just look at luffy and law's faces

And I need you to be cool Uncle Ace! Okay?!

Prompt; Law accidentally gets Fem-Luffy pregnant; everyone’s reaction.

In an AU where nothing hurts and Ace got to live.

Law’s a doctor.

More importantly than that though, Law is a paranoid little bastard.

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The Captain Loves Who

I know I should be updating How To Snare A Life. So while my drawing hand is currently refusing to cooperate, I am writing chapter 18 (and 19 and 20 in the process).

I found this little bit in my stash. It’s LawLu but it’s told from Sanji’s perspective. Or this “chapter” is like that at least. There’s something about our beautiful blonde cook that makes me want to post this. His dad has been an annoying fucker in the recent chapters seriously Judge how dare you do that to Sanji you unforgivable excuse for a father AND CAN WE JUST GET SANJI TO KICK THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF HIS BROTHERS BECAUSE I’M SURE AS HELL THAT HE CAN AND SOMEONE TELL ZORO THAT SANJI CAN USE A SWORD PLEASE AHSDAHDKALDHSA

This story’s hinting on a second chapter. I have no ending for it yet, but I have some antics to go with it. I haven’t proofread this or anything and it’s one of those times when I feel like writing in the present tense. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet but if it’s not too much to ask, please give it a read and let me know what you think. Thanks!

The Captain Loves Who

Surviving in the New World is not cakewalk. Luffy is an idiot. Strong captain but idiot captain. Maybe this alliance is a good idea. Oh. The sauce.

Sanji lifts his head from the chopping board and whirls to get a ladle and a potholder to lift the lid on a large pot on the stove, stirring his red sauce before taking a spoonful for a taste. He nods to himself, obviously pleased because, yeah,  it tastes great and it would be a sin not to appreciate that. It’s going to do fantastic with the sea king Law’s crew had hauled in for today’s unscheduled-but-Luffy-was-bored-and-Torao-called-and-this-happened rendezvous. It’s becoming weird and creepy how these two captains had been in-sync when it comes to “okay let’s decide on meeting up right now”. Selfish motherfuckers. They didn’t even have a reason to see each other.


That’s Luffy’s voice coming from the other side of the room. He’s been running in and out of the kitchen if not just sitting around the dining table waiting for food to be served. Sanji had been this close to just kicking out his bouncy ass but then the boy suddenly went silent and Sanji had to cook, which made him forget that his captain was still in the vicinity. Until now.

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Why I ship Lawlu:

“The straw hat crew have left nothing in their wake but sheer miracles.

you’ll never beat them.“

I like the sheer faith that Law has in Luffy. I mean, the man saying this is one who has said he doesn’t believe in anything anymore and here he is claiming that Luffy and his crew create miracles. It’s a huge part of why I ship it. I ship them also because I honestly like both characters and so the ship is a direct consequence.

They have both seen each other at their worst, at the point where they have given into despair and they both saved each other. They were under no obligation. Yet they can understand each other because they have both shared this hardship. They have both lost significant loved one with a card theme who shaped a huge part of their lives.

I like how Law was there when nobody else could be and how Luffy was there for him with Mingo. I like how after so many times that Luffy rescued others, in this case it was turned around and he was one the one rescued. I like how Law’s saving Luffy seems to be a destiny thing, like a fated meeting, something that has to happen since Luffy is the force of history and the will of the ages and how the D’s in their names connects to that. How Law is involved in the creation of the Pirate King  and Luffy’s destiny by ensuring that his life wasn’t cut short there in that place.

I like how Law treated Luffy when they first meet in the Sabaody Archipelago arc and how considerably different it was to the hostility he set towards Kidd. How he seemed generally friendly and amused with Luffy’s antics, “Thanks for the laughs, Straw Hat.” He seemed honestly gleeful at seeing Luffy wreck shit, “Cant wait to see him again.” I like seeing him smile when he defied Kidd and when he punched the Celestial Dragon. After seeing him on what is basically a suicide mission its nice to see him generally acting happy instead of trying to be intimidating. Furthermore, he gave Luffy half the credit for punching the asshole Celestial Dragon and in the freedom of Jean Bart. 

