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[ 2:39 AM ] graham: you know i’m really sorry for what i said years ago lmao sometimes i really fucking wish you and i could be friends like our parents. sometimes i look at old photos of our parents from back in the day and they just looked so happy neens, why can’t that be us? lol why did we come out of the womb just wanting to murder each other… i don’t remember the last time we actually talked like adults .. or friends at all. do you ever get tired? of hating me? i get tired of hating you sometimes. why don’t we get tired of running around in circles, i guess we’re more alike in more ways than some sometimes have you ever noticed  yet .. here we are. sighgghh( NOT DELIVERED ! )

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[ 8:45 PM ] graham: ur a bi tch as smother fucker
[ 10:10 PM ] graham: STOP yelLING A tme!!! it snot my dfault ur parents arent otgether!!! im sorry for wha ti SAID it was a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[ 6:07 PM ] graham: sometimes i want u to be gone from my life but then i remember if ur not here then my parents are gonna sus .. u kn owhat ONE DAY i’m gonna come clean with a BEAUTIFUL powerpoint on reasons WHY I HATE NINA. god this entire trip is useless now that ur here

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[ 10:45 PM ] graham: is it tru that ur out here wreckin lives bc ur wrecking mine 


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