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just out of curiosity, what is YOUR list of planes that you want to see??

mine is

  • regatha, but only if i’m the overlord of world building
  • egypt plane. haha
  • atlantis plane. haHA!!! this is all working out so well for me
  • mad max plane. look, we’ve got the vehicles, all we need is the desert
  • celtic/pagan themed plane
  • ravnica. i love ravnica?
  • ok ngl i want a viking/frozen plane; not like the movie frozen, a plane that is like, literally covered in snow, bonus points if poor chandra has to go there, and the whole gatewatch gets new cozy outfits!!! look guys just think about jace and chandra in big fluffy coats. liliana would look like a fashion designer. not sure about nissa? gideon would probably have a sleeveless sweater, defeating the purpose. ajani offers snuggles. the potential for new outfits is very important

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My coworker was trying to remove a censor on a pair of shoes a guy was buying today, and in the process, the pin part of the censor ended up going all the way through her finger. As you might guess, she had to stop and pull it out, which resulted in her finger bleeding badly. The guy just looked at her, and told her not to get any blood on his shoes. He didn't even care that she needed help. Then he and his girlfriend made fun of her as they left, taking bets on whether she would complain.


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You guys. Look how precious Youngjae is playing the keyboard with his otter friend.

Imagine Being A Teacher and Your Students Shipping You and Thorin

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Master List

“Morning class,” you say as the bell rings. 

You were an upperclassmen english teacher meaning you thought AP students and senior classes. Thank goodness. Everyone else was too annoying for your taste.

“Professor y/n,” Emily says and you look at her. 

She was a nice girl. Very quiet but always got good grades on everything. She remind you of yourself very often.

“yes?” You ask, grabbing your cup of coffee.

“Are you and Mr. Oakenshield ever going to go on a date?” she asks.

That makes you choke. The coffee travels up through your nose and you hurriedly grab a tissue, trying to wipe away the tears and coffee.

“Mr. Oakenshield and I are just colleagues,” you reply, throwing the tissue away.

 “But you guys look happy together like all the time,” Ori, your favorite student, says quietly.

He was so quiet, but that is what why you loved him. 

“I so ship it,” Kili says and you glare at him.

He was the knuckle headed one out of the entire class and he bothered you to no end. Sometimes you wondered how he was even in AP. His brother was one of our students five years ago and you expected more from the younger durin.

“You really should not be shipping your Uncle with another teacher and focus on your work Mr. Durin. Now today, we will be talking about the Catcher in the Rye. I hope you all read,” you announce earning a groan from the class.

You smirk as you turn your back. That’ll teach them.

When it’s time for lunch, you head to the staff room hoping and praying that Thorin won’t be in his classroom like he usually is around this time and you smile as you spot him in the break room. 

“Good afternoon, y/n,” Thorin says, pouring coffee into his bottle. 

“It’s not really good though,” you say, plopping onto the couch and putting your foot up on the coffee table, earning a glare from Dori, Ori’s older brother who looks a bit too old to be his older brother.

“And why is that?” he asks.

 “It seems that my students want us to date,” you say, closing your eyes. 

“Really? That’s strange,” Thorin replies, taking a seat next to you. 

“And why is that?” you mirror.

“Because my students want the same thing,” he chuckles and you can’t help, but laugh along. 

“Isn’t Kili in one of your classes?” he asks.

“Yes. That was the class that brought it up,” you groan, sitting up straight.

“In fact, he was the one who said, ‘ I ship it’,” you tell him and he lets out another chuckle.

 Oh how you loved that laugh. 

“I feel like they plan it out. Gimli asked me the same question today during my first period,” he explains. 

“Ah that would explain it. Kili and Gimli are cousins after all. At least according to what you said on our first date,” you tell him, smiling.

He smiles again.

“I did, didn’t I?” he asks. 

“Are you ever going to tell your students that you are already dating?” Dwalin, the PE teacher, asks as he takes a seat on the other chair. 

“Nah. We’re just going to let them stew for a bit. Both of your nephews deserve it,” you say, rolling your eyes and that earns a chuckle from the two of them. 

Keeping secrets was fun.

Hey everyone! Been a little inactive recently, but I finally have something I want to share with you guys!

It’s been a long wait, but we finally now know what Zubamon’s evolved forms look like (well, two of them at least, we still don’t have his mega form):

This is Subaigamon, Zubamon’s champion. I’m not a huge fan of it, but I like that its a quadruped. Makes it unique from a lot of the other main dragons.

And this! This is Zubamon’s ultimate, Duramon, whose name I assume comes from the word ‘durable’? That’s just my theory, I could be wrong. But still, look at this guy! He looks pretty amazing, I love monsters with swords or blades for arms. Part of me thinks they should have saved this for his Mega, but then again, maybe that means his Mega won’t be humanoid. It would be nice if more Digimon had more beastly Megas.

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Pfft! Who said I looked down on you guys? Ha, ha whaaat? No way! I have no idea how you could have thought that, like what? I don't know what you're talking about! Just because I think you guys look adorable trying to bite me like that does not mean I look down on you! No waaayy...

(Plushie RP! Imagine diaplushies turn to real diaboys!? Omg..sleeping with 3guys….my dream tho_(´ཀ`」 ∠)_)

Shu:(¬_¬) *taking out handcuffs*
Ruki:ಠ_ಠ*taking out whip*
Subaru:( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ )*taking out silver knife*

{I just love how much a normal guy Libertus looks like. I mean, he’s not a pretty boy in the least and he’s a bit husky (a lot of which is muscle. Like how actual weight lifters look in real life) which fucking blows my mind that he’s a prominent character in anything Final Fantasy related? He just looks like a dude and it’s great. 

like I know with a lot of the cutscenes in ff games the characters are always taken at their best angles and stuff too? But when he’s off duty and drinking or when he’s beat up or when he’s clean and in uniform he looks different in each setting, like how a normal person would. Like I bet your ass when I’m sweaty and tired from work I’d look like moderate shit, which Libertus does. The attention to detail in KG was beautiful and I’m in love man.}


save him

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