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oooh yes! i think youre awesome and youre writing is amazing. what if harry's girlfriend has never been kissed before (aka calling myself out here. im 21 and ive done literally nothing rip my life....)



“Can you stop?” you groan, covering your face with your hands to hide your embarrassment. Harry seems to realize that you’re uncomfortable, and he grabs you softly, his long, spindly fingers wrapping around your wrists .

“Hey, c’mon now,” he coaxes, “’S not a big deal, angel. ‘M just surprised, s’all. Thought someone would have claimed yeh by now.”

You let out a dry, humourless laugh. “Well, they haven’t.”

“No?” he quirks an eyebrow, his hand coming up to cup the left side of your face. You look up at him with wide eyes, and he giggles a bit as he leans in. “’S this okay?”

“Yeah, yes,” you say, and you want to cringe because of the breathless quality of your voice. Harry pays it no mind, however, his smile simply widening into a grin before he ducks his head and seals his mouth to yours. You’re frozen, unsure of what to do, and your hands come up to grasp at the zipper of his sweater.

“Y’alright?” Harry asks, pulling back with a slight crease in between his brows. You nod quickly, squeezing your eyes shut.

“Yes, I just…,” you sigh, frustrated with yourself, “I don’t really know what to do. I’m sorry, God.”

“S’okay!” Harry says, brushing his thumb against your cheekbone. He looks genuinely concerned. “No, don’t–don’t feel bad, Christ. Jus’…move your mouth a bit. Follow my lead, yeah?”

“I–okay,” you give in, gnawing fiercely on your bottom lip. Harry leans back in and then his mouth is once again on yours. This time, you try to imitate his movements, his lips guiding you into a pattern that you try to pick up quickly. His right hand has snuck down to cup the nape of your neck, and you feel yourself relaxing just a bit as he smirks into the kiss.

“Better?” he asks when you both pull back for air. His cheeks are a little pink, flushed with the rosy colour. His chest rises and falls as he breathes in deeply, looking like he wants nothing more than to dive in again.

You purse your lips to keep from smiling. “Yeah. That was…really nice, actually.”

Harry feigns offense, clutching at his heart dramatically. “Don’t sound so surprised.”

“No!” you laugh, tossing your head back, “I just meant–like, I’ve never–”

“Just teasin’, love,” Harry chuckles quietly, cutting off your senseless rambling as he kisses you again. 

AOS Fic - In Darkness, part four

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In Darkness, part one

In Darkness, part two

In Darkness, part three

Fucking finally, guys. For @gracieminabox. Probably riddled with errors. Notes at the bottom.

Warnings - Angst, guys. For real. 

Bones is sleeping hard.

Jim’s been awake for a while now, at least an hour by his estimation. He doesn’t need his eyes to know that the sun’s risen; he’s been listening to the scattered birdsong that seems to universally accompany early mornings, and beyond that, there’s a subtle shift in the air, a taste, a feeling, something that Jim can’t quite put words to.

He’s getting antsy. He’s let Bones sleep in for as long as he dares, an unspoken apology for his acerbity yesterday, but Bones’ words keep echoing in his mind, and stumbling around in the dark is unsettling enough without dull ache in his eyes reminding Jim that his vision, his future, is on the line.

“I don’t know if I can fix it, Jim.”

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Ivar X OC Ana

Summary: Ana meets a mysterious man under unconventional circumstances. Ivar meets a strange girl trekking through the woods.

A/N: This is the fic based on my dream. There will be more Ivar in the second part. I promise. Also, all Danish is from Google translate. If there’s an error, drop me a message or an ask to fix it. Thanks! You can also read it on AO3 HERE.

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I Promise

Pairing: Ban x King (slight previous Ban x Elaine implied)

Rated: K (Super fluffy)



 Summary: Ban’s obsession with Elaine becomes unhealthy and King is there to help him get better,

 I Promise

 The Fairy King watched as his white-haired comrade slept. He was not happy with what he saw. Ban was slowly deteriorating in front of his eyes. Ban’s obsession with reviving Elaine was not a healthy one. The way that Ban was willing to go to any length to have her back and the way that he was neglecting himself more and more really made King worry. He placed a small hand on Ban’s forehead and sighed.

