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The Joker x Reader - “Mrs. Frost”

Frost’s cousin got engaged and he needs to go to the engagement party in Nebraska. Since he doesn’t have a girlfriend, Jonny wants you to pose as his significant other, this way he doesn’t look stupid. Of course The Joker doesn’t like the idea, but dammit, your best friend needs help.

Best friends saga: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/153980061476/the-joker-x-reader-best-friends




“Absolutely not!! NO! No way!” J grumbles when you ask to go with Frost. “You’re my girl, not his!” he hisses, feeling the blood running through his veins faster.

“Come on, baby, pleeaseee, you know he just broke up with his girlfriend and he can’t go alone,” you pout, slowly rocking your body in front of him, trying to appear as adorable as possible.

“I’ll let you know when I care,” he growls, unhappy at the situation.

“You gotta be nice to him sometimes, J. He’s the best man we have, you know that,” you go and sit in his lap, strategically placing a kiss on his neck, one of the weak spots you so well know about.

“I am nice,” he replies, taking a deep breath, suddenly warmer.    It’s working.

“Like when, baby?!” you try to find an example and can’t find any in your recent memory.

“He’s still alive, I didn’t kill him yet! Isn’t that nice of me?” J scoffs, proud of his achievement. “Like, what other proof do you need??!!”

“Please, boss, I promise I will take good care of her; it’s just for 2 days,” Jonny finally speaks, trying his luck. Man, he really doesn’t want to show up there without anybody by his side.

“Maybe you should have held onto your girl the way I hold on to mine, hmm? I still have her because I know how to treat a lady,” he scoffs, making sure his hair is slick the way it’s supposed be, overconfident in his boyfriend material skills.

Ha!” escapes your lips before you can stop it.

“What is that supposed to mean, Pumpkin?” The Joker puckers his lips, waiting for an answer.

You don’t reply, just kiss the sensitive spot again, breathing on his skin for a few seconds and that sends shivers down his spine.

“Please baby, I really want to go…yes?” you move your hand under his unbuttoned shirt, caressing the soft skin while giving him the look. Ahhh, the look: that’s the secret weapon you use when you really want it your way. This is one of those times that require special strategy: all gloves are off because your best friend needs help.

“Ummm…no…” he whispers but his determination went down a notch. His eyelashes flutter while you keep on staring at him with that naughty, devilish smile on your face.

“I’ll go crazy on you if you say yes, you bad boy,” you bite your lip, winking at him and signal Frost to get out with the free hand behind your back.

He gulps, slapping your thigh, pretending not to care:

“You always go crazy on me, Princess.”
“Yeah, well, think of that times four…hmmm?” you smirk, pulling on his bottom lip and he grins, intrigued:


Even five!” you are fast to add, your hand sliding down his waist as you kiss his neck, biting the soft skin from time to time. He purrs, enjoying the sensation and you already have some insane things in mind for him.

Jonny closes the door behind him, trying not to make a sound. “Poor Y/N, the things she has to do for me. I don’t deserve her; she really is the best friend someone can have,” he thinks with pride and if this was a movie, there would truly be some heroic music playing in the background.


“Oh, wow, you have such cool tattoos!” Frost’s family remarks after you were introduced as his girlfriend about 15 minutes go. There are probably about 30 people at the house. Smalltalk started on the way to the living room and it cracks you up they have no clue about what he does for a living. He’s not really close with anybody so he barely sees them from time to time, that’s why they are oblivious to his lifestyle. And he wants it that way. But for certain events like this one you just have to man up and go with the flow- in this case go with your boss’s girl.

Property of J, I Love J, J+ Y/N, J & Y/N Forever… Wow, Jonny, she has so many tattoos with your name, I think it’s super cool,” his cousin gets excited while reading them. If they only knew it’s not about him… but since Joker and Jonny share the same initial, works like a charm. At least no one but your real boyfriend can see the Property of Joker tattoos scattered in different…places on your body, otherwise they would be intrigued on why Frost’s name is not there.

“He is one lucky bastard,” you blur out, holding onto his arm and when his grandma gives you a disapproving glance you correct yourself immediately. “Aren’t you honey?” you sweetly smile, pecking his shoulder. Grandma seems to like that and she nods in agreement.

“I really am lucky, she’s amazing you guys,” Frost kisses your temple, addressing everyone and they all go “awwwwww”. One of the aunts touches your hair, mesmerized:

“I really love your hair, sweetheart, it’s so bright. Does it take a long time to do?” she admires you bright red locks with neon green tips.

“No, not at all. J helps me, I mean Jonny,” you fix your tiny mistake even if you didn’t have to, sipping from your drink.

“When are you guys getting married?” his oldest uncle suddenly asks and you kind of roll your eyes. Frost is fed up with this dumb question they ask every time he brings someone over at the rare gatherings he attends so he spits out:

“We’re getting married soon, I asked yesterday and she said yes.”

“Oh my God!” the relatives scream and rush over to hug you both. “Congratulations, this is great!” You are speechless and pinch his arm so hard his eyes get teary.

“So, Mrs. Frost, when will the happy event take place? Soon after our wedding, I hope?” the groom-to-be excitedly inquires.

“Aaa, we don’t really know yet,” you grin, trying to keep your composure because you didn’t expect this shit.

“Look at the sparkler Jonny got her,” grandma takes your hand, studying the huge diamond ring that The Joker got you for your 3 year anniversary. You just wear it like a wedding ring.

“Good job, my man,” the guys shake Frost’s hand and pat his back. For the first time ever you just want to kill him.
“Jesus, would you just kiss your blushing bride?” his niece giggles and pushes the two of you together.

“Blushing??!! Who?” you repeat, confused while Jonny barely brushes your lips against yours so it won’t look awkward. The crazy niece reaches her hands and presses your heads together, resulting in a better kiss. You want to laugh on how stupid everything is when your eyes wander to the back yard for a few moments and your heart stops: The Joker just sits there, staring at you with his mouth open, shocked, not even blinking and probably not breathing at this point.

“Fuck!” you whisper in low voice in Jonny’s ear, not that you need to keep it down with everyone whistling and clapping. “Don’t make any sudden moves, J is watching us. He’s outside.”

“Oh, crap!” Frost gets startled, believing he’s already dead and this is just an afterlife dream.

“Don’t move I said, he can smell fear,” you whisper again, and when you look one more time, J is gone.  “He’s not there anymore,” you sigh, worried, leaving Frost’s arms.

People start talking and asking you two questions in the same time, that’s why you don’t hear the doorbell ringing.

“Hey, Jonny, your best friend is here. He said you invited him to our party,” grandma’s voice resonates in the living room while introducing the green haired man to everyone.

“The youth today”, she thinks, displeased at his appearance but still smiling.

What scares Frost the most is The Joker’s wide smirk that doesn’t go well with the murderous sparkle in his blue eyes.
“Y-yes, I invited him.” Jonny nervously stutters. “Everyone… this is Jay.”

All the relatives introduce themselves, analyzing the new comer because he sure looks interesting to say the least. The younger girls snicker and elbow each other, really liking his clothes and the toned abs showing from under his almost completely unbuttoned purple shirt.

“He’s so hot,” you hear them whisper behind you and it makes you whimper, feeling sorry for them.  “If you only knew the devil that he is, little girls”, you have time to think before you see him heading over towards you and Frost.

“Well, well, well, bestie,” The Joker takes a deep breath and hugs Jonny. “Finally made it to the party, I didn’t want to miss on the fun.”

Frost panics but there is nothing he can do. People start mingling and talking, probably the main subject being the dude with the pale skin.

“Sir, I can explain,” he tries to start the conversation, not raising his voice on purpose because he doesn’t want the others to hear.

“What was that?” J turns his ear, sarcastically pretending not to hear.

“Baby, please, it was for the show, you know that,” you signal both of them to follow you to the other side of the room for a little bit more privacy. You sure hope he won’t explode soon.

“For the show??! What show?!” he pants, irritated, facing both of you when you reach the back wall.“You fucking kissed my girl Frost???? You dare touch what’s mine???!!!! Thank God I decided to follow you here and keep an eye on things. And look at what I have to deal with… Would you also like her in your bed???!” he snaps, cracking his neck and you know this is not good.

“N-no, boss, of course not, I swear!” Jonny starts to sweat from all the emotions he’s going through and none of them are pleasant.

“Baby, please, “you go and take his arm, trying to calm J down because the relatives are sure glancing towards your little group even if they pretend not to care.

Suddenly, someone’s kid, a boy around 6 years old comes and tugs on J’s pants, trying to get his attention.

“Mister Toxic, do you like my drawing?” he lifts up his hand with the paper, smitten with that wild hair color.

“Huh?” The Joker glares down at the child, confused and enraged about the other problem also.

“I think he refers to your toxic green hair, baby,” you pet his arm, hoping he won’t go insane.

“Get lost, kid!” J grumbles at the kid and the boy gasps, noticing his silver teeth.

“Waaahhhh, Mister Toxic, are those bullets ?!”

“Go away I said!” he wants to push the kid away and Jonny intervenes, yanking his arm and taking him to his parents because he knows it won’t end pretty if this continues.

“So,” the future groom playfully punches J’s shoulder, interrupting. “Are you going to be Jonny’s best man?” he chuckles. “Him and this pretty lady getting married, I bet you are excited as hell, am I right?”

If the Joker’s would have a detachable jaw, it would definitely be on the floor right now.

“Say what?!” he narrows his eyes, watching Frost coming back to you. “Jonny boy, I heard you’re getting married?” he snorts with murder in his mind and you are ready to do something if needed.

“J, it’s not like that and you know it,” you reply and the groom looks confused. Something seems very out of place.

“This is MY woman!!!!” he suddenly loses it, shouting so loud that everyone’s eyes turn towards your small group. He points at you, furious as hell:” SHE IS MINE and she has what she needs right here, do you hear me Frosty boy?” The Joker takes your right hand and places it on his crotch, holding it tight on the spot. You are at a loss of words and so is everyone else.

“Oh, dear Lord!”, “What the…?…”, “ Did he just…?” you hear people muttering and it pisses you off he dares to ruin everything with his childish, entitled and possessive behavior. AGAIN.

“Christ Almighty!” you see grandma making the cross symbol, horrified at the scene unfolding in front of her eyes.

You pull your hand away and in the heat of the moment you go and grab Frost’s crotch, taking him by surprise:
“He also has what I need right here, so there’s no difference!!!!” you yell, irritated to the maximum.

Grandma faints and falls to the ground with a loud thud, a few relatives rushing to her side.

“You…You son of a bitch!!!!!” The Joker unexpectedly charges at Jonny, punching his lights out before he can defend himself. “Let’s go!!!” he forcefully drags you after him, while the family steps aside, not wanting to mess with the crazy guest that looks like is going to kill them all.


