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In These Small Hours (A Bitty MiniFic)

It doesn’t really hit Bitty until he’s sitting in his room at the Haus, staring at the boxes already half-full with his belongings.

His ears are ringing in the silence that surrounds him now, so different from the constant congratulations and yelling from the team. He’s still got his suit on, bowtie still crisp, hair still set. Around him, distantly, he hears the various noises that are normal in the Haus- boards creaking, water running, Netflix coming from Holster’s laptop upstairs.

There is a part of Bitty that is trying to burn all of this deeply into his mind so he can never forget any of it. He bends over to untie his dress shoes and he starts to take stock of the night.

First, he had voted for Chowder for Captain.
Second, the team did not agree with him.
Third, they had voted for him. Bitty.
Fourth, they all had voted for him.

Just the thought of it now, hours after the banquet, stirred up a flurry of emotions within him.

He was surprised, and delighted, and confused, and so, so happy.

But at the same time, he was so, so scared.

There was once, and exactly once, that Bitty had imagined himself the Captain of the team. It had been in a quiet moment shared with Jack- a September night spent on the balcony of his apartment with coffee. They were familiar but still so new to eachother then, prone to spontaneous conversation that revealed themselves to the other.

“Being Captain last year, I think that was the best thing that could have happened to me.” Jack had said, his thumb stroking over Bitty’s fingers. “I was Captain junior year, yeah, but…last year taught me so much.”

Bitty was quiet, always so taken away by the careful gravity Jack put behind his words sometimes.

“Being Captain of that team, of you guys, it was more than just calling plays and leading workouts. You guys let me grow and learn. You let me realize how much I love all that hockey is. Not just the ice time, or the goals, or anything like that.”

Jack’s quietly spoken speech sunk into Bitty, and later when the were curled around eachother in bed, Bitty thought about it on the cusp of falling asleep.

Imagine me, he thought, imagine me as Captian. Imagine people looking to me like they did to Jack. Imagine finally feeling at place and included.

Now, with his suit half off and his phone giving him notifications for endless congratulations pouring in from several sources, Bitty tried to grasp the idea that his late night half-formed fantasy wasn’t so silly at all.

Bitty pulled on the falconers shirt that was slung across the back of his desk chair and then settled into bed.

He held his phone on his chest, thumb hovering over the team group chat. There were so many messages that Bitty can vaguely remembering skimming in-between all of the in-person celebrations.

He scanned over them again, feeling his chest swell with each positive message.

It struck him, then. Everything all at once- the captaincy, the boys, the respect, and something more that poured into him and settled a worry he had held close to his chest for too long.

Bitty loved hockey.
Now he knew that hockey loved him, too.

Some Unholy War (Part 2)

Part 2 of MMA Fighter!Tom AU!

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4

Summary: Ultimate fighter Tom Holland walks into a diner at two in the morning and finds something more than greasy eggs and dusty bar stools.

Warnings: swearing, violence (lots of it, Tom is an ultimate fighter. but not just his fights I just don’t want to give it away)

Word Count: 7235


I know this has been a long time coming but trust me I think it was worth the wait, I worked on it for almost a week straight, there will be at least one more part to this as well! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in the next part! Also this is not my gif. And please tell me if you like it I need constant validation 

After Tom’s fight, Y/N was having a good night, until she walked through her apartment door, immediately regretting what had occurred earlier that day. She knew Raymond would be there waiting for her in her room to talk to her about what happened at the diner. She was right, he was sitting there on her bed, wearing a white tank top and old blue jeans that he stole from the Goodwill, his bare foot tapping on the hardwood floor, waiting for her to walk into the room,

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Have some more family fluff with a side of angst of this pairing with spider babies.

Title: Stark Naked

Pairing: T’Stuckony (T’Challa/Steve/Bucky/Tony)

Warnings: mentions of Mpreg. Mpreg!Tony.   

Lenght: 1,878


The pitter patter of footsteps echoed down the hall, growing louder and louder by the second. It was soon followed by the heavy thumps of larger steps.

Tony sat idly by on one of the many couches, massaging his rounded stomach and soothing what little he could of his daughter apparently tap dancing on his bladder. Soon he was going to make a quick trip to the restroom, seeing as his daughter didn’t seem to want to lighten up, but first he wanted to see what all the yelling was about. He knew Bucky had gone to give Peter a bath, a plain task that didn’t require shouting, so he didn’t see a reason why Bucky’s voice was booming down the hall and why footsteps were happening.

Sure enough, making an appearance and crossing the corner, his two year old son came barreling down in nothing but his birthday suit. Buck nude and showing the world his naked glory with a toothy grin.

Shortly after him came Bucky with a towel in his hands, his hair soaked, his shirt clinging to his body (which was an incredible sight) and wet spots decorating his pants. He looked to have just returned from an intense workout, and seeing how Peter managed to escape his hold, he probably had.

“Peter!” Bucky shouted again, reaching out to try and wrap Peter in the towel but failing when Peter decided to round the coffee table, giggling the entire time.

Steve, who was sitting next to Tony and had been running fingers over the swell of his stomach, watched the pair fondly with a smirk that grew wider and wider the longer Bucky failed to catch Peter. T’Challa was leaning against the wall with his phone out and recording the entire thing. Tony was going to demand a copy of it.

Eventually, after three more circles around the coffee table, Bucky managed to outsmart the two year old by turning back and letting Peter run into his arms instead. “Got you! Little nudist, we’re finishing your bath.”

Peter gave a shriek as Bucky lifted him up and kicked his legs playfully when Bucky threw him over his shoulder.

“Need some help there, Buck?” Steve couldn’t help but say. “Looks like you had yourself a prison break.”

“No, Steve, I don’t need help. Little punk took off the moment he attacked me with water. He’s every bit as conniving as his mother.”

Tony grinned. “That’s my boy!”

“Gotta say, I thought for sure mixing your brain with Bucky’s attitude was going to be a world domination waiting to happen, but so far Bucky’s been receiving the end of his scheming. I approve of it,” Steve said as his fingers returned to run over the swollen stomach. “Tell me you’re going to send that video to everyone.”

“Doing so as we speak,” T’Challa nodded.

Soon enough their phones received the video from their group text chat. Clint and Sam were for sure going to get a kick out of watching Bucky running after the little nudist that was Peter and failing to catch him. Natasha would never let him see the end of it. Rhodey would use this as another reason to continue his quote of “You fell in love with the guy. You knew what you were getting into,” every time either one of them did something downright ridiculous.

From down the hall Bucky’s voice was heard. “You couldn’t have given me at least ten minutes before sending that video to everyone?”

The three grinned. No they couldn’t.

“Hopefully our little girl isn’t as rebellious as Peter,” Steve commented and looking at the swell.

Tony knew better than to hope. Peter had been calm and quiet during the pregnancy, naturally they believed him to be a placid child, but the moment he was born all hell broke loose. They could chuck it out as being first time parents and getting the hang of things, but Peter was downright rambunctious. Tony was not going to make the same mistake again of assuming their daughter to be well-behaved simply because she wasn’t as active. Fool him once, shame on you. Fool him twice? He was blaming their inherited genius on it. Only a child from Tony Stark would be able to fool their parents.

“You can dream, Steve,” Tony poked his shoulder. “Help me up, I gotta pee.”


“I have the right to be bossy. Now hurry, or I’m going on this couch.”


Three years later it was deja vu all over again.

“Gwen! Gwen you get back here right now!”

Similarly to before, Gwen came running down the hall and turned the same corner Peter had when he broke for freedom. The near-three year old rounded the same coffee table, jumped when Steve nearly had her in his grasp and rushed to the kitchen instead of making another turn.

This time it was T’Challa sitting next to him, running his palm over Tony’s swollen stomach where their son was resting. His other hand held his phone as he recorded the entire scene. Bucky was sitting on another couch with a sleeping Peter using his thigh as a pillow.

“Now I see the fun in this. Need some help, Stevie?”

