just look at that sassy face

Mycroft tried to warn John about Mary

In TRF, when Mycroft hands John the files with pics/descriptions of FOUR top international assassins who moved “within spitting distance” of 221B, this is how the conversation goes:

MYCROFT: It’s not hard to guess the common denominator, is it?
JOHN: You think this is Moriarty?
MYCROFT: He promised Sherlock he’d come back.
JOHN: If this was Moriarty, we’d be dead already.
MYCROFT: If not Moriarty, then who?

This whole time, while John is being all sassy, Mycroft is maintaining VERY INTENSE EYE CONTACT

and he puts a major emphasis on then who?

Then John reads only three of the four files before setting them aside, then he’s like “why don’t you just talk to Sherlock yourself?” (um, excellent question actually) and Mycroft finally looks away and John starts joking about nicking Smurfs and Mycroft makes The Face™

and as usual, if we’re laughing, we’re missing something, and in this case it’s that Mycroft isn’t pissed about John’s ribbing, he’s pissed that John Isn’t Understanding That Mycroft Is Trying To Warn Him About Something Without Explicitly Saying It.

Then John leaves without taking the fucking files and as soon as he shuts the door Mycroft looks from him to the files like

Other stuff:

1. Mycroft is always thinking several steps ahead. He didn’t bring John in just to say “yo, Jim’s got assassins surrounding you,” I mean duh, Jim is free, John and Sherlock and basically everyone knows that Jim’s gonna do something. On the surface, the point of this scene is Mycroft saying “John, Jim’s about to try to kill Sherlock, please protect him,” and like, I don’t need to list all the reasons why that is absurd

2. He knows lethal CIA agent AGRA went “freelance” and that this is her assignment, he also knows the full extent of her assignment, this scene directly follows Jim telling Sherlock this is about solving the final problem, I did tell you, but did you listen//I’ve been reliably informed I don’t have one//but we both know that’s not quite true, this isn’t about Mycroft stopping the fall, it’s about stopping what comes next (the heart-burning), he’s trying to warn John, BUT

3. He knows Moriarty has ears everywhere – maybe even at the Diogenes Club – and Jim would expect, even demand, he play the big brother role and “warn” John about his IMMEDIATE PLANS just to keep up appearances, but Mycroft can’t be totally candid here (when can he ever, really) and he’s doing his best to give John a heads up on the long game.

The Signs as Things People at My School Have Said

Aries: “I had a dream last night about a pig walking around a potato. Nothing interesting happened it was just a pig, walking around a potato”

Taurus: “Ah yes, the Paleo diet. We have everything except carbs, if you eat carbs hahahaha you’re a fucking fatass ”

Gemini: (Guy drops purple marker) “ROGER NOOOOO!”

Cancer: “I’m so energetic! I just want to punch a bear in the face!”


Virgo: “On a scale of one to Jim Parsons how gay does this look on me, I’m going with Tyler Oakley”

Libra: “Who’s James Madison, is he an actor?”

Scorpio: “Roses are black, violets are black, everything is black, fuck you”

Sagittarius: “I Thought Argentina was a State”

Capricorn: “This is a heckin’ good birthday card"

Aquarius: “Everyone has an inner sassy black woman”

Pisces: “He’s my lil munchkin cinnamon roll pumpkin spice patty cake”


pretty painting huh?


and not just one but look









but seriously

Looking at you sir lawrence alma-tadema

nope, are YOU kidding me

and it


doesn’t stop


I am

honestly so sorry but

classical degree done good

for sure

Married!Cockles feels

OMG I’M DYING. Just how married where Jensen and Misha in the Kings of Con finale livestream? Things that gave me the feeeeeels-

  • Jensen looking at Misha for approval after he stammers out each line, nervously touching his own face and positively babbling- he’s so adorable, I swear.
  • Misha being so sassy he’s making me salivate- I literally died at the ‘former friends’.
  • Jensen and Misha being this super-cute and old married couple trying to record a message but Misha’s busy correcting Jensen and Jensen’s busy getting nervous and it’s awkward but adorable as hell.

Ahhhhhh, what a great start to 2017. May the good ship Cockles keep sailing! 

A BBC Lockwood & Co show would be very cool.

