just look at that precious face can you not

SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 11 - Favourite Normal Type: Drampa

 A PRECIOUS NORMAL TYPE DRAGON. I have been waiting for one for years and Drampa is just perfect. It looks so gentle and fluffy and lazy. I kinda made a mix of goat, sloth and great anteater here. It’s a neat design, you can do a lot with it. The goat features were the first thing that came to my mind and I personally like the idea of it having a goat face.

Favorite Kaisoo moments : (Personal choice )

@stvnylnt  Here is the post I promised you :) The moments are a personal choice so some other shippes might not see them as important or evident but I consider ‘top’ moments. 

10) Just looking at you makes me happy 

The genuine instant happiness that spreads across Kyungsoo’s face from just looking at Jongin is so beautiful and so precious.  Jongin wasn’t doing anything to make him laugh, no funny face and as you can see, he wasn’t talking ( telling a joke or smthg) YET Kyungsoo smiles so widely when their eyes meet.  Just look at how happy he becomes when Jongin turns to him. Would you smile like that at someone you don’t genuinely like ? Also if you’ve noticed, Kyungsoo was intensely staring at Jongin even before he turned towards him. This moment is so precious.

9) I can’t keep my hands off of you 

This moment is just legendary. Look at how naturally Jongin holds Kyungsoo’s hand into his, caressed it and keep their hands intertwined for while, all while casually talking to the person next to him.  This moment is among the most suspicious Kaisoo moments I have ever seen. Friends just don’t do this. This such a couple thing, touching you for no reason just to feel you and be close to you. Look at how Kyungsoo instantly glances up straight to the camera, he looks a bit nervous to me, like he was worried or something which makes what’s going on even more credible. 

8) You are all I see

Similar moment 

The two moments are gold. Jongin seems to be always unable to keep his eyes of Kyungsoo, even when there is no reason for him to stare. I noticed how sometimes in group interviews, Jongin will often be looking in Kyungsoo’s general direction, he would glance at whosoever talking and then back to Ks ( mostly unconsciously) and  so on. In the second picture, it looks like suddenly during a live performance, Jongin decided to glance back ( which is something he rarely does, we all know how serious he is about delivering a perfect dance) and caught Kyungsoo’s eyes and the two remained looking at each other for few more seconds.  It feels to me like looking at each other, in some, reassure/calms Kaisoo, specially during performances. This is not the only time they’ve done it.

7)  You got me under your spell 

This moment is one of the most iconic and telling moments of all the KD history. Jongin just looks plain mesmerised by Kyungsoo. Let’s be honest here, if you caught your straight male friend gazing at a girl this same exact way , would you even doubt for a second that he has some sort of crush on her ? I think that answers why this is on the list. 

6) Suddenly shy 

This moment is one that I add to my list of the most suspicious and credible Kaisoo moments. Just look at how timid and shy Jongin is suddenly behaving once he realizes Kyungsoo is behind him. His whole demeanor is off  (nervous, stiff and curling towards himself). In the second gif, he subtly throws a quick glance at Kyungsoo and once he find the other already looking at him, he instantly looks away, like he didn’t want to get caught looking but couldn’t help himself. What you conclude from this is up to you but I say, someone has a crush. 

5) I am here for you

Such beautiful caring moments. Kyungsoo never hesitates to step in and help. He is there whenever Jongin needs him. I love how giving and attentive he is to Jongin’s needs/health. He truly cares for him and that shows. and it goes both ways : 

(Jongin stops to bring the chair closer for Kyungsoo)

4) Goofing around

I truly love this small moment. It’s not often that we get to see Kyungsoo all playful and goofy but look at how at ease he is biting into Jongin’s hat and teasing him. A great indication of a intimate healthy bond is the ability to let go, loosen up around each other and goof around. Just look at how happy they look. 

3)  The infamous Eskimo kiss

This moment is beyond beautiful. It’s the most heartwarming display of affection that Kaisoo has ever expressed towards one another. It speaks of a great level of intimacy and trust. I love how they naturally turn towards each other and rub noses. So adorable <3

2) The golden moment : ‘My Jagi’

It would be a crime not to include this moment in the list. I don’t think I need to explain myself.  It can’t get any clearer than this.

1)  I need you closer  ( my personal favorite)

And here it is, my personal favorite. I know there are better and more intimate moments than this one but I just love it. It sums up their entire relationship. Look at how Jongin’s hands casually encircled Kyungsoo’s waist in front of the whole world and somehow kyungsoo doesn’t show a single sight of protest or discomfort. They look so natural together, so right. The chemistry between them is just pouring off the picture. I showed this picture to a non-kpop fan friend and she told me :” I never knew there was a famous gay couple in Korea. What’s their names ?”.  Kaisoo can’t get more couple-y than this. 