A shriek and a loud “Ha! Got you fair and square,” and soon Steve appeared again with Gwen in his arms wrapped in the towel. “No, I don’t need help.” He sent a fond glare to Tony. “That brain of yours is dangerous when put on children. Now I know how Bucky felt.”

“Still feel that way,” Bucky said. “The older he gets the move devious. Get the feeling he’ll get rid of us the moment he doesn’t need us.”

“Nah, he loves Tony too much for that. Get rid of us three sure, but Tony he’s keeping.”

Bucky thought it over and nodded in approval. “True. Can’t argue with that. I wouldn’t get rid of Tony, either.”

“Can you not talk about getting rid of me or not getting rid of me while I’m in the same room. I’ll start to think you’re all using me,” Tony said, looking suspiciously at them all.

T’Challa leaned over to kiss his cheek. “Never. If they wish to get rid of you I’ll get rid of them first.”

“How about we don’t get rid of anyone and you send that video already.”

Steve groaned before heading back down the hall to finish the bath.

Rhodey’s voice echoed in his head as Tony watched the video that arrived on the group text chat and read Rhodey’s reply. ‘You fell in love with them. You knew what you were getting into.’

Yeah, he fell in love with them. He knew what he was getting into, he just didn’t expect it was going to be this ridiculous. And, frankly, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

T’Challa pressed his body close. “I am most adamant that our son will be as rowdy as his siblings.”

“Past two experiences are telling us it is. He won’t even settle down right now,” Tony said and shut his eyes at the sensation of their son making another movement shortly after kicking his side. “Think we’re about to get our biggest challenge yet.”

“Nothing we’re unprepared for now.”

“Another bout of sleepless nights? For sure we’re prepared for that, and everything else Peter and Gwen had done, but having three hyper children together?” Tony slumped on the couch from the idea alone. He was going to die. He was sure of it. Thankfully, he had three strong and healthy partners that could decide between them who’s turn was it to rock the baby to sleep. “Think it’s too much to ask for a calm child this once?”

T’Challa and Bucky chuckled. “With your brain, doll? We’d be lucky if they’re the silent inventing type. Their minds are constantly running,” Bucky said, running his fingers through Peter’s soft locks.

Perhaps, but it couldn’t hurt to hope for a behaved child instead of another set of pitter pattering footsteps.


Two months later and Tony wanted nothing more than to take those words back.

Standing outside a neonatal incubator, his chest was filled with anguish as he watched his newborn sleep with wires strapped to his body. A box acting as a barrier between him and his baby. The only signs of life being his little chest slowly rising and the soft beep of the heart monitor.

Outside of the room where the incubator rested were T’Challa, Bucky and Steve standing by the window and looking mournfully inside. Visiting hours were soon to be over and they had given their time to their baby, devoting the last few minutes remaining for Tony alone, but soon they were required to leave. Tony didn’t want to leave, not without his baby. He wanted his child with them. He’ll think they were abandoning him if they left.


Tony didn’t react when T’Challa join him and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Anthony, we must go.”

“I don’t want to leave him.”

“We are not. We will return for him, but we must let him rest and recuperate.”

“But what if we leave and he doesn’t. What if he doesn’t get better and we leave him here all alone? What if he thinks we don’t love him?”

T’Challa kissed his forehead. “He knows we love him with all of our hearts, especially you. And you must have faith. Our son is strong and was eager to greet us. Now he must regain his energy.”

Fear clutched at him. “I’m scared we won’t be able to see him again.”

“We will. First thing in the morning, we will. Have faith in him.”

Tony did, even with worry in his heart he did. His baby was strong, strong like his siblings, strong like his fathers’. He was going to pull through.


Tiny footsteps pattered over carpet and a childish giggle joined them. On unbalanced legs Miles sauntered out of the hallway, not buck-naked, and having recently learned how to walk and already trying to get his chubby legs to move faster. Behind him T’Challa wandered out, fast enough to keep up with Miles and slow enough to not actually reach him.

Joy and pride filled Tony’s heart as he watched the pair circle the coffee table. Bucky had his phone out and was recording them. Steve had Peter and Gwen by his sides and were encouraging Miles to keep going.

“I will catch you, little inkwenkwezi, there is no escape!”

Miles giggled and rushed to Tony, asking to be lifted. Tony obliged and pampered his tiny chubby face with kisses. Miles shrieked in response.

“Foiled again,” T’Challa sat down in surrender. “He has escaped me.”

Bucky patted his shoulder, pressing buttons on his phone to send the video to their friends. “Happens to the best of us.”

The replies they received on the group text chat were positive and encouraging and pure delight. Everyone had feared for Miles, but now watching him grow everyday and get stronger, they couldn’t be more relieved and proud.

Rhodey’s expected ‘You fell in love with them, you knew what you were getting into’ was joined by a ‘I’m happy for you.’

Happy he was indeed.



This week’s tutorial is an intense eye look with a flawless base, suitable for a special occasion or a night out on the town!

All of my tutorials are adjustable, so you can tailor them to suit your needs - for example; if you prefer less coverage then you can opt for a lighter foundation, if you like a smokey eye but find Black to be too intense then just leave off the Black shadow, if you don’t get on with lashes then just opt for lashings of mascara! Each step is optional, just have a play and workout what best suits you. 

Products used: 
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The thing is, Zhenya loves hockey.

He can’t remember a time when being on the ice, chasing pucks around didn’t make him happy. From the time he realised that ‘professional hockey player’ was a job he could have, he knew this was what he was going to do with his life.

What he doesn’t love is the sports science side of it. He gets that it’s important to keep an eye on what he eats- making sure he has enough energy, enough weight, to get through the season without becoming a shell of bone and muscle- but he just really fucking misses being able to just eat a burger or three without worrying if it would fuck with his food plan. He misses not being watched by a hawk by nutritionists every time the team is at an event not catered specifically for hungry NHL players (empty calories, empty calories everywhere).

He supposed that was why watching Patrick enjoy himself so shamelessly indulge in contrabanded foods got Zhenya so hot and hard and horny. Almost six months of weekly personal videos, and he still couldn’t get enough of watching the beautiful man. He hadn’t invested in another video as… expensive and shameless as his cup winning one (which he watched almost every day the summer after. If he wasn’t so wary of his phone being hacked, he’d keep it saved there so he could use the image of Patrick’s well built body covered in His number as a pick me up on the road).

Instead he’d expanded his collection to include Patrick feeding himself oysters (throwing back his head, adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed), cherries (lips wrapping around the fruit, pulling it firmly from the stem, juices staining his lips as he bit through soft flesh), and- most shamelessly- one of Patrick eating a lollipop (sucking, slurping, and long slow shots of a clever tongue wrapping around the candy). Patrick clearly enjoyed food, and Zhenya loved to watch him enjoy it.

Not like the Penguins Nutrition Team. Sadistic assholes probably thought a treat was something including the words organic and flourless and sugarfree. They must get off on making Zhenya miserable.

The rest of the team got attention too, but the nutritionists really had it out for Zhenya; as if as soon as they took their eyes off him, he’d destroy their precious food plan and gorge himself on contraband goods (he would. Just to see their faces when he admitted that yes, he was the one who ate the rest of the cake/pie/pelmeni/muffins/mini pizza). It had culminated in management deciding that at events during the season, Zhenya was to have a chaperone always, to ensure he couldn’t spite eat.

The worst of them was Crosby. He’d been with the team for a couple of years- started interning with them as part of his degree a few years after Zhenya had fled from the KHL- and had eventually been named their head nutritionist after their last one had been offered a better job somewhere out west. He’d completely overhauled their Diet and Nutrition strategies in the years since, and just thinking about it made Zhenya want to drive to the nearest bakery and stuff himself with the most sugary-buttery-salty things he could buy.

Crosby seemed like a nice enough guy, if a bit solemn and serious about his job, but his campaign against all things tasty and enjoyable both during and outside of the season frustrated Zhenya to no end.

Sidney Crosby was the enemy and Zhenya lived to make him red in the face from frustration when he realised that Zhenya was cheating on his food plan again.


