if he takes the vest off, unless he’s changed his clothes completely and now have a completely different shirt on, it can’t be him.

Finn on the other hand.

We unfortunately don’t see a lot of him, but here’s what we have

Now he doesn’t have a glove on his left hand, but while it is hard to tell with all the flash and light but he might have one on his right and we know that some First Order officers wears gloves. Funny how we apart from these very glaring shorts have nothing of Finn in FO uniform where we can see his hands. Even with the old promotional pic of him and Rose they are cut off at the chest.

Of course the code cylinders on Finn’s top vest aren’t in the picture with the hand, nor is the belt. But all Finn would have to do is take off the belt and vest - like maybe after a battle where it got torn and he don’t need it anymore anyway - and he would look exactly like the figure with the hand.

Considering all the falling, burning debris and everything, the shot with the hand and the shot with Kylo almost certainly comes from the same scene. But both of them also seems to belong in the “burning battle shots sequence” that we see Finn in. (That falling, burning debris again.)

So you know, I think you might be on to something. That the person with the hand could very well be Finn. 

Whoever it is, it sure as hell isn’t Kylo.


Because he’s not getting the love he deserves and it’s unacceptable so here, have a list of pictures to explain why I love this man and why you should too

• He loves the kids and supports them BIG TIME

• His birthday wishes to the cast on IG are THE BEST

• HE’S PRETTY FUCKING TALL (Bill is 6"4’, just to say…)

• He owns this shirt


• His hair looks AMAZING

• His family pictures on IG (also his sister is pretty fucking awesome and is also the producer of his movies)

• He plays the piano (and the guitar. And hukulele. And banjo. Also he can sing pretty well)


Last but not least: he’s the reason why we’re getting an IT movie and Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise so I don’t know about you but this is pretty much all I need to love this man until my last day on this planet.

(If the movies is somewhat less than a masterpiece I’m gonna jump off a bridge into the Hudson River and you’ll never hear from me again ‘cause I’ll be floating too)

Scratching the Itch

Square Filled- Friends to lovers

Rating- Explicit

Tags- Alpha!Dean x Omega!reader, smut,

Word Count- 2300ish

A/N: For @spnabobingo. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Hunting’s a total blast until you hit your heat. In between each cycle, you only know how much fun it is to catch a case, to get on the road and feel the rumble of Dean’s car beneath you, all open windows and loud music. The fights are always rough, but in the way that makes you feel strong, in a way that makes your muscles ache with anticipation just to think about it. And of course, there’s the feeling of knowing that you saved someone, that you stopped one small little evil and left the world a little better for it.

But then your heat hits, and you remember. Hunting is not ideal for an Omega.

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important scenes in this darth maul book:

  • darth maul and sidious dressing up as tourists (which i can only imagine as a hawaiian shirt with shorts) to go and look at the jedi temple
  • darth maul going to a parking garage and just paying for parking like a normal person
  • darth maul using the force to twirl into a snowbank then “corkscrewing” back out
  • darth maul’s drink of choice at bars is pure water and he used the force to keep anyone from questioning this
His First. (A Dirty Harry Styles One Shot)

- In which Harry is a bit.. inexperienced in the bedroom.

Harry thought he could hide it. He thought he could get away with it. But, when everything came to him so all of a sudden, he realized that he was trapped, and the only way to get out, was by telling the truth. 

And so he did.

“What?” you ask breathlessly, your hands at the mid of Harry’s patterned shirt, fingers frozen on the buttons, pulling the colorful fabric away from his tall and lanky form.

“I-I’m.. yeh are my first.”

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Do you think Jungkook’s jeans breathe a sigh of relief when he takes them off at the end of a long performance? Like, “Oh Praise Be To God! Those thighs are finally gone. I can breathe! My nerves have been stretched and frayed like the very fibres of my being. When will he read my memo about going a size up?”

And his white shirts must have meetings like, “Whose turn is it today? Gary? Is it you? Or is it me? Who is on for White Shirt Duty? Does anyone here remember who is meant to be doing the Wednesday White Shirt Shift?”

Taehyung’s clothes would eye-roll at them like, “Oh, you guys think you’ve got problems? Look how……OH MY GOD CAROL! RUN! He’s coming at us with scissors again!!!!”