That’s about it :) choosing was so hard because every Kaisoo moment is a precious moment but I had to settle on certain ones so I hope I answered your ask. 

Credits : all the gifs and pics used belong to their respective owners. Thank you. 

How would the RFA + V and seran to an Mc who is a really bad cook but when she made their favorite food it surprisingly turned out great. How would they react?


  • Sweet bean baby really doesn’t like your cooking
  • He usually makes excuses on why he can’t eat your cooking (e.g. “I ate already!”)
  • But he couldn’t get out of it this time because he’s weak can’t say no to you
  • When he finds out you made one of his favorite foods, omurice, he’s so downcast
  • Yoosung just doesn’t want to hate his favorite food why does the world do this to him
  • With a trembling hand, he lifts his fork up to this mouth and takes a bite
  • The dish itself didn’t look bad, but hey, you never know
  • His face was ready to fight off the look of disgust but surprisingly, he went in for another bite
  • h o l y crappoli this was amazing 
  • He’s constantly praising you inbetween bites
  • Really proud of your drastic improvement!!
  • He can finally start to cook together with you without the fear of causing a house fire


  • You can bet that Baehee does most of the cooking in the house
  • She usually receives a packed lunch from you before she heads out for work
  • But once she reaches work, she tends to throw it away and goes for buying lunch instead
  • She feels really bad for doing so, but she can’t help it, your food makes her feel icky
  • Today was her day off, so she couldn’t get out of eating your cooked lunch and you refused to let her cook instead
  • The menu item for today was a bento
  • Knowing with your skills, gas station bento sounded more appetizing at this point
  • When she saw the look of anticipation on your face, she sighed and reached for her chopsticks
  • Upon taking a bite, her face instantly turned into one of enjoyment
  • “MC, can you pack this for my lunch? It’s amazing!”
  • She’s so relieved that all the practice turned your cooking a complete 180 towards a better path


  • You were always trying to cook him healthy dishes
  • Vegetables were always bland and mushy, meat wasn’t seasoned properly, rice was overcooked, something was always off with your cooking
  • He usually ate before coming home, so there wasn’t a need for you to cook for him
  • Not after he ate that dish that left him on the toilet for hours
  • One day you decided to surprise visit him at his studio and you made goldfish bread for everybody
  • When you walked in with the basket he greeted you, asking you what it was
  • His face paled upon hearing that it was made by you and not bought from the cart outside his house
  • Not wanting to cause a scene, he anxiously watched everyone on set take one and bite into it
  • You can imagine his surprise when everybody began devouring them one after another
  • Once he took a bite of his own fish, his face lit up with utter joy as he grabbed another fish to murder eat
  • As time went on, he learned that your baking skills were waaaay better than your cooking


  • Jumin Han, proud and powerful businessman, was afraid of your cooking
  • You rarely got to do it since there were personal chefs, but when you actually got to do it oh b o y
  • Because he loves you so dearly, he’ll try to eat most of it before telling you that he isn’t very hungry
  • He is very ecastic that you think of him enough to cook for him though, so it never goes without a ‘thank you’ and forehead kiss!
  • Tonight was one of the times you got to cook dinner and Jumin spent atleast 45 minutes mentally preparing himself
  • You decided to make a favorite of Jumin, steak
  • When you brought it out to him, he made sure to have some wine at hand for when he needed to wash down the taste
  • He proceeded to cut out his bite and much to his surprise, it was very flavorful and…
  • and well, not disgusting
  • After happily eating the rest of it, he asked if you did anything different this time while cooking
  • You admitted that you’ve been taking a cooking class in your spare time, and he was very pleased upon hearing that
  • Now you were urged to cook more frequently and maybe replace the chefs


  • Saeyoung isn’t a picky eater
  • He’s said himself that he really doesn’t care about flavor and that he only needed HBC and PhD Pepper
  • But knowing his diet, you pushed to cook for him everyday so he would be healthier
  • True to his word, he really didn’t care about the taste of your cooking, it was just really bland to him so he had no problem scarfing it down for your sake
  • On the days where the dish actually was bad, he’d still eat it all and compliment you for it (not without a ‘thank you’ either)
  • Around lunchtime he was called out of work as per usual for food
  • This time though, he was greeted by a heavenly smell
  • The smell was stir fry noodles, something he actually kind of liked
  • He took his usual seat next to you on the stools and thanked you before digging in 
  • For the first time, he genuinely enjoys the taste of your cooking
  • You even had to serve him seconds, which is a first!
  • When he finishes helping you clean up, you’re immediately picked up and spun around, “Saeyoung iF YOU DON’T PUT ME DOWN I’M GOING TO THROW UP”
  • To tame his suspicions, he hacked into your search history only to find heaps of recipes and cooking tutorials
  • He should definitely ask if you can make Honey Buddha Chips now