Crosby had cornered him in the hallway after the morning’s ice time. His arms were crossed over his chest and it just highlighted how badly fitted his suit was- baggy around his arms and shoulders and much too long. Zhenya wondered if Crosby had ever learned to dress himself properly, or if he just grabbed the first thing that fit off the rack. Even when he showed up in workout clothes, they looked three sizes too big.

“Malkin. I know you think this is a joke but-”

“No, not joke!” Zhenya is quick to interrupt Crosby before he can get the full lecture. He’s sat through way too many of them this season already. “I’m know; not allowed to eat at party tonight. There to talk to sponsors only. Have dinner before go.” Crosby raises an eyebrow and his lips thin into a severely disbelieving frown.

“You can eat, but nothing fried and none of the deserts.” a compromise they’ve been trying to sell Zhenya on all season. “And Cam stays with you all night.”

Zhenya’s head falls back with a moan that he’s been told makes him sound like a sad cow (fuck you too Tanger). Cam is the worst of Crosby’s disciples- a sports science intern who is too eager to please his boss now that the awe of working with NHL players has faded.

“Would rather do ten hours press. He worst. Not let me drink. ever.” Crosby snorts.

“You shouldn’t be drinking during the season,” Crosby lectures. “I can’t really stop you, but it is better for your performance to limit alcohol intake.”

“No drinking, no eating, no fun. How you have fun?” He whines. Crosby expression twists into something Zhenya doesn’t know how to interpret- if he didn’t know any better, he’d think Crosby was embarrassed.

“I have fun!” His eyes are wide, face indignant. A little part of Zhenya notices how attractive Crosby would be- if he could actually dress himself.

“Pffff. Everyone know you not know proper fun, Crosby.” Zhenya teases “Think Kale is fun. Get excited at farmers market.”

The flush that fills Crosby’s cheeks warms something inside of him. It’s different to the angry, blotchy red Zhenya is used to seeing, and paired with the way Crosby is actually talking to him- instead of telling him off and stomping back to his office- Zhenya finds himself caught off guard at the wave of attraction he feels for his nutritionist.

“It was new! There hadn’t been one in my area since I moved! And they have a stall that does really great homemade cheesecakes, okay?” Zhenya lets out a startled laugh.

“Since when you eat dessert? Here I’m thinking you only eat fancy protein salad and steam chicken!”

“Just because I care about my body, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy food. It’s called moderation.” Crosby gives him a pointed look, eyes flicking down Zhenya’s body “Which is something you could really use.”

“Why use when is so fun to make you mad? Have you come tell me am in trouble.” he teases, and the flush deepens on Crosby’s cheeks. Zhenya realises that he may or may not be flirting with the enemy.

“Well maybe I’ll just have to supervise you myself” Crosby replies, not quite meeting Zhenya’s eyes. Oh.


Crosby was-.

Flirting back.

“Yes?” he nonchalantly raises an eyebrow, mouth sliding into a lazy smile “You going to watch me eat, always?” which, he’s never actually thought of himself on that side of the scenario. He wonders if it would get him as hot and bothered as he does watching Patrick’s videos.

For some reason, Crosby looks mortified. Maybe he just isn’t as into watching people eat as Zhenya is- a thought that makes Zhenya kind of sad. Or maybe he just isn’t used to being flirted with? Crosby has always come across as quiet and serious in the past- Zhenya doesn’t think he has actually seen him laugh in the time they’ve worked together- and he doesn’t seem confident in himself. Always hiding behind his desk, his clothes, his employees. Maybe if Zhenya wants to take this further, he needs to be a bit less…. aggressive?

“So, will see you tonight? Sid?”

Crosby gives him a wide eyed stare, looking almost unsure at the way this conversation had turned. Zhenya couldn’t blame him- he had come to tell off one of his more reluctant players and ended up being flirted with about food.

“Uh, yeah, okay. Tonight” Crosby was definitely flustered as Zhenya watched him turn on the spot and rush from the room. A slow smirk spread across his lips. Maybe if he seduced the nutritionist, he could get away with convincing Crosby to let him have more cheat days.

Show Crosby how good food could be.

Maybe even get to show him how good Patrick could make food look.

Post Workout Shower

A/N: There’s not much of a plot here…

Request: Hey you wrote my request about dean in the FBI suit, do you think you could do one about sam in gym clothes, like post training at the bunker. Same guidelines, sam x reader, but could it be like pre relationship, like this initiates it. “Wow that was one hell of a workout” -sam

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Oral (female receiving)

Word Count: 893

Originally posted by trenchcoatedangel67

You were sitting in the war room, rummaging through a stack of papers when the door to the bunker opened.

“Hey Sam,” you said without even looking up. He had just gotten back from his run.

“Hey Y/N-” he made his way down the stairs, taking a spot next to you- “what are you doing?”

“Trying to figure out who-” you paused what you were doing to turn and look at Sam. He was wearing a cut off t-shirt and gym shorts. He was covered in a thin layer of sweat and you couldn’t help but stare- “I- uh was trying to figure out-”

“Y/N.” he interrupted you.


“You’re staring.” he said, and you were. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. You shook your head.

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Fred was starting to regret his decision. Somehow he’d talked himself into wearing a full Captain America costume. “It’s going to be so cool.” “It’ll be really funny. Everyone will love it.” “You’ll be the life of the party.” He mocked what his friends and family had said to him. They all knew he loved Captain America’s stories. It was his absolute favorite hero. So brave, bold and empowered. Not to mention how he always so gallantly stood up to the bad guys.

“You’re so gay,” he scolded himself as he also thought about the not so canon stories he’d read online. It was the super hero he’d always looked up to the most though. That’s why he cared so much. Seeing pathetic Steve Rodgers still stand up to his big muscular bullies was his dream. However right now he looked more like that than the amazingly handsome Chris Evans. With his big, sculpted, sweaty…

“Stop it.” He scolded himself again.

The Fourth of July party was going to be starting soon and he’d have to decide whether or not he was going to change. Seeing the costume on him made him feel so good. But feeling like he’d be letting the fictional character down was stopping him. He knew he was too concerned about what other people thought. It was still bothering him though.

Fred plopped himself on the bed holding the replica of the shield. “I just wish I could be more like him… So strong. Confident. All around nice to everyone… He’s like, the perfect guy.”

“GAHH!” Fred screamed as he fell back into his pillow. He hated how much he thought about his fantasy. It was so annoying! He shoved his face deeper trying not to think too critically about it. It was causing him too much pain. As he buried his face even deeper into the pillow, he didn’t notice the costume start to glow. It lit up the room but Fred didn’t notice.

He was too busy thinking about his life. About the first time he’d seen the movie. Just watching as the skinny dork who always got shoved around had turned into an alpha hunk. How the bullies he’d face couldn’t even faze Steve Rodgers anymore. He envied that idea more than anything.

That’s why he started working out. To be like that. To be able to stand up for the little guy and make sure they didn’t have to experience the same things he did. Even more memories of the gym started to fill his mind. He took it seriously. Comic books and movies were still a fun hobby but becoming stronger was far more important to him. He was going to emulate that pinnacle of a man.

Fred’s muscles started growing underneath the suit. He could remember all the curls he did to get the firm round bicep. He remembered all the times he pushed himself on the bench; adding just a little more weight to outdo his last workout. How he was always improving squats; making sure his ass went to grass. The deep motion giving his buns an amazing shape. He loved looking at the round butt in the mirror and watching others check him out as he walked by. Not to mention the amount of time he spent on cardio to keep it all trim and well defined. Without clothes he looked like an Adonis. But he wasn’t supposed to be a sex symbol tonight.

He got up from the bed not knowing why he laid down in such a defeated manner. He wasn’t known for being afraid of others. It was like he was worried about something for no reason. He donned his shield and flexed in the mirror. His muscles bulged through the costume. On any other night he would happily show off his body. But tonight he was going to be Captain America.

General Clothing HCs

Clothes are for everyone. They make the best nest supplies. I think the more cascual clothes are more geared to certain dyanmics than other types of clothes.

