just look at sat pose tho

I’m late with the Vlive again but good thing I still managed to watch 2/3 of it

What’s left in me is that

- Park Jimin sang and played guitar

- Park Jimin said in English “I miss you” and “I love you” - He killed me with just that

- Jimin and Jungkook ate with the same spoon again… They took it to another level with eating from each other’s cup (Jin too but yeah let’s just let me put it that way), and perhaps drank from the same spot of the cup (not sure tho)

- Jungkook is kinda like that boyfriend who takes care of his girlfriend on a date with cutting meat and preparing the food etc.

- Jimin whispered into Jungkook’s ear while Jungkook sat in that weird pose like he’s trying to look tough and cool

- Somehow their distance shortened remarkably from the start (when I 1st turned it on) till the end (apparently Jimin moved his chair closer)

- All in all this trio is so cute so loud and so funny I love them ♥

I’ll wait patiently for the sub~