“He also has what you need, huh?” J shoves you in his car, fastly blinking because he sees dark spots, that’s how enraged he is. “Nobody has what you need but me, is that clear Doll?!”

Needless to say he definitely proved his point once you got back to the penthouse. Think about the wild stuff he usually does to you times six. Maybe seven. You couldn’t wear high heels for a week because you couldn’t really feel your legs.

God, the things you have to go through for your best friend, but if you won’t, then who else will?

And, yes, if this was a movie, that heroic music would start playing again right about…NOW.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 3 818
warning : smut
summary : a sequel to ‘If You Want It - Take It
*not my gif
(P.S. Had to repost cuz for some reason it wasn’t showing anywhere 🙈)

Kai laid awake in his bed , thinking about the events from earlier that day. They were supposed to go to the store together but when he had gone upstairs to get her , he had found her laying face first on the bed , punching the mattress while almost screaming at it for some reason.

     "What did that mattress do to you ?“ he asked a little amused. “Must’ve been pretty bad if you keep punching it like that. Remind me never to get on your bad side.”
Y/N looked up , seeing him leaning over her upside down with his hands braced on either side of her head. She rolled over onto her back and he leaned in towards her almost kissing her for a second before tossing himself onto the bed next to her. His girl gripped the sheets , slightly arching her back off the bed and sighed in frustration.
    “You look nervous. Is everything okay?” he asked innocently turning to his side , casually trailing his fingertips across her thigh moving them in circles. Kai’s eyes followed his movements glancing up at her when his fingertips brushed so slightly across her heat.  A sideways smirk showed on his face hearing how her breath got hitched in her throat and her heart race increased to almost dangerous levels.
    “Yeah , everything is - perfectly fine.”
Kai’s fingers slid up her shirt a little and he brushed his palm against her stomach moving it towards her waist , driving her completely mad with every passing second. He wanted nothing more than to cancel their trip to the store , stay home and have fun.
     "Ahhh Y/N…“ he sighed , glancing at her. “Are you coming with me to the store today or do I have to go alone?”
     "Um yeah sure.“ she smiled at him , almost completely forgetting how to breath. “I just have to change first.”
Y/N got up looking for another t-shirt in the dresser , pulling one of them not really caring what it was. His girl glanced at the tall mirror noticing how he was following her every movement biting his lip while watching her slowly lift his shirt off her body , his eyes widening when he realised she is not wearing any bra. Her hand covered her breasts and she turned sideways tossing him his shirt.
your shirt. Silly me , I mixed up the laundry again.“ she smiled apologetically to him. “Whoops.”
    “T-thanks.” he stuttered.
Kai caught the shirt in mid-air , unable to look away. Y/N was standing right there barely a metre away from him wearing
only her panties. For the past few days since their moment he had been fighting the urge to jump on her again even though she had said ‘IF YOU WANT IT TAKE IT’ , he was waiting for her to crack first but he just lost the game. Again. How it was that he kept losing to her ? It wasn’t for the lack of trying , that was for sure. He wished he could pin her to that dresser or bend her over the desk , have his way with her in that mom-
     "Kai ?“
     "What ?” he asked turning towards her , looking all confused as to how she is fully dressed now. Y/N raised her eyebrows and he got up quickly. “Shopping trip. Right. Got it.”

A sigh left his lips and he got up , walking barefoot to Y/N’s room which was upstairs almost at the attic (aka Stefan’s room in the real world).  Weirdly the door was open and he wondered why that was. For a moment Kai stopped at the door , leaning against the door frame watching her sleep. Kai couldn’t help but smile seeing her there. After their moment almost a week ago , Y/N had stopped protesting whenever he called her ‘sweetheart’ or ‘my girl’. He had a sneaky suspicion she likes it when he does that , considering how her heart rate always changes when that happens. He took a few steps inside the room , climbing on her bed , gently brushing his fingers against her cheek.
    “What is it about you — that makes me feel so – weird all the time?” he whispered. “It’s driving me nuts – that constant desire to be around you , kiss you , touch you — and that warm fuzzy feeling.”
Kai sighed , untangling her from the covers and sneaking under them with her. He loved watching her sleep. For almost a month he had sneaked in her bed almost every night finding himself being drawn to her since second he set eyes on her. Now he was actually allowed to do that , but that didn’t make any less fun like he had thought. Y/N mumbled something in her sleep and sighed , making him smile for a second. The girl turned on her back and somehow her hand found its way on Kai’s lap , touching him in her sleep. He closed his eyes for a moment , this gesture only pushed him further towards the edge. No matter how much he tried , his desire to be with her that way only grew stronger as the days passed.
Kai moved a little closer, placing his hand on her stomach slowly sliding it down to her core while whispering in her ear.
    “Wake up princess. Daddy’s hungry – for you.”
He brushed his fingers against her clit through the fabric of her panties without actually touching it , again and again applying a little more pressure each time until Y/N stirred in her sleep , shifting on the bed for a second. A small smile showed on his face and he continued trailing his fingers up and down on her folds before slipping them in her panties , drawing soft circles on her clit slowly , listening to Y/N purr as she started to wake up.
    “Five more min –” she mumbled , “Mmmm – .”
Kai laughed under his breath , rolling on top of her while his fingers began to move a little faster. Y/N opened her eyes but before she had had the time to say a word or do anything his lips crashed against hers and two fingers slipped inside her making her moan into the kiss. Her hands instantly tangled in his hair , pulling him closer to her , moving down his back realising he is not wearing a shirt. Again. It was only fair since she had ‘stolen’ most of them.
    “Hi.” he grinned at her , lighting up the candles in the room with a flick of his wrist. “I take it you like the way I woke you up ? I mean , you should - is there a better way to wake up someone than this? I think not”
Y/N bit her lip slightly moving her hips down on his fingers. There really wasn’t a better way to wake her up. Usually she’d be super upset whenever someone woke her up , not when it came to Kai though. No matter how much she wanted to , there was no way for her to be mad at him, at least not for more than five seconds and specially not when his fingers curled and pumped inside her the way they did in that moment. It had been barely a few moments since she had woken up and her skin was already on fire because of him.
    “W-what are you doing here ?” she wondered , turning her head to the clock on the night stand for a second (2.32AM), arching her back off the bed the next.
Kai used this to his advantage and leaned in, leaving wet kisses all over her neck , sucking on a spot here and there marking her as his. Y/N bucked her hips at him , making him dig his fingers deeper inside her , a soft moan escaping her lips when his fingertips hit her spot.
    “Well , you said and I quote ’if you want it - take it’ and — I couldn’t wait until morning.” he said innocently. “That stunt you pulled earlier in the day when I came to get you to go to the store. Not giving me the chance to take a good look or touch you – it has me quite rattled.”
    “Thought it might.” she muttered smiling.
    “Keep your hands up, while daddy slips down to play.” said Kai with a devilish smirk , pinning her hands over her head.
Y/N blinked fast a few times wondering if she heard him right , laughing for a second.
Okay – daddy. she thought to herself , arching her back off the bed more and more with each curl , watching Kai disappear under the sheets. His fingers hitched on the waist band of her panties tearing them off her before placing his hands on her inner thighs parting her legs. He teased her with the tip of his tongue , drawing soft circles on her clit listening to her moan / beg for him. Kai was dragging it out and the anticipation was killing her, specially with not being allowed to move her hands.
Kai buried his head between her legs , sucking and tugging on her clit , moans escaping his lips sending vibrations directly onto it while his fingers continued assaulting her , setting her on fire again and again with each curl. There was no way he could ever get enough of her , somehow the more he had the more he wanted.
    “K-Kai –” she moaned , her walls tightening around his fingers spurring him on to go even faster until she came not stopping or pausing for a second.
Y/N struggled to keep her hands up , grabbing on the headboard , fighting the urge to reach for Kai and push his mouth further on her. Instead she pushed her hips down on him while he was getting her closer and closer to another release. He was driving her nuts being both gentle and rough at the same time. It was making her lose it completely.
    “Please let me touch you.”  she moaned.
    “No.” he moaned , the vibrations almost pushing her over the edge. It was unreal how she could literally feel the vibrations spread through her entire body waking up every fibre on their way. Kai continued devouring her with hunger until another orgasm tore through her body , finishing her off before making his way up to her.
    “Damn you taste amazing.” he moaned, drowning her into a kiss so hungry and demanding , it felt as if he wanted to swallow her whole while pushing his crotch hard against hers. Y/N tried to free her hands and pull him even closer but he kept them pinned over her head.
    “Fuck me.” she moaned the first second she got the chance.
Kai grinned at her. “Hard ?”
    “Lets break the bed.” she grinned back, craving him more than ever.
All those months alone and that time he was teasing her hadn’t gotten her this crazy. Their first moment together was repeating on a loop , then their other moment at the shower when Kai’s hands had roamed her entire body all the way from her neck to her hips and even lower. He had explored every inch and she had gotten the chance to do the same to him. Since then all she could think about was how to get him to grab her and have his way with her.
    “Where will you sleep then ?” he wondered.
    “In your bed.” she smiled innocently , “Until we break it too.”
Kai grinned at her. “I love how you think sweetheart.”
    “Let go of my hands please.” she struggled. “Or at least one hand.”
    “Why ? What are you going to do?”
    “Let go and you’ll find out.” she winked at him.
Kai loosened the grip and Y/N snaked her hand down between their bodies pushing its way in his boxers , wrapping her fingers around his lenght drawing circles on the tip with her thumb without breaking eye contact with him. Kai closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them , they were completely black with lust.
    “I want you more than ever now.” he moaned smashing his lips against hers , letting go of her other hand. Y/N rolled on top of him never breaking the kiss, her hands exploring every inch of his chest slowly making her way down to what she wanted. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes off her , seeing her move her hair to the side while leaving kisses all over his chest mixed with moments when her tongue used his body as a canvas until she reached his boxers. Every touch , every kiss was driving him crazy with lust for her. His girl pulled down his boxers freeing his lenght and wrapped her fingers around him not a second later , gathering the pre-cum on her thumb.
    “Arhhh I love it when you do that.” he sighed , biting his lip just as Y/N brought her thumb to her lips. “And that — oh shit -”
Y/N leaned in , slowly trailing her tongue around the head of his lenght not taking her eyes off him. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment just as she traced a line on the underside of his lenght , slowly taking him in her mouth. Kai propped himself on his elbows watching her every move – her fingertips brushing gently against his balls before her nails lightly scratched up his lenght almost to the tip while she nibbled on it. Y/N kept teasing him , taking in just the tip swirling her tongue around while moaning and humming some song the entire time until Kai couldn’t take it anymore.
    “Such a tease , sweetheart.” he groaned , tangling his fingers in her hair. He tried to figure out what the song was , the way her hand kept stroking him at a steady pace at the same time his lenght went inside her mouth wasn’t letting him concentrate on anything else but this. Kai couldn’t figure out how it was that she had this innocent look in her eyes while doing something so dirty?  He pushed her head down on him , making her take him further but not all the way for a few seconds , losing it completely.
    “You drive me completely mad.” he groaned , pushing his hips up at her while pushing her head down on him , making her take him all the way in for a few moments before letting go. “So naughty.”
Y/N licked a stripe all the way from his balls to the tip , drawing slow circles on it - around and straight though the middle before trailing her tongue down to his balls again , fondling them gently.
    “Naughty.” she moaned , listening to his moans while she crawled over him slowly without breaking eye contact until their eyes were on the same level. Kai tried to put his hands on her , but she gripped his wrists pinning them over his head , straddling him for a few moments before sinking down on him. Not taking her eyes off him , watching his eyes widen for a second seeing his lenght disappear inside her.  Y/N leaned in and kissed him as if her life depended on it, rolling her hips on him , meeting him half way as he pushed up at her harder , hitting her spot almost every time. It was getting harder to keep the grip on his hands with her orgasm approaching faster than she wanted to.
Kai bit his lip , seeing her throw her head back , moans and whimpers mixed with his name rolling off her tongue constantly. He didn’t know how longer he can take not being to touch her the way he wanted to. It was driving him completely mad even more with her walls contracting around him a more frequently now. A michevious smirk spread across his face and he pushed her off him before she had had the time to finish.
    “What the hell?” she groaned in frustration starring at the ceiling for a moment before Kai’s grinning face appeared over her.
    “I like it when I am the one in control , you should know that by now.” replied Kai , pinning her hands on either side of her head , drowning her in a passionate kiss before flipping her over right after. “I want you down on all fours sweetheart.”
Y/N braced herself on her knees / hands feeling Kai graze agonisingly slowly his fingertips all the way from her breasts down to her stomach until they reached her core , brushing through her swollen clit both genlty and a little rough , making her moan out before slipping inside her again. Y/Ns stomach flip flopped and she turned her head towards him , catching a glimpse of his eyes before her eyelids fluttered closed feeling his fingers go in to the last knuckle , curling inside her slowly feeling every inch before pulling out.
Kai couldn’t help but notice how his girl was so wet , she was starting to drip down her thighs and he darted his tongue out catching some of her arousal mid air. He stroked himself slowly , starting to tease her entrance with the tip making her crave him more each time just the head went inside her.
    “Please – .” she begged him , feeling her skin on fire more and more. Every second felt like torture , having just what she wanted right there and not being able to actually have it. Y/N pushed her hips back at him wanting him to go all the way.
    “Please what  , sweetheart?” he asked innocently. “Tell me.”
    “Fuck me – Malachai.” she begged and a moment later she got exactly what she wanted. Kai entered her with one hard deep thrust , making her body jolt forward. Y/N gripped on the sheets feeling every inch of his hard lenght withdrawing slowly , going out almost completely leaving just the tip inside before filling her to the brim all over again.
    “You don’t know what you got yourself into , baby girl.” he groaned , picking up the pace with each pump. “I might break you before we break the bed.”
    “So do it.” she moaned , pushing her hips back on him meeting him half way. Kai leaned in over her snaking his hand towards her clit drawing soft circles on it making her skin feel like it was fire. Her hair was starting to stick to her face and even the cooler breeze coming from the open window wasn’t enough to get her fever down.
    “So fucking tight around me.” he groaned when her walls clenched around him , alerting to him her orgasm is approaching fast. Kai picked up the pace even more , going in hard and deep knocking the air out of her lungs with each thrust listening to her moans mix with whimpers and small screams. Every time his name rolled off her tongue it spurred him to go faster until her orgasm tore through her body making her knees buckle causing both of them to fall face first onto the bed.
    “Whoops  –” he laughed in her ear , playfully biting her neck. “ - I was kidding but I might actually break you.”
    “I wouldn’t mind.” Y/N laughed , pushing some of her hair out of her face just as Kai rolled onto his side , wounding one of his hands around her stomach, turning her to her side too while his other hand rested under her head. Their fingers intertwined at the same time he lifted up her leg a little and entered her again - harder and deeper than before , hitting her spot right from the start , throwing her straight into hell with his actions.
         "OH FUck K-Kai –“  she screamed , feeling her body jolting upward each time his hard lenght filled her in to the hilt.
         "I love it when you scream my name.” he groaned.
Kai trailed his finger tips around her nipples lightly pinching them before rolling them between his index and middle finger making her bite her lip.  Y/N gripped on the sheets , hearing them tear when her roommate sank his teeth into her shoulder while his free hand slipped lower towards her heat , drawing fast circles on her clit.
Kai’s thrusts had slowed down for a moment making her feel every inch of him sliding in before pulling out all the way leaving just the tip inside , going in again rougher and deeper than before completely knocking out all the air from her lungs. Y/N gripped on her sheets feeling them tear under her touch when her walls tightened around him as he picked up the pace.
    “Shit I’m s-so clo-se –  ”
Y/N’s walls clenched around him almost at the same time his lenght twitched and a few moments later he came in hot spurts inside her , riding through both their orgasms until he were finished. Kai collapsed on the bed pulling her towards him , brushing his palm against her cheek.
    “You look so hot right now –” he grinned at her , tapping her nose. “ — I mean you always do but — even hotter with your hair had stuck to your face.”
Y/N laughed resting her hand on his chest feeling his heart racing like crazy. Kai’s eyes glowed in the dim light , following her movements while she drew figures with her fingertips all around his chest. At least he thought they were figures - her fingers were spelling ‘I love you’ in every language she knew how to spell it. She kept glancing at him , hoping maybe he’ll catch up to what she was doing but even if he did, he didn’t show it.
    “Catch your breath , sweetheart…” he said out of breath. “I am not done with you.”
    “Neither am I — daddy.” replied Y/N reaching into the drawer on her night stand. Kai raised his eyebrows , watching her play with a tie in her fingers for a few moments before gripping her wrists.
    “Who is it for ?”
    “We can play rock , paper , scissors if you want.” she winked at him. “That will be fair , right ?”
    “Yes. We can do that but — ” he said innocently , winking at her and snatching the tie from her hands the next. “ – Kai Parker don’t play fair , baby girl.”