I also like that he warned the Straw Hats about the Marines surrounding the Auction House when he could have easily let them walk right into the trap.

This is also where another element of their interactions that first came through and that is how they both treat each other as equals which is something I like. Law treats Luffy as an equal, which is pretty big considering how arrogant he is about his ow abilities. They met as equals, they fought as equals against the marines and they treat each other as equals. They’re both D’s, Captains and Supernovas. Law respects Luffy as a Captain, he doesn’t speak down to him or treat him like he’s dumb but respects him for his resolve and for being strong enough to survive the loss of his brother. Yeah, Law is older but it doesn’t affect their dynamics. Because Luffy while he can a bit of a dense fuck is anything but a child as he’s people smart and can be perceptive and even wise at times. Its one of the reasons I can ship him with law but Luffy/crew doesn’t appeal to me, because Luffy likes being the Captain and even though he is friends with his crew they are still his subordinates and the relationship between a leader and a subordinate has unequal power dynamics that make me uncomfortable with shipping it. I’m not shitting on anyone’s ships it’s just a thing with me.

I like how after Law saved Luffy he seemed so interested in Luffys hat. How he stared at it after he caught it and how he seemed to be studying it. How it happened in multiple panels. Like he was trying to work Luffy out, like he seemed really interested in him. How he completely ignored Hancock who is supposedly the Sexiest Woman in the World in order to stare and clutch at Luffys hat like its his own. How he squeezed the hat when Bepo mentioned that Luffy’s wounds will reopen if he continues as he is.

I like how Law set his nodachi next to Luffy when he was on his ship as a sign of respect for his great loss when it was enough for him to have saved his life. His nodachi that seemed to never leave him or one of his crew. This link explains the symbolism is more depth and is the source for the above picture.

I like how he saved Nami from the Yeti Cool Brothers and then suggested an alliance on the mountain. The scene was oddly weirdly romantic with Luffy’s upturned cold reddened face looking at Law in almost awe at the person who saved him and his nakama. I like how Luffy remembered Law and sees Law as a savior, “Yeah! He’s just like Jime…I owe him my life!!!” and what a generally high opinion he has of Law, “I think he’s a good guy” which is a view of Law that he retains through the entire alliance even with the reveal of Laws grudge with Doflamingo. Law is someone whose reputation of cruelty, one he consistently failed to live up too, means that people generally dont treat him in a a positive manner, so it must be strange to him to have someone so sure he is a good person.

All in all I just like the way that Law acts with Luffy. How he drops the cool act and acts like the dork he secretly is. How he said that Luffy was strong for surviving. How he is always standing beside or near Luffy. How he answers Luffy immediately when he asks questions when I don’t think he’d bother with other people. In chapter 700, he corrects his pronunciation without being condescending while tellingly never correcting Luffy about his affectionate nickname of Torao.  He freely gives Luffy information about his  nakama after denying Smoker info and attacking him. Law makes sure Luffy gets credit for his deeds consistently as well with both the first fight when they met and also with the marines. And Luffy returns this respect. He works with him, I really like  kereeachan: meta about how Law gets Luffy and how Luffy is willing to work with him.

I like how Nami compared Law to Luffy in regards to selfishness

I like how Law tries to break off the alliance with Luffy in order to protect him from Doflamingo after his grudge has been revealed and protected the other Straw Hats from Doflamingo when he attacked them. I like how happy Luffy was that he was live d that he was willing to sacrifice his chance to get the Mera Mera fruit before finding out his brother Sabo survived in order to rescue Lw.

I like how Law smiled about Luffy when asked about him by Smoker and replied that he didn’t know who was using who.