Meanwhile, the rest of Tae’s wardrobe would be like, “Francesco and I are from the Milano Gucci store, we’re OG. I heard there are some sandals here from the New York branch. No offence but they can’t sit with us if they’re from the 2014 S/S collection. They’re not vintage, darling. They’re just tragic.”

Down the corridor, Yoongi’s clothes would have their own meeting like, “Look, I know it’s summer but we’re all just going to have to deal with the heat and fade okay? He’s bought us the special fabric softener for black clothes so it’ll be okay you guys. We can do this! Courage for our human!”

All of Jin’s clothes are like, “Wheeeeeeeeeee! We love Jin! We look so pretty! Oh dammit, Steve! Everybody stop! Red Steve just jumped into the laundry and now we’re all pink……..oh well. Wheeeeeeee!”

I know for sure that somewhere in the back of Namjoon’s closet all his shirts are sitting in a circle like, “I clothe him. Yes. We all clothe him. We are nothing but a social construct. But he gives us purpose! This symbiotic relationship is the true essence of being. Hey, where’s Cornelius? Did he get lost again? He’s not still in Japan is he? Because Namjoon lost his passport in Germany.”

Jimin’s sweaters are probably the sweetest kids at the laundromat. “Guys, remember what our human said. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. If you run into one of Jungkook’s punk ass t-shirts, bite the shit out of it and don’t leave any evidence behind.”

Hobi’s clothes have the best life for sure. “Our human is better than your human. That punk ass kid Jungkook got soy sauce all over me but our human gave me a nice pre-wash-soak. Then I got the gentle spin cycle, Huggy Bear fabric softener and full sunlight so I’m looking and feeling fresh again. Our human should run for president.”

goDDD okay reasons im still not over this scene;

-the fact that kirishima purposefully teased bakugou into helping him study when he could’ve easily just gone to momo’s like literally everyone else??? (and learned shit without getting smacked lmao)

-the fact that they decided to go out??? they could’ve just gone to like? idk a library or something?? (but i guess they’d probably get kicked out cuz of bakugou ahaha) 

-okay just imagine that conversation?? tsundere ass bakugou somehow coordinating a meet up with kirishima??? FUCKIN MEET ME THERE AT 6 OCLOCK SHARP BITCH!!!!

-bakugou’s outfit?? the popped collar?? asdfghjkl idk if we’ve ever seen him wear this before honestly it looks like one of his nicer shirts and stuff- he kinda dressed Up for the occasion and kirishima is just wearing lazy studying clothes LOL 

The furnace is broken. When Nursey goes downstairs to do laundry, Dex has his toolbox out. There’s a smear of grime down the side of his face and smudges on his light gray t-shirt.

“What, no music?” Nursey asks, piling his clothes in the washer.

Dex shakes his head.

“How’s it going?”

Dex shrugs.

Nursey pours in detergent, turns the water temperature to cold, and starts the cycle. “Are you okay?”

Dex looks away. “I don’t actually know how to fix furnaces. I’m just guessing here.”

“Is there someone you can call?” Nursey asks.

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Fun Thing:

Putting each members name in the tags and seeing what the first one that pops up is

Why are You like this?

Hi friends! 

Plot: Y/N feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to let her Harry know.

I combined my own idea with a request about H hearing Y/N admit something over the phone. 

Hint before reading: Take a moment and think of that one thing that’s overwhelming you right in this moment, the one thing that makes your stomach feel sick and the one thing that keeps you up at night. Okay now you can read it.

Pic isn’t mine but I like to think that it is.

“Are you sure everything’s alright?” 

My throat dried when I allowed my eyes to meet with his sparkling green orbs and the pure worry in them made it difficult not to tear up. With a deep breath I forced myself to smile. 

“Everything is fine, Harry,” I promised him, my tone just sweet enough for it to cover up the lie, “It was a long day.”

“Again?” Harry inquired quietly. 

“Again.” I tried to laugh but got up to walk to the kitchen when I failed.

Ever since the beginning of this week there had been a heavy and uncomfortable feeling settled at the bottom of my stomach making me feel so sick at times I believed I would vomit. 
But I couldn’t let it show. 

“Do you want some tea?” I called towards him.

“Sure, yeah. Thanks, beautiful.”