⚫ super cool opening sequence
⚫episodes featuring mentioned cases from the books (Mrs Barret’s tomb! And the one where Lucy and George gets jumped by a ghost in the basement while Locky is chatting away!)
⚫ we get to see Lockwood looking super cool in his long coat and sunglasses
⚫ sassy Lockwood and Luce
⚫even more sassy George
⚫ Florence Bonnard, ladies and gentlemen
⚫Quill’s team. Maybe we’ll get to see more of how they interact and see them from a different perspective because,let’s face it, Luce isn’t the most reliable narrator
⚫Holly (!!)
⚫just scenes in which Lockwood and the gang goofs off and forget they’re ghost-hunting, life-risking kiddos for a day
⚫potential Sherlock crossover (I would die)
⚫a Lockwood & Co TV show, you guys

Jealous ~ 10K/Reader

Citizen Z flirts with the reader over the video chat and 10K gets jealous and sassy.
I can just imagine 10K being jealous and because he’s quite young and never really had a girlfriend before? I don’t know…


The screen lit up with Citizen Z’s grinning face on it, there was a small camera above this which you assumed meant that he could see you too.

“Hey, its Citizen Z!” You grinned up at the image on the screen.

Hi! (Y/N). Looking gorgeous as always.” You blushed lightly as you were confused at the action. Luckily you were saved by the embarrassment as Citizen Z asked to see Murphy, who was standing beside 10K and moved him out of the way slightly so he could come in to view. This action made 10K rub up against your back and you turned around to look at his eyes but he was looking stoically ahead, seemingly at Citizen Z.

You faced forward continuing to listen to Citizen Z talking about the mission and where you would be going to next.

The mission is a go, thanks to yours truly. That’s good news, right?” Citizen Z’s voice rang out.

“Good news would be a package of Oreos and a couple gallons of milk.” 10K muttered sarcastically, glaring up at the virtual image of Citizen Z.

Citizen Z instructed you on where to go next and you all piled out of the small room, making your way towards the truck. You climbed in to the truck bed along with 10K but he made an effort to deliberately sit as far away from you as possible.

“10K, what is the matter with you today?”

“Nothing,” He muttered, looking anywhere but at you. You raised an eyebrow.

“You know I know when you’re lying right?” You lifted yourself up and sat down beside 10K, your legs touching.

“Tell me what’s wrong, please?”

“I said nothing. Why don’t you go back and talk to your boyfriend.” He mumbled.



You burst out laughing and 10K looked towards you with even more hurt in his eyes. “He’s not my boyfriend, 10K.” You managed to get out between laughter,

“I don’t think the apocalypse is the time for long distance relationships" 10K didn’t reply but you could see the pink on his cheeks and the stiffness of his body. 

"Anyway. I’m just waiting on the right guy,” You smiled gently towards him. You had a feeling 10K might like you but you didn’t want to act upon it just in case. You knew about how much interaction he had with women in the past. Being so young when the apocalypse started. He was definitely a man now though, his now muscular arms proving this. 

“Puppies and kittens,” You snapped yourself out of your daze as Warren alerted everyone to the incoming zombie. 

10K lifted his rifle up with ease and fired a shot that was slightly over your head. You had no fear because you knew 10K’s aim was always on point. The zombie dropped to the ground and 10K lowered his rifle, leaning back against the truck beside you, your legs still touching.

“Well I hope you find the right guy.” He muttered.

“Yeah, I think I have.” You said, smiling sincerely at him. 10K looked back at you confused. You simply leaned over and took his hand in your own, threading your fingers together, facing back towards the road, the wind from the moving vehicle whipping through your hair. 10K squeezed your hand slightly in return, his features going from confused to happy, leaning back on the truck beside you.

“You know, you’re cute when you’re jealous” You smirked.

“I was not jealous.”

Because my brain won’t let me stop thinking about 7x10, I keep coming up with super fluffy scenarios that won’t ever happen and what if during this “pretty sweet” goodbye hug, Daryl kisses Carol on the forehead and she’s in shock for about 0.05 seconds before a sassy look comes over her face and she teases him “you missed” which gets Daryl all flustered and he tells her “stahp” which just makes Carol smile more because cute, flustered Daryl is her favorite Daryl (isn’t it everyone’s favorite Daryl?) and then we all die from cuteness but what a way to go


I dunno, I thought it was pretty funny to see only Erron Black sitting in this scene, like a naughty kid brought to the principal’s office because he was caught out doing something wrong like flirting with the sassy-mouthed enemy.

Poor Ermac just looks disappointed …

Request by rosalie-eaton: Hello! May I have an imagine where James is in love with the reader who is just like him but a female slytherin version? Thank you xx

Author: Luna


“You’re joking, right?”

James looked up nonchalantly, tearing his gaze off of a girl—who just so happened to be you—and frankly, looking unabashed. He blinked his eyes once, twice, and then he raised his eyebrows at Sirius Black, who had a rather annoyed expression plastered on his face. What were they talking about, again?

There was a short pause between the four who sat together, and James ruffled his hair absentmindedly while eyeing his friends. The pause was short-lived, however, as James rolled his eyes and asked in a rather sassy tone, “What?”