MASTERLIST - FLUFF __________________

Headcanon: If the SLBP guys accidentally time travelled to the future (part 2)

A.N: Thanks for the long wait :3 This is part 2 ^^ and I am terribly sorry if I wrote ooc because well… I don’t really write some certain characters tbh… well I’ll just tag @jemchew, @honeybeelily and @rainbowatnight then 😂😂😂 Part 1 is here by the way



• one word to describe you both during these seemingly exciting and new-ish days.

• It begins with a “Awk” and ends with a “ward”

• you can’t help it

• Ever since he fell from the sky on your porch, scaring the living hell off you with his dangerously alerted gaze with a real katana in a sheath worn to his waist

• ever since he got to his senses and realised what really happened; which includes him pointing the katana sharp point at your face and assuming you as a… you forgot what was the certain word but nah that’s not the point

• he is chill

• you can not start a conversation with him because

• he just nods his head whenever you made a remark, or would just simply give you a one worded answer to brush it off

• what the heck boi give some expression than that poker face of yours

• You thought to yourself, flashbacking each and every miserable attempts to let him unclam himself

• this is going to be tough

• “Well it won’t stop me from being me!” You declared loudly, and violently started to bash your half washed clothes onto the washboard.

• while singing “Poker face” along with your washing

• *cue horrible ear pitching voice*

• You are quite into it actually

• till you heard a awkward sound of someone saying

• “…You… don’t have to wash that for me.”

• You stopped abruptly as if you are the one being caught manhandling a cookie jar

• or in this case, clothe-handling

• you turned your head in slow motion

• to see a blushing Masamune

• *internal girlish screams projected*


• “Uh, its okay there’s no need to worry! Its not like my first time washing men’s clothes so… just leave it to me!” you exclaimed to him, smiling, while holding up his… loinscloth, or technically called a “dong”

• “!!!!!” Masamune stared at you, shocked

• “N-no I think I’ll wash it myself… thank you!” He reached forward to grapple on the piece of cloth with reddened cheeks, but you swatted his hand away

• “Not a chance bro I am in the mood for washy whishy you are not stopping me for cleaning your loins!” You exclaimed and bent backwards to dodge his attempts

• “I am serious..!” he seized your blouse with a free hand and reached forward to reclaim the offending garment off your claws

• but he underestimated the force of gravity as well as momentum

• “A-ahhh!!!!”

• You gave a almighty scream as he tumbled down on you and you crashed onto your basin of clothes, soap, bubbles and all.

• You both are sopping wet to the toes

• him frozen gazed at you

• you wide stared at him

• A second dropped

• You laughed heartily and he looked at you in shock

• then he started to laugh alongside you, even though a faint one

• Well

• what beats snatching a boi’s undies and

• hurling a guy into bubble water

• to break the ice?

lol I am just kidding

do not try this at home kids


• “Kojuro?”

• He glanced back at you

• “Is there anything I can do for you Miss-”

• You interrupted him

• “Don’t call me Miss… It feels too stiff and it sort of makes me feel too formal. Just call me by my name, and-“ You took your keys off the kitchen table “I think you need some certain things for your own personal uses so I am bringing you out to buy them so you won’t have to share with me.”

• He looked at you, a little baffled “I don’t think it is appropriate to use your hard earned money for my own needs… Miss-”

• You hushed him with a firm slap on the back

• “No calling me ‘Miss’, thank you very much, and I don’t really care.”

• He merely smiled before apologising discreetly, and followed you out the door.

• *a moment later*

• “Okay we had this…. and some clothes and….”

• You rummaged through the stuff you and Kojuro had just bought, him looking at you like a 5-year old

• “I think that’s all! We can go bac- wait…” Your eyes happened to glance onto a book that you are recently interested in on the display section of the bookstore

• “Is something the matter…” Kojuro looked at you, following your gaze to the bookstore “Oh”

• “Yeah.”

• “Do you.. want to go in?”

• You nodded, and walked into the store with him.

• “You can look around if you want to, I’ll be nearby… do tell me if you want to leave.” You told him and he smiled

• and so you went to have a look at your favourite book

• *some time later*

• Ah

• you had quite a good time

• That book was really something

• and you decided to buy it

• You can feel your heart swell in happiness oh yes… You are so lucky you came here in time for the newsellers…

• Eh but wait

• there’s a nagging feeling in your noggin like you had forgotten something

• why did you came here actually?


• you berated yourself for forgetting and started to search high and low for him

• Eventually you found him, or his tuff of hair just behind a bookshelf

• “Kojuro, we can go back now I’m done-”

• You turned to the corner where he sat, and

• Um…

• Kojuro?

• You looked at him; all surrounded by historical books.

• “Kojuro.” You touched his shoulder and he flinched, looking up at you.

• “Oh dear… is it that time already?”