With trembling fingers I reached for the kettle and I closed my eyes in hopes of calming down enough to keep my distraught emotions a secret. And what better than a hot cup of tea?
There was nothing I loved more than spending time with Harry and if I could I would have him near me at all times. I felt myself long for him when he was gone, fantasized about being in his presence when I wasn’t and when I had him I felt at peace. Momentarily. Harry made me feel warm and without knowing it he’d become the only person who managed to decorate my face with an honest smile. We hadn’t been dating for long, only a couple of months, and it was true that we were happy. Never before had I felt this close to another person, never before did I trust somebody with my whole heart and no one had ever understood me the way that Harry did.
Harry was my everything. 
And still I couldn’t find it in me to trust him with my worried mind. 

It wasn’t that I thought Harry wouldn’t be kind. I knew if I were to tell him that I couldn’t find any peace and that not even the nights provided me with rest, he would try all he could to be supportive. 
What held me back from confiding in him was how utterly ridiculous I felt. Harry had so much going on in his life, he was under constant pressure and given even more from all sides and all at once and still he never uttered as much as one word in complaint. 
Me? I felt like crying when dealing with what was so minor compared to other people’s problems. 
How could I possibly admit this without making a fool of myself?

“Y/N?” I heard Harry’s voice call for me. 

My breath hitched and I quickly finished both of our teas. “Coming!”

Hearing my friend’s voice over the speaker of my phone relaxed me. At least a little. Kat hadn’t had the time to talk properly in a while due to her job taking up a lot of space in her life and selfishly it felt good to hear that I wasn’t the only person who wasn’t having the best week. 

“So anyway,” Kat spoke, “Things took a turn to the better when the guy I told you about showed up again. I think he recovered form the flu or something.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

She chuckled. “I bet your day gets better the moment you have Harry around to comfort you.” 

“Well,” I sighed, “Having him around does bring me joy.” 

When my voice quivered I knew I messed up.

Kat cleared her throat. “What’s the matter? Does he not understand or what?”

“I’m sure he would,” I muttered. 


I didn’t reply. Kat laughed breathlessly. 

“You seriously didn’t tell him? Y/N, he’s your boyfriend! And if I receive text after text about how shitty everything is going for you then something really must be up.”

A lump formed in my throat and I let out a small whine. “I don’t know how to talk to him about this thought.”

“Why not?”

I shrugged even though she couldn’t see. “Harry has so much going on in his life. Never does he get a break not even on his days off. How could I burden him with my stupid and silly problems when his mind is full of much more important things?”

“Because he’s your boyfriend!” Kat repeated. 

“Is that your answer to everything?”

“In a relationship it’s about being there for each other,” Kat lectured, ignoring my words, “You support him constantly. It’s time you let him do the same for you.”

My head snapped up at the noise of my front door opening and then falling shut. 

“Y/N? You home, baby?” My heart fluttered at his voice.

“That’s Harry,” I quickly informed Kat, “I got to go.”

With fast steps I walked further into the bedroom and away from where I could hear Harry moving closer towards me.

“Of course,” Kat said and I could hear the smile in her voice, “Just remember. You have to be honest with Harry and tell him how you feel. Otherwise you’re being unfair to him.”

“I know,” I agreed lowly, “I know you’re right.”

Harry’s knuckles lightly knocked onto the wooden door and I turned around to look at him with a smile growing on my face. He looked insanely good. His hair was tousled from the clod wind I knew was tormenting outside, his upper body adorned a thick jumper and his legs were forced into much too tight jeans which to my benefit left little to the imagination. 

“Hey,” I breathed.

“Hi.” His voice was quiet and I shuddered when the smile on his face didn’t reach his beautiful eyes. 

I walked over to him and reached for his arm. “I’m just going to finish this call really quickly, okay? Then I’m all yours.”

“S’okay,” Harry said and shrugged off my touch, “I just came over to return the shirt you left at my place the other day. M’actually bit busy so I’m just going to head out again.”

My heart sank. “I thought you would stay tonight?” 

Harry nodded towards the phone in my palm. “You should’t let your friend wait, Y/N. Wouldn’t want you to be unfair to anybody, right?” 

And with that he turned around, out of my reach and towards the exit. The shirt he’d brought me was carelessly thrown onto the mattress and I watched him leave with tears already burning my eyes. What the hell had just happened?

“Y/N? You still there?” 