  • Covering the Scent Glands make the outfit more of a conservative look.
  • Though, it’s not frowned upon, in cascual situations, to have the Neck and Wrist Scent Glands showing.
  • Stores selling clothes like over-sized hoodies, over-sized sweaters and over-sized shirts to Omegas.
  • However, off the shoulder shirts are totally in style.
  • Stores selling Lingerie.
  • Lingerie never covering Scent Glands.
  • Clothes that are geared to Alphas, form fiting that shows off an Alpha Build really well.
  • Betas geting the most diverse style of clothing.
  • Shoes being the most non-Dynamic-specific.
  • Undergarments differ between Dynamic.
  • Undergarments meant specifically for Heats or Ruts.
  • Sportswear can vary, but there is always the basic: t-shirt and workout shorts and shoes.
  • Sleepwear can vary as well, from matching tops and bottoms to just sleeping in their underwear.
  • Slippers are for every Dynamic. Granted the designs can differ.
  • Swimwear: bikinis, one-peices, swim trunks, cover-ups, and flipflops.
  • Formwalwear: dresses, suits, everyone looks good in a suit. Though, the collar would be up higher, to cover the Scent Glands on the neck for an Omega.

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YOU WANT AN ANGST REQUEST!? I'LL GIVE YOU ONE!? READER LISTENS TO SOMETHING THAT MIGHT BE INTERPRETED AS CHEATING BUT IT REALLY WASN'T!? BUT SHE JUST DOESN'T COME BACK OR SOMETHING? LIKE SHE LEAVES AND (oh god i need to chil) eventually he finds her and explains? but like.. SUPER angsty at the beginning! with iwaizumi, oikawa or bokuto! you decide ^^

I tried to make this angsty, but it didn’t turn out like I hoped, lol.

I’m just gonna write for Iwaizumi and Oikawa since it got kinda long, sorry!


You both are in adults in here

“Hey Hajime, how was your workout?” You greeted as he entered through the doors of your shared apartment. “Tough, I liked it.” He chuckled and you smiled at him from your spot on the couch. 

“You’re looking great babe~” You compliment as his ears turn red from the sudden praise. Looking away shyly, he thanks you before heading off to shower to remove all the sweat from his tired body.

Getting up onto your feet, you reach for Iwaizumi’s items he tossed on the floor earlier and brought them over towards the bedroom for him. As you were setting his stuff away or throwing his dirty clothes into the hamper, his phone vibrated and you couldn’t help but peek over.

From: Hitomi

‘Great workout today! Can’t wait for tomorrow!’

Furrowing your brows, you looked at the name closer. “Hitomi? That’s a girl name.” You didn’t want to jump to conclusions right away because you knew Iwaizumi wouldn’t cheat on you, but you couldn’t stop your mind from wandering.

A few minutes passed and you heard Iwaizumi exiting the bathroom, running over to the other side, you pretended not to have evidence of anything that had just happened. 

Walking into the room, he had a towel on his fresh shower hair and noticed his phone right away. As you watched him reply to the text, you decided to subtly ask.

“Oh, are you texting Oikawa?” Iwaizumi shook his head and set his phone down after he finished, “Nah, just a friend.” Nodding at him, you turned back around and continued to set his stuff away, “Oh.”

You knew it was bad to follow him to the gym, but you couldn’t help yourself after reading that text message. 

Walking into the gym, you hid behind a wall and watched as he approached a female, all suited in workout clothing, looking all nice and everything. Frowning with narrowed eyes, you watched as she gave him a hug before the two walked off to work out together. 

Just as you were about to turn around and leave, your eyes caught sight of them at the squatting station; ho he was positioned behind her while she stuck out that butt of hers. 

Furious, you exited the gym with clenched fists and instead of walking to the apartment, you took a detour to a different place.

“(Name), I’m home.” Iwaizumi called out as he took his shoes off at the door. He noticed that all the lights were off and no response was heard. “(Name)?”

Thinking that you might’ve fallen asleep or went out to run some errands, he took a shower and cooked a meal for himself, but after a few hours, you still weren’t back. 

He sent a text a few hours ago too, but you still didn’t reply. Dialing your number, he waited for you to pick up, but you didn’t. 

Now he was starting to get nervous.

The sun was setting and he had no information on where you were at. Putting matters into his own hands, he went out and looked for you. 

He checked at Oikawa’s place because for some reason you would always go there, but you weren’t this time. He checked at your favorite cafes or date locations, but you weren’t there either.

Finally, he found himself at the front gates of Aoba Johsai high school and noticed your figure standing there, looking over at the building. 

“(Name)!” Iwaizumi yelled running over to you. Looking over at him, he immediately pulled you into his chest, “Why didn’t you answer any of my calls or texts? I was so worried!” He scolded.

Letting out a sigh, you stepped back from him, “Can you be honest with me Hajime?” Raising a brow, he nodded, “Sure?”

“Are you cheating on me?” You asked, looking up at him, hands clenched beside you. Iwaizumi let out a confused chuckle, “No, why would you think that?”

“I saw your messages with that Hitomi girl and I saw the two of you at the gym, really close together.” You confessed, holding your hands tightly together as you looked down at the floor. 

“Hitomi? (Name), I’m a physical trainer and she just happens to be the girl I’m training. There’s nothing more between us.” Iwaizumi answers, crossing his arms. “Are you lying to me?” 

“No! Why would I? We’re dating (Name), you know that.” Sighing, you walk into his chest and wrap your arms around him, “I’m sorry Hajime. I keep doing this to you.” 

“I’m just glad you’re safe. Let’s head home and get you warmed up first.“

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Priorities - [BTS] Jungkook!Au

[A/N] Wrote this at work, haha.

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Being in love with a busy girl is tough. And no one knows it better than Jungkook.

“There she goes. Not replying my text again.” He murmured during meeting session. Jungkook is averted his eyes to the window glasses for a split moment. And some of the ladies on the meeting table noticed that. Jungkook is obviously too good looking to be out with just some ordinary girl. Although he rather keep his relationship in private, some of the big names in the company knows very well whom he had the hots for.

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“Baby?” Dean had one arm in his suit jacket, the other tugging his daughter’s arm throughout the house, sighing as she pulled back.
“Sam! I’ve gotta go! Come get the baby!” Green eyes shut tight after he looked down, just in time to tell the girl not to chew on a dollar bill.

“Here… I’m here.“ Sam was sweating, out of breath slightly, and still in workout clothes from going on his early morning run. He insisted on it everyday, would be antsy if it wasn’t accomplished before his husband left for work.
Picking up the young toddler, he tossed her over his shoulder, wincing at her high-pitched giggling.
“See you soon, Sammy. Can’t wait to come home.” Dean’s eyes were glistening as he found himself pulling on his other sleeve. This is always the worst part of the day, when he had to say goodbye.
“I love you.” And out he went, wiping his tears as he left his family at home. It would only be a few hours away but even that was too long for the Winchesters.
winteriron - a hug (?)

[inspired by this] (and this took a life on nits own again)


Bucky likes to run just fine. Not every morning, because he’s not Steve. But, he tried to keep schedule. He runs every Mondey, Thursday, and Saturday. Three days a week.  Every other day, he either slept in, joined Bruce for yoga, joined Natasha on her gymnastic routine, or just everything else that didn’t require him going outside. However, Tony had mentioned about going on a run this Sunday, for reasons Bucky didn’t quite get, something about putting on weight and belly pudge (Bucky did not notice, Tony was the most perfect specimen of human being and everyone else that say otherwise can go die) but like hell Bucky was going to miss it, even though he already ran that Saturday.

Steve, who with even all of his power of persuasion never managed to get Bucky to wake up before 10 a.m. on Sundays (9 if he was lucky) raised his eyebrows when he saw Bucky already on his running attire, complete with a man-bun and suspiciously without his trusty StarkPod, at half past four in the morning. He was already in his running shoes, doing warmups and hopping in place and looking so unusually excited that Steve wasn’t sure if Bucky actually expected he was going to run. Bucky took running as something he had to do. Not specifically because he likes it, not like Steve, but not like Bucky has any problems with running. But, Bucky runs three days a week more because running is good for his physique. It was more of a chore, really. The lack of the trusty StarkPod was also questionable, because Bucky doesn’t run without it. He doesn’t like talking, or socializing, or listening to people socializing while running. When Bucky runs, he was just running and trying to get over it as soon as possible.