• “Yes.” You nodded “I am going to buy a book I guess… do you found something you want to buy?”

• His eyes shone “…can I buy.. these?”

• you deadpanned

• “All of these..?!” You pointed at the thick books which are all neatly stacked on the floor, some suspiciously had the same titles engraved on the sides.

• “…is it a bit too much?” He asked, looking at you pleading puppy eyed mode on and you mentally facepalmed

• this is so not fair

• “….fine”

• Kojuro brightened up immediately, but that didn’t lasted long

• “But you can not buy two books with the same title Kojuro its the damn same content I don’t care what you are going to say, choose one you want or just leave them all.”

• You said finally, and left dumbfounded Kojuro to his own devices (pity him)


• It all begun with a flyer

• “We really can’t go?” you turned to face Hideyoshi who was putting on a face

• “Hideyoshi… we can’t just go to a circus like that…. We don’t even have tickets.” You look back at him, sighing

• “Well we can buy them, right?”

• “In fact, no.” You heaved a deep breath, preparing to go over this conversation to Hideyoshi again “The tickets were long since sold out for like two weeks ago. There’s no way we are going to buy one, not to mention two.”

• “Oh… its okay”

• He smiled, but there was a odd tone in that cheerfulness.

• you felt guilty seeing him like that, like something bitting inside you

• its then you decided

• you are going to make amends

• “…If we can’t go to the circus…then.” Your eyes brightened “How about we go for a walk?”

• * after 10 minutes*

• “Ahaha…” A shrill voice of laughter was pierced into the air – yours

• “Funny right? And Lord Nobunaga was like ‘WHAT ARE ALL OF YOU DOING YOU FOOLS!!’ Honestly I was speechless-” Hideyoshi paused, and imitated a face-

• “Pss-taahahahahaha! What even is that" You doubled over in fits of giggles

• yes, you and Hideyoshi are walking along the streets, telling each other jokes to pass the time and lift the downcast spirits away

• you thought maybe it won’t really cheer him asap

• But gigantic contrast to your imaginations here; Hideyoshi is being himself again *cheers*

• Hurray for making amends

• You are mentally congratulating yourself until suddenly Hideyoshi stopped walking

• “Huh? What’s wrong…Hideyoshi?” you looked at him

“Can we change courses to that place?” you followed his gaze to see

• a pet shop

• cool is he into animals?

• “Alright” You said, and nodded him into the store

• First thing you saw is

• “Meow~”

• “AWWWWWWWW THIS IS SO CUTEEEEE” You held up the kitty and nuzzled its nose

• the kitty gave you a affectionate nudge on the cheek and you fangirl screamed “AWWWWWWWWWIEEEEEEEEE” much to Hideyoshi’s surprise

• “You like cats?”

• “Sureeee i do~~~~ and cats love me~!!” You hugged it closer to you and sighed contentedly

• but what you didn’t expect is-

• “Meowwww~♡"

• the kitty fumbled out of your arms, leaped on the floor elegantly and catwalked to Hideyoshi’s side

• “What’s up little one..?” He smiled “You don’t want that cute lady over there?” He kneeled down and stroked its back lovingly

• the cat gave a soft purr and rubbed its head on Hideyoshi’s ankle

• “Oh aren’t you a adorable one… what’s wrong-?” He paused, sensing a murderous aura wafting in the air and looked at you, who is looking back at him

• “You-“ you paused, searching for a suitable word to describe him, which came almost instantiously

• “cat affection thief.”

Inuchiyo/Toshiie (WHATEVER, you choose your way of calling him)

• “Down on with the drinks!”

• You screamed, holding some big bottles of sweet, cold alcohol fresh from the fridge

• He looked at you like you were crazy

• “Woman how are you going to drink… all of these?!” He pointed at the big bazookas just in front of you “These look like they’ll knock you dead with just a sip”

• you deadpanned

• “Are you saying that I can’t hold my liquor well mister snobby face?” you levelled a glare on him

• “Who are you calling snobby lady..! You definitely can’t hold your liquor well, look at you!” He pointed at you “You tell me, how can a fragile body like yours hold this much?”

• you stared at him

• “Are you underestimating me?”

• “Well yes, so?” He met your gaze with a fiery one.

• “Tsk tsk… men these days… no wait, men those days… they really think we women are useless huh?” You sighed, closing your eyss and opening them with fire in your orbs

• “I dare you to beat me at drinking then!” you exclaimed

• he looked at you sharp in the eye

• “Hell no I am obliging to this”


• “I can’t just challenge a girl like this, no way.”

• You raised a eyebrow. “Just admit it, you don’t have the guts to call on a duel because you’re afraid of losing.“

• oops

• seems like you struck a nerve

• “Like hell I would!!!! Who’s even afraid of you!!!” he yelled and grabbed a bottle off the table, uncorking it

• “That’s the spirit!” You too uncorked a bottle of Germany liquor. “The last one standing, wins!”

• “Its gotta be me of course!!!” He started to gulp down the liquor and you sipped on it slowly; then increasing your speed

• The first bottle was quite smooth, what with enthusiasm doing the job for the both of you

• when it comes to the third bottle, though, you and Inuchiyo are starting to pant

• “I.. must s-say..-y-you… can… hold… your liquor quite well… for a womaann….” He sloshed yet another mouthful of alcohol and you giggled

• “I…mush sayyyy the sa…meee to youu tooo…” You poured the liquor down through your throat, feeling the spicy liquid flowing down your already numb throat. “yoooour not halff badd… butt defini-ently not betterrrrr than mehhhh”

• You choked, and coughed slightly before getting another sip.

• “Ohhh yeaaaah? Let’s see after thiisss…. merrghhh-”

• “I woooonnnnn???? AAha ahaahahaha….”

• You slopped over the table

• and passed out dead to the world

sorry not sorry MC and Inu

• the next day

• you both woke up to find yourself sleeping on Inuchiyo in a … interesting position…. well…

• now you are suspicious if you’d played strip poker with him last night

• But now…

• this doesn’t seemed to be the case because-

• “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

• just like that.


A.N: yes I meant it, sorry not sorry :3

Thanks for reading!

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ataralisse  asked:

ahhh i love your art so much! Could you possibly draw some little baby feanorians causing trouble, with feanor all mad trying to get them to calm down and then nerdanel is in the back just facepalming (this would work with nolofinweans too, idk you can pick) :)

I willfully misread

(but now this seems really likely to me? like one day nolo mentioned yet another babysitter quitting and fea scoffs because you only have four kids how hard could it be… only to find out the second you look away from any one of them they disappear and will get halfway across tirion before you realize)

Wanted (5)

Oh dear. A continuation of Wanted, huh? 

Well, you guys are hella amazing to love this AU so much to wait out 6 months for me actually get part 5 up. But here it is~! Yaaay! And it’s kinda long. So I do hope you all enjoy.

AU: Wanted
Pairing: Rhack, Rhysothy, Jackothy, Rhackothy

After his ‘episode’ at the airport, the dark burdening curse of his unexplainable dilemma resumed its macabre existence beneath his skin. It was as if it gave off a perfectly recognizable scent solely through his pores - only detectable by the frightening, broken minds that constantly attempted to seize him for their own.

Sleep had been impossible to find, up until it wasn’t.

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Like I’m Never Gonna See You Again

Part two of “So Hott”

Happy x OC


He found his previous spot taken by some peckerwood getting a lapdance. What he really wanted to do is yank him up out of his place, but he checked himself because he had promised to stay at the club until close. He instead settled for a corner booth, ducked off away from everyone else and waited. One more hour and then he would see where this night took him.

That hour passed incredibly slowly, but he passed the time amusing himself by staring her down and waiting for her to glance his way. When she did and realized he was already looking at her she got anxious and quickly turned her head, blushing.
This was his favorite game tonight…. so far.

When the lights came up and the stragglers started ambling out, he stayed put in his corner and watched as she started putting things away, wiping down the bar top and sweeping. She called out to the guy that managed the place and spoke to him for a couple minutes. He could tell they were talking about him because the guy kept looking over at him when she spoke and he took that as a sign to step out. He finished off his beer and stood up, walking out to his bike and pulling it around back to where her truck was. She was just walking outside to meet him so he pulled his bike up next to her truck and killed the engine, kicking down the kickstand and stepping off the bike before turning sideways and leaning back against the seat, arms folded across his chest.

She walked up to him as he stared at her, “Hey Mr. Irony,” she winked.

“Your boyfriend in there let you go for the night?” he scoffed.

She chuckled, “He isn’t my boyfriend, he’s my boss you crazy man, and yes I’m off….. So you gonna give me a ride home or what?” she smirked.

“Yes ma'am.” he started the engine and she hopped on behind him, wrapping her arms around him and telling him which direction to go.

He pulled up at her apartment and parked his bike, stepping off and helping her off as well.
“Thanks for the ride,” she winked, turning to walk away but he grabbed her forearm stopping her and making her turn back around. She was smiling, teasing him, and it was turning him on. His eyes bore holes into her as he released her arm, narrowed his eyes and ground his teeth together.
“Not gonna invite me in for a smoke?” he questioned.
She meandered around like she was thinking on it for just a little too long before smiling again, “Wanna come in for a smoke?” she asked biting her lip. She turned and sauntered away as he followed her to the door.

“Make yourself at home.” she said, waving to the couch as she walked down the hallway. He debated following her, taking her now…. He knew she’d be into it, but he decided to sit and wait.
He shrugged out of his kutte and folded it, setting it on the arm of the couch before plopping down and stretching an arm across the back. Seconds later she was rounding the corner, barefooted, with a blunt in one hand and a lighter in the other. She handed it to him and walked away to the kitchen.
He lit up and leaned back as she came back with a couple beers and sat down beside him, right beside him, so close he could feel her body heat.
They passed the blunt back and forth a few times, but when she took a drag, holding it in for a long time while he watched her, he couldn’t take it anymore. 

He took the joint away from her and ashed it out on his palm before tossing it on the coffee table and leaning into her, smashing his lips against hers and tangling the fingers of his right hand in her hair tightly while his left hand held her waist. He pulled her head back and pushed his weight into her so she lost her balance and he could climb on top of her.
She smiled against his lips, opening her mouth to let his tongue inside and he explored her mouth viciously as her arms lazily wrapped around his neck. She held her legs open, allowing him to settle between them and he pressed his pelvis into her, making sure she felt him before he tugged her hair again making her toss her head back so he could attach his lips to her neck.
She moaned at the feeling of him pressing against her and his mouth sucking bruises along her jawline as his left hand pushed under her shirt to her breast.

She plunged her hands down to his belt, her fingers working on the buckle as he continued his assault on her neck and began pulling her shirt over her head.
When she pulled his belt open he stopped kissing her, pulling back and looking at her with lust-filled eyes. He leaned back and unbuttoned his jeans, stepping out of them and his boots and jerking her jeans off as well. He leaned forward, supporting himself with his hands on either side of her, licking straight up to her breasts from her belly button making her squirm.
He smirked against her skin before biting down harshly on her collarbone. She gasped and he took advantage of her surprise to slide his hand down her panties, running his fingers along her soaking wet core.

