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Not a request (Ik they're closed) but I can't remember which episode it was but its where a load of people are at Bryce's and Alex, Justin and Marcus are smoking and there's a package at the door. When Alex is like "we shouldn't be doing this here" and Justin's like "should we do it at yours" like you know he wants to. Just like imagine Alex going "okay, let's go" but only him and Justin go and the others stay cause they know 👀👀

Okay but Marcus just standing there with that “oh damn” look on his face. Like did he just, and then he just… And Alex would huff and just grab his keys on the way to the door, and Justin is the only one who follows but neither of them really bring it up. And left behind in the house are Zach and Marcus just looking stunned at each other, because they chose right now to acknowledge their feelings? Right now?

And once they’re outside Justin takes the keys and decides he’s going to drive. Meanwhile they still haven’t won’t said a word to each other, and the sexual tension in the car is so thick it’s uncomfortable. And they’re barely half way home when Justin just pulls over and kisses Alex.

Next thing the hand-break is on and they’re fumbling over each other in the backseat while they’re making out and trying to pull layers off each other. And their warm breaths in the car and the cold air outside have all the windows fogging up, and Alex just thinks it’s the hottest thing when Justin’s handprints are left there after he’s used the window to support himself over Alex.

And once they’re finally calm they proceed back to Alex’s, and they awkwardly try to hide their swollen lips and messy hair, as well as switched clothes when Alex’s Dad and brother cluelessly stop them for a chat. But once they’re in Alex’s room finally it just hits them. Well what now. And they realise they’ve actually just left all their problems back at Bryce’s with only Marcus and Zach to cover for them all.

The stress only lasts about a minute though, because Alex hates the way his clothes smell like Bryce’s house and he’s ripping his shirt off, and that’s when Justin notices that they unknowingly mixed up their jeans when they put them back on in the car, and he doesn’t care about anything after seeing Alex Standall in his trademark jeans. That literally became everything to him in that moment, and he just pounced at the wiling blonde again


Marcus and Indra in 2x12 


“Hey stranger.” Kozik smiled as he heard your voice and looked up, seeing you walk out from the back and out to the bar. Your stood in front of him and leaned across the bar top, meeting him for a kiss. He reached over and placed his hand on the back of your head, holding you in place and kissed you gently a couple more times before finally letting you go. You pulled back with a blush and looked around to make sure nobody saw you, which it didn’t look like they did.

“What you doing here? I thought you said you couldn’t come down today.” “I got some extra time off. Thought I’d surprise you.” You smiled widely at him and began pouring him his drink. “I was thinking that maybe we could hang out tomorrow.” You pouted and placed his drink in front of him. “I can’t tomorrow. I have something planned with my family in the morning.” “Oh, I have shit to do in the morning too. I meant in the afternoon or something. Finally get to see you somewhere that’s not…here.” Your smile returned and you leaned against the bar towards him again. “Then I’m game.” “Good.” You looked down the bar as an elderly man slammed his hand angrily on the bar top to get your attention. “Duty calls.”


“Papi, you sure you can trust them?” “I don’t trust them at all, it’s just a gun deal. We’ve worked a deal to get some weapons and that’s it.” You nodded and he leaned forward kissing your forehead. “Don’t worry muñeca. We’ll be ok. After their last stunt, we won’t ever trust them again.” You nodded and looked over with a face of stone as 5 bikes pulled in. The last time your club had a deal with the Sons, they’d flipped and opened fire on the Mayans that were there and let the guns be taken by another buyer. Two of your cousins had been killed at that meeting and you were more than hesitant to be anywhere near the Sons, but your father said it needed to be done and that had been enough for you. Your dad had invited them to a barbecue that the club was having and they’d agreed, promising to keep it civil.

The Sons pulled up and hopped off their bikes and removing their helmets. You looked over for a moment and then looked back down at your drink, just wanting this to be over so you could go be with Kozik. Your father stood up as they began walking to the table and shook hands with a blonde that had a panty dropping smile. He then looked towards you and stuck out his hand, which you reluctantly shook. He was beautiful, no doubt,mouth he was a Son and that was enough to turn you off. “Hi, Darlin’.” “Hi.” The rest came and greeted your dad but you didn’t pay any attention. Not until you looked up again and saw a very familiar face.

“Kozik?” You spoke before you had a chance to think and clearly he wasn’t thinking either as he smiled when he heard you and looked over. “Hey.” It wasn’t untill he saw the very confused and displeased look on Tig’s face that he realized what just happened. Marcus slowly turned towards you with an unreadable expression. “You two know each other?” You sat there gaping like a fish, trying to come with something to say but nothing would come out. “Nena, I asked you a question.” “Yeah. I know him.”

Jax quickly turned to Kozik. “How do you know her?” “She works the bar over in Oakland.” Jax spoke through his teeth. “That’s his daughter.” Kozik’s eyes widened and he looked back to you, a sorrowful expression on your face. Your father then turned to you again. “You’re telling me you didn’t know this cabrón was a Son?” “He never wore his cut! It’s always nighttime when I see him, he wears hoodies. I couldn’t see his ink or anything.”

The both of you sat there, each explaining to their side how they didn’t know who the other was and the tension was quickly rising between the two groups, your uncle and the crazy haired tall one staring dagger with his blue eyes. Suddenly your father slammed his hand down on the table, knocking a couple beer bottles over. He pointed at Jax with a face like he’d smelled something sour. “You and your brothers, get the fuck out of my town. Deals off the table.” Jax’s face didn’t seem any friendlier and he backed away, grabbing a fistful of Kozik’s cut on the way and grabbing him along. You blew out a breath and lowered your head down to the table, not ready for the shit that was about to come your way.


Abby cupping Marcus’ face: 3x06//3x09


Abby Griffin in every episode | 3x09 Stealing Fire

“I won’t let this happen to you.”