Bucky was never excited to run.

And Bucky doesn’t run on Sundays.

Steve was putting on his shoes when he realized ah, so that’s why.

Tony came out, still half asleep but he was in proper workout attire. Tony chose a matching sweats and jacket Everything was in red and gold, and on the whole, the outfit looked almost like a costume than a real workout attire and cost too damn much. Steve glanced at Bucky, who looked at Tony like the man was a model on a catwalk wearing the suits of the gods instead of a man shuffling half asleep in a too-tacky clothes too expensive for its use, which is just to absorb some stinkin’ sweat.

Tony smiled at them once his sleepy eyes noticed them, Bucky stood half giddy and Steve crouched on the ground, tying his shoes.

“Mornin’“ Tony greeted. Bucky greeted back with 8 times of Tony’s enthusiasm and Steve greeted back with a more matching “Morning, Tony.”

Tony shuffled forward, getting the shoes Pepper had prepared the night before. Why it wasn’t placed in Tony’s room instead was anyone’s guess. But, then again, Steve also put his shoes near the door, preferring to wear them when he was about to go outside and maybe not littering the floor with dirt and crust from the soles. Steve already finished with his shoes when Tony’s fingers stumbled when he tried to tie the shoelaces. Steve, as the person still on his knees and inherent need to help people, helped Tony to tie the shoelaces on both of his shoes. He received a sleepy smile and thanks for the trouble, by which he replied with a friendly smile and “Anytime.”

When Steve stood and turned, Bucky was glaring inches from his face and probably halfway to Winter Soldier mode.

“ - Uh….”

Steve was pretty sure there was a growl

It was too early for this,

“I’ll just do some warm ups. Both of you can go on ahead,” Steve said, trying to get away because as much as he likes running, he doesn’t like being a third wheel even more. At least no Bucky’s third wheel. Or to have Bucky’s irrational jealousy directed at him. Or envy. It was funny when it was Clint. Or Thor. Or even Sam. But it wasn’t very funny when it was himself.

Tony, sleepy and friendly and probably still half-aware, didn’t seem to notice the death aura surrounding Bucky.

“Nah, I haven’t either. Hey, we can do it together! I don’t remember what moves you’re supposed to do when doing warm-ups. You can show me!”

Tony’s tone was still a little bit listless, but it was more chirpy than when he greeted them good morning. Bucky’s growl have also intensified.

“Uh, okay… Yeah, sure Tony.” Steve said, because what the fuck else could he say. He’s not gonna lie to Tony, not even a little lie (he learned his lesson, two thousand and more times over, never again) and he can’t refuse without a real explanation either. he’s not gonna hurt the man, especially so early in the morning, for something so stupid as a warm up. Tony smiled again, and the growl behind him, if it was possible, intensifies even more.

“Me either. Go ahead, Stevie! You show us the move, and then we’ll follow,” Bucky said, suspiciously chirpy. Steve doesn’t trust that kind of chirpy. And god, Steve love the man like a brother from another mother, but the whole thing was bordering on ridiculous.

But, it was too early, Steve just wanted to run, so he just went through the motion, counting out loud for Tony to follow, endured Bucky’s occcasional glares, and started the run. He jogged lightly in the beginning, keeping in pace with Tony the first few minutes. Bucky, who never liked jogging slowly and always did his best to get the running over as soon as possible, now jogged at snail pace and kept by Tony’s side, both of them talking over something. Steve only understood the few reverence of food, cake, cookies, before a brief mention of generator and screwdriver and a weird reference for a yellow creature that can cast lightning from its red cheeks and can only say ‘pikachu’. Steve has no idea what the hell they were talking about and how the hell each conversation connected to each other and damnit, I was looking for a run, not being a third wheel.

So, after a few minutes of being a third wheel, he thought he’s done his duty as a friend and a best friend enough to warrant some ditching. So he did.

“I’m going ahead,” he told the duo behind him without turning, speeding up before any of them could reply. 

Seriously, Steve just wanted to fucking run.

After steve’s gone, Tony and Buky also begun speeding up. Nowhere near Steve’s speed, because that man runs like he was actually running from something. Bucky laughed, then Tony laughed too, and the morning was perfect and wonderful and probably the best morning ever.

Then, they have a race. Bucky had the advantage of being physically in better fitness, but it wasn’t like he wanted to put distance between him and Tony, so he just kept his pace a few paces ahead while Tony chased him. He was laughing, Tony seemed miserable as he tried to catch up but there was a smile there too, and Bucky would rather slow down and run by Tony’s side but Tony’s more likely to get offended and get mad and angry if he slowed down even more so he didn’t.

“Damn it! You’re running too fast!” Tony called out, his shout was half-strangled as he exhaled half-beats breath while trying to keep up.

“Need me to wait, Doll?” it was a taunt, a tease, hoping to get Tony’s fire burn even more. Bucky even blatantly grinned to show it.

“No way! I’m going to catch up with you soon, just see it!” Tony declared determinedly. The run went on for another 20 minutes, until Bucky could see that Tony was really running out of breath and decided they could use a break. After they stopped, Tony was huffing and puffing and made a general imitation of an asthma attack. Bucky was honestly a bit worried it had been a bit too much, but he just held out Tony’s bottle of water in front of the man, and Tony snatched it up and drank.

Bucky could stare at the throat all day, but he thought he should drink to. For the companionship. Of drinking water.

Or just wet his dry throat once he finally get a proper look at a sweaty Tony Stark. It was suppose to be disgusting. He always found sweaty Steve or sweaty Sam or sweaty Clint generally a bit disgusting, and always warned them not to get near him or touch him with a 10-ft pole unless they’ve showered, not even for a friendly shoulder pat. But Tony could never be disgusting, no. Sweaty Tony is hot. And adorable. His sweat would probably smell like roses and rainbows, even.

Yeah, maybe he needed another gulp of that water. The heat is probably wearing on his brain. Nevermind that he barely even sweat and hasn’t lost his breath. Even his shirt is still completely dry, unlike Tony’s that already have patches of sweat around the neck, back, and armpits. Tony already took the jacket off and tied it around his waist instead halfway through the race, complaining it had become too hot under it.

“So, how was the run?” Bucky asked with a grin, after Tony finished the drink with a ‘paaah’. He was still breathing hard, but it was nowhere near before. Tony glared up at him, before his hands came up on Bucky’s biceps.

‘…uh..? Wh -’

Then, Tony’s head leaned down on Bucky’s chest, face smushed right there againsth the thin fabric of Bucky’s shirt and Bucky’s brain stopped computing.

‘Fuck…. Fuck…! Fuck! What’s happening! What in the name oF THOR IS HAPPENING!????’

Then Tony rubbed his forehead, cheeks, face, generally rubbing all the sweat on his face around the shirt Bucky’s wearing. Bucky’s brain finally rebooted.

“W-WAit! You - Don’t you dare use me to wipe off your sweat! T-Tony!”

Tony laughed loudly and really, Tony’s free to use him to wipe off his sweat all he wants, especially when Tony didn’t let go and it becomes like somwhat a hug.

Not like it was a hardship, especially when Tony laughs like that. 

A/n: Another one, inspired from the same manhwa. Timeline’s pretty wonky, I don’t really bother. Once I think too much about it, it’s gonna head to angstville pretty fast. 

