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((Hey don’t.. repost? 

I don’t go looking for reposts/reposters.. I feel pretty powerless against these kind of people. If art is just images to them I don’t know what I’d even be to them. Thanks to those who lmk abt those who do though, yall know whats up, keep doing what you do 

The dailies here are just black and white doodles.. but I spend time, energy and struggle with em, so it’s… really leaving a bad taste seeing them put out of context, and you(reposter) might say you’re giving it more exposure and attention. You’re just… trying to hang on other people’s effort to give yourself attention. The satisfaction of being the one to find cool art and sharing them? Then getting angry at artists who ask to take them down? Undeserving!)) 

I’ve got a 101.5 degree fever and I keep on thinking like,,, what if Matt and Neil get on the same pro team. (I say, needing to finish up the ghost au and fill @mac-noa‘s prompt. i’ll get on that when I’m feeling better this is just entirely self-indulgent)

  •  Matt hears Neil is transferring to his team and does a happy dance bc that’s his bro son
  •  He offers to share his flat w/ Neil bc Dan is coaching another team farther away and so he lives alone in a place that two people could share
  •  And Neil is like “Sure!” bc that’s his bro dad 
  •  And suddenly 90% of all of Matt’s social media is pictures of Neil Josten 
  •  And just general Neil Josten Appreciation Posts bc he loves his auburn-haired child
  • the other 10% is selfies and pictures of Dan
  • bc in this fandom we’ve always got to include the other 10%
  •  Bc of this, the Brosten tag is trending and tons of fans ship it 
  •  They’re so pure they don’t realize they sound like they’re in a relationship
  •  Neil’s Instagram features a video of a drunk Matt pouring orange soda into cereal and they take that as a confirmation bc the rest of his ig is just exy gear and cats 
    •  "I fear Matt may leave me for Neil”-Dan
  •  Then the minyard-josten rivalry starts and Matt starts the #teamJosten tag 
  •  He gets t-shirts and those foam-hand things
  •  He’s so into this 
  •  The foxes are laughing their asses off and Neil and Andrew are having the time of their lives messing with the press 
  •  In an interview with Matt, he’s asked about the rivalry between his roommate and the goalie 
    •  “Oh yeah they h8 each other, they were always going at it in college." 
    • "Oh rlly?" 
    • "Mmhmm, you could hear Neil’s yelling from the next room." 
    •  (Neil turns the color of his hair when he watches this interview)
    •  (No one lets him live it down) 
  •  When Neil finally transfers to Andrew’s team, there’s quite a few tearful goodbyes 
  •  To both Neil and his cats 
  •  There’s pictures/videos on his ig that’s Matt on his knees reaching out to Neil at the airport while he walks away 
  •  #heartbroken 
  •  When Andreil finally comes out and ends the rivalry Matt’s the first one to support them
  • he goes on twitter and tells the haters to fuck off bc and Andrew didn’t ask for your opinion pls and thank you
  • Neil is kinda disappointed for not being able to tell them off himself but now that Matt’s done his duty Neil has more time to cuddle w/ Andrew so it’s still a win

 It’s just v happy and I’m v high (101.5 so maybe not too high) and I need the Boston Brotp someone talk to me about this

@Saito_Shuka: I got a few messages here and there from people who told me they got the magazine.
Thank you very much!!
Yep! It came out today! The special add-on to B.L.T. March 2017, 
‘Dressed up Seiyuu Special BOOK’, has been released.
I’ll be in your care ( ´›ω‹ ` ) Hehe

So apart of my job is to measure people so we can build costumes for em.

Most of these people have never been in a theater setting or seen a sewing machine before and all of them are volunteers

So measuring people, getting up in their business (especially kids ) I kinda need to walk them through it and let them know “hey I’m not gonna strangle you I need to measure your neck don’t panic” etc

Most women will suck in when I measure their waist or expand when I do the chest.

It’s pretty amusing to me.

But in walks this kid.
I swear she was 14, looked like she just joined Tumblr and walked and talked like she was more woke and more aware than anyone in the room.

I’m doing my business and she’s sassing me
“Yeah yeah I know”

Then I get to her chest. I’m in front of her and this kid deadass looked me in the eye

“Hey sweetheart”

if my boss and her mother were not five feet from me….