He kissed his way up to her ear and chuckled into the side of her face, “Horny little tramp,” he growled with a smile.

She chuckled back, “I’m not the only one,” she retorted, grasping his dick through his boxers making him groan.

“Get this shit off” he said, pulling on her panties and bra before pushing himself back to pull his shirt up over his head.
She hurriedly did as he ordered.
He stood up from the couch and pulled his boxers down, showcasing his large cock proudly, the ‘want’ settling deep in his stomach. He watched her taking in the sight of him and a mixture of terror and excitement covered her face as she reached a shaky hand out to grasp it, he grabbed his beer and took a couple swigs, staring down at her, watching her take in the sight of his erection.

She attached her mouth to the tip of his penis causing his body to stiffen and his hand to return to the back of her head, lacing his fingers in her hair and gripping it tightly as she began to suck him off. She was so good at it, using her tongue and lips in tandem to massage his shaft.

He gulped down the last of his beer and then pulled away from her, grasping himself and stroking while looking down at her.
She stood, looking up at him and running her hands up across his tattooed abs and chest to his shoulders as she captured his lips in another kiss, pressing her naked body against his. With his lips still attached to hers, his hands ghosted over her ass before he grabbing it firmly and lifting her, his left hand stretching up to support her back as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He turned to walk down the hall and she broke away from the kiss to move to his ears and neck, kissing and sucking along his pulse and jawline.

He growled when she took his skin between her lips and bit down.

He couldn’t make it to the room he needed to be inside her now.

She pulled away from the bite just in time for him to slam her back against the hallway wall, pressing her against it as he moved one hand to her waist and the other to his dick, grabbing it beginning to push inside her.

She gasped loudly as her hole struggled to accommodate him, she gripped his back tightly as he grunted and thrusted in the rest of the way making her cry out.
He pressed his forehead against her shoulder, making sure she was firmly against the wall as he began to grind his hips into her, making her moan at the pressure his member was putting on her insides.
Her chest was heaving as her breathing got quicker and he began to thrust inside her slowly at first, but quickly picked up the pace until he was pounding into her and her voice was just one long moan interrupted only by “Ohhh… My God… Ahhh.”

He lifted his head and grabbed her by the throat, pushing her head against the wall and forcing her to look down at him.

“What’s my name,” he ordered as he grasped her throat tighter, slowing down but thrusting in more deeply and stilling himself inside her for a couple seconds.

“Mmm… Haaaappy” she moaned.

He growled, leaning down to take her left nipple in his mouth and lick around it before biting down, causing her to jump and moan louder.

“Get down,” he ordered again backing off of her and allowing her to unwrap her legs from around his waist. She planted her feet and stood facing him. He grabbed her face and planted a long hard kiss before spinning her around and pinning her against the wall, entering her again hard and fast, his right arm wrapping around her chest and his left hand digging into her hip.

She started pushing back against him and he leaned down, sucking and biting on her back as he snaked his arm down from her chest to her clit, circling it with his rough finger as she moaned louder.

“You like that?” he rasped, moving his mouth to her ear and biting the outside of it.

“Ohhh baby, mmm.” she replied.

“Tell me.” he ordered.

“Fuck. Yes! HAP!” she screamed as she let go, convulsing around his dick, and he fucked her through it, pulling out as she stopped shaking.

“Shit…” he sighed, releasing his cum onto her back and leaning his head forward to rest between her shoulder blades as they both struggled to catch their breath.

She turned around and took his hand, guiding him to her bathroom and starting the shower.
He stepped in, she followed him, and without a word they each washed up.

He exited the shower and wrapped a fluffy white towel around his waist and proceeded to the living room, gathering his clothes and pulling them on. As he was pulling his kutte back over his shoulders, she walked up behind him standing on her toes and placing a kiss on the back of his neck.

“Its late… Stay.” she whispered.

He turned around to face her, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her on the forehead.

“I can’t,” he grumbled, side stepping around her and heading to the door.

“Wait!” she chased after him and he stopped at the door, hanging his head and taking a deep breath, “Please?” she asked.

He turned around and gazed at her cute little pout that both turned him on and pissed him off at the same time…. but for the first time he didn’t want to leave.

That’s how Happy knew he was in trouble…. because he was planning to see her again, and again, and again…


“You okay? Did your face get burned? Ahh, your eyelashes are a little singed! King, I think you went a little overboard!”
―Totsuka Tatara checking up on Fushimi after Mikoto saved him from the Green Clan

Spring Fling Works - Batch 3

Seeing things (for the first time) by tringic for justanotherpipedream      

Tony learned at a young age that it was better not to be different (Unless you were better than everyone else, then it was okay), and he’d always been grateful that he’d learned that before he learned that not everyone could see the red strings.

A Lone Wolf by Niki for Amonae      

“Before was pack and Steve and family, safety and warmth and purpose. Now is loneliness and pain and hunger and cold, and soon is when he’ll reach the source of that incredible scent reminding him of home.”

The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Lunatical for Kellen 

When the light disappeared, he opened his eyes again to find the witch gone, together with her monsters… and a little girl with bright red hair standing where Natasha was just a second before, Widow’s catsuit pooled around her, barely hanging on one of her shoulders.

“Ahhh, shit,” came Clint’s voice over the comms “that looks bad.”

This time, even Steve’s “language” sounded weak.

Stealing the First Kiss by MassiveSpaceWren for JustAnAvidReader     

AvAc first kiss.

Burn and Boil (Through the Skies) by justanotherpipedream for MassiveSpaceWren   

Tony was used to running. From Alliance soldiers, raiders, you name it, Tony’s outrun them all. He’s a man on a mission, and can’t afford to fail. Not even for the devilishly handsome Bucky Barnes, smuggler, rogue and all-around space pirate.

A Firefly/Marvel story of space, explosions and falling in love.

Up Close and Impersonal by Hanh for Fluffypanda      

“This rickety cot was not made for two people, big guy. …Bucky? You there?”

keybladewyvern  asked:

!!! I sent you a friend request! Thank you for suggesting I do that, I... feel personally honored. I love wildclaws, they're my second favorite dragon... I'm freaking out ahhh -pleaseignoreme-

I’m currently in the middle of a candy corn breeding project (aiming for Saffron/Lemon/White Tiger/Butterfly/Underbelly WCs), and I generate so many murderbabies.  If you want any of the unnamed WCs on page five or six who aren’t in the orange-based genes above (so the Moon Moths are fine, just avoid the ones who look like they’re having a bonfire party), drop me a message on site.  I have plenty, and they need good homes with loving Lairs or with Shadowmama.

anonymous asked:

hi, can you let me know the date of Jihan's kiss day and the game of it? Thank you very much!

kiss day??  ahhh There are two of them(?) idk which one you are talking about ;;

The first one is from 151028 Weekly idol the game is mouse-to-mouse

Originally posted by american-jisoo

The second one is during the Asia tour on 160911. It’s called the ‘Pepero game’.

wolfepack  asked:

More Alice au please! I'm very excited to meet Tom! 💕 (But take your time, you respond so fast I don't know how you do it! Don't rush on my account! Heh... That was punny. I'm giddy, your story makes me giddy with joy.)

Of course I can! I hope you like the story! I worked really hard on it! And we see wonderland Tom in this chapter! As well as Star and Janna! I hope you like it! I really enjoyed writing it!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/161667890767/im-so-happy-you-liked-the-story-dont-worry-tom

Marco made his way down the path into the woods. He looked around and searched the thick woods. Each path took off into smaller ones with different signs pointing to which way you should go. But none of them said anything helpful. Every one said “This way” or “That way” or “Turn over here”. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Ugh! This is impossible! Which way should I go!?” He cried.

“Well that depends on where you’re trying to get.” A voice spoke up. Marco whipped around and saw a big grin shining in the dark tree branches. Marco jumped back and gasped. Above the big grin, three glowing red eyes opened. As soon as this happened, the rest of the figure came into view. It was a boy with spiky pink hair and sharp teeth, as well as purple skin. He had fluffy purple cat ears and a long tail that whipped and flicked about.

“Tom…?” Marco asked quietly. His face lit up. “Tom! You have no idea how happy I am to see you!” Marco exclaimed, running to the tree. The cat-demon-boy looked down at him and nodded, smiling big.

“That’s right, the tom-cat, at your service.” The cat gave a little bow.

“Tom… cat?” Marco asked confused. The cat laughed and he slithered around the tree, reappearing in another one, this time behind Marco.

“Yes, or a cheshire cat, however you wish to refer to me is fine.” He grinned again and slinked down the trunk of the tree, he seemed to vanish for a moment before reappearing with his arm around Marco’s shoulder. Marco blushed deeply and looked up at his crush, whose little kitten ears made him look way cuter than he was before. “Now, where is it you want to get?” He asked, slinking back up the tree.

“Oh?… Oh!” Marco just snapped out of his little daze and shook his head. “I… I can’t seem to find where to go.” Marco responded.

“Where are you trying to get?” The cat asked again.

“Well I don’t… It doesn’t matter I suppose.” Marco admitted, rubbing the back of his head. He debated telling this Tom-like cat that he got lost following a strange girl with a rabbit hat. Marco had always tried his best to look cool in front of Tom, thinking the demon would like him for it.

“Well then it doesn’t matter which way you go.” Tom responded.

“Well you see… I actually am trying to find a girl with a pink bunny hat.” Marco responded. The cat thought for a moment, wrapped around the tree trunk. His ears flicked as he thought before getting a bright idea, his eyes lit up yellow like a lightbulb and he whisked over to Marco.

“You should see the Mad Hatter!” He suggested. Marco blushed deep when the cat that resembled Tom came close to him, almost touching his nose to Marco’s. Maybe Star was right about Marco having a crush… Marco shook this off.

“I don’t want to see a MAD person! I’m trying to get help.” Marco crossed his arms and the cat thought some more.

“Well what about the March Hare?” He asked.

“I guess that sounds better than a mad hatter…” Marco sighed. He began to walk in the direction the cat was pointing, but then he was stopped again.

“But of course, she’s mad too.” He grinned that same wicked smile Tom had… he WAS Tom, Marco was sure of it. “Besides, those two are always together, if you find the Hare you find the Hatter, just go see them both. I’m sure they’ll be able to find your rabbit girl or whatever.” He spoke. Marco got curious by the tone of Tom’s voice. He sounded jealous? Like he was upset Marco was taking this time to try and find some girl.