 "You should take care of yourself too, idiot.“

 Ban reached up in his sleep and hugged King to his chest.

 "Mm… Elaine…”

 King gasped, startled at suddenly being pulled down and tried desperately to squirm out of Ban’s strong grip.

 "L-Let go! You’re crushing me you idiot!“

 Bright red eyes slowly opened as he felt the person in his arms squirming around. Ban figured he must have still been dreaming because the person in his arms was his beloved Elaine.

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Woman of Letters - Part Three

A/N: Part 3. Thank you to my wonderful beta @thorne93.

Summary:  When Louisa finds an old, unopened letter from her great grandfather, she leaves her old life behind to go search for a man named Henry Winchester, hoping he has some answers for her. What she finds is beyond her wildest imagination, but she is determined to continue her family’s legacy.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Louisa (OFC), Cas

Warnings: None i think..


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Sam watched her as she ran her fingers over the backs of the books in the library, her blue eyes locked on the words while her lips mouthed the words as she read the titles.

She had been there for almost a week now, reading, learning. Sam had offered her a room, but she had insisted on staying at the motel in town. Louisa came by the bunker every morning, stayed for a few hours, left for lunch before coming back for a few hours. Dean was always quick to retreat to his room whenever she showed up, not coming back out before she was gone. He still refused to have any part of this… whatever it was that her and Sam had going on.

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Deep Thoughts Part One

This is a short series that @iwillbeinmynest and I are collaborating on! We hope that you guys will love it and enjoy reading it just as much as we have enjoyed writing!! :) 

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Constant beeping is what Bucky first heard. Then constant whispers. His eyes fluttered open and he saw that people were all around him. Not just people, strangers.

 Bucky felt his body tense up. He didn’t know anyone and didn’t know what was going on. The last thing he remembered was going into cryo. He didn’t know how long ago that was. It could’ve been weeks, months, or even years. Bucky had been through a lot in his lifetime. What he wanted now was peace.

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If you're feeling up to a second prompt, let's do playfulness, for Everly (I should have specified her as the OC with the last prompt, too)

“Did–did you just poke me?”

Everly felt her jaw practically unhinge as her mouth fell open in shock. Cassandra didn’t look up from her book.

“Absolutely not,” she said, idly turning a page. 

Everly’s brows knitted together and she muttered under her breath.  She shifted on the couch, moving slightly farther away from the Seeker as she returned to the pile of correspondence in her lap.  Just as she resumed composing her letter, she felt something jab her ribs.

“You did it again!” She waved her hands in exasperation, sending several pages fluttering to the floor. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Cassandra eyes flicked over to Everly, then back to her book.  Everly stared fiercely at Cassandra, lips pursed in tight outrage, waiting for evidence of the Seeker’s deception.  Eventually, the corner of Cassandra’s mouth twitched ever so slightly.

Everly tossed the rest of her papers over her shoulder and leapt across the couch. 

Cassandra’s book fell to the floor with a thud. 

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Will you be continuing the gang prompt story line?

Anon 2: Wow you’re super talented I love your writing style! Would you maybe consider continuing that one mini doc where Nico is the gang leader and Lee caught him and Will? If not that’s alright. Have a great day :)

Anon 3: Can you do another chapter of the AU where Nico is in a gang and is dating a rival gang member’s brother (Will)? Thanks and I live for your blog 😍

Anon 4: Could you please continue the one where lee shoots nico pleaseeee?? It’d be awesome

Anon 5: Can you do a part 2 to Nico gang leader Wills brother the gang leader Could it have a happy ending?

Part 1

Will’s mind processed everything in slow motion. Nico’s shoulder was growing hot, the blood running off his skin and starting to seep through Will’s shirt, Lee’s voice, though distant and definitely not Will’s top priority shouting, the dim recognition that he couldn’t just call an ambulance. 

