just look at lucius's face

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Hey Steve do you have any trans Harry Potter headcanons? Or just drarry in general? If not it's all good! ilu!

i DO… have many hcs but for this i’ll stick with draco/harry with an au in which remus and sirius lived and harry had two loving dads

  • harry was brought up on stories of death eaters and the war and how he defeated them all when he could barely walk, brought up on the taste of justice and sweet love and kindness and home and hope, and he was brought up by people who loved him and understood him

  • and harry was only four when he first said the words “i’m not a girl, papa” to remus, little legs crossed under him, and remus just smiled and said “you get that from me” and sirius ruffled a hand through harry’s head and that was it, he was the boy who lived, the boy who was loved, the boy who knew himself through and through

  • and by the time he’s eleven remus and sirius have taught him spells to combat dysphoria and ways to make himself happy, and he goes to hogwarts with the knowledge that he has another home to go back to, that he won’t be alone

  • and he isn’t

  • he makes two best friends in ron and hermione, hermione this sweet bi trans girl who refused to take any shit and also read a lot of books, ron this bloody-knuckled second-youngest kid with a family that loved him too

  • he has two best friends and two dads and a home

  • and then he meets draco malfoy, white-haired and cold, until you looked to his eyes and saw the fear there, like he wasn’t sure what he’d done wrong, and he fucked with harry a lot but harry saw more than that

  • he has two best friends, two dads, and an enemy who wasn’t quite an enemy

  • someone tried to call harry a girl once, and out of nowhere the person was on the ground, hexed with tentacles and malfoy was disappearing, and it’s weird, because they’re not friends, not really, but they’re almost allies, almost

  • and one time someone tries to make a scathing joke about lucius and it looks like draco just got scalded, face shutting off pale, and harry just says “shut your mouth” and stands next to him, and draco nods and-

  • harry has three friends, two dads, and he knows what love is