just look at the pictures in a history book

If you’re having a bad day, just picture Jace sitting on a couch, an ancient book on downworld history in hands. Simon pads into the living room, eyes bleary and yawning like a little child, and he just… collapses on the couch. 

Jace doesn’t look up from his book, but when Simon slides down and uses his thighs as a pillow, Jace cards his fingers softly through Simon’s hair. Soon Simon’s sleeping again, snoring softly, and a small smile is playing out on Jace’s lips.

"Histoire des animaux"

I found an amazing book in a garage sale. Probably from the second half of the 18° century because at some point they talk about something happening in 1754. It’s called “Histoire des animaux” (History of Animals) and there’s really fun things in it.

Just look at the cover, that thing could come straight out of a Myst game.

It describes a lot of different animals and there’s very pretty pictures for each of them. There’s also many strange parts in every description, so I’m going to share some of them with you.

“It’s said that [owls] rush to help other birds of prey, when they see them attacked by a lot of other birds.”

“[The eel] is full of life ; its body, skinned and cut into pieces, still moves for a while, especially around its heart.”

The giraffe is called chameleopard for some reason…?

“[Sea urchins] can have up to two thousand legs. They can walk in every direction.”


“SEA BISHOP - That amphibian aquatic monster is described in a chronic from the Netherlands, saying that in 1433, one captured a fish, in Poland, that had the shape of a man, a mitre on its head and all the clothes of a bishop ; it walked on feet, didn’t avoid touch and really wanted to return to the sea.”


Look, there’s a unicorn too! And “when it is chased by hunters, it falls from a cliff right on top of its horn, that absorbs all the fall, so that it does not get hurt.” :D


Also the next page states that sparrows hunt down pigeons to open their throat and eat the grains inside.

There’s a phoenix too! But the entry says that it probably doesn’t exist since “modern people think it is a myth”. Also that “it lives five hundred years in the desert.”

Also the sphinx “never existed in nature”, you guys. But the sea bishop and the sea monk? “PROBABLY TOTALLY LEGIT” THOUGHT THE GUY WHO WROTE THIS BOOK.

I’m so happy right now.

My hero- A Jasper Hale Imagine

A/N: I hope you don’t mind but instead of a oneshot I turned it into an imagine with (Y/N) instead of Bella’s name. I took five requests in hopes for a longer more detailed imagine. Thank you all so much for your patience, I know you are all going to really like this. 

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Request #1: Jasper x Bella oneshot, Bella meets Jasper as a kid post in the park and he helps her get home over the years he appears in her life comforting her and being nice , she thinks he’s an imaginary friend . She moves to forks Washington and sees him in school and she thinks she’s going crazy . But when she’s almost hit by Tyler’s truck he saves her and she realizes he’s real and it’s basically the first chapter of twilight rewritten with Jasper. Please

Request #2: Ok so I’m 15 and I still sometimes get really paranoid abt things being under my bed or something (ok it’s super embarrassing) but could u do an imagine abt like jasper coming to put his human mate to sleep and finding her really scared Bc she thinks there is a monster under her bed and then he checks and comforts her and tells her stories of his past life until she falls asleep? Thanks. Love ur blog g😍

Request #3: I’m so happy you’re still active. Do you still take requests? If so, could you write one where jasper saves the reader from a group of men? Kind of like when Bella was about to be attached in the second book. Maybe some angst, then some jasper fluff?

Request #4:Could you write a Jasper x reader imagine where it’s like super fluffy and sweet? I can’t seem to find a huge amount of love for my precious baby in the fandom and I need some! Please and thank you 😊

Request #5:Could you write something with jasper where he’s you’re mate, and you’re human, and he’s super protective over you, especially with men. 

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stevetony fluffy fluff

for my stony bingo card, “fourth of july”. disgusting fluff.

Steve’s out at the balcony. Tony moves through the crowd of people, carefully balancing the two drinks he’s carrying so that nothing spills. The music isn’t loud—Steve’s not a fan, and it is his party—but there’s a lot of people here, Avengers current and past, and all the conversations aren’t exactly quiet. Tony understands why Steve wanted a break.

The touch of fresh air is welcoming outside; even with the air-conditioning, so many people inside don’t make for a comfortable atmosphere. (Johnny Storm isn’t helping, either).

Steve turns as Tony approaches him and smiles. He looks utterly unfair in the tight blue shirt he’s wearing, and Tony suppresses a shiver. He didn’t manoeuvre through the crowd only to drop the drinks when he’s almost at Steve’s side.

“For you, old man,” Tony jokes as he hands Steve his glass: a blue mixture with a strawberry on top. It’s as non-alcoholic as Tony’s own drink—Steve doesn’t like to drink next to him. Sometimes Tony thinks Steve’s more bothered than Tony is, when that happens.

“Blueberry?” Steve asks hopefully before taking a sip.

“Yup,” Tony says. “Mine is orange and I’m not sharing.”

Which is a lie, because he’d share anything and everything with Steve—but then, Steve knows that, if his little smile is anything to go by.

“It’s nice,” Steve says, gesturing at everyone inside. “I’m glad they’re having fun.”

Tony raises an eyebrow. “Not you?”

“Much more now that you’re here,” Steve says.

“You abandoned me,” Tony points out. “I had to look for you.”

“I knew you’d find me,” Steve says softly. “Wouldn’t be the first time.”

Something warm settles in Tony’s belly at the memory of that first day he’d ever seen Steve, real, in the flesh, not just a picture in a history book. The best day of his life—because it brought on the next years, all of them spent at Steve’s side.

“You know me,” Tony lets out through his tight throat. “Always a finder.”

“And a keeper,” Steve murmurs, leaning in to kiss him. Tony tilts his head, tastes the blueberry on Steve’s lips. He puts his free hand on Steve’s arm and squeezes gently.

“Love you,” he says when they separate.

“You too,” Steve says. He always, always answers when Tony says that; and it never fails to make Tony smile. “Wanna skip the rest of the party?” Steve asks.

Tony stabs him in the chest with his finger. “The fireworks haven’t even started yet. You’re not getting your gift before the fireworks, Steve.”

Steve doesn’t look impressed. “You already gave me a gift.”

“Your other gift,” Tony says.