  • This precious, amazing, holy man
  • A man who we do not deserve
  • Eats every single thing you make with no complaint whatsoever
  • All Jihyun does is love and praise you and your cooking with many, many compliments, no matter how awful it actually is
  • Bless his soul
  • You could bring him a slice of burnt toast and he’d still eat it with a smile and thank you for it I swear to god
  • One day you served him this huge ass plate of pasta
  • And only the lord knows how much this man l o v e s pasta, because MAMA MIA
  • Imagine this skinny, lanky man engulf a large plate of pasta
  • He did mentally take note that compared to everything else, this pasta was freaking amazing give him more
  • After watching him literally absorb that plate, he has the biggest smile plastered on his face as he asks for a second plate
  • After he finishes the second plate, the shower of compliments wave onto you during the couch cuddle session
  • Eventually Jihyun passes out though because food coma
  • Please protect him, he’s too good for this world,,


  • The first time he ever took a bite out of something you made, his face immediately scrunched up in disgust
  • You know that he dislikes your cooking, but you’re determined to get better
  • Ever since then, you’ve cooked atleast one of his meals everyday, much to Saeran’s dismay
  • He loves you, so he’ll begrudgingly take a few bites out of it until he ultimately says that he can’t eat anymore
  • Try and try as you might, it always ends up with the same result every day
  • Until one day you see him snacking on some Pepero and immediately remember his love for sweets
  • So you try exactly that for breakfast
  • When he walks into the kitchen the next morning, he’s surprised to smell something sweet wafting through the air
  • You gesture him to sit down while you bring a plate of hotteok to him (basically pancake with cinnamon-peanut syrup filling)
  • He slowly takes the first bite, and afterwards he’s instantly hooked
  • “You finally made something  good, MC,” his words are muffled through his mouthful
  • But his dorky smile was the best part

{{A lot of people hate Hayden Christensen because they think he made Anakin/Vader too weak or ruined the character or says he can’t act, etc, etc. All of which I don’t believe and what not. But can we all just agree on one thing?







Like, my gosh. He can command a screen with his “I am literally going to kill you face” and he looks absolutely evil at points. And at other times when he looks crazy. I.E When Padme confronts him on Mustafar. Anyways, get off my precious sunflowers back. Just leave him alone. He’s amazing. He can act and he’s the most generous adorable precious person who still loves Star Wars and loves that he was able to be apart of it}}



Shtpost #1

[some content pasted from a hangouts message] 

You know what my aesthetic is? Chanyeol laughing so hard his right eye twitches and squints a little bit and he does that seal clap and his teeth just look like they’re about to fly off his face and he kinda sounds like a dying goose and then when he can’t control himself anymore he hits the person beside him like really hard and I literally won’t be surprised if he pulls a Dan one day and falls off his chair-

And also, do you know that feeling when you’re hanging out with someone you usually are pretty comfortable around but then on that specific day you just get really awkward and can’t make eye contact? Well, this:

I’m digging up all this treasure of CB in the past please just UNDERSTAND. Tomorrow I’m going snow tubing with my family and I was watching a video of EXO’rDIUM where Baekhyun and Chanyeol were derping off to Run with e/o and I just thought of how lucky they both are to have each other and be able to know each other because THEY’RE WILDTING SOULMATES DON’T ARGUE WITH ME.

UGH and the friendly thigh support there? Absolutely. Friendly. mhm yes some BEST FRIEND crap right there my bois being supportive of each other and each other’s wild ambitions yes yes. 

AND Another thing is how… aeSThetic they both are??? I just can’t believe I’m in the same era as them because I’m blessed. None of these gifs really have any other connection besides the fact that their appreciation and unconditional love (and unspoken respect) for each other is so beautiful and I love them so much I’m so glad I ranted I feel like a deflated balloon but like a really happy deflated balloon ya know what I mean? They’re real people. They’re physically there. I can see them and I can see their emotions and their actions and they definitely have thoughts that we might not see and that’s what’s so nice about stanning EXO in general UGH I’m going on forever about them because they’re just so precious and I love all of them so much it hurts me

Anyways, if you’re having a bad day and want to destress:








Have a great day, everyone! 🔥💛

EXO’s Reaction to you falling asleep while talking to them



*Adores your sleepy face. Your eyes struggled to keep themselves open and you were squishing your face into his chest, how could he not love that? He’d wrap his arms around you and pull you closer.*

“She looks so soft…so cute..”

