just look at the first one

Can we talk for a second about how the roles are reversed here because I love this image and the symbolism it harbours. For months, Delphine has been the one to diagnose, examine and comfort Cosima through her illness and treatments. And now suddenly, that’s no longer the case; the patient is now treating the doctor. Look at Delphine, for once she isn’t locked on to Cosima, but rather what is happening to her. It’s almost as if she’s braced for impact. This is a vulnerability we’ve yet to see Delphine display. This is so much more than just an examination of a wound now healed, this is bringing a trauma into dialogue (perhaps for the first time since it happened), this is a revelation of sacrifices and promises and this is a declaration of love, the kind of love that says ‘I’d die for you’, ‘I’d fight for you’, ‘I’d come back for you’. 

Okay but how a SLOW BURN social media AU where Supercorp is mistaken for a couple...

Everything that has happened in canon has happened here. Kara and Lena are just friends and Kara is dating Mon-El.

Kara and Lena go on their lunch dates and pictures start to come up online. At first no one really pays attention but then more pictures start surfacing and people start catching up that Kara and Lena go to lunch dates a lot and sometimes even dinner and in the pics they are always either laughing or staring lovingly at each other sometimes even when the other isn’t looking.

People start shipping them and Kara starts noticing a significant rise in her followers on Twitter and her notifications are up through the roof. That’s when she finds out that people think that she and Lena are dating.

Lena for her part is totally embarrassed because she knows Kara is dating Mon-El and she keeps apologizing to Kara and hoping that Mon-El isn’t taking any of this seriously. Kara is thankful that Mon-El doesn’t have any social media because she knows how possessive he is and they just got back on track and she doesn’t want to have another fight so early on after their reconciliation.

Kara brushes it off even though she is having a mini freak out inside and they keep doing everything they did before like nothing has happened but more pics surface of them and it seems like their following keeps on rising and they keep tweeting Kara and Lena about it.

It gets so big that they start being stopped on the street and being congratulated on their relationship and he their relationship has helped people and stuff like that.

The first time it happens Kara is alone and she is too astounded to deny that she and Lena aren’t dating. That girl then goes and spreads the word of their interaction and this makes everyone take as confirmation that Lena and Kara really are dating.

It happens a couple of times when they are both together and they just blush and stumble over their words when trying to deny it but people still think they’re dating.
One day, Kara and Mon-El are on a date and someone interrupts the date to talk to Kara about her relationship with Lena and Mon-El gets all possessive and says that he and Kara are on a date.

Then the word gets out that Kara is cheating on Lena.

Lena can’t stand the hate that Kara starts getting and she officially says that they aren’t dating and that they’re just friends. her heart is breaking every second that she spends writing that.

Lena decides to start distancing herself from Kara but she doesn’t know that Kara is dealing with Mon-El ever since that happened since he has become even worse on the jealousy front… Queue the angst.

Has a happy ending!!!! And more importantly SLOW BURN with lots of tension, fluff, hilarity and heart break.

guys I missed having canon victuuri feels and I am still rewatching the anime (probably will do until we get second season) and I just noticed something from the ending song

I am sorry if this has been done before but LOOK AT THIS

so we all know the ending song is instagram posts (and idk why I never thought about pausing to see what they have written under the pictures until now) 

so we have this one first and under it victor wrote this

Nakasu in Japan, where is that?

oh look it’s all the way in fukuoka! an hour drive away!

did he drive there alone? he couldn’t have gotten all the way there only to drink alone, take the train?

and trust me you wouldn’t want to take a train to another city alone when you have a Japanese friend to save you the trouble of getting lost 

so yeah why not take yuuri on date, that he doesn’t know is a date, yet 

(notice he is wearing the same shirt from the previous post) it’s already morning

oh time- 

flies so fast

when does time fly so fast? when you enjoy it and don’t want it to end

let’s take a look at how they look at each other again

and I can’t work out what yuuri is holding but I’d like to think its a stuffed poodle they won at an arcade or something

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Omg love your HCs!! They are all so cute!!!! >V< can u please do RFA +V and Saeran x MC first time holding hands? Like what would their reactions be?? Again LOVE your HCs!!! Omg bye!!~~