Oh,” Steve replies, eloquently.

And because it’s Steve’s birthday, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men both promised to take any emergencies happening tonight or tomorrow . . . Not that that would make Steve stay in bed, if something happened—or Tony, for that matter—but it is nice to think they’d have a few undisturbed hours.

“. . . you sure about waiting for the fireworks?” Steve asks.

“Patience is a virtue,” Tony says, plucking the strawberry from Steve’s glass and putting it to his mouth.

Steve licks at Tony’s fingers, and Tony snaps his hand away. “Uh-huh, no, fireworks first,” he says.

As luck would have it, the show starts the next moment, and Steve grins at Tony as if he timed that himself.

Fine, okay, Tony can let him have it tonight.

“Happy birthday,” he says.

A week after Will’s return, once things have settled down enough, Jonathan returns to school. In between second and third period, he notices Steve hanging out by his locker and even though Jonathan would rather avoid him, he needs his History textbook. So, keeping his eyes trained on the ground, Jonathan approaches his locker and tries to pretend he doesn’t notice Steve—sure, he’s thankful that Steve stuck around and helped them fight that thing, but Jonathan doesn’t know if that changes anything, especially the things Steve said about his family and the haunting look of disgust that crossed his face when he saw those pictures. It still makes Jonathan feel sick to think about it. 

“Hey,” Steve’s voice is quiet and a little ashamed as Jonathan puts in the combination for his locker, “I just wanted to apologize for…you know…that shit I said. It wasn’t okay.”

Jonathan takes a steadying breath and, history book in hand, looks up at Steve, closing his locker. There’s a dark, splotchy bruise still shining under his eye and Jonathan feels a pang of guilt. He hated the fact that he had marked someone else in that way. It was something his father would do; something he swore he’d never do. 

“It wasn’t,” Jonathan agrees, chewing his bottom lip, “But I get it. Sorry I hit you so hard. I kind of…” his voice trails off, not sure why he’s still talking, especially to Steve Harrington. Steve smirks a little bit and shrugs. 

“This?” he gestures to his eye nonchalantly, “It’s alright. Where’d you learn to punch like that anyway?” There’s a moment of silence between them and Jonathan’s stare grows so intense, Steve’s smirk falls away.

“I had to learn to defend myself.” 

Saturday’s and Weddings

Bruce Wayne X Reader

Word Count: 1438

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

      When you agree to marry Bruce Wayne, you assure yourself that you have plenty of time. The boys don’t see it that way. Almost immediately after you say yes, you and Bruce are meeting with wedding planners that Tim has already vetted.

          You’re a bit surprised, since you only said yes yesterday, but you go with it. Strangely, Bruce seems in his element, and actually has questions prepared. You decide to just go with things. You end up going with a man who has put on quite a few weddings, and is more than ready and willing to go. You smell a rat in the air.  

          Every time you meet with the wedding planner, one of the boys is always there, if one of them can’t make it then Alfred or Bruce is there. Within the span of a month a theme is picked compete with china patterns, and color scheme.

          The next week Alfred helps you with the guest list. He has an entire book dedicated to who to invite and who NOT to invite. The second looks very similar to a little black book. You decide that you’re better off not knowing.

          Dick is the one who helps you pick the venue, also known as your very own home. He paints a picture as he describes you descending the grand staircase, in a lovely dress with a bouquet of flowers and you just can’t say no. After all, this place has history; it’s where the boys grew up, it’s where Bruce grew up, it’s where so many happy memories took place. Plus, you almost feel like Martha and Thomas Wayne can be there if you have it here.  Dick is delighted when you take him up on the suggestion, and as a bonus, there’s no deposit to put down. Invitations are sent out.

          Damian suggests opening up the doors to the ballroom and having the reception both outside and inside. Plus, it’ll give the catering service time to set up during the cocktail hour. You start to feel as though it’s the boys planning the wedding and not the very expensive wedding planner you hired. All the man seems to do is sit around and agree with your boys. You decide to let it slide as RSVP’s start rolling in.

          Jason is the one who does the food tasting with you. The boy seems to know good food better than anyone you’ve ever met, and you trust his opinion. You go through four different caterers, before Jason declares the fifth one perfect. That’s fine with you, the food tasted heavenly.

          Almost everything is done, except the dress. You do that by yourself. The wedding is in the middle of summer which means a sleeveless dress, with a sweetheart neckline. You find it at the third shop you go to. You’re worn out and almost ready to give up, but you see it and you fall in love. It’s white and covered in lace with a blue sash around the waist. The train isn’t too long, and the veil is nice and long with lace edges.

It reminds you of the little country wedding you wanted when you were a little girl. Despite your city upbringings you wanted the exact opposite of what your parents’ wedding had been. You wanted a nice little small affair, with a man you loved, and the people you cared about most surrounding you. You decide two out of three isn’t bad, and this simpler dress will add the perfect mix of that to the big day. Especially when paired with your Louis Vuitton pumps. You were still a city girl at heart after all.

With the dress in toe you return home. You do your best to sneak by the boys without them knowing, but they’re professionally trained ninjas and you don’t stand a chance. They’re like dogs going after table scraps, all trying to get the dress out of your hands and get a peak. Even Bruce is participating.

Alfred is the one to save you. He sweeps the dress out of your hands and declares that he’ll store it until the big day. With a pointed look at the men surrounding you he disappears into his quarters. Not even Bruce would go after it now. You escape before they can start hounding you for details, and decide to lay low for the next several days.

When the announcement of your wedding hits the papers you get a call from your mother. You can feel the headache coming before you even answer the phone. You’re in the middle of a family movie night, and you know if you don’t answer, it will look weird. So, you do your best to vanish from the room.

You’re gone for ten minutes before they realize you’re gone. They pause the movie and go looking for you. They find you at the dining room table, your phone is face up, and despite not having it on speaker your mother’s every word can be heard perfectly. You’re flipping through a magazine and doing your best to ignore her outrage at not being invited.