It’s been a day folks

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Okay I was actually too embarrassed to state it but what upsets me is the following: I'm a POC myself and the thought of a white girl going through Instagram accounts to hand pick pretty pictures of cute looking Asian boys to post on Tumblr Dot Com and get 3K notes with, makes me uncomfortable. By all means continue what you're doing, but sometimes, I want you to think back and ask yourself "Am I fetishizing these people or not"?

Right, okay, thank you – that would have been useful to know from the get-go

Firstly: why is that embarrassing??? like, we’re capable of having a discussion aren’t we without someone just spamming my inbox with passive aggressive comments

Second: I looked at figures who were ethnically representative and were well-known on IG so there would be enough photos available for me to use; I’m confused about why it’s wrong that they should be distinctly unattractive for that to be acceptable? i didn’t “hand pick pretty pictures” – i looked to see who physically matched the characters as much as i looked to see who would match chris or yuri well. You keep mentioning the k-pop thing, but I’ve not posted anyone who’s korean either, nor do i know a think about k-pop or surgery or whatever else you were talking about

Third: I WANT YOU TO THINK BACK AND ASK YOURSELF AM I FETISHISING THESE PEOPLE OR NOT (?!?!?!?!?! REALLY?!!) i want you to remember the description of the characters in the actual show? Both Phichit and Guang Hong Ji are considered part of the “Three Most Adorable Figure Skaters in Asia”? The show is literally telling us that they are ‘cute-looking Asian boys’? Their instagram posts in the show them with fucking hamsters on their heads and peace signs and all that other ‘kawaii’ stuff because it is a japanese anime

i mean jfc look at guang hong ji

look at yuuri

look at phichit

????? it just seems to me like i made a fancast based on the material we were given in the anime

Fourth: yeah, i did it all so i could get 3k notes. there was absolutely nothing behind this but me wanting to get notes – absolutely nothing to do with me just wanting to enjoy the anime in a fun, creative way, and everything about it was intentionally, inherently racist 

Some Ridiculous Story

     I killed time.

     Looking back at what I just said, I suppose you could look at it two ways. The first way, pretty simple, people kill time all of the… well, time. Sitting there, doing nothing, wasting the day away. Government work, in other words. The second way, that gets you the funny looks. Time’s a concept, not something you can actually stick a knife in and have bleed all over your nice new suit until it drops off of your shoulder, flails its tendrils about a bit, then becomes perfectly still before it dissolves to nothing.

     Or, so I thought.

     How to explain, how to explain. Hmm. Ok, you and I know each other pretty well by now. Or you just think I’m crazy. I’ll stick with the former? Sure we do. I’ll just say it right out. I see things. things that other people don’t see, or at least, don’t care to see. Supernatural stuff. The capital-S Sight. I don’t see everything, mind you, just random things. Like the fact that each person has their own little time entity sitting on their shoulder, attached to their brain–

     …You do think that I’m crazy. Certifiable. Throw me in a straitjacket and a room with a white padded wall certifiable. I might as well have “CAUTION - INSANE” stamped on my forehead, right?

     Maybe, with everything that’s happened… going to happen… happening? Let’s go with happening. Easier that way. …Maybe with everything that’s happening, I am crazy.

     Let me explain.

     You just knew that I was going to say that, didn’t you. That fact that you knew, that small spark in your brain that told you “Ugh, he’s going to go on and on about some ridiculous story that I really couldn’t care less about,” that’s a small part of it–

     What do you mean I’ve already told the story…

     Hey, wait a minute. I think I know what happened… No, wait. Don’t handcuff me… I didn’t actually kill anyone! Not a person anyway–

     B-b-body? There’s a body in my apartment, and blood everywhere? Someone captured it on video? No, no, I’m telling you, officer. It wasn’t a person that I killed!

     …I killed time.