“Well which way is that?” Marco asked. The cat pointed over to a path that led up to a nice little house, from which music was flowing. “Oh!” Marco gasped, wondering why he hadn’t seen that before. “Thank you-” Marco cut off when he turned around and saw the cat that looked like Tom was gone, he had vanished though. Marco looked back up at the house and started off the path, the closer he got the more he heard singing.


“TO ME!”

The voices sang loudly and Marco rounded the corner. He gasped when he saw Star and Janna sitting at a table surrounded by tea pots and tea cups. They were singing and dancing. Star had on a large hat with a card that said ‘10/6’ on it. Marco tilted his head and saw the girls pour each other tea and then just pour and spill it on the table.

“Star…?” he said hesitantly. It seemed nobody here was who they seemed to be. The girls heads shot up and Star began to shake her head and wag her finger at Marco.

“No, no, no, no! Today is the day! And in the day you can’t see stars!” She laughed at him. “I am The Hatter!”

“Ah! The Mad Hatter!” Marco recalled. The girls both dropped their teacups and gasped.

“You rude little boy!” The hatter hissed. “It’s very rude to call somebody MAD! I don’t go into your home and interrupt your private unbirthday party and call you MAD!” The hatter crossed her arms and spun around on her heel. She pouted and the March Hare came up to try and comfort her. Marco rubbed the back of his head.

“Did you say unbirthday party?” Marco asked, confused. The March hair stepped forward, and she counted on her fingers.

“There is one birthday every year, but you have three hundred sixty four UNBIRTHDAYS!” The girl who looked like Janna jumped up. “But those birthdays are NOT for those who call us MAD!” She snapped and spun on her heel, much like Star did. Marco sighed.

“Look I… I’m sorry. I actually need your help.” He smiled timidly. The girls both dropped their anger and grabbed Marco by either arm. They pulled him over and threw him in a chair.

“Please! Have some tea!” The Hatter began pouring some tea in Marco’s cup, more and more, she didn’t even stop when it began to overflow. The Hare held out a jar of sugar cubes.

“Sugar?” She asked. She began plopping in cube after cube. “One, two? Three, four, five, six seven eight, nine?” The hare finally pulled away.

“Oh, th-that’s fine.” Marco assured. “I just was wondering if you’ve seen a girl with a pink bunny hat come by here?” He asked. The girls stopped and thought for a second, exchanging looks and nodding to each other. “So… have you?”

“Have we what?” The March Hare asked.

“Have you seen the girl?”

“What girl?
“The girl with the hat!”

“What hat?”

Marco groaned and slammed his head on the table. “Ahhh! This is impossible to do! I just wanna go home…” Marco mumbled. He didn’t care about the girl anymore. Now he was just hoping he could see his house again… and the real Star and the real Janna… and the real Tom! The March Hare crawled on the table.

“Well what’s home that’s so great?” She asked.

“Well, my mom, my dad, my friends… Tom…” Marco smiled and played with his fingers.

“Tom? I don’t know a Tom? What’s a Tom?” The Mad Hatter asked. Marco laughed lightly and shook his head, he looked off dreamily.

“Tom is… great!” He smiled, and then blushed once he realized what he said. “No, Tom is his name… but here you may know him as the cheshire cat!” Marco realized, jumping up. As soon as he said this there was a scream from the teapot.

“CAT!?!?!” A voice yelped. Marco jumped and saw a tiny girl with big mouse ears jump out of the teapot. “No! Where’s the cat! No, no! Oh not the cats will get me!” The mouse girl cried. She had curly brown hair that matched her ears and tail and orange skin with red markings on her skin. She was calling out in anxiety about the fear of getting caught by the cat.

“He scared Jace!” The Mad Hatter called.

“How dare you scare Jace!”

“Jace has done nothing to you!”

“Jace has done nothing to anyone!”

“Jace is a darling!” The girls shouted at Marco and tried to catch the girl who was the size of a mouse. The March Hare finally caught the mouse girl and the Hatter handed her a pair of headphones. Jace happily took them and began to listen to her music to calm herself down. The girls then looked at Marco angrily.

“That rude to your own daughter!” The Hatter snapped. “Out! Let us continue our party in peace!” She hissed. The March Hare grabbed Marco’s arm and flung him out of the party. “And don’t come back!”


Maria Reynolds x Reader


Today was not your day. You were riding the struggle bus all the way to the end of the line.

You didn’t know why everything was slammed on you at once, but it seemed that your boss thought that you were the only one able to take care of all of the paperwork.

By the end of the day.

You ended up staying five hours overtime, and you felt as though you were going to pass out at any second.

Then your car wouldn’t start, so it looked like you were walking home.

This was just great.

As you were walking home you weren’t paying attention, and neither was someone else.

That someone else being a girl on a bike that crashed right into you.

“Ahhh!” you both cried. The two of you slammed down onto the ground, you scraping your hands and arms, her on her knees.

“Oh no I’m so so sorry,” she cried, limping over to you. “Are you okay?”

She started to fret over you, making sure that you were alright, dusting you off and trying to bandage you up with her jacket.

“I’m okay. It’s okay,” you told her, waving the poor girl off. “Why don’t we go over to that cafe and clean up?”

She nodded and help you up, the two of you making your way into the bathrooms of the cafe.

After you were mostly clean, you decided to get a tea to calm your nerves.

“Are you sure that you’re okay?” The girl asked again.

Now that you saw her in the light she wasn’t really a girl at all, more of a young lady around your age.

She had beautiful brown eyes and skin, and very curly hair. She was extremely attractive.

“I’m okay. It was just a long day at work, and now my car isn’t working so I have to walk all the way home!” you ranted to her.

She looked thoughtful for a moment.

“You could take my bike home,” she offered.

“I couldn’t,” you said.

She nodded eagerly.

“Please? It will help me feel less guilty about what I did to you. Please?”

You sighed.

“Alright. If it will make you happy.”

“Yes! Yes, here, take it,” she offered it to you.

“But I will need a way to get in contact with you so I can get it back to you. Will you put your number in my phone?”

She nodded slowly and took you phone from you.

“There you go,” she responded, giving you back your phone. “I do need to go now. Have a good night!” she called, running into the dark street.

You looked at the number just added.

‘Maria Reynolds.’

What a pretty name for a beautiful woman.

pewds plays the last guardian - sentence starters.

source: [x].

  • “ what do you mean ‘go home’ ? we’re friends for life now.”
  • “ jesus, you almost killed me.”
  • “ where are we anyway?”
  • “ where the hell are we?”
  • “ this is cool, man.”
  • “ are those tires in the sky?”
  • “ are we gonna go up there? are we gonna go all the way?”
  • “ sorry, no offence.”
  • “ never mind, there’s nothing here… or is there?”
  • “ oh my god, this is terrifying.”
  • “ it’s very cool, but very scary, all right?”
  • “ let me jump up on you.”
  • “ oh my god, that looks terrifying. what the hell?”
  • “ all right, i’ll be going this way.”
  • “ whatever, i don’t care.”
  • “ all right, let’s take it really easy. real nice and easy. tip-tappity-toe.”
  • “ hey, what’s this?”
  • “ hey, look at that.”
  • “ look, it’s safer this way.”
  • “ why did i just do that?”
  • “ hey, stop. don’t worry about it, all right?”
  • “ if you do that, y’know, A-PLUS, i’ll be really impressed.”
  • “ yeah, keep yelling at the birds.”
  • “ okay, you’ve done it now, boy.”
  • “ stop following me.”
  • “ you’re not gonna make the third one, i’m sure. i’m sure of it.”
  • “ why am i such a dick?”
  • “ you’re making me look bad. i don’t like it.”
  • “ jeeeesus…! okay, well, i- you know– SHOW OFF!”
  • “ what happened here?”
  • “ best friends, right?”
  • “ i’m so excited about potential friendship.”
  • “ that seems safe.”
  • “ now THAT’S- that’s a bridge that i think looks safe. i am DEFINITELY going on this one, that seems like a great idea-AAAAH! AH! AH! SHIT!”
  • “ oh, the anxiety.”
  • “ all right, now your turn.”
  • “ hey, look at that. wasn’t that hard.”
  • “ what’s the big deal, you pussy?”
  • “ okay, well, it looks like we can go through here.”
  • “ i have a good feeling about it.”
  • “ look at this. it’s so cool.”
  • “ oh my god, everything is just amazing.”
  • “ come on, man, i’m almost out. come on, help me pull, dammit!”
  • “ dude, i’m coming back.”
  • “ please, i’m stuck. help!”
  • “ god dammit. all right, fine. you know what? FINE.”
  • “ you just… you need to get up here.”
  • “ how did you get up there?”
  • “ oh, i see. no problem.”
  • “ just jump up here, man.”
  • “ hey. i’m taking my damn time. shut up.”
  • “ i’m gonna do it. i’m gonna do it, just watch – BOOM!”
  • “ my god, you are so smooth. really, great job.”
  • “ this way, follow me. try to keep up.”
  • “ but it’s drugs. it looks like some heisenberg shit, y’know?”
  • “ are you ready? three, two, one… catch!”
  • “ all right, come on, buddy.”
  • “ i made you high on drugs, now you better keep up.”
  • “ oh, no. oh, no. ah… eh… ah… THAT’S IT?”
  • “ let’s see if we can jump from his ass.”
  • “ that’s a sentence i didn’t wish i said.”
  • “ man, i’m LOVING this so far. it’s so fun to play– fuck you in the fucking asshole. fuck this game, WORST game i ever played, what the fuck was that?”
  • “ dude, is that a salamander? that’s a salamander! aw.”
  • “ i really didn’t think i would mess that up.”
  • “ ha ha! too bad, bitch!”
  • “ i’ll be right back, okay? don’t worry about it.”
  • “ hey! you made it! you fucking asshole.”
  • “ oh my god, is that… is that butterfly? is that the - the butterfly shit?”
  • “ dude, just eat it! all right, fine, i don’t care.”
  • “ dude, literally, you’re gonna eat it. i mean, if i went through all the effort, you’re gonna fucking eat it, all right?”
  • “ i hate myself.”
  • “ well, i guess i’ll go through this tiny little hole. how convenient that i am the small one.”
  • “ whoa, it’s almost like you can smell the nature.”
  • “ you forgot about the best part: me!”
  • “ hey, just jump over.”
  • “ here i come!”
  • “ it’s AMAZING! this is fucking amazing!”
  • “ where the fuck did it go, i looked away one second.”
  • “ he’s fiiine! what the hell- WHAT? WHAT?! whaaat? all right, fine.”
  • “ and i’m like dead inside, so this is pretty amazing.”
  • “ oh, come on, you left without me. fucking dick.”
  • “ hey, now you see how it feels.”
  • “ surpiiiiise!”
  • “ AHHH! dude! was not ready for that, man.”
  • “ my god, i could’ve died.”
  • “ what am i looking at here? no one knows.”
  • “ let’s push it down.”
  • “ this is getting ridiculous.”
  • “ i’ll go in here, i’ll take care of it.”
  • “ look, i got your favorite snack!”
  • “ i got a treat for you.”
  • “ who’s been a good boy, huh? me. me, i’ve been a good boy.”
  • “ yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. that’s it.”
  • “ AH! what the fuck is wrong with you?”
  • “ is like- is this shit good? is this dank? i don’t know, this - this is not dank, brah.”
  • “ are you coming or what?”
  • “ i’m assuming that’s a yes?”
  • “ you don’t need things happening every second, you don’t need to be killing enemies.”
  • “ okay, all right, just stay there. just stay there and look pretty.”
  • “ stay here? where? here? oh, you want it here?”
  • “ we did it!”
  • “ let’s do this nice and easy… that was… the nicest and easiest way i’ve seen.”
  • “ it’s almost as strong as me, that gate. i’m sure.”
  • “ oh, my god, is that what i think it is? oh my god. oh my god. is that-? oh my god. O-M-G. can i please… can i please have one? ”
  • “ delicious. thank you.”
  • “ um… not feeling great about this. i think we should go the other way.”
  • “ dude, what is the matter with you? why is your eyes like that?”
  • “ hey, dude, i wanted that!”
  • “ do you think i can jump down here?”
  • “ what the fuck is all this?”
  • “ okay, so we gotta open this somehow…”
  • “ what’s wrong?”
  • “ no, please! ahhh!”
  • “ you lookin’ real tasty right now.”
  • “ god dammit! i forgot you were such a jerk.”