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*Very smiley. He can’t contain it. You sleep in the exact position as he does, all curled up and hugging him. He’d hug you so tight that you might end up waking up.*

“Your sleepy face is just…so so so huggable..”

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*He was talking to you about anything and everything. The way he writes lyrics, how he comes up with them and how thinking of you always gives him inspiration. But when he turned over, you were sleeping with your head on his collarbone.*

“My sweet princess..Can she get any more precious.”

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*You asked him to sing for you so he did. One arm wrapped around you as you laid your head on him. When he heard you quietly snoring, he carefully pulled out his phone. Quickly, he snapped a photo of him next to you and set it down before kissing your forehead.*

“Set as my wallpaper. Goodnight, cutie pie.”

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*Tells you about how his day went, what he did and how he was writing lyrics with Yixing. When he looked over, you were asleep, your cheer was squish-able as you rested them against his shoulder. He took the opportunity to snap more than five photos before laughing at how cute they are.*

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*You two were on the couch. Your head on his shoulder as he was gently strumming his guitar. He was softly singing a song to you and before he knew it, you were out on his shoulder, sleeping. He smiled as he continued strumming until he, too, fell asleep.*

“…we can sleep on the couch tonight..”

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*He doesn’t really do cuddling but you were exception. You two were just on the bed, staring at the ceiling and talking about how you two felt and stuff like that before your eyes were slowly closing. He looked over and smiled before pulling you close enough to spoon.*

“So cute..U////U..”

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*Big cuddler. He was fiddling with your hands and found out you were asleep and smiled. His entire body would cover yours when he cuddled you and it was the greatest thing ever. Both of you felt warm in the embrace of each other.*

“Is it possible for you to look so cute while sleeping?”

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*Slightly offended that you fell asleep on him. He was telling you two about this new recipe he wanted to try with you but you fell asleep half way. He felt offended for a few seconds before seeing your adorable sleeping face. He wouldn’t admit it but he loves it. He might even stare at you for a few more minutes before pulling you closer.*

“I should be mad at you but you’re just too damn adorable to be mad at.”

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I hope this was cute! ♥♥♥


ok just a friendly reminder that  Daryl did in fact try to be sweet and offer to carry something for Carol and this happened..

Awkwardness ensued because my Dad tells me that this happens to guys around girls they like. You  can be normally sure handed and just trip all over yourself when the situation occurs. 

I mean Daryl did forget he was carrying a jug when he offered to carry hers (giggity) and  this sort of amnesia also happens as well. And I have had to tell guys that many girls like Carol here, finding it abolutly adorable. 

I certainly do and I know Carol does because… well look at her face here..

He just so precious to her and he made her smile without even trying. Just by being  the adorable dork he is. And that face palm here just seals for me and for her. How can you not love him here, like honestly?

It’s like you can see Daryl’s thoughts in a bubble “i’m sooo awkward..” and “man I suck at this shit..” and “Oh My God she’s looking at me..”  

I mean it was just brilliant and so perfect I just have to revisit from time to time just to relive how lovely it was. 

One of those beautiful awkward steps in the course of a beautiful relationship. 

Everybody look at this comic:

Did you look at it? Good, now look at this:

and this:

Do you see this acorn? This small, precious, too-pure acorn? All he wants is to become better. He wants to learn from the best so that he can play volleyball as long as possible BECAUSE HE FREAKING LOVES IT THAT MUCH. So little tiny Kageyama asks Oikawa to teach him and what does Oikawa do? Laugh in his face, reject him, yell at him. Make him feel bad for even daring to want to become better. This memory haunts Kageyama and that’s why he doesn’t just talk to Kenma: because he’s afraid of being yelled at. Oikawa made Kageyama so self-conscious about asking for help that Kageyama doesn’t even feel safe approaching Kenma: the most cinnamonly roll.
Please protect my smol child.

334 and 360 w/ Peter Maximoff

334. “Wow, somebody needs a happy meal.”

360. “Wanting Mcdonalds is not an emergency.”-”Sure it is.”

“I can’t believe I’m here at 2 in the fucking morning!” Peter groaned, placing a hand over his face.

“Shh, be quiet Peter. Besides, hunger never sleeps.” You replied impatiently.

“Yeah, but don’t you think it’s a bit early to be eating?” He questioned looking over at you. 

“Tell me, what time do stomachs close? Hmm?” You responded looking at him.

“Fair point.” He sighed. “I just don’t get it. You called saying there was an emergency. Wanting Mcdonalds is not an emergency.”