You nod a greeting at the phone before Jason just suddenly declares in a loud voice, “What a bitch.” Usually you’d reprimand him for language, but in this case he’s just right. Your mother continues on and Damian states “She’s like one of those wind up monkeys with cymbals, except she just doesn’t stop.” Tim goes next “I don’t know, her voice kind of reminds of one of those yappy dogs.” Everyone turns to Dick, waiting for his comment and he just shrugs. “I’ve got nothing but a headache from the sound of her voice.” Bending down Bruce asks “We didn’t send you parents an invitation, did we?”

You simply smile “Why do you think I got this call.” Bruce just smiles and presses the end call icon before saying “We’ll get you a new number tomorrow, for now block the number.” You simply shrug and go back to your movie.  

          After that, the wedding mayhem seems to calm down. The next several months go by in a flash and before you know it, it’s your big day. Alfred separates you and Bruce for the night, placing you in a room on the other side of the manor. You have a pretty good feeling that the boys are going to camp out with him in your room tonight, and celebrate his last night of “freedom.”

          So you’re more than a little surprised when there’s a knock on your door, you’re even more surprised to find Damian there. He’s carrying an envelope and you step to the side to allow him in. He climbs onto your bed without hesitation and you plop down beside him.

          He doesn’t talk at first, but you know it sometimes takes time with him. So you wrap your arm around his shoulders and wait. He doesn’t talk, only hands you the envelope. What’s inside melts your heart. They’re adoption papers… for Damian. “Father got Talia to sign them. All you have to do is sign where the arrow is… if you want to that is.”

          You drop the papers and pull him into a bone crushing hug. “I want nothing more in the world.” you assure him, and then say “Got a pen?”

          He pulls one out of his robe pocket and the door creaks open, as the rest of the boys appear with their own envelops in hand. They’re all too old to fall under your parental guardianship, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still adopt them. You sign a flurry of papers that night, before they return to Bruce.

          The next day you get ready with the help of Barbara, Cass, and Stephanie. You’re just about ready to head down the aisle when Alfred arrives with a velvet box. The girls go to stand at the ready while Alfred waits for you to open the box. Inside is a beautiful strand of pearls. “From Master Bruce, it’s tradition for Wayne men to give their brides-to-be pearls on the wedding day.” he explains as he moves to fasten them for you.

          You smile at the the reflection of you two in the mirror. Then you grab your phone to capture the moment with the butler who has become like a father to you over the past two years. He obliges you, even smiling for the picture, before offering his arm as you hear the start of the wedding march. Silently you take his arm and he walks you down the aisle.

I will post a thing tomorrow, once I figure out what, exactly. (New Trouble chapter? more Lil Bro? what the hell have I written lately other than Big Fics of Doom That Are Consuming My Soul but are definitely nowhere near posting-ready?)

However, I just got an idea and since (see above) I don’t have time to do it justice, I’m throwing it out there upon the waters in hopes someone else will follow up on it. There are several fics that have a similar premise, and I’m following them all avidly for updates, but this is one that's more based on a delightful fic on Ao3 about how Mick accidentally messes up his own timeline by time traveling on Legends (this one! go read!) and I was thinking about how it might work with Len having his timeline messed up.

After all, Mick goes to visit him in 2013.  

Maybe Sara swings by to consult with him on a heist the Legends have to pull, since he’s the best thief she knows.

Maybe Ray sees him in the past and just - assumes that Len will help him. Even younger Len. Because why not?

Maybe Jax sees someone shooting at Len and intervenes, because Len’s part of the team, and if he gets shot in the past, he’s never going to make it to the future (in the original timeline, the bullet just missed).

Maybe Len starts noticing all of this - and since he’s a sci-fi geek, he starts putting it together a lot quicker than others might. He starts looking through the history books in the prison library and seeing pictures of these people (these ageless people, that look the same when he’s twelve as when he’s thirty) scattered throughout time. Starts thinking about statute of Mick in the nation’s capital, or rather of the unknown private from the American Revolution, who Len had stolen Mick at least four souvenirs of when they were twenty and the resemblance was only noticeable, not shocking in its similarity.

Maybe Len starts thinking about the man who appears throughout his life - a big man, strong, lots of muscles, a striking resemblance to that statute in Washington D.C. - who just stands far back and watches him almost wistfully. The one that stopped Lewis from doing something that Len’s sure would have broken his arm (the break healed badly and hurt every time it rained, in the original timeline). The one who shakes his head in disappointment when Len starts dating that bastard, making Len ditch him the second he starts showing signs of being a bit too much like Lewis (it took him months to accept the truth, the first time around). Len’s always had a bit of a puppy crush on that guy, the nameless man-who-watches.

Maybe Len doesn’t really let himself believe it until after the fire, because he knows the pattern of those burns - he’s printed out security camera images of the man-who-watches, begged to borrow other people’s photo albums if they caught him in the background of their family pictures; he’s traced his finger along them in fascination so many times - and he knows. He knows who the man-who-watches is now. It’s Mick, coming back to watch Len.

Because he misses Len. Because Len’s not with him. Because Len’s dead.

And so Len decides to make contingency plans.

But it doesn’t matter what plan he makes, the man-who-watches - Mick - keeps coming back. So whatever plans he made clearly didn’t work.

Until the Legion comes to pick him up, interrupting the flow of time. Changing it, with Eobard’s speed force distorting time itself enough that Len becomes a time fragment himself. A brand new start. 

This Len might not be the man who sacrificed himself to save the team, the one that Mick misses so badly that he keeps going back to Len’s timeline over and over again - that was another version of Len, now gone forever - but damnit, he could have been, and he can be that man again, and he is utterly determined that he will be.  

Especially since the Len that died at the Oculus had all of younger Len’s memories and thoughts and plans - and left him a copy of his memories right up until he left to the final fight, hidden in Gideon’s files.

Seven silences

1. That silence when you have just been enthusiastically reading a picture book to a small child in a provincial park and you look up to see that Death is sitting on the bench behind you playing chess against Hitler, and they both look kind of irritated like you’ve been putting them off their game and might hold you responsible for whatever sort of messed-up alternate history is about to result.

2. The silence that you would have found in a box in a cave in a valley in the mountains of Mars, when Mars has been cut loose from the solar system’s fiery death and has been drifting solo through deep space for some billion years, and in addition has lost all of its atmosphere so there is no way for sound to travel, except that it turns out that that box was full of space beetles which are now slapping you on the ear, well done silence-seeker, like really well done, nice one.