• Honestly, it wasn’t very long in your relationship you started holding hands.
• Basically it was your first date.
• The both of you were just walking in the park together. Laughing, and getting to know each other.
• And my god you looked so perfect. He actually wanted to just kiss you. I mean, the sun was shining on your flawless skin, the wind blew stands of (H/C) hair in your face..it was breath taking.
• He slowly inched his hand down beside yours, and began interlacing your small, delicate fingers in his larger ones.
• After that, he never really likes going out in public without your hand in his.
• This cheeky little sh-
• After he finally realized his true feelings for you, and stopping pushing everything and everyone away (anti-social much? Me too.)
• He asked you to go to a cat shelter with him.
• After all, Vanderwood didn’t say his partner couldn’t have a cat and just so happen to..bring it over. A lot.
• Does this count as your first date? Well, technically. You’ve hung out a lot, but never really anywhere but the parties and RFA members houses.
• “(Y/N)!!! This cat is just so cute! You should have it! I’ll even pay!”
• “Seven- I- I can’t take care of a cat?!”
• He B E G S.
• And for the first time, he gently grabs a hold of your hand, holding it tightly in his.
• He places a kiss on your cheek, and gives you the cutest little pouty face.
• At this point, you’re a blushing, awkward mess.
• “Uh-m uh..some soft hands you got there..”
• He smirks for a moment, before thinking of the dumbest thing he can say in that moment.
• “thanks, I use a lot of lotion. If you catch my dri-”
• But you never did seem to let go of his hand, the rest of the day, at least.
• You would think it would take a while for him to get all..lovey dovey with you.
• But it was kind of a happy medium.
• So basically, it was the 4th-5th ‘date’
• Really doesn’t want to rush things. He’s a firm believer that love takes time.
• But when it happens, it’s actually kind of sweet.
• You’re lying on his couch, waiting for him to come back in with the breakfast he ‘couldn’t wait to make for you’
• He walks in the living room to check on you, smiling over at your resting figure.
• He can’t help but want to keep walking towards you.
• And soon, he can’t even control himself?
• “Jumin? What are you-”
• He picks you up, and sets you down in his lap, all whilst placing you hand in his.
• And he doesn’t even really say much. Other than he “felt like it” when questioned on what he was doing.
• This was cute, comfortable and all, but..
• “whats that burning smell??”
• “..Shi-”
• okay this is so obvious but.
• Or at least, on your way to.
• It’s a really cold morning, the two of you have been dating for a couple weeks now. So, you decided to bundle up, and grab some coffee.
• Now, she didn’t have gloves. You would think she would, but ohhoho, Nope she is not prepared.
• Thankfully, you have a trick up your sleeve. A smoothhhh move, this way it won’t be awkward to make the move. You go, (Y/N).
• You take off the glove on one of your hands, and hand it to her.
• At this point, she’s looking between you and glove, a bit confused.
• You then place your uncovered, warm hand in her freezing one.
• “What are you waiting for, silly? Put on the other glove~”
• You smooth mother-
• She’s a blushing mess, really. But she adores you.
• Sweetbbyboy
• he’s so innocent. He’s never even held hands.
• One day, you’re playing games with him at his place, and well…beating him.
• “How are you so good at this?!” Yoosung frustratedly says.
• “I guess I’m just a pro.”
• He gives you an 'o really’ look, with the intent of picking up his game.
• But he needed motivation.
• “if I win this next round, you have to hold hands with me the rest of the day. Minus when one of us needs to go to the restroom.”
• He still lost tho, lol.
• But, you couldn’t help but want your own prize.
• “how about we do it anyways?”
• Yes, you’re that couple.
• The one that is always painfully close and always holding the others hands.
• But he loves every minute of it. And so do you.
• It was not long at allll before you help hands.
• Before he got eye surgery, he needed your “help” to get around. So, he wanted you to hold his hand and guide him around so he could get the things he needed to get.
• But he could actually see well enough.
• He just wanted to hold your hand.
• You had butterflies, he had butterflies, you two were honestly just lovey messes on the inside.
• But you loved it.
• (bonus)
• When he got the eye surgery, you had no idea. And he made you hold his hand again…however, something was off. It seemed he was bringing you along more than you were to him..
• “V- can you..”
• You were then cut off by none other than Jumin, who just so happened to be driving by.
• “V! How’d that surgery go?”
• gASP!
• Okay so he was not getting physical ATTT ALLLL!!!
• And this kind of frustrated you.
• Yes, sweetie I know you’re bad with human interaction buT WE HAVE BEEN DATING ALMOST 2 MONTHS PLS LOVE ME.
• So, RFA helped you come up with a plan. A jealously plan.
• Yep, you were gonna try and get Saeran to get all jealous and protective over you. Maybe even get him to get a little closer.
• It started small, You’d have Yoosung start flirting a little with you in the group chat.
• Plan fails, and Saeran just leaves the chats with no word.
• You knew you had to step up the game.
• One day, you and Saeran go out for a walk around town, just casually talking with each other.
• When you 'coincidentally’ run into Zen just up ahead.
• “(Y/N)! Hey! You look cute today!”
• You weren’t expecting him to say that of all things, so you couldn’t help the tiny blush that appeared on your face.
• “Awh, tha-”
• This is when you felt your hand get tightly enveloped by another.
• Saeran was jealous.
• And unafraid to show it.
• “Looks like I’m interrupting a little date~ see you on he messenger, later! Have fun you two!”
• When Zen leaves, Saeran still doesn’t let your hand go.
• “You know..this is actually kind of..nice..” He awkward says.
• From here on, he starts becoming more and more physically affectionate~ thank you, Zen!