Steve here is a bit of a surprise, even for me. If you’ve read my work, my stories usually have Steve in a pretty miserable position, with the CW and everything. I like to think this is a sign of me starting to move on from CW. I hope. lol~

T3Athletics is amazing. He’s innovative, fun, has a wide range of ways to train, and his focus is on the individual.
This video includes Emily Bett Rickards, Cassandra Amell, Mehcad Brooks, and others with Thomas Taylor training (of course).
There’s so much amazing things going on in this!! Thomas focuses on the strengths and interests of each individual as he trains, then develops them from there. He challenges them to keep moving and improving themselves, motivates them, bringing them to really get to the best version of themselves. He’s never focused on weight goals, he focuses on being healthy. That’s really where people become empowered to take ownership in their own inner awesomeness, pulling it out and making that awesomeness bleed into the rest of your being, inside, outside, and into the world around you…so much positive energy comes from being healthy. From being the best you that you can be. I absolutely love this positive and inspiring approach to training, and really anything to life in general.
I’m super pumped watching this video! So much goodness!
“8 years in the making and I’m so proud to announce the new face of T3 Athletics. It’s been an amazing journey and I feel like I’ve been reborn and rejuvenated. The people, the places, the experiences and lessons have all contributed to where I and T3 are today. I’m honored to keep this journey going with all who will let me join. More to come very soon.
🎼'We’ve only just begun…"🎼 - Chubbs Peterson R.I.P
Thank you @moonriderpro for an amazing job on this video.
Shout out to all who helped with their time and wicked energy 🙏: @ianpopoff @meego77 @thatkindofgeek @emilybett @cassandrapants @genieveyoga @janarhn” - Thomas Taylor

I’m also going to post the following from T3Athletics, because this seems like the perfect time to do so…

T3 Athletics MANIFESTO
1. Be Accountable. Our clients and their goals are everything.
2. Experience Over Theory. Never request something of someone we haven’t done ourselves.
3. Be Authentic. Just because a new fad or hardcore workout is the new craze, it does not mean that it suits or is safe for everyone.
4. Appearance is a Consequence of Fitness. We don’t train to look good, we train for health and therefore, we look and feel good.
5. Safety First. Too much emphasis is sometimes put on analytical technical perfection that some people, in those respective sports, have spent years developing. Its important to take into account the needs and goals of each person. We choose when and where to draw the line on form, posture and imbalances to be as safe and efficient as possible.
6. Create, Innovate, and Imagine. Have fun and explore. Introduce various methods of exercise and sport to stimulate, motivate and inspire people to become more physically and mentally healthy. Keep things fresh and varied.
7. Constantly Evolve. Any opportunity to learn something new is imperative to one’s growth in all aspects of life. You stop growing you start dying.
8. Listen Carefully. By listening to the details and the subtlety of people’s needs, desires, or ambitions, we fold their world onto our own. Neither party will ever be the same.
9. Training is Not All Science. Exercise and training principles are steeped in scientific method and analysis. That said, no one is created equal and not every training regime is necessarily going to yield the same results and benefits. Attention to the individual’s abilities and goals must be taken to ensure the most successful outcomes can be achieved.
10. Trust is Earned.
11. Respect Trumps All.

I’m literally planning a trip to Vancouver BC just to take some classes with this guy. It’s gonna happen. It just needs to. And then I might never leave and just become a Canadian-American gym rat.

Is it Sam bashing because I didn’t post his workout pictures etc? Do I have to like or participate in MPC to be a fan? Am I allowed to like Sam and Cait as actors and love the show without really liking them? Is it ok to still ship Sam and Cait together because I want to? Do I have to buy into the Sam and MM fiasco because I am not a fan of I don’t?

All of the above questions are out there for us to read. What happened to just wanting to see the show? What happened to OL that there is no mention of the show? No BTS pictures or just little banter about the mistakes being made on set. Funny stuff that wouldn’t even include any looks at the real scenes. It’s like dead.

I don’t have to join MPC. I DON’T WANT TO. I have to follow a special exercise routine from my Doctor. So what. No one else has to join either. Glad Sam enjoys his workouts and others have benefited. Doesn’t mean the rest of have to follow suite. We aren’t lambs that have to follow each other believe it or not. Each person just do your own thing.

I don’t have to like Sam or Cait. If I think they have behaved badly then thats the way I feel. If I still love them in the show, I still do.
If I still think they may still be together then thats how I feel. I have my own reasons for this. I have a list of shit that doesnt include smiles and flirting or interviews that points me to the direction that they are not bringing their relationship public or for fans. Doesnt mean they arent together.

All I know is…..I see many that are not thinking for themselves. Dont follow the crowd folks. Sometimes they take you right off the cliff with them,.

Yule Ball- Harry x Reader

Y/N Y/L/N was horrified to hear the last name come out of the goblet of fire. “ Harry Potter!” Y/N turned to her boyfriend of a year stunned. His green eyes were full of fear. She knew then and there he didn’t put his name in the goblet of fire. Y/N was determined to support Harry. “ I didn’t put my name in Y/N…I swear.” Harry sounded dejected. He had a argument with Ron about it. “ I believe you Harry. Ron will in time I know he will. “ Y/N couldn’t help feeling dread every time the triwizard tournament was brought up in conversation. Her classmates would whisper about it but, when they saw her worried expression they would stop. “ He’ll be alright.” Hermione said with a fake cheery voice. Y/N sat in the library reading her notes from the day. None of the words stayed in her head. The group of four friends were split into three sections. Ron who believed Harry had somehow put his name in the goblet. Hermione who was neutral not knowing what to believe, and Y/N who believed Harry didn’t put his name in the goblet.

When the first challenge was revealed to Y/N she practically fainted.“ I don’t need you to win Harry, I need you to live. Promise me you’ll be okay?” Y/N asked on the verge of tears. Harry pulled her into a hug. “ I promise. Bad things have a way of following me but, I always seem to live.” Y/N couldn’t watch Harry with the dragon. She nearly fainted at the thought. When Y/N heard Harry had made it she bursted into tears of relief. He was going to make it. Thank god. Without a moment’s hesitation she ran down from the stands and headed to the tent. She couldn’t care less that only people who competed were allowed in. Y/N saw him. “ Harry!” She jumped into his arms knocking over the thin boy. “ Y/N. I’m alright see? Oh please don’t cry! I made it out in one piece like I promised.” Harry rubbed Y/N’s back. Her head in his shoulder. He was alive. Nothing else mattered.

“Have you heard about the Yule Ball?” Hermione said between writing two parchments of the practical uses of the switching spell. “ Yes, it’s all the girls can talk about.” Y/N put her quill back in her ink pot. “ Who are you going with Moine?” Hermione’s cheeks grew flushed. “ Victor Krum asked me.” Y/N gave a wicked smirk. “ Ron isn’t going to be pleased.” Hermione huffed and picked up her quill in a fluster. “I don’t care what he thinks. I’m not letting him ruin a magical night.” Y/N managed to hold in her giggles. “ Are you going with Harry?” Y/N nodded. “ Were dating so I assume so.” Hermione set down her quill. “ He hasn’t asked you?” Y/N shook her head. “ Does it matter?” “ Of course it does! That’s the boy’s one job besides showing up looking presentable.” Y/N smiled. “ Ask long as he’s there i’ll be happy.”

“What do you mean you haven’t asked her?” Ron said between mouthfuls of mashed potatoes. “ She’s my girlfriend Ron of course we’re going together. Isn’t it obvious?” Ron put down his fork. “ Girls like that kind of stuff. A grand gesture asking her to the ball. It’s something that expected if you skip that step she’ll be cross.” Harry never thought of that. Of course girls like that sort of stuff. He had heard girls talk about it in between classes. Hermione and Y/N arrived at the table. Hermione glared at Harry. He knew that Y/N hadn’t been asked to the Yule Ball. Seemingly unphased Y/N smiled at Harry. “ How was your day?” Y/N asked as she always did. “ Alright. How about yours?” Y/N pulled a plate close to her. “ Just boring goblin rebellion parchments all day.” Now Ron and Hermione were giving him the look. He mouthed. “ I know” to the both of them. “Y/N can we meet in the common room tonight?” Y/N nodded with a smile. “ Of course.”