3. The sudden silence of a truly unreasonable number of bees all landing on something at once.

4. The silence of someone who has just read a really really long sentence a little like this one except even longer and also a bit tangled as if it had somehow got wrapped around a table leg a few times and as if the sentence also kept on getting caught on their teeth on the way in which is interesting because you’d think sentences came out of your mouth but actually they go in and they keep on going in and in and in over the course of your life so that by the time you die you are all full up of words ready to curl out like smoke at the slightest pinprick but anyway this sentence didn’t really have any suitable places to breathe when read out loud so the person in question had to spend a little time afterwards just breathing.

5. The silence of old stones sleeping soundly.

6. The silence of someone whose glee at exploring an island that is not on the map has suddenly been tempered by the sight of the island’s clawed feet, clenching and unclenching below the waterline.

7. The silence in the kind of library where keeping silent is enforced by rogue librarians with guns, but don’t worry, the guns have really good silencers and they hardly ever need to use them and anyway there is a croudsourced map for visitors of where the squeaky floorboards are in case you’re worried about that sort of thing.

ronnie-lodge  asked:

bellarke + 'I originally followed you on Instagram bc you’re hot and I’m thirsty but now I’ve developed actual feelings for you bc you’re a genuinely good person’ HAPPY FUTURE HOLIDAYS!!! and thanks 🙈

Clarke’s original reasons for following Octavia’s brother were far from pure, but she thinks it would be hard for anyone to figure that out. After all, she found out about his Instagram because Octavia posted a picture of the two of them with the caption: Finally got my dork brother on Instagram (and in Boston!!), everyone follow @theblakemistake.

If anyone asked, she was just following orders. It was not at all that he was really, really hot. No one could prove otherwise.

Especially when she keeps following him through the rocky first weeks of his Instagramming. Given how Bellamy Blake looked–broad shoulders, tan skin, toothpaste-commercial smile, artfully mussed hair, topped off with a pair of black hipster frames and a generous sprinkling of freckles–she assumed Octavia’s descriptor of “my dork brother” was just a little sister teasing.

But Bellamy’s inaugural Instagram post is a picture of a plant Clarke can’t identify with a truly dorky caption:

Things @octaviathefirst (am I doing that right) made me get today:

1. Instagram account
2. Plant

I figure I might as well use the first to monitor the second and see which one dies first.

And then he actually lists information about the plant. Like how many leaves it has and its color and the dampness of the soil. It is not at all what Clarke was expecting, but she finds herself actually kind of looking forward to his daily plant updates. His captions are fun, and he is really worried about his ability to keep the thing alive, which is really endearing.

After a week and a half of that, he finally posts another picture of himself, wearing pajamas and holding an orange kitten. Which is exactly the content Clarke was looking for. That’s what she’s about.

So, it’s come to my attention (s/o to @octaviathefirst) that I’m “doing it wrong” and just posting pictures of my plant is “boring and sad.” So I guess people on Instagram like cats? That’s what I’m getting. Anyway, this is Hermes, he’s an asshole.

PS: I’m still doing the plant updates.

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Alright, I had a post on Instagram displaying my treasure trove of Japanese language learning books. I wanted to show off a few of them and talk about all of them. The first photo displays them all (tumblr limited me to 10 photos only, so I’ll discuss some of them without photos, sorry!). Starting from the bottom of the pile:

1. Kanji Power by Tuttle. It’s what you think it is, a kanji workbook. It has a kanji, a mnemonic, some space to practice writing, on'yomi, kun'yomi, stroke order, and some vocabulary/phrases. It has some kanji not covered in my other kanji books.

2. If You Teach Me Japanese, I’ll Teach You English. It’s a strange little book and it’s taking me a while to get the hang of it, but this book was written specifically for language exchanges. Each lesson is done first in Japanese, then again in English. You and your partner serve as the “teacher” in your native language, while you practice that language. So I would read through as the instructor in the English lesson and guide my partner with the scripted dialogues, helping them along the way so that they learn English. They would do vice versa for me with the Japanese. I got this one specifically to aid me in exchanging my language with my partners. They do great with the Japanese and I needed guidance on how to help them with English. So this one isn’t really to learn Japanese, it’s to help me exchange with my Japanese friends.

3. Japanese Step by Step. This is one of the few books that focuses on teaching you SPEAKING Japanese. Most of my books help in reading, writing and I’m having to supplement with Memrise and YouTube for listening and speaking. This book has very easy to understand lessons, starting with syllables not syllabaries. Shows you in English what they’re trying to teach you in Japanese. So it’s almost like learning in parallel, I’m not explaining it well. It’s a really good book, you should just check it out.

4. Beginning Japanese by Yale University Press. This was originally my Dad’s book that he used to teach himself Japanese since he was being stationed there (way back in ye olden days). He very kindly gave it to me. This book also focuses on SPEAKING Japanese, not reading or writing in it. As such, it’s entirely in romaji! Not ideal, but if you just want to focus on speaking the language, this is a good place to start. Very thorough.

5. Reading Japanese by Yale University Press. Same authors as book #4, but not originally my Dad’s. Since this one is focused on READING (hence the title of the book), it is not in entirely in romaji. Whew! What a relief. I just got it today, so I have no feedback other than, I wanted both of these books together. It’s kind of like an entire course at your fingertips.

6. Japanese Kanji for Beginners by Tuttle. Covers JLPT N5 & N4. This is my primary Kanji workbook. I LOVE it. It’s set up pretty much the same as Kanji Power, it has exercises after each lesson so you can practice what you learned. The Kanji Power has the same things, but after a certain number of kanji have been introduced, instead of after each individual lesson. So they differ that way and in that they have different kanji. This book is specifically for JLPT N5/4 whereas Kanji Power is about expanding your kanji.

7. A Japanese Reader by Tuttle (notice the theme?). Pictures 2-4 are about this book. I cannot say enough nice things about this book! The book is split in two; open it like we open all books in the Western Hemisphere and it’s lessons starting with hiragana, open the book the other way and it’s all the reading lessons: from top to bottom and right to left! It’s so cool! The first few elementary readings aren’t actual sentences. They’re just to get you accustomed to the style of reading and the syllabaries (this is where I’m at). The readings get way more advanced though and are excerpts from Japanese literature, some fictional and some non-fictional.

