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Mafia / Kingsman AU because obviously.  (¬ ‿ ¬)  Redbubble

There’s now a Sheith Kingsman AU fic based from this by @anomeganeyatsu


So Magnus and Alec had a bit of a problem where Magnus was in Valentine’s body, and Alec didn’t believe him? And there was a lot of, sort of betrayal on that? And it didn’t really went anywhere? Is that something that’s gonna come back?

2x12 Alec/Valentine/Magnus Scene Recap by Matthew Daddario 

Star boy is a little dreamer.

I didn’t forget Shiro’s birthday. I was just planning on celebrating… on the 1st of March. Anyhoo, my two baby boys together. Space nerds. ಥ_ಥ | Redbubble


Wanted to draw some of my headcanons of the Hamilkids! 

One day, Alex took Angie to Congress because she wanted to see where daddy worked, and there she met some of the daddy’s coworkers… 

Angie used to have a crush on Thomas Jefferson when she was a child (ALL THAT FLUFFY HAIR). 

We feel you, honey. 


AAANd that she was afraid of worms, thunders, and Burr (HE’S BALD WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM) Later she understands that people don’t always have hair. It was painful.

tony stark, a certified baby-cuddler

everyone needs more tony and babies in their life, right? have a fic. because tony canonically goes to hospitals and hugs babies who need it. (for mobile users, there’s a read-more after a few paragraphs)

Tony Stark isn’t new to kids, not exactly.

He’s always tried to visit paediatric wards when he had a moment, letting the kids play with the armours and telling them stories. He helped Reed and Sue with babysitting, and he remembers Val’s first attempts at building microprocessors. He held a newborn Danielle Cage in his arms and he marvelled at how tiny she was. He’s always glad to help his baby Avengers with homework.

He likes kids. He might never have his own, and he tells himself he’s made his peace with that, but he likes kids and he likes spending time with them, from babies and toddlers to I’m-not-a-kid-anymore teenagers.

And the moments he spends with kids never get any less special.

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