Kat’s voice ripped me back from my thoughts and I quickly told her that I was fine and needed to go. Then I hung up. 
Great. Now not even my relationship was something I could find comfort in. There was no point in running after him as I new Harry moved fast and since he’d arrived by car I was sure he must be long gone. With my palms ice cold, my legs weak and my stomach in knots I sat down on the bed I’d thought I would be spending the night with Harry on, feeling the most uncomfortable and unhappy and in in general at a low I hadn’t reached before.
There was no way I could hold back the tears from burning my cheeks and soon I was a sobbing mess, laying alone on the cold fabric of my bed.

From Harry, 7:20pm.
I’m sorry I left like that, love. How about I come back over and we spend the night together like we planned? x

From Harry, 7:22pm. 
Don’t ignore me now. I know I was being harsh. A bit of a dick actually and I wanna make up for that. Please let me, baby. xx

From Harry, 7:23pm. 
I heard your conversation with Kat. 

With puffy eyes I stared at the three messages. I breathed in shakily and shook my head before picking up the device to reply. There was no way I could face him when I was like this. I felt ashamed enough as it is and couldn’t bear the thought of letting my boyfriend see me in this weakened state.

From Y/N, 7:30pm.
It’s okay, Harry, no worries. I’m a bit tired though. Don’t think that hanging out tonight is a good idea. I’m sorry. x

From Y/N, 7:33pm.
If you want we could meet up tomorrow?

Teardrops smeared the screen and I brushed them off quickly in order to read Harry’s reply. My heart sank even further upon reading it.

From Harry, 7:34pm.
If that’s what you want.

It was what I’d wanted. Still, my chest crumbled and the room filled once more with desperate and loud cries as I let it sink in that I’d successfully driven Harry away. A shaking palm clasped over my mouth as I attempted to somehow quieten the noises of my breakdown as I didn’t want to alarm my neighbours. 
What was I supposed to do? What was I to tell him tomorrow? That was if he even wanted to see me.
My eyes were sore, my throat dry and slowly but surely everything began to hurt. Really ache. 

My entire body froze and I forced myself to calm down long enough to make sure I hadn’t heard wrong. No. There was once again the distinct sound of somebody knocking on my front door. Oh god please no. I scrambled to my feet with hurried movements and came to a tumbling stand. With harsh movements I brushed the tears from my smeared cheeks. 

“Y/N.” It was quiet but I heard and my heart began to pound heavily in my chest. What was he doing here?

“Harry?” I asked, my voice small and trembling weakly. 

I sniffled noisily and tried to steady my breath. 

“Course it’s me, love,” Harry hummed, his voice gentle, “Mind opening the door for me? Letting me in, sweetheart?”

“Harry, I really don’t think-”

“I hear it, baby,” he spoke softly, “You’re crying.” His voice sounded so sad, so empty of the anger it held earlier. 

The pet names spoken with so much affection, the gentleness in his words and tone… I couldn’t fight any longer. 
With uncertain fingers I unlocked my front door and before I could turn the handle I had Harry’s arms wrapped around my waist as he forced his way into my apartment. 
Breathing in his scent as I nestled my face into the warm space between his shoulder and his neck, one of my hands wound itself into his short curls while the other clasped the back of his neck. Harry’s arms tightened around my body, bringing me impossibly close to his chest as he pushed the both of us further inside. I didn’t see but I heard him shut the door with his foot. 

“Harry,” I whimpered, trying desperately to step away from him, worried that the endless stream of tears would mess up his jumper. 

“No.” Harry’s embrace was tight. He ignored my protest and instead hoisted me up higher so that he could carry me to the couch in my small living room. 

I was full on sobbing by this point, my desperation only increasing when he let go of me after making me sit on the couch. My arms were taken into his hands and I turned my head away when he crouched down. 

“Y/N, look at me.”

I shook my head, a whimper escaping my parted lips. Harry’s hands moved gently, his fingers drew circles onto my skin. Normally the gesture was enough to calm me down but not today. I felt utterly embarrassed and I knew that Harry slowly began to realize too that this wasn’t just a small and simple break down. 
This was me, crumbling after having suffered under too much pressure for too long. This was me truly breaking down and falling apart right in front of his eyes.
I gasped upon feeling him press his face into my open palms. 

“My sweet girl,” Harry breathed into my hands, “Tell me if there is something that I can do for you, you hear?”

“There- there’s no-nothing, Harry.” I swallowed shakily and stared at the back of his head. 

Slowly he looked up at me, green eyes wide, kind and patient. His warm hands clasped mine and my breath hitched when his heart shaped lips pressed a loving kiss to them. 