8. A History of Japan. This is another one of Dad’s book that he is lending to me (sadly I don’t get to keep it). I haven’t read it yet but I’m looking forward to it. Granted, it has nothing to do with the language itself, but who here has learned a language without learning anything about the culture, history, and society of the country that speaks the language? Half the point of learning a language is to learn the history and culture of the target language’s country. So I have a book on Japan’s history to supplement the language learning.

9. A Dictionary of Japanese Food by Tuttle. Pictures 5 & 6 are of this book. Just as I stated in the above book, it’s important to know the culture and history of the place whose language you are learning. The “Japanese Kanji for Beginners” book had an exercise in the first lesson involving food. One of the dishes stood out to me because I had no clue what it was “shabu-shabu.” I still don’t know what it is, but now I have a dictionary so I can look it up! If ever I learn how to cook Japanese food, shabu-shabu will be very near the top of the list of things to make and try. The back of the book has some appendices on chopsticks, some ingredients of Japanese food, and food etiquette.

10. The Handbook of Japanese Verbs (picture 7). Verbs seem to be the guts of a sentence in Japanese so I figured it’d be important to learn them a little more in depth than my grammar book goes into. Besides explaining verbs, it has exercises to practice!

11. All About Particles (picture 8). Much like the verb book above, this is all about particles (another very important part of the Japanese language) and also has exercises to help you grasp the concepts. Goes in depth about the particles and actually has sentences in Japanese, literal translations, and English translations. It’s very thorough.

12. Japanese Coursebook by Living Language. Akin to the Yale University Press books that I covered earlier, this book is a complete course for learning how to SPEAK Japanese. As such, it is entirely in romaji but is set up different than the Yale books and has different vocabulary. I use them in conjunction with each other, so that I get the most vocabulary overall.

13. Japanese Grammar by Barron. Pictures 9 & 10 are of this book. This is my absolute favorite book out of them all. Besides being pocket-sized so I can take it just about anywhere with me, it’s a grammar book. I’m not a Grammar Nazi, I’m a Grammarian (one who studies grammar [on purpose]). I read grammar books for my native English and I greatly enjoy grammar for Ancient Greek too (my first foreign language and first true love). All the other books focus on a particular portion of grammar, or the writing system, or speaking. I wanted a book that focused entirely on grammar since I’ve heard it’s so vastly different from English (it’s not THAT different guys). As you can see in the very last picture, the book is printed in two colors. I cannot begin to express how wonderful this is for me. I have Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS or 3S) and basically what that means is, my eyes don’t work right (duh). They don’t pick up all the wavelengths of light that they’re supposed to. So some colors (and light sources) are harder for me to see and make me very sick trying to look at them. It seems like I have dyslexia but it’s not my brain, it’s just my eyes suck. The added color is much easier on my eyes than all black print on white pages (college was nightmare, in case you wondered).

Last book,

14. Kanji Starter 1. Not a lesson book at all! It has 200 kanji and is essentially a book of mnemonics for them. I use it as a catalog and mark the kanji I’ve mastered from other sources in this book. I also use it as a quick reference when I get suddenly forget a kanji I’ve already learned. That way I don’t have to find the right lesson book and track it down. I got this kanji book before any of the others and it served as the introduction to what i was getting myself into. It made the kanji seem so not scary that by the time I picked up a workbook, kanji was beautiful, logical, and fun. No fear!

Sorry this was so long. I’m on a mobile device so I can’t do the nice “keep reading” breaks or formatting. So it’s just a really long, darn post. But now you know of 14 books you can use for Japanese learning! Also, quick note, all of the books with bar code stickers on them were all purchased form the same site.

ThriftBooks.com has so many books, including rare ones, old, ones, and textbooks, for a fraction of the price. I looked up some of my Tuttle books, one of them was like $19.95 normally (without shipping and tax). On ThriftBooks I got it for $3.50! If your total purchase is over $10 shipping is entirely free too. So if you’re looking for language resources, a new novel, or you’re in college and need textbooks, check the site out because it might save you a boat-load of money.

He looked great when I opened the door and stepped in – a blue suit, flawless French cuffs, just the right tie. But is didn’t take long to realize that Ronald Reagan had no idea who I was or any interest in why I had walked into his office. A book was in his hands; his attention to it was total. Finally, I slipped over to his side to see what it was. He was reading a picture book about Traveler, Robert E. Lee’s famous horse. I was heartbroken.
—  Michael Deaver, who spent over 30 years working for Ronald and Nancy Reagan and was one of President and Mrs. Reagan’s closest friends, writing in his 2004 book, Nancy: A Portrait of My Years With Nancy Reagan (BOOK | KINDLE), about the last time he saw Ronald Reagan, in 1997 at Reagan’s post-Presidential office in Century City, California.

Bruce isn’t too good with humour; all his jokes are unintentional Dad jokes and he thinks they’re hilarious.

  • Don’t trust atoms, Tim. They make everything up.
  • I know he looks strange in that picture, Stephanie. If prisoners could take their own mug shots, they’d be called cellfies.
  • I don’t have time, Alfred, I’m reading a book on the history of glue, I just can’t seem to put it down.
  • Why did the scarecrow win an award? - Because he was outstanding in his field, Dick.
  • Think quick, Jason, how many apples grow on a tree? - All of them.

I was back in the library again trying to find some more information on Skylar and Eden.  I put back the book i’d been reading about the college’s history and walked over to look at the book Ember was reading.  I was surprised to see she had it open to a picture of Skylar and Eden.  Why hadn’t she said anything?

The inscription read, Westminister College’s two top students demonstrate their powers in a friendly duel

Mist: “Oh wow, what did you find.”

Ember jumped in surprise and instinctively closed the book with a snap.  For the first time I saw anger flash across her face.

Ember: “Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

Mist; “Oh, sorry.  I just was curious about what you were reading.  That looked like a picture of Skylar and Eden.”

Ember: “It is.” she replied, slowly opened the book back up.  I watched as she ran her finger over the photo.  She touched it as if it was an old photograph she was seeing again for the first time. “Skylar and Eden were witches.  Westminister College was a school for the supernatural.”