Today like this a year ago, at this time I woke up shivering from cold air of the basement in Vancouver.

I wasn’t know if I had woken up or still been asleep of all those nights, only thing I remembered was the dim indigo sky reflected through small window.

Yesterday like this a year ago, I flew almost 4,000km. from Toronto to Vancouver. I arrived around midnight and she had drove 60km. from her workplace to pick me up.

We met the first time in the chill air and light rain at the airport.

She remembered that I looked fatiqued from tears over countless time.
But she told me I was smiling all the time since we met.

My life has changed completely, and I was the one that changed it by myself. There are beyond words I could explain the difficulty just for the simple decision.

In the past I was lost, the others when I left were broken. Everyone was suffering and scattering. In my life I’ve been trying to make others happy, I thought so that I was happy too but I wasn’t. I only kept convincing myself to believe that I could be who they wanted. Taking all the guilts and torn myself apart when I realized that it was just a lie.

Was I wrong that I am also a human, deeply looking for the happiness for myself. Through places and people who crossed roads with me would know that I have been always sincere at the end. For that one chance in my life I met someone who let me be myself without expectation and condition.

Though there are many beautiful and kind people in my life and I appreciate for knowing them, like you.

The sound of rain recalled flashing back of those nights after 2 weeks from today a year ago, I was walking in the snow whole night alone back in the empty street of Toronto. Was I wrong that I couldn’t be happy enough to make others happy when I was with them.

I couldn’t go back and I could only go forward. So I decided to let my conscious slept and followed my mind. Thousands of apologies I have said and done for just to give myself a chance to breath. Was I wrong that I want to be alive.

So that I walked, I moved across the land.

The pink light through window indicated the morning like last year, but today I woke up in the warm room. Beside me I saw her who has been taken everything to be with me. It wasn’t not everyone that accepted who we were, hurt by unapproved of her family. I’ve been through that too so I knew it well.

That day, she held my hand tight saying clearly in 2 languages to her parents that she loved me, please let her go to be herself with me. She was the bravous girl I’ve ever met. Because even myself when I told my parents that I was gay, I could barely speak properly soaking and weeping.

She hasn’t gone back home since then, and I haven’t gone back home for 6 years.

We echoed each other, complimented of who we are. I arose to be a better person, learned of how to live simply and be quiet when there are hundreds of sound surroundings us.

Please let us be together freely, only to be ourselves that’s all I’ve begged for.

  • Jace: Alec, which jacket looks better with this shirt? This one, or this one?
  • Alec: Uh, I don't know, the first one.
  • Jace: Okay, got it! Now which boots? These, these, these, or the-
  • Alec: I don't know, Jace. Just pick which ones you like.
  • Jace: Bro, come on, I need your help!
  • Alec: I'm gay, not you're fashion slave!
First Impression

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Summary: Being the new girl in town and getting off on a bit of  a wrong foot with Jughead

Pairings: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: None ?