I like how when they were leaving Punk Hazard Law smiled at Luffys antics while waving goodbye to the Marines. I like the anime smile which Law gives when Luffy tells Rebecca He is the Man who will be Pirate King.

I like to think that Luffys refusal to leave him behind like he does to others when he fights, his faith in his abilities and his hand on Laws shoulder when Mingo is trying to tear him down and his obstinate refusal to break their alliance is comforting to Law. That hes not alone or getting abandoned during what is basically a complete breakdown caused through a complete failure to kill a man who has destroyed so much of his life and taken a person from his life who was the only person to care about him for years. I like that the trust that Law and Luffy hold for each other is so evident because i don’t see Law as being someone who trusts easily and how Luffy lives up to this trust and returns it. How even Mingo mentioned that Law seemed to really trust him, asking him “How can you trust so much?”

Luffy really cares about Law after such a small amount of time. He basically had a panic attack at seeing his bloodied body and when Mingo mocked Luffy about what he had done to Law, Luffy grit his teeth until they bled

Furthermore when Law and Luffy fought together they really worked in sync. I liked how they used their powers to help each other in the fight.

However, one part of the fight I find telling is when he stepped back to let Law attack Mingo. Because Luffy isn’t really someone known for stepping back and letting someone else direct a fight but he did, and kicked Trebol and told him not to get in his Law’s way like his crew has done for him when he was going to face a major adversary.  

I like the parallels between them like how Law has a sorta grandpa in the military with Sengoku and Luffy’s grandpa Garp who are friends with each other. How they both lost a significant portion of their lifespan for a goal which involved a loved one.

“Leave me here and go…! Thirteen Years… Thirteen years I have lived on, all for the day that I would take down Doflamingo. I’ve done… haa… everything I could. If he wins… I want to witness it with my own eyes! And if he falls, I too ought to… die here, with him! I’m the one that dragged him into this fight! Leave me and go! Leave me… go…. please.”

This part of the Dressrossa Arc is one I I can’t get over. The passionate trembling voice of Law when he tells Cavendish that if Luffy should fall he intends to die by his side and how desperate he was to stay with Luffy and see him fight against the man he has lost so much to to the end. And how he blames himself for the fact that Luffy was brought to this fight due to the alliance, how useless he feels at not being able to fight Doflamingo himself and how deeply he respects Luffy for his role in Doflamingos downfall

I like how in  Chapter 788 Law threw himself from stories high in order to take Luffy under his care. I like how he teleported to Luffy’s side when he was so injured he couldn’t walk because nobody else could be trusted to protect him properly.

I like the moment in  chapter 796 where Law saved Bellamy who is a follower of the man he hates Doflamigo, for no other reason that he is Luffy’s friend and Luffy would be upset if he died. I mean, it’s not like Luffy would know if Law didn’t rescue him because he was asleep but he still did it

I like the reveal in Chapter 805 in the Zhou arc that Luffy knows Law’s name but just likes calling Law by a nickname. I like how Law once more gives Luffy his due credit, 'that was Straw Hat’s doing. I like how Law ditches his crew on Zou after reuniting with them to talk plans with Luffy, how he still wants Luffy’s input in the plan making process despite Luffy’s eccentricities.

I like how Law and Luffy are influencing each others behavior petite-neko has some awesome meta on this. Another examle was when Luffy asked Law what he thought would happen to this county, which Law would later use with Luffy.

I think they’re contrasting personalities are very cute. That their height difference is adorable. I just generally like the ship.

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as much as i love shy!luffy, given his role models and how he was raised i think it would be way more likely for him to absolutely shameless. like i can imagine him casually discussing what law is like in bed with robin and nami while law's blushing bright red besides him.

yo yes deffo, for me he’s either 100% no filter or 100% awkwardly embarrassed bc he’s not used to it

at the dining table for breakfast he’ll just start going off, very very loudly, about ‘man last night was FUN’ and everyone else is slightly more prude than luffy so they’re all finding it a little tense to respond, especially w/ the surgeon of death half-blushing half-glaring at the entire room. 