     Looking back at what I just said…

not a flygon or anything flygon related i just wanted some support bc im cutting and also dyeing my hair on wednesday and im v nervous since my hair has been literally the same for the last seven years except for last fall when i cut it a bit and got some highlights dyed. my natural color is kinda this dirty blonde color, my hair is straight, kinda fine and now a bit over shoulder length, ive never had bangs. im going to cut it pretty short all around so its gonna be fluffy and nice, i just have no idea about the color since i think i wanna dye it some cool color and not some ‘actual hair color’. my skin is light and eyes green if that helps at all, also i dont wear any makeup bc im a lazy piece of shit

ive looked at many pics of people with pretty and colorful hair but im afraid i wont be able to pull it off but then again i dont want to be tame and just get lame highlights again. ive been thinking about something darker like light brown but i also really want a bright color ahhhh maybe i could get something like dirty light rosey color maybe ?? i love pastels but i dont wanna bleach qwq

please feel free to message me or leave replies to give some tips or experiences about dyeing hair im so nervous but i wanna do this so much i just have no idea about what will look good and stuff

sorry for bothering everyone with not flygon stuff ahah ^ ^”

By claiming white girls just admire and love black women, it’s making white girls out to be these innocent children who just wants to be the “mean black girl’s friend” but she won’t let her. I call this the Odd Girl Out Syndrome. White girls and women act like black women are these “seductively pretty girls” within a clique that all men want and their “basic” selves are just inferior. So then when we tell them no they can’t “look pretty” like us, people come to their defense. I see this all the time where white girls will barge up into black girls’ spaces, being overbearing, and then crying when they’re told to leave them alone. As long as I lived, I’ve never heard white girls say anything flattering about black girls unless they were mixed or ambiguous enough. Now a biracial black man tells me, “White women have never thought they were better than you when they wanted to look like you!” Okay Agent Orange and your alt-facts.

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What about chubby Phil? Like him hating every inch of his body and then Dan comes in and tells Phil the wonders about his body and why he loves it so much

i’m on a roll my dudes
a chubby roll


Phil bit his lip, glaring at the dumb mirror and his dumb body and his dumb self. He looked awful, god, why did he have so many rolls and love handles? He really should be working out or dieting or something. Maybe he should just stop eating.

Phil quickly dismissed that thought, frowning to himself. He had seen people with anorexia, and it wasn’t pretty. He didn’t want to be THAT skinny.

Phil ran his fingers through his hair, groaning when his shirt pulled up to show his pale tummy as he lifted his arms. He let out a noise of defeat, slumping on the carpet and staring at the ceiling.

It was about ten minutes later that he heard the door open and close, and a loud “Phil, I’m home!”

He just groaned in response, covering his face with his hands.

He heard footsteps, and a shadow darkened his view more than it already was. He peeked through his fingers to see an amused looking Dan standing over him, holding a bag of groceries.

“Phil…” he started slowly, in a teasing voice like he was five. “Why are you on the floor, honey?”

Phil groaned again, grabbing Dan’s ankles. He wanted DANS body. Dan wasn’t fat like him. Then again, he wanted Dan’s body in more ways than one.

“Do you think I’m ugly?” Phil murmured, clutching at Dan’s jeans. Dan stared at him blankly.

“Where the hell did that come from?” He asked, frowning. “Of course I don’t!”

“But I’m too chubby.”

Dan sighed, realizing what this was about and setting the groceries down, plopping cross legged next to his boyfriend.

“You’re not too chubby,” Dan said firmly, squeezing Phil’s stomach and giggling when he squirmed. “You’re the perfect amount of chubby.”

Phil rolled his eyes, moving so his head was rested in Dan’s lap so he could play with his hair.

“No, I’m fat. There’s nothing perfect about my body.”

“Are you kidding me? Everything about your body is perfect.” Dan poked Phil’s cheek, trying to cheer him up. “Your whole body is super squishy, so good for hugs and cuddles, there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re beautiful and adorable and sexy, babe. You have nothing to hate.”

Phil paused, sighing and looking up at him.

“You promise?”

Dan held out a pinkie, which Phil met, wrapping his own around it.

“I promise.”

“Thank you, Dan.”

“Of course, baby. That’s what I’m here for.” Dan smiled lopsidedly. “Now, I bought ice cream, and I’m fairly certain if we don’t eat it or put it in the freezer, it’s gonna melt.”

Phil grinned.

“Let’s get on it then.”

Looking for blogs to follow!

I’m looking for some people to follow to make my dash a bit more alive again, so if you post about anything I’ve listed below or if you follow me and I haven’t followed you back/you want me to follow you too just like or reblog this post so I can follow you c:

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- Other lesbian stuff

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Sonic said that because that was the word the Dreamcaster used to control people. But it was Sticks who though Sonic would say that to Amy, meaning Sticks (and possibly the other characters) are aware of Sonic's feelings for Amy. Or maybe that's just Stick acting crazy as usual, or it could be she saw something? She does spy on her friends after all.