Word Count: 1345

A/N: So… well… I write Riverdale almost religiously now


Walking over to the dark haired, beanie wearing, boy’s booth you offered him a small smile, “Hi, I-”

“Look, let me save you some time okay? You’re the new girl, just moved into town with your super rich, super powerful family. I’m the loner who’s lived here all his life and only cares about his writing. You make friends with people Cheryl Blossom. LIke with Vixens and jocks. I’m friends with four other people that I don’t always want to murder for being annoying. I’m afraid we’re like oil and water. We don’t mix.”

You mouth was opened slightly, taking in what he had just said, “I… What? You don’t even know me.”

He sighed, glancing up at me from his screen as he shrugged, “I don’t have to. You moved here from some glamorous place for god knows what reason. You dress in things like Chanel and Prada and are practically only known for your status. I can tell just by looking at you. The signature long Y/H/C hair that’s always done up to perfection. The makeup that isn’t needed but is used anyway, because, hello? Social standards. Honestly I’m surprised you’re even standing here in Pop’s. Figured it’d be below you.”

You scoffed, crossing your arms and rolling your eyes, “Oh really? Let me guess, you’re sat here because going home isn’t an option… daddy issues? You’re poor, you’ve become the rebellious child - running away from home because oh, woe is you! And the only thing you really have to pride yourself on is your writing. The image of a tortured artist painted perfectly. But let’s not stop there. You think it’s fine to sit here, in this booth, everyday typing about god knows what or even who, just judging people like the vain little bastard you are.”

The boy’s jaw went slack for a moment as he stared at me in wonder. The look disappeared as quickly as it came and he glared at me, “If I recall you’re the one who came over to my booth to introduce yourself for god knows why.”

You huffed, “A) I don’t see your name written anywhere on this thing and B) I don’t recall ever introducing myself to you. In fact, the only reason I had even come over to you was to give you this paper you dropped on your way in.”

You held the paper out to him, an impatient look in your eyes.

He couldn’t help the pang of regret as he took the paper from you and watched as you turned to leave.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to living my oh so extravagant life and befriending all the soulless, status caring, people.”

As Jughead watched you walk away from his booth and out the dinner, he couldn’t help but feel slightly intrigued by the new girl.
What else did she have in store?


A couple months later, there you were, sat in a booth at Pop’s playing with your straw as the people around you conversed.

You had been invited by Reggie to go out as friends and you figured, why the hell not?

What you hadn’t realized was that this evening would not only consist of Reggie hitting on you but also Chuck being an obnoxious idiot as some of the other River Vixens sat around, laughing far too loudly at whatever one the guys said.

Your eyes wandered the diner, trying to see if anyone else you knew was here. You could always just go home, but, you didn’t want to.

Hearing the door open, you were snapped away from your thoughts as you saw Jughead entered. You watched as he made his way over to the booth in the way back of the place - and as some sort of paper fell from his jacket pocket.

You glanced over at Reggie and the others and gave them a small smile, “While this was fun, I’m going to get going alright?”

Reggie nodding, springing up from his seat, “Do you need a ride?”

You shook your head and got up, placing a hand on his shoulder, “Really, I’m fine. I’m just going to go to the bathroom and then I’ll head out.”

“If you’re sure…”

I nodded, and stepped away as he attempted to lean in for a kiss, “Bye Reggie. Bye guys.”

You heard mutterings of goodbye from the others as you made your way to towards the back where the bathrooms were. When you were sure they had stopped watching you quickly made your way over to where Jughead was, picking up the paper and sliding into the booth across from him.

Jughead sighed, barely looking up, “Can I help you, princess?”
Rolling your eyes at the nickname, you slid the piece of paper over the table to him, “It seems like you dropped something. Again.”

He glanced up at you, frowning slightly as he took the paper, “It seems like you’re being annoying. Again.”

You scoffed, “Shut up, asshole. I’m trying to be nice.”

He sighed, shrugging, “No, actually. You’re trying to get out of hanging out with those douchebags you call friends. This piece of paper was your way in - or better put, out of whatever the hell that was.”

Sighing, you called a waiter over and quickly placed an order, “Chocolate milkshake and some onion rings please?”