‘we…we know, luffy’ zoro sighs, trying to placate his captain, awkwardly pushing his food around his plate. luffy gestures wildly and grabs law’s arm as he chirps; ‘man my wrists hurt though’, you meanie, don’t tie it so tight next time torao’, ‘guys you should have seen the look on torao’s face when i -’ ‘mugiwara-ya…’ ‘oh, torao is getting angry? are you gonna spank me agai-’ ‘MUGIWARA-YA’

 robin just giggles sagely. ‘ufufu, i trust you took good care of him, torao-kun?’ and law pauses. ‘…luffy-ya seemed satisfied.’ he finally manages, before realising his GRAVE ERROR.

there is a very brief moment of very tense silence as knives and forks clatter onto plates, dropped in surprise. 

luffy-ya?’ sanji repeats, barely suppressing a smirk .

LUFFY-YA?!’ zoro sputters, face reddening at the development in name-calling. this is too much for him.

‘oh my, how lovely that you’ve progressed to a first-name basis, torao-kun.’ robin replies calmly, the only one completely unfazed by this. 

‘that’s nothing! you should have heard the way i was moaning his name last-’ law quickly smacks a hand over luffy’s perpetually-running mouth, but this last bit of information is enough to send zoro, nami and usopp over the edge, flailing, blushing, and simultaneously yelling ‘that’s it i need to go’

"Did Cora-san let you in?"

Prompt; Law is sick and chooses to stay at his adopted parent’s; Corazon. Luffy arrives to support Law  

“Ah,” Rosinante falters at the door.

There’s a young kid, perhaps fifteen or so, staring imploringly up at him, huge black eyes and a scar resting upon his left cheek. A mess of hair sticking out from beneath a worn strawhat, strands that looks as if they have the same consistency as charcoal cut in a jagged halo around the boy’s face.

He has no idea who this kid is.

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yes lawlu smut is super hot but

can we also appreciate clumsy lawlu where luffy literally ruins all the moods during sex because

1) luffy can’t stop laughing at law’s about-to-orgasm face b/c he looks like he’s about to sneeze

2) let’s try out this new positio–aaaaand luffy fell off the bed

3) luffy confused lubricant for super glue and now his hand is stuck on his dick pls call 911

4) law giving a bj in the shower when luffy just randomly starts washing law’s hair. because why not. theyre in the shower anyway.

5) sex in the kitchen when luffy stops mid-fuck to grab a snack.

6) they try out some roleplay but then luffy gets way more into the rp than the sex. listen officer i swear i did nothing wrong yOU CANT ARREST ME I KNOW MY RIGHTS I DEMAND A LAWYER–

7) the point is luffy isn’t some uke sex bomb sent by the yaoi gods. he would fuck up a lot and this needs to be recognized in this fandom ok. sex-klutz luffy ftw.

Luffy’s impact on Law

Luffy has already decided to beat the crap out of Doflamingo, because he is a trash jerk for what he had done to Dressrosa, and most importantly his friend, Rebecca.(and most most imptly my precious Roci)

I mean it’s Luffy, so he is willing to beat up anyone that hurts his friend. However, Law didn’t want him to do it.

He doesn’t want Luffy to finish Doflamingo, because the whole plan was only to ruin his SMILEs business, so that Kaidou will be enraged and come fight/kill Doflamingo himself, while he can stay in the background and watch the events roll out, without having to confront either one of them.

If Luffy fights Doflamingo and win, they are risking a future head-on fight with Kaidou and that is not what he wants at all. In other words, he was scared to fight him, because he know that they have little chances to win against a yonkou. 

But ofc he wasn’t able to stop Luffy (like who can)

Luffy had a point and Law knew that he can’t change his mind, so he had to keep quiet and unwillingly let Luffy get on with his plan.

