just look at that bottom piece and tell me she isn't amazing!

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Hey Liza! If this isn't something you feel like sharing, I more than understand. But I was wondering if you'd mind telling us which paintings you had Colin and Jen sign. I love your story about her being in awe of some of them, and it got me curious what they were. Again, if it's something you'd rather keep to yourself, I more than respect that. Just thought I'd ask. And thank you so much for all the pics and videos!!! They've been amazing.

Oh sure.  I’m going to link to their work on Redbubble in hopes that ya’ll will go over there and get some cool stuff and support artists! 

@scribblecat27 ‘s Stargazer was signed (here at Redbubble) by Jen and Colin and it looks super cool because the signatures are in silver and up in the sky so it looks like Killian is pointing to them along with the constellations. It worked really well. 

@seethelovelyintheworld I don’t think is on Redbubble anymore, but here is a link to her etsy shop.  I purchased a couple of amazing original pieces from her and had those signed.  The first was Where You Belong and the second was Let’s Go Home

@svenjaliv Until Dawn was signed (here at Redbubble) by Jen and Colin.  Colin used gold and signed at the bottom and Jen used silver and signed at the top at it looks amazing and really blends nicely with the colors in the painting. 

@tennant-the-tigger ‘s Family was signed (here at Redbubble) by Jen, Colin, Bex, Lana, Emilie & Jared.  It looks fantastic. I sent a photo of it to her yesterday and if she wants to share it, it’s fine by me. 

Jen was blown away by all of them. I think if she’d had the time she would have spent several minutes studying each and every one of them. 

I’m personally blown away by the talented artists in this fandom who contribute and I’m so excited to have some of my favorite pieces signed by our Captains. I will treasure them!