Jughead glared at you, closing his laptop and crossing his arms over his chest, “I’m sorry but have you forgotten that this is my booth?”

You shot him a cheeky grin, “I don’t see your name on it. Speaking of which, we’ve never properly been introduced. I’m Y/N.”

He sighed, “I know. I’m -”

“Jughead Jones The Third. One of the top detectives in Jason Blossom’s murder. Friend of Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge. Oh, and let’s not forget, Kevin Keller. How is he, by the way? I haven’t seen him in ages!”

Jughead stared at you silently for a minute, watching as you took the shake and onion rings from the waiter and thanked him.

“You know, for someone who’s known for their witty and sarcastic comebacks you sure are being quiet.”

He shrugged, “I just don’t feel like talking.”

You chuckled to yourself, taking a bite of an onion ring, “Then it seems I’ll just have to fill the silence. Don’t worry, I don’t mind. But I do think we each owe each other an apology. And, since I’m already talking, I’ll start.”

Sighing, you took a sip of your milkshake before continuing, “I’m sorry for calling you a vain little bastard, amongst all the other things I said that I also apologize for.”

You rested your head on your hand, awaiting a reply from Jughead, “Well?”

He sighed, looking down at the table, “I’m sorry for making all those horrible assumptions about you - even though I was kind of right with some of them!”

Scoffing, you rolled your eyes, “You were not!”

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Whenever I run searches like "famous people with ADHD," the results are uniformly contemporary entertainers and sports stars. I find that kind of disheartening. Do you know of any lists that include famous thinkers, STEM fielders, and/or artists with ADHD? I don't want to sound like a snob, since there's nothing wrong with celebrities, but I want to be an academic, and my ADHD gets in the way of my studies a lot. I'd like to see examples of ADHD philosophers and writers and stuff. Know Any?

pt. 2: I know that Einstein was diagnosed posthumously, and that’s pretty cool, but I would like to see more than just that, especially given that no one can know what his modern-day psych eval would look like, because ADHD didn’t exist as a diagnosis until after his death.

Ours does!

It also includes fictional characters, and those are first, so scroll on down to famous people and you’ll see that the very first person on that list is a political analyst!


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not trying to be rude but if you think that julian is the only one who cares about caitlin why do you have a problem with them being together?


1. first off my problem is with caitlin being involved romantically with anyone this season, because the past seasons have been about her love ife, and this season looked different, it was her own storyline that she deserved and danielle asked for but ofc the writers had to ruin it and force a love interest cause apparently in that show every single woman has to be involved with someone and if they’re not then they’re just background characters or disappear.

2. it really bothers me the fact that the only person who showed some interest in her health is the one who’s now developing romantic feelings for her. I know they have this special bond of doing horrible things while not being themselves and scared of becoming those monsters again and that literally no one gives a fuck about them to the point to push them towards their nightmare and probably traumatize them more than they already are, but why couldn’t they be a m/f relationship in which both of them actually care about each other without developing romantic feelings? 

3. gonna be honest, them being together means julian has 99,9% chances of dying

4. julian’s gay stop trying to force heterosexuality on him #freetom

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Why do so many characters have a crush on Kaneki? He's average in terms of personality and looks.

There’s a couple reasons for this. The same way Rize has no real identity outside being bored easily and eating people, Kaneki also has no real identity. His character arc can actually be summarized fully as a quest for identity, which is why this was the most important revelation he’s had to date. Realizing one’s identity requires you to first take a serious look at onself. 

Kaneki also has a natural tendency to reach out for closeness. Even when put into situations where he does not necessarily need to try to be close to others, he will do so. One example of this is the Q’s, they were just coworkers Kaneki was supposed to mentor he had no obligation to cook for them, give them adivce, comfort them, shop with them and treat them like a family but he did so anyway.

He also has a natural avoidance of any kind of closeness as well, which makes him naturally friendly but not even remotely intimidating. In other words he’s an easy person for someone to get close or attached too.

Kaneki’s combination of having far too much empathy but no sense of identity, and also not really being able to figure out the feelings of others in an intelligent way as opposed to an empathic way makes him really easy to change into what others need from him at the moment.

Kaneki also has a tendency to make people feel as if they are important to him, just because of how desperate he is for that connection. People often realize how much they wanted that connection after the fact of Kaneki being the one to make the first move. 