“You’re staring at Y/N again,” Peter claimed observingly, and James glared, huffing like a child who was just offered vegetables instead of a dessert.

“Was not!”

“Yes you were,” Sirius teased childishly, a small, sly smirk beginning to form on his lips. He leaned his elbows on the table, resting his chin in between his laced fingers. A small lock of his dark hair fell out of the bun which was being held together with his quill and framed his face. In return, he tucked it behind his ear like a girl. “Am I not pretty enough like Y/N to you, James?”

James fake gagged, glancing behind his shoulder at Y/N, who sat at the Slytherin table, noticing that she was glancing about the Grand Hall, likely looking for her next victim.

Victim, you ask? Yes, victim. You read correctly. The girl was practically known for her constant shenanigans. Poor Slughorn was left interrogating every student in the school for a month after she replaced his pumpkin juice with skele-gro. And boy, it was painful to watch. And guess what group of students was first to be interrogated? That’s right, the Marauders.

Unexpectedly, it only caused James’ interest in her to grow even more. She was a Slytherin, but she got away with everything. Not only did it bother James, but it made him want to be near her.

He could practically imagine brewing a polyjuice potion so they could imitate people and embarrass them publicly in the halls.

Hey, it’s not like it hasn’t before.


James repeated himself with a more significant amount of annoyance in his tone of voice, “What?”

“She’s looking,” Remus mumbled before Sirius could say anything, and James whipped around in attempts to see where, how, and why.

“You bloke, you’ll scare her away before you’ll be able to ask her on a date!” Sirius scolded, kicking James’ shin harder than needed.

“Ask who on a date?”

The sudden voice caused the four Marauders, for once, to freeze. Y/N. James felt his mind begin to race, and for a split moment he feared that he would blurt something unintentional out at her. The look on Sirius’ face only caused James to glare daggers at his best friend, to which Peter and Remus found themselves softly smiling at the boy with unkempt hair and round glasses.

“You,” Said Sirius just as James exclaimed, “No one!”

Y/N raised both of her eyebrows, and James slowly turned as if he were about to face the almighty wrath of McGonagall.

This was nothing like James in the slightest.

“Alright, well then I’ll try,” Y/N said, a boastful smile upon her pink lips. “James, why don’t we go out on a date together?”

“Well,” James mumbled at first, but then cleared his throat and looked up at Y/N through that charming, pearly grin of his. “That didn’t go as planned. But why not?”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow evening!”

And she was gone.


Rain + “please don’t leave” (lowkey inspired by that one scene with jisoo and eunji from sassy gogo heh)

He took you by the wrist and turned you around but when facing you, it was like he forgot know how to speak because he didn’t say anything, all he did was stare - and you were done with that. “Look, Wonwoo…You’re a nice guy, I’m sure of that but I just get the feeling that you don’t want to be here with me or have anything to do with me” you spoke, as you looked at him, with tears welling up in your eyes.

This was the third time he had invited you to go out and every time it went like this - you leaving because he seemed so uninterested. You couldn’t understand why he was giving you these mixed signals.

“You don’t say much and honestly it’s like you don’t even care. I don’t want to sound rude but this won’t work out” you explained and shook his hand off of you, walking out of the coffee shop that he had invited you in.

When you stepped outside you were faced by pouring rain and you cursed in your mind why it had to rain just now. But it didn’t stop you - you quickly stepped out from the shelter of the shelter and started walking to the subway station determinately.

As you were trying to get away from him and the rain as fast as possible, you suddenly felt a pair of arms coming from around you and hold you tight. Your immediate reaction was to let out a squeal but when you recognised his scent, you fell quiet.

“Please don’t leave. I’m in so much pain and you make me feel better. I’m - I’m sorry Y/N” he whispered, choking on his tears by the end of his words. He felt so bad for not saying much to you because he clearly knew that you didn’t like it but he wasn’t feeling good and just seeing you, made him happier, more okay.

And at that moment your heart sunk. He was holding you closer than ever and you could feel how hard he was trying not to break down and cry and so were you.

You hadn’t understood him and hadn’t even wanted to but now it all made sense. He needed you and you needed him.

And you decided that you weren’t going to let go of him anymore.

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Exo Reaction: You’re ex boyfriend appears

Baekhyun: “Can I help you?” *gives your ex the best glare he can and you can’t help but smile because of him*

Chanyeol: *sees your ex boyfriend trying to hurt you and failing miserably as you just stared at him unamused, so he walks over with a look as soon as the ex caught sight of him*

Kai: *walks up with Sehun, Chanyeol and Suho in tow, the numbers immediately threatening to your ex* “Did you make him cry?”