anonymous asked:

i think kaz doesn't get sick often, but when he does its awful bc he hates feeling helpless & bc it reminds him of jordie. so i can see him hiding in his room & not having the desire/ability to look after himself but finally after a day or 2 of giving him space, inej starts to worry & climbs through his window to see him looking like death & shivering. & of course he's like "i'm fine" but then sets off into a coughing fit & inej says she's gonna take care of him whether he likes it or not (1)

but she soon realizes she has no idea what she got herself into. how can she take care of someone she can’t even touch? so she spends most of her time in the chair in his room just watching over him & making him drink water/eat/take medicine. until she starts to fret that his fever is rising so she has no choice but to check his temperature. her hand hovers over his forehead & she gently tells him she needs to check his fever & it’ll only take a second. he looks up at her & croaks “go on” (2/2)

this….is….perfect. kaz hiding because he’s sick is the realest thing i’ve ever heard. and the idea of inej taking care of him and him allowing her ahhh. it would be another one of those vulnerable instances for kaz to realize it’s inej that he could rely on, the person that helps him put his fragile pieces back together (like that time when he fainted.) 

and i’m living for the small touch of angst here. if being sick reminds him of jordie, imagine kaz feels guilty deep inside for surviving when jordie didn’t and that’s what makes him avoid taking care of himself when he’s sick, even if it’s a simple cold. he bears it, with a lowkey self destructive attitude toward it, the worse it gets the more he feels like he’s repaying some sort of debt. so having no desire to take care of himself but inej doing it anyway?? it correlates with the fact he doesn’t think he could/should be saved, but inej always looks for and exploits the ways he can be salvaged.

Recap of Ep 5529 (04.07.14)

So episode 5529…the opening scene…how friggin’ cute and excited and happy does Jasmin look seeing Anni?? Not to mention, Jasmin has completely blocked out the whole Lucia thing and only has eyes for Anni at this point. SHE IS SUPER FRIGGIN’ EXCITED TO SEE ANNI Y'ALL!!!!

And Anni grabbing Nele’s pink jacket on the way out after Lucia = HILARIOUS! I’m not sure if she has done this because she is just rushing after Lucia, or because Jasmin has flustered her and her brain has died, or both. But either way, Anni running after Lucia in that ridiculous jacket CRACKED me up!!!

And keep telling everyone that you no longer have any feelings for Jasmin, Anni…we believe you….

I’m glad when Tuner asks Jasmin about Kurt, there seems to be no hesitation or feelings from Jasmin. He is done and dusted. Over. But I think Jasmin feels guilty for not coming back for Tuner earlier. She asks him to call her if he gets bored and also offers herself for some cafe shifts. Aww Jasmin, you are too sweet.

Jasmin’s look when Anni walks into the cafe with Lucia = priceless. Her Anni goggles have finally fallen off and she now sees Lucia properly for the first time and MAN, SHE IS SUPER JEALOUS. She asks Nele;

She doesn’t know where to look. She does NOT like this one little bit!! When Anni and Lucia return from the bathroom, blowing right past Jasmin, she is pissed. What is this new feeling inside? What am I feeling? WHY IS ANNI IGNORING ME?!!!

Jasmin is not used to being ignored. Especially by Anni. I love seeing Jasmin on the receiving end of all this. Anni was always the one in the past who was always looking at Jasmin, giving Jasmin attention. Now that the tables have turned, Jasmin is not a happy camper. But I am loving those big PUPPY DOG eyes from Jasmin!

And I love how this time Jasmin is not hiding her feelings any more. Nele asks her if she is OK with Lucia, and she says “Of course”…but then a second later tells her that she thought a lot about Anni in the US and that she missed her BADLY!!! BADLY YOU GUYS!!!! ARGH MY HEART!!!!

I have to admit Anni with Lucia on the couch, while they are watching soccer, is pretty cute. Jasmin however is not so happy. And I’m amazed that Anni has been able to avoid the “Jasmin eyes” until now. She must have been using ALL THE WILLPOWER! Because we all know the power those eyes have! Stay strong Anni!!!

Luckily it was only for a few seconds. Phew. Dodged that one Anni! Better make an escape plan to the bathroom. Phew! ESCAPED!!! Oh NOOOO Jasmin follows her in!! It’s OK, just don’t look DIRECTLY at her. Make small talk. Lingering eye contact. Longer and longer. AHHH NOOO….All of the feelings are resurfacing!!! GOD JASMIN LOOKS SO GOOD!!! Noooo look away…I feel happy feelings coming back up…damn she’s smiling at me. GAH! OMG! My brain and my heart are about to IMPLODE WITH ALL THE FEELINGS!!!! RUN AWAY ANNI! RUN AWAY!!!!

Love how pissed Jasmin is at herself there. FUCK indeed Jasmin. You blew it. Now you have to try and sleep through a whole night of Anni & Lucia having sex! Haha, again I love how the tables have been turned. Anni had to listen to her having sex with Kurt ALL the time and now that she has to endure ONE night of the same, she can’t take it LOL Love her cute little American pillow though :)

Weird that Jasmin didn’t just kick Mesut out of her room though and make him sleep on the couch? ^o)

No sleep for an entire night makes for a very cranky Jasmin in the morning. As long as she gets her coffee, she’ll be OK…oh wait what’s that? That skank has used the last of the milk??? Ohhh GAME ON!!! Esp when she gets a look like that from Lucia!!

ALL BETS ARE OFF! Jasmin is now angry, tired, with no coffee and …. SHE LOVES ANNI!!!!

ARRRGHHHH!!!! Its what we’ve been waiting for!!!! JASMIN HAS FINALLY SAID IT!!! 


For some reason I felt the need to show you my dog Hugo?? So here you go, I’m sorry ahhh! ; - ; Also pls ignore my ugly face and fucked up hair in the second picture, I just think Hugo looks extremely cute in this one! ; - ; 🐶💕

THIS!! IS !! THE CUTEST THING!!E EVER!!!°°°`°°!+!!!+!!+
Dr Jongin and Mr Kai - Part 3

Part 1, Part 2

You were confused, you couldn’t sleep that night, no matter how many glasses of warm milk you drank, or how many sheep you counted, you couldn’t take Kai off your mind. How did he know your name? How did he know about your “date” with Jongin on Monday? Were they related? Maybe Jongin was playing a prank on you. Maybe Kai was Jongin’s evil twin…

Crazy scenarios of Jongin and Kai being twins, and Kai being locked away in a basement until he turned 18 because he was evil and mentally disturbed clouded your thoughts as you twisted and turned in bed. You kicked the covers off your body, and then pulled them over you again, before turning over again, never quite finding a comfortable position.

And that’s how the following morning greeted you, the nice warm rays of sunshine caressing your now pale skin, with deep dark purple circles under your eyes, and bloodshot eyes. You wanted to scream. You rolled off bed with barely any energy in you, and dragged your body towards the kitchen to prepare a heavy coffee that would help you get through your day. At least Sunday was your day off, right?

You spent the day comfortably; lounging about on the sofa, finishing off assignment’s that your professors had given you, getting your chores done, your clothes set out for the day, and getting some revision done. You caught up with some of the latest shows you had been missing because of class and work, and then, when the sky was coated a deep blue and the twinkling stars had woken up, your body finally gave in to well-deserved rest, while you lay down on your sofa.

You almost jumped out of the sofa, hitting your small toe on the edge of the coffee table, always the small toe, it made you wonder what even its purpose on the human body was. You jumped around your living room on one foot, holding the other in your hand, as you reached for your phone on the coffee table to turn the alarm off. You groaned loudly. You had exactly 35 minutes to get ready, before you had to head off to your first seminar of the day. You really weren’t looking forward to today, if you took just a second too long in the shower you might have to grab breakfast on the way to class, and you really weren’t sure you could afford it. Ahhh the struggles of the student life…

You jumped in the shower, and quickly washed your body, managing your time so that the length of time it took for your conditioner to seep into your hair, you could use to wash your body well. You rinsed your hair and body, and quickly jumped out, wrapping yourself in a couple of towels. After you were dry, you slipped on your underwear and some jeans, and then grabbed a loose t-shirt with a funny message, and slipped some Converse shoes on, before rushing out of the bathroom with a hairbrush in your hand.

You brushed the knots out of your hair, as you searched for your make-up. You applied a soft layer of it, not wanting to look too over done for college, before spraying some perfume on, and grabbing an apple, and some coffee. You were in such a rush; you ate while packing your backpack for the day. You sighed deeply, this was routine almost every morning, and you barely had time to do things for yourself.

You finally managed to brush your teeth before heading out, with 3 minutes to spare. You sighed, you were beginning to get incredibly good at time managing. You mentally high fived yourself.

You went about your day quite happily, your classes passed quickly, you understood everything and made enough notes to secure good studying material, you also got to say hi to a couple of your friends from the other night. They all asked you when you left, and how you got home, but you decided to keep the whole Kai thing a secret, you weren’t even sure he was a real person. As far as you knew, someone could have spiked your drink.

As you left the halls, ready to make your way to your work place, you suddenly remembered Jongin. His sweet smile, his pearly whites sparkling through those luscious lips, his beautiful warm eyes, and his gorgeous tan skin… You were supposed to be seeing him today! You felt a sudden feeling of giddiness take over your body, and you practically skipped your way to work, your backpack slung from side to side with every step you took.