“Sure it is.” You retorted.

“No it isn’t Y/N. I could be asleep right now dreaming about Twinkies.”

You scoffed. “Really? Twinkies?”

“What’s wrong with Twinkies?” He defended.

“Nothing.” You smirked. 

“What’s taking them so long?!” Peter snapped, banging his fist on the table making you jump.

“Wow, somebody needs a happy meal.” You mumbled.

Peter dragged his hand down his face. “I’m sorry. I’m just tired and grumpy and I want to go home.” He whined like a 3 year old.

“Well we an go home once I have my chicken nuggets.” You sassed.

Peter sighed. “Fine.”

Look at this precious gem that I just found 💜 I took screenshot from an amazing video of Stefán singing and cropped/sharpened it for you guys 💖Look at that face ;-; He is extremely gorgeous and I just can’t ! ~ ! ~ !

Look at this precious little thing I can totally imagine him being a mess the first time but hey let’s give him a chance hehe (;

There was an unspoken tension in the room as Hanbin made himself comfortable on your bed after taking a shower, a small smile playing on his lips as he just sat there admiring the way you sat in front of the dresser going about your post shower routine. Perhaps it was the way his oversized shirt rode up your petite frame to reveal more of your thighs whenever you lifted your arms to your face or simply the fact that yes, he was spending the night at your place for the first time ever, but there was definitely just something about finally being alone with you in your dimly lit bedroom that made him a little nervier than usual as if you both were expecting something to happen.

“A penny for your thoughts,” You said, snapping him out of his daze as you climbed onto his lap and applied some lotion on his face.

“Oh…it’s nothing,” He shrugged, his hands hesitating for a bit before finding its way to your waist.

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MODie: I can’t get over that charm attached to my chopsticks, I just HAD to get it! Just look at that star’s hilarious face! 😂😂 I may get plenty more charms for my precious chopsticks!

Also, thank you SO MUCH guys for wishing me a happy birthday!!! I LOVE YOU ALLLLL!!! Sending may hugs your way! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @stephanoodle I do apologize for the rigged lines, my tablet have been behaving weird lately and idk what to do with it -o-


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The moment that the familiar green-clad Asgardian showed up in Avengers Tower, everybody was on high alert. Especially since Thor was not around currently.

Tony stepped ever so subtly in front of you, despite not being in his suit. The other Avengers looked around for their weapons, never taking their eyes off Loki for more than a split moment.

“Oh I love how I can just make all of you afraid just by showing up here,” Loki stated, a grin on his face. “But, the lot of you humiliated me. Stripped me of my divine right to rule, and for that, I’m going to take something precious from you.”

You thought you noticed his eyes land on you, which caused you to back up out of fear. However, you hit something. Or, rather, someone. Hands gripped your upper arms tightly, and you shouted in surprise. The Avengers turned to look as Loki vanished, evidently just an illusion. The real Loki was now behind you, pulling you towards the balcony.

“Dad!” You called out to Tony, trying to reach for him. However, Loki yanked your arm behind you, preventing you from reaching. You tried to kick, but the moment you tried, you were thrown off-balance, needing to plant both feet firmly to prevent hanging awkwardly by your arms in Loki’s grip.

“Let go of her!” Tony shouted to Loki in desperation. You could see tears forming in his eyes from worry.

“You should’ve let me rule,” Loki simply stated. “Instead you made my life miserable, so I’m returning the favor.” With that, Loki forced you out on the balcony, then jumped off of it, pulling you with him. You screamed in fear, looking up as the Avengers watched you fall. Tony looked like he was about to jump after you, suit or no suit, but Steve kept him from doing so.

You and Loki landed on some sort of sky-cycle, which Loki drove off.

Loki must’ve used some sort of sleeping spell on you, because the next thing you knew, you were waking up in some sort of abandoned warehouse, on a bare mattress sitting on the floor. Loki was in a chair nearby, watching you.

“For the daughter of an Avenger, you don’t put up much of a fight,” Loki commented.

“You DID take me by surprise,” you pointed out. “Why do you even have me here? Petty revenge?”

“Revenge is a powerful motivator,” Loki commented. “And clearly I can’t take this world by attacking it with an army. I need to work quietly, dismantle the defenses before they go up. And I could brush up on my knowledge of how systems on Midgard work.”

“You want me to teach you how to make Midgard fall from the inside,” you said, more of a statement than a question.

“You ARE smart,” Loki commented. He had an unusually gentle smile.

“No way am I going to help you take over my own world!” you said, crossing your arms.