Most of the characters Kaneki interacts with have also have been shown no explicit kindness in their life. Kaneki is the first person to show them any kind of behavior that’s remotely kind, and they don’t have any other experience to compare whether or not Kaneki is a genuinely kind person or a bit more complex than that.

This isn’t to say that Kaneki is an actively manipulative person though. He’s for the most part a blank slate which other people project upon what they want or need out of him. Before Kaneki can be close to others though, he has to figure himself out to an extent, what he wants, what he wants out of others. Once he has a stronger more concrete identity that he can look at honestly he can start to really connect to others.

This is what was demonstrated in the Arima scene. Kaneki looks genuinely at himself, and after that point he’s able to honestly appreciate the fact that he was loved truly by a father figure in Arima, even though their relationship was complicated. A fight that started with Kaneki’s absolute failure to connect with Arima ended with one final connection between the two, but it only came after Kaneki decided to look at himself first rather than constantly looking to Arima. 

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Hi! Do you know where I can find the dirk Gently comic for the Netflix version of dirk? (The only one I've found is different)

Hello! You’re probably reading the right ones, just stick with it. The Dirk Gently comics are from IDW, and basically they started before the Netflix show, basing their Dirk off of the books.

When the Netflix show started they incorporated that Dirk in as well, saying he was from a different timeline to explain the different looks. So now there are two different versions of Dirk in the comics.

I’ve only read a couple of them myself, but I think the Brotzmans first show up in #3 and TV Dirk in #5?

@inkyfishes @gentledirkly can you confirm this?

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I am in awe of your blog and I need some advice. I just got my first hate mail re: destiel and I'm feeling conflicted. Do I respond? Am I being baited? Are there ppl who just hang out in destiel tags looking for a fight? Because my blog is hate-free and I'm not mean about other ships, even ones that are notp for me.

Hey! Thank you for liking my blog! :)

Honestly, especially if you’ve never been guilty of talking bullshit about anything or anyone, I’d say don’t feed the trolls; ignore. Because there are indeed a lot of people in this fandom (or on this website in general), who are simply looking to provoke innocent bloggers in order to start drama. 

And ignoring isn’t always easy, I know. :p Every once in a while, when a True Chosen Idiot Sandwich™ comes into my ask, I do feel the need to reply and to drag them to another zip code and back. 

But seriously, most hate mail that I get goes the way of the dodo (I read it like it’s the morning paper by now), and it gets a block/remove click, to never be seen by another member of humanity. 

So for real, if you didn’t start it, and you’re just in this fandom to blog in peace about the things you love; block and ignore them. Don’t waste your energy, and don’t give them that satisfaction, it’ll only piss them off more if you happily go on about your blogging like you always do, plus it’ll make them grow bored soon enough.

I’m sorry you’re getting hate though, I hope they’ll stop bothering you. *hugs* 

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buckynat prompt: "Focus, Barnes. You're gonna get us killed."

“Focus, Barnes. You’re gonna get us killed.”

“You wound me, sweetheart.” Bucky takes a shot that drops another alien body but doesn’t stay to watch it twitch once more before lying still. “My focus is impeccable.” There are more swarming around towards them, and yet a grin flickers over his lips when Natasha huffs.

“Save the pet names for later.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he says and punches his left arm right through the spinal cord of one of those things. And Bucky takes a second to just watch his girlfriend as she spins around one of them, uses it as leverage to deliver a killing blow with her bites to its neck before whirling back around to deal with the first.

It still looks effortless, always, like grace and flowing water and the choreography of a dance.

He doesn’t think there’s anyone who can blame him. She’s a marvel when she fights, and that’s not just because he’s biased.

Which he is. And entirely unashamed to admit it.

(Because it’s finally not important - not dangerous - anymore if the whole goddamn world knows how much he adores her.)

Between the two of them, they have dealt with the last of their alien squadron only moments later, and Bucky kills the last one just in time to see Natasha watching him, the corners of her mouth curling subtly.

Amidst the chaos of battle, before they go to help out their teammates, Bucky catches himself smiling back.

‘Later’ is going to be good.