Mist: “Really?”

Ember: “Yes, it says it right here.” she pointed to a line of text.

Westminister College was best known for it programs for gifted supernaturals and highly intelligent individuals.

Mist: “Interesting.  I think Skylar is actually related to my friend.  I think my friend is a witch.”


Thomas JeffersonxReader
Word Count: 1706

“Hey Thomas,” you smiled, jogging to catch up with your classmate.
He turned around and grinned once he saw you, “Hey Y/N,” he said, “Have you met James?” He asked, gesturing vaguely to the man he was walking with.
You shook your head, extending your hand to his friend, “Y/N,” you introduced yourself, the smile never leaving your face, “Nice to meet you.”
“James Madison,” he said, grinning.
“Where are you parked?” You asked continuing your walk to your car, your breathing laboured on account of your run to catch up with the two men; you weren’t close friends or anything, but you shared your political science class with Thomas and well, he was really cute.
Thomas sighed, “End of the lot,” he said quietly, making you chuckle, “Campus is always busy on Wednesdays…”
You nodded your head in agreement, “I’m in the end, too,” you said, “Where you guys headin’?”
James answered before Thomas had the chance to, “He’s gotta get a 70 on his Literature final if he wants to pass, so we have to study,” he said, smirking.
You chuckled, “What prof are you taking it with?” You asked, cocking your head to the side.
Thomas sighed, “Raquel Hamschel,” he answered, looking down to his feet as we walked.
You beamed, “I took her last semester!” You exclaimed happily, “I got an 82 in her class! I can help you,” you said hurriedly before realizing what you had offered and immediately beginning to blush, “If you want, I mean,” you explained quickly, shaking your head.
Thomas smirked, “I would really appreciate that,” he said.
You sighed quietly, looking down to your feet, “My friend Alexander’s helping me study for my history final today, though, are you busy tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow will be good,” he said, grinning, “We can meet in the library if you want, or you could come over to mine… Whatever you’d like.”
You looked up to him and shrugged your shoulders, hoping you were behaving casually, “I can come over to your house,” you said, “Can you text me your address?”
He nodded his head, “Yeah, sure,” he said as he and James stopped by, what you assumed was his car, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.”
“Bye,” you said, awkwardly waving as you hopped into your car. As soon as the door was closed, you shut your eyes and groaned. Why was talking to him so hard?
“What?!” Alexander exclaimed, his brows furrowed, “Why would you offer to help Jefferson?” He asked, as if you studying with Thomas was equal to eating a rotten egg.
You rolled your eyes, “He’s cute!” You explained, “And he needed help, and I did really well in that class!”
“Well, he’s an asshole,” he deadpanned, “I hope this session ends with nothing more than a good grade, Y/N,” Alex said, raising his eyebrows at you, expectantly.
You looked at him, unamused, “What is that supposed to mean, Hamilton?” You asked, raising your eyebrows.
“It means,” he said, “That you better not go around, catching feelings or anything; Jefferson’s an ass. I was in debate with him last semester; he argued with me about everything, Y/N. Everything.”
You rolled your eyes, “Well, somebody has to,” you said, “And that’s what debate is! Arguing!”
“No it is not!” Alexander said stubbornly, before sighing, “Well, I guess it kind of is… But the point is, he’s bad news. He’s a bad person. Would make a horrible boyfriend.”
You sighed, exasperated, “Alexander,” you said, “I asked him to study, not to marry me, I’ll be okay,” you said, reaching up so you could ruffle up his hair.
He sighed once again, “I’m just warning you,” he said, “he’s kind of an asshole.”
“Okay,” you said, “Thank you,” you sighed, standing from your spot on Alexander’s floor, packing up your history books, “I’ll tell you how it goes.”
Alex groaned, “If he tries kissing you, I hope you remember this conversation,” he said, walking you to his door, “And I hope you picture me, feel disgusted, then never look at that man again.”
You shook your head, “Alexander,” you sighed, “If I felt disgusted when I looked at you, I wouldn’t be your best friend.”
“Damnit,” he muttered, “Well I hope that you picture me naked, then.”
You chuckled as you shook your head, “Whatever you say, dude,” you sighed, “I’ll see you later, Alex.”
“Alright,” you sighed to yourself; you had just arrived to Thomas’s house, and were currently sitting outside, in your car, in the cold, “You can do this, Y/N. Just… For the love of all that is holy, don’t be awkward. You can do this, you’re great! You’re so smart, and bright, and you can do this…” Sighing deeply, you grabbed your backpack and left your car and ran really quickly to his front door, leaving little time for the cool winter air to make you feel even colder. With confidence, you knocked on the door, which almost immediately opened.
“Hi,” Thomas said, grinning brightly, “Come in, it’s freezing outside.”
“Thanks,” you said, eager to feel the warmth of his house to encase you in a hug. Once you were inside, you skeptically slipped off your shoes and jacket. You noticed a pile of books and notes in the centre of his living room, and assuming that was where you two would be working, you made your way in.
After a good hour of studying and teaching, you had a sneaky suspicion that Thomas really wanted to take a break, and your suspicion was confirmed when he closed his notebook and said, “I really want to take a break.”
You chuckled and closed yours as well, “We can,” you said, grinning, “We’ve done a lot, anyway.”
Thomas nodded his head, thankfully, “So how’d the history studying go?” He asked; you hadn’t even thought he would remember.
You shrugged, “It was fine; Alexander’s a really good history student, so he helped me a lot. I’m shit at remembering dates…”
Thomas smirked, “At least you’re not shit at remembering literary devices and terms,” he said, grinning. “And is that Alexander Hamilton?”
You looked up to him, nodding your head slowly, “We’ve lived next door to each other for a couple of years now,” you explained.
“I had a debate class with him last semester,” Thomas said, looking nothing but hesitant, “I guess he must behave differently around you than he does me,” he said, obviously trying to think up a situation where somebody could enjoy spending time with Alex.
“He’s really nice,” you shrugged, “Talks a lot… Maybe too much sometimes, but I like him,” you said, fiddling with your fingers to keep you distracted.
“Oh,” Thomas said, “Are you two… dating?” He asked, awkwardly, making your head shoot up.
“No,” you said quickly, probably too quickly, “I don’t like him that much… He’s been smitten with one of my best friends Eliza for months now, anyway,” you explained, a smile tugging at your lips.
“Oh, that’s good,” Thomas mumbled before shooting his eyes up to yours, realizing what he had said, “I mean, it’s not good, I just meant… Well, I mean, I can’t really picture Hamilton being the boyfriend type, ya know?”
You wanted to say that Alex had said the exact same thing about him, but decided to keep that part to yourself; instead, you shrugged your shoulders, “He’s a really good friend,” you said simply, “I could never date him, though.”
Thomas nodded his head in understanding before trying to change the subject, “Do you want something to drink? Or eat?” He asked, already standing up, extending his hand down for you to use to pull yourself up.
You grabbed his hand and stood as you nodded your head, “Yeah, sure,” you said following him into his kitchen.
There, he washed you guys a bowl of grapes and got two glasses of orange juice; then,  the pair of you sat at his island, drinking your juice and eating your grapes.
“Wanna see something cool?” Thomas asked, looking down to you, expectantly.
You nodded your head as you popped a grape into your mouth, “Always,” you said, grinning.
Thomas chucked the grape he was holding into the air, catching it in his mouth; once it was caught, he balanced it between his teeth, to show it to you.
You shook your head, but couldn’t help but grin, “Thomas,” you scolded, “You’re gonna choke!”
“No I’m not,” he said, laughing, “I’ve been practicing my whole life, I’m so good at this,” he said, grinning, reaching for another grape.
You took it out of his hands, “No,” you laughed, “You’re gonna choke, and I’ve never done the Heimlich before, I don’t know if I can perform it efficiently!”
Thomas laughed, taking a drink of his juice instead, “You’re cute,” he said, smiling at you.
You shook your head, “Not cute,” you corrected him, “Sensible.”
Thomas chuckled, shaking his head, “You’re sensible and you’re cute,” he said, smirking.
You grinned, “Thank you,” you said, “You’re cute, too, even though you aren’t very sensible.”
Thomas smirked, “Thanks,” he said, grabbing another grape. He began tossing it up, but you hit his hand before he could throw it, making him laugh.
“Stop it,” you said, taking the grape out of his hands. Before you pulled your hand away, though, Thomas grabbed it gently. Using your hand, he pulled you closer to him, hesitating before letting his lips press against yours.
Before you were able to think twice about it, you leaned up to him, kissing him gently. For such a tall and admittedly rough guy, he was being incredibly gentle with you; his soft and full lips were moving delicately against yours, his hand holding your cheek gingerly, his other hand was still holding yours, the grape long forgotten and rolling aimlessly on the ground. Every place he was touching you, he did it so cautiously and gently, like he believed that you would break if he applied any pressure to your body.
When you pulled away, he fluttered his eyes open and a smirk was instantly plastered over his face, “Do you want to go out on a date with me, Y/N?”