“That’s okay, too,” he reassured, “In that case I will just do what I think you need right now, yeah? And if you want something different you tell me.” 

He waited for me to nod, a small smile gracing his lips. Harry got to his feet quickly and immediately I was scooped back into his arms and brought to his chest. I hiccuped and Harry chuckled. 
His body settled onto the couch and I gasped when he placed my own body right on top of his, my back pressed to his chest. His face settled into my neck and I shuddered upon feeling his warm breath. One of Harry’s arms wrapped around my middle while he gently touched my forehead with his other hand, making me rest my head on his shoulder. 
I sighed and turned so I could nudge his neck with my nose. Next a blanket was pulled over my form, making sure that I was warm. 

“Harry,” I whispered into his skin. 

He intertwined our legs together before kissing my cheek. 

“No more crying,” he said lowly, chest rumbling against my back, “It breaks my heart to see you like this. Which doesn’t mean that I want you to ever keep it from me again when you feel this way.”

The terrible knot at the bottom of my stomach loosened and the longer I breathed him in the more I could feel my heart relax. My breathing slowed, the tears slowly ceased from falling. My own arms wrapped around his and our hands found each other. 

“I’m sorry,” I apologized against his skin.

He shook his head and squeezed me. “No, no, my love. S’not what I want. You don’t have to apologize for anything. All I want is that you trust me. That you know that I’m here. Always.”

“I want to see you.” 

Careful not to hurt him I turned to lay on my stomach, my body pressed tightly against his chest and I leaned up to press a kiss to his soft skin of his chin. 
Harry groaned lowly at the sensation. 

“You’re my girlfriend,” Harry murmured, his hands rubbing up and down my back, “You can lean on me. Confide in me. Don’t want hear that you’re unwell and hiding it.”

I hummed.

“Are you comfortable?” I wondered quietly, referring to his position.

“Very,” he assured me with a nod, cheekily grabbing my bum and giving it a squeeze. 

I swatted his chest with a laugh and he removed his hands and settled them onto my hips instead. I found it hard to believe that having my body sprawled out on top of his was in any way comfortable but in this moment I knew there was nothing other than being in his arms that would heal my tormented mind.

“S’embarrassing though,” I admitted quietly, my unsure eyes finding his. 

“S’not,” he argued, “S’part of being in a relationship. I’m yours, you’re mine and we’re both there for each other.”

I liked how natural his words sounded. How much sense they made.

“But,” I began, “what I’m dealing with is so stupid and you-”

“And I’m never too busy to take care of you just like I trust in you always being there when I really need you. And nothing that makes you cry is stupid to me.”

Harry smiled kindly and I could feel myself doing the same. Gently I reached up to cup his cheek and a tiny gasp escaped my mouth before his lips found mine in a loving kiss. Instantly I melted into him. 
His hands held me close, my own scratched his cheek while the other held onto his hair and for the first time all week I felt like I could truly breath. Harry’s presence took over all of my senses as I cuddled myself even more into his embrace. We continued to kiss until my lungs burned and this time when I teared up it was because my heart couldn’t hold the amount of happiness. 

“Why are you like this?” I whispered, staring at my handsome boyfriend with wonder in my eyes. 

He smiled and pressed another kiss to my temple. “Because you’re important to me. I need you to know that, love.”

“I do. Thank you so much, Harry. And I care about you, too. So much.”

Another kiss followed to my lips before Harry drew back to rub his nose against mine in a heartbreakingly sweet gesture. 

Hope you liked this! Wrote it in one go so apologizes for any mistakes. Also, if any of you are dealing with something shitty at the moment I have my fingers crossed for you and know you’ll be alright. x

The rest of my writing: 

Angst/Fluff Prompt List MVPs

This list contains some of my FAVORITE prompts. I tried to make sure it was balanced, but I’m not sure how well I did on that front lol. These are good for ANY fandom! (Please do not steal/repost the list, thank you <3)