(Look at his reluctant face lmao)

However, after a few chapters of being a potato sack, he’s changed. Not only did he learn to place his trust in others (Luffy in this case), and refused to leave his side while he was fighting,

he even wanted to die along with him if he failed! (THEY ARE CANON)

This is coming from the guy that just wanted to do background damage, in order to prevent actual fighting with strong characters head-on! 

(Look at his determined face! He wants to stay with bae so much I can’t take this)

However, what really showed me the impact of Luffy on him, is when Cabbage Cavendish said this.

He is obviously concerned about Law and Luffy’s safety if Doflamingo is defeated, because that will bring about an enormous impact around the world and make them more prone to attacks by higher powers, which Law of course, would have already predicted that that will happen. And yet, instead of being annoyed or complaining abt the results like what he usually does that lil shit, he answered back with this,

“Yeah, That’s what we are after.” 

What a confident answer! It really showed his resolve to confront this battle, instead of running away and letting someone else finish it for him(kaidou). He is coming out from the shadows right into the spotlight, not afraid to get noticed by enemies and the world. All of this change, is thanks to Luffy. He had such a positive influence on him, and even helped bring out that daredevil trait all members of the “D” family seems to have.

Also no matter how much he denies it, Law has already formed a very strong bond with Luffy at this point. He trusts Luffy so much so that he is willing to face whatever consequences, Kaidou or maybe even possible death, that comes their way after the defeat of Doflamingo! I know this because only with a firm trust, will you develop a sense of security so strong that it can give you courage and push you to take a risk, which, in this case, Luffy became the person that provided Law with that sense of security.

Luffy will definitely change him even more, and he is without a doubt gg to be an important nakama ally to Luffy! (Omg get married pls)  I can’t wait to see what this alliance has in stored!!

※ omg i finally got this off my chest, been wanting to write this down for ages. Please like what I wrote everyone I spent like FOUR days writing this…and will probably add on to this in the future

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modern au marco and ace meet while they're running from the cops, ace tells the story when marco meets the family and garp just drags a hand down his face.

marco is the one who decides on a whim to bundle this poor teenager into his car; ace looks shit scared to be dealing with the police and when a minor act of arson he’s involved in gets out of hand (attracting marco’s gang). the blonde takes one look at this kid, sees his smile turn to fear when the sirens kick in from the distance, and is like “alright maybe this kid can’t go to prison after all”

ace regales this tale to garp as if he’s the stuff of legends when marco calmly points out he was crying all the way back home in marco’s car (sabo is absolutely pissing himself laughing). garp looks at both of them with half a smile, half a frown, putting his hand to his head, and just goes “okay, ace, when you said you were crashing at a friend’s for that weekend…you were….hiding from the police..”

ace is like “yep!” and marco’s perfectly calm face doesn’t reveal the inner screaming in his mind. if looks could kill both of them would be dead by now. a year or two later, when law is introduced to the family, garp sighs and prays to god luffy didn’t meet him in an equally catastrophic circumstance. college was not a good idea.


“We’ll find a good doctor next.”

“Look, Law. The people of this town seem nice.”

“You were the one that hurt.”

Law wakes with a gasping breath, the air trapped somewhere deep in his lungs and it’s burning and burning and he can’t get it out. His bones are too small, his ribs too tight, he can’t, he just can’t-

“Torao! Torao, breathe!”

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You Don’t Love Me

Law hates closed spaces. It makes him feel like he’s drowning, losing air, losing everything. He wonders if he’s ever told Strawhat and he thinks he hasn’t. It’s hard to recall when the younger captain’s round eyes are trying to pierce through him. The boy looks annoyed. And worried. And unmovable. There’s just the two of them in the room that Luffy had managed to drag him into without any effort to be subtle as soon as Law told him “You don’t love me.”

Now it feels like he’s crowding into Law’s space despite being a good distance away from him. But that’s just how Luffy is, ever present and intense even when he’s just standing there and staring at Law. Strawhat’s unspoken words are suffocating him. Law decides he should say something first to catch a breath, to get a head start. He needs to dictate the pace now or he will never get the chance to.