Let’s talk about Centaur no Nayami, or A Centaur’s Life for the english release.

To begin with, this book is a little bit NSFW. There’s some nip in it, not gonna lie. It’s a little fanservice-y, but it’s not handled egregiously. Just sayin’, if you don’t want to see that, well, here’s a trigger warning.

A Centaur’s Life is a slice of life/yuri(?)/world building book that is analogous to our own, except that hexapods evolved as the dominant species on the planet, instead of tetrapods. As such, it’s filled with peoples who have some variant of six limbs, as in the case of the titular centaur, with four hooves and two arms. There are a variety of various fantasy races that populate the world in this book, like centaurs, fauns, imps, etc, and are meant to be analogous to our own various cultures and ethnicities. That is to say, they’re all treated as the same species (they all refer to themselves as humans), but are different groups within the species.

External image

This is Hime, the centaur/main character. She’s ditzy, clumsy, standard manga stuff. She’s also an incredible archer, and very motherly. She’s got some body issues that her friends help her overcome, some fears and prejudices, and all told is a pretty well-developed character.

She’s not perfect, and not just in the normal anime “she’s kind of clumsy there I put in one character flaw GOD” sort of way. She actually has some racist notions sometimes, which the book addresses and helps her overcome. And that’s very refreshing, especially for a book that started off pretty bland.

But honestly, the characters aren’t what makes this book so interesting. I mean, they’re all great and all, but what really stands out is the world that this comic builds.

There’s entire chapters that are dedicated to biology lessons

External image

There’s out of universe chapters dedicated to folklore and legends.

External image

There’s chapters dedicated to this universe’s own alternative history speculation, which admittedly is a little heavy-handed. It postulates that if our own world existed, where people would only be separated by skin color instead of entire limbs and body types, we’d probably live in perfect harmony.

External image

This comic has entire chapters about history.

External image

There’s chapters that show the various political problems of other countries in this world.

External image

Hell, one of my favorite chapters, which I had a hard time finding pictures of, is one where a couple of guys are fighting over a TV remote, and we keep seeing various TV shows that would exist in this world.

I can’t stress enough how thorough and interesting the world-building in this is. Is bizarrely experimental for a manga, especially one that starts off with a weird premise, and looks like it’s just a gimmick. This book really pushes it’s own concept, and I can’t recommend it enough. 

It’s published in America at least by Seven Seas, and you should be able to find it at most book stores. Do yourself a favor and pick up the first volume.

Hey, I like you

Summary: College AU- Jungkook calls you in the middle of the night to meet up for advice on how to ask out the girl he likes.
POV: 1st person, friends with Jungkook (BTS)
Genre: I don’t know what this is, or where it came from. Fluff maybe?
Word Count: ~2,700 (One shot)

We need to talk.

The text message popped up on your screen just before you were about to set it down for the night. Your phone was plugged in, already charging your battery that was only at 28%. You were in your pajamas, your hair was still damp from your shower, and your breath was minty from just brushing your teeth. You were set for bed, not feeling ready to meet up with a friend.

This wasn’t just any friend, however, this was your Jungkook, the boy you considered your best friend, though neither of you had said those words aloud. You had only met a year ago, but he was for sure the person you felt most comfortable with, the one that knew about your dorky side and never judged, because he had his own.