Thanks for explaining!
I’m pretty sure at this point all of them are aware Sonic and Amy like each other; in the Fuzzy Puppy Buddies ep (by the looks they sent Sonic when he seemed to be jealous); or when Amy talked about obsession(?) and Tails said “and you should know”. I’m betting on that possibility !

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It's sad people don't see that boy as a person and just entertainment and don't respect him with how much he's struggled it's sad that he missed up in his youth and asked the world for forgiveness and yet they still mock him but ohh I almost forgot about how the world wants to complain about " bullying " but look at the way they treat this one human being

I know people who have done things MUCH worse than him. I think he did pretty good for someone in his position! Theres so much things of his private life that we don’t know, he seemed pretty lost and sad during 2 or 3 years, and i think people should have given him support instead of putting him down even more. But people are like that, they love seeing someone struggle to feel better with themselves.

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My friend moved to my (American) town from Germany when he was 13ish, and since he's a guy with blond hair, blue eyes and 6+ feet tall he gets a lot of nazi jokes (never said my school was smart). And he usually just rolls his eyes but today we were talking about anti semitism and like every other time we talking about Judaism people were looking and him and joking in what I guess they thought was a good natured way, since normally everyone likes him. He starts talking (1)

(2) and was pretty passionate about the subject, and brought up a lot of good points. Then this fucker in our class (a white Christian SJW type gal) decides to say “um are you really one to be talking about this? It might be offensive to some people” in the bitchiest possible voice. I swear to god today is the day I thought he was finally going to punch her because he says “sorry that I, a Jewish person am apparently not allowed to talk about anti-semitism" 
He also said "and to think I thought my family was done apologizing for being German”. I feel so bad man what do I even say. I knew he was Jewish obviously but he seems genuinely hurt this time and I feel like shit 

don’t be, you’re not the one that made him feel upset

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Pretty much everything you said has been my fear about posting my art. I've basically just separated myself from the fandom as a whole. Had made some friends and thats it. But I can understand anxiety and anon hate is just stupid. Take care of you, and know your art is incredible. Look forward to seeing more of it in the future!

Crazy to see how many people are affected.

Thanks for understand dear. And that means alot. We shall see what happens

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Is it bad if I want/wanted to see the movie "SPLIT" like, am I a bad person if I want to watch it? I never thought of it as bad? can you explain to me why its bad because I wanna know before watching it (ty in advance if you answer this )

You’re not necessarily a bad person, because for people who don’t suffer from DID or other heavily stigmatized mental illness I don’t think look at that movie and see the issue. Having that privilege doesn’t inherently make you a bad person, and you actually coming into my ask and asking about it instead of just spouting off that i’m a tumblr piss baby means you’re actually probably a pretty good person because you want to know and understand why this is such a big issue for people!!!

Basically the villain in Split isn’t Kevin, it’s his mental illness. Even in the tagline of the film, “Kevin has 23 distinct personalities. The 24th is about to be unleashed” shows what they’re marketing as the scary thing, what the villain in this film, and it’s DID. DID is a disorder that is direct result of severe childhood trauma. Pretty much the only thing the movie gets right is this, they do show that he has a traumatic childhood, but that’s where it stops.

Much like the tired, over-used trope of “mental patient escapes from the asylum and goes on a murderous rampage!” that permeated horror for years (despite mental asylums being largely hellish landscape that any mentally ill person would be so much better outside of) this plot is basically a cheap shot at the mentally ill that relies entirely on and plays off of neurotypical people’s lack of understanding and fear of mental illness.

What this film says is this: people with DID can not be trusted. They are unstable and can not control themselves. They have a high if not super probable chance of at least one of their personalities being a crazy murderer. And then, through the movie, you find out that one is an actual, literal monster. That DID is a physical monster living inside of them. The message is clear: people with DID are dangerous and can not be predicted, and will eventually snap against you and try to kill everyone around them, including those close to them and their mental health professionals.

Much like making all of the villains of a film POC while the heroes are white, or women while the heroes are men, when you make mental illness a villain it reinforces those already negative opinions that people have about it. The people who leave this film likely do not know someone who has DID, or if they do they may not know. Their idea of the disorder comes from media like this, and this is what we’re showing them.