The common room had died down. The fire was low almost embers and the room seemed quite and peaceful from the noise usually accompanied by students. Y/N entered the room in a emerald green jumper and a smile. “ Sorry if I kept you waiting.” Harry shook his head. “ No problem.” Y/N sat on the couch. Harry was thinking of things to say. “Will you go to the ball with me?” Is what he settled on. “ Of course I will Harry. Was there any doubt?” Y/N said giggling. “ Did Ron and Mione pressure you into asking me?” Y/N gently laid her head on Harry’s lanky shoulder. “ Yes-well no. They just made me think is all. You deserve a grand gesture.” Y/N gently placed her soft hand on his hand. “ Harry any gesture you make is grand. I know it’s hard for you to do anything like this so, I appreciate it even more.” Harry tilted his head the familiar comforting scent of Y/N. After all the craziness of the trials he appreciated the moment of blissful peace.

The night of the Yule Ball was fast approaching. “ Mr Potter and Miss Y/L/N stay after class please.” Professor McGonagall said as she was excusing the class. Harry turned to Ron who just shrugged and left the room. “ Yes professor?” Y/N asked in the empty classroom. “ Miss Y/L/N I understand that you are quite the skilled dancer.” Harry raised an eyebrow, he hadn’t heard Y/N mention it. “ Yes Professor. I was studying to be a prima ballerina. Why?” Professor McGonagall handed Y/N a key. “ I would very much appreciate it if you would teach Mr Potter how to dance. Poor boy has two left feet.All eyes will be on the both of you when you dance.” Great. Harry thought to himself. Another thing he would have to worry about it. “ That won’t be a problem professor.” McGonagall smiled. “ Now, I’ve given you the key to the empty classroom down the hall for some privacy and all the staff knows so, there shouldn’t be any trouble. But, if I hear anything about you two missing curfew I will have no choice but to give you detention for a long while. Understood.” “ Yes Professor.”

“ A ballerina?! You’re a ballerina?! I never knew that.” Harry said trailing slightly behind Y/N. “ I have a life outside this castle. I know it’s hard to imagine. I didn’t know I was a wizard until I was eleven. I thought I was going to go to Russia with all my friends and study to become a Prima Ballerina.” Harry nodded. “ I want to know more about you. Inside these castle walls and out.” Y/N stopped and held out her hand to Harry. “ Let’s start with getting you ready for the ball. We’ll start tomorrow after class.” Harry took the warm hand. “ Deal..will you wear the ballet outfit?” “Not a chance Potter.” Harry jokily sighed. “ I tried.” The two filled the empty corridors with laughter.

Harry arrived in the empty classroom not knowing what to expect. Y/N walked out with tights and a long black top. “ You’re wearing your Quidditch gear?” Y/N looked rather disappointed. “ These are my only ‘workout’ clothes.” Y/N sighed. “Okay. First thing is your posture.” Harry suddenly became aware he was sloughing. “ Shoulders back, back straight and head up.” Harry turned as stiff as a tin soldier. Y/N gently took his hand. “ No slack. Hold your arms out like this.” Y/N said showing him by example. Harry tried his best to follow suit. “ Now I’m going to show you one foot movement and we won’t continue until you’ve mastered it. Then we will put it to music and just like that you will master this dance faster than a snitch’s wings.” Harry looked sceptical. “ Trust me we have time now, let’s make a dancer out of you Mr Potter.”

The Yule Ball seemed to come faster then Harry would have liked. He enjoyed the time he and Y/N spent together but, by the end of the vigorous lessons he was exhausted. Harry tried to tame his black hair. He admired the bottle green suit hanging off of his bed post. He was nervous. He knew eyes would be on him as a champion. Y/N had refused any clues to her dress. “ At least tell me the colour.” Harry begged in between dance practice. “ Here’s your hint about the colour…it’s on the colour wheel.” Harry gave an unimpressed look as Y/N erupted into piles of laughter. “You’ll see it when everyone else does. It’ll be a fun surprise.” Harry cracked a smile remembering he would see the dress in less than a quarter of an hour.

Hermione sat as Y/N delicately put on her makeup finishing touches. “ How do you know so much about makeup?” Hermione asked her eyes closed as Y/N blended her eye shadow. “ I had my makeup done for every recital, competition and, photo. I picked up things here and there. Now your done.” Hermione opened her eyes and looked toward Y/N’s vanity mirror. “ Y/N you made me look…” Y/N smiled. “Stunning. Not a single man in this whole castle will be able to keep their wondering eyes off you.” Hermione’s cheeks went red. “ Hush. You look perfect. Poor Harry will forget his dance steps staring at you.” The two girls laughed. “ Shall we head downstairs Miss Granger?” Y/N smiled offering her arm. Hermione took it interlocking the two girls arms. Trying her best to act posh without laughing. “ We shall Miss Y/L/N.”

Harry waited at the bottom of the stair case. He went over the moves in his mind to try to calm his nerves. Left, left, back, right, forward or is it the opposite. Finally the two girls arrived giggling. Harry looked up and his eyes were drawn to Y/N her floor length powder pink dress looked like ballerina’s slippers. The floor length gown had a lace back that looked like roses and there petals scattered. The lace cascaded over her shoulders and onto the top of the gown. Her Y/H/C hair was in a beautiful curled bun. Her eyeshadow was dusty pink and rose gold. It framed Harry’s favourite feature, her expressive eyes perfectly. She smiled at him with her perfect mauve lipstick. “ What do you think?” Y/N asked a stunned Harry. “ Brilliant.” Harry said snapping out of his dream like trance. “ Mr Potter! Miss Y/L/N! Hurry and get in line. The ball is about to begin.” Professor McGonagall yelled as the other champions lined up. Harry’s heart dropped. “ I don’t know if I can do this.” Harry felt Y/N squeeze his hand. “ We got this Harry, just look at me. No one else is here but us. It’ll be fun.” Harry nodded.

Y/N curtseyed toward Harry giving him a smile. Harry took a deep breath and just then the music started. Y/N was right all things faded to the background. The two treated it like a dance lesson. Just the two of them alone together. When the dance was over it seemed like they had only danced for a couple of seconds. Hermione came over. “You two were amazing. How did you teach him to dance like that? He had two left feet a while ago.” “ Hey!” Harry said trying his best to hold back his laughter. Once Hermione made eye contact they all started to laugh. “ My teaching methods are impeccable.” Y/N proclaimed hands on her hips. “ Ya and it helps when the student fancies the teacher.” Y/N and Hermione giggled.

The night was going smoothly. “ This is by far the best Christmas I’ve ever had.” Harry said sitting down beside Y/N. “ me too. I hope we get to spend many more Christmases together like this.” Y/N let out a dreamy sigh and rested her hand on Harry’s shoulder. “ I love you Y/N.” Harry said with all his heart. Y/N was surprised Harry had never told her he loved her. Y/N sprang up and faced him. Cheeks flushed pink with a beautiful smile across her face. “ I love you too Harry.” Y/N placed her forehead against his lightning scar forehead and the two closed there eyes and giggled. Nothing else mattered. In times of war Harry and Y/N would look back on these moments of fond memories when they were young, innocent and safe. No idea of what was to come.

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5 Bakushima

YASSS BAKUSHIMA MY OTP (ps yall better know how much I love you cuz it’s currently 4am but I want to do this before I sleep)

5. The one where you don’t know your soulmate until you touch them

Word Count: 633

Bakugou hates trains. Sweaty stranger touching him, knocking into him, invading his personal space. It takes every ounce of his strength to not punch the fat asshole trying to grab a girl’s ass right in front of him. It takes even more strength to not kill the other guy whose armpit is being shoved in his face. Thankfully his stop is soon and he can let off some steam at the gym. He pushes past everyone unapologetically as he rushed towards the door. He heard a few shouts directed towards him but he just flipped everyone off and exited the station. He was focusing on calming his anger so he didn’t notice the sound of running coming from behind him.

“Hey man!” He heard the voice though. Bakugou stopped and turned around with a scowl on his face only to be met with the face of a man around his age with spiked red hair and deep red eyes that seemed familiar for some reason. Said stranger slowed down slightly and stopped in front of Bakugou, holding a phone in his hands. “I think you dropped this on your dash out the train,” the man said slightly out of breath. He smiled and stuck his hand out for Bakugou to take the phone. He looked at it and then reached into his pocket where his phone should be only to find it missing. He scowled deeper and reached for the phone. He grabbed it and turned around without a word. Unfortunately, the man caught up with him again. “You’re welcome you know.”