I’m going to bed, you sent back, sliding under the covers so you wouldn’t be tempted to give into his inevitable pleas.

But I really need to talk. Tonight. Please.

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rideaminuteinmystirrups  asked:

Congrats on 300! I have a TFC headcanon that someone gives Kevin(and/or Neil, cause he's a junkie) a 'eat sleep exy' shirt and he wears it like all the time. Could you write something for that for your prompt spree? Thanks and Congrats again!

Thank you so much!!!!

-It starts out as a joke.

-Kevin, with all of his haughtiness, is actually the hardest person to buy gifts for because nothing pleases him and he has expensive taste from growing up with the best.

-So it’s Christmas and everyone has basically given up on buying Kevin anything other than gift cards to Exites or book stores because it’s not like he’ll say anything either way.

-Except Nicky. Because Nicky is a good human and takes great pride in his gift giving skills and puts a lot of thought into his gifts. And he’s lived with the twins for like 4 years now- he’s used to not getting a thank you for his efforts.

-So he’s walking around Exites (which really Nicky going to an Exy store of his own free will should be gift enough because he plays and he likes it, but it’s not more than a hobby) and he’s looking for something that Kevin wouldn’t buy for himself when he sees it.

-It’s a bright orange shirt that says “Eat. Sleep. Exy.” on it and he basically just gets heart eyes because it’s PERFECT.

-So on the day before they leave for their respective vacations all the Foxes are sitting around exchanging gifts.

-Earlier that day Coach Wymack had left a book on the history of Exy in Kevin’s locker and it has a picture of his mom and he hasn’t let go of it since and he really just wants to leave and go read it, but team building is important.

-They’re almost done when Nicky hands Kevin a gift bag and he pulls out the shirt.

-No one is expecting him to love it as much as he does, but he immediately pulls it on.

-After that, he wears it literally every chance he gets.

-In the gym when the team is working out, sitting in his room watching exy matches.

-He even sleeps in it sometimes.

-Eventually it gets to the point where it’s a little stretched out from being worn so much and there are little tears in the bottom, but he doesn’t care.

-Neil is totally jealous and wants one, but he settles for stealing it from Kevin and wearing it around the dorm when it’s just him, Kevin, and Andrew.

-It’s too big on him because Kevin is Tol, but it’s soft and smells like his boyfriend so he’s happy.

-And Kevin likes the way Neil looks in his clothes so he’s not complaining.

-Years later when Kandreil is living in their apartment, they find the shirt and manage to convince Andrew to wear it just once.

-He looks ridiculous and he’s scowling, but Kevin and Neil are happy.

-The only person who gets the picture is Nicky.

-He cries.

I hope you don’t mind that I made it Kandreil and I hope you like it!

hello there
here with more blake siblings on the arc okay

  • octavia is like 7? maybe 8? and she begs bellamy to go to school and he knows that she can’t so he sets up this “education station” in a tiny corner of their room with stubby pencils, scrap paper, and beat up books that bellamy has smuggled home
  • bellamy stealing school supplies here and there from class and hoping no one notices that his brand new notepad is missing
  • bellamy staying up super late making sure octavia understands everything he went over and finally doing his homework after she goes to sleep
  • octavia easily picking up math and helping bellamy with his math homework
  • octavia not having a favorite subject but absolutely loves learning about women in history, anyone from joan of arc to ellen ochoa 
  • after a particularly late evening, octavia yawning and telling bellamy what a great teacher he is that’s what he should be when he grows up (and bellamy just ruffles her hair - i need all the hair ruffles)
  • bellamy attempting to sketch the universe and planets for octavia when she asks to see what it looks like
  • octavia pouring over books filled with pictures of earth and dreaming about her feet in the blue oceans
  • octavia writing little stories to practice her hand writing and waiting excitedly to read each one to bellamy (and of course all the stories are about adventures she and bellamy have on earth)
  • bellamy keeping every single story and reading them every time he thinks about octavia while she’s locked up (and those stories being read so many times the paper is worn out and the writing is starting to fade where it was creased)

more here

I was tagged by the loveliest @ilovemydeadgaysons (whose url i still envy… just sayin’…)

Relationship status: single and ready to mingle but also hopelessly crushing on like 10 people at once 

Favourite colour: yellow!!!!!!!!!

Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick, definitely

Last song you listened to: Dive by Ed Sheeran

Last movie you watched: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Top 3 TV shows: One Day at the Time, Brooklyn 99, Victoria

Top 3 characters: Elena Alvarez, Captain Jack Harkness, Scarlett O’Hara

Top 3 ships: iwaoi (Haikyuu!!), courferre (les mis), klance (Voltron)

Books you are currently reading: *laughs awkwardly as i look at the the pile of half-read books on my desk* WELL, Hamlet, Aeneas, The Secret History, Gone with the Wind, Alice: Girl from the Earth, Lesio… (and like 14 more but…)

Top 5 Musicals: Les Mis, Mary Poppins, Heathers, Grease and there used to be a musical adaptation of Quo Vadis in my home town’s theatre, so that one 

i tag: @wrappedinchocolateblanket @enjolsgurl @chemboii and @aux-barricades !!! 

I can not help but think of HOW MUCH Rose would’ve loved Connie, like, just imagine:

  • Rose asking Steven when will he bring “that lovely girl with the books” to their house.
  • Rose fussing over Steven the day of Connie’s first visit asking him what kind of biscuit she prefers.
  • “Steven, why don’t you show her your sword? a corageous girl like her I’m sure she’ll love it!”
  • Connie being entranced by Rose Quartz battle stories.
  • Rose saying how glad she is that Connie and Steven are friends and Steven blushing quietly and muttering “m-moom!”
  • Connie admiring Rose’s hair.
  • Rose admiring Connie’s hair.
  • Rose and Steven writing a book about Gem’s Home World Myths and History and giving it to Connie for her birthday.
  • Connie feeling comfortable enough to wait for Steven in his house, accompanied by Rose. 
  • Rose looking for cute things for Connie when she goes shopping.
  • Connie talking about her diplomatic theories with Rose and Rose smiling proudly.
  • Rose snatching pictures of Connie and Steven passed out on the couch.
  • Just Rose and Connie.