There’s also the little details. Kevin’s mother was abusive and it’s made a point that she had OCD (even though OCD doesn’t make people inherently abusive). One of the girls he kidnaps also deals with an abusive situation in her own life, but their juxtaposition between her own battles and Kevin’s childhood ones and how they deal with them are questionable at best for what it’s saying about Kevin’s actions being a choice versus something about his illness and throws most of the themes out of wack. There’s a little more about it here.

I hope that answers that!


“Mom you made it!”

“Sorry I’m late, honey, I ran into traffic driving in from the City. Gosh this house is beautiful.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty incredible. I’m sure they just want to look good on TV. Make everything seem more lavish than ‘real people’ live, drive up the ratings.”

“Well I’m sure you’ll have a great time.”

“Are you sure you guys are okay with me doing this?”

“Of course we are. It will be weird seeing you find a husband on television but we just want you to be happy. Don’t we Salim?”

“Of course we do. Now the producer is indicating we should go. Your young men will be arriving any minute now. Knock ‘em dead, kiddo.”

i keep finding it strange that people are shocked to know that jonathan and dio are 12 in the first ep – that apparently they don’t look like their age and more like adults. 

like they reasonably do look like a 12 year old? maybe perhaps one already through or in the middle of a growth spurt but honestly to me they don’t look so drastically too old to look their age. the art style is stylised but the proportions are pretty realistic for the most part

at first i thought it was just people not getting used to an anime not featuring middle-to-high schoolers all the time, but then i figured out that it’s because i remember the manga being even more exaggerated in human proportions than the anime and for some reason i was expecting that people have already read it before watching

like look at this innocent little 12 year old:

 and tell me after seeing this (and then some) for two parts the anime does not look real fuckin’ normal in comparison

EDIT: got the wrong image, added a proper one

ok so i need a bit of help on a character i’m writing.

so i’ve got this character in a comic i’m working on who, very recently, lost the ability to walk. he’s been significantly physically injured (in a pretty complicated storyline which i won’t go into), spent a few months recovering in a hospital-like environment, and now uses a wheelchair to get around.  

the thing is, since he’s become a pretty significant character,  i really want to go about this the right way and avoid perpetuating any stereotypes or misconceptions about physically disabled people. i don’t plan on centering the character’s whole personality/story arc around him being in a wheelchair, but i also don’t want to just be like ‘ok this guy doesn’t walk anymore but we never address it or know how he feels or how he’s adjusting or how it affects his life from this point on’.

basically, i’m looking for advice/resources on how to write a physically disabled character properly. if anyone with firsthand knowledge has any advice i welcome it, as well as links to blogs or posts that go into detail about this subject. 

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(Part One) Hey, different anon here. This isn’t a request or anything, I just want to talk. That last ask you answered about the person looking for Thief of Void, your response was pretty hurtful. Granted I'm not the person you were talking to, so I can't say if they were hurt or not, but still. I don't want to start drama, I just want to stick up for that person... people make minor mistakes like that all the time.

I tried to answer, buuut apparently it deleted it.
I wrote a whole paragraph, but I’ll make it a bit shorter this time.
First of all, I appreciate that you actually talk instead of just hating. Nevertheless, you’ve left out most parts that concern myself.
You are free to stand in for whoever (though you said you didn’t care if I read it, so are you not rather doing this for yourself?), but consider:

I don’t need this blog to be running. It’s a nice hobby, granted, but it’s volunteer work, and I can live without it. The very first thing I think I can expect from someone who expects ME to do some sort of work for them is respect my rules - or at least read the blog title.
The anon literally just wrote ‘Thief of Void’ - either they didn’t care or they were being rude, either way, I neither need nor do I want them on this blog.

I know I can get a bit salty, but honestly, in cases like these, I don’t think I need to feel guilty. I’ve learned that the best way to destroy yourself is spending time and feelings on people who will never return them.
I’m always here for everyone who needs to talk, I’m piecing together aesthetics whenever I can even though I have two months of school left and a lot to study. But I won’t be a clingy pushover anymore, that’s done.

I’m grateful for each and everyone of my followers, who praise my work and keep me steady, but if I’m not worth your time, you’re not worth mine. (Not you in specific, but you know what I mean.)

Also, I won’t answer to an ask like that again, as I said. They will be deleted.
Hope that settles it - and let’s see if nobody likes me now. :^)