“You don’t love me, Strawhat-ya. You love… This.” Law waves a hand, gesturing to the two of them and the space between them like it meant something,“You love this. All of this. The feeling of this… This thing we’re doing. Whatever all of this is.”

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I’ve seen a lot of comments comparing this image of Sanji to Luffy at the execution tower in Logue Town or Corazon’s final interaction with Law, but when I saw it, it made me think of this:

This was on the Maxim in Skypeia.  Sanji just maneuvered Usopp and Nami out of harm’s way, at the cost of having to take a direct hit from Enel’s El Thor attack.  (Chapter 284)

It’s something about that smile on Sanji’s face, in both images; it’s the look of someone about to meet his fate and being okay with it if it means his friends survive.

The one difference, though, is Sanji’s eyes were veiled in Skypeia – I’d like to believe that Sanji felt it unnecessary to linger on what he’s leaving behind as he has no need to reflect on it when he’s dead.

On the other hand, he took a good look at Nami, Chopper and Brook on Zou so that he would be able to remember them fondly in his thoughts.  He knew he wasn’t going to die, but he’s accepted that he’s unlikely to see them again.

One Piece, chapter 812

anonymous asked:

hi there, can you tell me why do you think Law's devil fruit is overpowered?

It’s a pretty widely held opinion. The list of stuff he can do with his powers is kind of ridiculous

  • chop people up while keeping them alive 
  • teleport everything within his Room 
  • levitate and move around anything in his Room (like throwing a warship at someone) 
  • rip people’s hearts out of their chest (and subsequently force them to do what he wants or else he’ll crush it) 
  • switch people’s minds into other people’s bodies 
  • electrocute people 
  • can make someone immortal 
  • apparently can somehow let someone use the mysterious world controlling treasure the Celestial Dragons have 
  • can destroy all of a person’s internal organs with a single attack 

And that’s not even all of them. It’s not so much that Law’s fruit has the most destructive power in the world. Plenty of fruits give the user more raw power than Law’s. But Law’s power range is so freaking broad that he can practically do anything necessitated by plot. The personality swapping alone is something that could let Law beat practically anyone. Law could go face up to Akainu, bring a small rodent along in his pocket, and then swap Akainu’s mind with the animal and instantly win. 

He’s like Batman. Batman is just a buff dude in a cape with no superpowers. However, he has so many resources at his disposal that lots of people believe that he can defeat ANYONE with some prep time. Law is similar. It’s not like Law is the strongest. Lots of people are physically stronger than Law. And it’s not like Law’s fruit has the most destructive power either. But again, it’s capable of doing so many things, including attacks that are effectively 1 hit kills, that people look at it and just go “we get it, you can do freaking anything we get it okay?” Most people’s Devil Fruits have a pretty well defined and limited scope of powers. Luffy is rubber, Akainu is magma, Gladius makes stuff blow up like a grenade, Magellan makes poison, Bon-chan can mimic other people’s appearances after he’s touched their face, Foxy slows stuff down, etc, etc, etc. But Law’s powers are some of the most broad-ranging powers that we’ve ever seen. The only Fruit that compares is Kuma’s, as Kuma was shown to be able to “push” even intangible things like pain and fatigue out of a person’s body. 

And let’s not forget that Law’s fruit is viewed as being worth a whopping 5 freaking BILLION beli. That was how much the Marines were going to pay Diez Barrels for the fruit 

Five freaking billion beli. And for a comparison, it seems that other Devil Fruits are usually valued at around 100 million beli 

That means that Law’s DF is viewed as being worth 50 times more than most other Devil Fruits. 

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Their S/O is making cookies; Strawhats, Shanks, Yasopp, Law, Nojiko, Ace, Whitebeard, Vivi-- who snags some cookie dough?

I was a little confused by the wording of this ask, so I hope what I did was close to what you had in mind, anon!