  1.  “Stay here tonight.”
  2.  “I’ll keep you warm.”
  3.  “I’ve got you.”
  4.  “You mean too much to me.”
  5.  “I can’t sleep, can I sleep here?”
  6.  “We’ll figure this out.”
  7.  “This isn’t goodbye.”
  8.  “Here let me help you.”
  9.  “Kiss me.”
  10.  “I care about you.”
  11.  “Don’t cry.”
  12.  “Please don’t do this.”
  13.  “You make me feel safe.”
  14.  “I can’t do this on my own.”
  15.  “You have no idea how much I want you right now.”
  16.  “Why are you crying?”
  17.  “Nothing is wrong with you.”
  18.  “Tell me what’s wrong.”
  19.  “Just breathe, okay?”
  20.  “Don’t lie to me.”
  21.  “Who hurt you?”
  22.  “Don’t be scared, I’m right here.”
  23.  “You make me happy.”
  24.  “Don’t be afraid.”
  25.  “Come cuddle.”
  26.  “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
  27.  “I’m not leaving.”
  28.  “I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”
  29.  “I’ll always be there for you.”
  30.  “You’ve been quiet.”
  31.  “Calm down.”
  32.  “I’m just looking out for you.”
  33.  “No one is perfect.”
  34.  “It’s just you and me.“
  35.  “What’s on your mind?”
  36.  “I think I’m in trouble.”
  37.  “You’re in danger.”
  38.  “I can tell you’re lying.”
  39.  “It’s okay to cry.”
  40.  “Just go away.”
  41.  “I’ll keep you safe.”
  42.  “Are you okay?”
  43.  “Come with me.”
  44.  “I care about you.”
  45.  “Do you hate me?”
  46.  “I’m worried about you.”
  47.  “You look like hell.”
  48.  “It doesn’t matter.”
  49.  “You’re a terrible liar.”
  50.  “Everything is fine.”
  51.  “I don’t wanna be alone right now.”
  52.  “I need help.”
  53.  “I’m not okay.”
  54.  “Talk to me.”
  55.  “What happened last night?”
  56.  “You’re fun to touch.”
  57.  “Stop it.”
  58.  “I made a mistake.”
  59.  “This place is creepy.”
  60.  “Hold still.”
  61.  “We need to talk.”
  62.  “Here take my sweater.”
  63.  “I need a place to stay.”
  64.  “Never stop smiling.”
  65.  “I’ll keep you warm.”
  66.  “Please don’t go.”
  67.  “I hate you.”
  68.  “Get out!”
  69.  “I don’t need you.”
  70.  “I’m not ready to say goodbye.”
  71.  “Carry me.”
  72.  “Do not tempt me.”
  73.  “I missed you.”
  74.  “No one is perfect.”
  75.  “Do you have a problem with me?”
  76.  “Nothing is going to happen to you.”
  77.  “You need to be more careful.”
  78.  “You don’t have to leave.”
  79.  “I don’t feel well.”
  80.  “I didn’t drive all this way to say ‘hey’.”
  81.  “Please don’t hurt me.”
  82.  “I’m on my way.”
  83.  “We’re gonna be okay.”
  84.  “Why didn’t you just call me?”
  85.  “I need to tell you something.”
  86.  “I love your smile.”
  87.  “Are you hurt?”
  88.  “Look at me.”
  89.  “I’m not gonna hurt you.”
  90.  “You need to take your shirt off.”
  91.  “I can’t breathe.”
  92.  “Don’t move.”
  93.  “Are you cold?”
  94.  “Stay there.”
  95.  “I’m a mess.”
  96.  “Please don’t be mad at me.”
  97.  “This is all my fault.”
  98.  “You did what you had to do.”
  99.  “Don’t you ever change.”
  100.  “I love you.”

Plot: It had been a few months since Park Jimin had learned a valuable lesson, but he was craving to meet the person who had taught it to him, even though he was still with his girlfriend.

Pairing: Idol! Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: MUCH Angst, fluff

Notes: There you go. Foreign 2. I ain’t writing more of this. You are lucky I didn’t kill off the reader or anyone. 2.5k Words

P.S. If you ask for more, I’m just going to ignore it because I hate writing more cliché bull. I love you all, but I’m a brat.

Foreign | masterlist

Originally posted by sosjimin

It was never the same. After he had met you, he stopped caring about his relationship, but tried so hard to do what he could to get the same spark he used to have. Don’t get him wrong – there was a spark, but it didn’t come close to the one he had with you. 

His bandmates had even noticed this change. It wasn’t obvious, but he had been with his bandmates for more than three years now. They knew about his behavior. It was less excitable when he saw his girlfriend, maybe he went over to her place more, but it seemed as if he was forcing himself to.

“Jimin, are you okay?”

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