You entered the pet shop with a wide grin on your face, and quickly changed to your uniform at the back, before making your way to the register. Mark was off sick, so it was just you. Mondays were easy days, you never really got that many customers, so you just patiently waited. You wished you could bring the puppies out again, you missed those little ones when you were away. You felt lonely. You watched people walk past with a sense of direction, not even looking twice at the pet shop window.

“Hey…” You heard a familiar voice greet you, and you immediately looked up from the sketch you were drawing. Your eyes met those warm orbs of the cutest guy in the world, who was coincidentally who you were expecting.

“You came!” You exclaimed, fixing your uniform a little, slipping your hair behind your ear, and smiling shyly at him. He rubbed the back of his neck, giving you a cheesy grin.

“I actually passed by earlier, but you weren’t here. Your colleague offered to sell me the puppy but I told them I had business with someone… She told me when your shift started… So yeah…” he told you awkwardly, a slight blush creeping up his face. You felt your heart begin to do flips and turns in your chest. He waited for you, he genuinely waited for you. This was Jongin, the cute, adorable, gentle man of a guy who loved puppies, and smiled shyly. This was the guy who had stolen your heart in 30 minutes of a conversation. Your thoughts shifted back to Kai, whoever he was.

“You’re cute” You blurted out, making his eyes widen and his blush deepen. You wanted to smack yourself for being so forward.

“Eh… I mean… want to see the puppies again?” You asked him, pointing towards the Golden Retrievers, he nodded eagerly.

You grabbed the little fence, and spread it out, setting the little dogs inside it. You noticed his eyes begin to sparkle in excitement. You giggled to yourself, he looked so darn cute.

“So? Have you chosen one yet?” You asked him, as you petted one of the little boys this time.

“Ahhh I can’t choose, they are all too cute… Do you have a favorite?” He asked you with a smile on his lips. You looked down at the little puppy in your hands and nodded shyly.

“He is my favorite, I actually have a name I call him by sometimes. I can’t afford to keep him, and I don’t have much spare time to look after him, so I want to find him a good home. He is small, but he is strong and brave, he is a fighter. When they brought him in, he was much smaller than the rest, but I made sure to look after him well so he would have an even chance at finding a home” You told him, caressing the little pup in your hands. You didn’t see him smile at you adoringly.

“What did you decide to call him?” He asked, setting down the pup he was holding, and sitting down next to you.

“Chio. I used to have a puppy called that when I was younger, that looked just like him.” You told him with a smile, your eyes still on the small dog on your lap, nibbling at your fingers.

“Ah… Then I guess I’ll take Chio please.” He told you seriously, but you noticed his lips twitch, their corners tugging up into a smile. You turned to look at him with wide eyes, but your mouth quickly formed a grin of pure joy.

“Really? You’ll take him?!” You exclaimed, suddenly feeling happiness rush through you. He nodded.

“You want to find him a good home, I love dogs, I am a particularly dog owner, ask any of my pets. And that way, you’ll be able to see him whenever you want… if you want that is.” He told you, rubbing the back of his neck shyly, as he stared at you expectantly.

“Did you just buy a dog to ask me out on a date?” You asked him boldly, raising an eyebrow at him, but inside your stomach you could feel the butterflies going wild.

“Yeah… I guess I did.” He replied with a laugh, and you felt yourself soar above the clouds.

“Well I guess I’ll have to give you my number then,  you know, so we can schedule walks with Chio, and that…” You told him coolly, but inside your heart was doing somersaults, and you wanted to run around screaming, with your hands up in the air.

“Oh that is a great idea, you are nice to dogs, and smart, as Chio’s semi-owner I think you will do well.” He teased, as you wrote your number down on a piece of paper and handed it to him. He looked at your writing and smiled, before shoving it carefully in his pocket. You smiled at him, and the rosy blush that covered his cheeks.

He paid for the puppy and signed all the necessary paperwork, before buying dog food, toys and a few more accessories Chio would need, he smiled at the little puppy and bumped it’s nose with his own. You thought you were going to melt from all the cuteness.

He put Chio in the carrier basket, before saying his goodbyes and turning towards the exit.

“I’ll call you soon.” He promised with a smile, before heading out, but just before he was out of sight, you called for him, and he stopped in his tracks, turning around.

“Yes?” He asked you, and you hesitated, did you want to ask him?

“Do you have a brother?” You asked him shyly, hoping he wouldn’t hear you. Your heart froze the moment you saw the confusion flash across his face.

“I’m an only child, why?” He asked you, cocking his head to the side. You attempted to control the deep red blush that threatened to take over your cheeks.

“Oh, just wondering, anyway, call me soon! I’ll miss having Chio around” You told him, brushing off the question like it meant nothing, but you felt an uneasy feeling settle in your stomach, as you watched him smile at you and node before walking off with the puppy.

Who the hell was Kai?


Louis: “Sounds good to me. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work,” you heard one of your closest friends say as you came down the stairs. “I’m ready to go,” you called. “Well, yeah, I’d say somewhere between August and October would be good. As far as…” Louis’s eyes met yours, and they widened slightly. He choked on his water. “Uh, yeah, I’m gonna have to call you back,” he said, his eyes not leaving yours. Your brow furrowed at his odd behavior as he ended the call. His mouth was slightly parted as he examined your entirety. “Um…” He cleared his throat, dragging his eyes back up to meet yours. “Babe, I don’t know about you, but it’s a little chilly today. You might want to go put some jeans on.” You gave him another confused look. “Lou, it’s July.” He just gave you a look that said not to argue with him and that there was a reason for his request. You were about to question him when he attempted to subtly place one of the couch cushions on his lap. “Oh,” you said, your eyes widening. “Okay. Yeah, I’ll be right back.”

Zayn: “Ahhh!” you shrieked, jumping backwards. “Ahhh!” he echoed, equally as startled. Your coffee was spilled all over your shoes, your purse on the floor, phone screen visibly shattered. He just looked traumatized. After a few seconds of staring at each other with wide eyes, you finally stuttered out a quiet “I thought this was the girls’ changing room.” His face turned redder as he said, “It’s unisex.” “I-I just came back f-for the jeans I left in there,” you stammered. You’d swung the changing stall door open, and there he stood in his boxers, like a deer in the headlights. “Erm, here you go,” he said, picking them up off the bench and handing them to you. “Oh, man. Your shoes. I’m so sorry. I’ll buy you a new pair.” “No, it’s okay,” you said quickly. There you were, standing in front of Zayn Malik, and you’d walked in on him in his underwear. “No, I should have locked it.” He sucked in a sharp breath as his eyes scanned the damage done to your phone, which lay in a puddle of coffee. “And a new phone screen. There’s a booth here that replaces them. If you have time, I’ll pay for it, I swear.” “Okay,” you said, still trying to organize your thoughts. “I’m Zayn,” he said. “And I’m also half-naked, so I’m just gonna put some clothes on and then we’ll take care of that, yeah?” You nodded slowly, not knowing how else you could respond.

Liam: “What is that?” you said slowly as your eyes locked on his forearm. He looked down to the place you were staring at, and his face reddened slightly. “Oh, um…” He scratched his head and looked down at the linoleum beneath his feet. “Well, I…” You didn’t know how to react. He’d come home late, and when he finally rolled out of bed the next morning, you were greeted with a sleepy “Morning, babe” and your name inked on the inside of his arm. “I was drunk,” he blurted out. Your eyes had yet to leave the large, cursive letters. It was beautiful, but… I mean, it was your name on his skin. Permanently. Like, forever. What if you broke up? Even worse, what if he broke up with you and got a tattoo to cover it up? “Li, I… I don’t even know what to say about this. I mean, if you got that while you were sober that’s fine. I won’t think it’s weird. I just… I mean, either way, I… I just don’t know that that was very responsible,” you said honestly. “Okay,” he said slowly. “I got it because I wanted to,” he admitted after a few seconds. “But I didn’t want you to freak out.” You swallowed hard. “I, um…” “Is it too much?” he asked. “Should I get it removed?” “No,” you said quickly. “I mean, you can if you want, but I don’t dislike it. It was just… surprising.” He smiled a little. “Um, I, uh… So breakfast, yeah?” You nodded slowly, still looking at the ink on his skin. “Yeah,” you said absently. “Breakfast.”

Niall: It was your second date, and you had been taking it slow. He hadn’t even held your hand on the first date, had only offered a callused hand when he came to pick you up today. You liked him a lot, and you wanted another date. You wanted a million more dates, but you weren’t sure how he felt about you. He laughed at all your jokes and made you try his food, insisted that you would love it. You felt very coupley, but you didn’t really know where you stood with him. The drive back to your place was fairly quiet, as you were lost in your thoughts about how he did or did not feel about you. He wasn’t sure how to interpret your silence, so he didn’t interrupt it. He just examined you from the corner of his eye as he drove, hoping to catch a glimpse of how you might feel. It wasn’t until he pulled up outside your house that you broke the silence. “I really like you,” you blurted out lamely. He smiled a little. “I like you, too,” he said quietly, squeezing your hand. You bit your lip as you looked up at him. It was obvious that he was as nervous as you were. “Can I kiss you?” he practically whispered. You nodded, swallowing hard, and hesitantly moved closer to him. When his lips found yours, it was awkward at first. It was a few seconds before it really started to feel natural, but by the time it ended, you were in desperate need of a third date.

Harry: You were on the train, coming home from your boyfriend’s house. It was Valentine’s Day, and you’d gone to surprise him. Instead, you were the one surprised. When you knocked, another girl answered. Apparently, she was his girlfriend. His other girlfriend. You knew you shouldn’t have been wasting tears on a man who’d cheated on you, but you couldn’t help it. You’d devoted your heart and your time to him, and he’d thrown it all away. “Love, are you… Are you okay?” You sniffled, wiping your eyes. “Yeah, I’m fine,” you said, not looking up at the stranger sitting in the seat beside you. “Why are you crying?” the man questioned. “It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s supposed to be a happy day.” You looked up at the curly-haired man and recognized him but didn’t have the heart to start fangirling. You opened your mouth to say something, but before you could find the words to say, you started crying again, legitimately sobbing. You blubbered something about a boyfriend, but he couldn’t understand what you were saying. “Hey,” he said gently, taking his arm around you. He pulled you close to his chest and let you cry into his shirt. “Shhh. Don’t cry, babe. It’s gonna be okay.” He didn’t quite know what to do, and he tried to do whatever felt the most natural. As he awkwardly tried to rub your back consolingly, he murmured, “It’ll be okay. Just calm down, love. Calm down and tell me what happened.”

september duet (yoru & you)

Apologies for how long this took, but here’s the September duet with the childhood friends of Procellarum, Yoru and You! Awai Hana is my second favourite song in the whole Tsukiuta series - it’s so beautiful, as you’d expect of September’s composer John! ^^

Like always I’ve tried my best translating it, but if you see something wrong in this translation just drop me a message and I’ll fix it right up!

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