“Well, then I’ll just have to keep you here, as my pet. Let’s hope I don’t forget to feed you.”

A couple days went by, and almost like clockwork, Loki visited several times a day, bringing you food that was surprisingly good. He even brought sweets once. You generally didn’t speak to him, other than to thank him for bringing you food. Though, three days after he kidnapped you, you were tired of the silence.

You put your plate down on the floor, done with your lunch. “I’m sorry,” you said.

“What?” Loki asked, looking at you in surprise. Clearly he didn’t expect an apology.

“I’m sorry the Avengers humiliated you,” you elaborated. You knew what the Avengers did was necessary, but you could ignore that to get on your captor’s good side. “And I’m sorry the universe has prevented you from being a king. If things had turned out differently, I’m sure you would’ve been a great ruler. Though, kidnapping innocents and killing hundreds of people isn’t exactly the best way of doing so.”

Loki glared and stepped to you. “That was the most pathetic attempt at pleading for freedom that I’ve ever heard,” he stated.

“Well, I figured if you were going to kill me, you would’ve done so already,” you stated, acting brave even though you were really nervous. “I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. But in all honesty, I don’t know much about your life. I know vaguely some of the stories that the old Norse people had about you and Thor, though I doubt the accuracy of some of them. But I can tell that you’ve had a rough life. And I feel sorry for you because of it.”

You watched Loki’s expression change from a glare to something unidentifiable, but softer. More genuine. He stepped closer to you, bending down so he was closer to your level, and put his hand under your chin to lift your head to look directly at him.

“You know nothing,” Loki hissed.

“I know being a shadow. Following an act that I feel like I can never beat. I am the child of genius, inventor, Avenger Tony Stark. When Tony was my age, he built his first AI. And I’m not dumb, but I don’t have an inventor’s mind,” you admitted. “I’m just an average person, with an average skill set, living with the best at what they do.”

Loki looked at you a moment, as if contemplating something. Suddenly he leaned in, kissing you on the lips. You were stunned, frozen. You didn’t know if this was a trick, or what the heck was going on.

After a moment, Loki pulled back. “You have more compassion than any of them,” he stated, pulling his hand away as well. “Treating me as a person, instead of a monster.”


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Okay so I really really love Chekov and I just had to write something about my precious Russian cinnamon roll

Pairing: Pavel Chekov x reader
Fandom: Star Trek
Warnings: [N/A]
Summary: Chekov really likes you and everyone knows it. Every time he tries to tell you he starts to stutter and can’t get the words out.

“Are you alright Chekov?” You asked giving the Russian a side ways look. He blinked in surprised as if coming out of a trance. He’s been staring at you for a full ten minutes. You weren’t exactly sure why this was. Did you perhaps have something on your face. If that was the case you’d like to know.

“Erm” Chekov began becoming nervous “yes I’m okay”.
He looked away awkwardly. It was quite obvious he was trying to look at anything else but your face.

“Are you sure?” You questioned raising an eyebrow “you just been staring at me for a while now is all…”.

“Have I?” Chekov said his Adam’s apple moving nervously.

“Yes…” you said slowly. Now you were starting to feel uncomfortable.

“Well um I guess I would like to talk to you about something” Pavel said rubbing the back of his neck. There was a long moment of silence.

“Well go on then” you insisted.

Chekov opened his mouth but only a squeak escaped his lips. He started muttering to himself in Russian before trying yet again.
“Well you see…”.

You sighed.
“Pavel if you’d like to ask me out on a date I’d be happy to accept”.

Chekov’s eyes went wide.
“How did you? I mean I’d love to but… how?”

“Sulu told me that you had a little crush on me a while back” you smiled. This made Chekov’s cheeks go bright red.
“You really should have said something”.

“I’ve tried”.

“Well try again”.

Chekov took a deep breath. Then he looked you straight in the eye and said.
“Would you like to go out sometime?”.

“Of course I would”.

Out of Reach

When Alois is wearing his heeled boots, he’s too tall for Ciel to reach his face.

When Ciel wants a kiss, he gestures for him to come closer and grumbles.

“Come here…”

Alois gets the snarkiest grin and stands upright, making himself appear taller.

“For what?~”

“You know what, just come here.”

“No. You want it, you can come to me~”

Ciel growls, his face growing hotter by the second, as he tries to stand up on his tip toes to reach Alois’ lips.

Alois watches in amusement as Ciel struggles to meet his lips, and the frustration in his features makes it all the more enjoyable. 

How precious it is, his childlike stature once again holding him back from the things he wants most, just out of his reach.

Ciel eventually gives up, red faced and irritable, and turns away from Alois with a huff.