Luffy: With Luffy around, you’re lucky to have any cooke dough left to bake! He’ll swipe as much as he can get away with. There’s a reason Sanji never lets him into the kitchen.

Zoro: Your cookies are safe with Zoro around. He’s not too huge on sweets, and doesn’t really bother you while you’re baking. He may steal one of the freshly baked cookies when nobody’s looking, though.

Nami: Nami might swipe a little bit of cookie dough on the tip of her finger while you’re baking, but not much more than that. She prefers the finished product.

Usopp: Don’t bake with Usopp around. He’ll likely steal little bits here and there, and then deny it if you ask!

Sanji: Your cookie dough is safe with Sanji around. He won’t steal any from you while you are baking—mostly because he’s had the dangers of eating raw eggs drilled into his brain since childhood— but he’ll probably snag a finished cookie to “see how they turned out”.

Chopper: Even though Chopper knows the dangers of eating raw eggs, he might steal a little bit of cookie dough anyway, just because. Just keep an eye on him, since raw eggs will probably make a reindeer more sick than a human.

Robin: She won’t take any cookie dough unless you explicitly tell her not to. Then it just becomes a game and she can’t resist teasing you just a little bit.

Franky: He’ll mostly leave you to your baking. He’s not a big fan of cookie dough and will probably only have a cookie after you start giving them to the rest of the crew.

Brook: Brook will largely leave your baking alone. He doesn’t usually like a lot of raw foods, even when he was alive. But he will absolutely have one of your cookies later with a tall glass of milk.

Shanks: He’s gonna steal cookie dough left and right, just to get a rise out of you. If he knows it bothers you, he’ll do it. If you make him think that it’s not an issue, then he’ll leave you alone to your baking. It’s really more about teasing you than getting sweets for him.

Yasopp: He’ll steal a little bit, but not much to really make a difference. It’s more of a thing where he wants to have a taste before you put the cookies into the oven.

Law: He’s not going to steal any cookie dough. He’s got a reputation to uphold, you know! But honestly, he just doesn’t have much interest in sweets. You pretty much have to force-feed him a cookie once you finish baking them.

Nojiko: She’ll generally leave your cookie dough alone while you are baking. But once you’ve put them in the oven, she loves to lick the bowl.

Ace: He’s just as bad as Luffy, except that he may also fall asleep face-first into your cookie dough if you aren’t paying attention.

Whitebeard: Unless you’ve got sake in that cookie dough, he’s not gonna bother with it. Give him a cookie after they are done and he’ll be happy.

Vivi: It’s unbecoming of a princess to steal cookie dough while her significant other is baking. She totally swipes some when nobody’s looking.

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More Garp stuff would be great! The scene with him destroying evidence and transferring the offender is one of my favorite parts of TittM. Maybe the first time he and Mihawk met after Garp went back to Goa only to find two extra brats? His thoughts when he sees Luffy and Riskua using geppo?

(It’s one of my favourite parts too)

Eyeing his old friend, Sengoku wonders just why Garp appears to be attempting to vaporise Hawk Eyes from across the table with the force of his glare alone. 

He’s going to ignore it though, he’s not going to ask. He’s made that mistake once already when Garp was complaining about his ‘brats’. 

He won’t make that mistake again. 

And a bonus;

“Hey Sengoku! Why’re you looking at that one?” 

Twitching, Sengoku slowly places down the bounty of ‘Trafalgar Law’ in order to screw up his face, pretending that if he puts enough effort into expressing his displeasure then Garp’ll understand what that means and take his leave.

He doesn’t.

“Garp. What are you doing here. I thought you had to cry over that Portgas brat becoming a Whitebeard Pirate.” 

And just like that, Garp’s face crumples. 

“I found another of my brats.” 

“Oh?” From the look on Garp’s face, Sengoku probably shouldn’t enquire. But, he’s morbidly curious. 

“He joined the Revolutionaries.”

Fucking Garp and his fucking line always causing him grief. Adopted or not. Fuck.