Suho: *just calls security to escort your ex off of the premises* “He was uninvited so why should he stay?”

Kyungsoo: *as soon as he saw the tears in your eyes, he was across the room in a second getting right up into your ex’s face, no matter the height difference*

Sehun: *sassy Sehun comes out to make your ex feel small so he leaves you alone* “So you’re his ex?” *gives your ex an unimpressed look* “Hmph.”

Lay: *looks at your ex* “No wonder you’re not together anymore.”

Chen: “He’s mine now, you lost him, so what are you still doing here?” *badass Chen comes out*

Xiumin: “Who do you think you are?”

Can we talk about Micky Dolenz for a second here, and the way he did not give one single fuck about wearing “girly” clothes? 

This shirt was bold purple with big pink flowers on it and a sort of scarf thing attached. Was it a womens shirt? WHO KNOWS. But Micky rocked it. Micky rocked it hard while looking like an actual ANGEL.

Look at his face. ACTUAL ANGEL.

And then there is this coat…

JUST LOOK AT HIM. It’s a black shiny coat with puffy sleeves and some kind of weird design at the bottom and a SPARKLY BELT. He also looks like he’s wearing a necklace which doesn’t look like his normal love beads, it looks like an actual necklace that seems to match the belt?? And he was looking THIS SASSY having just got off a plane.

Someone once said that from the way this coat is buttoned it must be a womens coat. THIS MAKES ME LOVE HIM SO MUCH MORE. He literally does not give a single fuck.

Then there is this which looks like a similar style and texture to the purple flowery number;

HOW PRETTY??! They also look like giant flowers and he looks SO PRETTY I literally cannot stress this enough.

And last but by no means least….

RUFFLES AND PINSTRIPES. Like look at Mike keeping it casual in shirt tucked into jeans, and Davy rocking a trouser/jacket combo and then there is Micky who clearly thinks that every pavement is a catwalk with his ruffly shirt and pinstripe trousers.

What a first class babe!!!

Exo reaction - His usually shy girlfriend gets sassy


“Yesterday you did not even dare to order food by yourself and now you are out here putting guys in their places. Do i have bad eyes or did you learn a few things from Sehun?”

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“What happend to my shy girlfriend? That dude got so burned” 

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“Got him babe! HAHA! no one should mess with my girl” He would just laugh as he saw the dudes face turning red.

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“Oh my god! the face he made! Well done Y/n, now we can be the king and queen of sassy!”

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“Yeah, that’s how we roll here! Sassy squad for the win. You can finally join us babe!”

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“Oh god.. you have been spending way to much time with Sehun, but this time i’m not gonna say anything bad about it, cause you really put that dude in his place”

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“HAHA, oh lord look at the dudes face, that’s my girl!” 

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“That’s right, maybe come over here so i can give you a hug to make the pain go away, cause you just lost” 

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“Oh mother of.. Did my Y/N really say that? Yesterday she was shy about going to the store by herself..”

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“Y/N you should not speak like that to people.. But i guess that he had it coming.. good job” *Wants to keep his polite side, but is really proud of you anyway*

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“That’s right dude, now move along so you can really feel the last of your dignity being thrown away”

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“Guys don’t stare. That guy had it coming and he deserved it, and be proud of Y/N for not taking that shit anymore”

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things to think about if you want to cry:

  • tony and pepper getting married
  • happy walking pepper down the aisle because he’s a huge overprotective teddy bear and of course he has to give her away at the altar
  • happy whispering “i’d tell you i’ll kick his ass if he ever hurts you, but we all know you’ve got that covered”
  • rhodey being tony’s best man
  • rhodey standing there next to tony with this huge stupid grin on his face bc he is the Ultimate Pepperony Fanboy and is so happy to see his best friends happy
  • nat being pepper’s maid of honor
  • nat being like “tony is a huge doofus but after everything you’ve been through together you deserve each other so much and i’m happy to see you happy”
  • their sassy fuckin vows, probably
  • tony being a huge dork and crying just a teeny lil bit when he sees pepper walking towards him because wow she’s so beautiful
  • pepper going weak in the knees when she sees tony because he always looks handsome in a suit but goddamn he looks amazing right now
  • them getting engraved wedding bands; tony’s says “i got you”, pepper’s says “i got you first”
  • pepper being super emotional because who would have thought that i would fall in love with my boss, and i never expected to end up here, but i’ve been through so much with this incredible man who i fall in love with more and more every day, and i’m so ready to stand beside him and face whatever comes our way next
  • tony being super emotional because oh god, i never thought anyone would want this with me, but now here i am standing in front of this beautiful, amazing, intelligent, perfect woman, and she just promised to spend the rest of her life with me