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Musical Thoughts

Just looking at the last two albums and the solo releases, I’m really here for a 2jae album. While they have their differences, Jaebum and Youngjae have a similar vibe in the songs they work on. They have this R&B/Soul thing that I have an affinity for. To me songs like “Prove it”, “Sign”, “Sin” and “Call Button” for into the same family and I look forward to more releases like these songs.

V: I’m gonna post this to the group chat! 

Guess who both suck at taking selfies now

whoops i coloured it

now if only i could write the damn fic

UPDATE: i wrote the damn fic


alex turner // everything you’ve come to expect // album booklet edits

photos: zackery michael

i can’t believe dan smith thought it was weird and embarrassing for him to love his own album cover,,,dude u r allowed to be proud of ur work man ur allowed to like ur stuff stop worrying me w ur self loathing modesty

And a final pic showing the scale of the drawing! Pulling a bit of a derp face; I was running late, incredibly stressed and sleep deprived, and thought I was suffering from food poisoning earlier in the day to the point where I struggled to sign it (although, looks like it was just stress and sleep deprivation, yay…)

Looking forward to working on the progress album!

paris white
album: white noise by pvris
gender and sex: female
sexuality: lesbian
birthday: november 4, 1995
age: 21
likes: fire, smoke, ghosts, spirits, scary stories/movies, spiders, mirrors.
dislikes: religion, cheating, being ignored, Dumb opinions, accusations against her, fake People 😑🤚
personality: possessive, loyal, observant, jealous, obsessive, suspicious, independent, extremely moody, secretive.

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You've heard of Fushimi as an alpaca, now get ready for: Fushimi being surrounded by alpacas (and they love him very much and nuzzle him with their soft wool). Munakata totally takes pictures for the album.

Fushimi surrounded by loving animals while he sits there looking grumpy and possibly sniffling from allergies. Maybe Munakata decides that it would make a lovely bonding experience if he took the entire force to the zoo, he has everybody split up into groups of two and even has worksheets for them to fill out like it’s an elementary school field trip. Fushimi of course wants nothing to do with this at all but Munakata makes it clear that all members are required to attend this important exercise in recognizing detail and measuring their ability to retain information. He also to this end pairs Fushimi with himself, since that’s the only way to be certain that Fushimi won’t make his escape as soon as he’s out of Munakata’s sight. So Fushimi gets to spend the whole day being dragged around the zoo by a very excited Munakata, as it happens Munakata never went to the zoo as a kid and this is his first trip (Fushimi notes dryly that this was all just an excuse for the Captain to go to the zoo, huh, and Munakata just coughs and is like certainly not. It totally is though). Munakata keeps going from exhibit to exhibit like ‘look, Fushimi-kun, elephants! Fushimi-kun look, giraffes! Fushimi-kun, have you ever seen pandas up close like this, they are certainly quite cute.’ Fushimi acts all annoyed but maybe he’s not entirely hating it, like yes it’s too hot out and he’s tired of walking and there are way too many people here (and definitely too many kids, Fushimi would just be dying surrounded by all these happy screaming kids) but he doesn’t mind so much the animals themselves.

Then Munakata spots the petting zoo and naturally he must take Fushimi there, like look Fushimi-kun we can pet the alpacas. Fushimi has no interest in that at all, he doesn’t want to pet yucky germy animals, but Munakata insists. As soon as they enter petting zoo it’s a situation similar to what happens in the otome game, Fushimi walks in and all the alpacas suddenly swarm him to love him. Munakata tries to pet one and it veers away because he’s too intimidating despite his pleasant smile and surrounding sparkles, Fushimi meanwhile is glaring bloody murder and is being nuzzled and licked and having his hair chewed on. Munakata is a bit disheartened that none of the alpacas want to love him but watching them love Fushimi is basically an excellent alternative, he notes that it must be something about Fushimi’s perpetually gloomy aura that makes animals feel a natural kind of attraction to him, they have a desire to make him want to feel loved and comforted. Fushimi, sitting there in the middle of a swarm of loving alpacas, is like do I look like I fucking want to be loved and comforted by smelly animals. The alpacas remain totally chill this whole time, just casually nuzzling him as the rest of the petting zoo slowly comes to the realization that Fushimi is in their pen and therefore they too must come to him and love him as befits his true Disney princess aesthetic.