Nico lived on his own. He was the leader of a gang. Lee shot him, the leader of his rival gang. Calling an ambulance would only get the cops involved and the already crumbling situation would probably be resolved with Nico’s death and Lee in jail, not to mention the huge riots those actions would cause.

Somehow, Will managed to get Nico off of him and laying on the bed by himself, Lee still shouting about how Will could be so incredibly stupid to let Nico get near him. Didn’t he know that he wanted to kill Lee? Actually, Will did know that Nico did not want to kill Lee, he just wanted Lee to leave his gang alone.

“Would you just shut up?!” Will, as a rule, was a very passive person. He didn’t like to yell, he didn’t like to hurt other people, hell, he was the kind of person who would set up an elaborate trap just so he didn’t have to kill the spider in his room and he could put it outside. His outburst stunned his brother into silence. “You just shot my boyfriend, someone who I’d very much like to keep alive. I know damn well that you’re not going to call the cops, so either help me or get out.”

Lee scrambled out of the room and reappeared moments later with a roll or gauze and a few towels, and Will was honestly surprised. He didn’t really think that his brother would help the boy he just shot. Will silently sent a prayer up to their mom and looked back down at Nico, who was sputtering and jerking.

“This is going to hurt like hell, Neeks.”


Nico’s conscious resurfaced sometime the next day, and honestly, he was having a hard time remembering what happened. His shoulder hurt something fierce and he yelped when he tried to move it, apparently getting the attention of whoever was in the house.

Will appeared in the doorway to the room Nico was in, his brow furrowed with worry and quickly making his way to Nico’s side. Out of the corner of his eye, Nico caught a figure shuffling hesitantly in the doorway.

“Oh my god, Nico, are you okay?” Will was unwrapping the gauze around Nico’s shoulder and he tried not to grimace, he really did, but his efforts proved useless and he winced violently, causing Will to pull his hands away. 

Nico’s fuzzy brain registered that the person standing in the doorway was in fact, Lee Solace, and he tensed all over, which did nothing to help ease the pain in his shoulder. He didn’t know what was going to happen now that Lee knew about him and Will.

“Nico, it’s fine,” Will’s gentle voice pulled him away from his thoughts, “he shot you, but he’s not going to kill you. He helped me stitch you up.”

“Why?” Nico’s voice was dry and scratchy and sounded painful to his own ears.

“We had a common factor.” Lee jutted his chin out towards Will. “Sometimes, we’ll do anything for the people we love. No matter how stupid.”

“Lee can you please go get Nico some water?” Lee huffed and walked out the room, leaving Will and Nico alone. “He’s not as bad as he seems. He’s just got a rough exterior. I’m glad you’re okay.”

Nico’s brain felt like it had just swam two hundred laps in freezing water, but for the moment, he focused on Will’s crystal blue eyes.

“Yeah, me too.”

That was a nice little two-shot fic.

Happy Valentine's Day, Weenies.

Almost an Earl-verse, to the surprise of no one.

Lady Petra Ackerman sipped her tea and watched the clock. Levi had been in his study for three quarters of an hour and she hadn’t heard from him yet. The seconds ticked by.

Any minute now.

Sure enough, about two minutes and thirteen seconds later, she could hear the firm, steady footfall of her husband. It was quick and purposeful, and if she wasn’t mistaken, there was a slight twitching in his eye that would certainly demand an explanation for her behavior.

The door to the morning salon slammed open and the earl strode in, holding several missives between his fingers.

“Darling!” she cooed, pouring him a cup of tea, “it’s so lovely to see you taking a break.”

Standing by the table, Levi made no attempt to accept her invitation. “Petra.”

She didn’t look up, dropping a sugar cube into his cup and humming a sweet song.

Levi held up the parchment, several receipts from merchants and artisans, all purchases made by her in a single outing. The cost outweighed that of his new horse and though they had been married for a mere five months, he knew she was not a frivolous woman. She was sending a message. Was she angry with him?

“I would like to discuss the matter of your recent spending.”

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