Astro Reaction: to you returning their sweater after it no longer smells like them

MJ (Myungjun) :

Originally posted by jinwooh

He would look at you confused as you handed him back his sweater – the one he had been desperately searching for just a few months prior. With a slight blush to your face you would tell him why you had taken it and why you were giving it back. At first his face would remain passive before he suddenly started laughing at you, finding your dilemma so cute and borderline ridiculous. Next time he went away you’d find a whole outfit on your bed – socks, pants, shirt, sweater, everything, all his own clothing, with a note  “For when you miss me.” 


Jinjin (Jinwoo) :

He had been on a mission for days looking for that sweater and had asked you before if you had seen it – you had said no. That’s why once he saw you with it he’d call you out, hollering at you, telling you to get your butt over to him instantly. He’d explain to you that he needed that sweater for an interview or something but once you explained why you were handing it back his lips would part in awe before he’d put that chessy smile of his on his face. He’d be so touched and immediately give you another sweater to replace it – spoiling you was his second job.

Eunwoo (Dongmin) :

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He would see you walk towards him wearing the sweater and would initially be confused as to how you got hold of it. Once you explained to him why you had it and why you were returning it, he would be slightly embarrassed, as he had been caught off guard. But then he would grin, smiling at you brightly. “You missed me that much?” You would hit him on the arm lightly but he would pull you to him, cuddling you in his arms. From then on he’d let you take whatever you wanted from him when he was away, not caring at all if his favourite hoodie went missing next.


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He’d be a bit bashful himself and soon you were both blushing. You blushed because you were very much embarrassed. He blushed because he was so touched that you loved him and missed him that much; he couldn’t handle how cute your actions were. The fact that you had just taken his clothes not a problem at all. To play off his bashfulness he’d crack a joke to remove the current, slightly suffocating, atmosphere, “I’ll trade one of my sweaters for one of yours!”


Rocky (Minhyuk):

You’d come to him an arm stretched out with sweater in hand. At first he would be confused as to why you were giving him his sweater. Upon noticing his expression you would immediately explain to him your problem. He would start laughing instantly, a full on laugh, teeth and everything. He would take the sweater from you putting it on, claiming that the issue was now solved and then immediately hug you; continuously commenting on how cute you were before whispering in your ear “You don’t need a sweater, you just need me.”



He would not have noticed, at all, that you had taken his sweater. Truthfully this wasn’t your first time taking it either, it was your fifth, however he was leaving soon and you didn’t have the time to take one from him, so you asked. The child would be genuinely confused thinking you were giving him the sweater to help him pack, “Thanks but it’s going to be a bit too hot there for that.” You would giggle at his comment before bashfully explaining the real reason you were giving him his sweater. Upon hearing you he’d slowly grin before wiggling his eyebrows playfully “I’ve got loads more.”

hi!! i had a concerned question.. all the leaves on my baby here just started drooping and it has never looked like this before. the ones on top seem to be the first new growth in a while. the flower sprouts have withered and are starting to die out but i am not worried about that. it is winter where i am and very cold so i have done very limited watering, but have not been keeping it in a window in the direct sun because all my windows have very poor insulation and are extremely cold and i am worried that putting it there will kill it. should i be concerned about it in this state or will it be okay until it starts to warm up outside? thanks 💕


Hey there. The leaves are doing that because its stretching waaaaaaaaAAAYYYY out to find sun. This wont necessarily harm the plant, but isn’t pretty. It also makes it more susceptible to burning when you do put it outside when it warms up. Introduce it to more sun gradually and the leaves should begin to turn in. Just keep an eye out for any signs of mushiness. The flowers wilting is a normal process. You can cut those off :) 

I can’t help myself but since the first time I saw this picture I can’t but think JI is calling/talking with Ksoo. You know those phonecalls you make to your lover when you’are apart/away from each other, talking about everything and nothing at the same time, laughing and telling each other how was their day, smiling at nowhere like totally fools just for the happiness of hearing one another at the phone and JI looking at the sky/stars while listening to Ksoo speak and can’t stop thinking to himself: “I’m so damn in love with this man.”

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Ughhhh can't one good thing happen this week!? Maybe things will get better once Hina and Togami get here and are looked after by doctors. Just gotta have hope!

Don’t worry too much about it. It’s not the first time it happens and it won’t be the first time. I know it can be scary to see him like this but as long as someone keep an eye on him, things will be okay.