“Why the fuck are you following me?” He was not in the mood for this and it surely showed in his tone of voice.

“I recognize you. We go to the same gym so I thought I’d walk with you.” The red head smiled at Bakugou again.

That must be why I recognize him was Bakugou’s first thought. “That’s fucking creepy but whatever. Suit yourself.”

They walked in silence until they reached the gym. “Wanna work out together?” the other questioned, earning a raised eyebrow from Bakugou.

“Do whatever you want,” was his response and he walked into the locker room and opened the locker farthest from the door, the man opening the one next to his.

“Sweet! I’m Kirishima Eijirou by the way.”

“I didn’t ask.”

“Aw come on man just tell me your name.”

“Not gonna happen shitty hair.”


“Look-“ Bakugou said with a slam of his locker door, “-if you’re going to be talking this damn much and be nosey as fuck then you can just leave now.”

Kirishima held up his hands in surrender. “Alright Blasty.”

Bakugou scowled at the nickname. “What the fuck?”

“It suits you,” Kirishima said with a shrug.

Bakugou left the locker room with Kirishima trailing close behind. They began their workout, starting with cardio and eventually moving to the weights. Bakugou had to admit to himself that the other was a pretty good gym partner, though he would never say that out loud. An hour and a half later and their work out came to an end. As they were leaving the gym, Bakugou turned and extended his hand who stared at it in confusion.

“The name’s Bakugou Katsuki.”

Kirishima smiled widely and took the hand. As soon as their skin touched, both men froze, an unknown but familiar feeling washed over the two of them. They stood there staring at each other, not releasing their hands. Kirishima smiled brightly and Bakugou realized that he had just met his soulmate. He also realized that he never wanted to see Kirishima without a smile.

“Want to go get coffee now, Katsuki?” Bakugou blushed at the use of his first name before nodding, following Kirishima down the road, hands still linked between them.

~Send me a soulmate prompt and a pairing~

Finding cool girls who have the look, the vibe and the insta theme you can kick with is harder than you’d think. These 5 dolls always know what’s up- but you already knew that. Let’s break down your faves faves and steal their inspo from some of the OG style mafia. Co journo with my IRL bestie @lashesnlux xx 

LOU TEASDALE // While some days you can look at Lou and think she’s a fourth member of the band Babes In Toyland, lately she’s been keeping things equal parts rock n roll and equal parts chic. So jumping over the obvious Lou Teasdale and Courtney Love comparisons, bin the baby doll dresses and look towards Blondie. Blondie’s style was always garage grunge, effortlessly glam, and tacky fab. Besides both Lou and Debbie Harry being diagnosed with Blondarexia, their closets would be the absolute best of all things punk with a girly twist. Lou’s mastered the “I’ve knicked this top from your boyfriend’s bedroom floor,” maybe pairing it with platform boots and (probably) red lipstick whilst never appearing over the top. Although, Lou usually opts for designer suits and YSL boots when she want’s to go all out posh, I swear she brings those mangy white and blue reeboks in her designer handbag to kick out for any bender. 

LOTTIE TOMLINSON // Spice girls of the modern day is back and lookin a lot like girl gang member Lottie Tomlinson. Lottie’s sporty / baby spice inspired look puts us all to shame with her effortless dopeness. I mean you don’t actually have to get sweaty and like workout (?) to achieve Lottie’s straight off the soccer field look. Nah, just throw on a Rita Ora Adidas trackies and some scuffed up trainers and you’re good to go. But really, it’s impossible not to draw parallels between her and KyJenn. When Kylie isn’t glammed out in Balmain or her over-the-knee black leather boots, you can usually find her hitting the streets wearing a bomber jacket or her Puma jumpsuit. The two teen social media moguls always manage to give sucha “don’t fuck with me” vibe rather than a “chav in the back of a shop” vibe. It’s a salt thing. So apply some Candy K lips (but anything nude really), hoops (the biggest you can poss find), insert cool dino braids (mermaid locks preferred), add a good selfie light (which can be purchased at Amazon for as little as $19.99), and you won’t even need to face swap Lottie to look fly for your snapchat story. 

GEMMA STYLES // You know that one girl who shows up to the party in ace Nike kicks, black culottes and a cool band tee peeping out through her leather jacket while you’re pimped out in 6 in. pumps and a bondage dress that is cutting off your circulation?? Yup, all of a sudden you feel like shit, overdressed and flat out like you’re trying too hard (your barrel curls and false lashes missed the memo that cool is supposed to be effortless) Mhmmm that’s chicks like Gemma for you. Gemma’s “don’t sweat it” look resembles something of Alexa Chung, the international “It” girl. While Alexa owes a lot of her cred to the fact she was dope enough for indie rock stars to write songs about her, nobody can really rock a graphic tee or a tie-neck blouse like Chung. She’s the perfect combination of tomboy and femme and makes us all wish we had the balls to chop off our hair too. Gemma’s style feels as quirky as Alexa’s and that much more achievable, opting for dungarees, statement jackets, and a monochrome color theme. n like okay, if we can’t be the girl Alex Turner is singing about can we at least look like one of the indie birds in the background of his music video? Looking towards Gemma, it’s a definite. 

KAHLANI TWINS // If millennials could stop being lame for five seconds, we’d stop being so scared of bringing back early 2000 trends (you can’t possibly hate silk camis and jean skirts THAT much). Danielle and Nicole Kahlani are what could have been if Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera stayed young forever. Whether you were sneaking cheeky sips of vodka in your friends basement to “Dirrty” by Xtina or looking like a scene out of The Virgin Suicides singing “I’m not a Girl, not yet a woman” by Britney, you deffo had a fave of the two and dressed accordingly. Nicole always keeps things more pink and glittery, pairing things like dark 90’s corsets with a baby pink tube top or pastel denim with grungy bralettes while Danielle keeps her halter tops and baggy skater boy pants much more dark and goth. Nicole and Danielle’s different but same, 90’s but 2000’s, girly but dirty look is seriously what’s it.

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I enjoyed this workout. 

If you want to make it more challenging, you can always add a minute of cardio between each exercise. I recommend jump rope but if you don’t have the space, jogging in place or jumping jacks will do the trick.

Wanna do it harder, do a minute instead that just reps, so make it a minute of lifting, minute of cardio, minute of lifting, etc. 

Honestly, just look at the space and time you have available, your energy and fitness levels and adapt this workout to whatever suits you the best. 

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Can we have some clothing headcanons for the batfam? What do they normally wear, colours?

this is gonna be short because I can’t think of a way to make a long post about fashion

Bruce dresses like a billionaire at formal events (his suits cost more than my college tuition) but the rest of the time he just,, looks like a middle aged dad. so basically any paparazzi candids of ben affleck

Dick is just yoga pants and tank tops 24/7. No one knows if he actually owns anything besides workout clothes.

Barbara is surprisingly fashionable when she wants to be. Either hacking in pajamas or slaying your entire existence, no in-between. 

Jason is a man who is dedicated to his Aesthetic™. Dresses like some kind of cross between a greaser and the frontman of a punk band. Rarely seen without a leather jacket. 

Tim dresses like a nerd, but a nerd with access to a lot of money. That’s the only way I can think to describe it. He wears a lot of turtlenecks.

Stephanie is probably the “trendiest” dresser of the fam – she has a thing for skater skirts and knee-highs, and is also 100% here for the oversized bomber jacket trend. Her favorite item of clothing is a purple letterman jacket.

Cassandra’s wardrobe consists mostly of clothes that she stole from other people. Dick’s sweatpants, Tim’s sweaters, Stephanie’s flannels, ect. The only catch is that she only wears black.

Damian wears the same jeans + long sleeved T-shirt combo every day. The shirt is usually black, navy, or some shade of grey.