“Forget it, I’m not going to beg like a dog for something as simple as a-”

Alois cuts him off with a hard kiss, as he throws his arms around Ciel’s waist and lifts him only an inch from the ground with ease and smiles against his lips.

Ciel hates feeling so small, and for a moment he writhes within his lover’s hold, struggling to break free; but his lips feel so nice… so warm and inviting, that he goes still and lets his arms drape around Alois’ shoulders. 

V; Early, Late

❝Because Taehyung is a precious fanboy and he doesn’t deserve anything just because he’s singing his favorite song—and I like connecting BTS to BIGBANG so…aha… //awkwardly shifts away
►840 words || mini scenario, fluff

At first you thought it was your mind playing tricks on you—and by tricks, literally, tricks—backflips and shit but then upon opening your eyes, eyeing the bedside table with your phone screen lit up and vibrating vigorously, turns out it’s not a bunch of tricks. There’s a low groan behind you and his arms are protectively around your waist, clinging onto your back and he’s huffing into the space between your neck and shoulder, “Who’s that…?”

“I don’t know,” You grumble back a response, wiggling slowly out of his grip and feeling his slender arms around your bare waist shift just so you could stretch for your phone easier. Upon having it in your hands, it was obvious that the ringtone Crooked was playing and Taehyung stiffen for a bit—it’s his favorite song.

“It’s Jiyong,” You mumble, sliding the screen to the right before you placed the phone by your ear, now lying on your back and the pillow aiding you to look up to the ceiling. Taehyung wrapped his arms by your side, cuddling into the warmth of your body and the blanket still engulfed both of your bodies in.


“I’m really sorry to be calling you at this hour,” He explains, and Taehyung is listening despite not wanting to but being this close to you, he hears everything.

“Mm…” You hum back, stroking Tae’s forearm draped around your waist, “What’s the problem…?”

“W-We’re having some sort of problem in contacting the actress for our music video—we have a feeling she bailed out on us on the last minute so… we sort of…”

“Need a replacement?” You finished his guess and normally, you’d be subtle but being called in three in the damned morning gave you no leeway to not be blunt.

He’s laughing nervously and you could tell he’s nodding, “Y-Yeah…i-if it’s okay with you… or Hyungie,”

“Just go,” You hear Taehyung mumble into your skin, his lips by your neck and it almost feels like he’s dozing off already. You sigh and struggle to sit up on the bed, clutching onto the blanket over your chest because hey, the blanket is the only thing that could cover you up as of now, it was a natural instinct and it leaves Taehyung huffing because you’re taking all the cover away.

“I’ll be there in thirty—possibly… could you film the other scenes first?”

“S-Sure! Thanks so much, you’re a lifesaver,”

“You’re buying us lunch, and by us, I mean—“

“I got it, you and Tae,” He’s chuckling, ending the call on a short note on the details and address before you put your phone aside, feeling Taehyung slide behind your back and placing his arms around your waist before hooking his chin to your shoulder. His uncovered chest pressed delicately against your back and he’s loving the skin to skin contact but he’s dreading for you to leave without anyone to warm the bed beside him—and he was hoping for something extra in the morning to finish off last night, too…

“Are you going now?” He whispers, faint disappointment in his tone but all you can do is sigh because Taehyung is only a morning person when you’re in bed with him and Jiyong is your friend—either way, you had to help Jiyong but you didn’t want to leave Taehyung alone.

“How about you come with me? Plus, you’re always talking about wanting to see how they capture the emotions through their music videos,”

You could feel his arms gripping your waist tighter, the excitement already bubbling up as he croaked, “R-Really?”

You lightly turned your head over your shoulder, smiling at him, “Of course, they need my help so it’s not wrong if I bring you along,” Then you inched closer to nuzzle your noses with his, just the slightest move of affection shook his heart, “And you’re my boyfriend,”

He’s grinning like a five year old and then pushing you off the bed to stand up so he can get up behind you, almost forcefully shoving you into the bathroom, “Then what are we waiting for?! Let’s get ready!”

You’re a laughing mess once he closes the bathroom door. He’s leading you into the shower place and then closing the curtains shut before he flips on the tap to allow the water to drench on the both of you. Upon feeling water on your skin, the temperature of the water slowly increasing, it seems like that’s not the only thing when he makes you face away from the shower head as he slyly maneuvered himself behind you and his back is shielding you from the water. His hands slide up higher and higher and then there’s something growing harder and harder against your lower back. Then his voice is lower and raspier and it makes everything much more difficult to focus on, “Before that, I’m going to get my share of what I’m supposed to get in the morning.”

The both of you show up thirty minutes later at the shooting.


Now it’s time for our precious maknae, Jeon Jungkook

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Father of two, a lil boy and girl
  • They’re actually twins
  • The lil boy looks a lot more like Kook and the lil girl definitely looks a bit more like you 
  • He does cry when they’re born, he doesn’t go into full on sobbing but he does have a few tears running down his cheeks and the biggest grin you’ve ever seen him smile on his face
  • He holds his lil girl first while you hold your son and he’s just so amazed and he can’t help but gently touch her cheek to make sure she’s real and her lil hand grabs his finger and she's s o lil and he just melts
  • He’s a bit worried at first bc he’s never had children and “oh my god he’s crying, is he okay, should I take him to the hospital what do I do I NEED JIN HYUNG”
  • Tbh Jin’s on speed dial for the first few months
  • He’s a quick learner though so it doesn’t take him long to get used to the idea of being a father but every now and then something happens and Jin gets a call at 3 in the morning with a panicked Kookie
  • “Hyung she fell what dO I DO”
  • “pick her up??”
  • He’s super nervous when they start walking bc he says they purposely team up on him and walk in different directions
  • He ends up running back and forth between them to stabilize them every few seconds and he’s just a panting mess by the end of it and his lil bbys are just giggling bc they thought it was just a game of tag or something
  • They’re actually pretty mischievous
  • They purposely wiggle around when Kook’s dressing them bc they find it amusing to watch him try not to get frustrated
  • Putting on their socks are the worst bc then they kick their lil feet so he can’t even grab them
  • It takes like ten minutes just to dress one of them and by the time he has one done, the other’s already taken off all of Kook’s hard work and they just play the game over and over again until kook eventually gets smart enough to ask you for help
  • They behave for you though and you manage to dress them both in under two minutes and kook is just like h o w
  • Despite their love of messing with their father, they truly do love him
  • One night, lil princess has a bad dream and she just comes into your room and pats kook’s hand bc it’s hanging off the bed and it’s the only thing she can reach
  • He wakes up pretty easily bc dad mode kicks in when he hears her sniffle and then she’s immediately in his arms
  • His arms are so strong and comforting around her and he holds her against his chest and he’s just pressing kisses to the top of her head and whispering to her
  • “It’s okay, appa’s here, you’re safe, I promise nothing will hurt you while I’m here”
  • The thing that calms her down the most is when he sings to her so he starts humming her favorite song and strokes her hair back so he can wipe her lil cheeks off 
  • He sings to them a lot
  • His favorite time to sing to them is when they’re taking their baths bc that’s when they clap along for him and he somehow ends up putting on a full show for them
  • He starts dancing Danger for them in their lil bathroom and they’ve both got their hair up in soap mohawks bc Kooks a child and they’re both giggling s o loudly and clapping their lil hands for their father
  • He performs upon request
  • “Appa, do the shoulder dance!!!”
  • “No appa, do the rolling one!”
  • He also really enjoys singing them their lullabies bc he sits in their bed with them and he has his lil boy’s head against his side and his lil girl is hugging his leg and they’re both fighting off sleep but it’s really hard bc kook’s really warm and his hands are rubbing their backs
  • They come to the studio with him a lot
  • His twins both copy his every movement when he dances bc they think he’s a really good dancer and they want to learn how
  • He, Hobi and Chim often give them some simple choreography to practice bc bts’s choreo is a bit intense for four year olds
  • But they take it s o seriously and they dance away in their lil corner of the studio and every now and then, kook gives them a sign of approval or corrects them
  • They both adore Chim bc they always see Kook with him and he always shares his ice cream with them
  • Lil boy’s favorite spot to be is on top of kook’s shoulders bc “whoa appa you’re tall”
  • He likes to kick his lil feet and just hangs onto kooks hair and looks around at everyone
  • Lil girl would much rather just be carried bc she can fully relax against kook and she can use his shoulder a pillow and he always wraps her up in his jacket when it’s cold
  • He’s super supportive of them no matter what they do
  • His lil girl gets into sports while his lil boy gets into dance (even though they both love to dance) and he’s honestly the loudest dad there
  • He just cheers and jumps up every time lil girl earns a point for her team and he just brags about how “that’s my little girl, that’s my daughter”
  • He’s also their giant teddy bear
  • Whenever they want hugs, they just climb into his lap and hug him as tight as they can
  • Family cuddles are his favorite bc then he has you on one shoulder, his lil boy laying on his chest and his lil girl on the other shoulder and it’s just a lil bubble of love and he loves it
  • He’s just a really good father and it’s such a nice thought

“you only like thomas brodie sangster cause he’s attractive”